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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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still undecided and now this happens. >> everywhere you go people feel like they just can't make a decision. they don't particularly like either one of them but they realize the importance of the vote and the importance of the vote in florida with 29 electoral college votes and the last three races in our state being decided by just 1%. it's just a struggle for so many people to make that choice yet they know the importance of florida and their vote to their country, really. >> and this weekend is big because why? >> a lot of people are going to be voting early. we've seen regard numbers already. we have a couple for counties coming online, this will be the first weekend they have early voting so people will be watching the news today and many of them planned to go vote tomorrow. you never know what this is going to do but you have to think it's going to affect some people's vote. >> adam, i came down here, flipped on the tv, ad after ad i'm being clubbed over the face with these political ads in florida and my biggest take away
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is the money the republicans have thrown into marco rubio's race to hold on to his senate seat. congressman patrick murphy was thrilled he was going to have an influx of money to help him in these final 11 days, now this. >> and any day donald trump is outof the headlines is a great day for rubio because donald trump is the biggest obstacle to marco rubio winning reelection. if i were the trump campaign i would be praying they locked trump in a closet for a few days so they talk about nothing but clinton. >> final note before we go into the week end in florida? >> absolutely this is a stunning story. the whole state will be tuned in tonight and it will affect people's vote. >> saw san and ausan and adam, continue on, top of the hour. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we continue on here, i'm brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn, we are live in tampa, florida. i was all set to focus on
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florida today as far as politics is concerned, the biggest prize of the battleground states but then came brtz breaking news in the race for presidency. fbi director james comey once again deciding to reopen the re revi review hillary clinton's use of private e-mails while she was secretary of state. let's begin with evan perez. we have cnn's phil mattingly in iowa, in cedar rapids at that hillary clinton rally but evan, do we know what it is about the e-mails that caused the fbi to take a look? we don't know what these e-mails were, we don't know who sent them, we know they were not sent by hillary clinton and we know they were e-mails not in the possession of the fbi, it was
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not on anything they had previously examined as part of the investigation into the clinton e-mail server. we do know according to officials we've been talking to that it was -- these e-mails were found on a device that the fbi didn't have in its possession during that year-long investigation. in other words, it was on a dwas they hadn't previously examined and that has come into their possession as part of an unrelated investigation. that investigation, we don't know it's not related to the wikileaks investigation. there's still questions here the fbi sending three paragraph letter to members of congress updating them because he previously testified before congress and the three paragraphs now everybody is trying to parse exactly what he says because he says in connection with an unrelated case the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to this
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investigation. it's important to adhere that comey is not saying he knows the material is significant. he says "we don't know the significance of this but it's important for the investigative team, the team from the fbi's counterintelligence division" to take another look and see whether or not this affects the outcome that comey announced back in july saying he was recommending no charges against hillary clinton. of course 11 days, brooke, before this election, this is not something the fbi had anticipated. comey had -- precisely this is the thing he was trying to avoid by trying to wrap up that investigation back in july to make sure the voters had the information before they started casting ballots and now there are over 10 million people who've already cast ballots with new information comes out from the fbi. >> and many people casting ballots including here in the state of florida this weekend and this could be on their minds. phil mattingly, to you, sir, you were on hillary clinton's campaign plane with many of her
