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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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top of the hour, 6:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin tonight listening to dru donald trump speaking live. this is first of several stops. it's also the first time today that we have heard from his campaign manager specifically admitting that their team is behind. here is what kelly ann conway said this morning. >> where do you see this race right now? do you acknowledge that you're behind? >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september. doubling her ad buys from august. most are negative against donald trump, classic politics and personal destruction. >> for the record, they both
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have been running negative ads against one another. just how far behind is trump. take a look at this new poll. it shows that clinton has a 12 point lead. the cnn poll of poll shows clinton is leading by nine points. put this in perspective. surveys from the same period of time in 2012 had mitt romney and president obama tied. what is trump saying tonight? let's go straight to jason carol. has there been an acknowledge by trump. he's getting in line with what his campaign manager is saying. >> no. p difference day, different rally, different message. on friday, as i told you before, there seemed to be an acknowledge that the campaign was behind in the polls. trump telling the crowd we have
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to turn this thing around. today he took the stage. just a few moments ago he said ignore the polls. saying that he is ahead in the polls and he is doing well with women. listen to how he put it in his own words. >> investors business daily. the most accurate poll from the last election and the two election before that just announced that we are leading nationally by two points. numbers are looking phenomenal in florida. don't believe the media. even the media is giving pretty good numbers. they can't help it. the numbers are even better than what they're saying. >> reporter: the numbers are not good here in florida for the trump campaign. that's not accurate if you're going to listen to some of the polls that show donald trump trailing hillary clinton by four points here in the state of florida. what you have here is a
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situation where you've got a crowd of people who obviously really support donald trump, but what do you tell them. you don't want to come up here and say we're trailing behind in those polls so perhaps what you do is get up and deny and see if that works. make sure that is going to work we'll have to see. in talking to some of the people out here before this thing sort of got under way we have been listening to some of the things they have been saying. they don't believe the polls. it stands to reason, whether or not donald trump believes what he is saying up there. very clearly, he is trailing in the national polls. he is trailing here in the state of florida but that's not what he's telling the audience here today. >> jason, thank you reporting for us live in naples. as trump continues to speak, we'll keep monitoring that. in the state of florida, 29 electoral votes. the you've got five million
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votes that have been cast early across this country. across 35 states to be exact. that includes 3.5 million of those early votes in battleground states. let's talk about the message that we're getting from trump versus his campaign manager. political editor of right and a trump supporter. thank you for being with me. scotttie, i got do go to you. you heard jason's report just now. he heard from your candidate saying the national polls are looking really good. he cited one investigators business daily tlal has him up a point. he said the florida polls are really good. they're not and his campaign manager said this morning on nbc we are quote, behind. what's with the divide? >> i think it's what you're looking at. with all due respect, trump right now is leading an absentee balloting. >> sorry. what i'm asking is what's with the divide between his campaign
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direct tore and the candidate? >> i can guarantee kelly ann conway is not this doom and gloom. i've been sitting here getting e-mails and press releases from her, talking about the rigged system and how mr. trump wants to represent those people who feel like they have been left by the system todayened how they cannot get ahead. i don't know where this doom and gloom picture is coming from but definitely in florida. >> no one is painting a doom and gloom picture. let's -- can we reair the sound bite. let's reair the campaign manager in her own words to chuck todd this morning on "meet the press." >> where do you see there race right now? do you acknowledge that you're behind? >> we are behind. she has some advantages like 66 million dollar in ad buys just in the month of september doubling her ad buys from august. most are negative against donald trump, classic politics of
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personal destruction. >> these are the polls she's talking about. abc has trump behind by 12 points. this is the cnn poll of polls. i think she is just speaking to the polls but the candidate is saying the opposite of what we heard from her this morning. why is that? >> in the abc poll skews more democrats than independent which is more than what the national average should be. same thing with the cnn, with all due respect. they're not actually going along with the registries. that's why people have such doubt in the polls right now because people are skewing the polls, more democrats than independents or republicans and -- >> scotty. you're saying that the media is -- am i correct in you're saying the media is skewing the polling? >> when you're sitting there and talking about an abc poll that's 36% democrat, 27% republican, 31% independent. when the national pugh research poll has been 34% independent,
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33% democratic and 29% republican. it's obvious we're skewing our polls. >> scotty, now what poll do you want us to show? name a poll. >> that was the abc poll. >> name a poll. name a poll. more than one, more than the investor. we have mentioned that. >> the l.a. times poll has them even. let's look at rasmussen who are more accurately along with the national guidelines to what the polls should be and have them dead even or up one point. not this 11-spread. that's why the people don't agree. >> here is the issue. i'm going to agree with scotty a little bit on one point. i don't think national polls are reflective of where this race will go. this race is in the battleground states much closer than the national polls spread.
