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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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faceoff left with donald trump is at the finish line november 18, election day. count them with me, 18 days to go. the trump and clinton campaigns are blitzing the battleground states to get out their vote, their respective surrogates are hitting pennsylvania, florida, new hampshire. clinton is going to speak from cleveland where trump is headed to pennsylvania. he did speak earlier today to a crowd in north carolina. he did not mention the wave of polls showing his campaign losing ground, but donald trump did mention the possibility of losing on election day. >> i will be happy with myself because i always say i don't want to think back if only i did one more rally i would have won north carolina by 500 votes instead of lugz it by 200 vote, right? what a waste of time if we don't pull this off, you know, these guys have said it doesn't matter if you win or lose, there's never been a movement like this
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in the history of this country. i say it matters to me whether we win or lose. [ cheers and applause ] so i'll have over $100 million of my own money in this campaign. >> let's start there, sarah murray standing by in johnstown, pennsylvania, our political reporter. trump is supposed to speak there a little while from now what do you think his focus will be? pennsylvania one of those key battleground states. >> it's another one of those battleground states where donald trump is trailing behind hillary clinton in the latest polls and it gives you a sense of how treacherous the map is. and trump, you heard him earlier, seems to be betting the best thing he can do is sprint to the finish and continue to hit hillary clinton along the way, specifically about these revelations that are coming through wikileaks. and when you look at where wear in this campaign, brooke, the big moments have gone by. the conventions have passed, the
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debates have passed, these have not significantly turned the tide for donald trump and we're at the point where it comes down to things like fund-raising, ad spending, hillary clinton is outraising donald trump. it comes to grounding and turnout mechanism. this is another place where the clinton campaign has sunk more money, time, and effort than donald trump's campaign has so the best thing donald trump seems to believe he can do for himself is just to hustle on the campaign trail and we're seeing that. he was in north carolina today. he'll be making two stops in pennsylvania this afternoon before he wraps up his day. brooke? >> we'll look for him there in pennsylvania. sarah, thank you. wikileaks has released yet another batch of these hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign chair john podesta. they purport to show that all was not exactly well with al gore before he came out with his endorsement of hillary clinton these past couple weeks, let's go to senior washington
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correspondent jeff zeleny with those details. how did they discuss al gore in the e-mail, jeff? >> it's a fascinating window into what was happening on the minds and in the hearts of these campaign officials. the al gore one is so interesting, it takes people through the point of when he was saying last november, in november of 2015 that he was not going to endorse hillary clinton. of course, at the time she was locked in a very competitive democratic primary fight with bernie sanders he said "i'm not going to weigh on this or endorse either, i'm going to sit on the sidelines. that didn't go over very well with top officials in the clinton campaign. i believe we have at least one of those e-mails. take a look at it and go through it here. houma abedin was saying well, that was 16 years ago, it's hard to put on e-mail but there is no love lost in this relationship,
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reminder that he also refused to endorse in 2008. so that's houma abedin right there responding to cheryl mills, a top aide, asking why al gore wouldn't endorse and mills said i know, that's why i thought it would be different and abedin says no, it's bad. and this goes back to the clinton white house, to 1993, the beginning of the health care reform discussions, the first time around al gore wanted to be more involved in that. of course hillary clinton as first lady was very involved so acrimonious relationship but we saw them on stage last week in miami, he was endorsing her finally, of course, giving full-throated endorsement on climate change so at the end of the day all is well with the relationship that ends well but it's a window into the fact that hillary clinton and her aides were agitated at al gore for not endorsing during that primary fight so he was campaigning for her last week. we've not seen him since but i'm
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told he might make a couple appearances before election day. >> no love lost, she writes. jeff, thank you so much with that. let's bring in my panel to discuss that and so much more, wendy davis, a former texas state senator who is also a democratic candidate for governor there. she is supporting hillary clinton. and kayleigh mcenany is back, she supports donald trump. ladies, great to have you on. >> thanks, brook. >> thank you so much, brooke. >> wendy, let me begin with you. you heard jeff's reporting on these hacked e-mails and just to hear it sounds like that al gore hesitancy in endorsing during the back-and-forth fight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and the no love lost line from houma abedin. why do you think it took so long? what do you make of these revelations? >> i can't speak to why that took so long but as jeff finished the clip and the thing is when needed, al gore came