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top advisors, top aides and they didn't learn the news until you landed. what was their response? >> that's exactly right, brooke. the flight usually has wi-fi, we cannot get wi-fi over the course of the 2:20 flight from new york to iowa and so as we were landing everybody's iphones and blackberries started lighting up at the same time, including hillary clinton's closest advisors. as we were deplaning one of the advisors looked at me and said "i'm learning about this at the same time you are." so in terms of what evan was saying, there's a lot of questions, the state department wasn't aware of this as well, including the clinton campaign on that. hillary clinton started speaking here behind me 20 minutes ago, hasn't addressed the issue specifically but said something that made my ears perk up. she says "donald trump still thinks he can win this election, and you know what? he's right. anything can happen." that was in the context of something else but on a day like today with news like we've been getting over the course of the
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last hour that rings particularly true. it will be interesting to see when hillary clinton addresses this. it doesn't appear like it will come out during these remarks in front of this iowa crowd in cedar rapids, brooke. >> maybe not this rally but at some point i imagine she will need to respond. phil and evan stay with me. republicans are pouncing all over this, including the man at the top of the republican ticket, donald trump himself. he was at a rally. he spoke in manchester, new hampshire, saying this is another example of hillary clinton's being corrupt. here he was. >> i need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement. [ cheers and applause ] the fbi -- [ cheers and applause ] -- has just sent a letter to congress informing them that
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they have discovered new e-mail s pertaining to the former secretary of state hillary clinton's investigation. [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] and they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of ameri america. hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen
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befo before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right to horrible his stake that they made. [ cheers and applause ] this was a grave miscarriage of justice that the american people fully understood and it is everybody's hope that it is to be corrected. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was donald trump a little while ago, let's discuss
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this, brianna keilar is back with me, also with us the senior politics reporter for "usa today" heidi perez bela and josh green. welcome to all of you. just to reiterate the new piece of information we have from the fbi that this law enforcement official telling us these e-mails that are apparently the ones in question that are being reviewed, this is from a device the fbi didn't have and we know these are not hillary clinton's specific e-mails. that said, brianna keilar, we talked before hillary clinton took to the stage there in kreetdar rapids, it appears she will not be addressing that in the immediate rally but you think she talks about it before the end of the day today? >> sorry, brooke, are you talking to me? i have all kinds of people in my ear. >> i am, yes. >> sorry about that. >> no worries. let me just -- go ahead. >> i was going to say i don't
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know if she's going to. right now they're figuring this out. she's add this event that's not surprising to me that we haven't heard from her about this or she hasn't used it as an opportunity because as we know she landed there in cedar rapids and there hadn't been, according to our phil mattingly, any wi-fi so there were a lot of people around her, some of her top aides, who weren't abreast of what was going on and you know so they're formulating that. she's out there campaigning, she's here at this rally so so she doesn't have her head together with anyone on her team to figure out what's going on but there are a lot of people no doubt on the clinton campaign who are trying to figure out how to deal but this is i think a situation where they're trying to find more information. we're getting it as we see here that we have a source saying that this doesn't have to do with her e-mails so they're
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trying to get a handle on what's going on. i was talking to a source familiar with some of what's going on in the campaign and the impression of that source was that they hadn't had any kind of heads up so they're really starting from zero here figuring out how to respond. >> josh green, to you. you've talked to tiptop people on the trump side. we just heard trump respond a moment ago. the new piece of the reporting is that these are not hillary clinton's own e-mails they're taking a close look at but they're still looking at e-mails that involved her private e-mail server. do you think this is -- let me rephrase, how big of a pre-election day gift do you think this is for team trump? >> the trump campaign thinks this is a huge election day gift. i just got off the phone with one of trump's top advisors who said "we're probably not going to hear more from traump and certainly not from the campaign on this issue. he said "we don't want to step on comey's lines."
