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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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be playing in oakland for the next two years. >> i'm sure that will make oakland fans feel a lot better. >> right. >> many thanks. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. it's 11:00 in the east, assuming you are willing to accept that fact, john. 19 days before america picks a president or as donald trump might say, allegedly picks. because in front of the entire country, donald trump now suggests that in his view, the presidential election is somehow conditional. he might not buy the outcome. he wants to keep us all in suspense. >> he said that despite the fact his running mate, party chair, campaign manager and daughter all say something different. the question is, will he say it again this morning.
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he does have an event coming up in ohio. we will take you there live. but first, hear what he said just one more time. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely, sir, that you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. >> are you saying you're not prepared now to commit to that principle? >> what i'm saying is i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> let me respond to that, because that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. that is not the way our democracy works. >> want to bring in cnn's political director david challian. that one moment, the i will keep you in suspense moment, casting a huge shadow over the other 89 minutes of the debate. >> literally sitting in the press filing room last night you could hear the gasps of the collected journalists in that moment. there's no doubt. donald trump, i thought he was having the best debate
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performance of the fall so far, and he upended all of that with this one line and here's why. this is what's important to understand. there is no doubt in my mind that his supporters will actually love this line of his. they feel that they have fervently joined a movement and they do not want to let go of that no matter what. so he will look like sort of the general leading the charge. however, the key fundamental problem that donald trump has needed to solve for his candidacy for a larger swath of american voters is that he has the temperament and the right fit to serve as president in the oval office and that kind of line, saying that you are not going to 100% say that you will accept the results of the election, it cuts right to that core and it upends any progress he had any hopes of making on the debate stage last night, because this fits into that problem about not being temperamentally fit for the job. >> david, you mentioned temperament. there was another moment later
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in the debate, more towards the end, where donald trump said nasty. called hillary clinton nasty. listen to this. >> my social security payroll contribution will go up, as will donald's assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it, but what we want to do is to replenish -- >> such a nasty woman. >> -- the social security trust fund. >> he interrupts her, she's talking about social security, calling her such a nasty woman. what do you think the real impact is of that? >> it certainly isn't going to go over very well with female voters, no doubt. certainly ones that donald trump actually wants to bring into his fold, college educated females has sort of been out of reach but even trying to take some independent women, bringing some republican women who are no fan of hillary clinton, but back into his fold that he may have lost after the allegations of the "access hollywood" tape and the women, i think you will see it makes his ability to woo
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women that much more difficult. that line certainly won't go over well, again, his base may like it but clearly, hillary clinton was in her role as sort of the aggressor onstage last night getting under his skin a little bit. >> david, as we sit here 19 days before election day, there's a math issue, a simple issue of math. donald trump went into this debate trailing by eight points in the cnn poll of polls. after the debate, the cnn/orc poll found that he lost the debate to hillary clinton. so how does he pick up the ground at this point with no major intervening events between now and election day? >> right. now he lost all three debates, according to our cnn/orc instant polls after each one. those were certainly his best opportunities and in fact, it's since that first debate we have really seen the slide for him. now he's got 19 days to prove that they have some incredible ground game and can turn out his supporters and his voters in numbers that we just haven't
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seen before, and somehow depress the turnout of the clinton vote. that's a monumental task ahead of him. so barring any intervening event or some implosion from hillary clinton, there's nothing that happened on the debate stage last night where donald trump sort of upended the trajectory of the race. that's a problem for him. >> the debates are over. there are no more presidential debates, no more conventions, no more moments in this campaign where you can reframe the entire race. david, thanks so much for being with us. enjoy the rest of your time in las vegas. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway said last night she would accept the results. she also said trump would, too. this morning here on cnn she had a little bit of a more nuanced explanation. >> he has said that he will respect the results of the election but everybody, including al gore in 2000, waits to see what those election results are. you wait to see what the results are, if they are verified, if they are certified. al gore himself called to concede that race in 2000.
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he called george w. bush, congratulated him for being the victor, then called back and retracted the concession. >> of course, a major difference here, al gore did not allege voter fraud, widespread voter fraud, three weeks before even election day. the extremely close vote in florida, as you all will remember, triggered an automatic recount by state law. joining us now to discuss, former michigan governor jennifer granholm and senior adviser to the pro-clinton super pac correct the record, as well as ann kremer, cochair of women vote trump. great to see you. thank you so much for being with us. kellyanne conway, not really sure what to make of it. you hear from her last night and this morning, i think the best way to say is maybe she was trying to play cleanup on what donald trump said pretty definitively on that stage. he's going to respect the results, he's not going to respect the results. he says he wants to keep -- he's going to keep voters in suspense. which one is it?