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through, he was such an important surrogate in florida speaking on behalf of how from personal experience he understands that every vote matters and i expect he's going to be an important part of speaking to the finish line. >> kayleigh, what do you make or it? >> what i make of it there were two wings of the democratic party, you had the bernie sanders supporters fervently there and those who didn't like secretary clinton, didn't want to be a part of clinton's team but you had the dnc behind hillary clinton to the finish line and i think there's deep frustrations in the party wing that was supposed to be purportedly neutral was behind her, probably very frustrating to those on the outside. i think al gore was part of the wing that was deeply frustrated by the institutional party supporting hillary clinton. >> divisions among dems the, divisions among republicans, let's move on to early voting numbers. we got the number. this is huge, 3.3 million americans have already early
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voted according to this data company that cnn is working with, catalyst. so when you look at these state, nevada, arizona, north carolina, and one other it's looking good for the clinton campaign. wendy, i'm wonder iing if you a concerned for the folks who are clinton supporters who maybe may not get out and vote because they see she's ahead so they'll stay at home. does that worry you? >> of course that's always a concern when there are predictions that a candidate is ahead and going to win the job of this incredible ground operation that hillary clinton has had in place for many, many months now, particularly in these battleground states, it will be their job and i think they're going to do it very well to make sure people understand we cannot take a single vote for granted and that their voice is going to be essential in getting us successfully across the finish line on november 8. ? the reverse, kayleigh, hearing
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donald trump, this is a rigged election, widespread voter fraud although he said today in north carolina "get out and vote, don't blow it." i'm wondering if that would hurt the rigged election claim among republicans who could be thinking well, it's rigged, my vote won't matter, i'll stay home" and that will affect republicans down the ballot. >> i think it will have the reverse effect. i think republicans are going to say "not only do i need to vote but i need to be vigilant, i need to look around, be a poll watcher and make sure nothing is going on that is out of line, and i have to say there is a brexit effect. i don't think this is just hype and by that i mean look at the latest bloomberg poll that came out two days ago. 3% of voters in the poll told the pollster they didn't want to say who they were supporting and i can only imagine the number of people who just hung up the phone all together, didn't want to talk to a pollster, i think there are people so afraid to be in this basket of deplorables with donald trump that they're afraid to say they support him
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and will come out on election day and when the doors are closed they'll put a vote in donald trump's column. >> wendy, i would love to hear you respond to that. i talked to nigel farage, essentially mr. brexit in england and he said "brooke, i'm not buying these polls, i didn't buy the polls in england. so many people assumed vote remain would be the predominant vote and look what happened." >> well, i think the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is being made right now and we're seeing that as you talked about at the outset of this question, and these very important battleground states early vote talese show democrats are coming out in very large numbers and we'll see that through the finish line. and to the point made earlier, often time the opposite as you said can happen. when people believe their candidate has lost, their enthusiasm for showing up waynes. and i think there's going to be some of that happening here and without the kind of ground
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operation that the clinton campaign has in place, that phenomenon could create a very real problem for donald trump. >> let me move on and talk about one of the lines from donald trump at the vegas debate, toward the end he called hillary clinton a nasty woman and there was the al smith comedy dinner last night where the two came together and he resurrected that very line. here he was. >> last night i called hillary a nasty woman. but this stuff is all relative. after listening to hillary ra l rattle on -- and on, and on -- i don't think so badly of rosie o'donnell anymore. [ laughter ] in fact, i'm actually starting to like rosie a lot. >> kayleigh, i know you may tell me who cares about the crowd and
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the new york elite was in that dinner hall but that nasty woman line is actually -- has been a rallying cry for a lot of women. it's backfired against him, why bring it back up? >> i don't think it was necessarily smart to bring back up the nasty woman line. i understand his frustrations with hillary clinton. i think there are a lot of women who watched hillary clinton and saw an arrogant smugness that they didn't like. they feel she's gotten away with a lot of corruption be it at the fbi or clinton foundation. there was a special thing i heard from cardinal dolan on a morning show say before the candidates walked out on the stage at the dinner they prayed together and it was donald trump who after the prayer said to hillary clinton "hillary, you're a talented and tough lady." i was pleased to hear that and i commend him. >> he did and hillary clinton said let's all work together after the election. i'd love to see more of that
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publicly. thank you so much. coming up next, president obama going after republicans on a campaign stop in florida and specifically calling this man out, senator marco rubio. new polls show some republican senate candidates are starting to lose ground. we'll break down those races that could affect the balance of power in washington. also, could this be a record-breaking year for write in votes? if you can't cast a ballot for trump or clinton, you don't like either of them, we'll explain what you need to know to make sure your vote counts.
