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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we do begin with breaking news out of iowa. a manhunt under way to find this man, scott michael greene, after two officers are ambushed and gunned down. police say both officers were sitting in their patrol cars at the time and found just miles apart from one another. greene was last seen driving a blue 2011 ford f-150 truck with iowa tag 780-yfr. officials issuing a warning last hour. >> there's a possibility he's
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armed and believed to be dangerous. we don't want anybody to approach him if they see him. if they do, just call 9 lep. >> jean casarez is following the story. >> officers are going door to door. they believe finding eyewitnesses will be difficult at this point but this is nine hours ago almost that this happened. so he could be anywhere. they say they need to find him. they are calling him a suspect, that he has vital information they need to talk to him about. but of course, who is saying if he is even in iowa at this point because interstates are so close. we want to tell everybody exactly what happened. a little after 1:00 this morning, in urbandale, a small community outside des moines, a small department, 50 officers, but they hear shots have been fired so officers rush to the scene and find one of their own sitting in their patrol car and he had been shot and he was deceased. they then get an all points bulletin for officers in the
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area to be on the lookout for someone who shot one of their officers. they then come upon a des moines officer who is believed to have known what had happened that was trying to get in the area to help in this manhunt at this point. he had been shot in his patrol car at an intersection. he was still alive. he was rushed to the hospital and he was pronounced dead. family members are still being notified of the officers. we don't know their names but there have been two press conferences. listen to what the des moines police department is saying right now. >> these officers were ambushed. on the surface right now, we are just a few hours into this, it doesn't look like there was any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars. that's the best we got, that we can explain right now. both of them were in their cars. >> they are still processing the
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crime scene. they do say they do know the weapon that was used. they are not releasing that information but there is a manhunt right now because they believe all officers are at risk. clear and present danger, and they are pairing up their officers. once again, you showed the license plate, this person could be anywhere. nine hours is a long time. when you have a pickup truck he had, you could go many places. >> nationwide manhunt. hope someone sees him. thanks so much. let's talk a little politics now. six days until the election and every minute matters. donald trump and hillary clinton, full throttle on the trail. the clinton camp unleashing major surrogates in every direction. next hour, chelsea clinton and vice president joe biden holds events. meantime, trump hits florida and pence makes the play out west. take a look at this. cnn's new poll of polls shows clinton with a five point advantage over donald trump. we are covering all the angles with our team of political reporters but let's begin in orlando with cnn's phil mattingly. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. over the course of the last 48 hours we have seen a very noticeable shift from hillary clinton and her campaign. they are still very angry at the letter fbi director jim comey sent to capitol hill. they don't believe his rationale is solid at all but there's a recognition with just six days left they need to shift their focus and shift their message. that means that focus is going to donald trump and as you noted, going out west today to arizona. arizona, a republican stronghold kind of state, a state that democrats rarely play in but the clinton campaign is willing to. why? they are looking at early vote data that shows a major uptick in latino votes. that is the reason they believe it's a battleground state. that's the reason they believe it's actually a tossup. that's the reason they are going to continue to press for the latino vote with this ad. take a look. >> 27 million strong all ready to vote for freedom, equality and reason. traits that seem to have gone out of season. a vote to make a difference, to fight indifference, to silence
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the ignorance, because when you are 27 million strong no one can tell you that you don't belong. >> reporter: now, when you look at early vote data across the country, there are definitely positives and negatives for both parties but one clear positive across all the early voting states has been that latino vote. it's been ticking up across the country. clinton campaign going to continue to focus on that. they acknowledge arizona is a tossup at best but hillary clinton willing to go on the ground there. as i noted, shifting the focus again trying to make this a referendum not on the fbi, not on her e-mail server but on donald trump. she even lashed out a little bit yesterday here in florida at one of his supporters who was protesting her rally. take a look. >> i love this country. i think we already are great. now, i think we can be greater. and you know, i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and