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so they are happy to pull back and cre and cede the media spotlight and try to get the story off of trump's -- the voter suppression story we wrote about in "businessweek" and some of the other things that have been dogging his campaign recently. >> so reading between the lines from this top advisor to you, they're going to let comey do the speaking and keep trump quiet. let the news speak for itself. >> let the news speak for itself. the phrase he used for me was "we're going to let this breathe." they want people talking about it on cable news, this is obviously unwelcome news for clinton and that means welcome news for the trump campaign so according to my sources they'll pull back and let this become the focus in the weekend. >> heidi, to you, just on the fact that the fbi director is coming out and doing this with 11 days before election day. he has been previously criticized from both sides but
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he's inserted himself in the store rip in a key part of this race. why do you think this is happening? >> you know, there are some early reports that legally he had to inform congress but the bottom line is given the timing of this, it is a political football and will be a political football until and if he provides more information because this is trickling out. all we know is that there were new e-mails found. we don't -- they aren't even her e-mails and i bring you back, brooke, to the investigation itself. i watched all of his testimony and i remember clearly that the case was very much built around accident and that was why it was so hard to really go at hillary clinton on this because it was intent to transfer classified information and whether the server itself amounted to intend
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to transfer classified information so even finding a classified e-mail on there that she sent or received didn't satisfy that burden because if you remember there was an e-mail in there that was marked "c" it was just lower down and that that was not enough for comey to find reason to proceed so i think we all need to take a big breath here and i do think that that director comey, given the timing of it, is going to have to provide more information. >> maybe that information will be forthcoming. nevertheless, hillary clinton will have to respond and, brianna, the president of the united states will be not too terribly far from where i am in florida in a couple hours stumping for hillary clinton and i'm sure mentioning the senate race in florida. he has said yes hillary clinton has flaws, how does he address this? >> he might not at all.
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he may wait to let the campaign address this and see what they do. we've been seeing him and michelle obama and other really big surrogates going into the battleground states so what i would expect him to do first and foremost is to make a case for hillary clinton as not say that she is someone who's going to take his baton and is going to back up some of his achievements as president, make sure obamacare is preserved and that's what i would expect to hear from him and i would also expect to hear him hit donald trump in a big way. i don't know this for sure so keep that in mind but i wouldn't expect he would address this. >> okay, that happens in a couple of hours, the president is in orlando. josh, on this e-mail question for hillary clinton, she's addressed it in multiple debates
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and interviews she's given. is it fair to say her answer has never been -- she's struggled to answer the question, put it that way? >> she had because there's no way to defend this. she said initially it was just for convenience or for this or that and clearly the object here was to protect other people from seeing her e-mail, whether it was congressional republicans or the fbi or whoever, it was a mistake, she'sing a new jerseyed it's a mistake. democrats including people in the white house have been frustrated she did this in the first place. this is a self-created problem for clinton and so it's unfortunate for her but not entirely unexpected it would rear up at the end of the campaign just as it seemed like clinton had the momentum going in to election day. >> is it possible, heidi, just thinking of brianna's point about she's not addressing it at the rally, the president may not address in the orlando. is it possible the hillary clinton campaign lets the fbi take the lead on the investigation and they don't address it?
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period? they let the clock run out? >> i would be surprised, brooke, because the stakes are so high and what this has succeeded in doing is basically shifting the referendum of this election to be on to her which this entire time these past few weeks it's been on donald trump and that's why we have two candidates who have high negative ratings and the clinton campaign managed to keep the focus on him. if they don't answer this and push the fbi or push for more transparency on what is going on here, then it leaves that open, it leaves the doubt open about where we're going with this and as you can see the republicans will walk right through that door and say well it means she's going to be indicted and draw all kinds of conclusions that may be wildly inaccurate so i don't think they can afford to be passive about it. >> another point, too, brooke -- >> they have to know what they're addressing before they address. >> it how do they know what they're addressing, though?
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>> that's right. we're getting more information, whose e-mails? is it hers? we have sourcing say it's not so these are things as well that they are learning and in order for them to formulate a response and now how she should respond and what she should respond with they have to have a better sense of what this new sterile that would force opening the investigation into this all over again. >> to reiterate it was a device they didn't have for the previous investigation and these aren't hillary clinton's e-mails. josh, go ahead. >> i think it's in the clinton campaign's interest to put pressure on the fbi to explain in more detail what exactly it is that they have because if it doesn't involve hillary clinton and her personal e-mails, if it doesn't involve as several reporters on cnn wikileaks or the clinton foundation then it's probably not as a lot of people -- especially republicans and especially donald trump -- are assuming it is so getting
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more detail is probably something that the clinton campaign would like given the media reaction in the hour since the story broke. >> josh and heidi and brianna, thank you all. next, we'll talk about the legal side of this. the reaction today from capitol hill, mostly republicans, poring in. next.