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welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. the democrats are seizing on donald trump's campaign troubles hoping to galvanize down-ballot voters.
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president obama hit the campaign trail in miami for hillary clinton, but he went out of his way to poke senator marco rubio, florida's incumbent senator who is facing reelection. >> how can you call him a con art artist and dangerous and object to all the controversial things he says and then say "but i'm still going to vote for him." [ laughter ] come on, man. [ applause ] it is the height of cynicism. that's the sign of somebody who will say anything, do anything, pretend to be anybody just to get elected. >> let's go back to manu raju, senior political reporter in d.c. when you think about this race in florida -- and i know you've interviewed senator rubio a
12:18 pm
ton -- this is a man who wanted to be president, he hung in there so long and now he's facing this fight in florida. and it's close, isn't it? >> it is close, brooke, he's in a better position than some of his senate republican colleagues be but that's not saying a lot because this is a difficult environment and it's hard to predict how things will shake out. most public polls in florida have marco rubio winning by about four or five points but that's not a particularly comfortable margin, particularly at the top of the ticket, namely donald trump, continues to tank in the polls. the fear for florida republicans is that if donald trump starts to really, really struggle, starts to bottom out, it could help his democratic opponent patrick murphy ride hillary clinton's coattails, if you will, and knock out marco rubio in november. so a lot has to go right for democrats to win down there, particularly right now national democrats have pulled out money on tv. they're hoping the environment
12:19 pm
will be so bad for donald trump and republicans like marco rubio that democrats will win all over the place, including in florida, brooke. >> republican worries are similar in new hampshire. you've been covering the senate race. incumbent kelly ayotte trying to distance herself from donald trump but when you look at the latest poll, she's eight points behind her democratic rival maggie hassan and obviously all of this is so sis cant when we talk about balance of power, specifically the senate. >> that's right, this is a concern, new hampshire. i talked to several republican this is morning who say they're very worried about kelly ayotte. but both the ayotte and the maggie hassan officials and people close to the campaigns i have that spoke with say thinkable it's closer than that. they believe it's about a two or three-point race but so difficult of an environment up there. again, the trump factor looming so large. that came poll had trump down 15 points. nobody thinks he's losing by 15 points but he could be losing by
12:20 pm
eight, nine, or ten points there and the concern for down-ticket republicans like senator ayotte is how do you run ahead of the top by 12 points? that's hard. you need to find split ticket voters to get to that point. there's a real hope -- there's a fear among republicans that donald trump could make things too difficult for republicans like her ayotte/hassan, then there's nevada, we'll talk about that, i'm sure, another day, the fight to replace the harry reid seat. manu, thank you so much. manu raju. next, so excited we're bringing you this series, we're calling it the girls on the bus. cnn pulls back the curtain for a series of stories about the women covering this presidential campaign. maeve reston joins us live to share what it's like to be on the road non-stop and to be a new mom. we'll talk to maeve about her story. soon, we're watching and waiting for donald trump. he had to take the stage in pennsylvania, a key battleground
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state this election. we'll watch for that. you're watching cnn.
