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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> barbara starr with the latest information at the pentagon. thank you for that report. that is it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation roma. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next the breaking news donald trump about to take the stage in must-win ohio. new polls showing neck and neck races in key states and donald trump jokes about canceling the extraelection. and shark star barbara corcoran on the donald trump she's known for years. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight the breaking news. just give it to trump. donald trump tonight just 12 days to go combining an attack on clinton with the sarcastic
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call to skip election day all together. >> hillary clinton wants to raise taxes on small businesses up to 45%. what a difference. you know, what a difference this is. and just thinking to myself right now we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? >> looking at live pictures of a donald trump rally. this is just about to start in geneva, ohio. the latest polls show a very close race in states like ohio. must-win states. abc news poll shows trump cutting the gap with clinton in just three days, it cutting the lead in half. that is what we saw in the fox news poll. cutting the lead in half in a week. and but polls do show up a uphill battle for trump which is crucial. and clinton campaigning with first lady michelle obama for the first time in the must-win state of north carolina. mrs. obama in a fiery speech
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calling out donald trump for saying the election is rigged. >> we want a president who takes this job seriously. someone who we can trust with the nuclear codes because we want to go to sleep at night knowing that our kids and our country are safe. i believe with all of my heart that hillary clinton will be that president. >> sara murray is "outfront" in ohio. polls showing it getting tighter. what do you expect to hear from him tonight? >> reporter: i think we're going to hear more harsh words for hillary clinton on the stump tonight. donald trump seems to be betting that that and a combination of a very busy schedule and a maybe a little help from melania trump on the tracould be what he need but he doesn't have a lot of time to do it. >> in 12 days we're going to win ohio. and we are going to win back the
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white house. >> donald trump is barn-storming the buckeye state today with one target in mind. >> i've been doing six, seven, eight things a day, every single day. she's home sleeping half the time. i say she's definitely a low energy person. >> seizing on the latest revelations from hacked e-mails released by wikileaks outlining how bill clinton generated personal income through clinton foundation contacts. >> if the clintons were willing to play this fast and loose with their enterprise when they weren't in the white house, just imagine what they will do given the chance to once again control the oval office. >> reporter: the gop nominee hoping a last-ditch effort to stay on message and jam pack his campaign schedule might be enough to clinch a victory come november. but even as accused hillary clinton on being dangerous on foreign policy.
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>> now hillary wants to start a shooting war in syria. conflict with a nuclear power russia which could very well lead to world war iii. he aga >> reporter: he again appeared to come to russian president vladimir putin's defense. >> she speaks very badly of putin but i don't think that is smashtd. >> reporter: and climbs he no longer wants to focus on the lawsuits against women who have accused him. >> you know i hate that you waste time and we're talk about isis and jobs and you are still bringing that up. everybody wants to bring that up. >> reporter: trump still lobbing smash attacks a at people magazine reporter who alleged he pushed her against a wall and kissed her without consent. >> oh she was afraid -- give me a break. she would have been got ab pulitzer prize. give me a break. >> trump making a rare appearance with his wife melania. she says she's more focused on their 10-year-old son than
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hitting the campaign trail. >> my priority is my son baron. our son baron and i support him 100% every time he needs him. >> but her husband has other ideas. >> she's amazing when she speaks. she's an amazing public speakers. she's agreed to do two or three speeches and i think it is going to be big speeches. important speeches. >> now erin, one thing always true is the nearer to election day, the more the nitty-gritty of your campaign t turn out operation, political organization really matters and i have to tell you here in ohio tonight even though early voting is already under way we have not really seen trump volunteers or trump staffers driving that message or trying to insure people cast their ballots early. back to you. >> thank you sara. john king is "outfront" in washington d.c. 12 days to go. i can't believe we're actually here but there are some big
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changes to the map tonight. >> almost there erin. at first looks like it's moving donald trump's way but then looks can be deceiving. this is our new cnn electoral map. secretary clinton at 272. donald trump at 179. here is difference from just yesterday. yesterday we had florida leaning democratic and nevada. we've taken those of way because of the new polling that. drops clinton down to just above 270. so if you think for trump a ha. let me show you new state polling out this evening that says not so fast. donald trump is counting on iowa. he says in just about every salespeople he's winning iowa. well he's not. it is a tie according to the new quinnipiac university poll. and the poll also shows that in early voting hillary clinton is doing quite well out if iowa. now let's move south to another one of these ruby red states still in play.
