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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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other way, but you're never going to find someone that's perfect. >> chris and vanessa, thank you. more from them tomorrow, more from me as well. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me from washington. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke. i went trick or treating across the street and first lady obama gave me seven cartons of cigarettes. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump hitting hillary clinton territory to try to flip key blue states as he flip-flops about the integrity of the fbi. it's the announcement that left voters in the dark and gave donald trump new life and gave carlos danger another 15 minutes. three years later, will governor comey tell us anything else? plus, trump could end up
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being one of the last republican presidents. they kick off one of the biggest leaps in politics, ever. helhello, everybody. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. happy halloween. are you scared? the campaign probably wishing they could put masks on and disguise themselves. eight days left to find out if the state department found anything about the e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. hillary clinton will be haunted by the ghost of this scandal through this election and perhaps even beyond. two former attorneys general, one a democrat, the other a republican, calling fbi's decision to alert congress of this new investigation with just 11 days left to go until the election, calling it a mistake. right now the cnn poll of polls, the average of five national
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polls still has clinton ahead by five. that's a lead and it's not insignificant. but if trump can whittle down that margin to under the margin of error, we may truly have no idea what will happen on one week and one day from today. of course, it's not a national election, it is state-by-state, so let's begin by political correspondent peter. >> we have her over the 270 mark. she's at 272 the way the states are leaning sold i hidly in her direction. you talked about the e-mail story. these light blue states, wisconsin, virginia, pennsylvania, colorado, that is where i'm looking to see if there is any damage to hillary clinton. because it's those light blue states that are already leaning her way that make up her very strong stance in the electoral
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college. right now we haven't seen any polling out of those states, jake, so we don't know yet if she's taken on any water in them. but if we see any damage in those light blue states, that will set off alarm bells in brooklyn. >> interesting. and donald trump today is in michigan, a very blue state. a lot of people are asking why is he there? isn't that just a waste of time? >> well, here's why he's there. these yellow states in the battlegrounds, if i were to assign every one of them to donald trump, nevada, utah, arizona, florida, north carolina, ohio -- let's see, these are being tricky there -- he still doesn't get there. 264 electoral votes. he has to dig in to some blue-leaning territory. that's why you see him in michigan today, in wisconsin today and pennsylvania tomorrow. he needs one of those states to come his way. now, it's an opportunity cost, right? if he is campaigning in turf that is leaning in hillary clinton's direction, jake, that leaves her to park herself in florida as she did this weekend,
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in ohio. today she can keep playing in florida, ohio, north carolina to try to flip those true battleground toss-ups while he is trying to dig into territory that isn't favorable to him right now. >> fascinating. we have two reports today about the latest controversy, the e-mail controversy about how it's royali iroiling the clinto campaign. we were stunned on friday when general comey sent this letter. but now florida officials are staying they were stunn saying they are stunned, too. >> the fbi beginning a painful process, using comparable to a search engine trying to isolate e-mails found on anthony weiner's computer that could be relevant to the clinton server investigation. officials made clear that it's unlikely the public will hear from the fbi director until there is information if there is any found pertinent to the
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e-mail investigation. tonight cnn has learned that agents at fbi facilities in quantico are now combing over thousands of e-mails on a laptop belonging to disgraced congressman anthony weiner and his wife, huma abedin. they are searching those e-mails found in a separate investigation for allegedly sexting with a minor. co comey is saying he was made aware of the e-mails in august, but only went until he was give ayn briefing yesterday. today he walked a fine line, praising director comey's character. >> he's a man of principle, a man of character, he is highly regarded by senior officials of both parties. >> reporter: but claiming fbi traditions, limiting public discussion of ongoing investigations, especially close to an investigation. >> would not the white house say
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let's put more information out there, then? >> i think that was the hope that director comey had, and that was his stated hope of sending the letter in the first place. >> clearly, it's not enough. >> clearly it had the opposite of the intended effect. >> reporter: comey's decision to go public so close to election day has drawn fire from both democrats and republicans, including george w. bush's general attorney alberto gonzalez, who spoke to cnn today. >> i really feel in this specific instance they made an error in judgment in releasing this type of letter which really says nothing. >> reporter: however, when comey testified on the hill in december when recommending not to bring charges against clinton, the fbi director did hint he would investigate if he discovered new evidence. >> would you reopen the clinton investigation if you discovered new information that was both relevant and substantial? >> it's hard for me to answer in the abstract. we would certainly look at any new and substantial information.
