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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> what did you think of the moustache? >> i don't understand the moustache. what is behind the moustache? that's for you to answer. maybe carol costello knows. >> i'm sure she does. it is time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> i don't know. i'll ponder that. >> should i grow a moustache. >> no. >> no! got to go. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. ramping up and counting down. with just one more day to the final presidential debate, donald trump is swinging for the fences. he's ripping fellow republicans who balked at his claim of a fixed election just 21 days to the election heading to the polls. melania trump breaks her silence and talks to cnn's anderson cooper. she down plays her husband's
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comments caught on tape. >> they were kind of boy talk and he was led on, egged on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> we'll have more on melania trump's interview in just a minute. let's begin with cnn's senior political reporter manu raju. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. donald trump attacking paul ryan renewing those attacks against the house speaker saying that the house speaker actually may be motivated against him to preserve his own political future. this is all part of donald trump's efforts to paint the political establishment and the rules of the election against him saying that he is a victim of an unfair system. >> they even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths. people that have died ten years ago are still voting.
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illegal immigrants still voting. >> reporter: donald trump ramping up his unfounded claims that the elections are rigged. >> you look at what's going on in st. louis and other cities and there's tremendous voter fraud. >> reporter: if he loses, now in question. >> mr. trump, what if there is overwhelming evidence of any kind of fraud irregularities. >> reporter: trump frustrating many republican leaders who have rejected his allegations of rigging. the republican nominee also intensifying his feud with house speaker paul ryan after he said he wouldn't defend trump. >> maybe he wants to run in four years or maybe he doesn't know how to win. maybe ryan doesn't know how to win. >> reporter: trump taking his race against the establishment and hillary clinton a step further in wisconsin. >> it is time to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. >> reporter: trump proposes a package aiming to tackle corruption in washington including tighter restrictions
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on members of congress and white house officials taking on jobs as lobbyists. >> this will go a long way to ending our government corruption. >> reporter: a proposal sparked by his accusations that the fbi and state department engage in a criminal conspiracy. >> this is felony corruption. >> reporter: after newly released documents suggest a top state department official pressured the fbi to declassify an e-mail about benghazi that was on the private server clinton used while secretary of state, possibly in exchange for offering to help station fbi agents over seas. >> the allegations of any kind of quid pro quo is inaccurate. there was no quid pro quo. >> reporter: clinton has not been commenting. she's been off the campaign trail for days preparing for tomorrow's final debate. clinton's campaign setting its sights on historically conservative states as she
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widens her lead in the polls deploying her daughter chelsea, michelle obama and bernie sanders to arizona in hopes to turn that red state blue. >> reporter: now the obama administration has been on the defensive on whether or not the fbi and state department engaged in any sort of quid pro quo to clean up hillary clinton's e-mails over her private e-mail server. john kirby, the state department spokesperson, was on "new day" this morning pushing back. >> not only is there no proof, it's absolutely not true. completely false allegation. it just didn't happen that way. now what did happen, half of what you said is right. pat kennedy did call the fbi and try to get a little bit better understanding about why they wanted one particular e-mail classified secret. we didn't see it that way. we didn't think it needed to be held classified. the fbi held and it remained classified. the e-mail redacted is on our website. you can go look at it. there was no bargain sought by
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the fbi and no bargain rendered. >> reporter: now the question is whether or not the clinton campaign can move past this. one way they're trying to do that is trying to focus intensely on red states going forward. they're spending $2 million in arizona. as well as $1 million in indiana and missouri to help the senate democratic candidates there in those states. the question, carol, is if these problems over e-mails continue to linger, how much will that hurt her honest and trustworthy numbers. how much will that hurt democratic chances to take back control of congress, carol. >> manu raju reporting live. melania trump tried to put out a firestorm with copacabana beann cooper. she said the crass conversation was just boy talk but the damage to the campaign is a goal to the media. >> he described it as locker
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room talk. you've eluded to it. is that what it is, locker room talk? >> yeah, kind of two teenage boys. actually, they should behave better, right. >> he was 59. >> correct. and sometimes i said i have two boys at home. i have my young son and i have my husband so -- but i know how some men talk and that's -- that's how i saw it, yes. i was surprised, of course. but i was not surprised that the tape came out. i was not surprised about that. >> why? >> because, as i said, many people from the opposite side that they want to damage the campaign and why now? why after so many years? why three weeks before the election? >> your husband has said maybe that he felt the clintons had something to do with it or the
