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tv   New Day  CNN  October 19, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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we have is it covered, let's begin with cnn's manu raju live in vegas. >> good morning. chris. donald trump has sustained one of the worst months of any presidential candidate in recent memory. not only the allegations of sexual misconduct but those two rocky debate performances and those ugly spats with his own party. the question today is even calling on his supporters to monitor polling places. >> people will be watching on november 8th. >> reporter: and doubling down on his media conspiracy theories. >> there's a voter fraud with the media because they so poison the minds of people by writing false stories. pledging to shake up washington.
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>> it is time to drain the swamp. >> reporter: now, promising if elected he will push for term limits for members of congress. a populous proposal that has yet to succeed. >> decades of political failure and special interest collusion must and finally will come to an end. >> reporter: trump opting not to respond to president obama, who ridiculed the billionaire's voter fraud accusations. >> he started whining before the game's even over. if when things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else. then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> reporter: instead announcing he is bringing obama's half brother to tonight's debate. >> reporter: trump and hillary clinton head into tonight's debate with looming controversies. produced by james suggest it was
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democraticic operative working r trump rallies. >> it is not hard to get -- >> reporter: both the dnc and clinton campaign deny any involvement. and those on the tape deny any of the proposed schemes ever took place. meanwhile, trump is facing accusations from at least nine women who say he made unwanted advances without their consent. >> these are people who are trapped. >> reporter: trump rejects those claims, but senate democratic leader harry reid blasting trump's behavior. >> clinton has been off the campaign trail for several days as she has dealt with debate prep to fine tune her message in
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hopes of turning a lot of the red states blue in the final weeks of the election. but, also, chris and alisyn, having to explain to the american public what is in all those e-mails released by wikileaks that paint her and her campaign in an unflattering light. >> she may be prepping, but she also likes to stay out of the way when trump is having a bad spell. cnn political commentator and political anchor of time warner cable news errol lewis and matt lewis and cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief for "daily beast" jackie kosinich. part of the battle, my friends, is who they bring with them tonight. my five against your five. let's put up a graph ic. here who is clinton and trump are bringing to the debate. mark cuban and meg whitman.
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he is bringing a benghazi mom patricia smith and obama's half brother. who do you think wins -- >> how does that work? >> looks like everybody has that one cousin. you forgot about him. who do you think wins the battle of optic intimidation. >> everybody is going to go to malik obama because he asks for money in order to give an interview. he's changed his name. he changed his story and changed the facts of his own biography. he'll go there and basically be a spectacle. that's what he does, that's who he is. how does this in any way, shape or form help donald trump? >> president obama is not running for thaurd term. this may unsettle president obama but not hillary clinton. there's another interesting development. maggie haverman is reporting
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from "the new york times" that they will no longer have to endure the awkward hand shake. they have permission to have the spouses be able to avoid each other. will donald trump and hillary clinton have their hand shake as they did the first time and they didn't the second time. how is all that going to look? >> i think for one thing it's changing what we came to expect of sevilcivility. we used to pretend we liked each other and maybe you were staring down your opponent, but at least you did it. i can't help but think it is a small thing. i don't think the viewers at home will notice. maybe this is one more step away from the old rules of civility. >> i think that's what it illustrates. we have dispensed with that. >> at least pretending is better than not pretending. >> sad the fact that you have mark cuban and malik obama as their guests now. married with the fact if they
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don't even shake hands, it's kind of sad, frankly. >> the whole thing is sad. anyway, so, tonight, chris wallace is going to be there. you know, there's just nothing negative to say about the guy. i worked with him for years at abc news and he can be a hammer. interesting to have him as the referee tonight. immigration supposed to be a big topic tonight. what do you expect comes up and what do you expect to be the big ticket tonight? >> hillary clinton is going to go hard after the wall. donald trump has talked this entire campaign about how he's going to build a wall. that's one thing hillary clinton is going to bring up from the get go. you have to imagine that's something that she really zeros in on fairly quickly tonight. >> what do you think donald trump needs to do tonight, errol, in terms of substance. >> he needs to and it will be a long shot. he needs to try an actual apology. he needs to quell this whole issue of all of these women who