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that's why i think it is important that kelly ann and donald trump get on the same page. do we say we're ahead or do we say we're behind? that is the interesting message of the day. hillary clinton is out there saying we are not confident. we need you to be out there voting. we have a lot of stake in this election. i think that anybody who is out there acting like they are the front-runner is making a strategic mistake. it's not what you want to be telling your voters. you want to be telling your voters, kind of what kelly ann is saying. there's a lot at stake. we're nervous. we're behind and we have to get on our forward foot. make sure you get out and vote. >> scotty, to you, are you -- that don't matter.ying the polls all that matters is in early voting and on november 8th. all that matters is the number of votes. if you're right then your guy
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wins. if you're wrong, then are you saying -- if he doesn't win are you saying that not only was the polling skewed but the election skewed? >> well, no. i'm not one of those. what are you doing to do about it. if there's not people that can say hands down there was voter fraud that happened. you have to accept the election results on the election night. >> your own candidate has not said that he'll do that. >> he said if he wins. there's also -- >> exactly. he's not said he will accept the outcome either way. >> because look at what we have seen in the past. both republicans and democrats in the past have screamed about rigged elections that have happened in a national scheme. we did see al gore. we did see john kerry. >> no. now you just can't do that. you cannot compare this to 2000 when an automatic recount was triggered in florida because the
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margin was so close because were talking about 530 votes. it's not apples to apples at all. >> in 2002, hillary clinton in a closed door event felt like george bush had been selected not elected. both democrats and republicans have a history of screaming about some sort of voter fraud or some sort of rigged system against them. in '08, john mccain released an ad warning of voter fraud that's the same thing that donald trump is doing just two or three weeks before the election happened. this is something we see every single election time. unfortunately, politician don't -- >> the difference is he said -- the difference is he said he will not accept the results. it's one thing to talk about it before hand and talk about the legitimacy of voting. it's another thing to say even afterwards i will not accept it. i will not -- indicating i will not have a peaceful, gracious
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passing of power from one to the next. >> again, let's look at part of our issue is we're hearing one thing out of donald trump's mouth and another out of kelly ann conway's mouth. i don't think that this is the biggest issue. i think that what it is reflective of is a ridiculous lack of discipline by donald trump in these closing days of this election. he doesn't end up making news for the case he has to make for himself to be elected. what he ends up making news for is sort of undermining democracy or trying to throw hillary clinton in jail or just things that are not really going to encourage his supporters or undecided voters. trashing hillary clinton, those people would not be at that
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rally if they already didn't have negative feelings about hillary clinton. what they are looking for is what donald trump is actually going to do for them. he steps on his own message every single time, every single day. >> we're going to listen to hillary clinton in just a moment. very quickly, on your candidate, how does she not become complacent and think this is a shoe in for her. >> she's not. she's not complacent. >> she is. >> she's not. >> you are hearing those type of comments. it's her campaign that's not saying it. >> scotty, she asked me the question. i don't think she's come play sent. i think she's out there making the case for what she wants to do, for how we need to come together as a country. how we have to move past this. how the supreme court is at stake. how health care is at stake. how women's right to choose a is at stake, economic security for the middle class is at stake. hillary clinton is out there every day now making the case in
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battleground states and not taking anything for granted. they are being really careful and aggressive about not letting her supporters off the hook. >> i got do leave it there. let's listen to hillary clinton in charlotte. >> i was in dur ram i had chance to speak to large group of people. go to an early voting site which was mobbed there there were no many people waiting to vote. what that says to me is that north carolinans do know what's at stake at this election. i'm going to do everything i can to elect roy cooper your next governor.
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you will not find a more dedicated candidate. he's helped kids get lelt coverage. he's worked to make communities safer and protect citizens from fraud. he has real plans to create good paying jobs and protect the environment. he'll move this state forward. he's stand up for young people, people of color, people with disabilities, the elderly. he will stand up for women's health and planned parenthood. he knows that it's not only wrong, it is bad for business. north carolina deserves a governor who will put the people of north carolina first, not
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some kind of ideoloedeological that goes against the interest of the people here. i also hope you're going to send debra ross to the united states senate. she wants every child in this state to have the same chance she did to go to great public schools with wonderful teachers. she believes that the economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top. she'll help breakthrough the gridlock and create more jobs with rising wages that will make a real difference to you, particularly to young people who are finishing up your education and looking for those opportunities you deserve.
