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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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special operations forces continuing to be on the ground working as trainers and advisors for the local forces. >> barbara starr. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation roma "outfront" starts now. can trump make a comeback? and trump speaking to cnn tonight defensive over his businesses and about how much money he's given his own campaigns. we'll see that "outfront." and one life's desperate plea to get her husband reelected, get him out of the house and out of her hair. let's go "outfront." "outfront" the breaking news. trump momentum. a new national poll moments ago shows donald trump cutting hillary clinton's lead in half. and it comes as cnn speaks out
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tonight predicting a tremendous victory. take a look at that new poll just out tonight. a fox news poll showing hillary clinton leading donald trump 44-41. just over a week ago clinton was ahead by six points in the same poll. so cut in half. and also tonight, good news for trump in a crucial battleground state. now leading hillary clinton by two points in the must-win state of florida. even though some polls show the race tightening. trump was out with his children at the official opening of his latest luxury hotel in washington d.c. our dana bash -- i don't know what hillary clinton leads him by 60, 80 points the point is he was there. not in a crucial swing state. >> for you do ask me that question is actually very insulting because hillary
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clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps. and yet you will ask me that question. i think it is a very rude question to be honest with with you. >> trump rallying supporters in north carolina addressing the criticism again. this time he turned it on hillary clinton. >> hillary said donald trump took time off the campaign. can you believe it? here is a woman goes home. she goes to sleep all the time. think of it. she's got no energy whatsoever. honestly? she has less energy than jeb bush. >> and you are looking at live picture. donald trump doing another rally, about to rally supporters again in a big rally. this one in kingston, north carolina. which is why jason carroll is tonight. a big crowd there. what are you expecting from trump? >> reporter: we expect donald trump to say what we've heard before about some of the polls you mentioned. any of those polls showing him behind telling supporter not to put much stock in that.
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this is an area that was hit hard by flooding due to hurricane matthew. so we expect him to address that tonight. also expecting him possibly to talk about something he mentioned a little earlier at another rally here in the state of north carolina. we've heard him before trying to reach out the african americans. but at a rally earlier today we heard him mention something knew. something he's calling the new deal to african americans. part of his ush urban renewable agenda. jobs, safety and education as well. again calling it the new deal, borrowing a phrase from history. when you think of the new deal you think of franklin roosevelt, the president who put forth liberal policies back in the 1930s, so donald trump using that phrase to try to reach out to african americans. it is very clear at this point in the campaign that they still need to expand their base. this is one way of him trying to do it. so waiting to see if he mentions
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that tonight. also in terms of those polls here in north carolina, one recent poll erin showing hillary clinton up by just one point here in the state. but once again donald trump expected to say not to put much stake in those polls and expected to tell supporters here that he'll win the state of north carolina and te election. >> thank you very much. and as we said. telling cnn today he's in more a tremendous victory. dana bash spoke with trump one on one right after his hotel opening. here is the conversation. >> reporter: there are the people who say you are taking time out of swing states to go do this. you say? >> i say the following. you have been covering me for the last -- long time. i did yesterday eight stops and three major speeches and i've been doing this for weeks straight. i left here -- i left there for an hour and a half. i'm going to north carolina right now. then i'm going to florida. i'm going up to new hampshire. for you to ask me that question
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is actually very insulting. because hillary clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps. and yet you will ask me that question. i think it is a very rude question to be hobbs and what i want to do is i want to back my children. my children very hard and at opening of the hotel i want to back my children. very important to me. so we had a ribbon cutting and i stopped in d.c. but the real key to is this is i want the american people to understand that this is under budget. ahead of schedule. and we -- >> reporter: i have to say i've been reporting on the fact you were going to north carolina a couple of stops from here. there is a new poll in florida that has you up a couple of points. and other swing states have you in the hunt. because of that are you --. >> let me just tell you i have over a hundred million dollars in the campaign.