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have come forward. >> apologize to the women? >> apologize -- there's a way to do this. arnold schwarzenegger did this in 2003, you apologize to your supporters. i know i let you down. what i thought was harmless banter i realize in retrospect is actually deeply offensive and wrong. it's really his only hope because getting up and saying all of these people are liars and all the witnesses that they talked to at the time of the incident, they're all liars, too, and the media's liars it gets him completely mired down. he could a good two minutes and he should almost read word for word what arnold schwarzenegger said back in 2003 might just do it. >> matt lewis, an equal chance he might come out on a stage on a unicorn. that is just not trump strategy. we seena with the melania interview, as difficult a situation she was in, it
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reintroduced the whole topic. people were not talking about that as much. what do you expect out of him tonight best case scenario? >> the best case scenario is that he does what he did the first 20 minutes of the first debate, talk about how hillary clinton is part of the status quo and he is a change agent. if you like where america is vote for clinton. if you want to change, vote for me. if he could do that for an hour and a half, which i have no reason to believe he can't. but if he can do that for an hour and a half, he can win the debate. >> jackie, let's talk about what she needs to do. all the wikileaks stuff has come forward, as well as the fbi exchange with the state department. does she need to get into any of that and address it head on or move on past those now? >> chris wallace is going to ask her about it. she needs to have a good answer that doesn't sound lawyerly. hillary clinton needs to study
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performance to not mess this up. she's ahead right now and if she cannot coast and actually talk about her policies and not get dragged down to the various controversies, she will have a good night. chris wallace very tough. very good interviewer and he interviewed hillary clinton several times in the past. we'll see. >> we're in good hands with chris wallace. he will go back for a second follow up, things like that. >> you think that not to lose is enough for her tonight? i feel like that's what got her in trouble in the second debate. she's just kind of coasting and she's got to make the case. a lot of people out there are undecided on her. >> did her poll numbers drop? >> people thought she won. >> but the narrative. our polls showed that she won, but the narrative was what matt was saying, the guy came out of the box first 20 minutes hammering her about her record and she had nothing for him. >> we don't know which trump will show up tonight. >> panel, thank you. stick around. stay with cnn for live coverage
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all right. there is fallout from this new undercover video that come to light. it appears to show democratic opt receives, high level, hired by the dnc explaining how to provoke donald trump supporters into violence at his rallies. watch this. >> and, honestly, it is not hard to get some of them to pop off. it's a matter of showing up to want to get into the rally in a planned parenthood t-shirt or, you know, you can message to draw them out. >> so, this video comes by way of the conservative activist
3:15 am
james o'keefe. he has a checkered history of his own. errol, back when there was violence at trump rallies, some of the trump supporters were saying these are left-wing activators and we met with that skepticism because it seems the people at the trump rallies, the trump supporters were being violent. >> i don't agree with you. >> if this video is to be believed. >> that is the first problem. >> let me spell out the thing and then you can shoot it down. if this video is to be believed, it means there were agitators sent by these democratic operatives to provoke people inside and outside trump rallies. that is their sole purpose. >> james o'keefe is a known liar. he had to paid $800,000 and he broke the law in the process. >> he did expose things that were happening with acorn.
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>> it only work physical we take his narrative and repeat is over and over again as if it were true. wearing a planned parenthood t-shirt to a trump rally is not grounds for criminal violence. it should never be interpreted, i saw somebody in a planned parenthood t-shirt and i had no choice but to go and assault them. >> if, in fac, they sent people over to the trump rallies they weren't picking a fight, they were just wearing a t-shirt. >> let's be clear. what constitutes picking a fight. a well-known activist who is one of the first people we all saw on television being beaten at a trump rally and trump the next day said he approved of it. i don't remember there being any kind of talk of something that he did. when we saw journalists being assaulted at trump rallies, i don't remember that being about wearing the wrong t-shirt. >> journalists are different.
3:17 am
so you don't believe what you hear on this video. >> no, i haven't seen the whole video and, again, i begin very little of what comes out of this shot because they are proven lia liars. even taking them at the word, the little clip you showed. wearing a ing ing a t-shirt is commit violence? no, never. >> no question it is an angry environment. no question you go to a trump rally and there is trouble if you get in people's faces and agitation in a political environment. what do you think the value of this is because, o'keefe is doing something, what is the value in this? >> i would say two things. one, look, the videos seem to indicate that these hillary clinton supporters and democratic activists went with the intention of stirring up trouble and instigating violence. that is unconscionable. >> it's not unconscionable.