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behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we are going forward into a brighter future. >> reporter: that's about as fired up and off-script as you see hillary clinton on the campaign trail and it really resonated with the audience, fired them up. one of the most interesting elements here as we head into this home stretch, the money. where's it all going, who's spending it. i have bad news for family in ohio and all the battleground states. they are still going to be inundated with ads to the tune of $44 million. that's more than $25 million from clinton and supporting outside groups, more than $18 million from trump and supporting outside groups. one interesting side note about those buys. where the clinton campaign spin spending money on tv right now, in states like colorado, virginia, new mexico. trump campaign says that means they have problems. clinton campaign says we are
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just flush with cash and want to protect where we already hold solid ground. carol? >> phil mattingly, live from orlando. donald trump's campaign is denouncing a show of support from the kkk's official newspaper as in the ku klux klan. the issue seen here borrows trump's slogan make america great again. it says the way to greatness is to become a quote, white christian republic. let's bring in cnn's sara malloy from washington. >> reporter: the trump campaign quick to offer a rebuke from this newspaper. i want to read to you a statement they put out. saying this publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of millions of americans who are uniting behind our campaign and this sort of matches what we saw from them yesterday when they immediately condemned robocalls from a white supremacist on behalf of donald trump but not from the trump campaign that were designed to slander third party candidate evan mcmullin.
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the reason this has been an issue for donald trump as we have seen him over the course of the last year and a half, struggle for a while to separate himself from david duke. it took him a couple attempts to condemn david duke. we also have seen him retweet white supremacists. a way back the campaign realized this was a problem. people thought donald trump was racist. they thought the gop nominee was racist. they made a concerted effort for him to make appeals to black voters, to go campaign in some inner cities and talk about how he wants to run to be president for everyone. obviously as we are looking at these early vote totals we still are seeing a depressed african-american turnout and we certainly haven't seen donald trump make very much in terms of inroads with this community. they may not be excited for hillary clinton but we not seeing them turn out in droves for donald trump either. one thing is clear. the trump campaign does appear to have sort of learned a lesson about distancing themselves quickly when they get this kind of support. >> sara murray, thank you.
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so let's talk about all that and more. jackie kucinich is with me, washington bureau chief for the daily beast. asma khalid is a political reporter for npr. welcome to both of you. thanks for being here. jackie, i know national polls are tightening but clinton still leads in large numbers among women, african-americans, young people and hispanics. help us understand why this race appears to be so close. >> we knew this would be tight until the end. i mean, while we saw the polls sort of air out a week or two ago, because of this, because of a lot of different reasons, you do see that this is narrowing. now, black voters in particular, they are having trouble getting them out in places like north carolina, florida and so that's one of the reasons you see president obama going to north carolina today to really rally people up and make sure they get to the polls. so it's going to be a game of margins. it has been a game of the margins. it's also why you see clinton
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start talking about trump attitude toward women. her new ad that she's running in some of those blue states right now is about what trump says about women. so to remind women of the things that donald trump has said and so maybe they consider who haven't voted yet, consider voting for hillary clinton rather than donald trump. >> i just got an interesting campaign advisory from the trump campaign. we know that hillary clinton has surrogates everywhere, right? donald trump, we rarely hear about a large number of surrogates appearing in any kind of battleground states for him but i just got this right now and it lists surrogates that will be out over the next couple of days including donald trump jr., ivanka trump, eric trump, lara trump, tiffany trump, mayor rudy giuliani, general keith kellogg, melania trump will give her big speech thursday in pennsylvania in the suburbs there. will that help?