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>> this is jeff zelany traveling with the clinton campaign in ohio, where hillary a pushing back on the fbi. >> many of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: she's trying to get back to her closing argument against donald trump. >> donald trump has a dark and divisive vision for america that could tear our country apart. >> reporter: she's looking to regain her footing a ining and questions about her into questions about trump's fitting for office. >> trump threatened to start a war because someone got under his very thin skin. thankfully he's never been in a position where he had to help make life and death decisions for our country. >> reporter: but changing the subject may be a tall order for
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clinton. for 18 months, she's been trying to move beyond the e-mail controversy. now it's front and center. a cloud of uncertainty still in the air. >> i understand, and as i've said, i'm not making excuses. i've said it was a mistake and i regret it. >> reporter: with eight days to go, the race is tightening in key battleground states. at a cafe in cleveland, she kept her eye on the campaign, not the controversy. but inside her brooklyn campaign headquarters, aides remained on a wartime footing, and democrats like senate majority leader harry reid fought back. he fired up a letter to james comey saying, though partisan actions, you may have broken the law. in tarring secretary clinton, you -- with that innuendo --
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>> nationally clinton still retains an edge. she's up 5% over trump in certain polls. abedin, who was being searched by the fbi, is off the campaign trail. clinton is standing by abedin and says she's eager to help the fbi reach a conclusion. >> by all means, they should look at them. and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here! >> reporter: so jake, now secretary clinton's closing argument canesontains a new apo about her e-mails and more advice here. that's what worries her advisers. they hoped to close that case and not answer questions about donald trump. but many have made up their minds about this. that is true of democrats.
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the question is, is it true of those independents that are still important in this race? no question going forward, her team is still assessing a fallout they may not know for the next two days, at least, how bad this may be for them. but they are campaigning tonight and in florida all day tomorrow. >> jim schutto here in florida, thank you to both of you. quot trump supporters keep touting they are missing a key part of the quote, of course. stay with me.
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and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. filmmaker michael moore has been saying for months there is a good chance that donald trump could win the white house and has laid out five reasons as to why. the trump campaign even seized on something, the progressive filmmaker said, in his film "michael moore and trumpland"
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when he said he is not racing against rednecks but decent people. hear what michael moore said immediately afterwards. >> trump's election is going to be the biggest [ bleep ] ever recorded in human history. and it will feel good. for a day. maybe a week. possibly a month. and the rightfully angry people of ohio and michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin find out after a few months in office that president trump wasn't going to do a damn thing for them, it will be too late to do anything about it. >> filmmaker michael moore joins me now. thanks so much for joining us, michael. donald trump himself retweeted that first half of your speech before you explain how mr. trump will not actually do anything for voters. what did you think when you saw how the trump campaign was using
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the first part of the quote? >> that i'm just one more example of the fraud that he's been committing upon the american people, the con job of this guy, one lie after another for the last 18 months, and the fact that he would take a clip and doctor it from my film to make it look like i was for him, and then tweet about it. i guess that's the worst case scenario of what happened. i frankly just think he woke up one morning, saw his name in the title of a movie, and being the narcissist that he is, just thought, hey, i'm in a movie, and just started tweeting about it. so i don't know. you know, when you introduced me, when you said that i don't think trump supporters are racists and rednecks, actually a lot of his supporters are racists and rednecks, but there's a lot of people where i live around wisconsin, ohio and michigan, that used to be part of the middle class. they're angry and they look at
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him trying to be the human molitov cocktail they would like to throw in the system to blow it up. he's getting a lot of votes from that. >> you live in michigan and you feel like he has a good chance, mr. trump, to win. do you think he could even win michigan? >> clearly he thinks he does because he's there today. watching the pundits this morning on cable news, everybody is like, why is he in michigan? i remember on our primary day back in march, there were over 100,000 more republicans that showed up to vote on their side of the ballot than on the democratic side. the race over there was pretty much over. it was a big race between hillary and bernie. that morning the majority of the polls showed hillary ahead of bernie anywhere from 80 to 100 points. 30 minutes later she lost to bernie sanders. i don't trust the polls in the west belt. i think they tell one person one thing and they're thinking