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hillary clinton has nothing in the campaign. she's all special interest and donors and they give her the money and she'll do whatever they tell her to do. but i'll have over a hundred million dollars in the campaign. and i'm prepared to go much more than that. here is the question new polls are coming out. we're doing great all over. really well in new hampshire. ohio and iowa fantastically well. i'm toling you, cnn doesn't say it. but i think we're going to win. >> to do that i, you have a pretty big bank account. and time is running out. will you write a check. >> already done. i've already written a number of them. >> to specifically get -- >> in florida she's 50 to 1 against me. >> tough means to -- >> sure i do. 50-1 and i'm leading. in the old days you would get
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credit to spend less money and have a victory. that would be a good thing. i'll have over a hundred million. i'm willing to spent much more than that if i have. one of the things we're seeing in florida and other places, the lines going into voting areas are unbelievable. in florida yesterday. we passed four of them. the lines were three and four blocks long. those are not her voters because her voters have no enthusiasm whatsoever. >> how much are you willing to put down in order to -- >> i will have over a hundred million in. i'm willing to invest more than that? >> like how much? >> don't. like --. >> dana, let's go to the next question. trump clearly not happy with your line of questioning. but this is a crucial question. >> that is right. >> i think he clearly had had enough and he wasn't going to give me the specifics and he wanted to move on. but the reason it is important and he alluded to it in part of
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his answer there. for example in florida he said hillary clinton is up 50 to 1 i'm not sure if the number is correct but the point is correct and that is the frustration i hear from republicans that he is potentially so close to winning some of these swing states and he is at a disadvantage because of the way his campaign is because he was a self financer in the primaries and now the trump campaign itself doesn't have as much money as hillary clinton because she does raise and has raised a lot of money. they have to rely on him. and they really feel like they need him to write a check. just for example erin, i was told that reince priebus, the rnc chair went to trump and said please write a check so he can get ads on television. so you can get ads on television, so you can be competitive and he didn't do it for that reason. we'll' at the end of the day
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when we see the fec report how much at the end he really did give. the last one was about 56 million dollars. he's saying hundred million, then he's given over 40 million dollars in the last few weeks. >> we'll see if that is the case. "outfront" now. our panel. let me ask you. if trump is right in his numbers and he says he put in more than a hundred million. he said it multiple times today even though he didn't like the question. that would mean he's put in close to $50 million in the past few weeks. you heard what she said. potentially so close to winning some swing states. it is going take money. do you think he's going to actually do it, put in a lot more of his own skin. >> we can just take him for his word. he's already put in millions of dollars into his campaign and if necessary he'll do what it takes to win. mr. trump entered the campaign i
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believe the win the election. and he is going to continue to contribute to his campaign. what i would hope is americans, my fellow republicans would get on board this trump train and contribute to make sure that we have donald trump a republican in the white house. if we don't do that, if we don't get behind him and support him, why should we expect anybody else. to republicans need to come home and support mr. trump financially and i would hope mr. trump would continue to contribute to his campaign and hillary clinton should do the same. >> we're going to see more on this poll in a moment. david gergen, you just heard trump very defensive to dana when she asked why are you in washington at this hotel opening touting yourself instead of out on the campaign central? he said look at hillary clinton home sleeping. did he make a good case for