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>> you know, it's really hard to say. a lot of those names you mentioned have the last name trump so they are certainly family members of donald trump's who will be out making the case for him. look, i think at this point in the game it seems like a lot of voters have already made up their minds. i say that partly because when you look at early voting numbers, we are looking at record early voting participation. i think this morning over 28 million americans had already cast a ballot either by mail or early in-person voting in the presidential election. certainly that doesn't mean that all people have voted. we are still talking about two-thirds of voters who will probably wait until election day. but at this point it seems like folks are just trying to shore up the base of supporters they have, be they democrat or republican, rather than fundamentally change minds. >> but donald trump is banking on that because he said -- i think he said it last night that if you cast an early vote, there's still time to change it.
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here's what donald trump said about that. >> this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. you can change your vote to donald trump who will make america great again, okay? >> so you can legally do that in states like michigan and pennsylvania but you heard what asma said. will people really change their votes at this late date? >> yeah, that's something that can happen in i think seven states, and it is extremely rare. i don't know that people are going to be running in droves to change their votes at this point. i think she's absolutely right that there are -- i mean, i know people who have gone to vote who said oh, my gosh, i'm glad that's over. they just want to be done with it at this point.
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so it will be interesting to see if that does happen but it certainly doesn't seem that the movement is that way right now, especially with the e-mail scandal that broke last week, that's sort of something that's bi baked in. while we haven't seen a lot of polls since that happened, the ones we have seen show that that is not an issue that's really changing people's minds about hillary clinton. but you know, we'll see what comes up tomorrow. >> you never know. so asma, a lot of people say they don't like either candidate, they don't know if they are going to vote. you mentioned early voting and the record numbers of people turning out. do you really think people will not go to the polls on election day? >> you know, i think part of the early voting, jackie just mentioned this, is people are so fed up they just want to be done with the process. i was speaking with the early voting elections guru michael mcdonald yesterday based out of the university of florida. he told me a lot of what we are seeing with early voting are people who have already made up their minds who just want to get
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the process done with. i can't tell you the amount of times i have heard that from folks this election cycle. we have people who are so fed up with the process, so fed up with how long this has gone on and they just want to be done with it all at this point. >> i can so relate to that. jackie, asma, thanks to both of you. coming up in the "newsroom" the strong ground game, last minute ads, top tier surrogates, what will it take to get clinton or trump across the finish line? two former campaign managers tell all. does everybody make everybody i know.s? how does he eat them all? he's working hard all night... he gets hungry. why do you spray that? well, it magically keeps the dough from sticking to our cookie cutter. with pam nothing gets stuck. ♪
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two campaigns, two very different strategies for the final sprint to election day. >> you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again, okay? she is not going to make america great. she will never make america great. the clintons are the sordid past. >> my opponent can say whatever he wants about me. i don't really care. if you know anybody who's thinking about voting for trump, well, first of all, stage an intervention.
7:19 am
>> every day counts, every attack matters and don't mind two next guests know that. how would they handle these last days of the campaign? with me is jeff weaver, former campaign manager for bernie sanders and fred malick, campaign manager for george h.w. bush and dan quayle in '92. welcome to both of you. i'm so excited to talk to you about this because i just got your super secret e-mail of advice to these candidates. it's fascinating. so jeff, i will start with you. if you take yourself out and you just look at donald trump as maybe your candidate, if you can do that, what advice would you give him in these last days? >> well, i would say when you're at 3:00 a.m. in the morning lying in bed in your underwear, do not go on twitter. that's my first piece of advice. i would make sure i stuck to the scripts that my people wrote, stick to the teleprompter, and that's the best thing he can do. try not to offend any more large
7:20 am
segments of the american population. those are my tremendous pieces of advice. no twitter, read the teleprompter and don't offend large groups of people. >> okay. fred, what advice would you have for donald trump? >> i can't disagree with anything jeff said. i think he's on the mark. here's what i think. number one, he needs to calm down, he needs to be presidential, he needs to stay off of wikileaks, he needs to stay off of the fbi stuff, because the media will take care of that. two, he's got to focus on what's important in the country. improving the lives of the middle class, improving respect around the world, improving our stance on immigration. he's got a bad rap on immigration. he should talk about he's for legal immigration and for humane way to deal with those who are here illegally but he needs -- we need to work on it. finally, he's going to need to have a closing ad campaign with an injection of at least $100 million of his own money which emphasizes what he stands for, the changes he's going to bring
7:21 am