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>> i think that, first of all, i believe he's going to win so i don't believe it's going to be an issue but i think he wants to know there is not widespread voter fraud. we have all seen the tapes that have come out recently from project veritas and these democrats, this guy kraemer that has met with the president 47 times i believe, been to the white house 300 times, they created all these problems at donald trump's rallies and are talking about bussing people in and getting cars, it's a serious issue. i think everybody wants us to have free and fair elections. we all do. absolutely. but why is he going to concede before the contest is even over? it doesn't make sense. >> why is he going to prejudge -- >> he hasn't said he's not going to accept it. he just wouldn't answer the question definitively. he didn't say he would or he wouldn't. he said we will wait and see. >> let's just be clear. the videos you are talking about, the james o'keefe videos don't show voter fraud. they suggest there may have been some effort to incite violence
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at rallies by democratic operatives. that isn't voter fraud at polling places on election day. there is a difference there. i'm not disputing what's on the video. >> i will give you that. >> it's just not voter fraud. you are using it as an example of voter fraud. it's just not true. >> what i will say is latest pew polls showed that one in eight voters, voter registrations across this country, is either from illegal immigrant, a dead person or somebody that is registered in another state. that's 12.5% of voters. >> again, again, you are talking about extrapolation on math. there is no example in the past of large scale voter fraud tipping an election. it just doesn't -- >> i believe that's what the pew study actually said. >> i want to bring in governor granholm and ask her about the al gore example. a lot of republicans are bringing that up. we mentioned there's an obvious difference here. gore, he sat through the recount and waited until the recount verified the results and the supreme court ruled and once they did, he conceded the
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election. but there were democrats, there are democrats to this day who say that george w. bush wasn't elected, he was selected. so is there a double standard here? >> no. there's not. because it was a totally different case, as you have pointed out. this is the trouble with donald trump is that he is seeding this sort of conspiracy theory about the most fundamental democratic institution that america es founded on, which is the right to vote, and the ability to select our leaders from common people, not born of kings. this, i'm just blown away by somebody who says he wants to make america great, when what is great about america is our democratic system. 33 states election systems are run by republicans. what the real big loser of this debate last night is going to be down ballot republicans who have to answer to this issue. he has succeeded in dividing the republican base even further and all of those republicans are
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going to have to answer to that question. >> i have to disagree with that. while the media may say this is a big issue, his base and the people across the country on another network this morning, they showed polling and when he talked about this, the independents and republicans were off the charts in agreement with him. this is something the american people are tired of. they're tired of the corruption -- >> it's a made-up issue, though. it's a made-up issue. >> how can you say that? it hasn't even happened yet. >> hold on. >> they have found 33 instances of voter fraud in one billion votes. it is a non-issue. you are more likely to be hit by lightning than to find an instance of -- the people who study this -- >> you can't say this. >> i can say it. >> let me ask you this. you said at the very top you don't think this is actually going to be a problem because you think donald trump is going to win. going into last night, donald trump was down in the polls,
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down eight points in the cnn poll of polls. that's a significant number. if you are down going into last night, how are you better off today than you were yesterday after the debate? >> i personally think donald trump won the debate. i think a lot of people believe he won the debate. if you look at some of these polls, everybody keeps talking about this arizona poll where hillary clinton is now polling ahead of him. well, kate, look at how the sample that was done for that poll. 400 something democrats to 100 something republicans. that's not a fair and balanced poll. of course it's going to skew to the democrats. what i would say to the voters across america, those that support donald trump, is that you need to get out there and vote. you need to make sure you vote and take other people with you to vote that support donald trump because i believe there is -- that people are trying to suppress the vote and say hillary has already won it when she in fact has not. it is very close. it doesn't matter these national
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polls. look at the state polls. in ohio he's winning. >> national polls actually do matter. if it's closer, then you go back looking at the battleground states but when you are eight points down nationally, poll after poll, you do focus. it is actually smart to focus on national polls. >> it's battleground states. it is done state by state. that's what matters. >> okay. in that case, florida and north carolina and new hampshire, you know, virginia, colorado, these states which all show hillary clinton now with a lead, and in fact in some cases going from a toss-up to leaning blue, they matter and that's a problem then for donald trump. governor granholm, let me ask you about the other moment we talked to david challian about a moment ago. when secretary clinton was talking about social security, she was talking about raising taxes and made a point to get a little bit of a dig in there on donald trump, assuming he pays his payroll taxes, then he made the comment calling her a very nasty woman. what did you think when he said that? >> well, i think that he is completely unsuccessful in
