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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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politics." i'm john king. it is a fabulously beautiful fall day in the nation's capital. thanks for sharing time with us. millions already voting making it for a busy day on the campaign trail. donald trump due in new hampshire this hour. hillary clinton due soon in iowa. the running mates also in big battlegrounds. president obama again in florida focusing on early voting. guess what? in a brand new hillary clinton tv ad. >> all the progress we made these last eight years is on the ballot. civility is on the ballot. respect for women is on the ballot. tolerance is on the ballot. equality is on the ballot. send a message by votes for hillary clinton! >> plus, hey, why wait? signs galore of postelection maneuvering like this. would vice president joe biden will hillary clinton's secretary
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of state? and serious voting on any supreme court nomination? and anyone donald trump won't threaten to sue? >> the microphone was not supposed to be on, not that i make that as an excuse for myself, certainly it was an illegal act that was nbc. >> an illegal act. uh-huh. with us to share reporting and insights, jonathan martin, jackie ckucinich and others. in manchester, new hampshire, a long lichst of battleground stas trump needs to win. yesterday it was ohio. toledo to be exact. >> just thinking to myself right now we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump. right? what are we even having it for? what are we having it for? her policies are oh saso bad.
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>> if we cancelled the election we can't have all of this fun. talked about big differences. one big differences underscoring trump's progress. reports timed last night show hillary clinton's campaign. look at the number. $62 million left in the bank. donald trump just shy of $16 million. i should say everybody jump in, a huge deficit. it matters in the end. got more money. most accounts a better nuts and bolts operation on the ground. donald trump just told bret baier who kit a check today from his own none put into the campaign. that $10 million gets him up to $66 million. >> i don't think he expected to be held accountable for that nap he actually -- just say, yeah, $100 million. now that his campaign does not have nearly as much money as hillary clinton's in the home stretch, you know, people are asking him where that money is. >> it matters. money matters in the end for little things and big things. tv ads, also g.o. tv calls, get
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out the vote. >> yes. you have to create a serious white house campaign, and to do that you have to have hundreds of millions of dollars, and in every measure he has not done that. it's not a sort of full-fledge modern era campaign for president. it's more of a hybrid campaign and kind of personality promotion-type endeavor. but that's the sort of trump way. real fast, john, this question how much he's put in, yeah, he's put in i guess it's $42 million. >> $56 million i believe. >> okay. but you have to minus the money he's gotten back in the process. >> right. totally. >> from his own properties and his plane. keep in mind, paying himself for rent of his campaign office in trump tower, for use of his own plane and events at trump properties all over the country. >> plus hedging bets a little bit. doesn't want to have to pour in more money. to lose, worse thing ever done in this life to have to run and lose and now he's pressured to
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put in even more money into a campaign that maybe isn't going the way he would like. >> exactly. money matters in the close race. from everything we're seeing in the polls in every battleground states and national polls across the country, this ceased to be a close race a long time ago. could you throwing good money after bad. the reason so many republican donors who could easily cut those checks haven't been doing it, they don't want to make a mad investment either, where the real money investment comes from. other republican donors who don't like what donald trump stands for, the way he's run his campaign or both. >> look at this report to your point, chelsea clinton given a check. john podesta. none of the trump children have put any money into their dad's campaign. talked about the change election. incumbent president, eight years in the building behind us. normally a change environment.
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talked yesterday, the president's approval rating, 55% in our new poll. donald trump goes last night ohio today new hampshire talking about the economy stinks. you need a change because you can't get a job, but the government today reporting in the last quarter it's been a sluggish year, but the last quarter the economy grew at nearly 3%. one of donald trump's problems, in my view, goes to battleground states and tells people things are horrible, well, voters don't listen to politicians unless it reflects their life. ohio, florida, pennsylvania, new hampshire and nevada. all of these states donald trump needs to get to 270. when president obama came to office in a deep ditch recession. low everywhere except pennsylvania. lowest in the country. can you tell people everything stinks? >> the economy hasn't bounced back, economically depressed area, very blue collar. used to be very democratic,
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trending red. one of the things he's doing, picking places that haven't necessarily seen the recovery than other parts of the state that have. ohio has a republican governor who would disagree vehemently but that's one of the ways that his message is resonating. talking to people who haven't felt that. >> the problem with that is that he goes to loudon county in virginia. >> yeah. >> a booming suburb of washington, d.c., which has done pretty well thanks to the government and talking about closed down factories and coal moonors. don't give him too much credit. >> in august, but still. >> he's preaching doom and gloom wherever he goes because he has one message. the closing statement he made at the third and final debate was to excoriate president obama at a time when the incumbent's number are on the rise and over 50% in many polls knop strategy here involved. let's not pretend there is. he's saying stuff because -- the base he has responds to it effectively. but not a message that's going to capture a majority of voters in the country.