about to help the middle class including creation of jobs and the replacement of obamacare. let me add one more. i don't know if jeff will agree with me or not but i think there's a segment of the voter out there, a demographic we haven't heard about before, called the -- if you can get enough people who don't want to vote for hillary to hold their nose and vote for you, are you going to win. it's the same on the opposite side. a lot of people don't like either candidate and they have to hold their nose and vote for the least objectionable of the two. you want to be the least objectionable. >> i think we all agree there's a lot of those kind of voters out there. let's focus on hillary clinton. what does she need to do in these final days? >> well, i think they need to do what they have been doing. they need to focus on battleground states. i think she has the votes to win out there in the world if you believe the polling and i think most of the polling backs this up. and they have to get the vote out. that's what they have to focus
7:22 am
on. they have got to stick with battleground states, get the vote out. other thing i would say in addition to that, they need to make sure this election does not turn into just a referendum on trump. hillary clinton has a lot of bold plans for the country and if those are not talked about in the final days of this campaign, when she wins on november 8th, she won't have the political wind behind her to help push those things forward. so they have -- i know it's tempting to beat up on trump but they have got to put out their positive message in this final week. >> fred, your advice to hillary clinton? >> well, i agree with some of what jeff said and not all of it. i do think turning out the vote will be the most crucial thing she can do. i would advise her to above and beyond all else, stop yelling. speak to the american people in a calm and resolute manner but stop the yelling. it just doesn't work. in terms of substance versus attacking trump, i think she's got to continue to go after trump and try to make him a less acceptable alternative than she is. by the same token, of course she
7:23 am
has to emphasize some of the positive things. i think our policies, republican policies are better than democrats so i don't think those are winners for her. >> so just a final question about the negativity because both candidates have gone very, very negative. how does that affect voters? does that make them more excited to vote? does that make them really hate the other candidate more? >> well, what you have to worry about is if you just excite people who are already excited about you, that doesn't really do much for you because they were going to vote for you anyway. if you are looking for persuadable voters in this phase of the campaign, you want to give those people a reason to vote for you as well. i have to say i don't -- i do disagree with the comment about the shouting. i just saw the clip you played with hillary clinton very animated, very genuine and authentic on the stump. i think that actually works for her. i think while donald trump should stick to the script, i think sometimes hillary clinton sticks too much to the script and i think people should see more of the authentic animated hillary clinton. i think that would do a lot for
7:24 am
her. >> fred, a final question to you about the negativity and whether you think that works. >> well, look, the candidates themselves have brought out the negativity. donald trump did not invent the e-mail scandal. hillary clinton did not e-mail the women -- i mean, she did not originate the women problems. they did it themselves. so naturally there's going to be piling on and negativity. that goes with the territory when you have two such candidates. i think at this point in time, though, the best thing to do is rise above that, talk about the positives, talk about what you're going to do, talk in trump's case about the change he will bring back in america to help the middle class and help restore respect around the world. that's what he's got to do. but again, he's got to put $100 million of his own money. he said we do it. time to put up or shut up. >> i agree with that. >> thanks to you both. fascinating. still to come in the "newsroom" more than 25 million ballots have already been cast but one group is falling short.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we do begin with breaking news this half hour out of des moines, iowa. a man hunt under way right now to find this man. scott michael greene. after two police officers were ambushed and killed while sitting in their patrol cars this morning. greene is 5'11," brown hair, green eyes and is believed to be armed and dangerous. do not approach him but call 911
7:30 am
if you have any sort of information. he was last seen driving a blue 2011 ford f-150 truck with iowa tag 780-yfr. all right. let's talk a little politics now. more than 24 million americans have already cast their ballot for president but a dip in african-american voters across the battleground states could prove worrisome for hillary clinton. that's why president obama is on a tear right now. he will campaign for clinton in raleigh, in miami, jacksonville, fayetteville, charlotte, orlando and this morning, he spoke to popular african-american radio host tom joiner to lay out the stakes for the black community. >> the latino vote is up. overall vote is up. but the african-american vote right now is not as solid as it needs to be. you know what, i need everybody to understand that everything we have done is dependent on me being able to pass the baton to
7:31 am
somebody who believes in the same things i believe in, and so if you really care about my presidency and what we have accomplished, then you are going to go and vote. >> all right. let's talk about this. with me, nicole hannah jones, from "new york times" magazine, jennifer carroll, former florida lieutenant governor and druonal trump supporter and angela rye. welcome to all of you. thanks for being here. i want to focus on north carolina first because the naacp in that state filed a lawsuit monday over black voter suppression. a federal appeals court accused republicans of an almost surgical assault on black turnout. according to the "new york times" black voters had only one polling place to cast a ballot in guilford county, north carolina. in 2012 there were 16 locations.
