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tv   New Day  CNN  October 28, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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we have cnn's deborah feyerick at laguardia with >> what we're learning, alisyn, 4:00 a.m. this morning a tow truck came and removed the plane from the runway. we are just feet from the highway where the plane could have skidded had that blocker not been in position. so, crews are working to try to get this runway back on track. ntsb on its way to find out exactly what happened. >> we have an emergency in the airport. >> reporter: a frightening experience for donald trump's running mate, mike pence. flying in from iowa, the trump campaign charter plane carrying the indiana governor skidding off the runway upon landing at new york's laguardia airport. >> we were moving down the runway much more quickly than a plane should be going if it's
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landing. >> reporter: investigators will be looking at a variety of factors, including weather. one force telling cnn it appears pence's plane came in too fast and the plane was slowed thanked to cement blocks preventing the plane from careening on to a major highway. >> the plane landed at the end of the runway, destroyed about 80 bed blocks. >> reporter: the plane coming to a stop dangerously close to traffic. a safety layer on the runway torn up avoiding a catastrophe. >> stop, stop. go around, go around. >> reporter: crews arriving on scene within one minute. >> we're getting help for you. >> reporter: officials say pence was reassured by flashing lights upon exiting the plane. later tweeter, "so thankful everyone on our plane is safe." trump reacting to the scare at a
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rally. >> i just spoke to mike pence and he's fine. >> reporter: now, there was no damage to the aircraft and the people who were onboard including 37 passengers, aides, secret service, members of the press corps all were able to get off the plane without too much chaos. it wasn't an emergency evacuation. despite the rain, the breaking classification was considered good, which is the highest classification. so, ntsb expected to arrive about 7:30 and look at the weather conditions and question the pilots to determine exactly why that plane overshot that runway and had to brake as hard as it did. >> thanks for all that reporting. joining us now cnn video producer elizabeth landers. she was on pence's plane when it lost control and mary schiavo. ladies, great tahave yo have yo. elizabeth, what was it like when
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it was happening? describe the scene. >> we came into laguardia last night and we could feel the turbulence and we actually had a ground stop earlier in the day in iowa, which is where we were flying from. >> they told you because of bad weather. >> we came into new york and turbulence for about 20 minutes coming into laguardia and new york area. >> how bad? >> not too bad, but steady turbulence coming in and we landed and it was a hard landing as soon as the wheels hit. the plane continued going down the tarmac and the plane was not in control. i could feel the back of the plane, which is where the press sits sort of fish tailing a little bit back and forth and, also, the brakes seem to be skidding. so, the plane was not slowing down. >> what was everybody saying? what was happening in the back of the plane? >> i think as it was happening we didn't realize how bad it was
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going to be. i was grabbing the side of the chair going, oh, my god, this does not feel like the plane is slowing down or stopping. >> then, did you realize you had run off the runway? when did you realize it wasn't stopping and you were headed for possibly disaster? >> after 20 or 30 seconds the did come to a complete halt in a pretty quick stop there. we didn't realize that we were off the runway because it was dark outside and we couldn't see. so, after the plane stopped secret service springs up immediately to make sure governor pence is okay and after, you know, a couple seconds, a minute, governor pence came to the back of the plane and said is everyone okay. and then he said there was mud on my window up front. we had run into the grass. >> mary, what do you think happened here? >> well, it's never just one thing. and it's a good thing the ntsb is on scene to sort it out. but the ntsb will be looking at the air speed as the plane was coming in. was it going too fast?
