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tv   New Day  CNN  October 26, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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second straight day of campaigning. florida is an seessential part his comeback plan. a plan she's trying to block today right here in palm beach county. >> it is so great to be back in the state of florida. >> we're going to win the state of florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump in a relentless fight for florida's 29 electoral votes. >> tell you what, you vote for her, you're crazy. okay. i'll tell you. she is the worst. >> reporter: clinton releasing a new campaign ad narrated by that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. morgan freeman laying out a use gum® brand. stark choice. >> a steady hand or a loose soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. canon. flossers and dental floss. >> reporter: a new cnn/orc poll gum® brand. believes seven in ten believe clinton will win the white house. she's dismissing the poll but for different reasons than trump. >> it is going to be a close election. so bad news for obama care. pay no attention to the polls. don't get complacent. premiums expected to go up 22% >> reporter: with 13 days to go, on average next year.
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trump trying to turn the tables. how many americans will be seizing on news of skyrocketing affected by this? christine romans breaks it down for us. health care premiums for obama hi, christine. >> hi. we want to drill down and see care. >> the rates are going through the sky. >> reporter: trump's argument exactly how many people this that his employees were being crushed by obama care quickly affects. fell apart. most don't get insurance under shows premiums will soar an the affordable care act. average of 22% next year. a point he struggled to explain. >> it's a small group, but a the majority of people enrolling group having tremendous problems in obama care will find with obama care because of what's going on with the affordable plans. the department of health and premiums and what's going on human services expects 11.4 with the deductibles. million people will buy coverage >> reporter: in a miami on the exchanges next year. 85% of them will receive federal interview clinton said millions have health care under the law subsidies. 5.7 million people will reduce but acknowledged shortcomings their premium costs to less than that should be fixed and not 10% of their income. repealed. >> the costs have gone up too how many people could see their much. premiums rise? we're going to really tackle about 1.7 million people. so, for perspective, that's less that. >> reporter: clinton ignoring health care at her rally trying to keep the focus squarely on trump and whether he's fit for than than 0.5% of 1%. office. >> americans are coming together. at the very moment when donald obama care starts in six days and federal officials are trump is making an unprecedented warning you have to review your options for 2017. attack on our democracy. the subsidies and the premiums
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>> reporter: former republican are changing. secretary of state colin powell they vary widely from state to throwing his support behind state. clinton. she tweeted that she's proud to if you do nothing, you could be have the endorsement of a reenrolled in your current plan and then stuck with some of decorated soldier and those higher bills. might be a better plan for you. distinguished statesman. all this as trump and vice president biden trade fighting shop around and know your options. you can't just set it and words. >> the press always ask me, don't i wish i were debating forget, you have to look at it this year. >> set it and forget it, that's him? no, i wish we were in high school and i could take him a reffance. well done, christine romans. behind the gym. that's what i wish. you heard from romans and >> did you see where biden wants now follow up on it. to take me to the back of the we're going to actually compare who wants to do what about the barn. me. he wants -- i'd love that. problems that clinton and trump discuss all the time. we're going to start with health i'd love that. care and start with obama care and start with hillary clinton. mr. tough guy. you know, he's mr. tough guy. they both say go to their website and look at the plans. we did that for you. >> reporter: now, clinton is waking up in miami on her 69th she said she would not repeal birthday today. obama care. she is one year younger than her plan would build on it. donald trump. here's how she summarizes it. to celebrate last night she went >> we have to get costs down, to an adele concert in miami. increase value, emphasize no cameras were allowed at that. wellness. it was a moment where she was i have a plan for doing that. >> so how is she going to do actually not having a that? campaign says cap the percentage of premium costs to 8.5% of a
