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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we continue on top of the
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hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. in a matter of moments donald trump will be speaking there, flanked by the flag, colorado springs, colorado, battleground state where, by the way, polls show he has been slipping behind hillary clinton. no doubt we will hear him go against her but how much time trump will take going after president obama especially after his news conference is anyone's guest. the president ripped apart trump's claims the election is rigged calling trump a whiner, calling trump's rhetoric unprecedented. here he is, the president. >> i have never seen in my lifeti lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate in history trying to discredit the election process
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before votes have taken place. it's unprecedented. it happens to be based on no facts. that is both irresponsible and, by the way, doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness you want out of a president. you start whining before the game is even over, if wherever things are going badly for you and you lose your start blaming somebody else then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. because there are a lot of times when things don't go our way, or my way. there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even -- you could even rig america's elections. in part because they're so
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decentralized and the numbers of votes involved. there's no evident that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time and so i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. and if he got the most votes then it would be my expectation of hillary clinton to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge to work with him in order to make sure that the american people benefit from an effective government. >> senior white house correspondent jim acosta at the trump event in colorado springs. jim acosta, what sort of intel do you have as far as what trump will say in a matter of minutes? >> well, i think he's going to continue this railing against washington we've been hearing over the last couple days, he did this last night in green
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bay, wisconsin, where he talked about how he wants to bring about lobbying reforms. of course he was talking about hillary clinton's e-mail practices, he is continuing to suggest there's going to be a rigged election coming up on november 8, he's just taken the stage in colorado. he's talking about how he wants the crowd here to make sure that they vote early if they can, get their ballot in if they can as soon as possible but make no mistake, brooke, what donald trump has been doing over the last 48, 72 hours, he is calling into question the integrity of the election process. he is -- he was saying last night in green bay, wisconsin, that he believes voting fraud will occur. that people, whether it's the undocumented immigrants or people who are dead being able to vote, that people will use the identities of people are deceased and try to cast fraudulent ballots. brooke, we can tell you because we've looked at this, cases of voter fraud are very rare.
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there was a loyola law school study that found out of a billion votes cast between 2000 and 2014, only 31 cases of road isser -- voter fraud were found. so this is extremely rare but it's not stopping donald trump from talking about it. and you heard the president of the united states saying this challenges the credibility of this process and unjustifiably so. but i can tell you from being at these rallies, we've been hearing chants of all sorts of things "tell the truth" to the news media would be the kinder thing said to us at these rallies. that message revs up these clouds, they eat it up so i would guess from here forward that donald trump will continue to talk about this as long as he can. brooke? >> jim thank you so much. jim acosta there. obviously trump there speaking in colorado springs. let's continue, much to discuss, cnn chief political correspondent dana bash, ron resnick, reporter for kpnx in
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arizona and lonnie chin who once served as public policy director for mitt romney. so welcome to all of you. i don't think i heard jim acosta -- he mentioned how we'll continue to hear about a rigged election from trump. let me relay this to everyone. to from the trump camp, there's another major announcement trump will make today as part of his pledge to "drain the swamp" in washington. he says "i will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress." direct me, there already are term limits so what does he mean? >> there are term limits on the presidency, of course, and one of the big debates for some time has been whether or not the fact that there are no term limits in tong, whether that helps to breed corruption because it breeds a whole industry which we see everyday, those of us who live in washington, of lobbyists
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who are paid by corporations and groups to influence congress and that they also give money to the congress people's campaigns and so on and so forth. so this is right in keeping with what we have been seeing and hearing from donald trump which is at its core level, brooke, back to basics. the system doesn't work, i'm an outsider, she's an insider, i'm going to help to fix it, there's no way you can send somebody who is a creature of washington back and think things will be different so this is another policy prescription for that. the problem in talking to republican sources, many of them who are so frustrated with the fact that he is taking that so many steps further and personally going after the republican house speaker is that that's vintage trump, instead of saying that the washington establishment is terrible he's making it personal, because he feels ryan has personally -- not