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stopping by for his hotel opening with his family or not? >> i think he made a reasonable case. i thought he was -- i was surprised that he replied so harshly to dana. his remarks to her were in effect rudeness towards a woman reporter. and i'm not sure that was very helpful to him. he had a story to tell. and i think particularly on a day when trump supporters have reason to be more cheerful and more optimistic. this fox poll was important. there are other polls out there which have shown some tightening. so he cub on the move. we'll have to wait and see. we need more information but he could be on the move and it may be that some of hillary clinton's teams are breaking out in sweat right now. >> thank you very much. and that is the big question because the breaking news are these new polls. is he on the move? is this truly a resurgent trump
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that could win in two weeks? john king at the magic wall next. and trump's most valuable asset, his name. is this brand taking a big hit? and trump congratulating newt gingrich for this. >> you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. donald trump about to speak in north carolina. you see his plane pulling in. going to be speaking to supporters right there. his second rally in north carolina this afternoon. coming as new polls show trump on the rise. fox news national poll out moments ago showed trump cutting his lead in half. trump has been weighing in this
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afternoon. >> you see the new polls coming out? where we are really doing well. we're going to win north carolina. we're going to win florida too. we're going to win ohio. and we're going to win iowa. we're winning a lot of states. >> john king is "outfront." john you got the national poll but now the poll in florida. trump now up. >> now up erin. shows some trump momentum. even if he wins all the states it is not enough. things are looking better though. 45-43 in this new bloomburg politics poll. donald trump in this latest poll has pulled slightly ahead in battleground florida. 29 electoral votes. he has to win them. without a doubt he has to win them. the reasons why, this is quite interesting as we head into 12 days left to campaign. if the election is about
4:17 pm
creating jobs or changing washington trump wins. if it is about temperament, a role model for children. hillary clinton wins. so how candidates shape the race is critical. if it is about jobs and change, trump might win. if it is about temperament, that is hillary clinton's basket. new hampshire now. mixed results. this is a monmouth university poll. trump closing in 46-42. at the same time we have a poll from the nbc news wall street journal, still 35-46. and nevada, look at this. a dead heat. nbc wall street journal poll tonight 43, 43. still advantage clinton but donald trump has a bit of momentum. it is getting tighter as we go into the stretch. >> as we all know momentum
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matters a lot in terms of inspiring people, getting people on board. people want to be with a winner. so what do the polls mean for that all important number 270. >> let's switch maps and look. we've had hillary clinton up by a lopsided margin because we had tilted florida leaning democrat. and nevada. if trump can take those two states that gets him on a path. she's down to 272. and he's up to 214. you heard him say he's leading in iowa. he has to win north carolina erin without a doubt. that would get him to 229. and he has to win ohio and that is the problem for trump. even if things are turning his way in some of these states it is still not enough. mike pence is out in utah. hillary clinton leads in the latest poll in arizona. this is the rubby red west. even if he brings those red states home he's still a little
4:19 pm
short. so donald trump needs a perfect 13 days and even still he needs something big that's blue and turn it. a chance? yes. steep hill? very. culting clinton's lead in half. and coming from a groove they have been fighting over. week before they were running even. and this is with all the stuff he's said about women and the tapes and -- why? >> a lot of people are saying no, i'm not going to do it. i'm just going to go with trump. might be buzz of the supreme court. might be because of the economy.
4:20 pm
there is some amount of coming home here. the thing is, erin and this goes to dana's interview with trump. he acknowledges that he is down 50/1 in ad spending in places like florida. if he was to put money in and put up ads that were all about the obamacare premiums and how hillary clinton has been running from his point of view for basically on obama third term. and he pounded that. and reince priebus and traditional republicans would be thrilled. he has an opportunity but he can't do it. it is not the way he sees it. i wants to win like he won the primaries. without having to spend any money. just the cult of personality is so great. >> and 83% of democrats now on board with hillary clinton. 81% of republicans in this poll tonight are on board with donald trump. >> it is no surprise. and i'm glad to hear hillary clinton say this isn't over. trump could still win.
