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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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stumping for mccain. >> i want to let you know, my choice in this is mccain, i plan on voting for a real american. >> that was joe the plumber who now supports donald trump. that's it for me. thanks for watching. the news continues right here on cnn. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. we are in the home stretch, do you feel it? seven days. seven to go before we know who america's next president will be and you only need to look to this map to see how hillary clinton, donald trump, and their top surrogates are working to get their messages out to you, the voter, in these final days, they are hitting the most important states, the battleground states today, especially florida. as cnn's new poll of polls shows
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the race tightening even more, check this out, only four points separate donald trump and hillary clinton nationally. listen, this is coming down to character, hillary clinton, her campaign, releasing a new ad going right after donald trump as she is trying to shift the attention, change the course of conversation from the latest e-mail controversy involving a top aide. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing when i come home and dinner isn't ready, go i go through the roof. grab them by the [ bleep ]. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. >> i'll go backstage before a show and everyone's getting dressed. >> donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15, were
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changing. >> they stay there with no clothes. >> let's begin the hour with dana bash, our cnn chief political correspondent if d.c. this is scathing. this is perhaps not where the hillary clinton campaign thought they would be a week before election day. yet do you think this will be effective in changing the course of the conversation? >> it's the most effective tool that the clinton campaign has and they know that from experience. to use donald trump's own words against him, to try to get under his skin because there's no question he sees these ads and most importantly to leave this as one of the last impressions that voters get because, brooke, we've talked about this several times as the pund lum has swung back and forth but i'm reminded about it from sources i've been talking to even this morning. this has been such a volatile race and having really a lot to do with who the focus is on. when the spotlight has been on
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donald trump for all the things that hillary clinton just put into that ad, things are better for hillary clinton and the voters, those swing voters, those people, frankly, who are just not really thrilled we they are candidate, probably, lean more towards hillary clinton. when the spotlight is more on her as has been for the past several days since friday when the fbi came out with its bombshell and maybe more importantly, brooke, donald trump has really stayed on that message and been pushing in an offensive way, not a defensive way, things get bad for hillary clinton. so that is why they're trying to, as you put it so well as you were coming to me, change the subject. the question is whether or not that's going to fly. >> we'll find out in seven days. dana, thank you so much. with me now, michael nutter, a clinton supporter, the former mayor of philadelphia and a cnn political contributor. s.e. cupp is here, a cnn
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political commentator. matt schlapp is here, a trump surrogate and former president george w. bush political director and chairman of the conservative political union. as we wait for the mayor, and we want to make sure we have a hillary clinton supporter as part of the pam, and, guys, get in my ear as soon as he joins us, please. s.e. cupp, the question i was asking dana in terms of the hillary clinton ad, using donald trump's words against him. you're learing the clinton campaign on message trying to tie trump to russia. will that work as their clargmenclarosing argument? >> it's interesting. i think republicans have done a very, very good job of making hillary clinton unlikable. she's helped herself in that over and over again, insisting on operating in this constant cloud of opacity and unaccountability and handling all of these issues very badly. but i don't think republicans have done an effective job of making her look dangerous and
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that's what democrats have done more effectively with donald trump. they've made him look dangerous. whether that's morally or with the nuclear codes and the clinton ads have really hammered that point, ultimately at the end of the day -- and we'll find out in a week -- i think people are more likely to vote for someone they don't like than they are someone they think could collapse the country. >> it's interesting on the point of making her look dangerous, let's flip it. you look at the donald trump team and donald trump's message, especially when you've been listening the last 24 hours, is if you elect her, there will be years and years of drama, she will be investigated. matt schlapp, do you think painting hillary clinton that way will be effective for those making up their minds? >> yeah, there's no question in the last days of this campaign the biggest issue this ethical cloud over hillary clinton. this is unprecedented to have an fbi investigation carried on for the last several months and we learned it's continuing because
