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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ripa live december 11th. we have so much more ahead in the newsroom. it's happening now. this is the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. this breaking news we are following right now. the clinton campaign fighting to regain footing after the bombshell fbi announcement that will review e-mails, possibly related to hillary clinton's private server. the campaign wrapping up a conference call with reporters moments ago. jeff was on the call and is joining me now on the phone. jeff, what did the campaign have to say? >> reporter: the campaign chairman, john podesta said on no uncertain terms, director comey, the director of the fbi must release more information. it's been 24 hours since he sent the letter to capitol hill and no more information. he accused him of being light on facts and heavy on innuendo.
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it's a quote. it's raised more questions than it is going against the traditions of the justice department. he also pointed out that the director was going against the wishes of the attorney general. of course that has been reported here on cnn that he was advised not to do this. he went ahead and did that. in the campaign conference call, the clinton campaign is aggressively working to get ahead of this story, to spin the story to say democrats are fired up by this and there's no political fallout. the reality is, there is potentially political fallout. it's why they have the conference call and trying to rally democrats around this by saying, look, this is another partisan issue. speaking of partisanship, last night in des moines, iowa, during a press conference, the secretary said the fbi director sent this only to republicans.
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he sent the letter only to republicans. well, i asked john podesta about that today because the letter actually was sent to republicans and democrats. this is what he said. >> clarify the comments secretary clinton made. she said the letter was originally sent to republicans. do you think she misspoke or, because as you know the protocol to sending a letter to the hill is send to chairmen, then a carbon copy on ranking members. would you like to amend what she said or was she speaking correctly? >> i think she -- the broad space of the letter which was the eight members and i'm not sure how many nanoseconds to release it to the public and try to spin it. i think that's what she was reflecting. i think the letter itself, as it's been noted, was c.c.'d to
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the ranking democratic members. the members have been browbeating the director and the staff of the fbi into going further, reopening the investigation, et cetera. i think, as i said, she took a look at the front page of the letter, addressed to them. that was her record. as it was noted, it was c.c.'d and transmitted to ranking democrats as well. >> reporter: the reason this is important is this, the clinton campaign, as well as democrats are trying to portray this as a political witch hunt, if you will. it's partisan in leadings, so representatives of the clinton campaign and the candidate herself yesterday said the fbi director sent this letter to congress, only republican
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chairmen. republicans control the house and the senate. in the letter he sent, he did send it to, he addressed it to all the chairmen of eight committees and both houses of congress, all of who are republicans and c.c. krchlc.c.' separate page were democrats. clinton did not get a copy of the letter. it's important to clear up. this has gone viral, crazy on social media that the fbi director sent it only to republicans when he sent it to both parties. swhak is next? what is it the clinton camp wants. we heard john podesta underscoring that the fbi, director comey, reveal more, all details. what can be requested next? >> simply, they are asking him to put some meat on the bones here and say more about what he's talking about, what the e-mails and questions are.
