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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> he's raw. he tells it like it is. and these women, oof, am i right? >> she looks like melania trump. that is a very good actress. >> i do not. >> you know what though? tough, tough being in this game for the spouses. >> of course. >> she didn't ask for this. >> there you go. >> now she's got it. >> all right. time for "newsroom" with carol costello on that note. hi, carol. >> i know i needed to laugh. thanks for that. good morning from las vegas. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning and thanks for joining me from the campus of the university of nevada-las vegas, the site of tonight's final presidential debate. i'm carol costello. all right. round three. donald trump and hillary clinton will trade their punches face-to-face. they'll battle each other and try to sell themselves. many will tune in to see the
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blood, right? trump desperate to rescue his campaign. he may be more unpredictable than ever. will he continue his scorched earth tactics? and clinton is scrambling to contain damage of her own. she has faced a constant barrage of embarrassing e-mails supposedly stolen from the hacked account of her campaign chair. we're following all the mangles this morning. cnn's manu rog' u looks at the increasing volatility heading into the showdown. brian stelter looks at how this debate is likely to unfold. but manu, let's kick things off with you. good morning. >> 2k3w0er78, donald trump enerring it this debate perhaps at the lowest point of his campaign right now. poll after poll shows him losing in battleground states including one in arizona where clinton is actually up five points. this of course after the allegations of sexual misconduct. donald trump's only battle with his party and his own two rocky debate performances. the question tonight in this hall, can he turn it around?
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ahead of tonight's final debate, donald trump throwing a hail mary. going after washington and intensifying his unfounded claim that the election is rigged. >> they even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths. >> reporter: even calling on his supporters to monitor polling places. >> people are going to be watching on november 8th. >> reporter: and doubling down on his media conspiracy theories. >> there's voter fraud with the media because say so poison the mind of people by writing false stories. >> reporter: the gop nominee pledging to shakeup washington. >> it is time to drain the swamp. >> reporter: now promising if elected he will push for term limits for members of congress. a populous proposal that has yet to succeed. >> decades of political failure and special interest collusion must and will finally come to an end. >> reporter: trump opting not to respond to president obama, who ridiculed the billionaire's
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voter fraud accusations. >> you start whining before the game's even over. if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else. then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> reporter: instead announcing that he's bringing obama's kenyan-born half-brother malik, a trump supporter, to tonight's debate. trump and hillary clinton head into tonight's final debate with looming controversies. undercover videos released tuesday produced by conservative activists james o' keefe suggest it was democratic operatives working for the clinton campaign instigating violence at some trump rallies. >> it is not hard to get some of them to pop off. >> reporter: both the dnc and the clinton campaign deny any involvement. and those on the tape deny any of the proposed schemes ever took place. meanwhile, trump is facing
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accusations from at least nine women who say he made unwanted advances without their consent. >> these are people who are trapped. put his hands under somebody's skirt on an airplane. >> reporter: trump rejects those claims but senate democratic leader harry reid blasting trump's behavior. >> it is kind of a sickness. >> now we have not seen hillary clinton in the last several days as she's hunkered down engaged in intensive debate prep. the question is did she change her message at all as she tries to reach out to conservatives, middle of the road voters to try to flip a lot of the red states blue. and also how does she deal with the wikileaks revelations of a number of internal e-mails shining not so good light on the clinton campaign. how will she address that tonight carol? >> all right, manu raju reporting live for us tonight. thank you so much. today seems like it's the night since it's still dark in nevada. there will be six different topics addressed in tonight's
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debate. a lot of ground to cover in what's sure to be an action packed 90 minutes. let's take a closer look at how tonight's debate is laid out. our cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter is here with me this morning. take us through it. >> it's going to be a lot like the first debate but somehow with even higher stakes. the format is similar. like you said, 15 minutes per topic area. lots of time for clinton and trump to talk back and forth. chris wallace, the fox news moderator, says he wants to step back, let these two candidates debate. there is a tremendous amount of pressure on wallace. it's the first time a fox news host has been a moderator for presidential debates. there are some liberals who are concerned about that. a little nervous. and the clinton campaign is trying to keep the nerves off to the side believing that wallace will be fair and tough on both sides. >> okay. there's a few things that will be sort of different as far as how the candidates' families interact with each other at this debate. >> that's right. "the new york times" reporting overnight that they will not have that hand shake. remember in the last debate, bill clinton and ivanka trump came out, they shook hands -- excuse me melania trump shook