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of this information about huma abedin husband's laptop. if the theme of hillary clinton's ads is that donald trump can be too aggressive and bold and offensive and that he doesn't treat sacred cows at sacred so the very things she's saying about donald trump are what voters want so i don't see why she doesn't go to her strength -- you're out of work, i'm going to get this economy going and employ america. talk about in factment men inve. do what democrats do and she doesn't do it it's about donald
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trump not being acceptable. i don't see it getting her there. >> i think a piece of it is targeted women and i don't know as far as numbers collapsing -- >> they did. they have collapsed. they have collapsed? >> can i just say that women are not sacred cows for the record and it's not gold to go into the dressing room of a 15-year-old girl getting ready to see her naked. that's not bold. women are not sacred cows. >> se, i didn't mean to say anything bad about women but what i'm saying is that d.c. needs to be shaken up by a lot of voters and there are aspects of what donald trump does even when he's sometimes over the line, they like the fact he will take people on and i think you can't deny that theme in this election is one of the reasons why the cnn poll is getting closer, why the rasmussen poll is getting closer, why the investor business daily poll is getting closer, the abc poll. it's a fact, her paid advertising isn't having the effect. >> let's go to mayor nutter. you're the hillary clinton supporter, you've heard matt
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schlapp's point. would you agree? why is she going this way in this final week with these ads? >> well, first i want to agree with se with regard to pushing back on matt's quote/unquote sacred cows. donald trump, as people who really support him always have to explain what he meant to say when in fact he just says what he says and means it. he shows us and has been showing us for 15 months who he is not withstanding the explanations of his supporters. hillary clinton is actually running at least a duel track campaign. i don't know which ads you're seeing but she is talking about the economy, she is talking about her long-standing support for children and families and at the same time pushing back on the things that have really been the centerpiece of a lot of the campaign which is that donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states of america
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and after all of the noise and nonsense, this is a public interview process for the most powerful job on the planet and when we're talking about that person, ultimately people will choose the person that they think can actually do the job. >> it's coming down to character, it's coming down to temperament and then you have, matt schlapp, the most powerful republican on capitol hill saying that he voted, you know where i'm going but couldn't even bring himself to say the name donald trump. here he was. >> i stand where i stood all fall and all summer in fact i voted here before our nominee last week in early voting we need to support our entire republican ticket. >> what do you think of that? mayor nutter laughs. >> what a ringing endorsement. >> matt schlapp, is he a traitor that he can't even say the guy's name? >> not at all. look donald trump is an outsider running for president.
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he hadn't been a republican a very long time, he's new to the presays and he upsets a lot of elected republicans and he obviously upsets a lot of elected democrats who think he's going to take on congress but let's go back to the facts. the polls show in poll after poll -- including your own poll -- that 90% of republicans are there with donald trump. not because they like every aspect of donald trump, but because this fbi investigation has renewed their concern with the clinton corruption. they know the supreme court is literally 4-with the next president picking that ninth justice which will swing the court one way or the other, they realize that we have very serious issues with the economy and terrorism and, yes, people like paul ryan, they're voting for donald trump, they're not warmly embracing donald trump, i'm not going to try to spin you, brooke. >> i don't think he said that. >> there's no question there's republican differences. >> i don't think he said that. >> but republicans are coming home -- >> he said he voted for him, mayor. i don't know if you were able to listen to that. >> we heard mike pence say you have to come home say. we heard paul ryan say you have to come home. >> it's working. that's why the polls are