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did they have a tail wind and did they set the flaps and spoilers at the correct setting and did the thrusters and brakes work? a lot of things ntsb is looking at. not a simple skidding of the plane. this is the most prevalent cause of an air accident in the world. runway overruns. >> is it more complicated when a plane lands in a rain storm? >> it is always more complicated. takeoff and landing on a sunny day is the hardest part. and landing on a runway that is kind of short, as far as the modern airports go. that's tricky even for a good pilot. particularly with this much rain. the planes sometimes have a scrubbing action and the wheels just don't get traction and it's like your car skidding in a rain storm. >> that's what makes me nervous here to hear about that because
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planes land all the time in rain storms and we're assured it's fine. then to hear elizabeth say it was fish tailing just like your car. explain to us how a 100 tun plane cannot get on that runway? >> runways have evolved over the years. they have grooves in them and they're angles so the water runs off of the runway. as we saw governor pence standing in the rain, it was really coming down. there are times on runways, even the best in the country, and this one is short, times when it simply doesn't go off the runway fast enough. the water has to drain away and it's not a great system. not grates and it just has to get off the runway. but they are grooved to help this and aircraft have anti-skid systems and the ntsb will be looking why it didn't work in this case. it is pretty much like your car
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anti-lock braking system. this is a newer plane, 1998 aircraft. it had all the modern equipment of the modern 737. but that's what is on there to stop it and it didn't work. >> elizabeth, when everything settled down and it did come to a stop and you looked around and you all were getting off the plane and then what did you see? >> when we got off the plane is when we realized this is a resskre rescue situation. i came to the back door and there is fire and rescue. firefighters looked on the runway, several fire trucks, dozens of other rescue vehicles. >> did you realize it was bigger than what you might have felt? >> definitely. we came down off the stairs and at that point when we came down off the stairs i could see on the tarmac where the wheels and the concrete had buckled there. >> i want to ask you about that, mary. when we look at the tarmac there you see the cement has buckled
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there is something called rester beds. >> it took a number of years to develop. they're not really too expensive. $3 million to $6 million to put in. but they're required, especially at airports like laguardia, midway, burbank. all those airports that have runway overruns before. some fatal. best to think of these as big boxes of cement with sand in the middle and the boxes are supposed to crumple so the airplane wheels go into them and crumple down and keep you from going into traffic like at midway or into flushing bay. and they have saved an amazing number of lives since they have been required by the faa and around the world. airports around the world have them. >> in fact, that is the case here a major thoroughfare, major highway yards away from that runway. mary, thank you for all the
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information. elizabe elizabeth, we're so happy you're safe. thank you for sharing the story with us. >> also water all over those runways, too. we know how planes do there. we're going to talk more this morning about those engineered material arresting systems and what may or may not have happened in this race. we only have 11 days now and donald trump finding a new way to step on his own message. we should cancel and declare him the winner. strong message for why voters must not be intimidated. new numbers on how both candidates are faring with fund-raising in the final stretch of this race. jason carroll has more. good morning, my friend. >> trump said over and over he will have spend $100 million of his own money but recent spending just does not bear that out. >> we should just cancel the
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election and just give it to trump, right? >> reporter: donald trump reigniting his unsubstantiated claims of a rigged election. >> you look at texas, a lot of calls were made from texas. an incredible place. i love texas. the lines are massive and they were talking about flipping, you know, where they press a button and they press it for me and another name comes up. named crooked hillary clinton. >> do we have any facts on that? >> no, they just call in. >> reporter: texas officials deny any voter fraud issues as new campaign finance reports show trump drastically slowing the flow of his own money to his campaign. after vowing to pump millions more into it. >> i will have over $100 million in the campaign. >> reporter: filings show the billionaire only put in $30,000 this month after consistently investing $2 million in previous months. hillary clinton, nearly doubling trump's fund-raising in october.
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after hacked e-mails reveal how much bill clinton made off lucrative speeches and ties to his foundation's fund-raisers. >> if the clintons were willing to play this fast and lose with their enterprise when they weren't in the white house, just imagine what they'll do given the chance to, once again, control the oval office. >> reporter: the clinton campaign saying in a statement that she never made decisions because of donations to the clinton foundation. none of the relationships being reported today are new. meanwhile, trump suggesting he might sue nbc over the release of that 2005 "access hollywood" video of him making lewd remarks about women. >> i think it was very negative. it was locker room talk. the microphone was not supposed to be on. not that i make that an excuse for myself, but, certainly, it was an illegal act. >> are you going to take any action after the election against nbc? >> you'll see. >> reporter: a sharp contrast to clinton and the first lady
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joining forces in the battleground state of north carolina. >> hillary doesn't play. >> seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than michelle obama? >> reporter: the duro casting trump's campaign as a war on women. >> dignity and respect for women and girls. is also on the ballot in this election. >> reporter: and condemnic trump's claim of a rigged election. >> they are trying to get you to stay home. they are trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter. they are trying to take away your hope. >> reporter: trump still stumbling in his effort to reach african-americans. he referred to urban areas as ghettos in his speech last night. trump for his part making three stops in new hampshire, maine and iowa. clinton making two stops today in iowa. the president will be campaigning for clinton in florida. >> appreciate it, jason.