7:32 am
jennifer, is mr. trump right? is the election rigged? >> during election times we always have irregularities in the voting process. this is nothing new this election cycle. but when you talk about voter suppression, i would like every black voter to turn out and vote. marcus x, martin luther king, frederick douglas would be appalled at the voter turnout we are seeing in recent times with black voters. there is lots at stake, for our community, economics, education, safety and security. black voters need to be part of the process that's going to bring about a change and a difference for their community. >> so angela, is it a problem with voter suppression or is it enthusiasm among black voters that's the problem? >> i think you have a combined effect here. there are some folks who aren't enthusiastic and even less enthusiastic after they have heard donald trump at rallies talking about he needs poll watchers from his rallies and we
7:33 am
know what kind of folks end up going to donald trump rallies sometimes, in places like st. louis, chicago, philadelphia. that is effectively voter intimidation. it's so interesting to hear the former lieutenant governor talk about malcolm x and marcus garvey and frederick douglas. i'm sure they would be woefully ashamed of what florida has done to felons and disenfran choosing their vote. i'm sure they would be hasorrib ashamed that donald trump was at a rally in florida and talked about black people getting out going for a loaf of bread outside their homes. we know sanford, florida is the same place this vigilante, george zimmerman, shot and killed trayvon martin. black people are issue voters. we are seen black voters turn out and take over states attorneys who are not prosecuted police officers for police brutality, excessive force and killing black people. those are the kind of things we need to be talking about during this election, not quoting
7:34 am
harriet tubman and frederick douglas in this shameful way. >> i want to go back to this issue of voter intimidation. there's a head line on politico this morning and this is the headline. it says white nationalists plot election day show of force. an excerpt from the article, quote, the oath keepers a group of former law enforcement and military members that often shows up in public heavily armed is advising members to go under cover and conduct intelligence gathering at polling places and donald trump ally roger stone is organizing his own exit polling aiming to monitor thousands of precincts across the country. i will ask you about that in a second, jennifer, but i wanted to ask nicole, do you believe that sort of thing will happen? >> i think it's possible. i don't think that that's what's affecting the vote. i actually would like to correct one thing about black voting patterns. we know in 2008 and 2012, black americans actually voted at the highest rate of any group of voters, particularly black women, so i think we shouldn't
7:35 am
say black people, that our ancestors would be disappointed at voting patterns. black people have voted at very high rates. it's understandable that following the election of the first black president, you don't have those same historic rates but we also know we are likely seeing some of the results of the different voter i.d. laws and other tactics that have occurred in the last few years. >> what's happening in north carolina is a real concern in your mind. >> i think when you look at the loss of voter precincts and places that people can vote, i think you are clearly going to see an impact. >> so jennifer, i did want to ask about this politico article. do you really believe this group called the oath keepers will show up at polling places and will be gathering intelligence? is roger stone really going to send people out en masse to polling stations? >> i have no idea about that. people can say one thing and do something else. but i do want to make the correction that on recent times in the primary election and this general election, we are seeing lower voter turnout of
7:36 am
african-americans and that is concerning because of the '08 and '12 elections we had such a mass turnout and involvement in blacks being involved in a political process. >> jennifer, this sort of thing might be a reason why? >> i think it's the enthusiasm for both candidates. people are not as enthused with hillary clinton, with her past record of 20, 30 years of not really supporting african-americans and their issues, looking at -- >> that's not true. >> -- her calling black people super predators and supporting incarceration of black males more so than white males, looking at her support of white immigrants over black immigrants. she doesn't talk about haitian, caribbean, african immigrants and supporting their numbers in the numbers she's talking about syrian refugees and these are people she called professional never do wells for those type of immigrants. those people come into our country and create business, their cultures enhance the