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back in 1972, there was a book called "the boys on the bus." it introduced us to the gritty mostly male journalists on the campaign trail at the time. well, four decades later, the demands of election coverage may be the same, if not more so, but the faces have changed. we would like to introduce you to the girls on the bus series, a series, and today we go behind the scenes with national political reporter
12:26 pm
maeve reston. maeve is balancing being a new mom with the rigors of covering this current campaign. >> i've never wanted to be anything other than a journalist. this is my fourth presidential campaign so i'm a grizzled veteran at this point. as women in this profession, you're so used to working crazy hours, juggling so many different things that i thought motherhood would just be -- it would be easy. and it's not easy. this campaign was kind of different for me because it's so hard to shut out the campaign once it's going on and even in the early stages of 2016, there was just something happening every minute, especially with donald trump driving the news cycle. i had to really discipline myself and learn how to shut it off and set it aside because for the first time i had a baby who was just a couple of months old
12:27 pm
when i started covering the campaign. i definitely had to learn a lot of discipline by taking care of lila and trying to be present with her in the moment and not get distracted by every little thing that happens on the campaign trail. >> look at that! >> figuring out that balance is really tricky. in 2004 when i was covering the campaign i remember being on the bus and listening to this mom call home, having this conversation with her kid about gymnastics and what she'd eaten for dinner and all of that and it kind of blew my mind in the moment. i was thinking oh, that's so hard, it must be so hard to be away. campaigns are really tough because they are so all-consuming. being on the plane, filing the six-paragraph blog item literally as the plane is taking off. but i think one of the most
12:28 pm
important things in covering a campaign is to get outside the bubble. do you have a second to talk about why you're here? >> no, i'm going to let you talk this time going into a state and sinking into people. spending lots of time in parking lots talking to voters. have you made up your mind on who you're supporting? >> absolutely. >> what is the biggest issue for you right now? what do you like about hillary clinton? >> she has a lot of strength in her heart. >> this year, when it's a crazy campaign and there's a lot of travel and you have a new baby, you kind of end up feeling like you're doing everything badly. i think that was the hardest thing for me but i didn't realize you have this gut punch every time you take off on the plane. there are times when i say to
12:29 pm
myself "why am i doing this? i just want to be home with my daughter. but i love my job so there's this crazy tension between those two things and so many mothers feel that and aren't sure what the right decision is. >> maeve reston, gosh she is so lovely. maeve, thank you. you can check out the full web series girls on the bus at including the lovely lady you see here, chief political correspondent dana bash about what it's like to cover gender issues in this current campaign, again, up next, we'll take you to the front lines of the battle for mosul. new reports that isis has kidnapped hundreds of families to use them as human shields and as the army closes in the new terror group launching attacks in other iraqi cities. we'll take you there. also live pictures of the vice president. he is speaking, fired up in pennsylvania. what he said about donald trump
12:30 pm
you will want to hear this.
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and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. we have to talk about iraq. a deadly battle is ramping up as coalition forces battle to retake the key city of mosul. isis militants are outnumbered and are using everything at their disposal. i'm talking drones strapped the woman bombs, roadside mines, underground tunnels and makeshift moats filled with oil and set on fire. let's go to nick paton walsh, cnn's senior international correspondent live tonight outside of mosul. i mean, you're out there, you're alongside these peshmerga
12:35 pm
mightemigh fighters, nick, what did you see? >> reporter: i have to confess, it's extraordinary. the kind of things isis are willing to throw to observe their enemy but also drop bombs on them. in fact, they seem to be drones adapted for that purpose. homemade technology devastatingly effect i have. on a day when we've seen isis trying to disrupt the battlefield taking on residents of a town far away from the front line, kirkuk, a third of the militants sneaking in attacking government buildings causing a live feed of pictures that terrify people across this kurdish-held part of iraq. the front liners themselves a chilling place yesterday. day four and perhaps the biggest push yet from the north into the plains around mosul. trying to dislodge the determined and deranged remnants of isis, the peshmerga backed with staggering air power.
12:36 pm
a now common site of american special forces who the pentagon says they're avising not assaulting positions in the front of the attack. the work was slow and destruct i ive. begging the question what becomes of the wreckage under new masters. suddenly in the sky a hail of bullets. they've spotted a drone. tracer rounds darts around it and finally take off its nose. isis use them to spot targets for artillery, even drop small bombs. this one tumbles down. its wreckage picked over. it's still unclear who it is. yesterday progress down the road is agonizingly slow.