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tightening. >> you have ohio governor john kasich writing in john mccain. how is that coming home? >> more republicans -- okay, but more republicans are coming home to donald trump than democrats are to bernie sanders. do you realize that the head of the dnc was just criticized by the ceo -- >> hillary clinton is running. >> -- excuse me, was just criticized by the head of cnn because donna brazile leaked two questions to the clinton campaign to hurt the bernie sanders campaign? there are divisions on both sides, we have these divisions. democrats are probably 90% going to be with hillary, republicans are 90% going to be with donald trump then it's the question for swing voters and he's doing really well with them. >> s.e. cupp, you've been mighty quiet. you're listening. >> she's paying attention. >> well, i'm a republican voting for knee cher of these people because they're both, frankly, pretty terrible but i have a column coming out in the "new york daily news" that asks the question who is to blame for hillary? we've spent an entire year
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asking who's to blame for donald trump and why republicans have one of the most unqualified dangerous people as their nominees but she could lose to him so who is the blame for the fact that hillary clinton and the clintons were chosen, as matt just pointed out, tipping the scales in some point at the dnc, was chosen when her unfavorables were so bad and she was facing some of these scandals that have been swirling around her for years. was this really the candidate to put up against someone like donald trump? or anyone else? he is the one person who could beat her. it's unbelievable. >> i was just talking to doris kearns goodwin -- i'll get to you mayor but we were talking about how america -- because a lot of folks don't like either of them and how america needs to take a good long look at itself. mr. mayor, i want to go to you, knowing philadelphia as you do. this major transportation strike
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in philly is raising all kinds of concerns because of potential interference on election day. if this isn't resolved, how concerned are you it will keep people from voting? >> well, the first concern, of course, is that folks need to go to work and kids need to go to school. election day is a week from now and i'm sure elected officials and others involved in this will seek to get it resolved as quickly as possible but i want to go back to the other points, first of all, hillary clinton won the democratic nomination through a process and got the required number of delegates. the dnc does not run elections across the united states of america, that's done by local elected officials as i know my other panelists know. with regard to donna brazile, she's doing a fantastic job at the dnc now and prior to that as a great political strategist -- >> hillary agrees with you -- >> -- and tv commentator.
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so we can talk about questions and who got what question. i think it might not have been too much of a surprise if you were in flint that you might get a question from somebody about water. >> then why was she fired? >> putting all of that aside -- >> why was she fired? >> let me finish. >> why was she fired? she was fired by cnn and their activities -- >> you can say it three times and i'm going to say three times she resigned on her -- >> it's the truth! >> just listen, matt. >> i am. >> she resigned on her own. that is the fact so do not spread lies about someone's personal business. >> brooke, can you help me out here? i'm not lying. i'm not lying. >> she resigned. >> i'm not lying. >> there was some sort of termination. i wasn't, obviously, that's way higher than my pay grade, matt. >> exactly. so that's somebody else's business so why don't you leave that to the. >> she lied when she said she didn't leak the questions. she lied when she leaked the question. >> she's not running for office,
11:15 am
matt. this is the problem with you guys. >> how is this helping america figure out who they should vote for? matt, i love you but come on. >> you know how it helps? >> stay focussed? >> the fact is this why don't we talk about the issues and why don't we cover these things fairly? we started the segment by talking about running hillary clinton's ad. donald trump has many ads about hillary clinton's character and it's fair to look at both and also fair to look at the character -- >> my issue -- >> we were totally fair if i may. we talked about closing arguments in this final week. this is what hillary clinton is saying to america, case in point, this particular ad and then i followed up asking you, matt, specifically about the message to america from donald trump saying, hey -- >> i think you're fair, brooke. >> -- so fair and square -- >> the problem is starting with the candidate, none of them can stay focused. trump people cannot stay focused, can't stay on message and they whine. >> when s.e. cupp is this quiet, it worries me.
11:16 am
it worries me. >> how could i get in? >> matt and s.e and mayor nutter, thank you so much. focus is a good thing, thank you. a top democrat accusing the fbi of sitting on quote/unquote explosive information about trump's ties to russia and now you have the new information about the investigations. we have that for you. also ahead, president obama essentially saying sexism would replace birtherism if hillary clinton were to win. this had to do with this question that was posed to him from comedian samantha bee on halloween on whether or not hillary clinton would be moody and emotional if she were president and 2016 went deeper into the gutter. have you heard this? a white supremacist supporting donald trump launches a robocall calling independent candidate evan mcmullin a "closet homosexual." by the way, the trump campaign has denounced this.