8:13 am
expanding the effort of his team to attract women to his position. the most beautiful answer that was given last night, in my opinion, was when she recited his own words back to him about how he would not sexually assault a woman who was unattractive essentially, then went into this beautiful exposition about who we are. we know who donald trump is, that he makes himself bigger by demeaning women, but that's not who we are as a nation, and that thread of who we are, that we are not divisive, that we are together, that we are bigger than this, she started it in her first answer in talking about the supreme court and appointing supreme court justices that represent all the people. she talked about it in her last answer, when she talked about reaching out to democrats, republicans and independents, and she threaded it beautifully in that answer. that theme, stronger together, is exactly who she is. i think that was an unbelievable performance last night and i think her performance at that
8:14 am
debate will be the performance that debate coaches across the country use as the best example in our lifetime of how you execute on a debate. >> we are out of time. i promise you this conversation will continue. we will have you back on. thank you for being here. we always appreciate it. also, a focus of last night, a major flash point of last night, russian president vladimir putin. the debate when it went to that quickly turned to puppets. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. >> it's pretty clear -- >> you're the puppet. >> we are not sure if they will bring puppets but donald trump does have an event in battleground ohio in just a few minutes. you are looking at live pictures. a lot of questions about what he will say when he takes to the stage. will he continue to say that he wants to keep us in suspense when it comes to whether or not he will buy the outcome of this election? we will bring you those remarks. ] ♪ on the road again
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nobody. >> i will defend planned parenthood. >> if you go with what hillary is saying, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb. >> she doesn't like putin because putin has outsmarted her at every step of the way. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet than president of the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. >> it's pretty clear -- >> you're the puppet. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely accept the result of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. >> that's horrifying. they had 90 minutes to duke it out last night and duke it out, fight it out, they did. now donald trump is about to jump back on the campaign trail in ohio this morning. was anything left unsaid? >> want to get to cnn's jason carroll live in delaware, ohio, where this event starts in just a little bit. what do you expect to hear? >> reporter: well, a couple things. what did he leave unsaid is what
8:20 am
kate said, and i think a lot of his surrogates this morning are thinking to themselves he probably said a little bit too much yesterday during that debate. but what is he expected to say when he takes the stage here? first a couple of things. we expect him to say first of all that he won the debate when he talks to the crowd here in delaware, iowa. he usually says that at his post-debate rallies. also expect him to say that he does not believe all of those polls out there showing that he's trailing hillary clinton. donald trump saying the only evidence he needs is to see all the crowds that he draws at his rallies and also, we expect him to keep stepping up those unfounded claims that the electoral process is rigged. we expect him to say that again here today and i have spoken to a number of trump supporters out here today, guys, and a lot of them who identify themselves as very strong trump supporters continue to buy into this. i spoke to a couple young women
8:21 am
who basically told me that if hillary clinton wins, they believe that she would have cheated her way into the election. this is their quotes. when i asked them to provide any sort of evidence, i said why do you believe this, they said just based on what donald trump is telling you, you know, basically both of them telling me they had read stories about voter fraud on facebook but neither could provide any evidence. i also spoke to another trump supporter who told me she does not believe that the system is rigged and it is her hope that the country will come to some sort of healing after whoever wins this upcoming election. but she didn't think that was going to happen. so once again we expect donald trump to keep stepping up unfounded claims that the electoral process is rigged when he takes the stage at about 12:30. >> jason carroll. no question it plays to the people in the crowd at the rally but trump's at 42%. he needs to play to more people
8:22 am