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now georgia. 44 for donald trump, 43 for hillary clinton. so statistically a tie in georgia of all places. and again quinnipiac finding in its polling hillary clinton doing well in early voting. virginia, donald trump has been saying from the beginning he wants to brick virginia his way. this is yet another poll. forget about virginia. double digit lead, 50-38 for secretary clinton. a once red state has become a blue state. and now north carolina where secretary clinton was with the first lady today. donald trump cannot win without north carolina. this is the latest poll to show yes a small, 47-43 but a stubborn persistent lead for clinton in north carolina. the other map what's that mean? you could take away iowa and call it a toss up. take georgia away. trump dops to 157. even if he won all the toss ups,
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still wouldn't be enough. >> "outfront" clinton supporter basil smikle. and jeffrey lord. our executive editor mark preston and maeve reston. mark, the trump campaign is seizing on florida. they have another poll tonight showing her lead cut in half in just a few days. and now on this map florida now, no longer clinton going back into toss up territory. that is a big positive. >> certainly in a month that's been really bad headlines for trump this is a dig positive for him. and florida, he needs florida to win. it really starts with florida as well. if he loses florida early on election night the election is over. however as we're seeing down there we're seeing republicans now starting to come home so to speak. and we expected this before the election anyway. the real fight now is going to be for those independent voters. and the question will be will we see specifically in florida some
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marco rubio supporters, will they eventually go with trump and could trump help marco rubio. so there is dynamics going in that state that are very very interesting. >> and mike pence is saying hillary clinton got way too kokky. here is how mike pence put it. >> hillary clinton's out there. widening the polls and campaigning further candidates and then oops. new polls are coming out. it is wheel to wheel all across the country. >> basil, when you look at these polls. you had the fox news poll they call it within the margin of error. maybe that is round. but nevada, florida, toss ups. does pence have a florida? >> no. the molls range from 3% to 14% that she's ahead. but we can cannot be complacent. and that is actually the point
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about investing in down ballot races. it is about supporting all of the candidates who are going to get out your message. and i don't think donald trump is going to be invested in that. people are already voting in very high numbers. so there is -- i don't want to say we're confident but we're certainly encouraged. i don't think question take anything for granted though. >> to the extent they have been doing this acting thomas deweyesque here that this is all over and they are going to widen the battle field. this could be a real problem. when you give people the idea you already have it in the bag and combine it with the lack of enthusia enthusiasm. >> those taken together could be fatal. >> lack of enthusiasm, that is not the case. if you go the noif her rallies there is no lack of enthusiasm there. number one. >> where i live in pennsylvania, you drive around, trump signs
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are everywhere. i have seen -- no, i saw another one today. so i've now seen two hillary signs and trump signs are everywhere. >> -- very excited. and if if signs go vote you may have a point. and they don't that. goes to the point earlier whether or not republicans are coming home. i do wonder about that. voters may forget what you say but they won't forget how you made them feel. and when you have candidates running on down ballot races and trying to defend donald trump and can't really do a good job of that they are going to have a difficult time. >> and we're going to talk a lot more about that. the clinton campaign does seem concerned about this issue. they sent michelle obama without question the most popular democrat in the country. the best surrogate hillary clinton has to north carolina a swing state to stump for clinton and here is what he she said. >> let's not forget back in 2012
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barack actually did lose the state by about 17 votes per precinct. 17. that's how presidential elections go. they are decided on a razors edge. each of you could swing an entire precinct and win which election for lirl hillary. but you could also help swing an entire precinct for hillary's opponent, with a protest vote or by not voting at all. >> trump saying he does so many rallies, hillary is home sleeping. obviously hyperbole here. but he does do more rallies. be does she need to step it up in the last few days? >> well clearly she's had really powerful surrogates like michelle obama out there hitting that big problem that she has which has been energizing millennials and getting the democrats who would potentially vote for a third party candidate
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to come back to her. the campaign clearly is worried about that. you saw robbie mook pout a video this morning saying hey the polls are all over the place. nobody stay home. so they really are driving this message that everyone needs to turn out. and i will say that there is so much variation in all of these different polls that we're seeing that the only thing that is safe to look at really is the -- polls, nationally. but you are seeing so much variance that might actually be good for hillary clinton. because it might jolt those people who were going to stay home out to the polls. >> good for hillary clinton or perhaps indicative of some real issue with the polls, which is the trump argument. we saw it in england with the brexit. we saw it with fark in colombia. would we see it here? and next, could the lone star state really go for clinton? and rubio's battle for senate.