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fund-raiser, just lisening to the music. she did have her fund-raiser person's income. before that. current level, more than 9.6%. the trump campaign pushing back this morning on reports that he is closing down his fund-raising >> all right. >> clinton supports the public operation. they said that's simply not option. >> what does that mean? >> that's a government provided true. that report came in "the washington post." a new poll out this morning we insurance option that would compete with the private received a moment ago from insurance. it's viewed as a stepping stone bloomberg politics show donald trump 45 and clinton 43 right to universal coverage here in florida. controversial. that explains why she is clinton would also expand medicare and medicaid access to campaigning hard here and people, especially those who are president obama, he's coming currently not needy enough to back on friday. >> very close, very important. receive those federal programs. remember, especially with jeff zeleny, thank you very medicaid, that's state control. much. >> indeed. she's hoping that would close is trump fumbling his own coverage gaps. >> obviously, republicans say message once again? let's discuss with cnn political that would cost more money. commentator and political anchor >> it would. of time warner cable news errol >> clinton looks specifically at the cost of prescription drugs. lewis and washington bureau she wants to cap the amount that chief of "the daily beast" people can spend monthly and jackie kucinich and wana annually on out of pocket prescription drugs and also clear the backlog of drugs the summers. fda is considering making errol why are we saying he is generic, that will, obviously, fumbling his message because of bring the costs down. what he did at one of his own >> big deal. >> she wants to allow patients
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to import drugs from aboard. rallies? let's play a taste. >> we're going to repeal and >> huge problem right now. replace obama care and i can say can't do it. all my employees are having a can't do it. the fda is very hard on it. tremendous problem with obama other countries that have cheaper drugs and we can't get care. >> you provide health insurance them, even though they have been plans to all these employees? using them for years. >> that's important for a lot of >> obama care is a disaster. it has to be repealed and people. she also would allow medicare to negotiate drug prices. replaced. >> none of them are on obama that is actually an idea with bipartisan support. care? >> okay. that one should be able to some of them, but most of them happen. >> let's compare it now with no. he brings out his employees and trump. what does he have? >> he has a smaller seven-point he says they're struggling with obama care, but they're not. plan on his website. it's not really even some of we went there and checked it out. he wants to repeal obama care. them. his own manager says it's like certainly 90% or above get listen to the base of his health care reform plan. insurance the way half this >> fully repeal obama care. country does, if not more which and replace it with health is through their employers. is this stepping on his own savings accounts. we can do that. the health savings accounts. message again? it's one way. >> the first problem, as you said, 95% of his employees numerous ways. >> that's the problem, though. yes, giving you an account to according to his own managers are already covered. save money to pay for overtures. that's not obama care. a lot of companies do that. the second is the increase in time warner does that. but that's not going to provide the premium rates which is bad health care for people. we went to the website to see news that he should be able to exploit politically is not the how specifically he's going to
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deal with obama care and i have same as those who are saying to tell you, it's thin. those using obama care are they all start with repealing. it's the replacing part where it getting hammered. starts to get a little dicy. that's what it was about to cover some of those premiums. you get your health savings obama care cause supposed to accounts but that doesn't have to do with the carriers. provide help for people who were we kept look agate the site and uninsured and couldn't get something that exists now for coverage and slow the rise in people with certain insurance medical costs that was driving plans. you can get those accounts the whole system. that's the problem with this 25% ready. he's also suggesting allowing premium increase. cost containment is not working health insurance sales across state lines. >> that's a popular idea. as promised. that's sort of a subtle >> help people find the cheapest plan and improve competition. argument. you have to have the whole thing you have more of that already. it is not like that doesn't lined up. exist. >> he wants to make the this is a weakness on obama care from the beginning. repeal and replace, replace it with what? what exactly is the problem? insurance payments tax deductible and turning it into block grants that states could manage however they wanted to. is the problem the coverage or the cost containment? to deal with the soaring costs he has been using the slogan for 15 months without ever getting of prescription drugs, he into the details. he's going to have to get a suggested he would also speed up little bit more specific about what he thinks is the problem. >> but isn't this even a bigger n nfda approval and make it easier problem what we saw yesterday. for drug providers to enter the market and he's not specific on look at all my employees. how he would do that. they have a tremendous problem >> another place he agrees with