4:21 pm
because that is what democrats and there are other independent, i have a theory about independents in that they are not really independents they were republicans and just ashamed to say they were republicans and they are coming home. and even republicans out there who believe donald trump is way too dangerous to be in the oval office for them, for the democratic base it is important for them to know this is not over. everybody needs to get out there and vote. florida's numbers actually look good. >> there was another poll that has harillary at 51 and trump a 37. i want people to believe the fox news poll. because then people will see their vote really does count. >> seems like trump is doing so little to win these people over. he's basically able to just sort of go and do his rallies. >> not any different than what we've seen him doing in the
4:22 pm
beginning. he's never pivoted from a general election campaign. and that's why i believe at the end of the day hillary clinton will end up in the oval office. >> she's just mistaken. he is connecting with the american people. you saw john king's report on the issue of economy, of jobs, of trustworthiness. he leads. he leads because the american people right now are focusing on the campaign and they are listening to what's coming out of wikileaks every day. the drip drop from that. the issues with her e-mails and they are listening to mr. trump's hundred day plans for winning. and this urban america. this agenda for urban renewal. they are listening and they are seeing substance and -- >> on the issue of polls though daddy, this is -- you know, we all remember -- well we don't remember. we all remember seeing. dewey defeats truman. in 1980 a gallup poll showed carter beating reagan and reagan
4:23 pm
went on to win in a landslide. obviously there are a lot more polls out there right now. it is a different world in that sense. but is it possible that trump could do what frank think vast majority of americans think he will not do and that is win. >> yes it is possible. and the odds of him winning i think were maybe 10% chance according to experts about two days ago. and now they are maybe 15-20%. so yes he could definitely win this. i think it is important not to over read any single poll. the what we do know, it is possible for him to win. it remains an uphill fight because of electoral college john king just showed. how hard it is for him to get there. but he could get there. i think he has been helped by the fact he hasn't been quite so much mired in defensiveness of the craziness he went through with miss universe and the sex
4:24 pm
tape and women coming forward. and he'll finally got some clearing and by the way these polls i think do not yet show the impact of the obamacare spike in premium prices which would add more weight to the trump side. she's got the lead still but he's knocking on the door again. >> look at the crowds. >> so does hibbert. at the end of the day this is going to be decided on temperament. that is something that's not changed from the beginning of this campaign. people go into the booth and they say who can be commander in chief? and donald trump has not proven that he's that the person. >> we're going leave it there. i will say on the obamacare issue, we went to investigate this today. reporter in the field talking to undecided voters. crucial swing state of north carolina. on the issue of obamacare, does it matter this hour. crucial voices and you will hear them later this hour.
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and also newt gingrich comments. >> and trump on his newest luxury hotel. >> we built a hotel that is going to be one of the great hotels of the world. just opened today. >> but is his campaign hurting the bottom line? the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. donald trump on the stage in kingston, north carolina. you saw him just land, literally landing. going straight to speak. second rally in north carolina today. taking a pit stop this morning though to open his new hotel in washington d.c. on pennsylvania avenue where the republican nominee had some glowing words for newt gingrich who went head to head with megyn kelly. >> by the way, congratulations newt on last night. that was an amazing interview. >> reporter: donald trump praising his closest ally newt
4:30 pm
gingrich after this exchange. >> you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. that is what i get out of watching you tonight. >> do you know what mr. speaker, i'm not fascinated by sex. but i am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in the oval office. >> gingrich is not the only man in trump's inner circle who's found himself em broild in controversy when it comes to women. >> we need a fight in the republican party for the soul of the conservative movement. >> i agree with you. >> reporter: campaign ceo steve bannon in 1996 faced m.d. domestic violence charges. misdemeanor domestic violence charges. his ex-wife claiming he grabbed her. and left red marks on the left wrist and side of her neck. the charges were dropped. bannon could become a right wing media mogul in 2007 using a derogatory gay slur to describe
4:31 pm
progressive women. >> a bunch of [ bleep ] who come from the seven sisters school up in new england. >> reporter: this is a fox news alert -- >> reporter: the man behind fox news, roger ailes is now an unofficial trump campaign whisperer. though trump won't officially acknowledge his role. fox news ousted ailes after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. and anchor gretchen carlson received a $20 million settlement from fox. that is gingrich defending trump over alicia machado. both wed three times. both accused of infidelity. and in 2012 gingrich's second wife recall this is about her former husband to abc news. >> oh he was asking to have an open marriage. and i refused. >> gingrich denies the
4:32 pm
allegation. then there is rudy giuliani. former new york city mayor and trump backer who's quick to bring up bill clinton's infidelity. criticizing follow knot just him but hillary clinton. >> attacked monk lewandowsen mo. and if you don't know, you're too stupid to be president. >> giuliani should be able to relate to marital strife. married three tiles. and announced his separation to his second wife at a press conference before telling her. his affairs and divorces playing out publicly on new york tabloid front pages. >> "outfront" now. lisa bloom and kayleigh mcenany. why would trump even bring it up today. >> because newt gingrich spoke
4:33 pm
for a lot of us last night. i think it wasn't geared towards megyn kelly but at the media with large when he said there is this obsession with sex as opposed to public policy. voters want to hear about public policy. they don't want to hear about sex. from bill clinton or donald trump. newt gingrich had a moment and she spoke to a lot of women voters and wanted to celebrate that. >> this is not about sex and to is ex-shame megyn kelly schen she's on their side and asking completely appropriate questions not about sex but about sexual assault is really appalling. these guys all in their own unique ways as weave just seen have way of shaming women. abusing women. of the women in their own lives. that is who donald trump chose to surround himself with. we all heard him bragging on the "access hollywood" tape and to say we shouldn't be talking about sexual assault of american women is appalling to me. >> i really think you misunderstand the point here.