7:37 am
economics in our communities. i don't see where she supporting school choice for our parents to have the opportunity to extract their kids from failing schools to have a better choice. so therefore, the economy and the jobs and safety and security of our black communities have been failing throughout the years. >> angela? >> i have to respond to something. lieutenant governor, with all due respect, i'm just trying to figure out where this black support you are talking about was when stand your ground was taking black people out. where were you for marissa alexander, for trayvon martin? it is so interesting to me that now all of a sudden you are a black militant, former lieutenant governor and you have a horrible record at defending people of color. i am very interested to see something different from you than besides this lip service that you are giving to us right now. >> well, it's not lip service because i chaired the force with stand your ground and the alexander and martin case were two separate incidents.
7:38 am
also, as state representative, i supported and sponsored legislation for black business girls and development in the state of florida. i supported funding historical black colleges at a time when they were on a veto block. i supported having [ inaudible ] program to teach black males how it would be in a college environment to encourage them to go to college and supported funding -- >> i want to bring it back to the election for just a second. i'm going to direct this question here because nicole has written a very interesting article in the "new york times" magazine about how some of the things that donald trump says does resonate within the black community. >> i think that we often don't like the messenger but clearly when donald trump is criticizing democratic leadership in terms of black racial disparities, i think that that is something that a lot of black americans have talked about for a long time, this feeling that because
7:39 am
republican candidates often seem opposed to civil rights they are forced to vote for democrats but oftentimes democrats take black americans for granted. >> so maybe, angela, the things that donald trump says about the african-american community and the things he says about democrats not really being very helpful within those communities doesn't mean that african-americans will vote for donald trump but may mean that they are not as enthusiastic to vote for hillary clinton either. >> i think that's certainly the case. i think you do have an issue of enthusiasm but i think more of that issue now is what we are seeing. we are seeing an fbi that hasn't been particularly fair in the last couple of days. we are seeing the fact that voter suppression is alive and well even after shelby v holder. we are seeing the fact people don't want us to turn out in the numbers we did in 2008 and 2012 and actually, black voter participation even in 2012 went down a little bit from 2008. those are the issues facing us. we are just trying to live and thrive in this country and that's why i challenge the lieutenant governor the way that i did. black people are trying to fight
7:40 am
for the right to live not just earn wages, not just get support for their business, not just have better and stronger schools but just the right to life. just the right to life. that's a big issue. that's a big issue. we have to believe in the system. right now that's been challenged. >> jennifer, last word. because it doesn't appear that donald trump is inspiring many african-americans to go to the polls for him, although we don't know that yet because election day has not arrived. your final thoughts? >> that could be an assumption but at least he's trying and making an appeal and he's the only republican presidential candidate in my lifetime to make a direct appeal to the african-american voters and address their issues and make a statement that he will work with the african-american communities to fix the issues that have been impeding them for so many years. i give him props for that. >> all right. thanks so much for all of you being here. we are working on breaking news out of iowa. we don't have it quite yet which
7:41 am
is why i was a little distracted. thanks so much. we have that. we are learning the search for the suspect who police say ambushed and killed two police officers overnight is now over. on the phone with me now is sergeant paul -- you have to tell me how to pronounce your last name, sir. >> parizek. >> you are the public information officer for the des moines police department. give us the latest. is this man in custody? >> yeah. we have got the person we identified as the suspect in custody right now. >> where did you find him? >> he was located in a neighboring county just west of polk county where des moines is located. dallas county. >> was he in his truck? >> we have not located his vehicle just yet. the details are still kind of filtering in from the officers over there. but looks like he was on foot on a road. >> so he was running down the road when he was captured? >> i don't know if he was running. he was on foot on a roadway when