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with obama care. but, mr. trump, are your employees on obama care? clinton, allow patients to no. his campaign had to come out and import drugs from abroad. say, no, they provide health the trump campaign insists this insurance through the trump is a place to start and so does organization. clinton. if trump were president, he so how did his managers, his would consider other proposals that would lower health care campaign manager let him have a costs. press conference like this? so would clinton. she warns of consequences if that they then had to immediately correct? >> this is the point i keep trump enacts his plan. here's a little push back from getting back to with donald her. >> that's the plan of my trump, no matter how much prep oppone opponent. take it all away and give it kellyanne conway can throw at him, it comes down to the back to insurance companies. candidate himself. . you think costs have gone up he was not familiar with the with the recent weeks, it will health care law as it relates to just sky rocket up because his employees. >> or what he gives his own insurance companies will be in employees. >> that is a huge problem. charge, again. >> these are important issues. >> here he knew and did it i mean, if you have your pad and anyway. >> that doesn't make any sense. pencil ready because these are why would his campaign have to things certainly elderly voters come out ten minutes later and say, i'm sorry, we actually are voting on things like this. provide -- >> what if nobody asks. >> i don't think he knew. maybe even single issue voters. >> voters in a number of states so, we're going to try every day until the election to really that donald trump must win if he wants to win the presidency. break down their differing positions on policy so that you the fact of the matter is he stumbled on himself and diverted can make the best decision possible. >> so, what do you think about
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it away from what could be an what you heard today? issue and instead focused on was it helpful? whether or not donald trump post your comment. knows what is going on with his police in oklahoma are own employees. searching for a killer. we have seen this from this he is already the prime suspect candidate time and time again. this is not the storyline that in six shootings and now he's his campaign aides or he wants posting video on facebook. he is taunting the authorities. less than two weeks away from so, we have a live report on this manhunt, next. election day. >> it also goes to the point that his name is on a lot of things that he doesn't run. you are hearing the stories here in new york city that some buildings that have trump on the outside. the boards remove the name let me talk to you about retirement. because of some of the things they said. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. how can they do that? it is a trump building. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. just his name on the front. would you trust me as your financial advisor? now a little bit of this, her take on it, a wind no to who he -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. is and what he wants to do. i'm actually a deejay. that was flushed out by one of ♪ the authors that has written [ laughing ] no way! about him. here is a sample of one of the i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? tapes of him interviewing trump if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. back in 2014 about his favorite find a certified financial planner professional subject. >> i was a very rebellious kind who's thoroughly vetted at of person. cfp. work with the highest standard. i don't like to talk about it,
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actually. i was a very rebellious person and very set in my ways. >> in eighth grade. >> i love to fight. i always love to fight. >> physical fights. >> all kinds of fights. >> arguments. >> all types of fights. try theraflu expressmax,nd flu hold you back any kind of fights, i loved it. now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula >> he's talked about this with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. before. he ended up in military school theraflu. and he's talked about how, you for a powerful comeback. know, that's how his parents new expressmax caplets. straightened him out. but this does give you a window into who this person is and sort of what makes him tick. and it's, you know, we've seen it over and over again throughout this campaign. and aapparently, according to those tapes, he was shaped like this very young. >> and he likes fighting. that's what i thought. >> eighth grade. we disagree on this. >> he was in eighth grade, but also using it as an illustration that he gets off on fighting, he
3:09 am
is gratified by fighting. he is using it, well, i don't see it just as in eighth grade but i see him giving a window into who he really is. i think he's saying back in eighth grade it started and i like the fight. that's why anybody who goes after him, it energizes him. >> is that a bad thing? >> i think that -- >> if you're beating kids up in eighth grade, that's a bad thing. if you love to fight and you see yourself a warrior and people attack you and you attack back, what is the -- >> it depends on how you channel it. this is instructive, this is why he beat 16 other people in the primary. he gets off on the fight. here's another moment from that michael dantonio interview about of being there for my son's how trump thinks of winning and winning shot. losing. that was it for me. >> if you lose a lot, nobody is that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. going to follow you. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. because you are looked at as a it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. loser. every great why winning is very important thing needs a great how. and the most important aspect of leadership is winning.