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attacked but has not been supportive of mr. trump and he kind of can't help himself. but i think this term limits thing and i know from talking to trump's sources, brooke, that they believe this is the closing argument they hope will resonate with the voters, of course, the hillary clinton campaign and others are hoping people pay attention to the other more controversial and scandal oous things. >> and "drain the swamp" we are told is a line stolie inn from bush so lonnie, let me turn to you. i want to get to seeing the president of the united states today with the prime minister of italy. he's asked about trump's allegations about the rigged system and do you worry about violence and he says trump rarely surprises me, he puts it on the republicans then he says he needs to stop whining and
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make his case, what is the president trying to do with that language? >> this is barack obama unplugged. this is exactly what where he wants to be at this phase of the election. he's a great campaigner, he has already has been. this is his strength. i would argue over campaigning. you know these lines will get under donald trump's skin. but what the president is doing is trying to expose the underlying behavior and it's a behavior that is fundamentally based on someone who is pretty thin skinned and looking for excuses should he lose this election and that's what this has become about. >> do you think to, let me ask you off of lanhee's point, if trump takes the line from the president today and runs with it i imagine just as railing on the clintons unifies republicans, could railing on the president also unify republicans as well and he could add folks under the
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tent in addition to his base? >> i think there's a real question about how many people he can add with that line. i think hillary clinton would welcome him trying to punch back with that and probably let him punch himself out over the course of the debate tomorrow night, what she wants to do is, number one, ask him if he can pronounce nevada since they're there, see if he gets it right. >> let me throw myself under the bus, i apologize. bram. go ahead. >> that's okay. i know how nevada feels. call me foolish but i think they'll talk about issues tomorrow night. >> let's listen to what trump
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told tom and we'll talk about. >> it is paul ryan hurting you or helping you? >> well, i don't want to be knocking paul ryan, i think he could be more supportive to the republican nominee. we're doing well. we'll win the zblex do you think he wants you to win? >> maybe not because maybe he wants to run in four years or maybe he doesn't know how to win. maybe he just doesn't know how to win. who can know? >> i don't mean to knock him but -- does trump have a point on 2020? >> here's my right hook and here's my left hook. but i'm not knocking him. if this were a week and a half ago we would be going -- and now it's like okay he's saying something else about paul ryan. i it's worth remembering it's three weeks from election day the republican presidential nominee saying things about the republican speaker of the house. and paul ryan is trying hard not
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to engage in the public tit for tat but there's no question that when ryan through his spokeswoman this weekend made very clear that he disagrees with what trump has been saying over and over again over the past several days, that the system is rigged, that he says i believe these are going to be free and fair elections and we will accept the outcome, something along those lines. that was a clear shot across donald trump's bow which he doesn't take very well. particularly when it's from somebody who is in his home party who he thinks should be more supportive and who just by way of background the rnc chair reince priebus is an old close friends of paul ryan, has been the person trying to be a trump whisperer and bring along with the establishment so he's been hearing from reince priebus, just take it easy on him and so on and so forth for the past several months. now all bets are off.
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>> brahm, what about hillary clinton? she's been running for the past 17 months. we've heard her say over and over she made a mistake. how does she in this final debate really answer that question? >> i think she can parry it pretty effectively, the whole quid pro quo issue. channeling hillary here, number one, there's ambiguity about that. there are a few people involved in that with differing opinions of exactly what happened, a lot of e-mails she can say they show the inner workings of campaigns, a democratic campaign will be no different from a republican campaign. what is there in the e-mails that indicts her beyond what's out there already? she showed last debate she can answer that effectively with a nice -- a short to the point answer and move on and, of course, what she wants to move on to are the ten or 12 women who have come out since the leak a few weeks ago, the trump video
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leak who seem to confirm his behavior. that's where she wants to go in this debate. >> can i add -- >> quick, quick. >> real quick, the other thing that her communications director made clear that she wants to pivot to is russia. when that's brought up she's going to talk about how she believes russia is behind it and seed the floor to donald trump, suggesting that he's potentially colluding with vladimir putin. >> thewill there be a pre-debat handshake? lanhee, dana, brahm, thank you so much. we are now hearing more on the breaking story involving the "people" magazine writer that's come forth and accused her of sexually assaulting her in his palm beach home. the magazine rolling out people supporting her story. also, melania trump weighs in on this, telling anderson cooper what she thinks happened and who she believes. you're watching cnn.