7:42 am
he was captured. >> got you. did it appear that anyone was helping him? >> he was alone when he was taken into custody. >> then how did you come to find him? >> we don't have those details just yet. he was located in dallas county by officers over there. we don't know how they did that but we know they did that. like i said, this just happened. >> so was he armed? >> at the time of his arrest? >> yes. >> yeah. we don't have that information just yet. this just happened. >> just happened. we do appreciate your being on so quickly with us. is there any more information on why this man was allegedly involved with these two police officers' deaths? >> we don't really know, i mean if you're talking about motive that's probably something we won't determine until the end of this investigation and that's if we're able to determine exactly what the motive for this was. as far as the leads that came in
7:43 am
early on that led him -- us to identifying mr. greene as the person we were interested in talking to about this, we can't really discuss those details at this time. >> i was just going to ask you if this man was known to you and what led you to this man as a suspect. >> hello? >> what led you to this man as a suspect? we lost him. i'm so sorry. but the good news is that this man wanted in connection with the deaths of these two police officers in iowa, one was killed ambush style in des moines, another was killed ambush style in a town not very far away from des moines, and this man, scott michael greene, was found in a neighboring county outside of his vehicle. we don't know if he ditched it or not. it appears that no one was helping him but hopefully we will know more about this man and why these two officers were killed ambush style in the coming hours on cnn. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
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iraqi forces now at mosul's doorsteps. it's as close as the coalition troops have come in their push to recapture the city. the last major stronghold for isis in iraq. their advance expect tod tred t trigger some of the fiercist fighting yet. arwa damon joins us now with more. >> reporter: we are just on that front line, around 600 feet from mosul itself next to the mosul tv antenna station and this is what many people do actually consider to be its eastern-most
7:49 am
perimeter. the neighborhoods there were coming under intense mortar rocket and sniper fire by isis elements believed to be inside mosul itself and on the road going up there, the iraqi counter terrorism units were regularly clearing ieds. intelligence about where they were buried was in fact on two occasions that we witnessed being given to them by the civilian population and the particular town that they were moving through, which is what they are currently in the process of clearing of the last isis elements and of explosives, residents there did not flee ahead of the offensive and iraqi security forces pretty much told everyone to stay in place and take cover. around 20,000 people were still there. we spoke to a number of them and the stories are just unbelievable. we spoke to one mother who said that isis enslaved her for not
7:50 am
supporting them, raped her, then she gave birth to a baby boy. she says all she can do is pray he never finds out about his father. >> just horrible stories. we will wait to see if they can make it inside the city and get more of those poor people out. arwa damon live from inside iraq this morning. still to come, new hampshire in the cross-hairs. clinton sending out surrogates while trump hammers away on clinton's e-mails.
7:51 am
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hillary clinton and donald trump along with top surrogates fanning out across swing states today. miguel marquez has more for you. >> reporter: granite state republicans hammering away at clinton's e-mail issues. >> there's a culture of corruption she's brought to the democratic party from top to bottom. >> reporter: democrats say the fbi's bombshell has only hardened support, turning out more volunteers for clinton over the weekend. the voters you are hearing from, people you are talking to -- >> they're not asking about it either. >> reporter: new polling shows a tightening race, a fierce fight for new hampshire's four electoral votes. clinton still up by seven points but just a couple of weeks ago, she was up by 15.