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another. come tape jake, watch him later. you should be out there doing what you can do to get hillary clinton elected, because every minute counts now, and they are confident that they're going to pick up enough votes from people who used to have real jobs and no longer do, and they're going to be out and voting because they're angry. >> let me ask you a question, because you've never been a huge supporter of the clintons. i don't think you've ever voted for a clinton. you're a bernie sanders supporter and you supported other people in the '90s. why should people support hillary clinton, especially people like you who feel like they represent the clintons themselves, including hillary clinton, they represent corporate interests and selling out the working man and woman? >> because i don't think that's where she's at now. she's adopted two-thirds of bernie's platform. i don't understand any bernie supporter who is still angry about this when the candidate has adopted two-thirds of what
1:19 pm
he was pushing for. we're not being asked to vote for margaret thatcher here, folks. this is a pretty good person. she's a decent person. she tried to -- 20-some years ago, she tried to get universal health care for all of us. i mean, she put her neck on the chopping block. they chopped it off. if you remember, jake, how she was treated for being the co-president and how dare she be involved in public policy, she's the first lady. she went all over the world trying to put up a universal health care plan for us, and it went down in defeat, and it was another 20 years before we got obamacare which is only a halfway measure to what we really need in this country. ever since then, even though i've had these disagreements with her on the war in iraq and wall street stuff, but this individual, i got to believe the oval office is going to do a lot of good for people, a lot of good for women, a lot of good
1:20 pm
for kids, and we're going to have our first woman president in 240 years. this is a great historic moment that we should be excited about and a part of. i know a lot of people are depressed about what happened with comey and the fbi on friday -- >> let me ask you about that. after the fbi director comey's announcement, you wrote, if hillary clinton is responsible for the halliburt orks nron or responsible for the galaxy 7, i don't care. >> people who may not care about voting may decide now to vote for trump. or hillary voters are saying, i can't take it anymore, i don't want to list ten to this anymor or they've lost their enthusiasm which they need to regain in the
1:21 pm
next eight days. this is exactly what the trump side hopes happens is that the clinton side gets depressed. don't get depressed. you'll be really depressed if this man makes it into the white house. we're going to have a huge problem on our hands. i think we need to quit focusing on these e-mails. whatever it is, it's the e-mails by someone else's computer by someone else that had nothing to do with her. if i were her, i would be sick and tired of these men by now, and especially the sexual predator nature of both trump and allegedly weiner. i mean, this poor woman, hasn't she had to deal with enough men that this is just -- where i hope women who are watching this or going to be voting just said, i'm sick of it. this is it. this woman has had to go through enough over these last 25 years. and she is there for the people and we're going to put her into the oval office. she's not going to do any harm
1:22 pm
to people when she's sitting there. i firmly believe that. i believe that she has made incredible changes that the left should embrace, and we should get out there and get excited about her and feel good about what we did with bernie. we won 22 freaking states. that's pretty damn good. >> michael moore, thank you so much. appreciate it. hope to see you soon, sir. >> thank you, jake. appreciate it. so can trump really flip one or more of these blue states filled with white working class voters? we're going to talk more about that, coming up. plus, he once reportedly crashed an aide's charity event, stole a seat and didn't give a dime to the charity. a new report on donald trump's charitable giving or lack thereof. dr. ben carson will respond to this, next. [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here.
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and better learning for students help students succeed vote yes on 51. welcome back to "the lead." donald trump's campaign taking as a vice minimumtamin b shot i on the rest of the e-mails possibly pertinent to the clinton campaign. donald trump is hoping this will help him win states that he had previously written off. sara, a poll taken in michigan before the fbi news had clinton up by seven, but now trump advisers feel this news could put the state within reach. >> well, jake, michigan has lured republicans in in the past only to leave them feeling burned on election day. but the trump campaign is insistent that their internal
1:28 pm
polls show a tightening not just here but in other blue states they're hoping to put into play. donald trump is betting on blue territory and cutting attacks to turn around his fortune. >> i think we hit the motherlode, as they say. hillary is the one that broke the law over and over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. thank you, huma! >> the gop nominee hoping to capitalize on the fbi probe surrounding hillary clinton's e-mails, insisting they'll find criminal activity, even though the fbi says it's too soon to tell if the e-mails are even significant. >> hillary is likely to be under investigation for a very long time. >> reporter: trump hitting the trail today in michigan, a state that hasn't voted republican since 1998. >> in eight days, we're going to win the great state of michigan.