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welcome back, you're
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watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. as the fbi looks into those new e-mails that may be linked to hillary clinton's private server in that investigation, i can tell you cnn has learned investigators are also looking into alleged connections between the trump campaign and russia and possible meddling in the u.s. presidential election. now a startling new claim from the top democrat in the u.s. senate, minority leader harry reid in a letter to the director of the fbi claims the bureau has quote/unquote explosive information about trump and russia. so cnn justice correspondent evan perez has been digging into this, evan is there any connection? what has the fbi found? >> not very much brooke. before we get into this, let me press the fas this by talking about what the we do know. we've seen, obviously, a mutual admiration of sorts between trump and putin, they've said nice things about each other and there are folks in the u.s. government including
11:22 am
intelligence agencies and law enforcement that are concerned about the activities of the russian intelligence services that appeared to be trying to med until the u.s. elections, they don't necessarily at this point believe or have evidence that this is to elect trump necessarily, think think this is just to sow confusion and chaos in the u.s. election, that's what they believe is happening behind the scenes. that said, there are a number of investigations that the fbi has been doing over the last couple of years that do touch on a number of figures in the trump world and we'll deal with those now. one is paul manafort, the former chairman of the trump campaign and the -- for over a year the fbi has been looking at whether or not there were any connections between him and some pro putin forces in ukraine. he did do some political work for the ukrainian government here in washington and the allegations that some democrats have forwarded is that he didn't properly register as a foreign
11:23 am
lobbyist. the fbi has been looking at that. it doesn't look like there will be a case but they've been looking at it for well over a year and the investigation has touched on the podesta group which is linked to john podesta's brother tony podesta here in washington. another figure who in the trump world who is being looked at is roger stone, this is a wider investigation, the fbi has been looking at waex for six years, it's a very complicated investigation looking into the leaks of u.s. government documents and roger stone's name has come up, harry reid and other folks have suggested there is some type of coordination between roger stone and julian assange, the leader of wikileaks. roger stone deny this is. he says he does have in between mutual friends that they have been talking to each other but he denys there's a coordination and the trump campaign denys there's coordination.
11:24 am
wikileaks is publishing hacked materials, that's what news organizations do and that's one of the problems. with bringing that case, brooke? >> with all these threads, what i'm hearing is there is no connection you're hearing about. >> exactly. >> evan perez. next, president obama drawing some of the highest approval ratings numbers of his second term. can he use that to help hillary clinton? help push her over the finish line next tuesday? we'll get into that, also ahead, did you watch this? the president's sitdown halloween interview with samantha bee. it got raetly real with this question. >> if and when hillary is president, what do you think will be the female equivalent of you weren't born in this country? whoa, this is awful, tr. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair.
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vote yes on 51. let's talk about president obama, he is hitting the campaign trail hard these final seven days stumping for hillary clinton. he stopped by samantha bee's show "full frontal" on our sister network tbs. if you have not seen the show, she hits hard on women's issue. also for laughs, she's a funny lady. in one of the more interesting pieces with the president, she asked him this. >> if and when hillary is president what do you think will be the female equivalent of "you weren't born in this country"? >> that's an interesting question. >> thank you, i have a lot of those. >> i think the equivalent will
11:30 am
be "she's tired. she's moody, she's being emotional. >> there's just something about her. >> there's something about her. when men are ambitious it's taken for granted well, of course they should be ambitious. when women are ambitious, why? that theme, i think will continue throughout her presidency and it's contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something. >> what a nasty woman. >> let's talk this over with cnn political commentator right now. we have democratic strategist ana navarro, a strategist for the republican party. neither of you loved donald trump. simone supporting hillary clinton, ana navarro writing in her mother on the ballot. so we're all clear. ana navarro, what did you make of the president's response to that question? >> you know, to tell you the truth i thought it was a little