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hands beforehand. this time they'll be avoiding that. the clinton campaign reportedly does not want to have that family interaction because they're concerned about who the trump campaign might be bringing to the debate. and they have reason to be concerned with that. we spoke with steve bannon overnight, the trump campaign chair, we happened to be on the same flight with him. he said to us that obama's half-brother malik obama is just an appetizer. he says they have other surprise guests in store. >> well they have the benghazi mom, right? >> that's right. one of the mothers of one of the benghazi victims will be there. we also know on the clinton side mark cuban and meg whitman will be in the audience. but bannon said they have other people who will expose bill and hillary clinton's sordid past. so we'll find out what that means i suppose later today. >> okay, so -- i just want to talk about this for a little bit more. so this is tradition. >> right. >> like the families of each candidate shake hands before the debate. >> right. >> because you know we're a civil society and we do that thing in america except in this
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election. so what is hillary clinton so afraid of as far as bill clinton is concerned, in shaking the trump family's hands? >> well during the town hall debate there was an attempt by the trump campaign to have bill clinton's accusers seated in the family box. the trump campaign tried to create a scenario where juanita broadrick and the other women would have walked with bill clinton and interacted with him before the debate. it would have created a television moment the clinton campaign would have dreaded. they were able to avoid that. the debate commission shut it down last time. the clinton campaign is concerned about a sequel of that so they don't want to have that interaction before the debate. >> so i would assume that hillary clinton and donald trump will not be shaking hands either either before the debate or after? >> i would like to see them shake hands at least at the end of the debate. maybe we can have a moment of unity. >> you're so nice, brian. >> we'll see. >> you are. brian stelter i know you. thanks so much. let's talk about all of this. sunlen serfaty, dan lee an assistant professor of political science at the university of
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nevada-las vegas and cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley. welcome to all of you. wow. okay. so, should we talk a little bit about the hand shake? sunlen i'm going to get to you in just a second because -- this, this lack of this total lack of civility, dan, this is your state. this total lack of civility on that debate stage does it -- i was going to say does it shock you. but no it -- >> no it doesn't. it kind of -- you had the last debate here in sin city, las vegas is kind of fitting. but this has been going on as far as negative since the primaries. right? so we've been dealing with this all year. really some, you know, end of last summer. so, it's really not surprising that it wouldn't change you know at this late in the game. >> it's just so -- so depressing. >> well, people are betting on the handshake all over town. you get odds on whether they will shake hands at the outset, at the end, also you can bet what color ties they're going to
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wear, what kind of suit hillary clinton will, you know, have on. on and on and on and on, that's what different about las vegas. everybody bets an all the other stuff. >> brian stelter just helped the bookies because we know now they'll probably not shake hands. >> the odds have just changed because of brian. >> exactly, exactly. okay, time to get serious. so sunlen this is the last chance for these candidates to present their case to the american people. this is important stuff. i talked to so many people who don't want to hear dirt. they just want to hear what these candidates are going to do to make their lives better. will we see that tonight? >> well, i think, carol, that's certainly for both of the candidates tonight. you know, this is their last definitive chance, their last big chance in front of such a large, national audience, to make the case for each of their candidacies, for each of their potential time in the white house, and it's an important moment because you he know, after font the last 19 days
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starting tomorrow are going to be so essential going forward about momentum. and also as you noted many voters think that much of this election has been defined by you know the name calling back and forth, and not really a thorough discussion of the issues. what each of these candidates stand for. so this is a chance for both of them to really grab reins of the narrative, and this final big national stage and define themselves and their candidacy going forward. and that's going to be really important for the closing stretch for each of them. >> all right. so, dan, i'll pose this question to you. this is why it's so important that mr. trump at least convinces much of the country that he's fit to be president. because ed rawlins that chaired the pro-donald trump super pac on tuesday he said it would take a miracle for trump to win, and here's why. a new poll shows clinton is up five points in arizona. five points in arizona. that's a solidly republican state.