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basically, the reason for the call in the first place. the reality is we have all seen how long this investigation has taken in the first place. with ten days remaining before election day with thousands of e-mails out there, it is virtually impossible to think anything would be finished before election day or the e-mails would be sorted through before election day. the clinton campaign is calling on the fbi director to explain himself and the campaign manager said this. he owes the public the full story or else shouldn't have cracked open the door in the first place. fredricka, what is going to go on here, this is going to be a public political spat back and forth. moat peek we are talking to do not believe the fbi director will release anymore investigation because the investigation is under way. that's the controversy here, if
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he should have disclosed this at all since the investigation now is simply under way as opposed to the facts of the investigation being known. >> jeff, let me bring in a few more voices here. a professor at the yumpbt university is with us. good that you could be with us. lynne, you first. how unusual is this for the fbi director to consult with the a.g., the a.g. says don't do it and the fbi director does it anyway in terms of sending a letter to the hill. >> oh, this is all unprecedented to happening this close to the election. as jeff said, this is that -- this is the clinton campaign is in a defensive crouch. i listened to that campaign call, too. when john podesta says this is long in innuendo and short on facts, they want to make the argument to try and tap down the fallout and the damage that this is all overblown but they can't
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do it unless there's more information, which is why what they are calling for is to have hillary and what the hillary clinton campaign wants is calling for the full story to be told. as jeff pointed out, even the fbi says they don't know the full story because they don't have the sort of the e-mails, which could be duplicates. that's what podesta said. it might be things they have seen. this is handing the e-mail issue on a silver platter for donald trump to exploit in the closing days of the campaign. >> julian, comey was once a registered republican. how does this not look partisan? >> well, it's taking place during the obama administration's time in the white house. in that respect, it doesn't look partisan. second, the democrats talked about comey's previous finding and praised him and said there's no more investigation to be
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done. they are in a bind because now the news from comey isn't quite as good. it's a very difficult argument to focus on just him and allege there's a partisan motivation behind this. >> so, jeff, on that call, did john podesta say if there is a conclusion to the e-mails within the coming days, prior to election day? >> reporter: simply calling on him to release more information about what led him to refer this in the first place to congress. john podesta has been around washington long enough in a variety of administrations, really in all branches of government to know there will be no conclusion to this by election day. this is about the politics of the matter here and framing this. the reality here is the clinton campaign has a problem that it now has to deal with in the
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closing days. they are trying to use it to rally their base. they pointed out that the democrats and volunteers across the country are enthused and fired up by this. lynn would agree, any reporter listening to that knows it was pure spin. >> yeah. >> democrats may be enthused by this. what they are worried about are the voters in the middle who are not satisfied with donald trump and were going to hold their nose in some respects and go to the other side. now they may be holding out. this weekend in all early voting, the clinton campaign is trying to get those voters on the fence to vote early before something more happens. one other thing, fred, coming up in the next week, we have more e-mails potentially coming from wikileaks. the campaign bracing for that in the final weeks here. this is not as close of a campaign that they know what is
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coming. always frightening if you are a campaign operative. >> then there's that. lynne, it's a big problem, clearly, for the clinton camp. this is a big problem for comey. >> well, comey is not running for president. comey's fate is not what's at issue here, whether or not he stays or go in a new administration. isn't what voters care about if they even know who he is or thought about him for a minute. this is more than -- this is a triple october, potentially november surprise that is going on. the only good news out of this is it might make the latest wikileaks stolen john podesta e-mails talking about fighting within the campaign that could pale in comparison to the idea the republicans, donald trump will have the discipline to keep on this message that the fbi has a probe of hillary clinton going on, even though the debate now
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is the wording of the language, you know, the congressman who is from utah, a state that is not trump friendly has already called for investigations of hillary clinton. whether or not the term of reopening investigation is the correct term to use, i don't think is the point. the point is the e-mails are being looked at again. this is damaging. >> for better or worse, politics is often about headlines. especially at this point in the campaign. this is the headline. this is the story for the next few days. if the strategy is to just debate the details and try to dig deeper into the minutae of what is being looked at, it won't benefit the clintons. this is a final week. it was supposed to be a retake of congress. instead, we are back to this damaging story. i think they need to think of a way to reframe the entire news skik l. >> all right, julie and jeff.