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republicans panicking tonight, worried that trump could take the senate down in fe loses. democrats smelling blood in the water. injecting last minute cash into the florida senate race. they want to take down marco rubio. could it happen? manu raju is "outfront" in naples. >> reporter: running for election in florida. in an awkward spot on donald trump. supporting his candidacy but refusing to even say that trump would keep the country safe. >> will donald trump keep the country safe? >> again it's -- the military is what keeps us safe and we have to rebuild our military. >> if he also would not say if trump could be considered a role model for his four children.
4:18 pm
>> most americans, people look at this and say these are not ideal choices. that is one of the the reasons i ran for snaenate because i no matter who wins we're going to have to have a strong senate. >> face b gop candidates across the country. they need the sport of trump backers to win reelection and also to win over voters who feel alienated by the gop nominee. let if trump gets blown out by clinton it would dramatically improve the chances of a democratic senate takeover. recent polls in florida make that case. one found clinton had ahead of trump and rubio barely leading his democratic challenger, congressman patrick murphy. what makes things more uncomfortable for rubio, his bitter pliemry fight with trump. >> we have a con artist as the front runner in the republican party. >> in the debate this week
4:19 pm
murphy made haze strategy abundantly clear. >> donald trump, donald trump, so what it's going to take for you do unendorse donald trump? >> reporter: but murphy after being abandoned by the party now getting a last minute cash infusion with a super pac tied to democratic leader harry reid. murphy already putting $1 million of his own money to pay for this spanish language ad with president obama. >> reporter: and obama clearly wants to beat rubio here in this state. coming to orlando tomorrow to campaign with murphy. this after obama calling out marco rubio on the campaign trail for supporting donald trump and a sign of just how difficult a position rubio is on trump, here at a rally in a baileding behind me he did not mention donald trump's name once in a roughly ten minute speech.
4:20 pm
even the person who introduced him noted he supported donald trump and the crowd erupted in applause erin. >> really interesting point he just made about the claude erupting in enthusiastic applause. my panel is back. phillip bump joins us as well. phil, putting the voters aside for a second because there may be a real split here. many republicans who are running for offers, who are in the power positions in the rnc are running scared. they don't want to be linked to donald trump. why is that? >> i would say that is because at this point two things are about equally likely to happen in the presidential race. either donald trump will eke out a win or donald trump will get totally blown out. the odds are good he'll us lose regardless. and there is going to be a long term repercussion to people who were "outfront" advocating for donald trump among non white voters. when you are in florida that is a problem. you don't want to be the guy to
4:21 pm
hug donald trump close, especially if donald trump is going to lose. that is the position marco is in. i any the operating principle is plausible deniability. he want table to come back and i wasn't really into donald trump. >> interesting when someone says i support donald trump and the crowd erupts in applause. the latest poll of the 83% of democrats now support clinton. and 81% of republicans support donald trump. so the voters seem to be coming home. >> they are coming home in both party. the difficult things for someone like marco rubio or other senate candidates right now is you don't want to be too close and you don't want to be too far. and you do want that plausible deniabili deniability. you have to wonder would donald trump help marco rubio up in the northern part of the state where there are the non-college educated white -- >> his stronghold. >> correct. quite frankly could marco down in southern florida. here is another thing to think about as well.
4:22 pm
marco rubio and donald trump specifically hate each other. there is hatred there. so you have to be careful not to alienate the republican base that is for donald trump because you need that republican base to support you. >> how mad are you at someone like marco rubio? if he could help in southern florida he could help win southern florida. it could be in marco rubio's hands. >> people who oppose leadership positions, who oppose their own nominee selected after all by people in the primaries who believe later down the road they are going run for president are shooting themselves in the foot. if they succeed, you are going to have a base of the party that says okay, i ge it. i'll never vote for you again. that is a problem here. i saw this in 1982 when i was working for senator john hynes running for election. he declined do that. he said he wanted a mid course election. but he invited reagan to raise funds.
