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tv   New Day  CNN  November 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. >> a lot of people out there that want us to really get this done. >> let's make sure that we win on tuesday and we -- >> the cubs have won the world series! the curse is broken. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn cameroa. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it is thursday, november 3rd, 8:00 in the east. up first, the curse is broken. chicago cubs winning the world series for the first time in more than a century. 108 years to be exact. their game seven victory over the cleveland indians was one for the ages. >> and the lure of it, 108 stitches on a baseball. 108 years since the cubs won. was that a sign? they certainly feel that all along chicago's north side. because they've been partying all night long. and into this morning.
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we've got all the bases covered for you. let's begin with andy scholes live in cleveland. you got to witness history of the good kind firsthand. >> certainly did, chris. what a game. what a night. game seven last night going to go down as one of the greatest baseball games ever and the emotions both fan bases had to go through throughout the night. enough to last a lifetime. bottom of the eighth inning, indians down by two, rajai davis sent the crowd at progressive field into a frenzy as he crushed this one for a two-run home run. right off the camera in left field. you check out lebron james going nuts. he was pumped up that the game was now tide. we go to extra innings and after a short rain delay cubs left fielder ben zobrist coming through in the clutch. he hits an rbi double in the 10th inning. he would be your world series mvp. bill murray weeps as his cubs win in an absolute thriller 8-7, to end their 108-year world
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series drought. >> this is what you dream for as a kid. i'm 24 years old and i'm the luckiest guy on the planet, man. >> i feel like a wet dog. everybody stinks in here. i know i do. sweat, champagne, beer -- >> it's fine. >> it's fine. it stings. it definitely stings. >> you need to get back to chicago to celebrate with the fans. >> i'm going on a bender. >> got to love cubs gm theo epstein. his new nickname curse breaker. he broke the 86-year drought for the red sox. now the 108-year for the cubs. many people consider him a miracle worker in baseball. the cubs returning home to chicago earlier this morning. you see anthony rizzo. he had the world series trophy getting off the bus. what a scene. and all the players i talked to in the club house last night they said they could not wait to party with all the cubs fans there in chicago.
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>> boy that was some moment. some moment. all right, andy. congratulations to you. enjoy it. so you had thousands of delirious fans watching the gathering at chicago's wrigley field. remember this game was played in cleveland. they were there all night anyone. cnn is limp outside that historic ball park in chitown. what was it like? >> yeah, chris. the sun is coming up and people are just not going home. they're just going to continue into this thursday. and i can tell you that right now, there are a number of cars backed up heading toward wrigley field, and it's most likely to get a peek at that. that's something cubs fans did not think they'd see for a long time. world series champions. that has been ground zero for cubs fans. people coming here, taking pictures. so much excitement has been filling the streets ever since that last out in cleveland. i got to tell you, it wasn't even the fact that they won this game. talking to fans, they said, it's
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how they won this game. with such dramatic fashion, as you just heard andy describe. one woman said she got a manicure before the game, and she bit off all of her finger nails, because she was so nervous about how this was all going to turn out. but fans really just continuing the celebration. so excited that this drought is over and among those fans, we, of course, have some big chicago natives, president barack obama, tweeting out his congratulations to chicago even though he's a white sox fan he of course was saying you can come to the white house before i vacate. also, hillary clinton, a chicago native, she was just pouring out with excitement watching this game and also tweeting saying they did it 100 years later and the drought is finally over fly the w. and alisyn all morning we've been seeing cars go by flying that "w." i think the next step into thursday is canceling work for many of these people and then waiting for the parade to continue the celebration. >> totally understood.
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not a boss in the world would crash down on those employees. thanks so much, brynn. so turning now to the presidential race. all the focus is on the big battleground states of course. and hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting those critical swing states, as a series of new polls show a tightening race. we are just five days away from election day. cnn's joe johns is live in washington with more. good morning, joe. >> good morning, alisyn. in the closing days, donald trump continuing his personal struggle with message discipline as hillary clinton's closing arguments to get out the vote are sounding much moresome beurre than her campaign would have preferred with the tightening in the polls continuing just five days to go. donald trump reminding himself to stay on message. >> we've got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> reporter: making his big push in battleground florida as new cnn polls show the race tightening in several swing states.