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call now and also get a free magnifier with led light! welcome back, we are following breaking news from the campaign trail. the clinton campaign wrapping up a conference call moments ago blasting fbi director james comey and releasing e-mails related to hillary clinton's private server. campaign chairman, john podesta on the call saying comey has not been forth coming with the facts and his letter is light on facts and heavy on innuendo. sarah murray is live in colorado where trump is holding a rally next hour. sarah, already donald trump is feeling invigorated, reinvigorated by the news. what has been the reaction of the crowd there, thus far? >> donald trump has a spring in his step upon learn thg news. we have seen the way the crowds
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reacted to it. donald trump's crowds were fans of the lock her up chant. we are going to continue to see him hit that message today. now, i want dwryou to listen tow he responded yesterday and it will give you a sense of how he's capitalizing on that. >> what happened, starting with the fbi maybe the system will become a little less rigged. beautiful. >> reporter: now, of course trump has said the system is rigged. he's been critical of the fbi. he is re-evaluating the comments. they feel like now is their opportunity to go on offense. they feel they can use the next ten days to hammer hillary clinton as corrupt, cast donald trump and they are trying to take that message to states like we are in today in colorado. this is a state that felt very safe for democrats and looks like a steep climb for donald trump. he's still here trying to turn
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>> joe biden is dismissing
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speculation he might be considered for secretary of state if hillary clinton wins. she will campaign in daytona beach, florida later today. why michael smerconish thinks trumps comments about women will help her win votes in pennsylvania. >> you don't want to be her secretary of state, i'm told. >> no, look -- i will do anything she wants if she's elected president. i'm not looking to be in this administration. it's time for me to move on. >> you are from scranton. i'm from hazelton. pennsylvania stock. it's trump country. it would be biden country if you were in this. so, you are not united in policy with donald trump, so what's the commonality and why can't -- she could win with those folks. >> i think she's going to end up -- i think we are going to win scranton or she's going to win. the reason is, look, people are
10:22 am
upset and angry. they hate the dysfunction of washington. trump comes along and talks about how he is going to change all that. he's this new breath of fresh air, then people started to see who he is. they started to see, look, in scranton and hazelton, if anybody in your household or neighborhood talked about i'm famous, i can grab a woman anywhere i want they would get the living stuffing knocked ott of them. those people are figuring out they have basic, decent values. that's going to trump, no pun intended, their concern about hillary. >> in that interview, biden expressed concern about how voters react to the outcome of the presidential election after cnns michael smerconish said his radio listeners worry about
10:23 am
violence on november 9th, the day after election day. he's vowing to do whatever he can to keep the piece and help with the presidency. >> i would be lying if i told you i wasn't, too. that's why i'm going to stay, to the extent i can be any help, i'm going to stay involved as much as i can. this is the time after the election is over, no matter who wins, reach out. >> if he wins, i'll extend a hand. he would be president of the united states of america. period. i pray that doesn't happen, i want that -- i want hillary to be president. but whomever is president is president of the united states of america. >> thank you, mr. vice president. >> thank you. >> thank you. donald trump just coming off the blitz through florida. while he was there, he didn't mention marco rubio, who is up for re-election. is trump doing enough for the
10:24 am
down ballot races? we'll talk with the chair of the republican party from florida, next.
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news about the new fbi e-mail review, hillary clinton is headed to florida today for a scheduled event. we are now learning fbi director, james comey, overstepped his superiors to make the announcement the fbi is reviewing new e-mails found on at least one computer of clinton aide, huma abedin. law enforcement officials say attorney general loretta lynch and deputy general sally yates objected to the decision to notify congress of the review. the clinton campaign is calling on the fbi to release full and complete facts about the review. donald trump is seizing on the news to blast the rival on the campaign trail. we are awaiting trump to take to
10:28 am
the stage in golden, colorado. the news is already making headlines in florida. here is a look at the front pages of the florida times and the orlando sental. take a look there. i'm joined by florida republican state representative, blaze. also, the chairman of the republican party of florida, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> hillary clinton in florida today. trump just wrapping up a swing through that state there. how do republicans get out the vote to win this major battleground, especially when it is being up staged by the latest headlines? >> well, the first thing i would say is that we need to continue doing what we are doing right now and we are winning the ground war right now as much as the democrats don't want to admit it, we are. that's why hillary clinton is in florida today. we have -- we are up in ballots and up in places where it counts
10:29 am
like the i-4 corridor. we have more republicans that have come out than democrats in the orlando and tampa markets. the place that is are democrat strongholds, miami-dade and broward county, she's not turning out voters. they are unenthusiastic of a hillary clinton presidency. if you go to their websites, there's no wait. there is no enthusiasm for hillary clinton and the republican party in florida, the trump campaign and rnc, we are beating them at their game, the ground game. that's going to continue. >> has this latest fbi review influenced the strategy of trying to get out the vote there in florida, trying to cement that support for donald trump? >> well i think the bigger issue is how is it going to affect her campaign. again, there's no enthusiasm.