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media. what do you think? >> well, it was the media. it was nbc. it was "access hollywood." it was left wing and left wing media. and you could see that, and the way it comes out is everything was organized. every friday. every friday something comes out. so they play, they play, they play and it was hour after hour. i watched tv, it was hour after hour bashing him because they want to influence the american people how to vote and they are influencing in the wrong way. >> information about your husband's 1995 taxes were released right before the debate -- first debate, then this came out days before the second debate. you're saying that's not a coincidence? >> no. that was all organized, yes. they planned that way. they don't want to talk about -- the position doesn't want to talk about the wikileaks,
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e-mails, benghazi and all the rest of the stuff. they don't want to -- they don't want to talk about it so they -- they said let's do something so we will hurt his campaign. >> the washington post released the tape. nbc had it for -- they said they had it for several days and they were reviewing it, but you believe that it was -- that nbc could have released it -- you think they knew about it long ago? >> yes, they knew long time ago. i'm sure they did. "washington post," when did we hear or read any great stories from -- about my husband or about me. the true stuff? the -- the facts. the real stuff. or "new york times." we never -- we never read -- they bashing, bashing, bashing. >> you feel they've been very
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unfair? >> yes. >> all right. so let's discuss all of this right now. lynn sweet is with me. she's the washington bureau chief of the chicago sun times and david swerlick is the editor of the washington post. lynn, my viewers just heard from melania trump. her interview, did she help donald trump, neutral, did she hurt him? >> carol, she didn't hurt him, but i don't think she maximized the opportunity in the interview because i don't think viewers wanted her to talk about the -- to be a media critic and her views on how the tape came out in the media isn't what i think the role of melania trump could have been. she could have told us about the donald trump we don't know. she could have told us about the man that is better than his public images in this case. the mantha we don't know. she didn't take advantage of her unique situation of a spouse to
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try and bring more information to the table. i would think that's the way she could try and change the story line more than piling on and talking about things that she would have no knowledge of, such as how the -- how and why the decisions were made about the tape which people have reported on. so when she talks about a media conspiracy, i don't think she helps her husband as much as she could have by talking about the man we don't know. >> i think her comments do resonate with trump's core supporters. i just got back from ohio. i talked to some of trump's -- well, he hasn't really told me who he's voting for, but i talked to a union guy who talked about trump's comments when he was on the bus with billy bush and frankly he doesn't care. listen. >> if you look back when i was a young man and i got divorced, if somebody had video or pictures or something, the way i was at one time, i'll admit, i wasn't a
6:11 am
model man. so i don't hold what somebody did years ago against him, you know, because we've all -- i've matured as i've got older, but there's things that i've said and done that would be terrible if my -- my children or grandchildren heard that. you know, i mean, it's -- it's not the way you want to treat women, but i do know how many talk in a locker room. >> so, david, thoughts? >> so, carol, i agree with lynn that melania trump could have spent more time in that interview talking about the private donald trump, the mantha she knows that would have helped more perhaps for his campaign. that being said, i thought she came across as comfortable, credible. she came across as someone who sincerely supports her husband even now. that being said, you know, the one thing that didn't come across as credible was this idea that billy bush egged donald trump on. donald trump did not have to be
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kicked -- dragged kicking and screaming, right, in that conversation. it would have been a more effective interview if it had come out a week ago, not yesterday, but the prior monday right after the "access hollywood" tape had come out and if donald trump had been sitting next to her. i think that would have done more good for the trump campaign to signal to their core supporters, like the gentleman who you just showed in that clip, that all was well with the trump campaign, that they were focused on the issues, that they were a united front and moving forward. a week went by with trump lashing out at the media, lashing out at women accusing him of sexual assault. that has not donnie favors for his campaign and it's reflected in these polls. >> well, i will say that many voters told me in ohio that all of this sex stuff is deflecting from hillary clinton's weaknesses, like the controversy that just came out that ma manu raju was talking about. they're concerned about that e-mail controversy, especially in light of the fbi notes that appear to show a state department employee tried to
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influence the bureau on clinton e-mails. so shouldn't the media be talking about that, lynn? >> well, we are. there is -- and another way to get even more attention on the clinton e-mails is for donald trump to be disciplined enough to devote his speeches to hillary clinton and the wikileaks e-mails instead of talking about baseless charges about a national rigging of an election system. so he is a powerful messenger and he knows that, and instead of brlaming the media for not doing this or that, a presidential candidate has a powerful platform. he decides not to use it by going off on his tangent of a baseless charge of a rigged election system. and as far as coverage goes, if you look at it large, if somebody wants to know about wikileaks, you go to the internet, there are a lot of
6:14 am
stories being written. there is a trove of information on these e-mails and, by the way everyone listening, you can go to and look for yourself. type in some names. type in hillary clinton, type in debate, type in people in the news and the e-mails pop up. >> i have to leave it there. lynn sweet, david swerdlick, stick around. we're going to at this point after the break. the italian prime minister is arriving for meetings with president obama. this all caps off tonight with the president's final state dinner. mario batali will be in the kitchen. gwen stefani will be performing. quite the shin dig. so much for shying away from trump's voter fraud warning. looks like mike pence just doubled down.