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>> fascinating, he creates a make america great again message and la to kind of stick to that. look at polling people saying, you know, do you -- feel like the country's on the right track? well, most people say it's not on the right track. now, who do you blame for that, though? look at the congressional approval ratings and the party approval ratings far belpresidet obama's ratings. yes, difficult to follow a president of your own party, but when the president's approval rating is above 50% and you had donald trump suddenly change his message in the last couple days saying, don't let anybody tell you america's not great. it is great and the people here are great and believe in its future. it's like this message is counter to everything he had been running on. people don't feel it because of wage stagnation and the rest, it's very difficult to swim against the tide of that data and demographic change. >> talk to voters and listen in on focus groups, this kind of thing, the difference between
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now and 2008 or even 2012 is that people still feel like everything's not okay. but they know longer feel desperate enough to take a dig chance. i think hillary clinton anticipated running a much more dicey campaign with regard to her potential predecessor and so telling to see an ad with barack obama in it. >> right. >> that is not, i think, an ad they expected to cut at the beginning of the campaign. you saw her positioning herself as different from him, positioning her as a departure from his administration. the fact she's able to make the case for straight continuity for literally a third obama term is remarkable and tells you something. >> her team knew they had to win the obama coalition. a mistake to distance himself from bill clinton when fairly popular and a mistake to distance themselves from president obama when he won 51% of the electorate twice. >> she wanted his voters. right about that, but molly is right in the sense that at the outset of this campaign, they were planning to -- >> looking for one or two -- >> triangulate, yeah.
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have to say more of the good, less of some other. >> a hawk on foreign policy and more this than that. >> right. summer of 2014, don't forget, memorably, the dust up. hillary criticized obama for saying don't do stupid stuff, it's not -- >> in the atlantic. >> is not a message, in the atlantic, venerable -- >> all politics -- >> exactly. the obama folks hit back at her. that was all her trying to figure out how can i create some distance on some things? >> just in case. the other issue for trump, on prompter the last couple of days focusing on what his campaign wants him to talk about. drain the swamp in washington, get a job, hillary clinton is crooked. get to details in a minute. as always, steps in his own way, putting it politely. he wants to do media interviews. behand, make yourself more accessible but went on bill o'reilly, asked about the "access hollywood" tape, owned by nbc. donald trump on that tape, his
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voice talking about groping women, about things that are crimes. here's donald trump's take on it last night. >> you know that was a private dressing room. yeah, that was -- >> are you going to take legal action? >> well, you'll see. you'll see. >> so it's possible you might? >> but i will -- i will tell you first of all, shouldn't have been said, but it was -- you know, it was locker room talk, and, yeah. i mean, you know, we're going to find out soon enough. i will tell you. >> it's not locker room talk. say it every time. it's not locker room talk. but we'll find out soon enough. why doesn't he just say, bill, i don't want to talk about that now. the american people need job. american people, want to talk about the clinton corruption, changing washington. why can't he dispolice himsecip to not take the bait. >> can't let it go. feels he's wrong but can't let it go. you heard a little kellyanne interjecting, it's not excusing what i said. you heard that.