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texas is too close to call it's now become a swing state. somebody just told me that for the first time somebody in texas saw a campaign ad upon television in texas and it was for donald trump. so what does trump need to do tonight -- >> i think people -- >> -- to save his candidacy. >> he needs a miracle. he needs to change his tactic. right? so the firebomb throwing, all these insults and focusing on such a negative campaign hasn't really worked to this point. it's almost like he's speaking to the debate audience a lot like how he speaks to his rallies, his core supporters. and we've been talking for months now he needs to pivot from his primary core supporters, to a general electorate, and i mean he hasn't done it by this point, so that's part of the miracle, he needs to change something, but -- >> but he's -- he's bringing all of these people, these guests to the debate that will -- >> right. >> try to not -- >> but -- >> so he needs to shake things up. and for him that's how he's going to shake things up. but the problem is that, it's
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going to -- he really has no options. because that's going to help bring out his core supporters but that's not going to broaden his base. he's kind of cornered himself in, you know, into that corner. >> okay. so hillary clinton she needs i think to do the vision thing, right? she needs to, to -- to quell the fierce of people who are afraid of a clinton presidency. they want to know what hillary clinton is going to do for the country. what is her vision for the country? how does she move the country forward? will she do that tonight? >> well, she needs to. that's the only thing she needs to do. you don't want to get into the reality tv show side of donald trump, but you're -- he has never shown himself to be presidential as we've been saying all year. she has an opportunity to let people imagine what a hillary clinton administration would look like. so i think she has to touch on all the key points that any democrat does about her continued concern about health care. being tough on the war on terror. having it be open hearted. but she also has to show some -- a little bit of humor, and i
6:13 am
think she's done that well when he seemed to get off scripted not to seem rattled at all. that second debate i thought she won it. but she did seem a little bit off her game when donald trump was kind of stalking her on the stage, and many comedians have been making joex of that. i think she just says i'm -- cling in her mind hillary clinton you take the low road, i'm taking the high road, i'm bringing america there with me and offer her policy prescriptions in >> back to sunlen inside that debate hall there will be an audience and i know the moderator chris wallace will urge the audience not to clap or boo or laugh but that proved to be an impossibility so far so what will things be like tonight audiencewise there? >> well, certainly the audience is a dynamic within the room, as you mentioned in past debates we've seen them at times kind of break with the rules laid out by the moderator and have applauded at times for each of their candidates.
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but, you know, the audience is always an element in the room. you have these guests that are sitting in essence just feet away from each of the candidates. and both candidates this year really trying to taunt the other side with their invited guests. of course, donald trump inviting president obama's half brother who is a trump supporter, and also bringing the mother of a benghazi victim, hillary clinton's campaign bringing mark cuban, who's been very outspoken about donald trump, and certainly there is some element that that sets the tone going into tonight that they're trying to get under each other's skin. so we'll see how the audience participates in tonight. of course the moderators try their best to keep that level down. >> all right. sunlen, dan, and doug, stick around. still to come in the "newsroom" tonight the candidates face each other, and over a string of controversies. dogging both their campaigns. how they tackle these issues will be key to winning over the crucial undecided voter. an opening night on broadway is kind of magic.
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a new headache for clinton just hours before the final presidential debate. an undercover video purporting to show democratic operatives, hired by the dnc, talking about how to incite violence among trump supporters. >> and honestly, it is not hard to get some of these assholes to pop off. >> right. >> it's a matter of showing up to want to get in to the rallies in a planned parenthood t-shirt. or, you know, i -- trump is a nazi, you know, you could -- you could message to draw them out. >> mm-hmm. >> and draw them to punch you. >> all right. so, we should note that this video was released by a man named james o'keefe. he is a discredited journalist who pleaded guilty to breaking
6:20 am
into a state senator's office to tamper with her phone, and has manipulated videos in the past to implies conversations that were not truthful. he had to pay a $100,000 fine for that. so let's talk about this and more i'm joined again by cnn's correspondent sunlen serfaty, assistant professor of politics at the university of nevada in los angeles dan lee and cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley. sunlen how do you suppose that this, this undercover video plays tonight. >> well, i most certainly think it will come up. i think it's likely to get brought up, carol, by donald trump. he's making references about this video on the campaign trail. and i think for hillary clinton, it certainly puts her in a defensive posture of having to explain this. we've already seen the clinton campaign come out and put some space between the video, and their campaign, noting, you know, that this o'keefe has manipulated videos in the past, and not condoning that those sort of practices really
6:21 am
blasting them saying that there are basically awful even in theory much less in practice. so i think we'll see her have to have do some explaining of this tonight certainly donald trump has already telegraphed that he intends to use this against her in her campaign. >> all right. so, um -- i just want to talk a little bit more about this video because these are democratic operatives, one's a contracted person who worked for the dnc. hillary clinton's camp has disavowed it. what's not in the undercover video is the reporter didn't connect the dots. just because people say things doesn't mean they actually happened. so there's that out there. but i would suspect that that doesn't really matter. >> not -- it's not going to matter to donald trump. even at this pace it seemed to be bogus, because the guy had previously done fake ones so he's going to run with this because at all costs, he wants to throw this kind of video at hillary clinton. he wants to keep her, as we just heard, in a defensive crouch. he wants to be mr. offense just