than just those in the crowd right now. >> there is a new "p" word to enter in the conversation after last night's debate. puppet. more specifically, vladimir putin's puppet. listen to this. >> from everything i see, putin has no respect for this person. >> that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. >> it's pretty clear -- >> you're the puppet. >> you won't admit -- >> you're the puppet. >> the russians have engaged in cyberattacks against the united states of america that you encouraged, espionage against our people. >> so puppets under attack on that debate stage. joining us, cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto and cnn senior political reporter, nia-malika henderson. first of all, lost in a lot of the puppet talk as it were is the fact that this whole discussion about vladimir putin came up after a question about wikileaks, an area that was
8:23 am
deemed to be a vulnerability for hillary clinton and she turned it around and made the discussion about vladimir putin, setting off this puppet discussion right there. so did she turn a weakness into a strength? >> you know, i think it was both a brilliant and obvious pivot. it was obvious, so obvious that donald trump actually brought it up and said you have switched from the wikileaks and open borders to putin, but it was brilliant because in some ways, she was able to permanently frame the wikileaks discussion at least for the duration of that debate by switching it to putin, then she was able to entice donald trump into talking about putin. there does seem to be some sort of imaginary bromance at least in donald trump's head with him and putin. he has tweeted about putin, when he took his beauty pageant to russia he talked about oh, maybe he would get to meet putin and they would become best friends. in this debate, of course, he said you know, i don't know
8:24 am
putin, i'm not his best friend. so any time he's on this terrain talking about putin, it just doesn't look good for him. she was able to say well, you don't believe the 17 intelligence agencies that do point to russia and russian espionage, you don't believe them, but you would rather sort of side with putin. i thought it was one of her best moments in the debate. >> jim, since nia brought it up, why don't we talk about that moment. if donald trump -- let's play that moment. it's a bit of a back and forth when it comes to the intel agencies and whether or not donald trump believes them. listen. >> i think it's -- >> she has no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am not quoting myself. i am quoting 17 -- >> you have no idea. >> -- 17 -- do you doubt 17 military and civilian agencies? >> our country has no idea.
8:25 am
yeah, i doubt it. >> he would rather believe vladimir putin than the military and intelligence professionals who are sworn to protect us. >> when he says i doubt it, i doubt it, i was wondering if he doubts the 17 -- if he won't believe the 17 intelligence agencies that say this, what happens if he wins? what does that do? >> guys, we have talked a lot about donald trump denying the bedrock of the u.s. election system that he will not accept the results. i think a close second in moments in this debate is this moment here. donald trump versus the entire u.s. intelligence and defense establishment, that publicly named and shamed with confidence, that was the intelligence assessment, that russia is behind these election hacks. it is just frankly an odd position to dig your heels in on as the republican nominee for president, to question that. because let's fit it into the
8:26 am
bigger picture. it's not just this judgment that russia has become hostile to the u.s. by really an unprecedented cyberattack on the u.s. election system. it's happening everywhere. the u.s. is at odds with russia in syria. the u.s. is at odds with russia in ukraine. u.s. is at odds with russia in eastern europe as it is building up its forces and challenging nato. it's at odds with russia as russia is building up its submarine force and challenging u.s. submarines. fly-byes of u.s. ships and u.s. war planes. hostile, dangerous fly-bys. to in effect run defense for the leader of russia in the midst of this broad conflict is really just incredible. i think as a moment in the debate from a national security perspective, nothing matches it but i think it's right up there with that moment denying or at least saying he's going to reserve judgment on the results of the u.s. election. really just an incredible position to take. >> jim, i know we don't know what happens in his intel briefings but can we assume this
8:27 am
issue probably came up? >> no question. >> he's been told. >> more than once. more than once. in his intelligence briefings it's almost certain he has because listen, the director of national intelligence, james clapper, did it again this morning, has publicly said russia is trying to interfere in u.s. erectiohelections and it's office of the director of national intelligence that runs these briefings for donald trump. so he's certainly heard them. either he doesn't believe what he's being told or he sees some political benefit in digging in on this. it's just hard to understand. i talked to a lot of folks in the intelligence world. flabbergasted might be the word to describe their reaction. >> interesting stuff. a lot more to discuss. there was a lot of substantive talk, they hit on a lot of topics when it came to foreign policy, relationships with foreign leaders. a lot to go over. great to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. it's a key group of voters in any general election that trump has struggled with this
8:28 am
time. women voters. did he seal his fate? with just two words. >> so it was the one thing that every sort of reasonable person on earth might have been waiting for to happen at the beginning of the debate or at the end of the debate but it didn't happen. why not? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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we all expected that the moment was coming. donald trump forced to answer for at least nine women now coming forward accusing him of everything from unwelcomed advances to sexual assault. donald trump last night again denied all the allegations.