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>> relatively disciplined trump. the fact that was the most newsworthy bit from that interview is thin for the outrages we've come to expect when he's really off the cuff. the fact is he can't just avoid doing himself harm turning this thing around. he has ho become a completely different person and win over people who don't like him and interviews like that don't accomplish that. >> and sometimes when he speaks, clearly a guy who's never run for office anymore and charming and appealing to voters in ways he doesn't speak the language of washington but sometimes speaks as if you're saying the 1940s and '50s called want their candidate back. donald trump talking about the problems in america's inner cities. >> we're going to work on our ghettos, so that you take a look what's going on where you have pockets of areas of land where you have the inner cities and you have so many things, so many problems, so many horrible, horrible problems. >> we're going to work on our
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ghettos? >> it's like -- unfrozen -- he stepped off the john lindsay walking through the sort of bombed out south bronx set. from, like, the mid-60s talking about the cities and it's almost like the commission, this is such dated talk, and somebody pointed out, donald trump lives in the inner city himself. >> well, manhattan. >> kind of up -- a little higher. >> lives in a city, though! >> but the point being, american cities have been rejuvenated in the last 20 years. there's -- all kinds of gentrification. certainly in new york, and washington, and every city and reflective from a candidate coming from a different era. >> and the candidate's base. i wrote an article how his base is elderly voters. the only age group he ever wins in poll is voter over 65. for a lot of those people they haven't been near an inner city in the last 30, 40 years. they remember the 1950s or the '60s and '70s when the cities
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were scary. he is speaking as -- the point made many times before about his minority outreach. the people he's really speaking to are the white voters who share those impressions. >> i would say, though, this is another example of entry-level trump. you could go through a list of issues. abortion, talking about how women should, you know, potentially go to prisons. that made pro-life advocates nuts, because they've spent decades, generations trying to figure how to message on some of the more thorny issues. think about his bad hombres said at the debate. blowing iranian ships out of the water. the kinds of things not only a polished candidate, reads briefing books, can figure out the message and the get onboard with the usual saleable talking points are and you know, shoot from the hip all you want when you ignore some of that stuff. it's going to hurt you. >> i want to note before going to break, candidates said in the
9:14 am
past and said in the past should be health accountable for. hillary clinton says abandoned african-americans in this campaign, probably as much as anybody for the african-american community. trump then, trump now. it happens. next a campaign award for best supporting surrogate, vote might be just unanimous. >> this is truly an unpress dented election. and that's why i'm out here.
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gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. welcome back to "inside politics." the big rails supporters and
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surrogates wind up the crowds and then the confronted comes on making the closing appeal. a little different in wince stock market salem, north carolina, indeed, respect for women and girls is also on the ballot in this election. [ cheers and applause ] and i want to thank our first lady for her eloquent, powerful defense of that basic value. >> candidate first? smartly, and then the closer. >> because here's where i want to get real. if hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us. it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be because we did not vote for her. and that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. that's the strategy. to make this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want any
9:20 am
part of it. so when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy, and saying that this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. the voters decide our elections. they've always decided. voters decide who wins and who loses, period, end of story. >> period, end of story. she's not just a good communicator. and i'm sorry if you're a republican watching and don't like this. this is not taking sides. not just a good commuter but she's smart. at these events talking about early voting. leave now to vote. goes back to north carolina while in north carolina yesterday, we won north carolina in 2008 by three or two votes pe precinct lost in 22012. 17 votes. my vote does matter. >> hard to attack her, a first lady not looking to run after
9:21 am
being in the white house, and she's still very popular and she and president obama are young enough to be able to campaign vigorously for their preferred candidate. something you haven't really ever seen before. >> wasn't really age. more to do with popularity. >> age, sickness, popularity. absolute absolutely. and she does -- she is -- >> or in bill clinton's case, welcome. relatively young, just not necessarily welcome. talk about this in the last 11 days. we counts the votes november 8th. it's won or lost today. president obama back in florida tonight. just there the other day, because it's the mother of all toss-up states still on the map, 29 electoral votes. look at the numbers from catalyst paying to get these numbers. 7.2 million of them in battleground states. a florida has the most. that number hits 2 million today i bet. and in colorado, iowa, north
9:22 am