10:30 am
>> you are leading the republican party. how do you use that to influence voters so they do vote republican on the white house ticket? >> the message for the republicans and the trump campaign is very simple. we have a candidate on the democrat side who is not only under fbi investigation once, but now twice what we are seeing, that goes into the narrative since day one. hillary clinton cannot be trusted. now this plays into that narrative. what we have here, we know florida is going to be traditionally close. we are winning right now. there is a very small margin of undecided voters. this is where that e-mail scandal, yet again, is going to have an effect on them. look, we are upright now in votes, total votes, but included in that are democrats who already voted. they are not voting for hillary clinton. these are democrats in north florida and the panhandle who are conservative in counties that typically turn out upwards
10:31 am
of 70% for the republican nominees. hillary clinton is in trouble in the state of florida. >> do you wish donald trump were doing more for the down ballot races as it pertains to florida? >> he is. he is doing plenty for the people in a down ballot race. marco rubio is doing plenty to help donald trump. in the state of florida, we adopt a whole ticket approach. people at the top of the ticket help the bottom of the ticket. there are places in florida where mitt romney won by 12 points and donald trump is up 20 points. a lot of republicans are going to be pulled across the finish line because of donald trump and the same for marco rubio. >> it was marco rubio who evaded the question about whether donald trump is the one to keep safety in this country. instead, it was rubio who turned more to the military than the hypothetical of donald trump as the president.
10:32 am
>> well, marco rubio needs to do what he needs to do to win his race. that means working hard. marco rubio said he is voting for donald trump because he knows the importance of the federal government that is corrupt and hillary clinton is more of the same. >> all right, blaze, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. besides the fbi investigation, hillary clinton has another challenge on her hands, overcoming rising obamacare premiums. >> we are going to build on the affordable care act. before there was something called obamacare, there was something called hillary care. today we're gonna be comparing the roll-formed steel bed of the hi. chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. awesome. wooooow!! let's see how the aluminum bed of this truck held up. wow holy moly. that's a good size puncture. you hear aluminum now you're gonna to go ew. let's check out the silverado steel bed. you have a couple of dents. i'd expect more dents
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because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. obamacare has become a major talking point on the campaign trail after a government report revealed premiums will skyrocket for customers in 2017. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. and hillary wants to double up and triple up. what a disgusting situation. it was no good. it was no good the day it was conceived. job killing obamacare is just one more way the system is rigged. the system is rigged, folks.
10:37 am
>> we are going to get co-pays and premiums and deductibles down. we are going to tackle prescription drug costs. we can do that without ripping away the insurance people now have. that's the plan of my opponent, take everything away, give it back to insurance companies. if you think costs have gone up with the recent weeks, it will just skyrocket up because insurance companies will be in charge again. >> so premiums for obamacare health insurance policies on federal and state health exchanges are set to climb an average of 22% next year. that could be on the minds of voters in some key swing states. jessica schneider has more from the battleground of north carolina. >> reporter: pop into the sports bar in raleigh and you will find obamacare is a hot topic, more so than the world series. >> actually, i'm looking for work. i googled company that is will
10:38 am
hire part time senior people. >> reporter: is this what you wanted to do in your retirement? >> no. >> reporter: 63-year-old dave mattis will retire november 9th, the day after the election. with premiums up to $900 a month, he doesn't know how he'll afford health care. he's voting for trump hoping it will reign in costs. >> i want all the people considering voting for hillary to imagine themselves and go online and figure out what health care is going to cost them. >> reporter: you think it's unsustainable? >> reporter: in north carolina after two insurance companies dropped out, it created backlash and dispair. >> not affordable at all. >> reporter: he runs a home security company and buys health
10:39 am
insurance through the exchange. he shells out $14,000 a year. he isn't eligible for government subsidies. smith is exmilitary and middle class and is bearing too much of the burden. he's an independent, but he, too, is turning to trump. >> people getting the subsidies and paying $50 a month, they are probably loving obamacare. it has to swing over and work for everybody. >> reporter: he pays $1250 a month for himself, his wife and son. he sees the positives. >> there are college students or young people that can now get insurance or people with pre-existing concan conditions t can get good stuff. >> reporter: but you are paying for it. >> i'm paying for it. it is hard on my family. >> reporter: they opened their mail to discover the news they feared. >> yours is going up to $480.