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>> i have been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinged. >> reporter: hillary clinton striking a grave tone, targeting minority voters in nevada by using trump's own words against him. >> someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. >> reporter: clinton also aggressively setting her sights on the red state of arizona where trump holds a five-point lead. >> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. or maybe, heaven forbid, start a real war instead of just a twitter war. >> reporter: both candidates ramping up attacks. clinton calling trump, dark and divisive. >> we know that the presidency doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are. >> reporter: as trump hits her on trustworthiness and on obamacare. >> real change begins wi s with
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immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. you think hillary's going to -- i don't think so, folks. >> reporter: hammering away at the recent fbi scrutiny over clinton's private e-mail server. >> they just found 650,000 e-mails. i have a feeling those e-mails are going to be -- there's going to be some beauties in there. >> reporter: in an interview with "people" magazine clinton calling the fbi e-mail review just noise and distraction, while remaining confident in the final stretch. >> everything he has said and done both in his career and in this campaign is a pretty good preview of what's to come. >> reporter: the focus on the battleground states continues today. donald trump in jacksonville, florida, and concord and selma, north carolina. hillary clinton also in the tar heel state once again in winterville and raleigh. >> all right, joe, thank you
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very much. so much to discuss. let's bring in the right person to talk to on the trump side, donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. good to see you my friend. we see the polls moving closer. especially battleground states. why? >> especially in blue states, also. >> donald trump's closing with a positive message. talking about his love for the country, his love for the people. what he's going to do to help them solve everyday problems. hillary clinton is going lower and lower. going totally negative. people don't like that. they feel like they deserve and should be respected to have a substantive conversation. to this is a contrast of two campaigns. particularly in these closing arguments. hillary clinton and even the president and vice president of the united states are talking about donald trump and donald trump is talking about the american people. i think that's the difference. >> i hear him doing two things. bashing clinton about the e-mails. bashing obamacare. and both of those are resonant. i also hear him channeling someone who i think i know. i want to play this sound bite. i know you're hearing this plenty this morning. let's play donald trump talking
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to himself. >> it's feeling like it already, isn't it? this -- we've got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. stay on point, donald. stay on point. no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. nice. because i've been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinged. we don't want any of that. she has become unhinged. >> you know what the giveaway was, he does not refer to himself as donald. he says trump. is he channeling you? is that the advice you're giving him? >> oh, look i think donald trump does his best when he's talking about issues, and when people get to see the donald trump that we know, who's incredibly gracious, really funny, and is doing this for all the right reasons, i mean i think people will look back at this campaign, particularly after he wins on tuesday, chris, and they'll say we totally missed how much americans appreciated, and i hear at these rallies make me emotional, how much america
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appreciated the fact that he and his family made enormous sacrifices to run for president. americans have told pollsters for decades we want a true outsider. not just to disrupt the place but to be the voice of the forgotten man, forgotten woman. he didn't need the money, the fame, the power, the prestige, the position. he has all of that. and he and his family, who are just amazing, have sacrificed enormously and i think it just gives him a connected issue with people. people talk about the new abc news/"washington post" poll. the most telling statistic in that poll is the question, which candidate clinton or trump, cares more about people like you? you know they're tied on that. president obama was beating mitt romney by like 82% to 15% on that measure. it's not a measure that republican candidates usually do well on and yet trump and clinton are tied on that sort of compassion/empathy/connected tissue. >> some people argue if it were anyone else running against hillary clinton you'd have a yawning gap on that --
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>> it would not -- >> cyclically the democrats are supposed to lose. i mean, i don't have to tell you this but for the audience ordinarily after two terms -- >> and she will. >> shift to the other side. let me ask you this, why is it so hard for all the sacrifice, all the work you've done, why is it so hard for him to do what should be most easy for him at this level of the game, control his mouth? control what he says. control -- >> he's doing it perfectly. >> well for a couple of days -- >> -- obamacare -- >> he's literally talking to himself out loud to remind himself, don't attack anybody. why is it so hard for him? >> it's not that way. i also think he's got to be seeing what's become of the clinton campaign and realize this is not what people want. this is not the democratic party that you and i grew up in, chris. it is first of all so far to the left i can't even reach my hand out and touch it. but secondly, the messaging perspective, we are so far removed now from the voice of hope, from the audacity of hope. this is negative to go after jim
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comey, attack donald trump -- >> but there the offer of it was just on it. nobody brought negative to the race more than trump. >> that's not fair. i mean, a deluge of negative coverage against him -- >> because he's been outrageous things targeting groups of people that usually the media is trying to protect. not watch them be exposed for their vulnerability. >> when he is talking about, you said against obamacare, there's a reason for that. >> absolutely. >> these premiums are going up 115% in arizona, 50% in pennsylvania. we're going to win the blue state of pennsylvania because his message of trade and illegal immigration and jobs, when he goes to pennsylvania, he says to the men and women there, your jobs got shipd to mexico and china i'll bring them back. they say you know what? i know there's just a couple days left if you have the time come to a trump rally. you'll be very moved by what you see. people are there. 15,000 people will be there in hershey, pennsylvania, tomorrow night. >> how many will be --