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this is important when choosing your next senator. unlike her opponent, debra has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump because she knows he's wrong for north carolina, wrong for america and people of courage and principle of both parties have stood up to reject his dangerous divisive agenda. please, do the right thing and elect debra ross to go to the united states senate. any of you see the last debate? you know, i got to tell you, i have now stood next to donald trump for four and a half hours in three debates. who says i don't have the
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stamina to be president commander in chief. oh, my. he said a lot of things throughout those three debates. i got to tell you there's one in particular out of that third debate that no presidential nominee of either party has ever said before. he refused to say that he would respect the results of our election. i have to admit, when we're both asked the question, i assumed he would say what everybody has always said, which is hey, of course. to say you won't respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy. the peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes
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america america. as your secretary of state i visited 112 countries, and a lot of those countries are places that don't even pretend to be democracies and then there are ones that pretend to be democracies but if you're the political opponent to a powerful, strong, dictator, you end up in exile or you end up in jail or you end up dead. it is not a joke. some people are sore losers and we just got to keep going. [ chanting hillary ] >> i really do want to make this
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serious point. i know probably here -- >> you've been listening to hillary clinton talk about donald trump and his refusal to say he will accept the results of the election. let's take you over now to florida. let's listen in to donald trump. >> people we don't know who they are. radical islamic terrorists right through our front door and stamping their visas approved, approved, approved on the way in. let me state this very clearly. if i'm elected president, i'm going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. we will also stop the crisis of
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illegal immigration. a trump administration will defend and secure our borders. yes, we will for you, build the wall. we have the first ever endorsement from our i.c.e. and border patrol officers. 16,500 boarder patrol. in august, first time they ever done. in august police arrested a serial illegal immigrant rapist who had been deported five times and convicted of three duis. his victims include one 60-year-old woman with a cane who took his offer to driver her home and then he left her beaten horribly, beaten so badly on the side of the road. a 64-year-old air force veteran, maryland was raped and beaten to death with a hammer by a repeat offender who should have been deported by the obama administration many times but
3:21 pm
they never got around to do it. under a trump administration, this crime wave will come to a very, very crashing end. that includes the proposal in my contract for tough mandatory minimum prison sentences for illegal immigrants who reenter the country after a previous deportation. right now they're deported. they come back. over and over again. you look at so many, hundreds and thousands. you look at what's going on. they're deported. they come back. they're deported. they come back. well, when they come back that second time, they're going to jail for a long time. when they come back to third time, you know what's going to happen, they're not coming back. with a victory in november, everything will change.
3:22 pm
in summing up some of the amazing things we're going to do for our country starting in 2017. the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan and in certain ways even bigger. we're going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. we are going to defend religious liberty. we'll provide school choice to every disadvantaged child in america and we are going to end common core and wring our education local. we will support the great men and women of law enforcement. we will save the second amendment which is under siege.