10:40 am
>> reporter: julie, still undecided between clinton and trump. regardless of who wins, health care needs a reboot. >> my premium went up from $400 to $500. >> reporter: what are you thinking when you read this? >> how is this possible? >> that was jessica schneider reporting from north carolina. a lot of questions and concerns from voters. joining us to discuss, lynn sweet. good to see you again. julian, how much pressure is on hillary clinton to say, if elected, this is how i would revise obamacare because she has said publicly, she's committed to making it work. >> she has to do that. part of her message is much of the program is working. we have fewer uninsured people than we have had historically and private costs have slowed down. she has to respond and promise she will work on fixing the
10:41 am
premium for teem. she is the cant who will continue with obama's legacy. part of the promise is to fix the parts that aren't working. >> how influential is this in the race? >> it depends if you are in a swing state and the number of undecided voters who actually are on obamacare. i know that might sound picky to you, but this close to election with early voteling, you probably can figure that out if you have a good field organization and door knockers. so, it's not clear to me, actually, how influential this is going to be when you do the macro and micro work her campaign is doing. at large, it's a good talking point and is an issue that donald trump has been using, but he also showed the other day when he was at one of his resorts flanked by workers, talking about obamacare, he said look at my workers, they have extraordinary increases.
10:42 am
he didn't know what he was talking about. all of them recovered, turned out nicely by the private insurance, his own company provides and, you know, helps pay a large part for his customers. all that to say, yes, in politics, it's a complex thing. trump is using it as a big closer for him. the reality may be different because everybody's situation when it comes to insurance is different. >> let's talk about the battleground states you mentioned. lynn, we heard from folks in north carolina, but another battleground state of arizona, it will see a higher than average price hike on obamacare policies. the number is astounding. 116% increase. the latest polling in arizona showing trump and clinton in a virtual dead heat, trump 46% to clinton's 45%. the poll was taken before the premium hike was announced. julian, you know, might it be very different if you are an arizona voter looking at this
10:43 am
forecast? >> it could. look, a week ago, i would have said this issue wouldn't matter, frankly. the polls were in such a positive direction for clinton. what we are seeing with the e-mail can reverse that. then it makes the other issues points of vulnerability. in a race like arizona where they could have it, this becomes an issue, even if technically the argument is not correct. symbolically, it can be powerful for the republicans in the closing days to show clinton wants to continue with obama's legacy. this part of the legacy isn't working. so, the democrats need to push back and talk about the rest of the program and how they will fix this. >> lynn, clinton will be in arizona later on in the week. how much does she have to really, you know, impress upon voters about the whole obamacare increase? >> i want to underscore everything julian said. the politics of this are
10:44 am
different than the reality. she has to explain how she could get this done in a way that doesn't make things more confusing for people because maybe people do think they are on obamacare when they are not or somehow the increases hurt them. it is a challenge in political communication to make the argument that fixing it can work. it also is a challenge for donald trump to think he could repeal it and replace it in any realtime that can make a difference. by the way, everyone, your health insurance is never going to be free. that is a very, very difficult issue to talk about because it is -- it is in politics when you explain a lot. it's hard to win. >> lynn sweet, julian, thank you so much. see you soon. >> thank you. it is called the october surprise and has the power to shake up even the most solid
10:45 am
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- so that's very, very important for us. live pictures right now. very soon, donald trump at his rally in golden colorado scheduled to begin at the top of the hour. he will have more to say on the
10:49 am
clinton e-mails. a campaign that's seen a few surprises on both sides. these kind of campaign changing events are nothing new in american politics. >> it's been a while since we have had so many unexpected news events so late in an election cycle, but we certainly have had surprises before. >> a raging storm on the east coast, a sex scandal in d.c. and a nuclear test in china. each has been an october surprise, a big news event in the autumn of a presidential election that threatens to change the outcome. late 2008 saw one. >> $1.2 trillion. that is how much investors including any of you with stocks in a retirement plan lost today. >> reporter: the stock markets dive, republican john mccain insists -- >> the fundamentals of our economy are strong. >> reporter: in the once tight race with barack obama becomes a
10:50 am
democratic blowout. four years later, an audio tape of mitt romney characterizing half the voters as dependent on government hand outs. >> 47% of the people vote the term october surprise gained popularity 44 years ago this week. 1972. richard nixon's national security adviser, henry kissinger, has late news about the unpopular vietnam war. >> we believe it is at hand. >> reporter: he is wrong. the war goes on but doe does nixon's presidency. we have had october surprises ever since. 1980, many thing jimmy carter will be boosted over ronald reagan by the release of the american hostage in iran. it does not happen until after reagan has won. 1992, reagan's successor, george
10:51 am
h.w. bush is just days away from the vote when a top reagan team member is indicted over the iran contra affair. clinton as vice-president, al gore, is battling george w. bush. republican strategists are concern bush can move ahead and news that he was arrested 24 years ahead for drunk driving. the race ends up a tie but bush ultimately wins. the backwash of that october surprise, a halloween trick or treat depending on how you look at it. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> at any moment, we expect donald trump will be weighing in on the latest october surprise. the fbi's announcement it is reviewing new e-mails related to clinton's personal server. donald trump in colorado soon. we'll be right back.