8:33 am
hillary clinton seemed ready and looking for the moment as well. >> donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. he goes after their dignity, their self-worth and i don't think there is a woman anywhere who doesn't know what that feels like. so we now know what donald thinks and what he says and how he acts toward women. that's who donald is. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. nobody. >> i want to bring in cnn political commentator margaret hoover. also with us, cnn political analyst john avlon, editor in chief of the daily beast. it's an absurd notion to think women only vote on so-called women's issues. women and men vote on all issues. but there's also no question that donald trump has weakness among women voters, particularly college educated white women voters. when you look at the debate in total last night, did he help himself? >> he did not help himself.
8:34 am
i will give you -- put even a finer point on which women he's doing poorly with. we are looking at polls in states where there are key senate races like nevada, for example, and the only group of 20 subgroups of women voters that donald trump is holding even in is republican women. hispanic women, african-american women, college educated women, non-college educated women, women with children at home, women with children out of the home, he's doing poorly by high single and double digits in all those subgroups which has a massive effect for down ballot candidates. >> john, you put out a column last night. it was entitled donald trump's final insult to american democracy. this gets to the other big thing that has overshadowed a lot of the meatier topics, his refusal to promise that he would recognize the outcome of the election. donald trump's final insult to american democracy. tell us how you really feel. >> you know i will.
8:35 am
look, this was a true low point. donald trump had had a pretty strong opening to the debate last night. he was sober, he was serious, and then you know, somewhere around 30 minutes in, he went back to all his old tricks. but that final insult at the end was when he was asked a very straightforward question, after all the talk about rigged system and the election, raising doubts, would he accept the results of the election. and he refused to answer. he basically teased the opening season of trump tv. i will keep you in suspense. it shows that he fundamentally thinks about this election and his candidacy as a reality show. this is deadly serious stuff. and he's simply over and over showed himself not a serious candidate. he plays on the cheap seats, is quick to lie and go to insult comedy and he's lied but the joke's on us. this es a dangerous moment, a
8:36 am
departure from everything that is normal and decent about the best american political traditions. we are in uncharted waters because of donald trump. >> since you brought up decency let me bring up something that's been bugging us since last night. why didn't they shake hands? i can understand at the beginning of the debate maybe not wanting to mess up your head space beforehand with anything like a handshake but why not after? they had a chance. it's on both of them. she could have walked over to him behind the lectern, stuck out her hand and they could have had -- >> i was watching because she left the lectern and walked over to shake chris wallace's hand and he stayed behind the lectern. i kept thinking in my mind she's continuing to say when they go low, we go high. i was hoping to see her walk over to him and stick out her hand. by the way, if he didn't take it, that would have been her win. >> we talk about, again, about the system, what matters here. politically speaking, we are adversaries, not enemies. >> correct. >> when you don't shake hands, it's symbolic and silly but it's important. >> also, when you take that last
8:37 am
night and now, they are both going to be showing up at the al smith dinner, at least they are scheduled to be showing up at the al smith dinner. this of course is a big charity event and every four years, presidential candidates show up, it's a white tie gala and they have fun, poke fun at each other. it's generally a line. it's good-humored. i'm having a hard time believing they can be good humored. >> it's going to be fascinating to watch, because look, this is much more than the normal bad blood that exists in campaigns and between partisans at this stage three weeks out. this is personal. the attacks have been intentionally personal very early on. that's been part of the strategy. that's another way that this is a departure from our best traditions. elections are ultimately about the peaceful transfer of power. that seed, that ground is being intentionally poisoned and that will mean there are problems after the election reunifying the nation. the al smith dinner, nothing
8:38 am
heals wounds faster than humor. if they can show good humor, both about themselves, about the campaign, and gentle ribbing as opposed to real roasting of their opponent, that would go a long way to show that we are political opponents, not personal enemies. but everything of this season of the election indicates that we have crossed into personal enemy territory. >> i like that. the difference between a rib and a roast. i like that. >> neither candidate has shown an ability for intentional laugh lines. they aren't the jokeyest candidates in the world. great to have you with us. thanks so much. there are republicans now who are slamming donald trump's debate performance. one notable is even calling on trump to quote, hold it together, man. right in the middle of the debate. we will discuss coming up. plus, eyebrow raising tweet that has everyone asking if donald trump's campaign manager has one foot out the door. what's next? does she?