6:22 am
throwing the kitchen sink at her, and this is part and parcel of a corruption. he needs to say the democratic party's corrupt. the other big thing that's going to occur is a new idea of a swamp of washington, d.c., this video's part of the swamp of how ugly politics -- >> he wants to drain the swamp. >> drain the swamp. >> and he has an idea that appeals to many voters which i think is term limb its which many people will want him to talk about in detail. >> i think it's a good turn for him tonight to ask hillary clinton are you for term limits. and he could draw a line there because that's tricky for her. and he could say there you are. i'm the real outsider, you're a classic insider. so i think it's smart strategy to donald trump's gone that direction if he can exploit it tonight we'll have to wait and see. >> wikileaks i'm sure that that will come up on stage, too, marco rubio the republican senator from florida said something interesting about wikileaks and you know wikileaks has been hacking in illegally to democratic -- the dnc, to
6:23 am
hillary clinton's campaign e-mails been hacking into that and of course there's the suspicion that russia is really behind it. this is what marco rubio said. he said that he would not discuss the wikileaks documents. this is what he said in a statement to cnn. quote, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process and i will not indulge it. further, i want to warn my fellow republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks, today it's the democrats. tomorrow it could be us. >> right. i think that it shows the divide in strategy between trump and establishment republicans. i think he is probably is going to bring it up. even probably bring up the whole discussion about the election being rigged. that's part of the miracle we talked about earlier. i don't think by this point trump is going to change his strategy. if anything he's going to double down. after a lot of republicans dropped their endorsement support for him, then he said i'm unshackled now. right? so even compared to the second
6:24 am
debate we might even see a more aggressive trump at this debate, and for sure, you know, if he goes that route he would bring up those e-mails. >> so i want to go back to the guests for just a second that each candidate is bringing because hillary clinton is bringing a guest named ryan moore. he has a disability. he has dwarfism. and i just want to remind people who ryan moore is. let's watch. >> she's compassionate. every time i see hillary, she remembers meaningful debates about my life. sometimes from years earlier. when i first met her, i was 7 years old, and wearing a back brace. two years later, when i saw her again, she patted my back and said, you don't have a back brace anymore. i could not believe that she remembered that. >> all right. so sunlen, the reason, you know, it's a cynical reason, right, bought we're in that kind of
6:25 am
campaign, the reason that ryan moore will be in the audience as hillary clinton's guest is because donald trump made fun of a new york "times" reporter with a disability. so -- >> yes. >> how might that go over with mr. trump? >> yeah, i think certainly the strategy of the clinton campaign is very clear here. they are trying to paint a contrast with how hillary clinton views and treats people with disabilities in our country and how donald trump has including likely to bring up some of the more inflammatory rhetoric that he's had out there on the campaign trail mocking a reporter who is disabled. and this is a strategy that we've seen her use many times in the past, most notably at the democratic national convention where there was a big speech by a woman who talked about how hillary clinton had really taken an active role in her life for years. so certainly the clinton campaign trying to put a spotlight tonight on the differences the trasts in these two candidates up there and how they reach out to the disabled community in america. >> all right very to leave it
6:26 am
there. dan lee douglas brinkley, sunlen serfaty, thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom" you've heard donald trump's immigration plan build that wall. >> build that wall! >> i got a lot of trump supporters. they like that. but will he really build a wall and how will he make mexico pay? we'll talk about that next. yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference
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and good morning. thanks for joining me from the campus of unlv, the site of the third presidential debate. good morning. i'm carol costello. in a matter of hours hillary clinton and donald trump face off for the final time on six topics. debt and entitlements, the economy, the supreme court, foreign hot spots, the fitness to be president, and
6:31 am
immigration. immigration has been a key issue, especially here in the battleground state of nevada. yet the topic has barely been discussed on the debate stage. well, that could end tonight. with me now is angela rye, cnn political commentator and jesus marquez a member of the national hispanic advisory council for trump and las vegas radio commentator. nice to have you here. so, jesus, we haven't heard donald trump talk much about the wall or making mexico pay for it. why? >> well i think right now we're focusing on the other issues. we've got to understand one thing. here in nevada, we have a big hispanic population. but donald trump is doing very good. he's got 33% of the polls acc d according to your own polls. i believe that immigration reform, it's not the number one issue right now. we have the economy. we have jobs to create. we have security national security and i believe that's why you don't hear that much. >> and i ask that question about immigration especially here in the state of nevada, angela, because according to pew
6:32 am
research one in five nevadans was born outside of the country and the state has currently 210,000 undocumented immigrants. that's the highest population of undocumented immigrants than in any other state. so that issue, you would think, would be important here. >> yeah you also would think it would be important throughout the country. i think one of the things that we saw under president obama's term is executive actions to solve for what are undocumented people in this country and also you saw the senate try to consider a comprehensive immigration measure that didn't go anywhere in the house. part of that bill dealt with border enforcement. and so we have to deal with what's immediately before us. yes, hillary clinton plans to continue a lot of president obama's policies. she certainly plans to extend the executive actions that he put in to place. but also wants to see comprehensive immigration measures, because that is how we really address and solve for what is illegal immigration -- >> okay so this is what people may want to hear tonight. because the wall's a big part of donald trump's campaign.