3:18 am
it happens all the time on both sides. >> here's the point that nobody is making. what are their motives? why would they want to stir up violence and unrest? i tell you why, to help donald trump. these things that happened in chicago and in arizona were in the midst of the primaries, right? if you look at the wikileaks, they show that hillary clinton was afraid of marco rubio. who did hillary clinton want to run against in november? donald trump. and the riots and unrest -- >> i want, it is early in the morning. these guys that don't work for the campaign -- >> who works with the dnc am. >> maybe. donna brazille put out a statement saying they had no formal arrangement. let's make all the right assumptions here. you think hillary clinton wanted these guys to go and start fights so that it would help donald trump become the nominee? >> i don't know about hillary
3:19 am
clinton. the left and the democratic party wanted donald trump to be the republican nominee and i believe they engaged in all sorts of activities including president obama trolling us to help elevate donald trump. if you look at the polls, what happened aftershock. the rioting in chicago and the unrest led people, led republicans to support donald trump as the law and order candidate. democrats helped stoke all this activity to propagate a donald trump candidacy, to elevate him and it worked sadly and i think it's bad for america and horrible for the republican party. the democrats and the left did not want to face marco rubio or even ted cruz. they wanted donald trump. >> okay. we need to move on to another controversy right now. we will be talking about this a lot in the program. the other controversy is what the "people" magazine reporter said he did to her. when melania trump wept up to change that donald trump basically accosted her in a room. donald trump said she is a liar,
3:20 am
this never happened. in 2005 she fold people about this experience and now those people are coming out to support her. yes, in realtime she came back to the office and told us. here is one of her professors a mentor who said she called him about this in 2005. listen to this. >> she wasn't in 2005 calling me in anticipation of doing something negative to him in 2016 during a presidential campaign. that's preposterous. >> 16 people came forward to say they knew that story. >> she came to him and talked to her about it and counseled her about the negatives of going forward and what might happen. contemporaneous proof of something happened to her, in the law, is effective. >> all of these women coming forward and donald trump saying they're all liars. look at her facebook page.
3:21 am
she's not someone that i would assault. >> suggested. >> he suggested, yes, exactly. this isn't degood for donald trump. one of the things that struck me about all these people coming forward is her editor. they still ran the story, which i don't understand. as a woman, as a reporter, how that could happen to you and you still write and publish that story. i don't understand it. >> it was 2005. >> it's not that long ago. >> a different conversation about sexual assault and what it constituted back then and i think what they've said is that they were afraid of donald trump coming after them. >> that and of itself. >> there you go. panel, thank you very much. meanwhile, we have to tell you about this other important story. iraqi and kurdish forces are taking the fight to mosul but the islamic state is putting innocent sevilcivilians in harmy as shields. we have a live report on these
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all right. a real problem is developing in the battle for mosul. isis seems to be using a familiar from al qaeda but horrific strategy. they are using the civilians there as human shield. we saw this in iraq and afghanistan but it really complicates what is already a very challenging battle. we have calista ward live near mosul and you recorded on these types of events before whether it is going to worship or using humans as shields. what are you hearing about what's happening on the ground? >> well, so, chris, we're here at the kurdish peshmerga and the city of mosul is eight miles behind me. if i step out of the way, you can see this town 800 yards down the hill there. that is still under isis control and since last night there has been a steady, you can hear it
3:27 am
now of outgoing artillery as kurdish forces along with their coalition allies essentially try to soften that target. they are trying to tire out the militants by bombarding them throughout the night. we also hear them bombarding them throughout the day, as well, before they go and try to push on in to take that town. the main area that is seeing heavy clashes today is actually towards the south of mosul. the clashes between the iraqi army, the ninth division and a battle for a christian town. so, the iraqi forces are embroiled in those clashes and they say they have now liberated 19 villages. i think what you're seeing here,ish chrhere, i essentially, chris, is a marathon. this is going to take a long time. softening the villages. once you get into the central part of the city, that is where you're going to start seeing the real resistance. as you mention, al qaeda, isis,
3:28 am
all operating from the same playbook and humans as shields and suicide bombings and, of course, tunnels, as well. >> we do know this is just the beginning. thank you for your reporting from there. we'll check back with you. all right, back here at home. what should we expect tonight? what each candidate needs to do in their final faceoff. we have two of our best clinton/trump stand ins for our own mock debate.