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gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. we're back here live in tampa, florida. we have some new information here on this news from the fbi, how they'll be reviewing some new e-mails as it all pertained to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. i'll let evan perez, our justice correspondent, tell you what he has now learned. evan perez, the floor is yours. >> brooke, when we last talked a few minutes ago one of the things we were trying to nail down was what unrelated
12:24 pm
investigation -- what prompted the fbi to discover these new e-mails and we now know, the fbi has been taking a look at anthony weiner and his alleged sexting with an underaged -- with an underaged girl. the fbi has been taking a look at whether or not he committed a crime in that case. as part of that investigation, the fbi has been examining computers and other devices that were shared by anthony weiner and his bief hwife, houma abedi close aide to hillary clinton and we're told those are the devices they were examining in that case is how they uncovered these new e-mails. again, we don't know what the e-mails contain, we don't know what significance they will have to this investigation. it may well be that they don't contain seriously -- highly classified information, however the fbi is now going through that process, the process they spent a year doing as part of this hillary clinton e-mail investigation, they're going to check with the other agencies,
12:25 pm
the intelligence agencies that may own this information to determine whether or not this is classified and whether or not this changes the outcome of this case as you remember. back in july, the fbi determined that there was not enough evidence to bring charges against hillary clinton. however this new evidence now obviously is going to make them take a new look. again, these e-mails were uncovered as part of thisanthon and case is still ongoing. >> so just so i'm crystal clear, the breaking news was part of the anthony weiner sexting scandal that has been brought back into the spotlight because the fbi has deemed this pertinent to the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server? >> that's right.
12:26 pm
right, they had previously other devices but they did not have this device that they found these e-mails. they did not have that in their possession until they began doing this anthony weiner investigation which we previously reported is ongoing. we don't know exactly what these e-mails were, we do know they were not sent by hillary clinton, we don't know exactly if it was houma abedin that sent the e-mails or whether she was the recipient of these e-mails but this is something that was now viewed to be pertinent to the investigation, that's why the fbi is taking a new look. >> got it. i got it. welcome to 2016. evan perez, thank you for the update. we haven't heard yet from partisans on all of this so let's do it. trump supporter kayleigh mcenany is with me, you just heard the latest development on the -- well, you heard it.
12:27 pm
kag lei kayleigh, what do you think? >> this is unprecedented for the fbi to open what was a criminal investigation into someone's server who is now running as the democratic nominee for president. >> we know for a fact that this is what the documents are related to, related to the criminal investigation into hillary clinton's server, we don't know what the fbi has but we do know it's related to that and there were a lot of us starting with donald trump out there saying something is going on here, you have five people who have been given immunity, you have associates hammering blackberries to cover this up. something did not seem right and now we know this investigation is renewed and if hillary clinton becomes president of the united states she may very well be subject to a criminal investigation. >> basil, your turn? how would you respond? >> i'd like to pump the brakes a little bit on that because i think we're speculating down a path that is really nowhere --
12:28 pm
we shouldn't be going down. all we now right now is that there is a device that the fbi did not have that they now have. they're asking more questions. we don't know what those questions are but we also know the e-mail -- they were e-mails not sent from hillary clinton's server that is the subject of this new renewed investigation. so that's all we know. i don't want to start speculating as to whether -- what she said, what she didn't e-mail back and forth. if i believe that the fbi director said this case was closed i believe he did a thorough enough investigation to warrant that. i would hope that whatever has led him down this path at this point will be quickly wrapped up and we can get on the business of the last 11 days. we certainly don't want to have to deal with this now but, you know, i feel confident that
12:29 pm