1:29 pm
>> reporter: that's as trump advisers acknowledged they need to get states that are blue, like colorado and pennsylvania. but over the weekend, trump is still raising eyes for his continued praise of vladimir putin. >> hillary has such a bad relationship with certain countries. putin can't stand her, doesn't respect her. they want to get isis, we want to get isis. we put everything together, we knocked the hell out of isis. wouldn't it be nice? wouldn't it be smart? >> as minority leader harry reid accuses the fbi of turning up ties between trump and russia without adding any evidence. reid says, it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties in coordination between donald trump, his top adviseradvisers,e
1:30 pm
russian government, a foreign interest of the united states. meanwhile, trump is lobbying some fact-free claims of his own, still insisting that voter fraud is widespread as he took aim this weekend at colorado's mail-in ballot system. >> i have real problems with ballots being sent. does that make sense? people say, oh, here's a ballot, here's another ballot. throw it away. here's one i like, we'll keep that one. >> reporter: as both sides trade barbs on the trail, there is also early voting. they're cutting into their advantage in both arizona and florida. but so far republicans appear to have made gains in iowa and ohio compared to 2012. now, we're expecting donald trump to take the stage here in just a couple of moments, and its challenge here in michigan is not just to dampen the enthusiasm for hillary clinton by going on the attack, but also to get some of these working
1:31 pm
class white voters, people who are members of unions who have voted democratic in the past to turn out for trump on election day. jake? >> sara murray, thank you so much. joining me now is dr. ben carson, a former candidate and current adviser to the trump campaign. dr. carson, thank you so much for joining us. let's start with michigan, your original home state. do you think donald trump can actually win this state which hasn't gone republican for president since 1998? >> i do think so. i was there yesterday or the day before yesterday, and just a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. but you have to look at a state like michigan which was once a big manufacturing state, and you look what's happened. a lot of that can be attributed to some of our trade policies and some of the regulatory issues. a small manufacturer, for instance, has to pay $34,000 per year per employee in regulatory costs.
1:32 pm
it makes it very difficult to compete with others in other nations. so i think those kinds of things will resonate. and as i've said before, i really don't think this is about democrats and republicans. i think it's really more about political elite class and the people. >> i want to play for you a clip from a brand new tv ad from a liberal group, priorities usa. it plays the song "you make me feel like a natural woman" while showing empowering images of women. then it takes a turn. take a look at this clip. ♪ ♪ before the day i met you ♪ life was so unkind ♪ you're the key to my peace of mind. >> she ate like a pig. >> her job is terrible. >> she's a slob. >> her lips are too big. >> it's very hard to be a 10.
1:33 pm
>> i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. >> the ad ends with the tag line, how does donald trump make you feel? what would you say to a woman voter out there who watches that ad and says, you know, donald trump makes me feel like he does not respect women. >> i would say look what he's done with his organizations, promoting women to high positions long before it was fashionable to do so. but i would also say this is an incredibly important election coming up, and the issues are incredibly important. please think about your children, think about your grandchildren, and what kind of a nation do we want? in one direction we go toward a government-centric nation, and the other one we go toward a people-centric government, which was the original intent. i think that's a very important issue. and don't be sidetracked. >> donald trump has long boasted that he's given tremendously to charity for decades. a "washington post"
1:34 pm
investigation this weekend reported, quote, trump had sought credit for charity he had not given or claimed other people's giving as his own. there are eight days before the election. wouldn't a simple way for mr. trump to quiet his critics be to release his tax returns so the public can find out how much he does actually give to charity? >> i suspect if he were to release them, there would be so much flutter about it that we certainly wouldn't be talking about the critical issues. we need to be talking about the economy and jobs and our our children, education, our prison system. not to mention health care. these are big issues for people right now. >> let me ask you a question about iraq and isis. mr. trump has insisted that the battle for mosul is not going well and that he could teach u.s. generals a thing or two.