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if you have a record of winning, people are going to follow you. >> errol, that is a truism. people don't follow losers? >> i'm not entirely true about that. as he's saying this i'm thinkig to myself, we know of many people who lost and lost and lost. the first president of the united states, george washington. you know, you read back about what happened in those first early battles and he did nothing but lose. he got driven out of new york and driven across the hudson river and had any number of setbacks and, of course, the lesson that we teach our kids and that we all learned is what matters is not that you get knocked down but whether you get back up. it's a little bit different from donald trump saying you always have to win or you're not a leader. all of this, by the way, i think also explains some of what he's done that has been very damaging to his campaign in recent days that women come and they make these accusations. he can't let any of them go. he has to respond in the most inappropriate
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gettysburg, he's going to sue you, he's going -- that is sort of winning the war instead of important situation developing. a suspected killer is on the run every single battle. >> what is your take on what in oklahoma. these tapes mean? >> it's very revealing listening an intense manhunt. to the precandidate trump and michael dale vance killed two what is spiking to me, he boils people and wounded four others including police officers. everything down to really simple he is now taunting police with online posts. terms. everything is very black and white for him. he's on top or he's not. we have cnn martin savidge joining us with the latest. he's winning or he's losing. unusual to see this kind of into the mind of trump and it's very clear to me that there's behavior. >> very unusual. what is so very disturbing about not a lot of how he's running this case, chris, not only the his campaign. suspect appears to be enjoying it just seems the two run on what he's doing, but also parallel tracks and it doesn't seem that any of the aides, the appears to be enjoying bragging about it on social media. advisors, the rnc can deviate >> this is more intense than from the man we heard on that what i thought it was going to be. tape what sets the tone from to say the least. >> reporter: the suspect in a this campaign. >> panel, thank you very much. double murder on the run and stick around, if you would. making threats on facebook live. >> you know who disagrees with >> watch this, people. these tapes the man coming on in >> reporter: according to the 8:00 hour, former new york oklahoma police, 38-year-old city mayor and trump senior michael vance is armed and adviser rudy giuliani will join dangerous carrying an ak- .47 or
3:12 am
us making his closing argument something like it. for donald trump. meanwhile, on the other side >> this is real. that's the real deal. endorsements are coming in for it ain't a joke. hillary clinton. do people actually believe this ain't a prank. >> reporter: authorities say she'll win? vance began his crime spree our new cnn poll asked viewers saturday night in a town east of in terms of who they believe oklahoma city. allegedly opening fire to two will win. that's next. officers on a disturbance call shooting them before fleeing the scene in a patrol car. at least you didn't spend too much time making it. vance posting this video while campbell's one dish recipes. on the run. made for real, real life. >> i'm about to steal another car. like right now. >> reporter: according to court documents, vance also stole a ♪ car from this mobile home park, wounding one person. >> after he stole their car and ♪ was driving out he shot a couple shots towards us and i just so ♪ happen to get hit. >> reporter: an affidavit by only those who dare drive the world forward. police spotted this car outside of this home where they discovered the bodies of his the cadillac ct6. aunt and uncle shot, stabbed and showing signs that the suspect tried to dismember them.
3:13 am
their mitsubishi eclipse missing. oklahoma police say a man matching vance's description and driving a mitt sue beesubishi e shot somebody at a truck stop around 2:30 monday morning. they also believe he has a medical condition that can be transmitted through blood and may try to spread the disease. he has two degrees of first degree murder and in july he was arrested for sexual abuse of a child. authorities want this man to be found, but they're warning the public, he is extremely dangerous. be careful if you see him. alisyn. >> yes, martin. call your authorities if you have any idea where he is. call 911 and they'll put you in touch with the right people. donald trump and his surrogates continue to lash out at the media. our media experts weigh in on
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less than two weeks out to election day. so who do americans think will win? our new cnn/orc national poll shows nearly seven in ten voters say clinton will take the white house. but do they think that trump will accept the results? we asked that. six in ten voters believe that trump will not concede. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway whether he will accept the election results. >> he said it depends on what the results are. he cannot make that judgment now any more than hillary clinton -- >> but ifalize there's no recount or discrepancies, he will concede. >> it depends. >> depends on what? >> what if there isn't widespread voter fraud. >> that is a tough hypothetical
3:17 am