carolina and nevada. republicans an edge in terms of ballot returns in arizona, florida and utah. democrats say not as behind in florida as in 2012 and won florida in the end. those numbers look better for republicans now but democrats actually compared to the last campaign, we're okay here. this is now 40% of americans we estimate will vote early. this is now the election and when you have the clinton campaign that can put the first lady and president out send bill clinton out, send bernie sanders and elizabeth warren out, and donald trump has mike pence. >> and arizona utah in that list. that's not normal, in the last couple election cycles. that in and of itself. >> pretty much not in this century. >> right. >> no question the clinton campaign has been effectively run but with, you know, a -- homage to chris rock, doing what they're supposed to do! you're running a functional campaign for the highest office in the land in the world's most powerful country. of course it's going to be sf t
9:23 am
sophisticated and cutting edge and target voters, plan your schedule around the early vote start dates. what you're supposed to do. it's the fact the other candidate isn't doing the basic things that's so striking. >> and context. hillary clinton is doing pretty well in places like nevada. north carolina. florida, where she seems to be ahead in early voting. these are all places that not only does donald trump have to compete and do well, he has to win all of them. has to win florida, north carolina, ohio, iowa, nevada, and then pick off, you know, a state leaning towards hillary clinton. by the way, for this weekend, let's watch in florida. even though sort of a tie now compared to where it was in 2012, you're going to have the jennifer lopez concert in miami. that is going to be all tied to early voting, and on sunday, souls to the polls getting lots of voters out and democrats are doing this in north carolina, by the way, with fewer precincts this time around than they had and maintaining pace. >> the other thing hillary clinton is doing is she's campaigning in a lot of battleground senate states. >> right.
9:24 am
>> i was with her last weekend and she went to pennsylvania and she campaigned with katie mcginty. went to north carolina campaigned with deborah ross. new hampshire, campaigned with maggie hassan. targeting the states where she is now hopefully for democrats lift up the bottom of the ticket, because -- at this point, there are so many targets for the democrats and there are so few for donald trump, that they can afford to focus their attention on the ballot, convince those democratic voters crossover voters he need to vote democratic. >> you mentioned the democratic senate candidates are with hillary clinton when she does these events. kelly ayotte in vermont. pat toomey runs to ohio in north carolina, richard burr nowhere to be found. republicans won't stand with donald trump but will with hillary clinton. hillary clinton think they have momentum, surrogates on the trail, doing well in early voting they think. go to wikileaks or listen to donald trump on the campaign trail talking of late of bill clinton inc. and all this
9:25 am
concern inside the clinton campaign. not just out in republican land. her own campaign staff say, ooh. some doesn't look good. yes, clintons foundation is a charity, does wonderful things and does do important and wonderful thing around the world but is he making a boatload of money off on the side or staff personally on the side? donald trump puts it this way -- >> if the clintons were willing to play this fast and loose with their enterprise when they weren't in the white house, just imagine what they'll do given the chance to once again control the oval office. and we've had enough. honestly i think we've had enough of the clintons, in all fairness. >> it's really an effective line. >> really. >> voters decide if we've had enough of the clintons. voters get to decide. do this again? a perfectly fair question can she get to election day without taking questions about this? they say russians hacked the
9:26 am
e-mails. not talking about it. a foreign state actor meddles, that's important, but what can the e-mails tell us? get to election day without a news conference or doing a few interviews and addressing serious issues about, a., what happened, and b., what if president? what will you to do be certain this doesn't happen again? >> she ought to be accountable and answer. a different question whether she will before election day but certainly should. he's e-mails are exactly the kinds of thing that people have concerns over when it comes to the clintons and how they mix their political and personal and -- charitable endeavors. if you have a republican candidate for president who could prosecute the case and doesn't have a sort of o'hare-type level of his own baggage coming through it would be a really tough story for her in the final weeks of the campaign trail. imagine if you had a republican candidate who could hammer that
9:27 am
thing? a very different story now. >> if he were able to say she's status quo and stick to a status quo message and people have had enough of the clintons to take half of what barbara bush had said. enough of the bushes and the clintons. able to hammer that message and make something effective on change, he hasn't been able to do that hasn't been able to make that case and it's been really difficult but tells you something how hillary clinton would govern. so many -- you can pretty much be assured ambassadors are still going to be the people given donations, and plum posts. want a zone of privacy. why she set up this e-mail server in the first place. questions of hillary clinton's forthrightness that her campaign and the people around her very much knew in the beginning and something that the wikileaks e-mail certainly -- >> i hope and think that trying to hold other accountable for what happened in the past hopefully gets a lesson in the future. as we move on, the trump campaign is changing the way we look at the electoral map.