4:23 pm
totally hung on tight to him and he won big time. when you run from your party's leader like in this does not help you either in the day or in the future. >> basil when you have republican lawmakers coming back. the tape came out and that was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back. add whole bunch of them that ran away. one was congressman chaffetz. >> i'm not going to put my name and reputation for family behind donald trump for president when he acts like this. i just can't do it. >> that that was then. he tweets i will not defend or endorse but i am voting for it. something i can't stand. i'm voting but i'm not voting. then don't say who you are voting for because that is an endorsement. what do you make of this? it's not just him. john thune. they are coming back home.
4:24 pm
>> when voters look at that and you wonder why they are upset at the system or the establishment. there is no leadership there. nothing about what they have done and others have done rings leadership. and you wonder why there is gridlock in washington. you wonder why republicans for the last eight years of the obama presidency have been the party of no. they are in it for themselves. not for party or for country i would argue. and that to me has really been the problem in this race. because how is it that you can get on a soap box and say i am against everything this man has said and done, but i'm going vote for him and i encourage you to do the same thing. >> i hate to say this but i agree with most of what basil just said. >> thank you. >> i mean, you are in to be a leader for heaven sakes. lead the country. this is our system. we have a presidential nominee. the democrats have a presidential nominee. stand by that person and get out there. if you don't want to do it, get out. >> will it hurt marco rubio that he's not coming out directly for donald trump? but he just refused -- you saw
4:25 pm
that. will he keep the country safe and and he said our military does. >> that is the plausible the nieblty. if marco rubio ends up losing my guess is because there was a giant national wave that may have been caused by donald trump that republicans lose -- >> and nobody could have won it. >> and i don't know that's marco rubio's fault. >> thanks to all. and next michelle obama hits the trail slamming donald trump. can she be the one who closes the deal for hillary? and melania trump in a rare appearance defending her husband against his female accusers. >> they were lies and as i said before all the accusations, they should be handled in a court of law. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps
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breaking news. michelle obama, hillary clinton campaigning together for the first time. the first lady firing up a north carolina crowd today, saying donald trump is trying to suppress the vote. >> if hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us.
4:30 pm
it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be because we did not vote for her. and that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. that is strategy, to make this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want any part of it. >> will michelle obama be the closer clinton needs? brianna keilar is "outfront." >> reporter: as hillary clinton pushes towards election day in north carolina she's got some very popular company. >> as our first african american first lady, she's faced pressures i never did. and she's handled them with pure gra grace. >> reporter: michelle obama, campaigning with the democratic nominee for the first time. >> we want a president who takes this job seriously. and has the temperament, and
4:31 pm
maturity, to do it well. someone who is steady. someone who we can trust with the nuclear codes because we want to go to sleep at night knowing that our kids and our country are safe. and i am here today because i believe with all of my heart, and i would not be here lying to you. i believe with all of my heart that hillary clinton will be that president. >> reporter: taking advantage of the first lady's high-standing with voters. she's even more popular that be than her husband, who's approval rating is quite high at 50%. >> this is about whether we build on the progress we've made, the legacy that president obama has built. or rip it away and go backwards.
4:32 pm
>> that is right. hillary doesn't play. she has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. yes, more than barack. more than bill. so she is absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one. and yes, she happens to be a woman. >> reporter: but in these final 12 day, clinton keeps battling a drip, drip, drip of off putting revelations from the hacked e-mails of her campaign chief john podesta. the latest batch reveals -- wronging millions of dollars in consultant fees and paid feature speeches. those. and they were also blindsided by
4:33 pm
her use of a private e-mail address and server while she was secretary of state. did you have any idea of the depth of this story podesta asks campaign manager mook in march 2015. nope, he replies. we brought up the existence of e-mails in research this summer but we're told that everything is taken care of. >> wikileaks of course difficult for the campaign erin. but there is some good news for hillary clinton tonight and that is that they are increasing their enthusiasm for her. in a harvard institute of politics poll she has 49% of young voters saying that she is their pick. that is 28% more than donald trump. and what's really interesting is that even though she's not g getting quite to where barack obama was in 2012, if you look at the margin if this poll were to hold how much she would beat donald trump by, actually it is by more than obama beat mitt
4:34 pm
romney by. >> brianna. thank you. "outfront" now corey lewandowski. and --. corey, you just heard michelle obama first time on the trail with hillary clinton together, impassioned speech on her behalf. how formidable is she? when you watch michelle obama, what do you think? >> look, i think hillary clinton should embrace michelle obama every chance she gets if she wants to be the next president of the united states. michelle obama is exceptionally popular. what's very interesting as you know is the recent polls indicate that donald trump is getting anywhere between 18-29% of the african american vote. so if hillary clinton wants to get that back i think michelle obama has to be on the campaign trail. it is just a mere eight years that michelle obama took a passing slight at hillary clinton and said you can't control your own house, you can't control the white house.