for me to answer. >> let's bring back our panel. jackie, this morning, donald trump got some good news. he has been in florida for the past three days. here is the latest florida poll. a bloomberg politics poll and it shows for the first time in weeks donald trump on top. he's getting 45% to hillary clinton's 43%. do you think that -- i guess it's too early for his campaigning there for the past three days to be paying off. what do you think has allowed him to leap frog her? >> i mean, florida is going to go back and forth. but donald trump has an appeal with older voters, which has been very helpful in florida and he has been working really hard there. they have been really -- the organization with the rnc. they have a ground game in florida. but, you know, he can't take his foot off the gas here, which is why him coming to d.c. today to open his new hotel is a little
3:18 am
perplexing. why you would do that when he is seeing gains somewhere like donald trump has a love/hate florida and a place nat is so critical for him to win. you know, if he wants to pull relationship with the media. >> mostly to hate. this off in negative. >> you have to remember, also a >> it has been heavier on the big military population there in hate. >> we will defeat the rigged florida. a lot are off base. system and the corrupt media. there is nothing more corrupt that could be relevant. than those people. not all of them, but most of remember, it's winner take all. them. it could go and bounce back and forth. other than what is it, maine and nebraska, who have a little bit of a portioning system, this is they are a corrupt group. winner take all. >> well, if donald trump were to a couple other big poll numbers. lose the election, is he planning a trump tv network and juana, north carolina from "new york times" you have clinton becoming part of the media? ahead seven points here. here to discuss that and so much a big gap for her. i think i have only seen one more our cnn senior media bigger than this. correspondent brian stelter. arizona is very close. monmouth university and this has 46/45 within a margin of error. >> the fact that we're talking about arizona being up for grabs and clinton doing incredibly the crowd against the peachal p well there and her state might
3:19 am
the press and let's watch this, them yelling at the media. show other resources there. what is interesting to me across >> you guys are the most bias in the board is just how broad of a coalition clinton is bringing together in these final two the world. weeks of the election. >> without the media, hillary not only getting the voters who clinton would be nothing. have reliably come out and she >> i mean, bill, he works them is also bringing in new voters up to a lather as you saw there and running close with white men with donald trump in a number of these key states, which is not a and people turns towards the great sign given the results we press. they're booing. what becomes of this? saw from 2012 and how well mitt >> it was interesting to have romney did with that group. wolf yesterday addressing this she is expanding the base which directly. i think it's reached a point is what both campaigns need to where people are actually nervous about it now because do at this point. not just in the national orn/cnn it's enough anger out there that somebody might do something poll and a number of key crazy. it's not just saying they're battleground states. >> meanwhile, errol, it seems being unfair to us, but they're every day there is a new corrupt and disgusting. using strong terms. >> dehumanizing language and wikileaks revelation -- >> drip, drip, drip, they like always important when you strip to say. >> stolen john podesta e-mails. people's humanity away. here's the latest one. >> he's trying to otherize the it shows whether or not president obama knew that
3:20 am
press. they're not americans, they're hillary clinton was using her own personal server. not supporters. they should be, you know, he had said on "60 minutes" that he did not know and, in fact, he outlaw. somehow stamped out. >> my concerns go to the learned when the rest of us institution itself. learned that it was revealed in one, just common sense tells you the national media. yet alone professionalism, he here is an e-mail that comes should be specific in his from one of her spokespeople who criticisms. i would love for him to make the case of how we rigged anything says to another staff person. against him and he certainly jen, you probably have more on loved coming on this show when this but it looks like president it was working for him in the of the united states just said beginning. but, changing the libel laws to he found out that hillary clinton was using her personal e-mail when he saw it in the be more like the uk. you can google what the laws are news. then cheryl mills replies at some point point later, we need there. 2013 they passed an act which to clean this up. he has e-mails from her that do was very unusual for them to be more like us. not say the world is moving towards being more free, not less. what does this mean, errol? >> my sense of it is that it to undermine the first amendment, that's the part that will be used as fodder by the bothers me. people don't like us. republicans and they'll say it's not a surprise. that, you know, clearly, the that's the danger. and, i've said this before, one president was in on her and the of his supporters is going to conspiracy theory can flower. hurt a reporter. >> is it conspiracy theory, if it's going to happen. he was getting e-mails from the or, a reporter is going to hurt personal one didn't he notice it one of his supporters. one of those things is going to wasn't
3:21 am