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thank you very much. >> thanks, jason. the trump campaign pulling out all the stops. a new report about his team trying to win the election by getting clinton supporters to stay home. could that strategy work? it sounds like it. we're digging deeper on that, next. >> try that with me all the time. i started designing a brox tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
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the elites in government, like hillary clinton, believe they're entitled to do whatever they want. she lives the high life at your expense making money off the rigged system. it is a rigged system. are you starting to agree with me about the rigged system? as trump always says, no one knows it's rigged better than him because he fully participated in it. now he's claiming that votes are being flipped against him in texas. election officials in that state of the gop say that's not true. let's discuss with cnn politics editor mark preston, "washington post" reporter abby philip and national political reporter for real clear politics, rebecca berg. is there any line that trump is
3:18 am
worried about crossing? you have republican secretary of state saying what he's saying about flipping is not true. you have the local people in both counties where he's alleging this happens saying it's not true. >> hold on one second. there is a voter in this county who says it is true. >> and then they check the claim and they say it was wrong. she did it on facebook. >> let me read to what you she said on facebook. this is a voter named lisa, gi voted straight republican ticket and i noticed the republican straight ticket was highlighted, however, the clinton/kaine box was also highlighted. i tried to change it and it took a second election person to get the machine to where i could correct the vote to a straight ticket. be careful and double check your selections before you cast your vote. don't hesitate to ask for help. i had help to get mine changed. that's her story and donald
3:19 am
trump is fastened on it. >> we're going to see this happen time and time again. >> especially on touchscreen machines that have a history of recalibration necessary. >> if they're trying to calculate it for the democrats, i mean -- >> is that in the moment they can deal with this with machines. part of the technology glitches they deal with on a regular basis. he keeps hearing it is happening. >> he based it on this. >> he uses words, explosive words like rigged. the election is rigged. it's not rigged. >> lots of -- >> there's a pattern of this going on all around the country. the establishment and the republican establishment and the media are in collusion. he's absolutely wrong. studies show it. are there going to be problems? absolutely there will be problems. >> abby, the administrator in
3:20 am
charnel of that district in randall county, texas, says absolutely not. not happening in any way shape or form. i stand behind what i do and my machines and my staff. >> there are parties in charge down there. >> at the same time, everybody knows when you undermine elections, it undermines the entire system. and so for trump to come out and say everything is rigged because of the potential of user error or an individual machine needing recalibration is i think something that worries republicans and democrats because they are the ones. elections in this country are run by local officials. if you're in a republican state, your elections are going to be run by a republican. trump has to decide whether thee thinks the entire thing is rigged or just the part that he doesn't like. >> rebecca, he knows if he can get just one of us to say, you know, something about some unvetted facebook account and say that, wow, this is something we have to look at. and then he could really get
3:21 am
people in there. sorry, my neck hurts. >> that's why what trump is saying is so dangerous to the whole democratic system because if one thing goes wrong in one precinct and rigging just a mistake or some kind of machine malfunction, then it does cast this doubt over the whole process and it also gives, you know, people like vladimir putin who is trying to make it look like our election is not above board but for his own political purposes and it gives him an opportunity to come out and say, look, the u.s. democratic system is not working properly. it's not, it's not actually democratic. >> i think it's sort of interesting to see how conspiracy theories start. >> like this. well done. >> i think it's important to let the viewers know what he's referring to. and this is the moment that was retweeted or whatever, shared, 10,000 times. this is the seed that then, you know, gets spread and then it plants the seed of doubt. >> if there are problems, they should be fixed. that is pretty clear. >> there will be problems. it's about scale.