whatever is going on at this point that we'll have a quick wrackup to it. we can move on about this business of this country. >> let me ask with you to stand by. we're also getting -- hang on, kaylei kayleigh. we're getting reaction from members of congress. let's go to manu raju. he's talking to folks on capitol hill. manu what are you hearing? >> brooke, republicans believe they finally found a rallying cry after months of discord. paul ryan, he has not uttered donald trump's name publicly since the release of that "access hollywood" video but moments after this letter by the fbi was released by senate republicans, ryan issuing the statement saying clinton should be denied classified briefing and how vulnerable house and senate republicans have an issue to seize upon. they're making this argument, brooke, keep congress in gop hands and the check against the executive branch. this is the point that darrell issa, the california congressman
12:30 pm
who's in a very difficult reelection fight said in a statement saying congress needs to be -- they need to elect a republican -- this decision shows exactly whey we need strong watchdogs in congress to ensure thorough oversight of the executive branch. people that we have not heard yet from are democrats, particularly ones in difficult reelection races. some of them have already give an pass to clinton on the e-mail issue but we expect to hear more from them now. they will be forced to respond so how will they respond. we dent know yet, brooke. one other point of news, chuck grassley, the senate judiciary committee chairman, saying he is requesting a private briefing with the fbi to learn more about this new probe so republicans clearly are seizing on this believing they finally have a campaign on and an issue will hound hillary clinton if she were to become president,
12:31 pm
brooke. >> there's so much we don't know. there's senator grassley trying to get more, manu, thank you so much. let me bring basil and kayleigh back in. basil, i was talking to congressman patrick murphy a little while ago, he's a tough fight with the incumbent senator marco rubio who would have liked to have been president and this is sort of the last thing a democrat would want to happen even if, by the way, this amounts to nothing we may not know that until after the election. how should democrats down ballot handle this? >> i tell you, as the executive director of the state party here in new york down ballot is incredibly important to me and to us because we want to elect people to help hillary clinton govern and i would say to patrick murphy and to others, there's nothing -- we don't know enough to be able to speculate. the last thing i would want anybody to do is speculate. we have to be able to say to the voters and to each other quite
12:32 pm
frankly, is that we have been there with hillary clinton, we trust and support hillary clinton and we know she would be a good president for us and for the country. that's what we have been saying throughout the conversation about e-mails within the last year or so. i think the voters have made up their minds about it. again, i said this before, this is certainly not something that i want to have to talk about 11 days out, but i think that -- i think there are supporters on the ground who are out there in new york and in other states that are pushing hillary clinton's message and i think voters when they look at her ability to govern versus donald trump's i think they'll make the decision to stay with her. >> basil, i understand -- >> kayleigh -- >> i understand basil's appeal to focus on what we don't know but what is singh scant what we do know. if viewers look at the fbi letter, new information was recovered that is pertinent to the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. that is what we do know and
12:33 pm
that's very significant. and donald trump, man, he hit the mark today when he looked at the american people and he said voters, i want to propose a contract to you, a contract to rid washington of corruption and give you your government back and gone are the days where we have a double standard of justice -- >> do you think that's enough to get republicans behind trump on the point you're making? >> 100% because today hearing this investigation is open it reminds republicans of their worst fears when it comes to the clintons of one standard of justice for hillary clinton and another for people like petty officer saucier who took pictures of a submarine and is now facing a prison sentence. it reminds voters of that, both republican and independent. >> i would obviously disagree with that because up until the point where director comey said that there was no criminality with respect to these e-mails republicans sang his praises but at that point they began to say, well, we can't trust the work that he's doing, we have to go
12:34 pm
back and second guess him, bring him back to congress to testify again, show us more documents, show us more proof, so in that second guessing between when they were supportive of him and the second guessing i'm wondering where republicans lost their faith in someone they had previously lionized. having said that, listen, again, i think we're in a place that is unprecedented and kayleigh raised that. totally agree. but if we believe director comey did a good job heretofore, why is it we should not believe he is serious and upright in his addressing of this issue now? especially since he did what was required of him by notifying congress? so, again, i don't want to have to be talking about this here but i believe that we can get a fair investigation and i just hope it's wrapped up and the information we need to know to move forward comes quickly. >> the voters do here in florida