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trump during an interview at mar-a-lago in palm beach. natasha stoynoff says trump forced himself on her at his mar-a-lago estate in 2005, the very same year the video came without mr. trump and billy bush on the bus. she says he pushed her against a wall, that he kissed her. unwanted kissed her. trump called these claims "outright lies" his wife melania trump is defending her husband. she sat down with anderson cooper just yesterday and she says she doesn't belief that incident happened. she says that is not the man she knows and married. >> i said to my husband that, you know, the language is inappropriate. it's not acceptable. and i was surprised because that is not the man that i know. and as you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on, it was only a mike and i wonder
12:20 pm
if they even knew that the mike was on because they were kind of -- boy caulk and he was led on -- like egged on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> is that what it is the to you? just locker room talk? >> yeah, kind of two teenage boys, actually, they should behave better, right? >> he was 59. >> correct. and sometimes i said i have two boys at home, i have my young son and i have my husband. >> so a number of women have come forward and made allegations against your husband, some of them go back more than 30 years, he's said they're lying. do you believe him? >> i believe my husband. i believe my husband, this was all organized from the opposition and the details, did
12:21 pm
they ever check the background of these women? they don't have any facts. and even the story that came out in "people" magazine, the writer that she said that my husband took her to the room and started kissing her. she wrote in the same story about me that she saw me on fifth avenue and i said to her "natasha, how come we don't see you anymore?" i was never friends with her. i would not recognize her. >> that never happened? >> never happened. that's why i send them the letter because it discredited the story. >> your lawyer sent a letter to "people" magazine saying they have to retract. >> yes, because it was not true. >> joining me now nancy collins, she interviewed trump and his second wife marla maples in 1994
12:22 pm
when she was a reporter for abc news. so nice to meet you. >> thank you, same. >> we'll talk about your interview with mr. trump in a second. just listening to mel lann yarks what were you think? >> well, she's drunk the kool-aid, hasn't she? by the way, i remember natasha telling me that story, not concurrently but in telling stories to each other. so she's a real standup woman, so i would believe her, actually. but you know when i went down to mar-a-lago he was a chauvinist in training because he was incredibly respectful to me, professional, very cooperative, nobody -- of course nobody beats their dog in front of us but i couldn't have asked for a better subject. >> but you're intuitive and you can sense things and as a journalist, he gave you four hours which, by the way, if you're not in television, four hours is like an eternity that he sat and talked to a reporter and the whole time respectful. >> very respectful, very respectful. but he was thrilled to have
12:23 pm
prime time there so i think he was on his best behavior, too. and the four hours -- we were there to shoot a story so i interviewed him and her separately and then i interviewed them together and so we had a day at mar-a-lago which he just bought not so long ago. he was so thrilled, brooke. when he showed me he was like a boy with his toy and he wanted me to like it. he wanted to impress me. so when i see the donald now, i have to tell you, there's a bitterness and anger that i didn't see that day. >> we have some sound when he spoke of you. >> a softness disappeared. there was a great softness to ivana and she still has that softness. but during this period of time she became an executive, not a wife. >> you now are married to a woman who would like to continue her career. marla says she doesn't want to have a career. >> there's a difference between having a career and working for me. >> you have said you don't want marla to work.
12:24 pm
you actually said that. >> no. >> on the day of the wedding. >> i think i'm probably mixed. i have days where i think it's great then i have days where if i come home and -- i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist but when i come home and dinner isn't ready, i'll go through the roof. >> can you talk about that piece of the interview? >> he put her to work. she was a mother and he said "i'll putter in charge of one of my casinos." and she did a good job but then he came home and she was showing him numbers from the casino and he said she wasn't a wife anymore. and he said putting your wife to work is a very dangerous thing. not knowing what he was saying. he makes these remarks, brooke, without having any insight into how dangerous they are. >> i want to read more from your interview where you asked about his relationship with women.