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so there was a remarkable tweet right in the middle of the debate last night that might give you a sense of some of the republican anxiety right now. jeff rowe, who ran the presidential campaign of ted cruz, wrote to donald trump hold it together, man, it's all on the line, not just you, all of us. >> let's discuss this and much more right now. tim miller is here, former communications director for jeb bush's presidential campaign, and harlan hill, donald trump surrogate and former bernie sanders supporter. thank you for being here. tim miller, jeff rowe saying basically help us help you, maybe that's what he was saying? help me help you? what is the impact of last night in totality, do you think, of
8:44 am
donald trump's performance, what donald trump said last night, the last three weeks on down ballot races? >> i can't get inside jeff's head. good man. probably worried about down ballot races, though, because the reality is before the debate even started last night, the campaign was over. donald trump does not have a mathematical path to 270 electoral votes. so what last night mattered was whether he could maintain any dignity left in defeat. he cannot. we learned. and whether he can keep this race close enough to allow us to maintain the house and senate. i think there's a lot of deep concerns about that. >> no dignity left. >> you know, there is still 20 something days until the election. when we went into brexit in the uk the remain camp thought they had it in the bag, they had a ten point lead in the polls. it turned out -- >> no. the polls were split. the polls were split. the polls were split going into that. >> no. >> they were. >> after the assassination of the member of parliament it was clear, everybody that was commenting on it, i remember sitting on the sets of different tv shows and everybody thought it was a shoe-in. >> the brexit, betting markets
8:45 am
which is different than the polls, the betting markets thought brexit would lose. that remain would win. however, the polls were split evenly going into the debate. it's just a fact. >> this is worth fact-checking because i remember looking at the aggregate of polls and -- >> who cares. who cares what the brexit was. donald trump is getting crushed. >> the polling may not be accurate because it assumes different modeling that may not pan out. >> jeff rowe is a smart guy. ted cruz had great data. jeff looks at the data. i look at the data. he knows that donald trump's in deep, deep trouble. so that's what the reality is. >> what harlan is saying, i heard very often, they believe one theory is the models are wrong in polling. another theory is people aren't telling pollsters the answer they are going to give when they walk into a polling booth. >> any time donald trump or his surrogates, things aren't going their way, they immediately go to conspiracy theorietheories. the polls are rigged against us, the voting is rigged, the
8:46 am
president isn't really an american. we will know in three weeks. >> it's not rigging to suggest that perhaps the polling is inaccurate. we saw that there were points in even the primary race where the polling was inaccurate. >> harlan, you would acknowledge that trump loves the polls when he's up and quotes the polls when he's up. he even sends around the cnn poll when he's up. then trashes it when he's down. >> i totally understand your point. i don't think it's conspiracy. i don't think there's a concerted effort to manipulate the polls, to suppress the vote for donald trump. if anything, i think him being behind in the polls actually works to his advantage because i think a lot of hillary clinton voters are going to look at the polls and say oh, she's a shoe-in and may not turn out on election day. there needs to be a sense of urgency for get out the vote. it's a double-knowledged sword for hillary clinton. she wants her voters to think she still is in a competitive race. >> let's talk about the substance of what happened last night. you had donald trump talking about vladimir putin again, the issue of vladimir putin came up. the issue of bashar al assad came up in syria.
8:47 am
donald trump doesn't really condemn them and their actions on the international stage. is that something you would like to see him do more of? >> well, look, no, he was. he was condemning or has condemned putin in the past. i think it's important to say that we have been provided no evidence to substantiate the claim that russia has participated in the hacks of the dnc and john podesta's e-mails. hillary clinton last night said 17 agencies said this happened. i want to see the evidence. as we saw with the invasion of iraq, there have been multiple occasions in which the u.s. federal government has made claims about foreign powers that have not been substantiated and it led to conflict. >> harlan can live in an alternative universe. what i want to live is where donald trump actually said last night. what donald trump said last night was bashar al assad is smart and tough and that we can work with russia and bashar al assad and when pressed about the fact his vice presidential candidate said that we would go after assad he corrected in the second debate and said no.