9:28 am
most of the changes, not to trump's liking.
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calling it the map. we call it magic wall. governor mike pence's running mate, well, not so much. >> did you get the latest spin? got the latest spin this morning -- saw some tv people out saying, yeah, it looks like he's winning in florida, winning in ohio. but still got their map out. i don't think he can win -- >> sorry, governor. it's not spin, it's math. math at the moment shows how tough for donald trump. michigan, a state early on donald trump thought he could win. brand new polling today shows hillary clinton with a consistent lead in the state of michigan. tough then for donald trump if trying to turn that one from blue to red. iowa is a state where donald trump led for much of the fall campaign. but as we head into the final days, both candidates there today, both secretary clinton and donald trump look at this. a tie in iowa. 44-44 heading into the final days. donald trump needs that one if his math to 270 is going to work. plus, donald trump unable to find an opportunity in virginia. remember, twice went for obama.
9:33 am
republicans thought they could get it back this time. yet another poll. a long list showing hillary clinton with a healthy lead in the state of virginia. seven points in this poll, bigger in other polls. unlikely donald trump can count on virginia in its 13 electoral votes and plus donald trump still having problems in the ruby red states. look at this in virginia. the republican nominee finds himself in a dead heat, maybe up a point in ruby red georgia heading into the final ten days that's tough. governor pence, why we say it isn't spin. it's math. the race get to 270. the map at moment favors hillary clinton. 272 already enough. if you're donald trump thinking how do i come bkucome back? here's the problem. at risk of losing georgia. iowa. struggling still out in utah and arizona. relatively red conservative territory. a path to a comeback for donald trump? maybe a really steep hill or as governor pence puts it, from
9:34 am
ind. think of the indianapolis. thinks we're only at 400. >> go out and continue to earn it. in ind nianapolis know a lot abt racing. we're going to race to the checkered flag and continue to lay out that choice. >> we're going to chase to the checkered flag. my question, how many cars are going off the wall in the final days here? >> and has the checkered flag waved for the winner? it's -- so far behind at this point. hard to see where the map is and which way their car is going. to continue with the metaphor. >> yeah. governor pence is in a difficult spot here. he is a -- veteran politician who understands how to stay on message and keep to his talking points. basically every question he gets when he gets the interviews he does fairly often, either -- why are you losing so bad or, donald trump said xwch, y, z.
9:35 am
how do you respond to that? they are losing, a., both in polls and challenges in early voting and trump says thing he can't really defend. so it's -- a tough gig. >> to the analogy you made earlier trump has to be perfect. look at the map. go tluz through the maps, such year. volatile. coming up bottom of the eighth down two runs and has to be perfect to turn every state. no room for error. governor pence trying to keep morale up of republicans there. never mind what we talk about. listen to what republicans saying. this is marco rubio, my colleague manu raju, marco rubio returning for re-election in florida. rubio favored but close. the question, will donald trump keep us safe? >> i have deep concerns about hillary clinton. she was the secretary of state, and the policies she supported led to chaos and disaster around the world. quite frankly, i don't trust hillary clinton with intelligence information. >> will donald trump keep the
9:36 am
country safe? >> again, the military is what keeps us safe and we have to rebuild our military and she is a supporter of defense cuts and ski sequester damaging to our country. >> two times. two times the question was, will donald trump keep us safe? two times, marco rubio didn't mention the republican nominee for president. >> yeah. >> like many other senate candidates tacitly conceded in messaging donald trump is not going to be president and selling himself as a check on a potential hillary clinton presidency. so you know, this is another problem that donald trump has, is that the senate candidates are not surrogates for him anymore, arguing against him. saying we expect hillary clinton to be president. elect me anyway and trying desperately to keep up enthusiasm of rank and file republican voters seeing the writing on the wall and decide it's not worth their time on the way home from work and in between leaving the office,