12:25 pm
we have the full screen graphic for you. he says "i have great relationships with women, my mother, marla, ivana, may relationships with them are better than the men. so why in '92 did you tell "new york" magazine that you have to treat women like [ bleep ]. he says i didn't say that, that woman is a liar, that woman is extremely unattractive, lots of problems with her looks." and it's interesting we've been hearing accusers come forward and we take trump at his word that none of them are telling the truth, he still talks about their looks. >> he always goes to their looks. >> why? >> they're either unattractive or fat. >> have you seen his stomach lately? >> nancy! >> it's true! i think psychologically speaking there's an eight-year-old boy crying for attention. he had arrested develop
12:26 pm
he will never quit this race, he loves the attention. w one of the reasons we got four hours, s because we paid attention to him for eight. i think these women really loved him. marla loved him. he wouldn't marry her. even after she got pregnant she said to me i said to donald you ruined my reputation just loving you and having a baby not being married. he married her two months after but he calls all the shots in these relationships. >> did you ever think this 1994 interview that we would be sitting on cnn and talking about that? >> no! back to comedy and politics,
12:27 pm
late night comedians picking a side in the 2016 election. they're decidedly anti-trump. we'll talk to a late night veteran live about what happened to the non-partisan days of carson and leno. >> oh, donald trump. the media is not rigged against you. they're just recording what you say and playing it back. [ laughter ] [ laughter and applause ] that's all it is. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your
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welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. make no mistake, it's a good time to be a comedian in this
12:32 pm
country. late night tv mercilessly mocking this 2016 race and primarily they're mocking donald trump. and this week, this weekend, no different. >> you would think at this point hillary could just kick back with a glass of chardonnay and her laptop and keep refreshing until election day. [ laughter ] after all, she's running against a lying racist buffoon who doubles as billy bush's wing man. >> on friday, mr. trump made what he called a major announcement. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. [ laughter ] >> that's what's called a firm grasp of the obvious. [ laughter ] next i assume he'll announce water is wet, bears poop in the woods and that donald trump is not qualified to be president. >> trump's comments are not wrong because you have female relatives, guess what? a surprising number of americans
12:33 pm
have at least one female relative. [ cheers and applause ] trump's comments were wrong because women are human and if you hadn't stood cravenly by while he insulted them for a year you wouldn't be in the pile of elephant [ bleep ] you're in today. >> these new bombshells would very well bury trump for good which means at the very least we probably already know what the third debate between trump and hillary will look like. [ screaming ] >> it's funny, these guys are laughing. the author of "the war for late night" and paul mercurio who's worked on "the daily show," t colbert report and the late show with stephen colbert. he has a podcast on iphone called two chairs and a microphone. let me begin with you, bill, why do you think this year is so different when it comes to these hosts and late night and politics?
12:34 pm
>> trump is a character you can't make up. but also i think the comedians have reacted differently. there's no doubt about it. i talked to colbert and he was saying if trump is elected it's the greatest gift for comedy ever. which is great for comedians but bad -- if you're a citizen. all of the comics are making it a mission they're going after trump. >> but i don't think it's a conscious -- where people are sitting in a writer eke room saying "we're going destroy trump today and prop uphillry" i don't think that's happening in news organizations. >> we have to be very conscious, we give hillary clinton x amount of time and trump x amount of time. are you counting jokes? >> you don't want to do that. you don't want to say eight jumps on trump and you have to have eight jokes on hillary. if we have any ethics -- which comedians usually don't -- it's
12:35 pm
to do smart funny material to give another view to the viewer. right now we're giving pivoting, obfuscating between liberals and conservatives. we're like the kids between the parents who call them on it and trying to honest with it. >> except you're taking sides with mom instead of dad. >> his actions justify it. >> "the daily show" and the colbert report is different, they're editorializing. >> versus leno or carson. >> right, they're doing a point of view. seth meyers is doing the same thing. it's straight at the camera, this is what i think. he's calling him a buffoon, giving you his point of view. that is pretty different. >> and it's resonating, isn't seth doing well? >> he is, and stephen colbert has come really on now that he's let himself be himself, let stephen be stephen, he's way stronger. >> to bill's point about --
12:36 pm
it's -- trump material is more digestible for a comedian. it's easier to turn that stuff around. >> you can't explain wikileaks. >> well, wonky, it's e-mail, a server, you can get there but there's quantity. he's fertilizer for comedy. he really is so i don't think people are -- you know, look, i think the consequences are dire in this election because what could happen here is frightening so i think it's a different election in that sense as well but i think comedians try to straddle that line but when it's a lot of food on the plate from one candidate -- >> with your verdict lieser line i would jump in and say "snl" has done a fantastic job in trying to poke fun of hillary clinton. kate mckinnon. >> they have a take on that. >> watch. >> thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having me. i'd like to begin tonight by attempting a casual lean. [ laughter ]
12:37 pm
got it! >> what lorne michaels won't say is whether we'll see a trump oar clinton cameo. this is millennial -- they're all tuning in. >> yes. >> how will that affect how they feel election day? >> well, if you watch or like these shows you probably agree with the point of view. it used to be interesting that when stuart would have a non-democrat on and the audience was against him, they would have to calm them down. >> he'd have to say "please be respectful." >> so the audience is there with that. the question is are they going to be more active? because of this? will they vote because these guys are saying this is critically important? that could be a factor. >> what we found the daily show, i'd have so many young people come up to me going "i only get my news from the daily show." that meant the honesty from the daily show, whether left or right, was resonating with them. whereas the talking point pivoting stuff wasn't. now i say in the next breath, that's not a smart idea to just come to us.