3:22 am
it's about scale and scope and what he does with this information. he didn't say there is this one lady. let's move on to something else. money. i got an e-mail from the campaign, if i give to trump he'll triple the amount i give him. very compelling. i gave nothing, however, turns out, mrs. cuomo gave $15,000. that's the solicitation. if you give, he'll triple it up. when we know the numbers, mark, he matched like less than a third of the number that came in as opposed to tripling it. here's the number up on the screen right now. help us understand this. why isn't he dumping more in? forget about whether he delivered on the promise of the e-mail, this is politics. why isn't he dumping all this money he says he has now? >> he said he was going to put $100 million into this campaign and we're seeing that he only put in less than $60 million, which to him would be $60,000 to most people, right?
3:23 am
but the bottom line is that he would have to drop in another $40 million in the next couple weeks. he's never wanted to spend his money on this campaign. he said time and time again, i'm going to self-fund and he went out and raised money. that's fine. that's what the process is. trump has been notorious in his public life and personal life doesn't like to spend his money. >> he claims $56 million to her $1 million. look at how much more he has put in. >> i'm not defending hillary clinton, she never said i'm self-funding my campaign and not beholding to the special interest. she never said that. he said that. >> i just don't get why, abby. we talked about this, once before. if he has cash on hand like he says he does, what matters more than getting this done and doing everything he can to make it happen. >> yesterday some revelations that within the trump campaign they realize that they are down and that this is going to be tough for them. i think if donald trump is looking at the situation, he's
3:24 am
wondering how much can i put in that will make enough of a difference that it would put me over the top. maybe he's determined it's not enough. maybe there's not enough money that he can put in at this stage to make a difference right now given where he is. >> panel, thank you very much. great to talk to you. so, marco rubio, of course, supporting donald trump. but he's not exactly praising trump or even defending him. is that a winning strategy to get re-elected to the senate? we take a look at that race, next. (vo) when i brought jake home,
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you've been seeing an interesting struggle in the gop. conscious versus convenience. you see it with marco rubio, obviously, running for senate re-election down in florida. he's been dodging questions about whether trump would keep the country safe as president and whether trump is a role model for children. rubio is trying to help republicans keep control of the senate by running in florida. democrats just made an 11th hour move hoping to crush his chances. what is the state of play? cnn senior political reporter manu raju in the state of florida. >> absolutely, chris. remember when marco rubio was running for president, he made it very clear he was going to be a private citizen come january and not run for re-election if he didn't win the white house. that all changed when republican leaders came to him and said you're the only one that can keep this seat in our party's hands. marco rubio is the favorite to win re-election but this
3:29 am
environment got a lot trickier because of donald trump. >> reporter: marco rubio running for re-election in florida in an awkward spot on donald trump. supporting his candidacy but refusing to even say that trump would keep the country safe. >> how confident are you that donald trump would be a good commander in chief and keep this country safe? do you think he can? >> i have deep concerns about hillary clinton. >> would donald trump keep the country safe? >> the military is what keeps us safe. we have to rebuild our military. >> reporter: he also would not say if trump could be considered a role model for his four children. >> like most americans people look at this and say these are not ideal choices. that's one of the reasons i ran for senate. no matter who wins, we will have to strongsenate. >> reporter: confronting senate gop candidates across the country. they need the support of trump backers to win re-election. and also to win over voters who feel alienated by the gop
3:30 am
nominee. yet, if trump gets blown out by clinton, it would dramatically improve the chances of a democratic senate takeover. recent polls in florida make that case. one found clinton ahead of trump and rubio barely leading his democratic challenger, congressman patrick murphy. a separate poll had trump ahead and rubio winning re-election bby ten points. what makes things more uncomfortable his bitter primary fight with trump. >> we have a conartist -- >> reporter: at a debate he made his strategy invoclear. >> what is it going to take for you to unendorse donald trump? >> every question is donald trump. >> reporter: but murphy now getting a last-minute cash infusion with a super pac tied to harry reid promising to make a seven-figure donation to an
3:31 am
outside group. murphy already putting $1 million of his own money to pay for this spanish-language ad with president obama. now, alisyn, obama wants to really beat marco rubio. coming here today to campaign for hillary clinton and patrick murphy, but this state so difficult for democrats because it's so expensive and they have much more winnable states on the map right now, which could be one reason why marco rubio ends up winning re-election. >> so much energy being invested into florida right now. thank you for all of that, manu. up next, your taxes. the presidential candidates have dramatically different plans about what to do about your taxes. so, who will let you keep more of your money? we'll show you in your money, your vote, next.