7:55 am
tuesday, clinton bringing in her biggest help, bernie sanders, kicking off his nationwide tour for her with two stops in new hampshire. >> the differences between secretary clinton and mr. trump are day and night. >> reporter: last week, it was senator elizabeth warren, a favorite among liberals, firing up women. >> i've got news for you, donald trump. >> reporter: since clinching the nomination -- >> we love new hampshire. >> reporter: -- trump has visited new hampshire nine times. pence, four. hoping the e-mail revelations could put the state in play but -- >> we still have only about less than 80% of republicans saying they are going to vote for trump. he needs to have 90% plus of republicans voting for him. >> reporter: with more female than male voters here, clinton running well ahead of trump among women. her campaign now targeting men as well. >> what i have often heard men say is i have two daughters and
7:56 am
i want them to be able to grow up and have every advantage. >> reporter: both campaigns running full bore. 1.4 million door knocks and 1.3 million calls for republicans. democrats counter nearly 600,000 individual doors knocked and more than two million calls in this tiny state. >> one of the craziest i have ever seen. >> reporter: this election, anything possible. >> the electoral college map is in a mess. you have hillary going to red states, you have trump going to blue states. >> reporter: so the question here in new hampshire still is whether or not that e-mail issue is having an effect. it's not entirely clear. the poll numbers we see out of here right now were taken last wednesday through sunday. they only captured a couple of days. pollsters say it will take a couple more days before we know the full effect of it. we may just see this race becoming closer as they typically do this close to the election. carol? >> miguel marquez reporting live
7:57 am
from manchester, new hampshire. still to come, history will be made on the ball field tonight. for one team, a decades-long drought about to end. for the other, a long winter ahead. in everything that matters? coming in first place... introducing the all-new 2017 ford super duty. the only high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body heavy duty pick-up. it takes first place in every measure of tough: best-in-class towing. best-in-class payload. best-in-class horsepower. and best-in-class torque. winner, winner, chicken dinner. this is the next level. this is the all-new ford super duty.
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sgr 1908 versus 1948. one of these world series droughts end tonight. the cubs and indians play game seven of the world series, winner take all. good morning, andy. >> reporter: good morning. doesn't get any better than this. game seven of the world series. cubs haven't won in 108 years. the indians, 68 years. the misery finally ends for one of these fan bases tonight. cubs had a great night last night, sucked the air out of progressive field. in the first inning, already up 1-0. the two on, he hits the ball to right center field and the indians have a big miscue. no one catches the ball. it drops to the ground. two runs come in to score,
7:59 am
making it 3-0. russell in the top of the third with the bases loaded, that's a grand slam. he's the second youngest player ever to hit a grand slam in the world series behind mickey mantle. russell had six rbis in the game tying a world series record. cubs got the big win in game six 9-3 to force tonight's winner take all game seven. the indians have the pitching edge tonight in terms of starters. their ace will be on the mound. he's already won two games in this series. he will be opposite kyle hendrix. ticket prices are outrageous to get in. the cheapest going for about $1,000 for standing room only. at the ticket office hundreds of fans lined up trying to get last second released by the indians trying to get face value to see history. this could be chicago's week. the bears beat the vikings on monday night football, the bulls are 3-0 and maybe the cubs win
8:00 am
their first world series. >> no, no. if they do, someone will erect a statue and genuflect in front of it. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. we do begin with breaking news. president obama breaking his silence on the firestorm surrounding the fbi director and his disclosure about reviewing e-mails that could be related to the investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> let's go straight to cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, this is the first time we are hearing from the president on this issue since the bombshell came out on friday. walking a line here. what kind of line is he walking? >> reporter: i think you could argue he


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