12:35 pm
especially, all this early voting, people making up their minds as early as now. thank you all so much basil and kayleigh. i'm brooke baldwin here in tampa, in this battleground state, you're watching cnn's special live coverage. you pay your car insurance
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>> we're back here live at the tampa museum of art, breaking news out of the fbi. republicans, including donald trump, pouncing on the news fbi
12:40 pm
director james comey is reviewing newly discovered e-mails tied to hillary clinton's private e-mail server case. the announcement comes -- talk about timing -- 11 days before the election. trump jumping all over this at a rally a little while ago in new hampshire. he is sure to bring this back up as he speaks at a rally in maine just a short time from now. sunlen serfaty is in lisbon, maine, where trump is set to speak. a welcome tone for this trump campaign, excuse my hushed voice, they are having a prayer. we saw donald trump treat this news as if it was a gift wrapped up in a bow for him 11 days to election day. he wasted no time coming out and talking about it. clinton's e-mail is a frequent
12:41 pm
target of his throughout the campaign but this is giving him fresh fodder. he opened up his rally earlier today in manchester, new hampshire announcing to the crowd calling it breaking news. mere's what he said a short time ago. >> the fbi -- [ cheers and applause ] -- has just sent a letter to congress informing them that they have discovered new e-mails -- [ cheers and applause ] pertaining to the former secretary of state hillary clinton's investigation and they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. >> now, from the campaign trail in the past donald trump has
12:42 pm
repeatedly accused the fbi and the department of justice of colluding to cover up secretary clinton's wrongdoings over this today trump seemed a little vindicated, he said this gives him hope the fbi might be righting their ship. he said maybe the system is not as rigged as they thought. you can bet that donald trump is going to continue as you said hammering down, bringing this up on the campaign trail, he will speak here shortly in lisbon, maine, brooke? >> all right, sunlen, thank you so much. susan mcmanus is here in tampa, a political science professor at the university of south florida. gloria borger is back, our chief political analyst at cnn and with us our legal voice paul call callan. paul, let me begin with you, we know that this news from the fbi director came from a letter sending to members of congress letting them know he would be reviewing or his investigators would be reviewing these e-mails from this device that they
12:43 pm
hadn't had previously and we know these e-mails are not hillary clinton's e-mails. that said is it unusual for the fbi to be public with an announcement la like this? >> it's highly unusual. there have been unusual developments in this investigation all along. when comey cleared, essentially, hillary clinton in the announcement a few weeks back that was probably the first time in american history an fbi director revealed publicly his recommendation to the justice department? a high-profile investigation. usually that's not done. so here now to say they're reopening the investigation is highly unusual and i say that because lots of times they reopen investigations. >> it's a review. >> and they usually do it quietly and secretly. well, reviewing it but if you're reviewing a criminal investigation a lot of people would say -- they just do criminal investigations, the fbi. so if they're reviewing what has
12:44 pm
been investigated, that's something that they routinely do. you know, you're investigating something you think might be a crime, might not be a crime. you close it out because there's no evidence of criminality, that's what comey said he did. somebody sends in a tip, you better look at this, this might change your mind. not unusual for the fbi to reopen, to look at the tip. but it doesn't mean anything is going to come of it. it depends on what the tip is and how reliable the evidence is so we're really in the heavy speculation stage now. we don't have anything firm to go on as to whether this is serious or not. president obama will be in orlando stumping for hillary clint clinton. you can understand why they haven't addressed this because they need to make a wholistic and proper statement and
12:45 pm
response on the other side if president obama doesn't address it it's seem as being evasive. >> that's the eggshells that they're balking on right now, particularly in a state where one day hillary has been up by two points in a poll, the next day trump and yet we're in the middle of record level early voting so it's a situation where legal and political are colliding but this is a time when it looks like political is what is happening in the minds of the voters and i don't think that evasiveness is anything but giving the other side an opportunity to say look you're repressing it, you're not talking about it, you're not being transparent, you don't need that optic either. it's tough for the hillary clinton campaign right now in this issue. >> gloria, what do you think? >> i think for the clinton campaign it's kind of like punching jell-o right now. if we take a step back, what we started out with was a letter that disclosed the fact that