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donald trump and mike pebs. it's rigged. voter fraud. >> voter fraud will not be tolerated by anyone in this nation. so i encourage it. and our public officials are upholding the integrity of the vote, but do all you can to respectfully participate in the process and ensure the outcome. the outcome we can all be proud of. >> all right so what pence just said belies what he just said three days ago. on sunday mike pence said the campaign would absolutely accept the results of the election. with me now to talk about this is lynn sweet and david
6:20 am
swerdlick. lynn, what does mike pence mean when he says do everything you can to affect the outcome and ab outcome we all can be proud of. >> i have to work on decoding that because it's still a suggestion that there is a problem with the process, and when you talk about voting, carol, as you know, there are multiple jurisdictions in each area that control votes. if you have a complaint, it's usually anchored to a geographic place. you have a problem in name city, precinct and place or there's fraud here or there. now there have been many studies that show that there is not in recent years any basis for saying there's widespread voter fraud so when pence talks about it as if something is happening now with no evidence, it is perhaps another way to turn out the base trump vote by rallying the troops to say, you've got to be there. now what some democrats are
6:21 am
concerned about that you could also hear those remarks perhaps amplified by supporters as a way of intimidation. so i think everyone has to, you know, be very knowledgeable when they get to the polls, you know, have your -- to know what's going on. i think local election officials might also just be saying we have to just make sure everything is right, which they monitor things always anyway. but i think you'll hear more that this may be an interpretation to rally his base and try to discourage people who might think they're going to get hassled on the polls. that's just one interpretation. >> i have heard that. so, david, supporters at a trump rally in wisconsin, i'm going to take you back to last night, let's say they were passionate. they chanted their hatred of the media. they shouted tell the truth while trump told them the system was rigged. like lynn said, democrats are worried that these voters, these supporters will take their anger
6:22 am
to the polls and interfere in the process. is that a valid concern? >> it is a concern. republicans are feeding a line to trump's core supporters that's simply wrong as lynn noted. there are studies by loyola law school, by the brennan center showing that, yes, there are these isolated cases around the country of voter fraud. it has affected local elections. there's no evidence that it has affected any of our recent presidential elections or that it can affect any of our recent presidential elections. ari burman from npr wrote a piece for us at "the washington post" showing how hard it would be to rig a presidential election and the fact that trump puts it out there that this ongoing and active concern for voters is a disservice to their own supporters, disservice to democrats, disservice to everybody, to the process, carol. can i just add that it wasn't just pence who said a couple of days ago that he would respect the outcome of the election.
6:23 am
in the first debate donald trump said without any caveats that if he lost the election he would support the outcome of the election. this is a switch by the donald trump campaign laying excuses if it doesn't go their way. >> so the clinton camp appears to be worried about this because they just released this ad. it features "the good wife" actor josh charles. the ad is calling for lawyers to help in key battleground states. watch. >> honestly, i don't know anything about the law unless it's written for me. make believe unlike donald trump's claims that he can help our economy. but you, you're an actual lawyer or law student which is basically the same thing, so this year you can make an actual difference like these lawyers here. i'm asking you to join the hillary for president campaign. the point is, this isn't a job
6:24 am
for actors, it's a job for lawyers and law students. >> so you get the gist of this, right? right, lynn? the clinton camp wants lawyers manning the phones in case any voter is interfered with, they'll have someone to call to ask for advice. is this necessary? >> it's routine in real campaigns, even without this controversy, carol, to have squads of lawyers to go out for ballot integrity, voter protection. they're taking it to another level, including to bring snacks. so this is just having a call for even more lawyers to staff more precincts much that's where you detect problems. that's where you run for a restraining order to keep polls open. so these are things that if the trump campaign were highly organized, they would be doing anyway and especially -- so
6:25 am
let's just point out what's not happening in the trump campaign. if you really thought there's going to be widespread voter fraud and the election is stolen, where are the squads of lawyers for trump out there announcing that we're going to be in thousands of precincts in election states? that's what organization is. that's what we're not seeing. >> all right. i have to leave it there. lynn sweet, david swerdlick, thanks to both of you. hillary clinton pumping out big names and big money to historically red states. will it pay off? your insurance company
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i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) we are moments away from the opening bell on wall street.