4:34 pm
i appreciate megyn kelly as a journalist. he's done a lot for the fight. but that moment was a moment where he was standing up for voters. voters don't want to hear about this lisa because nub of these kissing allegations effect the lives of voters. people want to hear about obamacare or issues. wikileaks. they frankly don't see as this 7-1 ratio over the media coverage. >> sexual assault. let's say the words we're talking about. when we talks about grabbing a woman's genitals and what fun it is for him because he's a star and he can get away with it, when over a dozen women have come forward with sexual assault allegations we are talk about sexual assault. we are not talking about sex. i would agree that if we're talking about consensual adult sex we don't need to talk about it. but when we're talking about having someone as the leader of our country subjected over and
4:35 pm
over again to allegations from credible women who have nothing to gain, this is absolutely a key important issue. i know newt gingrich doesn't want to talk about it and donald trump doesn't want to talk about it except to disparage the women and -- >> to kayleigh's point on whether voters care, okay. in the latest poll in fox news. donald trump is down by ten points among women. so that would seem to bolus your your point. but george w. bush won the white house with a ten point deficit among women. ten points is well within the normal range here. it doesn't seem as if a lot of women are angry or upset about this lisa from that. >> i think women are very angry and very upset about donald trump and his record towards women. think it is going to be women who defeat him in this election. and this isn't just new since the "access hollywood" tape. my client sued him in 1997 for sexual harassment. and ivana trump his first wife accused him of marital rape back in the 1980s.
4:36 pm
kind of sort of took it back and said she didn't mean it literally buzz these allegations have hounded him for decades. i talk to women every day. and my clients who are a trump accusers talk about the pain that has caused in thinker lives and the example this sets for children. >> i'm flabbergasted. first of all the allegations aren't proven. we have a presumption of innocence in the country. where they are unproven. they deserve to be heard in a krourt of law. not here. if you care so deeply about the allegations of donald trump why are you so concerned about putting bill clinton back in the white house and putting his enabler who a had debt threats on these women. and -- >> you obviously don't know my record. i called more bill clinton to resign in the 1990s based on his allegations. bill clinton is not running for office anymore than melania trump. as between bill clinton and donald trump, i think she would
4:37 pm
shoes hillary clinton who doesn't have any sexual assault allegations pending against her. and melania trump did the same thing. she stood up for her husband. she said she doesn't believe the allegations. i think that is what we expect a wife to do. that is a far cry from over a dozen women who have come forward to corroborate donald trump's own bragging that he's committed sexual assault. >> hillary clinton put private investigators on these women. multiple women have come forward saying they are harassed by the investigators. she was the enabler. we have proof of that in the deposition. >> i thought innocent until -- >> -- agenda so sexual assault doesn't matter if it's democrat who's doing it. >> i've been consistent in going after both men and apparently you are not consistent because you only want to talk about bill clinton and don't want to talk -- >> don't want to talk about any of -- >> donald trump innocent until proven guilty but with bill clinton because somebody said something in a deposition you
4:38 pm
are going to take it differently. both men are accused of sexual assault. that is true. bill clinton has always denied it. donald trump was caught on tape bragging about it. and next donald trump's brand taking a hit. apartment tenants now want his name removed from a building. >> why should he get part of my rent? and why should his name be on there? >> and soaring cost of obamacare, how it's effecting voters across the country. our investigation. >> my breemem went up from $400, almost 400 dollars to $500. how is this possible? bq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. just come in before it ends.