6:33 am
will we finally hear how he's going to make mexico pay for that wall? >> well, i'm pretty sure we can do that by taking some of the money that we already give mexico for other issues. but i believe that going back -- >> no, no, i really want to concentrate on this particular issue because this has been a tenet of his campaign. so you're a supporter. you talk on the radio about mr. trump all the time, right? so do you know how exactly he's going to make mexico pay for that wall? and secondly, is he still for the wall? >> no, he's still for the wall. absolutely. we have to secure the border and i think most americans agree with that. in terms of how is this going to be paid? i believe that we -- we give subsidies to mexico in the billions. so we can -- we can take some of that money back you know, or not, you know, not -- >> so that's not making mexico pay for it. >> it is. you know, and he's going to address that in time. but right now -- >> this is his last chance. >> in time? >> you know, he told -- the only
6:34 am
ones talking about securing the border, americans degree with that, and that is something that he has talked all along and he hasn't changed that subject. >> okay i want to talk about hillary clinton and and you know she talks about carrying on president obama's policies as far as immigration goes. let's face it if she becomes president she still has a hostile congress. how's she going to do that exactly? >> well, carol, that's -- >> how, how, how can she guarantee that we just won't go on and on and on not solving the problem forever because she doesn't have a great relationship with republicans and house in the senate. >> so a couple of things here i think we have to acknowledge the fact that the face of congress could change as well. thank you, to the donald trump campaign, the numbers may very well shift. the senate is more in play than it ever was before. even the house. that's why paul ryan is out on the stump ensuring that he can keep frankly his members of congress in the house. the reality of hillary clinton is she actually has better relationships with many congressional republicans that far exceed the relationships that donald trump has -- >> i don't think stroert believe
6:35 am
that. >> they may not believe it but it actually is true. you can look at the number of folks who are saying they're undecided they don't know -- >> but they may have a good relationship with hillary clinton. but they don't exactly many of especially establishment republicans have a great relationship with the extreme right of their party. and they all -- >> that's right. >> they have to keep that in mind. because, they want to get reelected. >> that's right. >> so how does she get past that? >> part of it has to do with saying this -- these are the things that i plan to put in place. this bill that was comprehensive immigration bill that was passed two years ago now, it needs to be reintroduced and we have to solve for the gap that exists in this country. it's not just a wall, carol, and we also have to acknowledge that the wall is not even -- it's not physically capable of being built. there was something called the secure border initiative that i know firsthand, as a former homeland security staffer, that also didn't work. that was both electronic and physical wall. that didn't even work. >> it is well known that hillary clinton is for open borders. we just find out -- >> that's not true. >> well, she's -- she actually,
6:36 am
that's actually true. >> no it's actually not. >> she believes in a world with open borders. now, the american people have had it already with, you know, illegal immigration. i believe that we need to stop the influx of, you know, illegal immigrants -- >> so what about -- >> what about -- >> the economy -- >> what about those -- >> what about those 210,000 undocumented immigrants right here in your home state? what would you like to see happen to them? >> well, donald trump is not even talking about deporting- >> what would you like to see happen to them? >> well we need to first secure the border. we need to make sure that there's no more people coming in -- >> not that -- >> then we can talk and negotiate and put it on the table to negotiate. but right now the first priority -- >> when you say that voters go yeah, yeah, yeah we're going to talk about it but it's never going to get solved because you don't really have a plan and you're just like -- >> even amongst hispanics the number one issue is not immigration reform it's the economy, jobs, and education. so, i believe that the american people -- >> he is right about economy is number one. >> no i agree. i was nodding yes.