9:37 am
getting to day care, maybe don't have time to vote. >> marco rubio one of two candidates doing really well in his senate race outstripping where donald trump is and you get the sense, not to be too cynical laying a 2020 foundation there? >> hush you, hush. no politician is thinking of the next election during this election. >> never. >> it's impossible. how dare you. just found ow, shut, hillary cl is going to arizona next wednesday. bernie sanders has been out there. hillary clinton going to arizona. john mccain telling colleagues he thinks it's real. a real chance to win ruby red arizona. mitt romney won by ten points last cycle. incumbent republican in illinois. tough in a presidential year. an american hero served in iraq, purple star, named award, she's got it. took offense. >> my family served this nation
9:38 am
in uniform going back to the revolution. i'm a daughter of the american revolution and bled tore this nation. >> i had forgotten your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington. >> a purple heart i should have said. gone on twitter saying, an earlier statement trying to defend, offered most sincere appaology to tammy duckworth. her dad a marine. they can trace their history back to serving in the revolution. look, he's going to probably lose this race and lose this race big, but she is, sitting next to an american hero. like, why? >> and that was -- video cringe-worthy. and striking, though, last night he didn't come out and apologize immediately. this came out today rather than after it was actually said. >> and trump's campaign manager immediately throw him under the bus. piling on saying, hey, he chose not to endorse us. but at the same time, there is this parallel and the republican party has to be worried about these constant kinds of remarks,
9:39 am
whether from the top of the ticket or from republicans in battlenground senate races who say these kinds of comments and wind up alienating minority voters they need. >> up next, early postelection positioning. joe biden polishes his resume and bernie sanders wants hillary clinton's cabinet list. check it twice. see who's naughty or nice, to wall street. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ welcome back. he served four decades nearly in the nights senate. eight years at vice president. joe biden knows there's a big adjustment when the new administration takes office in the white house in just 83 days. >> i'm not going away. i have been so proud of being involved in public service that i'm not sure exactly how i'm going to do it, other than the structure of, you know, american political system. >> sounds whimsical there. what "cbs face the nation" this
9:44 am
weekend. but first reported, sows telling us the same thing joe biden may be on the list to be hillary clinton's secretary of state if she wins. question, is that real or just nice? when people leak out transition things? joe biden working his tail off for hillary clinton in the campaign. just being nice or is it real? >> a nice diversion from wikileaks, what it is. a day or segment talking about joe biden. >> mighty cynical of you, lad! >> i know. but you know, i'm not sure anybody asked joe biden yet and a little presumptuous. the short list isn't exactly very long for who potentially could do that job in the democratic administration. >> speaking of wikileaks, the hacks do show that the clinton folks tread lightly when it comes to joe biden and his ego and so i think that there is something to that, john, of trying to offer a reward here, but that said, i don't want to be too cynical about this. i do think that there are people in the clinton orbit think he would be a capable secretary of state and perhaps could do it at
9:45 am
the outset. i'm skeptical he would want to stay and do that. >> two people with very different ways looking at the military and -- >> absolutely. >> weren't exactly on the same page in the obama white house. right? on foreign policy. >> and joe biden spent eight years working for somebody else. it's really questionable whether he would want to do another term working for somebody else, or whether, you know, in his sort of swan song, if he wants to work for himself for a change. >> yes. >> and be in charge of something. hillary clinton was secretary of state herself. she obviously has her own very firm conception how the united states foreign policy needs to be run. it is not joe biden's run for foreign policy and would probably want somebody with her verse rather than his. >> and look at this in the "boston glob" ob ep-ed.