3:23 pm
you heard that the other night at our third debate where hillary clinton could not say she's going to really say. if you understood what she was saying about heller, check it out. >> donald trump speaking live to supporters in naples talking about building wall. law and order and also guns. let's go back to hillary clinton speaking to supporters in battleground north carolina. she's in charlotte tonight. >> they're sense of self-worth. i don't think there's a woman anywhere who doesn't know what that feels like. that may be who donald trump is. we have figured that out. this election is about who we are. who we are and what we stand for. it's up to us to make clear america is better than that. i believe that america is great
3:24 pm
because america is good. we've got to make sthat true. we have to stand up for the progress we've made, for our rights. for voting rights and civil rights. for women's rights and worker rights, for lgbt rights and the rights of people with disabilities. we have to reform our criminal justice system so it works fairly for everyone. i really appreciate all the young people. in fact, people of all ages who have been marching and speaking out across our country, including here in north carolina with reverend barber and the moral monday movement. now, all of the challenges we face are not going to be solved
3:25 pm
overnight. i know that. part of the great joy of being an american is to know that you can contribute to making things better for yourselves and for young people and for people who have been left out and left behind. i so appreciated what thurston said because everybody has a role to play and the choice in this election really is about what you want, what you believe for your yourself and your future. i believe when the middle class in america thrives, america thrives. i believe we build the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not from the top down. that's why i want us to have the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii. what are those new jobs going to be coming from? we have a lot of work to do to
3:26 pm
repair and build the infrastructure we need to have a competitive 21st century economy. our roads, bridges, transit systems, our ports, our airports, our water systems. there's so much work to be done. it's also some new ideas and to finish offer some unfinished work. we need a new modern electric grid to be able to take and distribute clean renewable energy across america. there are millions of new jobs associated with clean energy. some states are doing better than others. north carolina is number two in solar power in america. states across the country are beginning to understand that it's not only about fighting climate change. it's about crediting new jobs and new businesses. i want to see us deploy a half a billion new solar panels in the first four years of my
3:27 pm
administration. p i want us to be the clean energy super power of the 21st century because i think it's either going to be germany, china or us. you know what, it should be us. we have invented most of the technology. we should be making the products. these are jobs that can't be exported. they got do be done right here in north carolina. i also want to see us do more in advance manufacturing. people say we can't compete in manufacturing. well, that's probably true if you're talking about low wage manufacturing. i'm talking about high wage manufacturing. i'm talking about precision machining. i'm talking about 3-d printing. you have no idea how much we can do if we put our minds to it and if we have plan bringing together business and workers and universities and colleges and everybody to say what are we going to do to make sure we own the future of advance
3:28 pm
manufacturing not germany, the united states of america. >> hillary clinton speaking about advanced manufacturing jobs in charlotte trying to lock up the battleground state of north carolina in her favor. let's hop back to donald trump trying to make end roads in battleground florida where he is trailing clinton by four points. >> we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. we will make america great again. thank you and god bless you. thank you. thank you everybody. thank you fp get out and vote november 8th. thank you. >> donald trump wrapping up his remarks there.
3:29 pm
why not go back to charlotte and listen to hillary clinton. >> this is not a woman's issue, my friends. this is family economic issue. if you have a mother, wife, daughter or sister who is working, it's your issue. it is way past time for women to be paid fairly for the jobs that we do. now, we're also going to invest in education from preschool through college and university. i want us to have universal prekinds prekinpre kindergarten because too many kids show up to continue to be learning. i want good schools with good teachers in every single zip code in america. i want to bring technical education back in to high school and do everything i can to support our community colleges. a 4-year degree should not be
3:30 pm
the only path to a good job in a middle class life. besides, there's going to be a bunch of job for machinist and welders and computer coders and health care technicians. i want that pipeline filled with young american who is are going to get those jobs and have a good future. we're going to bring down the cost of higher education. i'm going to make public colleges and universities tuition free for any family whose income is $125,000 or less per year. that's the vast majority of americans but if your family is above that, i want it to be debt free. pay what you can afford but don't go into debt. i consider it an investment in young people. i don't want you burdened with
3:31 pm
the debt that you have. i think it's great to work. i worked through college. i worked through law school. i believe in that. i don't want people coming out burdened by debt and having a difficulty paying it back. we're going to change the way that debt works. we're going to bring down interest rates and let you pay it back as a percentage of your income and if you do certain public service or national service jobs, we're going to forgive a lot of or all the debt in return for you doing that. i worked on this plan with senator sanders after he finished the primary. that's how i want people to work together. we had a great primary. it was about issues, not insults. then when it was over, we sat down and said how can we bring our ideas together and come up with plan that we can work onto
3:32 pm
get past. if you want to see what it would mean to you, you can go to hillary and you'll see how much you and your family will save if we pass this plan come next year. >> hillary clinton speaking live tonight in battleground north carolina as her rival, donald trump, rallied his supporters in battleground florida. a busy night on the campaign trail with just 16 days left until you go to the polls. much more on this tonight including trump's troubles that have some republicans worried about more than the white house. they're looking at control of the senate and wondering if they're about to lose their state. donald trump knows how crucial it is to win florida. he's speaking and just wrapped up speaking in naples. we'll bring you much more straight ahead. . the image on the surface book, transports you into the world which is our main goal as animators
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republicans started this campaign season hoping to win back the white house. that could still happen. with their candidate trailing in most of the polls, gop party officials and allies are taking measures to protect what they already have. that is control of congress. a stunning new political ad aiming to help republican members of congress suggest that hillary clinton will win presidency. watch this. >> no matter who the next president is, new hampshire need a strong voice in the u.s. senate. that senator, kelly ayotte. she works across the aisle to get things done.