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all eyes on tonight's final presidential debate. what strategies will trump and clinton use? what should they do? we have our own rapid fire mock debate for you. we have cnn political analyst and editor in chief of "daily beast" john avlon and former george w. bush white house staffer margaret hoover and in a bit of brilliant casting switch up, margaret is playing donald trump and you are playing hillary clinton. are you going to be doing impersonations or just channeling? >> we are just going to channel, but may work -- >> we've been practicing all night. >> in our sleep. >> and you have done presidential mock debates in the past. so, you are the perfect person. both of you to come to. let's talk about the topics that are sure to come up tonight. number one, accusations from women against donald trump. what should donald trump say tonight, margaret? >> we know he'll say i have the greatest respect for women and
3:34 am
nobody respects me more than women. what he should say is about the policy details on how he is going to make lives for american women better. he should say i support six months paid maternity leave because women need to be paid fairly for the hard work they do. by demonstrating empathy for the plight of women in america, he can ease the fears that women who are watching have seen about his potential misogyny. >> if it comes up, he pivots away to what he plans to do for women. how does hillary respond to that? >> hillary will go aspirational. she has been so inspired that her campaign has inspired so many women and girls that that is a special responsibility. i think what she should do is go directly at donald trump from the last debate. nobody respects women more than him. as we keep learning every day
3:35 am
with every new allegation, that's just one more thing about donald trump that isn't true. >> you don't think she'll go for the jugular in that way. >> no, i think she'll side step it. >> something that is smur ure t come up. what will donald trump say about his fitness to be president. >> i think he will go biography. i built a billion dollar industry and i have people who testify every day how it is to work formy. he will cite people and probably cite people the very successful third party validator. i've done business with donald trump and see how he has built his business and act as a character witness for him. i think that's probably trump's best route. >> character. when character comes up. what do you think clinton should do and what should she do? >> talk about a lifetime of service from the children's defense fund to first lady senate, secretary of state and also talk about how character is
3:36 am
something that happens when nobody's watching. she's seen the decisions up close in quiet moments and that requires a degree of trust. she may not have everybody's trust right now, but that is the essential factor. >> chris wallace, the moderator, has not said that one of thetomic the to topics will be the rigged election system but that is sure to come up because donald trump made an issue about it on the campaign trail. >> here's what's interesting, alisyn, when he gets in rallies he gets much more ratcheted up and much more severe in terms of the political system. when donald trump is in the format of aerary civ very civil debate and i don't think he will say it is a rigged political system. i think what he's going to say, i'm not the one who is saying it is rigged. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and people who feel
3:37 am
disenfranchised and then he will say i encourage all my supporters to go to the polls and watch our political system and participate in it it. he is going to take the water down path, if he's smart, because that will tamp down on all the criticism that he's getting. >> what does hillary say? >> hillary says it's incredibly dangerous for candidates to be saying that the outcome is ileg ilegitimate. america's political system for all its faults is the envy of the world. however, we need to recognize it's not perfect and take proactive steps to support what's wrong and support election reform and get specific. open primaries. you know, appeal to the dvoters that way. talk about how it's running down. >> one topic we know will come up tonight, immigration. so, what does donald trump say tonight? his closing pitch, basically, to the american people in this form about immigration? >> again, like he's not going to talk with the really elevated rhetoric that he does in rallies. he'll water it down and try to
3:38 am
make his policy proposals feel more humanized because that's what he does in these debates. reflects the tone of the audience. the tone of the audience is serious. on his build a wall rhetoric. i think he'll say, look, we need rules. we need laws. we're a country of laws. we need a real immigration policy. >> this is trump all grown up, but i think hillary clinton says, look, here's the clearest contrast. it's walls versus bridges. i think what she should do, however, go further and go personal and talk about how donald trump's family and her family are immigrants. their vice presidents are irish americans and not so long ago the know nothing movement and remember our history and go policy with regard to republicans who supported. drive that wedge within the republican party on substance. >> neither of you guys are surrogates. >> the hardest thing you had us do. >> you guys really did study last night because you don't support these candidates, but maybe they are listening to you. >> they should. >> maybe they'll say those words
3:39 am
tonight on the debate stage. stay with cnn for tonight's live coverage beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to watch the debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> certainly much lower negat e negatives. the national league championship heading to l.a. the dodgers and cubs squaring off in game three. did the home field advantage help? we have the answer in our bleacher report, next. are you ready?? you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday.