1:35 pm
iraqi troops are preparing to enter the city itself. they say the campaign is going faster and better than originally anticipated. does that mean donald trump was wrong, or are the iraqi, kurdish and u.s. officials wrong? >> well, when he talks about teaching the generals a thing or two, what he's talking about is in terms of how to stand up, you know, to the commander in chief when you have a better idea. that's what he's talking about. does he know more about military strategy? of course not. >> all right. dr. ben carson, always good to see you, sir. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. thank you. what impact will the fbi e-mail investigation have on the election, especially since millions of americans have already voted? we'll talk about that next. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead" with eight days before the election. my political panel joins us now. senior adviser to a superpac anthony galla, rebecca berg and michael who broke the record release of anthony weiner in 2013. what's the latest, and do you think we'll hear anything more from the bureau before november 8? >> they've taken the e-mails, put them into their computer system and they've started the process of taking out the duplicates.
1:41 pm
are they classic e-mails we've seen? the fbi says it's going to take several weeks to do this. yesterday they said they may have to get it done by election day. will we see something here? the rules have been completely thrown out the window since july when comey had the press conference. so applying common behavior to this doesn't work here. >> were you surprised that huma abedin was seeing she was surprised these were on the computer belonging to anthony weiner? >> no, i'm not surprised. you charge your phone here, charge it there, and maybe this was an instance where she was charging her phone there and it was downloading the e-mails. we still don't have clarity of why the e-mails were there. your data moves with you in interesting ways, and i'm sure my computer has stuff on it that i don't even remember. >> not to mention the icloud,
1:42 pm
who knows what's in there. >> that was the most terrifying thing you just described. i would have to move out of the country. >> you're going, anyway. you're being deported. >> do you think this will have an impact on the election? >> it's having an impact already in the sense that we are talking about it. we have been talking about it now for four days. we haven't been talking about donald trump and his flaws. hillary clinton is having to fight off comey instead of fighting off donald trump. it is a huge distraction. it would be foolish to say that it is not affecting the election. absolutely it is. >> one of the ways the clinton team and other democrats are going after this is that they're going after comey, although we should point out in september, clinton press secretary brian fallon tweeted this about a republican senator who was unhappy with james comey at the time. grassley, referring to the republican, now trying to bully the fbi into serving his party's interest. shameless. that's what people are now
1:43 pm
saying about the clinton campaign. >> i'm more interested in not what the trump campaign or hilla hillary's campaign says. i'm interested in what the other previous campaigns have said. they said what anthony weiner did was outrageous. it hurts the most, i fear, as a hillary guy with college- college-educated white people. the only relief with comey is those are folks that college ed indicat -- educators listen to. the political criticism, the elite justice department criticism, i think, may stench some of the bleeding. >> one of the things the clinton campaign is hanging their hat on is that the early voters are good for them in many places.
1:44 pm
>> they are, and it helps for obvious reasons to build up that advantage before election day, because it lessens the opportunity for trump to take advantage of something like this, which is a huge gift for him politically, and that's why he's been talking about it on the stump nonstop. that said, hillary clinton will still have work to do on election day, and that's why she has built up a very formidable organization in these battleground states and donald trump has not, and that's still going to be a major problem for him on november 8. >> michael, we've seen a lot of stories that seem to suggest a lot of people in the fbi are talking to reporters about decisions they don't like, both in your newspaper by you but also in the wall street journal, decisions that have been made, fbi agents that wanted to probe the clinton foundation and told not to. my impression was that people in the fbi really respected and liked james comey. >> i don't think there are issues with comey, i think these are investigators that want to
1:45 pm
dig, they just want to keep on going. this issue has brought the fbi into politics in a way we've never seen before. you've had the e-mail issue, you've had the investigation of trump. you've had both parties trying to use the bureau to use criminal investigations against the other. and that has put the bureau in a very difficult spot. i don't think the agency issues are with comey. maybe some of them were upset with the e-mail decision. fbi agents tend to be a little more conservative than others, but i think they understood there wasn't enough evidence there to really make a case, because they understand the day-to-dayness of it and i think they were probably in lock step. >> what does hillary clinton need to do to win this election? what does she need to do in the next week and a day? >> she needs to try to get on the offense again, get off her defense on these e-mails. >> you saw she's talking about this in her speeches. >> she has to answer to it. she's been much more proactive since mike's original story ran. i think she was slow and gave
1:46 pm
back answers. this time she was very quick. she even answered questions by the press, her favorite thing to do. she does not like answering questions from the press, but she did. she got out in front of it. she wants to reassure college-educated white people. they could bleed away easily. but also fire up her base. when you're talking to people of color who for years have been telling us law enforcement is biased against us? and now one of the most powerful people can tell the fbi director that she has had it, too? it attacks trump not about all this stuff we're talking about now, but all the things he said about women. the thing that gave hillary clinton the lead in the next five months. >> what would you tell him to do, just talk about the e-mail scandal. >> shut up. read your teleprompter.