12:38 pm
we're a bunch of buffoons who lucked into a great job but you should go to different sources. that's the problem with our society. if you're liberal you should read conservative papers and getting all points of view. >> you tell -- i have to go, but tell jon stewart we miss him. is he throwing things at the television as he's kicking it with his family. >> i'm sure he is. >> bill and paul, thank you so much. that was a great conversation. coming up next, talk about top-level surrogates on the left side, michelle obama, chelsea clinton, bernie sanders all spending time in arizona over the next couple days. but can hillary clinton turn a solid red state blue? we'll ask a woman running against long time incumbent senator john mccain. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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hillary clinton is sending her daughter chelsea, she is sending the first lady and bernie sanders to arizona. all of them to arizona to try and flip one of america's reddest states. that is just the start. we know the clinton campaign is buying up $2 million in ads there. let me bring in congresswoman ann kirkpatrick, she is a democrat from arizona who would love to unseat republican veteran senator john mccain. congresswoman, welcome back. >> lots of eyeballs on arizona. we know hillary clinton debated in her campaign whether they really hone in on those swing states or expand the map like it looks like they've chosen to do and arizona is one of those states. do you think that that is the right strategy? >> yes, we here in arizona have known arizona's competitive for
12:44 pm
quite some time. i flipped two congressional districts from red to blue and we know when voters turn out that democrats win. so this election is all about getting people out to the polls. we have early voting, it started october 12 and runs through november 4 so people right now have their ballots at home filling them out and turning them in. >> i want to ask youing this we just heard about from donald trump today, he's pledging that if he were to win the white house that he would -- his phrase -- drain the swamp in washington and call for term limits from congress. i think some americans would agree with him on that, congresswoman, would you? >> i do agree with him on that. my idea is -- and look people that have been asking me for years how do we break the gridlock in washington. my idea is term limits. three six-year terms in the house -- excuse me, three two
12:45 pm
year terms in the house for six years and two six year terms in the senate for a total of 12 years. if you did those back to back it's 18 years in washington. that's enough. >> so yes to that. what about his claims that the election is rigged? that there's widespread voter fraud? . your own state you have a republican governor so that's been inferring that republican officials would be implicit in rigging this thing. what would you say to donald trump? >> i don't think it's rigged. i know people are voting but we do need to restore the voting rights act. so we saw what happened with the first election after the supreme court decision and we had chaos in phoenix during that presidential preference primary in march. but i'm all over the state of arizona and i will tell you the most common thing i hear is that people can't believe john mccain didn't stand up for himself when trump insulted him. they're just saying to me if he
12:46 pm
won't stand up for himself he's not going to stand up for us. he's changed after 33 years in washington. >> well, he has now stood up for himself and has said now no to donald trump in the wake of these latest headlines. >> for the past year and for over 60 times he's said he supports trump. it's pretty amazing to me that when the gold star family, the khans, were insulted by donald trump they actually called on john mccain to denounce trump and he wouldn't do it. >> again, though, just on the john mccain side, he did have a pretty vociferous statement in the wake of what mr. trump said about the khan family but let me ask you this because the last time i had you on i asked you whether you thought hillary clinton was trustworthy, you didn't explace it isly answer so congressman kirkpatrick, three weeks out from the election and this other controversy involving hillary clinton and her e-mails.