12:46 pm
they were going to relook at something they had closed in the past or we thought they had closed, we were not told how significant it was. they said they didn't know and then we have had leaks. evan perez at cnn saying these are not e-mails that hillary clinton sent, that it had to do with the investigation, had to do with anthony weiner, so we know what it isn't but we don't know what it is. maybe that's because they don't know. it's not james comey's job to think of political optics, i understand that, but this is 11 days before a presidential election and there are more issues that if i were on either side, quite frankly, i'd want to know the answer to obviously they won't finish this
12:47 pm
investigation before the election. we don't know how significant it is but we know politically it has the potential to be very significant for hillary clinton with those undecided voters w who -- in the state of florida where you guys are who think she's not honest and trustworthy but don't like donald trump and this could sway their vote one way or another so you have this sort of soggy tent having over the clinton campaign right now. >> let me add another piece to this as we're getting more. this is from our justice, this is from evan perez and pam brown that sources at the fbi have told them that apparently director comey felt as far as the why now of 11 days felt that he needed to reveal it now or else down the road he could be accused -- and paul callan, i want to ask you -- he could be accused of withhold iing pertint
12:48 pm
information right before the election. fair? >> that seems to me like a very viable theory i say that because the rumors were internally a lot of agent agents were upset about comb owe's initial investigation and if there's the feeling that evidence is being ignored or covered up, plus you have trump's constant refrain that this is a rigged process and a rigged election and comey's looking at the fbi as an institution and trying to establish that they act lawfully and they act in the finer traditions of the organization so it may be he wanted to get in front of this. i think comey knew this was going to leak and i think he's getting in front of a leak that the investigation is continuing, at least some aspect is continuing and he's doing this for the politics of the fbi to show it's still a viable organization with integrity.
12:49 pm
>> we are now hearing -- this is so crucial. we are hearing from the hillary clinton campaign, let's go to brianna keilar. this is your beat. how are they responding to this? >> this is from john podesta, of course, the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign and it says "upon completing this investigation, more than three months ago fbi director comey declared no reasonable prosecutor would move forward with a case like this and added it was not even a close call. in the months since, donald trump and his republican allies have been baselessly second guessing the fbi and in both public and private browbeating career officials to revisit their conclusion in a desperate attempt to harm hillary clinton's presidential campaign. fbi director comey should immediately provide the american public more information than is contained in the letter he sent to eight republican committee chairman. already we have seen characterizations that the fbi is "reopening" an investigation but comey's words do not match
12:50 pm
that characterization. podesta going on to say director co comey's letter refers to e-mails that have come to light in an unrelated case but we have no idea what the e-mails are and the it is extraordinary that we would see something like this just 11 gdays out from a presidential election p. the director shows it to the american people to immediately provide all the details. we are confident this will not produce anything that the fbi did not reach in july. so you see that the way this is being cast and again this is being a device that is not hookhoo hillary clinton's but john podesta taking aim that this is a partisan issue, that the republicans have been brow beating the fbi and they may have caved to pressure. so casting a political pall over
12:51 pm
the fbi director for really what is an unprecedented timing. so they're saying this is very politicized and that is a way clearly that they are hoping that this sort of goes to what is already baked in with hillary clinton. time and again we've seen even when there have been, you know, even when there have been very real questions about what is going on, there is a message that this is just republicans sort of going after hillary clinton as they always have. but here they are taking aim at republicans and at the fbi director, as well. >> my goodness. i never would have thought we'd be talking about this 11 days before election day. gloria, i'd love to hear your voice on this because in addition to brianna pointing out the brow beating word, and also struck me how he was saying we want more information, we want the information to be made public. >> right. and if you're the clinton campaign, of course you do. look at comey's kind of