8:48 am
bashar al assad is committing the worst genocide of the century. half a million are dead. donald trump says i want to work with this guy. then when asked about dealing with our allies like germany and south korea, he's like they might be on their own. they should look at building up their own military. hold on. this is un-american. when his campaign manager goes on this morning, when harlan defends wikileaks, this is what happens in russia where your political opponents lose all right to privacy, you can invade their personal correspondence, you can embarrass them, you can jail them. that is not what we do in this country. no. >> how about with his tax returns? those were illegally leaked by the "new york times." it is the exact same thing. >> completely different. it's a foreign government looking at private individuals correspondence. >> -- to substantiate that claim. they have made the claim. i have seen zero evidence to substantiate that. >> all common sense brings evidence. >> it could be the chinese.
8:49 am
>> julian assange has been a russian puppet for years. now the intelligence agencies say russia. you can pretend it's not russia. even if it wasn't, why does donald trump suck up to vladimir putin? >> he's not sucking up to him. >> why does he say we can work with putin and assange but i'm not going to help germany and south korea? why does he say it's okay -- >> do you know why hillary clinton -- >> this is un-american. the campaign they are running is un-american. >> i'm frankly shocked by the fact you are a republican defending hillary clinton. >> you were for bernie sanders. don't lecture me on being a republican. he's a socialist. >> the reason hillary clinton is pointing to putin is because she is trying to otherwise him in this race. this is her own way of planting seeds of doubt in the event she were to lose or it's a competitive election. >> wait, you think this is hillary clinton trying to plant seeds in order to -- >> absolutely. >> this is cuckoo for cocoa
8:50 am
puffs. >> this is the first time -- >> there have been whispers for quite some time -- >> people who are intelligence experts know it's the russians. all the other random trump surrogates come out -- >> guys -- >> will you guys stick around and talk a little more after the break? if you guys will humor us. a quick break. we'll be right back. . the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
8:51 am
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sharing a ten by ten room,ng threestruggling.nding, i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy.
8:54 am
the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. she has no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am not quoting myself, i am quoting -- >> you have no idea -- >> 17 intelligence -- do you doubt -- 17 military and civilian agencies -- >> yeah, i doubt it, i doubt it. >> he'd rather believe vladimir putin than the military and civilian intelligence professionals who are sworn to protect us. >> all right, that exchange, mild in comparison to the one just before the break here between tim miller and harlan hill. >> let it continue. >> gets to the issue of, you know, do intelligence issues suggest that the russians are behind wikileaks. 30 seconds each, tim. >> i'm going to trust the intelligence agencies on this,
8:55 am
harlan can trust whoever he wants to. they say it's the russians. this morning on another network, kellyanne conway, trump's campaign manager, was asked if it would bother her firm it was the russians hacking the hillary campaign and she said no, they would continue to do it. that is un-american. it goes against our constitutional principles. the fact trump is going to side with put be and assad over our military and go against constitutional rights is wrong and it's disgusting. >> harlan. >> the last time i was asked to trust intelligence blindly, which we invalded iraq, led to the loss of thousands of americans lives and trillions of dollars. i'm not going to blindly believe what i'm being told in an election year especially. >> the office of the director of national intelligence -- >> i don't think it's unreasonable to ask for evidence to substantiate that claim. especially in the media. i think we should be asking -- >> if it were the russians, would you be okay to continue using this? >> yes or no -- >> would you be okay --
8:56 am
>> absolutely because of the revelations that have come out. >> okay, un-american. >> that is not un-american, that's a ridiculous allegation for you to make, that is insulting! that's insulting. and that just perfectly illustrates the degrading quality our discourse in this country. you're going to call me un-american -- >> -- the constitution and privacy -- >> this discussion has to come to an end. advertising is american. all right, in moments, donald trump speaks for the first time since the debate. you're looking at live pictures. we will bring you his remarks coming up. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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welcome to "inside politics." donald trump is in delaware, iowa, his first post-debate rally in a state that is critical to his chances in a dead heat right now. we'll take you there live when mr. trump starts to make his case in ohio. as we say good-bye to the debates and hello to a 19-day sprint to election day. question one, did trump destroy any chances for a comeback by refusing to say he would accept the election results? >> it's crook -- she's guilty of a very, very serious crime. she should not be allowed to run. >> question two. will these one liners do even more damage


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