11:31 am
dated, this idea that people still think that if a woman is apt bishs there's something wrong with that woman, i'm not sure i agree with that. you're a little bit younger than i am, symone is younger than i am. but anybody that tells us that a woman being ambitious is a wrong thing. i have feel pity for those people. i grew up raised by sacred heart nuns in an all girls' school. i grew up in a family where not having ambition was considered a defect so i don't agree with him. i think women today have no calms, no shame, no embarrassment, no problem being ambitious, ambitious and proud. >> amen sister to that, first of all, but let me also say he wasn't just i think talking about women in this country, he was answering the the question of what the equivalent of "you
11:32 am
weren't born here" would be the equivalent for hillary clinton in america. symone, what did you think? >> i, like ana, believe ambition is the way to go and i was raised by sacred heart nun, shout out to sacred heart school in omaha, nebraska. but i think the way the veil was pulled off and folks thought we lived in a post-racial america after we elected president obama, if we have the chance -- which i think we will -- to elect secretary clinton as the 45th president of the united states, the veil will be pulled off and we will have to confront our issues of misogyny and sexisim in this country. everybody wants an ambitious woman until they get one, then once they have her there's issues so i think this is a thing president obama touched on and something that we'll see a lot more of. >> ana, if you didn't like the answer, what would you say? just be honest, what would be the, you know, you weren't born here issue that if and when
11:33 am
hillary clinton wins she will deal with? >> if and when she wins i think it's the same themes you've seen in this campaign -- untrustworthy, crooked, all of those things but i think the scrutiny is going to be about that. i think any money -- outside money her brothers make or bill clinton's brother makes or chelsea makes or her son-in-law makes or bill makes or anybody associated with them makes is going to be under enormous scrutiny because of what we've seen in this campaign. but i just don't think ambition is going to be one of them. we're not going to be able to criticize her for playing too much golf, i think she might be the only president since ronald reagan that doesn't play golf so i guess if we need to get creative we can criticize her for doing too much downward dog, doing too much yoga but we'll have to get creative on hillary clinton. >> spending too much time with
11:34 am
her grand kids you never know what people will say. last question on the stump in these final weeks, symone, president obama -- he's out four different place this is week for hillary clinton and we remember back to four years ago where bill clinton, he was out supporting president obama and his reelection four stops in one day, that mega dnc speech. he's got huge ratings. will it work? >> i'm not sure, actually, brooke, and it remains to be seen. we know young people like myself we love president obama. president obama was the first presidential candidate i cast my vote for. so, you know, young people like myself they want to see him out there, they love him and michelle but the fact is president obama is not on the ballot but his progress is and that is the case you'll see president obama on the stump making the numbers with black millennial voters are not where they should be across the country and this is an opportunity to put a jolt to those numbers and encourage those young folks to come out
11:35 am
because it's not about secretary clinton, it's about our progress, it's about the issues young people say we love and want to see advanced fnd we really care about that we have to go to the ballot box and vote top of the ballot down to the county come troller. >> symone, thank you p ana, thank you. >> and be ambitious, lady, be ambitious. >> get in formation. >> thank you so much. coming up next let's turn the page and talk about what's hanning overseas, sniper, land mines, now a sand storm, cnn takes you to the fight against isis as iraqi troops are just hundreds of yards away from retaking a key city. we'll take you there. also former republican candidate rick santorum will join us live. his take of the state of the race one week out and trump's blue state strategy coming down the stretch, especially in his home state of pennsylvania. we'll be right back.