>> that is a very good question happen. if he keeps doing this, it's i would love to ask the president and i sure will the going to happen. >> a difference between 2008 and next time i get an interview with him, which will be the 2012, you didn't see this kind first time i get an interview of -- with him. >> coming from the candidate and there is a lot in the podesta he talks about it in very e-mails that it's almost mundane thuggish, simple terms. he sounds like the guys that i and almost helpful these folks are not looking over their hang out with. shoulders and this is the chatter that goes on inside the you know, but none of them want to be president of the united administration and in the states. >> i believe that's an campaign. looks to me having interviewed indictment of chris' circle. cheryl mills and interviewed some of the stuff, i think this >> last night one of trump's top is not sort of dynamite. this is them saying, we need to supporters newt gingrich went on clean this up because, fox and talken abotalken about apparently, the president didn't check. hey, where is this e-mail coming from. >> you're taking him at his word have given too much time, why on "60 minutes" that he did not are we so obsessed, the media, know. this suggests that he did know. >> this to me suggests that we with sex. irony alert. need, saying we need to clean this is the man who said that this up is like maybe he didn't bill clinton degraded and debased the office of the check. maybe the e-mail comes in and presidency and that all he's looking at it and he's americans should be appalled. saying he didn't know. so, bill, has the media been too fixated on the sexual assault >> that's a generous spin. i think, jackie, the way they'll
3:22 am
use it is he either knew. accusations against donald trump? the only good spin in terms of >> well, consider what's happening here. what they're calling cleanup. this is a candidate who on tape cleanup is automatically a made some statements that are phrase. completely outrageous. if you are arguing against >> we've never heard anything like it before in a presidential hillary clinton, you're using that phrase, you're getting campaign. >> how is the press not going to cover it when then a whole bunch traction. this is drip, drip, drip, this isn't dynamite if you're arguing of women come forward and does it dwarf whatever is going on in from the clinton perspective. the campaign? of course, it does. from the trump perspective, it's it's a massive story. fine. i can't expect the press to say, a tapestry of toxicity here and that's what they're trying to do it's -- >> just flip it around. in trump land and maybe the only in order to test the spin obama would have is, i knew impartiality of it. i was getting e-mails from her and i didn't know if it was her if we had hillary clinton on tape saying i kiss guys, i can't server or something else. >> does that pass the smell test? >> you know, it is another way help myself. we wouldn't play that? >> endlessly. that they can say the clintons >> again and again and again and and, you know, to this extent it would be disqualifying for a president obama have been lot of different candidates in past cycles. secretive. have been trying to hide obviously, we're in post-gaffe something from the american election right now. public and present a face not enough for a surrogate to forward that might not be the say, go look at wikileaks and face that they show each other. not enough to flip it around to so, for that reason, i think the the other side. if i could do one thing right
3:23 am
damage is already done on this now take a pen and try to pop the bubbles people are living in topic with hillary clinton and because the filter bubbles that bringing the president into it, exist right now are so, so severe. folks especially on the trump i don't know her turf. side cannot hear negative this feels baked in at this point. we heard this. information. >> it doesn't get in. just reemphasizes if you don't like hillary clinton, you don't like this. >> in 13 days all those bubbles i don't know if this particular are going to pop and it's true part of the scandal really for clinton supporters, as well, changes any mind at this state that can't stand to hear a of the game. negative word about her. >> panel, thank you very much. great to get all of your it just seems to me because of the rise of the internet and perspectives. here's the riddle of the twitter and facebook and conservative liberal media outlets these echo chambers are day. bat cats, billy goat and getting worse and worse and bartman. worse. >> people are in silos and they trying to end a curse a century don't get out of them. >> politics has always been old and they're off to a lousy start. a live report from cleveland, self-selecting, right? next. always confirmation bias. most on these balloons. convincing people that your truth is more truthy than the travel with my daughter. other person's truth and that's why the media is so important. roller derby. ♪ it makes mistakes and it does now give up half of 'em. well and it does things well and do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. does those things not well