9:46 am
we don't need someone goes from wall street to lead wall street. bernie sanders not a gentle warning shot at secretary clinton. making your list of nominees, i will be watching you. >> he and elizabeth warren are not going away. they are going to -- the campaigning done for her, bernie sanders and his coalition, that he put together during the primary, that's not going away and they're going to be a thorn in hillary clinton's side. no doubt about it. >> liberal angst there. on to republicans. ted cruz campaigning noting if hillary clinton wins, one vacancy that already exists. ted cruz says, hey, maybe the senate wouldn't have to consider any of them. >> you know, i think there will be plenty of time for debate on that issue. there is certainly long, historical precedent for a supreme court with fewer justices. you know? i would note recently justice breyer observed it's not in
9:47 am
capacity to do its job and those are debates we're going to have. >> those are debates we're going to have and on the house side, jason chaffetz, at the moment chairman of the house government and reform, i think i got it right. on day one ready to start investigations even before president for hillary clinton because of things done with wikileaks, et cetera. what we should expect talking about blocking supreme court picks and gaveling investigations as she goes down pennsylvania avenue? >> i do no know the answer to that. whether this is the stance they'll take and a lot of hillary clinton's presidency hinges on this question and is out of her control in a sense, because the stance republicans take, and i think we can expect her to make very aggressive overtures to the republicans. i think the people on her team believe she will be better at dealing with congress, dealing with obstruction than the obama team which was often criticized
9:48 am
even by democrats for being rather detached from the process, but there's only so much she can do and a lot will depend whether republicans when they look at what many see at the wreckage of their party decide to take a more constructive attack. >> and going to arizona to get a big win to give a moral and mathematical leverage making this message with republicans. see how it turned out. up ex-next, what early math tells us about your interests in this election.
9:49 am
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all right. let's head around, along the "inside politics" table ask reporters to give you a sneak peek into the notebooks. >> battleground arizona. hillary clinton going there next week after some of her top tier surrogates. there, bernie sanders, of course, michelle obama were
9:53 am
there. i was out there this week. important to note about arizona, yes, a rising hispanic population and great unease in the mormon community about donald trump candidacy. here's two other, or three other smaller things to mention. one, controversial sheriff arpaio is on the ballot in the largest county in the state, galvanized hispanics separately from trump. also a ballot measure to legalize marijuana and raise the minimum wage. two issues key democrats say to get a young voters out in arizona. >> keep an eye on that one. jackie? >> the rnc had a conference call this morning, and the first words out of david bossy, trump's deputy campaign manager's mouth, emphasis there is unity between the rnc and the campaign. now, the rest of the call was positive, but it is, it was striking that 11 days out to have the deputy campaign manager for the trump campaign have to say that they are unified with the republican party and it
9:54 am
really reminds you and re-emphasizes they're having trouble in states staying eun 235 unified with the party on the ground. >> everything's fine. >> they keep telling you that, tells you something. molly? >> talked before about early voting numbers. 13 million people already voted. talk about a low turnout election. people so discouraged about both nominees everybody would not want to vote. that is not what we are seeing. voting is ahead of pace of 2012. possibly even on pace for 2008-like turnout, signifying in fact either there is excitement around this election or more likely, the clinton campaign machine in particular is forcing people out to vote. doing what it was structured to do, particularly infrequent voters and the types of constituencies that democrats need. young voters, minority voters, having success if pushing them out to the polls and that is going to be the key to everything and could mean that
9:55 am
potentially there is very lopsided turnout in this election. >> turnout. democrat/republican, martian, ig no ago nofg, independent, please vote. >> a magic wand get done whatever they want. they need all of congress to get done what they want done. donald trump wants to implement multimillion dollar -- hillary clinton was a jobs plan on infrastructure and manufacturing, tax the wealthy to pay for some of this and immigration, if able to win and showing latinos have come to her side more so than past years. one thing is absolutely clear, though, in these first 100 days, there is not going to be some kind of kum ba yah moments. okay? november 9th, permanent investigation likely to begin if hillary clinton does win. it's not going to be, you know,
9:56 am
morning in america. >> not. not morning in america. how quickly with this? record in 2014 in north carolina moat expensive. how would you spend $120 million? i bet not all on a pennsylvania senate race. the moat expensive senate campaign in american history. wow. $120 million, to be beating in two years, i'm sure. "wolf" is here after the break. see you tomorrow. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first -- the sprint through crucial make or break states on the road to the white house. we're less than 11 days and counting until the presidential election here in the united states, and the candidates, they are in a race to the finish line. donald trump holds a rally soon in manmanchester, new hampshire. keeping our eyes on that. one of three


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