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reduce the seven tax brackets that currently exist down to just three. >> so far i got it. >> well, listen to this. those tax brackets would be the 12% bracket -- >> i like that one. >> the 25% bracket and the 33% bracket. he also says he will increase the standard deduction. now, for the wealthy, he has some added morsels in here. he will repeal the minimum tax and also -- >> clinton promises her tax plan will not raise taxes only, though, on households earning less than $250,000. that's the main difference. trump says i'm going to lower taxes for everybody. she says that's not the smart thing to do. you should target them. okay. so, she's going to raise them on the wealthiest. how? she's going to implement a buffet rule. the rich would pay 30% of their income in taxes.
3:37 am
>> warren buffett will no longer be in a lower tax bracket than his secretary. also tax on income of $5 million. >> so the super rich would get an additional tax. she's also going to raise the estate tax. we know what that is, the amount of money you can transfer at the end of your life. also the gift tax. she's going to raise that. capital gains taxes on stocks held less than six years, which would be a new dividing line between long insurers. >> let's look at who wins in each one of their plans. the nonpartisan tax policy center says that in trump's plan the wealthiest people would get the biggest tax cuts. those with incomes of more than $3.7 million would see their tax bills cut the most by 14%. most businesses would also get a huge tax cut from him. >> trump also says taxpayers can't claim deductions for each of otheir kids. some working families could
3:38 am
possibly deduct less. and the minimum tax bracket at 12% goes up from 10%. the trump campaign is going to work with congress to make sure no one pays higher taxes under his plan. his proposal now is just a starting point. >> also the median households would see a tax cut of about $1,000. so, who gains the most in the clinton plan? let's look at that now. lower income families would see new tax credits to reimburse them for things like child care and elder care. you heard her talk about all that recently. >> the wealthiest americans will pay more. the tax policy center estimates that 90% of clinton's tax increases will fall on the top 1% of earners. the median earner would see a tax break of 110 bucks a year. >> programs that are funded by the new taxes on the rich would mostly help middle class americans. >> now, as for the federal debt. the tax policy center says trump's plan will increase it by $7 trillion over the next decade. >> that's a problem. they say clinton's proposals
3:39 am
would decrease the federal debt by $1.6 trillion over the next decade. now, keep in mind, that's before clinton starts to spend on any new proposals or the tax cuts or trump cuts any new spending. >> so, the point they're making is here it is on paper. but now once they implement those things and do things with the money and the savings, that could change the impact on the debt. again, you can go to the tax center website and you can see the analysis for yourself. >> the math is now complete. >> abacuses away or whatever the plural of abacus is. just ahead, a look at the role the candidates' spouses are playing in the race. we discuss, next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor?
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. time now for the five things to know for your new day. number one, the ntsb is investigating why a charter plane carrying republican vp nominee mike pence and 47 others
3:44 am
skidded off a runway at laguardia airport last night. happy to say no one was hurt. donald trump telling his supporters the election should, well, be canceled right now and he should be declared the winner. meanwhile, hillary clinton campaigning for the first time with michelle obama. a wild scene erupts at a north dakota pipeline. authorities in riot gear arresting 117 protesters for refusing to leave an encampment near the project. they also used pepper gas and high pitched sirens to force out those demonstrators. brothers found not guilty of federal conspiracy and firearm charges over that armed takeover of an oregon wildlife refuge. still facing charges in nevada. apple unveiling its mac book pro. many new features including a touch bar at the top of the keyboard allowing you to control mac apps with your fingertips.