6:37 am
>> i want to play something from 2008. because it will remind us of a time when hillary clinton and donald trump were actually friends, and liked one another. it's hard to imagine right now. but, cnn's kaye file found an old new york one interview with mr. trump and he was talking about bill and hillary clinton. let's listen. >> i think she's a wonderful woman. i think that she's a little bit misunderstood. you know, hillary's a very smart woman. very tough woman. that's fine. she's also very nice person. i think she's going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. i think she is a great wife. to a president. and i think bill clinton was a great president. a lot of people hated him because they were jealous as hell. bill clinton was a great president. hillary clinton is a great woman. and a good woman. >> so jesus, what happened? >> well, you know, the same that happened between obama and hillary clinton. you know, in the first election,
6:38 am
when obama won -- >> no but mr. trump went from saying hillary clinton was a nice woman that she's a crook and should be in jail. >> the same thing we can say about obama and hillary clinton when hillary clinton was talking about -- >> that's -- >> i think it's a textbook example of false prevalence at its best. we're talking about someone who campaigned against a president in a primary, lost to that president, and then served in his cabinet. someone who is talking about tinge the policies of that president and expounding upon them, building upon them. we're talking about someone who for the first time in a long time carol donald trump was consistent in the last debate they asked him what he thought about hillary clinton. and he said she's a fighter. that's consistent with that message there. and we all know -- >> i, i, i, i will say, too, that clinton's attended trump's wedding so that one time -- >> sure. >> the clintons liked mr. trump too and i could ask you the very same thing. >> please do. >> what happened? >> i think a lot's happened. we've seen it play out from the american people. he announced his campaign and called mexican people drug dealers and rapists.
6:39 am
he has come at black people. he has -- he took out full page ads in the central park in the '90s and doubled down on that once they'd been exonerated by from dna evidence. >> he wasn't -- >> this is someone who has demonstrated his ability to be treacherous, evil, and, and, and lie profusely of more than 75% of the time donald trump is like. >> if that was true -- >> it is all true. >> donald trump wouldn't be as good in the polls as he is here in nevada. you know he's actually polling better than mitt romney four years ago. >> i don't know that -- >> cnn -- >> we'll bring up the polls afterwards so everybody can see and i i'm not -- >> and clinton is leading -- >> hillary clinton is -- >> well yes but donald trump has 33% of the latino vote according to a cnn poll that was conducted a few days ago. >> okay thanks to both of you. i have to end it there. all right. still to come in the "newsroom," iraq and kurdish forces closing in on mosul. but isis is fighting back. we'll take you to the front lines next. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz
6:40 am
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the battle to retake isis' last stronghold in iraq is fierce. an iraqi commander telling cnn his forces are just three miles from mosul now but farther south isis militants have surrounded iraqi soldiers, showing just how hard this fight is going to be. clarissa ward is with the kurdish peshmerga forces near mosul. hi, clarissa. >> hi, carol. well, we're here with the kurdish peshmerga forces at their front line. their closest front line to the city of mosul. city of mosul is about eight miles behind me. but if you see just behind me, there's a town, just at the bottom of the hill, not far off at all. that town is still under control of isis. and that town appears to be the object of most of the activity that we have seen going on today. since we've been here, all day we have seen a steady stream of coalition artillery, rockets, and also at least four
6:45 am
airstrikes hitting that town before -- behind me apparently trying to soften the town before an offensive that we would expect i guess would start in about one or two days. it's difficult to say. but this is a pattern essentially that you're seeing ripley indicated all around the south, and the east of the city of mosul. coalition forces going along, village by village, taking each piece that they can, as they start to surround the city of mosul. you mentioned those iraqi forces. they have been enmeshed in some pretty heavy clashes to the south of the city of mosul. mostly near a town hall nip rod which is an ancient site. also in a christian town so there have been some heavy clashes that have been going on throughout the day. but for the most part, their morale is good, their progress seems to be positive. iraqi forces saying, as you just mentioned, that they're just miles from the outskirts of the city of mosul, saying that
6:46 am
they've liberated at least 14 villages. but certainly, carol, i think it's fair to say from what we're seeing here on the ground, this is not going to happen overnight. this is a marathon. it's not a sprint. and of course the real concern is when the heaviest fighting is likely to start is when troops get right back into the center of the city of mosul. and there are 1.2 million civilians who are living there, compared to just 5,000 to 7,000 estimated isis fighters. that makes it very difficult to know where they are. they can easily melt into the civilian population. carol? >> all right. clarissa ward, reporting live from near mosul, iraq. i'll be right back.