3:37 pm
maggy's record, passed over 100 times for taxes and fees. just imagine who she would do unchecked in washington with a new president. too risky for new hampshire. >> you just heard the ad is from the u.s. chamber of commerce. it's trying to help republicans down ballot. it's urging voters to help protect the gop senate majority by reelecting their senator kelly ayotte. a poll shows the incup bents senator trailing her democratic rival by eight points. clinton is leading trump in new hampshire by 15 points. let's talk it over with former cnn political editor paul steinhouser. so nice to see you my friend. >> great to be here. great to be here. >> how unusual is that ad? weeks before the election, the chamber of commerce a huge
3:38 pm
supporter of all the republicans on the ticket comes out and says, yeah, clinton could win. that's why it's so important that you vote for kelly ayotte. >> that ad making huge headli s headlines. here's the thing. chamber of commerce every big fans of donald trump in the first place when you go back to the primaries. they are conceding that trump is not going to win the election and we need thoeld on up to the senate. that ad is starting to play a lot up here. you mentioned the mur polls. some other polls showed a much closer race. you average them all together and the democratic challenger who is our governor up here is maybe ahead by two or three points if you average everything together or all the polls together. i got to say, we have the biggest battles, most expense if ive, most negative race. that's why this race is getting so much attention not just here
3:39 pm
in new hampshire but nationwide. >> we know that hillary clinton will rally in new hampshire tomorrow with senator elizabeth warren. she's got a big lead in that latest national polling looking at new hampshire for the presidential race that has clinton 15 points ahead. the fact that she's going to be there with senator warren, is that her way of foe kcusing dow ballot to help the democratic nominee for the senate. is that her acknowledge this isn't such a widespread between the two. >> exactly. we're going to see the governor there at the rally tomorrow. this past week we had former president bill clinton here. we had vice president joe biden as well. they were not only campaigning for hillary clinton because it's still somewhat of a close race in the state. if you average all our polls it's probably a single digit lead over trump in new
3:40 pm
hampshire. we have a wide open race for governor so they are campaigning for governor as well. you're seeing the surrogates come in here and campaign for down ballot races. >> let's talk about florida. you have the same dynamic going on in florida with a little different number. you have senator marco rub koe. he called out rubio for supporting trump. listen. >> marco rubio said this was a dangerous con artist who spent a lifetime, spent a career sticking it to working people. now, that begs the question, since we're in florida, why does marco rubio still plan to vote for donald trump. there are a lot of politicians like marco rubio who know better but they just look the other way. >> this paul, as the new poll shows rubio in a dead heat with
3:41 pm
his challenger patrick murphy. dop y do you think that rubio will stick with trump for the next 16 days or pull away from him in an effort to save his own senate seat? >> he may have to pull away because donald trump is doing no favors to people like marco rubio. remember those republican primary presidential debates when rubio trashed trump and now he's still supporting him. he's getting crucified by democrats for doing that. it's the same story up here in new hampshire where ayotte danced this delicate dance. she finally broke with trump two weekends ago after the audio recordings of trump's lewd conversation. she's still getting blasted by democrats for hprooefrs support. >> we'll see what happens. it will be stunning. he defeated rubio in the primary in florida and if rubio loses
3:42 pm
this election potential because of his tie and being loyal to trump. it will be stunning. we'll see if that what happens. thank you. coming up next, we're going to switch gears and talk about one of the biggest media mergers in history. 85 billion dollar tie up between at&t and time warner, the parent company of cnn. what does it mean for you, the consumer, next. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at it is one of the biggest media mergers in history. tieing nup a media deal valued at $85 billion. it broke last night on this show as you saw. christine is back with me to talk about more of what it means for you, the consumer. when we do talk about what it means, i thought it was interesting, our boss, the head of time warner came out with this statement for everyone and the headline is here it's not a
3:46 pm
cost saving move. this is a consumer driven move. what does it mean for all of us? >> it's not like i know the consumers will broadly wonder will my bill go up. does this mean my bill goes up. the bottom line is it shouldn't unless you add more data or features. this is according to the executives, this is a move to respond to consumer demand for more video on your phones. we'll have more video your phones. also, poppy, the suggestion here is that there will be mobile bundles of content that maybe are more customizable of what you would get say a traditional television package. the main come plants has been we don't watch all these chants. we don't want all these channels. maybe on the mobile bundle, you'll have a little bit more optionalty to customize and buy the content you want and not the con tent you don't want. >> that would make sense.