12:37 pm
this is a source of so much fighting this morning but still full of isis. in fact we've heard the peshmerga have listened to those militants on their radios discussing how they should wait and only launch a counterattack once the peshmerga are inside. two peshmerga are killed by a mine and others injured in intense clashes when they flank the town heading left across barren farmland. isis still here, haunting the dust, pushed back moments earlier. they reach one unit pinned down on a hill. they say a drone is observing them but also dropping tiny bombs on them. like grenades, we are warned. rocket after rocket lands.
12:38 pm
still the rockets come in. exposed, tragic, through land turned air rid in the fight. >> brooke, some of the tragic loss the u.s. is having inflicted upon it during the fighting, the u.s. navy announcing the name of chief petty officer from anaheim, california, part of a demining squad. they go out there risking their lives to take some of the improvised explosive devices placed everywhere by isis. a loss that is understandable. we don't know where it happened but we have seen ourselves the american special forces in their armored vehicles putting themselves so close to the front. the pentagon says they're not assaulting, they're advising but they often go in the first wave
12:39 pm
of armor, we've seen that happen in two separate offensives. chilling bloody times ahead, brooke. >> nick paton wall wsh the report from mosul. next, the presidential candidates try their hand at comedy with mixed results. >> but donald really is as healthy as a horse -- you know the one vladimir putin rides around on. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> hillary's belief that it takes a village, which only makes sense after fall places like haiti where she's taken a number of them. [ boos ] >> it's looking at their faces that's the best part. we'll look at what worked, what didn't work, also ahead, we have some news out for the vice president. this is vintage joe biden going off on what exactly he would like to do with donald trump. stick around to hear for
12:40 pm
yourself. first, a sneak peek of this week's new episode of "parts unnope." anthony bourdain goes to see how people are feeling after the brexit vote to leave the eu. >> is it the end of the world? >> right now it feels like the end of the world. we're separated, we're a little mean island saying when the going gets tough we want to get out and look after ourselves. it's so selfish and disgusting. it's also -- out of london there is a lot of people who are really struggling and have lost their way and don't believe in what the government has done so i don't blame the people, either, but they're being fed sort of lies, i would say. anyway, this is all too depressing, we must change the subject. >> cold roasted veal thinly sliced and covered with a creamy sauce of tuna and capers. this looks good. >> these are good. >> so what's going right? >> well, there's lots of great restaurants opening in the city. >> london and uk have gotten
12:41 pm
better and better every year. >> so exciting, great chefs. >> the people who voted for, was it a sense of people who feel they've been screwed? >> i mean, young people, unemployment in the north, it's dire. people haven't got jobs. but everyone's looking for chefs. we should turn up some great big new cookery schools in britain. no one can get enough decent chefs. there is work to be had but it's just how you find it and where you come from.
12:42 pm
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>> i have not wanted to get into, if you notice in the national press, talking about trump's behavior, his personal
12:46 pm
behavior but what he said he did and does is a textbook definition of sexual assault. [ applause ] and -- no, no, think about this. it's more than that. he said because i'm famous, because i'm a star, because i'm a billionaire, i can do things other people can't. what a disgusting assertion for anyone to make. [ cheers and applause ] the press said don't you wish you were debating him? no, i wish i were in high school so i could take him behind the gym, that's what i wish [ cheers and applause ] >> take him behind the gym, vice president joe biden is fired up speaking at a rally in
12:47 pm
pennsylvania. michael smerconish, let me bring you in, host of cnn's smerconish in your state. take him behind the gym. again, i see joe biden, this is a man who contemplated a presidential run. i wonder how often he thinks what i would say if i was running against this guy, what did you make of his words? >> to me this is the guy with the corvette the aviator glasses with cigarettes rolled up in his shirt. people are talking about the value of michelle obama being out on the stump and i think she plays an important role relative to women but ying of anybody better than joe biden to speak to disaffected white working class non-college educated voters, i mean -- >> because hillary clinton certainly can't say that. >> heck no. hell no, joe would say, but he can say it and, by the way, when he says that you lose track of
12:48 pm
the fact that she was the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, he is the veep but you think this is an everyday kind of guy and that's the way people talk. >> so that was joe biden then you had the charity dinner. the democrat nominee and the republican traded some barbs, here's the highlights and lowlights. >> hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said "pardon me." [ laughter ] and i very politely replied "let me talk to you about that after i get into office. >> donald wanted me drug tested before last night's debate. and, look, i've got to tell you, i am so flattered that donald thought i used some sort of performance enhancer.