6:47 am
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6:51 am
the polls show clinton is in the read but could saturday night live pick the real winner? tonight's debate is likely to deliver comedic fodder for the show. to talk about the role of comedy in this race, actor and comedian jimmy walker. >> always nice to be with you. i'm a big fan of you and a big fan of cnn and news, and a big fan of talking comedy and politics. >> i have to bring up a clip because i'm a big fan of yours, too. i loved that show. >> thank you. >> it takes me back. so let me take you back. jimmy walker. >> -- figure that makes the number eight look like the number one and a smile that lights up the night, and it all belongs to kid dynamite!
6:52 am
>> i had to do it. see, they love you, too. >> a couple people. a couple of them remember. there they go. there they go. >> yeah. okay. so you are a nevadan now. >> yes. i have been a nevadan since 1979. >> long time. >> longer than you have been alive. >> i wish. so are you an undecided voter? >> i'm a quasi-undecided but i'm kind of leaning one way but i'm not -- i'm leaning. i'm leaning. >> which way, right or left? >> well, you know, hillary is running and hillary is going to win, but that doesn't mean, that doesn't mean i'm a hillary fan. it means that she's going to win because she's political, she has a tremendous amount of hate out here, tremendous amount of hate, but donald trump lost the election in the first week when he talked about hispanics, and hispanics are a very growing group and they hate to hear not the wall, but they hated to hear
6:53 am
we don't have your best. we don't have -- there's people who are thieves and killers and that kind of stuff, and hispanics hated that, because we have a tremendous amount of hispanics that work hard, go to work every day, go right to school here, and they felt really hurt by that, and i think from then on, anything trump said -- >> so nothing he can do tonight -- >> nothing he can do. this is what i call, nothing he can do. this is the yelp debate. if you ever read yelp, you read about a restaurant, they will say this is the worst restaurant i have ever been to. the next review will say this is the greatest place in the world. so these debates are like yelp to me. but donald trump i think has better ideas, newer ideas, newer ways to go. he's a guy that really would bring a change into this country but he's not going to get in because he's not going to get the minority vote which is the key thing that counts. >> i want to talk a little about the role of comedy in this
6:54 am
year's presidential election. interesting thing happened to amy schumer. she was doing a show in tampa, florida and she was not saying very nice things about donald trump but she worked them into her act so it's part of her comedy show. 200 people stood and walked out. let's watch a calyplip so you k what i'm talking about. [ inaudible ] >> okay. what she did is people were heckling her from the audience
6:55 am
so she brought up trump supporters onstage and then you saw what transpired. i would just like to get your reaction to that. >> i think it's unusual for that to happen because if you go to see amy schumer you know what you're getting, you know what she's about. there are a strong, strong amount of trump supporters out here. there's a strong amount -- well, they're here. and i think because he's so different, he's one of the guys that has not run in any campaign, he's not been a vetted guy, but still, the republicans themselves are in trouble. >> but as far as amy schumer and the people walking out -- >> i'm stunned. first of all, the tickets are $100. i'm not walking out if i'm paying $100. i'm staying. but amy does what she does and you should be ready for that. any comic you go see, louis black, amy schumer, anybody like that, you should know that this is what's coming. so i'm stunned that that kind of support would be against her.
6:56 am
i'm really surprised. >> jimmy walker, thanks for stopping by. >> okay. thank you. >> come back again. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. we made the movie the book of life. the image on the surface book, transports you into the world which is our main goal as animators and you can actually touch the screen... you can't do that on a mac.
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good morning. i'm carol costello live from las vegas from the university of nevada las vegas, the site of tonight's high stakes showdown. tonight is the third and final presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump about to trade their last punches face to face. they will make their closing arguments to the american voter and make no mistake, many, many will tune in tonight to see the blood. trump desperate to rescue his campaign. he may be more unpredictable than ever. will he continue his scorched earth tactics? and clinton is


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