4:35 pm
political expediency. but i do think michelle obama is a good surrogate for hillary clinton right now and she's much better than bill clinton. so i think she can stick with her as long as he can. >> i'm not familiar with any poll or any poll that shows that by the way. but michelle obama and hillary clinton have not always been friends to. state the obvious. and donald trump has been seizing on that. here is what he said. >> we have a president. all he wants to do is campaign. his wife, all she wants do is campaign. and i see how much his wife likes hillary. but wasn't she the one that originally started the statement "if you can't take care of your home --," right? you can't take care of the white house of the country. >> he was referring to michelle obama. if you can't run your own house
4:36 pm
you can't run the white house. everyone saw that as the slight at time. do people now buy all of a sudden they are friends? this is genuine? >> absolutely. and michelle obama even talked about that in her speech today. she said that ever since her husband barack obama took the oath of office bill clinton and hillary clinton have been nothing but nurturing and supportive and really good friends. and in fact i think it is because they used to be so adversarial, this now that she's supporting her in such a passionate way that she is really offering this contrast is a lot more credible. if you want to bring up tapes of what people have said before, let's bring up the donald trump tape when he is speaking beautiful images about hillary clinton and bill clinton. so, you know, things change obviously. but now michelle obama made a very compelling contrast. not just between the character and the fitness for office of these candidates, which is, you know, for her and for the majority of the american people night and day between somebody who is not fit for office, donald trump and somebody who is ready on day one.
4:37 pm
but also pointed out that that is moment where the character of the nation is going to be tested as a mother and hillary clinton as a mother it was very compelling. >> corey, do you guy it? that they are friends now? michelle obama really likes hillary clinton? >> of course not. but what we do know is politics makes strange bedfellows. all of a sudden hillary clinton and bernie sanders are best of friends after going at it for months and calling each liars and saying you stole the election. no you did. this is the problem with politicians. they say bad things and the election is over and then become best friends and oh i really love this person all over again. -- >> -- donald trump. >> -- donald trump has never tried to kiss up of the establishment. he's been very clear. this is what the american people see right through. they weren't friends before. they were only now for political expediency. >> now donald trump is trying to win other the female vote. hillary clinton has very strong
4:38 pm
female surrogates for different groups. michelle obama, elizabeth warren among them. donald trump does not. okay? he has his daughter out there a sometimes and his wife out there no times except for today. she came out with melania and did an interview side by side with him. and donald trump appeared to surprise her when he said she's going to be out on the trail a lot in the next 12 days. >> does it make you want to get out there yourself and help him out the final two weeks. >> we'll see. my priority is my son baron. our son baron. and i support him 100%. and i'm there for him every time he needs him. and i might join him. we'll see. >> she's actually going to make two or three speeches -- she's amazing when she speaks. she's an amazing public speaker. so she's agreed to two or three
4:39 pm
speeches and i think it is going to be big speeches. important speeches. >> is this really going to happen? can she make difference with women in the days we have left? 12 days. >> well i think she can. but, you know, you heard her answer. her number one priority, which i think is extremely commendable is she wants to be the mother to her son. and i think the american people understand that. because that is the number one people for a mother is to take care of their children. and that's what she's made her priority. is she going to go out and support her husband o and make three or four speech os are five. sure she made a speech at the convention. i thought was very well received. she's articulate. and more importantly she's been a rock for that family. for the trump family. for the children, for him. she's been the person that er time they ever needed something she's been supporting him every step of the way and now she's going to come out to the public and make some speeches. i think it will be the major difference in the election. >> i melania is lovely. i think it will be too little to make a difference. that interview i think was weird
4:40 pm
and awkward and for me looked like complete disrespect for donald trump to melania. he clearly made that up as they were making this interview. she had no idea she was doing this. i will believe she's going to make two or three important speeches. the moment he gives us his taxes which he also promised before the election. we've yet to see that. >> they are with hillary's e-mails. >> and next shark tank barbara corcoran opens up about donald trump. what's he really like with women? what's he really like behind closed doors? she's going to tell you. and trump leading texas by just three points. that is within the margin of error. could texas turn blue? ch
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4:44 pm
tonight donald trump's lead is narrowing in the relibel red state of texas. a new poll showing clinton within three points, the margin of error. and the last time a democrat won texas was 1976. is this the year it could happen again. ed lavandera is "outfront." >> reporter: for as long as anyone can remember scouring the