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time now for the five things to know for your new day. hillary clinton and donald trump will face off tonight in their final debate. both candidates facing controversies that are certain to show up in their showdown. a would-be suicide bomber killed during a shoot out. the suspect with possible ties to isis refused demands to surrender. they say explosives were found inside the suspect's home. the search is on for four men suspect of targeting a female student in a shooting outside a san francisco high school. four students were shot tuesday. the female victim is in critical condition. ecuador temporarily cutting out wikileaks founder julian asas. following the release of
3:44 am
damaging e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign. take a look at this, chris. president obama hosting his final state dinner honoring italian prime minister and the first lady dazzling at the star-studded affair in a floor length rose gold versace gown. >> very nice. >> that's a mouthful. >> very nice. my brother was there. >> and what did he wear? >> same thing. >> awkward. >> awkward. embarrassing. for more on the five things to know you can go to newday/something somethinewday. is it time for panic for chicago cub fans? no, a lauth of methology when it comes to baseball. hines ward has more in this morning's bleacher report. what do you see, my friend? >> not sure if it's too early to talk about the panic button. then f en fans in chicago start
3:45 am
feel a little nervous. nothing went as planned for the cubbies last night. dodgers catcher who hasn't had a hit all series long hits a two-run homer off the cubs star pitch pitcher. dodgers win, 6-0 to take a 2-1 series lead. game four tonight at 8:00 eastern and then in the alcs the blue jays won yesterday to stay alive. they're down 3-1 to the indians. game five on tbs 4:00 p.m. eastern time today. coach belichick, head coach belichick is fed up and tired of using the microsoft tablets on the sidelines say they're too independable. >> i'll stick with pictures which several of our other coaches do, as well p.
3:46 am
there just isn't enough consistency in the performance of the tablets and i just can't take it any more. >> the league supplies tablets to all the nfl teams and coach belichick, he did announce yesterday that he's going to be a new grandpa. so, maybe, i don't know, maybe his grandkids can kind of show him how to use the tablet some time because he's old school. >> he is old school. why does the league have to give them tablets? the teams don't make enough money? thank you. >> you're welcome. the 2016 race has been unprecedented. next we will examine some of the presidential ways have achieved things never before seen. also, overnight, violence outside the u.s. embassy in the philippines. what led up to what you're seeing on your screen right now. we have a live update from there, next.
3:47 am
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we do have some breaking news. we want to show you these protests outside the u.s. embassy in manila. they turned violent. the new president who has not minced words, of course, about president obama. alexandra field live in hong kong with all of the breaking details. tell us what you're seeing, alexandra? >> fair warning that this video does get graphic and violent and shows the teng tensions that e when this crowd about 1,000 people gathered. that's a police van that you see there accelerating and backing up into the throng of people and then moving forward, trampling some people in the crowd. you can see at least one person caught under the wheels of that van. this all started, the police are saying, after a group surrounded that van and some images would show hitting the van with sticks
3:52 am
and they used watter to try to break up this crowd. the crowd was demonstrating outside the embassy at one point throwing red paint on the embassy. the philippines foreign policy with the u.s. is unequal. they're calling for greater separation. this very violent scene broke out, though, while the philippines president is on a state visit to china. he's there to try to strengthen ties with china on the heels of several tirades during the philippine president has threatened to break up with its staunch ally. the philippines current war on drugs. >> oh, my gosh, what video. that was so shocking to see the police trying to run over the protesters there. alexandra, thank you for that reporting. >> a little bit of the good news is it seemed like people kept getting up despite being hit by
3:53 am
that truck. that video was looped. that wasn't a constant flow of people being trampled. we were showing you this one scene repeatedly. we'll find out if there are injuries reported. but that is the reality on the ground right now. another piece of reality to deal with what will happen tonight. the final presidential debate. everyone who knows anything knows that this election has been like anything else we've seen in a long time and not in a good way. historic new lows. candidates who openly call each other terrible things all the time. here to discuss cnn media analyst bill carter and cnn analyst david gregory. we can deal with this within the purview of us as journalists and dealing with it. bill, safe assumption, never seen anything like trump. you can compare to mccarthy. it was never this ugly. the level of steady impact and how we do our jobs and how we're
3:54 am