3:47 pm
the ceo came out and said something akin to -- >> at&t. >> what did i say? >> aol. >> at&t said the future of mobile video and the future of video is mobile. walk us through why this makes sense for at&t, not aol. >> for at&t, it's got to grow its customer base. anything it can do to distinguish itself from its competitors will help it do that. if you look at verizon, one of its chief competitors, they are going to buy digital content. at&t can say, hey, not only do we have some digital con tent but we have this premium con tent. we have cnn. we have all this other stuff. the more it can differentiate itself, the better for at&t.
3:48 pm
it can't make content exclusive. >> it does have a yearlong, at least a yearlong negotiation process and sort of vetting process from federal regulators from the department of justice, from fcc. what are you hearing from your experts that will make it through? >> it's bad timing because we're in a political involvement, i think bernie sanders came out today and said the administration should kill the time warner at&t merger. it would mean higher prices. you have bernie sanders saying i'm the defender of the people. this is is bad move for the consumer. trump is saying the same thing. at the end of the day reason the company executives believe will win out and at the end of the day these two companies have very different businesses. one is a content business. the other is a distribution business. there isn't the traditional overlap that would make
3:49 pm
regulators very concerned. that's the logic and they will apply that lodger to hopefully win from their standpoint approval. >> we'll watch. thank you. appreciate it. full coverage on cnn if you want to look there. all right. how times have changed for journalists covering presidential elections. 40 years ago, nearly almost reporters were guys, men, not anyone as you know from watching cnn. women, a lot of them, covering the 2016 race with expertise and a lot of skill. we talk to may about what it's like to be a girl on the bus. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the...
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back in 1972, the book, "the boys on the bus," introduced us to the mostly male journalists on the campaign trail. four decades later, the faces changed. that is a new cnn series, "girls on the bus." here is our national political reporter. >> i never wanted to be anything other than a journalist. this is my fourth presidential campaign. as women in this profession, you're so used to working crazy hours, juggling so many different things, that i thought motherhood would be easy. and it's not easy. this campaign was kind of different for me because it's so hard to shut out the campaign once it is going on. even in the early stages of 2016, there was just something happening every minute, especially with donald trump driving the news cycle.
3:54 pm
>> ten seconds. >> i had to really discipline myself and learn how to shut it off and set it aside. for the first time, i had a baby. who was just a couple months old when i started covering the campaign. >> quack, quack, quack. >> i definitely had to learn a lot of discipline by taking care of lila and trying to be present with her in the moment and not get distracted by every little thing that happens on the campaign trail. figuring out that balance is really tricky. in 2004, when i was covering the campaign, i remember being on the bus and listening to this mom call home, having this conference with her kid about gymnastics and what she'd eaten for dinner and all that. it kind of blew my mind in the moment. i was thinking, oh, that's so hard. must be so hard to be away. campaigns are really tough
3:55 pm
because they are so all consuming. being on the plane, filing the six paragraph blog item literally as the plane is taking off. i think one of the most important things in covering a campaign is to get outside the bubble. >> talk about why you're here. we're doing a -- >> i'll let you talk this time. >> going into a state and sinking in and talking to people. >> good to go. >> where you from? >> spending lots of time in parking lots talking to voters. >> have you made up your mind on who you are supporting? >> absolutely. >> what is the biggest issue for you right now? what do you like about hillary clinton? >> she has a lot of strength in her heart. >> this year, when it's a crazy campaign and there is a lot of travel and you have a new baby, you kind of end up feeling like you're doing everything badly. i think that was the hardest thing for me, was i didn't realize that you would have this
3:56 pm
gut punch every time you take off on the plane. there are times when i say to myself, why am i doing this? i just want to be home with my daughter. but i love my job. so there is this crazy tension between those two things. i think so many mothers feel that and aren't sure what the right decision is. >> we certainly do. you can check out the full web series "girls on the bus" on come up, president obama expected to take the stage at a campaign rally in las vegas, nevada. next hour, you'll hear from the president live. stay with us.
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top of the hour. 7:00 p.m. eastern. you're live in the cnn newsroom. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin this hour with donald trump's sprint across the must-win state of florida. as his campaign manager says, something that the candidate has not said himself, that they are behind in this race with two weeks to go. the latest national poll out today from abc shows hillary clinton with a 12-point lead. our own cnn poll of polls puts clinton ahead by nine points. to


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