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new tonight. donald trump. -- he told our dana bash today at the hotel's grand opening that it would be one of the great hotels of the world. signs are emerging trump's campaign may be hurting his billion dollar business.
4:42 pm
miguel marcquez is out front wih the number. >> reporter: trump's in business mode. presidential bid on brief hold. >> as soon as we're finished cutting the ribbon, i'm off to north carolina, new hampshire and back down to florida. >> but the suggestion by cnn's dana bash that he's putting business ahead of politics? >> reporte >> for you to ask me that is very insulting. because hillary clinton does one stop and then she goes home and sleeps. >> trump's brand, his name being hammered literally on hollywood's walk of fame over remarks he's made on and off the campaign trail. three democratic senators urging the u.s. golf association to move the women's tournament from trump's new jersey golf course. the usga for now is staying. but in june a pga tournament moved from trump's florida golf course to mexico when enough sponsorships couldn't be
4:43 pm
acquired. some manhattan buildings bearing trump's name, petitioners asking to have his name remove. >> reporter: there are signs his white house bid is hurting his brand. his latest hotel not called trump at all. instead scion. -- over the candidate's remarks about immigration. trump sued and in a deposition insisted everything on the business front is a okay. >> what impact do you think your political campaign has had an the success of your hotels? >> i don't think it's had much. >> but at his mar-a-lago in
4:44 pm
florida. the foundation is under pressure to move to a new location. the foundation declined to comment to cnn. >> a spokesperson for the trump organization says that the trump brand is incredibly strong and they are seeing great success across all the business --. what they did not say is whether or not revenues were up this year. as for taking the name off buildings, the trump campaign says if they take the name off, the worth of that building will go down. >> miguel, thank you very much. "outfront" peter greenberg. you reported a lot on this hotel. if the hotel isn't a success how significant is that? >> well it is the flagship now have his brand. the problem is how much did he pay for the hotel. how much did he outbid everybody else and did that make economic sense. remember he was in competition to lease this from the u.s.
4:45 pm
government with hilton, hyatt, marriott and others. they ended up dropping out. trump made a statement saying he got the deal because his balance sheet was so strong. they would argue no, he overbid for the hotel to the point where they dropped out because they crushed the numbers and couldn't figure a way anybody could make a profit. and one group saying look at these numbers, this is a bankruptcy case waiting to happen. zblch now when it comes to whether trump's brand will still sell you have looked at this that there is one particular group of people that we can see exactly what they are doing and why. >> an overall number of travel agents are women. but even more important than that, women make the majority of travel decisions. as we researched this, we found out that very large number of travel agents are not boking his hotel but their clients are proactively saying more than 50% are saying do not put me at that hotel. that also applies to meetings and conventions. weddings. other affairs in the ballroom.
4:46 pm
and the numbers just don't add up. for him to break even on this hotel in washington he's have to charge over700 dollars a night for the room. when they opened. they were charging 825. do you know what the rate is tonight? 404. do the numbers. >> i can do that in my head. >> me too. >> and next trump attacking clinton over skyrocketing obamacare can costs. and jeanne moos on why this woman is so desperate to see her husband reelected. >> we've got room to put 2700 people this our jail and costs us about a 103 dollars a day. >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate.