judged for our jobs never like this. >> never like this and partly because even though there has been one thing after another that we haven't seen before and gets reported on, it doesn't have the impact you would expect. because the media's position has been eroded in a way. there's a group that will not believe any of the things that are reported. they just reject them. i mean, they're rejecting all of these claims, for example, by these women. they don't care that there is a presidential candidate saying i prefer the leadership of a dictator who's hostile to the united states. that's not resonating. it's quite remarkable, actually. >> the relationship with the media and, of course, another unprecedented thing is that this election seems to be taking place often in a fact-free zone. exhibit "a" was trump supporter newt gingrich, former speaker, of course. i interviewed him about the level of violence in this country. let me remind everybody of what
3:55 am
he said. >> but violent crime across the country is down. we are not undersiege the way we were in say the '80s. >> the average american looking at dallas policemen. the average american, i will bet you this morning, does not think crime is down. does not think they are safer. >> but it is. we are safer and it is down. >> no, that's your view. i just told -- >> these are facts, statistics. >> what i said is also a fact. what i said is equally true. people feel more threatened. >> they feel it, but the facts don't support it. >> as a political candidate, i'll go with how people feel and i'll let you go -- >> there you go, david. yeah, it's a perfect illustration of a fractured media environment and a polarized country politically. we can't even agree on what the facts are yet alone what the remedies are, which is tremendously challenging in a political environment and leads what i think the former speaker
3:56 am
is alluding to, which is the candidates are talking about feeling and are talking about their own version of facts. crime statistics can famously be spun in a particular direction. so, can facts about medicare or medicaid, entitlement programs and other areas. we have a fractured media environment that leads people to be able to confirm their viewpoint on demand by choosing how news and information comes to them. and i would add one other thing to what bill said which is we have a candidate in donald trump who has met the media moment. if you think to fdr and his use of chats really dominating the medium of radio. reagan, kennedy and television. here you have donald trump mastering social media in a way that we haven't seen before. and exposing all the seams in media. taking advantage to directly reach his supporters and creating a multiplier effect
3:57 am
because of how we in the media cover his twitter feed in a way we've never seen before. >> also, makes you wonder, bill, this bomb that he's made of his ability to say random, nasty things that stoke people's anger will ultimately be what keeps a certain percentage of people that he needs to vote for him. >> it looks like he can't get above a certain number and has abandoned the opportunity to do it. reminded me of what stephen cobert said. they believe the feeling of the truth. they don't care about the facts. >> that's what the interview with alisyn shows. regular people don't talk like that when you're having a conversation. either you're right or you're wrong about what a number is. but one thing leads to another. so, you have newt gingrich say you can have -- i'll go with feelings. you go with yours and that
3:58 am
creates an atmosphere where someone like trump comes in and says, who cares about being right. we're all angry about something. all these politicians lie anyway. >> 70% of what he said is not true. >> but people are sitting there and what seems like and feels like crimes with hillary clinton by the e-mails and then the fbi being told they are all crimes on one side of the aisle and then being told not to believe the fbi, david. they believe that because people are suspicious. >> many people in the fbi have their own point of view, too, about politics. so, there's polarization everywhere. i'm teaching a group of tuft students this fall and these are people really engaged in the election but also pretty turned off. one of these issues goes to the kind of pressure that the media is under. the fact that there is a lot of skepticism about what passes as good journalism these days, which is why you want to see so
3:59 am
much more fact checking on people that we're talking to. >> i mean, look, we are on the front lines and it's hard to fact check in real time, which is why we have to go back and say we've clarified something. i mean, this is what the challenge has been, obviously. this election one of the many challenges. david, bill, thank you very much. there is a lot of news going on with the war and in the election. let's get right to it. >> you know what the debate prep is? it's resting. >> they're going to use a quote scorched earth strategy. that just shows how des prt they a are. >> the press has created a rigged system and poisoned the minds of the voters. >> i advise mr. trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get votes. >> you have dead people voting. how did that happen? i don't know. >> we have learned who donald trump is and what we have to prove in this election is who we are.
4:00 am
this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in their final debate in just 14 hours. clinton widening her lead according to the polls. trump needs to do something to increase his reach. now, can he do that given his repeated claims of a rigged election and the flood of accusations by women that he calls liars. >> clinton, of course, has her own challenges from the revelations and the hacked e-mails to new undercover video suggesting the democratic operative may have insight inci violence at trump rallies. let's begin our coverage with manu raju live in las vegas. >> donald trump had one of the worst months of any


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