12:47 pm
let many ask you, do you think hillary clinton is trustworthy? >> i do. i tell you who i don't think is trustworthy and that is donald trump. and you know i just did an hour of span irk media this morning and to our latinos in arizona, trump is dangerous. and i was down at the border visiting nogales, the business people down there told me, you know, a wall like donald trump wants to build at the arizona boarder is bad for business. you talk about deporting 12 million people, that's personal. >> what about melania trump? his wife talked to anderson yesterday, let me play a clip of the interview in case you haven't seen it, i want to ask you about it. >> i was surprised, of course, but i was not surprised that the tape came out. i was not surprised about that. >> why? >> because as i said, this many people from the opposite side
12:48 pm
that they want to damage the campaign and why now, why after so many years? why three weeks before the election? >> your husband has said he felt the clintons had something to do with it or the media. what do you think? >> well, it was the media. it was nbc, it was "access hollywood," it was left wing and -- left wing media and you could see that and the way it comes out was everything was organized. >> so with her husband's behavior, here she was, she was blaming democrats, congresswoman, she was blaming left wing media, how would you respond to melania trump? >> you know, the level of discourse at the presidential level is so disappointing to me and to many arizonans. >> but this is his wife. >> i'm a grandmother, i don't want my grandchildren listening
12:49 pm
to that kind of talk on the television about the top leadership in the world. presidency of the united states but you know it just shows how we've got to have campaign finance reform. john mccain used to be for eliminating the corrupting influence of money in politics and now he's given wall street a bailout and he's taken more money from wall street than any other sitting senator. he's changed. he's not the maverick and the straight talker he once was and arizonans want new principled leadership in the senate. >> okay. i asked you about melania but congresswoman kirkpatrick, three weeks away. >> thank you so much. >> next, donald trump is not the only one getting some heat for the vulgar comments caught on tape. wait until you hear what his son donald, jr., told some shock jock radio hosts.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
donald trump has been embroiled in controversy after controversy, but now it's his son and name sake who is making headlines. cnn has uncovered some comments donald trump jr. has made during an interview with some shock jocks. listen to what he said in 2012 after radio host anthony played the audio of a witness describing the aurora colorado theater shooting. >> everything was going good until we saw gas and sparks and
12:53 pm
sounded like really strong fireworks. and you just hear people yelling. actually just a few rows away from me a girl gets up holder her jaw. i guess she had got shot. >> overall i give the movie two thumbs up. >> yeah. that was extraordinary. >> wow! >> let me bring in cnn k-files andrew kaczynski. tell me more about the comments, what, on people who were overweight? >> he made these comments in a period between 2011 and -- >> don jr. >> yes. he was promoting "celebrity apprentice." he went on the show in 2011. a bunch of times in 2012 all the way up till, actually, 2016. these comments, he mocked overweight people. there were comments where he talked about beauty pageant contestants who were children and even made this voice kind of
12:54 pm
mocking the children where they're talking about, like, children who are, like, being abused by their parents. so, you know, the stuff that he did was very much sort of in line with a lot of the stuff his dad said. when he was on howard stern. >> and so these are the comments he made. this was in january of 2012. >> aretha franklin called off her wedding. i said don't worry, there is plenty more fried fish in the sea. >> that's good. >> what's wrong with that? >> nothing wrong. >> they said because she's black. >> i said. no it's because she is fat. >> i see fat before black. >> yeah. me too. >> please! >> by the way -- you can't even make fat jokes now without like -- there is a whole segment of people that, like, that's almost the worst one. it's easier to do a racial thing than it is a fat one. everyone knows they're fat and they get offended. >> it's a disease. >> everything is a disease. >> laziness is a disease too. >> okay. so you did your due diligence and reached out to the trump
12:55 pm
camp if they'd like to comment on the radio clips. and -- >> the trump campaign has not responded. don jr. actually blocked me on twitter several months ago for retweeting some of his old tweets that actually are very similar to the comments he made on the radio show there. we just have not heard back. >> let us know if you do. thank you so much. coming up next, trump's running mate moments ago touring the republican field office in north carolina that was fire-bombed over the weekend. we will show you what exactly happened. [ male announcer ] at customink, you can create
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12:59 pm
donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence, made a stop at the republican national office in north carolina that was fire-bombed just over this past weekend. >> today is also evidence of that, ladies and gentlemen. i mean, i am here to call attention to an act of political terrorism on the orange county
1:00 pm
republican headquarters in north carolina. hillary clinton condemned the attack. trump blasted on clinton, his word, animals, or supporters. so there you have it. mike pence in hillsboro, north carolina. i'm brooke baldwin. see you tomorrow from las vegas. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. three weeks from today america will finally bid adieu to one of the two least trusted presidential candidates in history. "the lead" starts right now. as donald trump's path to the presidency faces increased obstacles his insistence the election will be rigged increases on the campaign trail. what is the truth behind claims of voter fraud? what's going on with these fishy new videos? hillary clinton sending bernie sanders to arizona to try to flip a red state by rallying all those progressives who felt the bern on the same day wikileaks publishes a stolen e-mail in which her campaign chair calls sanders a dufus.