4:45 pm
piny woods of east texas for a democrat as been a little like hunting for big foot. they say it is out there be in conservative region but it is an elusive creature. which bricks us to this courthouse in the small town of gilmer. judge parish is an elected republican judge but won't be voting for trump. his treatment of women and endless string of insulting positions trove her away from her party's nominee. >> seemed like every day or every week there was another position he would take that conflicted with the believes and values that have been instilled in me by my church and my family growing up. >> judge parish predicts this will probably get her voted out of office when she's up for reelection in two years. it is hard to qualify but there are a growing number of texas republicans turning their backs on trump. even former president george
4:46 pm
h.w. bush is reportedly voting for clinton. at a taco joint in houston cops shared how a west point graduate army veteran serving in iraq turned high-tech entrepreneur sees trump as a dangerous choice. >> donald trump is not who he appears to be. donald trump is a great entertainer. donald trump is a great showman, if you will. but donald trump doesn't really represent the views of so many millions of americans. >> four years ago mitt romney beat obama by 16 points. in 2008 mccain by 11 points. it is not supposed to be close here. so when the latest poll showed trump leading clinton by only three points, well that has texas democrats salivating at the idea that texas of all places could turn blue. but the texas republican party says that kind of wishful thinking is, "utter nonsense."
4:47 pm
>> i think we've got a choice between crude and corrupt. >> reporter: men shooting the breeze outside this antiques o store in west texas say they are picking crude. >> the weird part is the guy is doing real well is not a politician. >> we found jim blare proudly supporting his make america great hat even though polls show a close race in texas he predicts a trump landslide on election day. >> i think there are a lot of people not telling you what they truly think and where they are going to vote or how they are going vote. for some reason they are afraid to tell it. >> and erin, early voting here in texas started on monday. the turnout numbers have been huge across the state. there have been in conservative social media circles a lot of talk about voting machines that haven't been working properly. switching donald trump votes to hillary clinton votes and we've spoken with administrators in
4:48 pm
those counties where a few of those cases have happened. they all say the machines are working properly and in those cases it was user error that caused the problem. regardless, despite all of that, still a lot of talk about that which blends in very nicely with what donald trump has ban saying over the last few weeks about the election being rigged. all of that playing into that same narrative as well erin. >> and next, shark tank host barbara corcoran. she's not voting for donald trump and she has something to say about him and women and his accusers. she's my guest. she's next. ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had
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♪ donald trump threatening to sue nbc after his lewd comments caught on tape. in an interview trump addressed whether he thought it was illegal to release the "access hollywood" tape. his response. absolutely. that was a private dressing room. yeah that was certainly illegal. no question about it. women coming forward of unwanted sexuals advances, and donald trump denying again this morning. >> -- let's not waste anymore tierm. these stories were fabricated. they are total lies. >> they were, they were lies. and as i said all the accusations they should be handled in a court of law.
4:53 pm
>> joining me now a woman in real estate -- barbara corcoran, star of shark tank and also hillary clinton supporters. you have known donald trump for 45 years. been in a lot of situations with him. meetings. do you overall believe these accusers? >> i very much do. i just think that it's preposterous he's proclaiming he's done nothing like that. he's been that always. i've never been in a room with him alone except on one occasion. should i tell you? i don't want to sound like a goss gossiper. i was pregnant with my first child at the time and so was his second wife. and he compared my breast size to his wife by putting his hands in the air. i was in a business meeting. i was like shocked. that of course is nothing compared to anything that we've been hearing in the press and i found it rather comical. but i did think how would i have
4:54 pm
felt if i had been a young women not a successful business women and in a situation like that. if a man is that way, so inappropriate, i just assume it is that way all the time. >> and did you ever in meetings with other people did you ever, you know, hear certain talk, witness. >> no locker room talk. because i was always in a meeting. usually with a lot of men in the construction field. because i was in the real estate business. so it was a very formal setting. so absolutely not no. >> but you do believe the women. i'm also curious. you talk about is settles in construction and real estate. as the world you know. and one of the excuses he's given -- well he said he didn't do it. but for the words he said it's locker room talk. this sort of happens out there. you know, and you -- this is something you have been kind of open about it. and back in may you find i -- in a man's world to be a huge advantage.