3:45 am
the price tag fatter. up to $2,400. for more on the five things to know, you can go to for all the latest. for the first time in 71 years, the world series returns to wrigley field tonight. andy sholes leaving the dream has more in this morning's bleacher report. i can't believe all the great stuff you got to cover in the last year. all ties up in a game apiece. both the cubs and indians, they're well aware that nearly every cubs fan has been waiting their whole lives for this moment. >> i know the people who have been waiting for this for a long time are going to saver it and hopefully we can do something to make it even beter. >> i think it will be a tremendous atmosphere. i thought the one in cleveland was, too. i think it's good for baseball. i don't think there's going to be a ton of people cheering for
3:46 am
us. >> now, cheapest ticket to get in to wrigley field tonight going under $2,000 right now on the secondary market. the cubs without kyle schwarber tonight. his knee is not 100%. first pitch tonight a little after 8:00 eastern. eddy george wielding a giant sword before last night's titans/jaguars game. jaguars playing as well as their jerseys looked in this one. it was really bad. two touchdowns for tennessee and titans were up 27-0 at half-time. pretty big snoozer. they go on to win the game. >> nothing is a snoozer, andy, in sports. all fascinating to me, at least. thank so much for all of that. one a former model and the other a formal president. up next, the candidate spouses and the impact they may have on the 2016 election.
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with only 11 days to go until election day, donald trump dropped a bit of a campaign surprise on his wife, melania, on what her role would be in the final stretch of this campaign. >> i might join him. we will see. >> she is actually going to make two or three speeches. and i will tell you, she's amazing when she speaks. she's an amazing public speaker. so, she's agreed to do two or three speeches and i think it's going to be big speeches, important speeches. it's going to be great. >> she's like, i'm sorry, what now? >> meanwhile, hillary clinton's husband, bill, also played a role in the campaign. how will the spouses affect the election. joining us now senior writer mary katherine hamm and kirstin
3:52 am
powell. how effective do you think these spouses are? >> just drop it. >> just telling you when to wrap. >> how effective do you think these spouses will be in the campaign? >> i think for hillary her most effective surrogates are the obamas. and they're going to be much more effective on millennial voters who have a relationship with them. millennial voters don't have a relationship with bill clinton. he's before their time and he's out of sync with them and bill clinton has a tendency to go off script a little bit. >> we have an example of that. well, with obama care he has certainly gone off script a couple times recently. listen to him on the campaign trail this week. >> what are the problems, we can take them off. the co-pays, deductibles and
3:53 am
premiums are too high and the drug prices are too high. so, what does she say we should do? we should bargain for lower drug prices the way the government can now with medicare and medicaid for everybody. >> now, you know, this has been a really controversial thing, m.k. let's bring you in here. the first time that bill went out of the box on this, he said some things that were arguably not true -- >> that is the craziest thing -- >> that may be true, but his numbers about who is getting crushed. how does this play to you for him to come out and acknowledge what is real, the aca has real problems and just how you can fix it because the chance of repealing it is very small. >> look, it's politically tricky. i think it's sort of nice to hear and hillary clinton did some conceding of those facts. had affordable care act is not affordable,other things. he is not at the top of the ticket and he's not following
3:54 am
barack obama as the possible president. he can do that. look, i think the question about each of these spouses, all three of them are far from having to live a normal american life and sort of who can pretend at it best. i think michelle obama is probably closest at this point and also a question of who they're appealing to. melania can do a fine job on the trail and was done a disservice on the rnc when she got the speech that wasn't hers. she appeals mostly to the base. michelle obama reaches some women, college edgeicaucated wo outside the normal clinton base that she needs. the trump campaign probably did some damage to him as a surrogate by having this whole national conversation about the sexual allegations against him. i think that probably did a little damage, even though i think he still has some cachet certainly among the blue collar white voters that they want. >> very quickly. i know it's not good etiquette to talk about the candidates'
3:55 am