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enough. like every other institution. but, if we start saving even just 1% more undermining it altogether is what trump does. he does it in a bigger way, a of our annual income... more vicious way and i believe a we could keep doing all the things we love. more lasting way. >> i agree. prudential. bring your challenges. it's way past election day. we deserve criticism, especially ♪ sing girl, come on. on the individual level. i deserve it and everyone ♪[ singing ]♪ deserves it. but the institution of journalism is worth protecting sorry, ariana you gotta go. and preserving. >> it's vital. seriously? >> we'd be worse off as a verizon limits me and i gotta get home. you're gonna choose navigation over me? country without the coverage of maps get up here. umm... that way. these candidates. girl! you better get on t-mobile! >> that's what trump misses in his attacks against the media. why pay more for data limits? >> except when he opens a new introducing t-mobile one, hotel and invites all the press unlimited data for everyone. in. >> the cameras are all going to get four lines just $35 a month. be there and a lot of attention for this hotel opening even though it is more of a business event than a campaign event. for patients like lynn, advanced genomic testing may lead to >> thank you very much. following a lot of news this other treatment options that can work. morning. let's get right to it. >> we have a nasty, nasty learn how genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at election. what has happened to our country? >> pay no attention to the polls. it's going to be a close
3:25 am
election. >> you know what it is called. it's called voter -- >> he is declaring defeat before it it started. >> i'm getting rid of this disastrous law. >> this all started when jormg washington refused to become a king. donald trump probably would have called him a loser. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> two candidates barn storming one state. abdbloating?in? florida's 29 electoral votes a you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. crucial prize. this morning good news for the trump campaign. ibgard calms the angry gut. this new bloomberg poll and it available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. shows trump with a lead in florida for the first time in weeks. >> it comes as trump is seizing on rising obama care premiums to attack clinton. we also got new hacked e-mails that are actually stolen, given to wiki and now you can read them. what do they show?
3:26 am
this time watch how the white house tried to handle what was going on with the server situation. also, donald trump in his own words talking about the fear of losing, what he thinks about bankruptcy and his fixation with celebrity. new tapes released by one of his biograpauographe biographer. jeff zeleny in lakeland, florida. the place to be, my friend. >> hillary clinton will be trying to get out that democratic vote. you can see people lining up here already. this is the second day of her campaign swing here on the heels of three straight days of campaigning by donnell truaw do. florida is at the center of his comeback plan, she is trying to block. >> it is so great to be back in florida. >> we're going to win the state of florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump in a relentless fight for the golden prize of
3:27 am
florida's 29 electoral votes. trump mincing no words on his view of those who choose clinton. >> tell you what, you vote for her, you're crazy. okay, she is the worst. >> reporter: clinton releasing a new boy, did you hear the screams of david axelrod last night all the way from chicago after world series game one. the cubs got spanked. andy sholes live with a really big night. >> you couldn't ask for a better
3:28 am
night if you're a cleveland sports fan. i saw a fan walking around last night holding up a sign saying it feels like it's been christmas all year and that sums up cleave land perfectly in the sports world and cleveland was the center of the sports world last night. game one of the world series against the cubs. their ace corey kluber on fire to start this game. eight strikeouts, a world series record. and catcher roberto perez hit three home runs all season and two in the game last night. he is a nine hole hitter. awesome night for cleveland. indians win in a shutout. the winner of the world series have gone on to win 12 of the last 13 world series. game two has been moved up an hour because there is rain in the forecast. so, first pitch 7:08 eastern. awesome night for cleveland got started last night at quicken loans arena as the cavs
3:29 am
celebrated the first championship in 52 years. lebron and company getting their championship rings and raising the banner. and theive cavs would win that won in a blow out 117-88. they moved up the ring ceremony 30 minutes so the farns could watch it and not miss the world series. i ended up going to both. a time lapse as i wanged from the ring ceremony over to the world series. really cool opportunity to see two historic events next to each other. it only took me five minutes to walk from the ring ceremony to the world series. really cool. i want to end on one note. everything is going great right now for cleveland with the indians and the cavs. they do keep it balanced here in cleveland with the cleveland browns. they do host your jets this weekend and there is hope for the brown os, right?
3:30 am
>> you're a funny guy, andy. i hope you don't trip and break some of those beautiful teeth. >> andy, thank you. on that note. so f he does break his teeth, he'll need health care and obama care is under fire. what do trump and clinton think about obama care today? what are their health care plans? we examine their positions in your money, your vote, next. lyou gotta make a truck heavier to make it stronger, has been workin' too long without a hard hat. meet the all-new 2017 ford super duty. they cut weight with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body and reinvested a big chunk of it to beef up the high-strength steel frame. forging the most capable heavy-duty pickup in america. time to punch work in the face.
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