12:49 pm
now, actually i did, it's called preparation. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. my wife melania gives the exact same speech. [ laughter and applause ] and people get on her case! >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for people around the world, donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. [ laughter ] maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> i actually thought melania
12:50 pm
line was a pretty good one. >> great. >> you were watching, i'm sure you were watching the reactions of folks including, like, rudy giuliani. what did you think? >> rudy, lighten up for god's sakes. >> i mean -- >> i thought they were very funny. really funny. but i have to say why he then pivoted and took it serious and regarded her in fro front of that crowd as someone who raised cath likolics you go know your room. >> i feel he knows his room. >> i thought was really egregious and a mistake for him to have done so. i took calls from people who said you're not giving him enough credit.
12:51 pm
he wachnts the conversation to about three catholics on her staff talking about the need for a catholic spring. i don't buy into it that but at least i'm willing to consider it. >> and then there's the pope, in donald trump. finally voting day 18 days away. closer and closer every cycle cast a ballot. latest number is $3.3 million you're saying 4? >> in excess of 4. like you i have a tend ens kri tendency to run a count down clock. we're living in an extended election day that's going to for the next 18 days and by the time we get there maybe a full 40% of the country will have already cast ballots. so we've got to lose the old way of thinking about whose got ground game on that day,
12:52 pm
november 8th, it's who has ground game right now because it's game on. >> you're so right. it's an excellent reminder. you're delving into that tomorrow morning on your show here on cnn, 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. always such a pleasure your talking to you. >> thank you brook. >> thank you. just in to cnn a major development to cyst christa so called scandal. what a top aide just revealed to the court what governor christie knew and when he knew it. that's next.
12:53 pm
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this november is about more than just picking candidates its about voting for the future of our state. who are you voting for? i am voting for my kids so they keep getting the health and education opportunities they need. i am voting for my daughter to better understand the true cost of smoking cigarettes. i am voting so law enforcement can focus on serious violent crime. who are you voting for? to learn more and to join us please visit mom,
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i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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car accident ds are the leading cause of death among teens in the united states, more than cancer a lot of parents would never toss their kids a loaded gun and say have fun but a lot of times throw them the car keys and expect them to handle every possible situation. that's just not the case. we're doing our job to make the road safer for all of us. >> you can see his extreme driving scenarios on our website. before i let you go we're getting news at cnn former top aid new jersey governor chris
12:58 pm
christie spoke about bridge traffic study that he approved it weeks before it happened. so it's significant. what was said and when it was said. >> exactly. and brigette kelly is a name, remember that name, she's been long entrenched this this story. she's governor christie's former deputy chief of staff and said she wrote that infamousp e-mail over traffic problems. what did that e-mail mean. she spoke publicly for the first time testifying what it meant and conversations she had with christie regarding that traffic study regarding the george washington bridge. she told christie about the plan stud kri in august and was given the green light and sent that e-mail saying time for traffic it problems to former port
12:59 pm
authority executive to move forward with that study. now this whole trial, federal prosecutors allege that gridlock was an act of political retribution and the blame goes all the way to the top to christie himself. lane closures planned are denied as political retaliation against former new jersey mayor mark socolovich who at the time didn't endorse christie in his reelection bid. also we've heard testimony from other formerly in christie's camp who contradict what he said in december 2013 news conference that his senior staff didn't know about lane closures as part of the traffic study. we will hear from the governor christie next month in a trial following citizen complaints that alleges negligence by the governor for not reordering his
1:00 pm
staff to reopen those lanes the days of all that gridlock. so a lot is going on, still coming out as the trial continues, we've reached out to the governor's office to get response but have not yet heard back. >> okay from federal court there in new york thank you so much. "the lead" starts now. thanks brook, if you think you've seen a lot of donald trump so far, just you wait. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump is now planning an all-out final sprint to the finish line. rally after rally after rally but will he stay on message or stub his toe? trumped up trickle down with his campaign causes pain for many republicans on the ballot. gop making new moves to try to save the senate. plus he's allegedly invaded private political