1:47 pm
do not offend any groups. do not offend women. do not offend african-americans. do not pick a fight with gold star families. do not pick a fight with megyn kelly. do not pick a fight with p.o.w.s. do not pick a fight with john mccain. do not pick a fight with anybody. stick to your script and let this thing unfold. the biggest question is if he has the restraint to really do this. the only thing really helping donald trump right now is we don't have any more debates. we don't have anything where 80 million people can see him and be reminded he is a jerk. so the spotlight is all on hillary clinton and it's not a good story she's telling. i don't think this changes one iota. john has just done all the things you just did, and voters are going to forget that in -- to remind people of things that donald trump has said.
1:48 pm
>> fasten your seat belts appreciate it. >> just yards from mosul ready to move in and take on isis. what will they face when they go in? we will talk live to a cnn team on the ground. stay with us. the one you got la? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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welcome back to "the lead." let's turn to the world lead now. it could be a vicious and bloody showdown. iraqi troops could at any time enter mosul. the terrorist group has left a trail of death and destruction ever since the terror force loosened its grip on the city. as many as 5,000 terrorists are said to be holed up in and around mosul ready to fight to the death. let's go to nick peyton. he's in irbil, iraq. what are the conditions like on the ground right now? >> reporter: it is tough moving down that road from the east of mosul toward the city limits themselves. iraqi military loud today saying they're nipping those city
1:53 pm
limits in certain areas. but yes, they are hearing gunshots, they are seeing iraqi army nearby, airstrikes following them, too. but it's going to be a hard fight. as we saw ourselves, intense resistance on saturday night that we observed on that main road. they headed to the village near where we were, certainly, but it isn't clear if this is part of a broader bid by the iraqi military to show the only narrative to kind of take back, if you like, from the coalition's suggestion they should pause in case they're attacked from behind. the iraqi prime minister very vociferously saying they'll cut off the head of the snake, urging them to stay indoors. but the other part of the narrative, what's happening inside the city. there are a million or two million civilians there that may be used as human shields. we've known and spoken to
1:54 pm
resistance fighters waiting for what they call zero hour. in the last 24 hours, some senior isis officials have been shot dead in drive-by instances in that city. is this the beginning of a resurrection? is the zeethe zero hour now upo those people? all unknowns. what's pretty clear is the episode of fighting inside mosul will be certainly bloodier than what they've had around the deserted city itself, jake. >> obviously isis is not going to go down without a fight to the death. what kind of countermeasures are t they taking for their stronghold in mosul that they've taken for two years? >> the sheer volume of booby traps and mines laid everywhere and in almost every house we were in, they have to clear it painstakingly. you never know if a toy on the
1:55 pm
floor is linked to a bomb or something a child left behind. it's very difficult for iraqis simply to move through areas and that's in villages that isis don't care that much about. imagine what they've got in store for isis security officials in the city, a densely packed environment. many civilians caught in there. hard enough in the best of times. iraq's special forces that we saw, a brave job indeed, courageous, but facing a tough job inside that city. >> nick peyton in irbil. nick, please stay safe over there. back to politics. huma abedin once again not traveling with hillary clinton. just eight days before the election. is the long-time aide now clinton's biggest political liability? that story ahead. stay with us. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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