10:52 am
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growing up in central falls was a mixture of the most idyllic, joyful experience mixed
10:56 am
with the kind of horrific traumatizing experience. my mom has an 8th grade education. she is smart. she is just not educated. she was a part of a group of working poor women who fought for kids who are underserved. that's what i learned from her. you don't have to have the profile of what it may look like to be an activist but what you have is a heart to serve. i grew up poor. so there is a human face on it for me. i understand the needs of the people. i'm serving with direct relieve, a humanitarian program. they provide to impoverished communities throughout the world. today, they are offering a free health clin can and health screening. what any are providing is
10:57 am
something that a lot of communities will never see. hopefully, it will be kind of a beacon of hope. >> nearly 13 million voters across 37 states have already cast early ballots. some polling places in north carolina have seen long lines of voters like you see right here. just as cnn's jessica snyder shows us, many of them are going to the poles undecided. >> i am really having an issue this year. i don't want to vote for hillary either. >> i am kind of stumped right now. >> i am not sure which side i want to go with. >> it is a must-win state for donald trump and with just days to go, it is still a toss-up for some here in a pepex, north carolina. al showed up early to decide. >> reporter: you are walking in to vote.
10:58 am
have you made up your mind? >> it is a tough decision this year. there are so many different aspects of the election this year. >> reporter: he prides himself on being independent. this year's vote left him unsure of his decision until the very end. >> reporter: you are going to wait in line and get that ballot. when are you going to make your decision? >> when i have the ballot in front of me. this is my decision. i'm going to live with it and that's it. >> reporter: he thinks he is one of many conflicted voters. >> you want to make the right choice for my children and what's going on in the world. it is so hard with what's available to us. >> reporter: shannon martin usually votes republican but he is wrestle wg his decision. >> if there was a third party that i knew was going to make a difference to throw it where neither candidate would get 270 electoral votes, then i would probably lean more towards that way. >> reporter: you want neither
10:59 am
candidate to get 270 electoral votes. >> i would rather that. >> reporter: bev mcirney has always voted republican. >> i am conflicted. i don't know what i am going to do until i get there. >> reporter: you will just close your eyes and vote. >> reporter: her 26-year-old daughter is equally torn. >> i think i will lean towards hillary, because i don't like what's been in the news about donald trump and what he has been saying. >> you hope for divine intervention. >> reporter: many looking for divine intervention to help with their decision. most people agree it is their civic duty and they plan to get out and vote. jessica snyder, cnn, apex, north carolina. >> the next hour of the "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> hello, again, i'm fredricka whitfield. thanks for being with me. i want to take you straight out
11:00 am
to colorado, golden, colorado, where donald trump is leading a rally there. >> nang you very much. thank you very much. >> i spent a long time this morning on making my shoes so beautiful, so shiny and then i walked through more dusty floors than i have ever seen in my life. that's okay. it was worth it. that is great. i'll tell you, we have something so important to talk about. you have got to get those ballots in, right?


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