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traders are hoping the stocks will follow a global rally. let's head to alison kosik. hi, alison. >> good morning, carolyn. we expect to see stocks rebound. at the same time investors have their eye on the presidential election. wall street is putting a bet on a win for hillary clinton. how can we tell? it's not so much what investors are saying, it's what they're doing. the market moves are showing us. what the mexican peso is doing and what gas, gold and stocks are doing as well. you look at the price of gold, it's falling. that means investors aren't looking for a safe haven because a more predictable clinton is expected to win. peso is jumping because the thought is without trump in office the u.s./mexico relationship won't be hurt. gas prices aren't spiking, they're holding steady. even investor polling data points to clinton. 60% of investors now say clinton is the best candidate for the
6:31 am
stock market versus 40% who say trump is. there is one indicator pointed at trump, how the s&p 500 has been doing since august. it's down 2% which works in trump's favor. carol, even the analysts who came up with that indicator say that should be viewed as a guide, never gospel. carol? >> we'll do. alison kosik live from the new york stock exchange. business news personalized, the only way you can follow the business, company leaders that mean most to you. download it on your iphone or android device. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. as hillary clinton hunkers down for final debate preps, her camp is flexing its muscle in historically solid red states. her surrogates barnstorming arizona. bernie sanders is there today, chelsea there tomorrow. michelle obama will travel to arizona on thursday. add that to the $2 million spent
6:32 am
on ads. in texas ads are about to run highlighting an endorsement from the dallas morning news. another million dollars spent in indiana and in missouri. in the meantime donald trump is in the swing state of colorado while mike pence tours north carolina. let's talk about that withstand millnicki welcome to both of you. >> hi, carol. >> dan, can hillary clinton really win california? >> this year it's looking like she may be able to. her husband is the last democrat to carry arizona. before that you have to go back to 1948 when harry trueman won arizona. besides those, they've always been won by republicans in presidential elections. this year with donald trump, even though he's made six appearances in the state himself, it looks like it's a
6:33 am
real good chance for the democrats to turn arizona blue, at least on the presidential race. >> exciting race to cover for you this year. chrissy, most analysts say trump should win the state of ohio but to do that he has to win hamilton county, cincinnati, where you're from. he has to win that big because hamilton county went for obama in '08 and in 2012. is it possible? >> is it possible for him to win hamilton county? i think it is possible. you know, what we really need to see is hamilton county is where cincinnati is but it also includes a lot of wealthy suburbs. what we really need to see is what those educated middle class voters, educated women, who they decide to vote for and if the sex-related accusations and the tapes from -- that were released two weeks ago, how those affect some of those voters in those suburbs on the fringe of hamilton county. >> interesting. so, dan, hispanics in arizona, everybody thought with the comments that donald trump has
6:34 am
made about, you know, hispanics coming over the border, mexicans coming over the border, that that would energize hispanics in the states to head to the polls and vote for clinton. do you see that happening? >> i think there has been growth in the hispanic voter registration. whether they're all going to turn out is yet to be seen. i don't think it's reached historic levels that some people are anticipating given all of trump's rhetoric about immigration and building the wall and his deportation force, et cetera. in 2010 arizona had a pretty controversial state immigration law called sb 1070. there's a lot of talk, too, that that would energize hispanic voters. that didn't happen either so it kind of makes you wonder what would energize latinos if trump doesn't do it. >> so what is energizing voters in arizona to lean more towards clinton then? >> i think to some degree it's
6:35 am
leaning against trump. trump has offended a lot of key constituencies in arizona. latino voters as you mentioned, there's a lot of mormon voters. utah gets a lot of attention for the mormons but there are a sizeable amount who are not happy with his play boy lifestyle. they respect mitt romney's opinion of trump. jeff blake who is a u.s. senator here who has sparred with trump is mormon. i think that's a pretty big block that usually reliably goes with the republicans who he's turned off. he's also picked fights with john mccain, picked fights with jeff flake. they all have networks of republicans who would be inclined to support whoever the gop presidential nominee is. they're turned off to trump. >> interesting. in ohio trump is doing better there, chrissy, than in other swing states. why is that? >> yeah. usually the reason that we point
6:36 am
to has to do with the demographics. the state has a higher percentage of its population that is white working class people, that is, people who lack a college degree. one of the highest percentages among swing states. those are folks who have tended to support trump's anti-tradesp. another reason is we have a lower than average percentage of latinos in our state and that, if it continues to stay kind of as low as it is, will make us less and less a mirror of the rest of the country as years go forward. so while we may -- we may end up voting with the presidential winner this year in the next four or eight years we could see ohio becoming less and less like the rest of the country. >> i hope not. being from ohio, i like ohio's -- >> we love being the bell
6:37 am
weather. >> i know, we do. dann, chrissy, thanks for joining me. still to come in the "newsroom," forces are driving isis out of the strong hold in iraq, but they're fighting back with suicide bombers and ambushes.