12:52 pm
exquisitely difficult situation here. this information came to light, they're investigating anthony weiner. this information comes to light, he feels the need as paul says to get out in front of it because i doesn't want to be a accused after the election of covering something up. >> withholding. >> withholding. so he gets out in front of it and in getting out in front of it he sends out this vague let their begs for more transparency. and we get this drip, drip, grip, these weren't hillary clinton's, it was on another device. and the clinton campaign is saying as long as you've put this out there, buddy, how about making it very clear that these officially, not through leaks, but why don't you confirm what other people are saying from your -- on your letter head that
12:53 pm
these are not classified documents from hillary clinton's e-mails so we can clear this up politically. and i think legally and paul can answer this better than anyone, that puts comey in a very difficult spot because it's too early to reveal the significance of anything or the details directly respect right, paul? >> it is. and one of the things that i found to be interesting just listening to that statement from the clinton campaign, i think podesta misstated what the fbi director said because i'm just looking at his statement and he said that the e-mails, the newly found e-mails appear pertinent to the investigation. now, he's referring to the prior investigation. and that investigation of course wasn't just of hillary clinton. it was of hillary clinton, the whole setup with the private server and specifically hugh
12:54 pm
made and the two other aides. so he's very specific that it's pertinent to the investigation, but he's very vague about who precisely he's investigating. so i think he's really made matters worse trying to get ahead of criticism of the fbi. >> we had a correspondent who was on board the hillary clinton campaign plane when they landed in cedar rapids, they were caught off guard when devices were suddenly i'm sure blowing up with information. then we talked to our correspondent telling us the state department was totally caught off guard. now we're learning, everyone, that according to the spokesperson at the white house, according to josh earnest, the white house actually first learned of this breaking story from the fbi not from the follows down tfollo folks down the street, but from we the media. >> this is what happens in politics. every time we think we have this race figured out, something unusual happens. with media these days, the snap of a figure per and the whole
12:55 pm
direction of a campaign changes. and we've seen it over and over again. so 11 days -- >> we're getting whiplash. >> yes. absolutely. >> susan and gloria and paul, thank you so much. go ahead, did you want to jump in? >> i was just going to say, the fbi director comey now finds himself in precisely the situation he was trying to avoid last july when he came out and said, you know, i think hillary clinton may have been reckless with her private e-mail server, but i don't see any reason to charge her and he's getting this out of the way before you get into the heat of the general election campaign. lo and behold he is where he did not want to be, 11 days out of this reaction. and i don't think he's made it any better for himself with this vague note out there. he had to alert the congressional committees, but there are lots of unanswered questions here. >> john podesta wants more information, we'll see if any
12:56 pm
information will be made public. thank you all so much. i really appreciate it. woel take a quick break.
12:57 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ before i let you go here in tampa, let's me just pass along this piece of news. for the first time, the united states supreme court has agreed to take up a case on transgender bathroom rights. the case concerns a male transgender high school student in virginia who wants to use the boy's bathroom at miss school. this comes as north carolina face as lawsuit from the justice department on its so-called bathroom law. we'll watch to see where it goes.
1:00 pm
in the meantime, thank you so much for being with me the last two hours covering this breaking story. we had a lot we wanted to bring you here. early voting here in florida well under way. we know these candidatesle want to grab this state. thank you so much. thank you to the tampa museum of art for having us. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. another october surprise, one that could potentially change the election. we now know according to law enforcement sources that an fbi probe into whether former congressman anthony weiner was allegedly sexing with apunderage girl has now led investigators to e-mails they believe may be pertinent to the hillary clinton e-mail sevener i