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4:51 pm
and triple up, what a disgusting situation. and it was no good. it was no good the day it was conceived. job-killing obamacare is just one more way the system is rigged. system is rigged, folks. it is all rigged. >> could obamacare be the issue that decides who wins and loses in the must-win swing states like north carolina? we went to find out. jessica schneider is out front. >> reporter: pop into a sports bar in raleigh and you will find obamacare is a hot topic. more than the world series. >> i'm actually looking for work. i googled today companies that will hire part-time senior people and actually pay -- >> reporter: is this what you want to do though in your retirement is this. >> no. he'll retire november 9th, the day after the election. but with premiums for his income
4:52 pm
and anyone bracket up to $900 a month. he's voting for donald trump with hopes they would reign in costs. >> i want all those people considering voting for hillary to imagine themselves unemployed and go online and figure out what healthcare is going to cost them. >> and you think it is unsustainable. >> it is unsustainable. >> in north carolina after two insurance carriers dropped out of exchange, premiums are going up on average 24%, creating backlash and despair. >> based on many i experience it hasn't been very affordable at all. >> he runs his own home security company and buys healthcare through the exchange. he shells out $14,000 a year. he like most of the others with e spoke with isn't eligible for government subsidies. he's exmilitary and middle class and feels he's bearing too much of the burden.
4:53 pm
he's independent but he too is turning to trump. >> getting all the subsidies and paying 50 bucks a month for better healthcare than i have. they are probably loving obamacare. it's got work for everybody. >> ray pays $1500 a month for himself, his wife and son. the cost is crippling but as a hillary clinton supporter he see it is positives. >> there are college students, young people who can now get insurance. people of pre existing conditions that can get insurance. so that is all really good. >> but you are paying for it. >> i am paying for it. and it is hard on my family. >> so yours has gone up to 480. >> julie still undecided between clinton and trump. regardless of who wins, healthcare needs a reboot. >> my premium went up from 400 -- almost $400 to $500. >> what are you thinking a when you read this?
4:54 pm
>> how is this possible? >> and donald trump drawing big cheers tonight when he reiterated his plans to repeal and replace oback. n obamacare. >> thank you jessica. fantastic piece. a real question everyone needed answered. and "outfront" jeanne moos on what is behind this desperate woman's plea? >> please reelect gerald. please. hey, man you okay? yeah, just a little shook up. this car...for a second, i thought it could be sue's. same make, model, same color, same year even.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
political spouses often appear in ads to help get their partners elected. but one texas candidate's wife has a more selfish motivation. here is jeanne moos. >> had enough of trump bashing clinton? and clinton bashing trump. maybe you would prefer a political ad in which a wife begs voters to relieve her of her husband. >> costs us about $103 a day -- >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. last year's tax rate was .4169. >> is he always like that? >> yeah. all the time. >> he's a republican running to
4:59 pm
be county commissioner with a little eye rolling help from his wife of 21 years. >> and does your wife really roll her eyes that often. >> she actually does. she didn't have to take but two or three types on that. >> >> do you really like your light rail cars well done? >> you know my opponent, i asked him said is there anything you didn't like about the ad? he sid i think the meat was overcooked. >> gerald's political consultant dreamed up the ad by the office. it took six hours to shoot. the neighbors were played by friends. >> all he wants to do is fix things. >> quite frankly it is not a code violation. >> you know i think i like helping around the house here. >> please reelect gerald. please. >> gerald thinks his ad went viral because humor takes the
5:00 pm
edge off the rancor of the 2016 campaign. >> do you think your wife really wants to get you off her hands and out of the house? >> oh absolutely. she does love me a lot. but she loves me away. >> please reelect gerald. >> jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> and thanks for joining us. andersen is next. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. another big night ahead. including never before heard interviews. donald trump's kids telling a biographer about the father they know. and including their take on some of his most controversial statements. first a fresh batch of polling opening a new window on where the battle for the white house now stands less than tw weeks from election day. they raise the question is this election closer than we've been thinking? or is this one of those days when a few points of random variation makes it seem that way? >> john king joins us to break it down by


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