6:38 am
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the pentagon says it's going faster than expected. iraqi and coalition forces are advancing on the oil rich city of mosul. in the past 24 hours they've seized 9 villages. they've retaken 75 square miles of territory. they've faced gunfire, shelling, suicide bombers. nick peyton walsh is with the peshmerga fighters on the road to mosul. hi, nick. >> reporter: carol, at this stage the advance seems to be
6:42 am
continuing. we've just heard the crackle of gunfire down the road obscured by the hill. we've seen plumes of smoke all around the area. the iraqi army said they've moved into some villages that seems to be a consistent advance. yesterday we ourselves stood there as peshmerga chased down an isis suicide bomber who blew himself up. adding to the bid to try to keep civilians away from harm, the iraqi military said they've dropped 17 million leaflets recently. staggering number. the leaflets suggest they should assist the iraqi military and offer safe passage. it's hard to see how it can be secured. 1.2 million people caught in the cross fire, potentially as human shields. some of them, too, feel perhaps a sense of fear or about the iraqi military coming in. many are sunni from the sunni ethnic sector in iraq. they have the shia iranian
6:43 am
paramilitary forces behind them. they have insisted they want to be part of this fight. it's very complex along sectarian and ethical lines here. it's certainly underway. the force directed east wards towards the main urban sprawl of mosul. moving. seeing isis resistance. we don't know the timetable the pent go pentagon are talking about. it's clear isis is not giving up the open plains as quickly as optomists hoped they might. carol? >> nick peyton walsh reporting live in mosul, iraq. still to come in the "newsroom," 21 days, 271 electoral voeds and the road to victory and how each side can seal the deal. electoral voeds and the road to victory and how each side can seal the deal. 0 electoral voeds and the road to victory and how each side can seal the deal. tes and the road victory and how each side can seal the deal. we made the movie the book of life.
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not everyone has to wait three weeks to vote on election day. take a look at this line in the state of georgia. this is the first day of early voting in that state. wow! you can see more than 1,000 people stood in line to cast their vote in guinette county. many of them getting there two hours before the doors even opened. ah, the democratic process even open. joining us is mark preston, cnn politics executive editor. hi, mark. >> reporter: hey, carol. good morning. how are you? >> do you see those lines in georgia? >> reporter: i'm going to tell you what. it is amazing now that we are seeing this process now finally coming to an end. we're seeing people not only in georgia but several other states right now who are getting out there and early voting. this is very key now to both political parties because the more people you can get to vote
6:49 am
early can get them out now, they can then focus on those voters that are a little bit harder, a little bit harder to persuade to get to the polls. the question is who is this really going to benefit, carol. we're not quite sure. we haven't seen the early voting totals. if you are to believe the ground operation that hillary clinton has put in place over the past couple of years, you might have to think that this might actually benefit her, carol. >> traditionally does early voting benefit democrats? >> reporter: well, they certainly have a better ground operation than we've seen from republicans. certainly in most recent time. barack obama was able to build an operation in 2008 and 2012 that certainly surpassed john mccain and mitt romney's, but, you know, we'll see what happens this time. he has no ground operation in many of these states. he doesn't have the money, he didn't put in the time to do so, and we haven't seen that kind of activity we have seen on the democratic side. look at the state like georgia.