spouses especially who may be first lady. but do you think melania trump is relatable to the base? >> i don't. i don't think she's relatable to the average american because she is slovenian super model. and a very welty person. so, i think that i don't think she is relating to people but i think what mary katherine said for people who want a character wince to say i believe him, i trust him. >> the interesting dynamic is that trump has a strained relationship with his wife optically, outwardly. the way they lied about the speech at the convention that wasn't her who was lying, it was the campaign that set her up for that. at the al smith dinner the only real shot trump took at himself he took at melania, his wife, who didn't see it coming. did you see the look on her face
3:56 am
when she said my wife gives the same speech as michelle obama. doesn't hillary's relationship work because she has been so forgiving. >> that was not the super nicest thing to do to her. she is a person who is perfectly smart and speaks many languages and can go out and get the job done and i don't think her husband or the campaign has helped her do that in this brand-new situation for her. and i think her getting surprised in that interview is another example of that. >> here is michelle obama who i know you think is a fine surrogate and perhaps the best along with barack obama making the case for hillary clinton yesterday. listen to this. >> yeah. that's right. hillary doesn't play. she has more experience and exposure to the presidency than
3:57 am
any candidate in our lifetime. yes, more than barack, more than bill. so, she is absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one. and, yes, she happens to be a woman. >> okay. how about that first argument, kirsten. more experience than any candidate in our lifetime. >> if you look at the fact that she's a u.s. senator, she was the secretary of state, she was a first lady and she was certainly there in the white house and saw, she was playing somewhat of a partner role. didn't go so well in some ways but still saw everything that was going on there. you can make an argument that on paper she has a lot of experience and then you add in all her experience leading up to the white house. she is a very successful lawyer. i don't know if you can say necessarily the most experience of anybody, but i think what she is getting at is this idea that you hear the trump people saying
3:58 am
she's never done anything. she just married bill clinton and now she's supposed to be president. that's not really what happened. >> ladies, thank you. great to talk to you. have a great weekend. a lot of news. new poll numbers to discuss, as well. what do you say, let's get to it. >> we have an issue on the air force. >> a plane carrying mike pence skidding out of control. >> the plane was pretty close to grave, grave danger. >> dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot in this election. >> locker room talk. the microphone was not supposed to be on. certainly it was an illegal act. >> they are trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter. >> she shouldn't even be allowed to run for president. >> donald, you're the one who's got a lot to learn about everything else that makes america great. this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. we do have breaking news for you on this new day because the ntsb
3:59 am
is investigating this morning a near disaster here in new york last night. this charter plane carrying donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence, skidding off the runway during a rain storm at laguardia airport. the plane coming to a stop just yards from a major busy highway. >> the good news, no one was hurt. this morning crews are hard at work trying to get the plane off the runway. as you see there. but they can't completely remove it until the ntsb figures out why this happened. deb feyerick with the breaking details. deb? >> well, chris, we can tell you the ntsb is on its way here and investigators taking a close look to why exactly that plane overshot the runway. those are the words that officials used last night. why it overshot the runway and landed, essentially, where it did. the braking conditions were classified as good, which an official says is the highest classification. all of that is going to be under investigation as the ntsb
4:00 am
officials arrive here within the hour. >> we have an emergency in the airport. >> reporter: a frightening experience for donald trump's running ma running mate, mike pence. flying in from fort dodge, iowa, skidding off the runway upon landing at new york's laguardia airport. >> we moving down the runway much more quickly than a plane should be going if it's landing. >> reporter: investigators will be looking at a variety of factors, including weather. one law enforcement source telling cnn it appears pence's plane came in too fast and landed too late on a rain-soaked runway. the plane was slowed, thanks to cement blocks installed at the end of the runway preventing the plane from careening on to a major highway. >> the plane ended up in the arrester bed at the end of the runway. destroyed about 80 arrester bed blocks. >> reporter: the plane coming to a stop dangerously close to


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