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gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. surrender or die, that's the message from iraq's prime minister to the remaining isis terrorists holed up in the city of mosul. iraqi forces are right now battling the elements. wave after wave of sand storms here plus the threat of roof top snipers, remotely detonated car bombs and a roadblocked by boulders. isis fighters trying a slew of tactics to stop iraqi troops from entering the city of mosul but it hasn't worked. iraqi soldiers have sealed off the last village they have to clear before breaking into the city of mosul. meantime something is puzzling happening on the border between turkey and iraq. you have to turkish military officers say it's mobilizing
11:41 am
tanks and bulldozers in the two cities closest to mosul but they won't say why. cnn's senior international correspondent ar arwa damon is there on the outskirts. arwa? >> a sand storm has just swept in, adding another layer and difficulty of challenges to the current push around the town. this is the closest that iraqi forces have been to mosul since isis swept through and took it over more than two years ago and throughout the course of the day they have been coming across artillery fire, exchanging it, mortar fire, rocket fire and small arms fire exchanges as well. they don't know exactly how many isis fighters are here because the commander says isis is moving assets between the town and the city of mosul itself. we are less than a kilometer away from its outskirts but what isis has been doing and what we
11:42 am
saw them do on this day is seemingly send small groups of fighters to try to circle around and attack the more fixed positions the iraqis have been setting up, isis does regularly sneak up on forces and this particular position did not receive any incoming fire all morning but then a few rounds came in and they believe they spotted three fighters just around that house right there. a rocket strike was then called in to take out what was believed to be the isis fighters' positions. now the commanders here say they are going through, compared to other areas, very slowly, very methodically and this is mostly because there are around 25,000 civilians believed to be inside
11:43 am
the town here which makes things like calling in an air strike or using artillery or rocket fire that much more difficult because it has to be precise otherwise they risk causing significant civilian casualties. arwa damon, cnn, iraq. >> arwa, thank you, it may be a slow push to retake mosul but the military assessment is iraqi troops are gaining ground and flushing out isis militant. if you ask donald trump, this is what he'll tell you. >> the resistance is much greater now because they knew about the attack, why can't they win first and talk later? why do they have to say three months before the attack we're going in? so you can tell your military expert that i'll sit down and teach him a couple things. even mosul, we're trying to retake mosul a second time because we essentially gave it up. so now we're going in, did we give them enough advanced notice? four months is enough time, right? general, did we give mosul
11:44 am
enough advance notice? i think so. four months, i keep saying whatever happened to the element of surprise? the element of surprise. >> joining me now, a former rival of donald trump's during the primary season and now a supporter, former senator rick santorum of the great state of pennsylvania. great to have you on, welcome back. >> thanks, brooke, good to be on. >> since we heard from arwa in iraq, i wanted to begin there donald trump, you can give the man credit when it comes to how he talks about the economy and business but, senator, when it comes to iraq and syria and war, he has no personal experience. he has no credibility so my question is are you comfortable with him using that language? >> i'm comfortable with the language saying we gave away mosul, we did that, that's a fact. we had control of mosul and had we developed a status of forces agreement we would have kept forces the place and we couldn't have had isis and we wouldn't be
11:45 am
doing what we're doing now. i embrace that comment. as far as giving warning, look, there's always a school of thought as to how you organize an attack and when you launch one and how much "warning" you give and there are generals who have been critical of the way this has been conducted so i don't think it's an outrageous thing for him to say. i'm not sure it's his strongest point but there's credible evidence to suggest that planning and foreshadowing the attack that far ahead was not the smartest thing to do. >> back here at home, this campaign, you know, you and i haven't spoken since that "access hollywood" tape came out. i met your daughter here on set one time and you are a man of faith and family and honor. when it comes to donald trump's character, are you 100% comfortable with him? >> no, i'm not comfortable with some of the things he says and
11:46 am
some of the things he's done. look, i find it disgusting and not going to do anything publicly or otherwise to try to make excuses for him, when i look at this race i see candidates both from a character point of view who have some serious problems. hillary clinton has serious problems telling the truth and secrecy and pay for play and all the other things that come from being an insider and washington, d.c. and making, by the way, hundreds of millions of dollars doing it and i look at donald trump and i see just as you mentioned, a man whose character is not exactly what i want to recommend to my kids to emulate so i have problems both -- with both on character. >> did you ever, though, senator, rethink or give it a good long think, your support of mr. trump and conversations you might have had with your daughters on this when it broke? >> no, because, you know, i don't want my daughters to emulate hillary clinton either.