6:50 am
that should be ruby red that he shouldn't worry about but it really is a state now democrats are try to make a play, as we're seeing in arizona, other states as well. >> okay, so take us through the map, what states are still in play? >> all right, well, let's just take it, the baseline right now. if the election were held today, hillary clinton, accord to cnn estimates, would win. for donald trump to get to the 270 threshold, follow this path, he needs to win florida, ohio, and needs to win north carolina. now, he's behind in the polls in north carolina, barely, but he's behind in the polls, significantly in florida. he is winning in ohio. let's assume he were to win those three states. he then needs to win the state of virginia, the state of michigan or the state of pennsylvania. he's trailing in all three of those states right now as well. or, carol, another option, another pathway possibly is he would have to win nevada, where
6:51 am
i stand right now, and also win either colorado or win wisconsin. colorado and wisconsin are two states hillary clinton is up as well, so it's a very narrow path right now for donald trump which even makes this debate tomorrow night more important. >> some polls show the race tighter than it seems when you look at the electoral map, why is that? >> right, well, if you look across the broad swath, donald trump is going to do well in primarily southern states and you're going to see hillary clinton do better on the coasts. when you put all those numbers together, you're going to see a national poll that doesn't always match what we're seeing in the states that are actually going to decide the election. let's look at a state like arizona. chelsea clinton, bernie sanders, michelle obama are all going to go out to arizona. this is a state right now that should be no question in donald trump's column. but he's going to have to battle
6:52 am
there. the polls we're watching right now, national polls are interesting to follow. it's really the state polls we should be focusing on. >> exactly. i think some people don't quite understand the electoral process, right? so if donald trump wins the popular vote in ohio, he gets 18 electoral votes. that's winner take all, right, just like in the primary. >> correct, correct, but, you know, having said that, if he needs to get to 270 electoral votes in total, and if you add up all states where hillary clinton's ahead right now, where donald trump is, he doesn't get there and yet she does. so the national polls, they're not necessarily reflective of where the race is right now. >> right, because in california, they have a lot more electoral votes because it's a bigger more populous state, correct? >> correct, correct. states like california and new york, democratic strong holds, and those are in her column.
6:53 am
however, hillary clinton's a lot closer than she should be in that state, a state that is, you know, traditionally a republican state. >> mark preston, thank you so much for making it easy to understand, we do appreciate it. this is it, round three. >> my argument is not with his supporters, it's with him. >> when bernie sanders said she had bad judgment, she had really bad judgment. >> he wants to talk about what we've been doing the last 30 years. bring it on. >> the election of hillary clinton would lead to the destruction of our country. >> clinton/trump, the final debate, tomorrow, live coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern on cnn.
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checking some top stories, olympic sprinter tyson gay is pleading for an end to gun
6:58 am
violence after his 15-year-old daughter was shot to death. he spoke at a vigil in lexington, kentucky. >> i'm so numb right now from all the crying and still not even understanding this senseless act. it doesn't help the fear but -- i need you guys to keep it going. i don't want to read the paper next week, another senseless killing. it has to stop. >> three men have been charged in trinity gay's death. the high school track star was killed by a stray bullet during a shootout on sunday. the former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is admitting he lied to the fbi about whether he leaked top secret information to the media about iran's nuclear program. james cartwright pleaded guilty in federal court. he could face six months in prison and sentencing is set for january 17th. the austrian government is announcing plans to demolish the
6:59 am
house where adolf hitler was born in 1889. the austrian parliament must still approve the plan. that is expected to happen soon. come january, president obama will be out of the white house and now thanks to comedian stephen colbert, mr. obama will be ready for his first job interview in more than eight years. >> 55, tough time to start over for a man, okay. have a copy of your resume here. i want you to hand it to me as if you were applying for a job. go ahead and do it. that's good, you're a natural. i don't see any promotions for the last eight years. that's not always good. can you explain that. >> honestly, there wasn't a lot of room for advancement in my last job. the only one with a more powerful position was my wife. >> okay, good. >> i'm leaving because it's required by the 22nd amendment of the united states constitution. >> okay, a little tip, when you say staying in your job would be unconstitutional, what employers here is you stole office
7:00 am
supplies. it doesn't say here, where were you born? would you care for an extra fiber nutrient bar, which has traveled to more than 100 countries, or this shrivelled tangerine covered in golden retriever hair, filled wi ed we bile, but i wouldn't leave it alone with the woman i love. >> well, i think i'll go with the fiber nutrient bar. >> interesting. >> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. the next stop of the presidential election, las vegas. hillary clinton will soon board her flight for tomorrow's presidential debate. clinton is toting some new baggage. questions over classified e-mail on her private server and whether the state department tried to protect her by striking a deal with the fbi. donald trump calls that f


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