4:55 pm
i wear bright colors and my skirt and get attention. is it part of the culture to have these conversations and have something like this? >> i don't know what part of the male culture is because they're not privy to that. but in the construction field it is a very tough field where everybody kind of struts there stuff. with myself i played up my femininity card. i wore shirt skirts because i had great legs and i was noticed because i was the only female there. i think that is nothing but great marketing. i think it is marketing if you can stand apart from the pack and be noticed. but i didn't offer anybody tick tacks or anything like that. definitely not. >> when you foot putt it all together and you think of donald trump's behavior, would people say he's a sexual predator? is that fair? is that ring true you do? >> i don't -- i don't know. i wouldn't put those words to it. what i object to is when anyone is subjected to any misbehavior
4:56 pm
that makes them feel diminished. i mean, life is tough enough for a female trying to stlooif a man's world or any world to try to get ahead. so i feel like when a man diminishes her on the sexual card it is just downright not fair play. and a certain note of meanness to it. and sometimes not intended that way but i really think it comes across this way. >> and when it comes to the point that the trump campaign makes and frankly that other republicans make who don't even support donald trump but this issue think say well, bill clinton has accusers. and even if you don't think that is relevant because he's not running, she was an enabler. that is the word they use. she was critical of these women. what do you say to that? >> i can't stand that, that the woman is blamed because the husband cheats. oh my dwosh. it is so unfair. i think she should be honored the way she handled that marriage. and held her head high. most women would not measure up to something like that.
4:57 pm
>> last time we spoke you said donald trump will win. what do you think now? >> i pray every night so i'm so wrong and i think he's going self destruct and that's i'm what praying for now. donald trump's running mate mike pence's airport just skidded off the runway moments ago. liz landers was on the plane and joins us on the phone now. >> we had a ground hold earlier in iowa. we knew there was going to be some bad weather here when we landed. the pence plane was approaching probably 10 minutes ago here in laguardia. and he had a pretty hard landing. and then the prop in the back of the plane could feel the plane fish tailing back and forth. we're actually still on the plane right now. the plane slid you have to runway. we could feel the plane sliding off the runway and then came to
4:58 pm
a very sharp halt on the runway at laguardia. and we're sitting on the tarmac right now. the governor and everyone on board is okay. there are no reported injuries. and the governor himself actually came back skpm made sure that everybody on the plane was okay. he said that he saw mud on the windows up at the front. so we did clearly come totally off the runway here at laguardia. >> and also i'm letting everyone know what we are looking at is what we call a pool feed. so all of the networks are getting the same feed from on board the plane where you are. the emergency lights you can see off the back. and just so everyone understands what we're looking at on our screen. must have been pretty terrifying when it actually happened. you are describing it as fish-tailing? >> reporter: yes. we could feel the plane moving. and, you know, it was just not a natural landing that you experience. i'm coming off the plane right now so excuse me i -- we have
4:59 pm
rescue crews here. looks like we have some firefighters and you can probably hear the police there asking if there are any injuries. it is a pretty big scene here right now. hopefully you can see the shot up that -- oh my god. wow. looks like there is actual damage to the runway here. which i'm looking at. i'll take some photographs as well. but yeah it is bad rains here and clearly -- >> what you do see on the runway when you say "damage" elizabeth? >> reporter: one more time? >> you said damage? >> yeah i'm seeing it looks like huge gashes in the runway here. where the -- appear to have taken part of the runway off. >> wow. that is a pretty incredible thing. obviously very -- she's -- hear
5:00 pm
%-p. gashes in the runway. pretty terrifying. the governor unhurt. the press pool unhurt. ac 360 continues right now. good evening. we begin with breaking news. a plane carrying vice presidential nominee mike pence has skidded off the runway at new york's laguardia airport. this is video of the evacuation itself. happened on landing on a very rainy night here. on the phone to explain what we're seeing, les, explain how this happens, a, and what you think hands. >> reporter: hi anderson. i'm just looking at the weather report here and, you know, this is -- we had a pretty unusual event as most of us know in the northeast with regard to the snow and the temperatures being pretty low and the runway appear


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