11:47 am
this is someone i find not just on a character deeply flawed but also on public policy, it comes down to one of them is going to be president, they won't be head of the garden club, they're going to be running the country. >> we're talking about the leader of the free world here. >> right, so i'll look at their policies. both have character issues that are problematic but what i do know is that hillary clinton's policies are dangerous for this country. her national security policies are incredibly dangerous, i spoke to a jewish group a couple of nights ago and couldn't be more clear, hillary clinton is going to continue the policy of giving iran a nuclear weapon whether it's in a year, two years or under the agreement ten years which will threaten the existence of the state of israel. that's a serious policy flaw and donald trump has said we won't let that happen. that to me are the things that unfortunately are not being talked about on cnn, msnbc or fox or any networks because we're talking about character
11:48 am
flaws and, yes, we have two deeply flawed candidates with character that's why their unpopularity is so high. but when it come tots the issues i'll support the candidate i think has a better chance of putting a path forward for american workers getting a good job. i think trump has a better solid plan on that. somebody i think will do a better job of keeping our country safe. that's why i'm for trump. >> i was listening to mike pence and donald trump talking about obamacare in pennsylvania. >> obamacare is a huge disaster in pennsylvania. >> i know and you would know and you also would know how that resonates with republicans but i was also listening to mike pence who was saying today -- his message to republicans standing on that stage was it's time to come home. but here you have zboern john kasich in ohio who isn't voting for donald trump. he talks about how he was writing in john mccain. you have to most powerful republican on capitol hill, paul ryan who says yes he voted for the republican nominee but he
11:49 am
couldn't bring himself to say "i voted for donald trump." is that the best way to inspire republicans? your fellow republicans in this last stretch to come home? >> i'm not happy with john kasich or paul ryan and the way they're conducting themselves. particularly john kasich. i'm going say to john kasich if you're watching, john, you signed a pledge saying you would support the republican nominee for president, you signed a pledge in order to get on the ballot in south carolina. you promised you would follow through with that and you knew donald trump had a chance because he was leading in the polls at the time to be our nominee and you signed it any way. you can't say a man who won't keep is word is someone that should be paid attention to when it comes to how he will vote. john, you are better than that. john was a bear friend in congress and i know john kasich is better than that. jeb bush, i would say the same thing to you. you signed a pledge. i would say the same thing to other candidates who have not stepped forward and said "i'm
11:50 am
going to support donald trump" because you wouldn't have been able to run for president had you not signed that pledge and if you're talking about well, he has character beneath the dignity of the office, what about that character? what about the character -- i'll tell your kids and grand kids you signed a pledge, you gave your word to be president of the united states, to run for president of the united states and you backed away from it. shame on them. >> senator santorum, fired up today, seven days, sir, you ready? >> it's worth it. the country is at stake here and i hope republicans come to grips with that and come home. >> senator, thank you so much. senator rick santorum, thank you, back in a flash. (sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
11:51 am
smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
you know viola davis, a high profile defense attorney and law professor on abc's "how to get away with murder." but off screen, the emmy award winning actress is an advocate for the poor. >> growing up in central falls, it was a mixture of the most idyllic joyful experience mixed
11:55 am
with the kind of horrific traumatizing experience. my mom has an eighth grade education. she's smart, she's just not educated. she was a part of a group of working poor women who fought for kids who are underserved. that's what i learned from her. you don't have to have the profile of what it may look like to be an activist, but what you have is a heart to serve. i grew up poor so there's a human face on it for me i understand the needs of the people. >> one, two, three. >> i'm serving with direct relief, which is a human aaron aid program and they provide health service, medical kits to places of disaster, impoverished communities throughout the world. today they're offering a free health clinic and health screening here. what they are providing is
11:56 am
something a lot of communities will never even see and so hopefully it will be kind of a beacon of hope. >> love her. viola davis. meantime, check this out, just moments from now a former miss universe and trump critic will be introducing hillary clinton at this rally, this is dade city, florida. also just into cnn, we have new numbers on early voting in that key battleground state. stay here.
11:57 am
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