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>> zero. >> trump makes eye contact what's the chance he calls me out like he did katie tur. >> this election is not about you or even donald trump. it's about the people. and it took somebody, honestly, to live his version of the american dream and run for president who is so far outside the system he's a credible messenger to shake it up. you've got hillary clinton not under one, but two fbi investigations. that's not normal. >> you've got multiple probes against him. you've got historic negatives on both sides. >> for different reasons. they think she lies for a living. they're not going to vote for someone they believe is the best illustration of a rigged, corrupt system. the hashtag has been such an incredibly resonant and popular twitter and facebook meme i guess you would call it. he's saying drain the swam because it's corrupt. i have a whole list here on my phone i can't even read it on the small screen of all the speeches over half a million dollars that bill and hillary clinton gave and it's all
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connected to folks who are either trying to give money -- we can't be inure to this. >> but she's running against a guy who you yourself called out earl whier in the campaign for building his wealth on the backs of the little guy. that's why he's not pulling away in this point in the race. >> he's not pulling away because you all love to talk about how the demographic has shifted. the blue states. the blue wall. we are in her head and we are forcing her and president clinton and president obama and vice president biden in to traditionally blue states. why was tim kaine in wisconsin the other day? why is she in michigan this weekend? why has bill clinton been hanging out in pennsylvania if, as they try to hoodwink everybody in the media, they're competing in texas, they're going to turn indiana -- >> they're not competing in texas. >> no they're not. but everybody wrote those stories. cnn carried that story. >> and it was wrong to do. i didn't do it but it was wrong to do. >> -- people -- >> why are they also out there as your people they are worried about who's going to come out and vote on both sides, and in a
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great irony, trump, who was talking about how the election is rigged because of us and everything else that he could finger, now there is some truth of voter suppression going on in a very important place like north carolina. and it seems to be against african-americans. and it seems to ring very familiar with promises that your campaign made. we're going to suppress that vote. we know how to do it. trump telling people go and watch and you know what i mean by watch and now you got white supremacists answering his call -- >> he's denounced completely -- >> he has -- >> yes he has. >> when that man doesn't like something that's said nobody can stop him from talking about it, he is loud and proud. >> he has completely and -- >> not about -- >> renounced. >> not about this kkk -- >> now you sound a little bit -- >> not personally. i'm not -- all i'm desperate for is some type of closure that is positive. >> positive closure? go tell hillary clinton that point, chris. because they are going full-on negative and you know it. for tens of millions of
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dollars -- >> negative, yes. saying she'll be impeached -- >> she won't be impeached because she won't be elected president. but she will be under his cloud of scandal and she will be and i think it matters to people. people on tuesday are going to say i think i'll vote for the candidate who is not under two fbi investigations. there's only one choice that fits that bill. we can't have this national nightmare spill over into after the election and i am personally offended as an american who loves democracy who grew up in a democratic household i'm personally offended that the democratic strategy right now is wait out the clock, rush through the election cycle, maybe nobody will notice you're under two investigations -- >> we just had donald trump who won't come on this show, who won't do news interviews, who's putting his hat over his eyes put his hat over his eyes saying don't mess it up. don't mess it up. that's not trying to wait out the clock? >> no, we're competing in blue states like wisconsin and michigan forcing them to go back on the air in colorado which is now tied in polls -- >> nevada -- >> nevada, we're up six. and you know, we've been talking about this, i've been talking
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about the undercover trump voter for months. under a hail of criticism, including on cnn. but i would say oh, poor kellyanne i just say see, told you so. people will vote for him. it's not that they're embarrassed to say so it's that they already decided they want new and different direction for the country. they're not going to vote for her and now they're finding reason to vote for him -- >> and people have to decide. the only poll that counts is on tuesday. >> but look, donald trump, and chris what really counts is donald trump has already committed that when he's elected president he will be president for all people. including those who didn't support him. >> he's going to have a lot of work to do, kelly because he has divided this country. >> i hope he will be part of the work, people in prominent positioning like realize we have a country to put wrack together to heal. you can't possibly be happy that people in poverty don't have health insurance. they need to -- >> i get it. i get the issues and i will be there. don't make it easy to be there when you're threatened at rallies and told maybe it should be easier to attack the media but again this will all be decided on tuesday. >> yes. >> kellyanne, keep your energy up. alisyn? >> all right let's talk about
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the other side. we want to bring in democratic congressman patrick murphy. he's running for the u.s. senate in florida against marco rubio. he is also a supporter of hillary clinton. congressman, good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. how you doing? >> i'm doing well. let's look at florida. the all-important state of florida can be very interesting to see the numbers in the polls there right now. cnn's poll of polls, which is where they we crunch together all of the latest polls, it shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat at 45 to 45. and congressman you know i hear also some people say given the hispanic population, in florida, why isn't hillary clinton doing better there? >> well, i sense a lot of momentum as i'm traveling the state. i was with secretary clinton just the other day, with vice president biden yesterday going to be with president obama today and i sense so much enthusiasm out there. so, i think what we're really going to see, and especially last few days, is great turnout, and we've already seen some record turnout from hispanic
5:19 am
voters. but look, it's florida. it's always going to, you know, be a swing state. it's always going to tighten up here at the end. but i think there's a lot of momentum not only for secretary clinton but in our race against marco rubio because look at the end of the day, floridians want a senator that's going to show up for work every day. >> let's talk about your race again, marco rubio all eyes also on this race yours because you know it's been a tough swing the balance of power in the senate, and of course marco rubio himself ran for president. it's neck and neck. let me show you the latest cnn poll. marco rubio's getting 49%. you are getting 48%. how do you think the presidential race has affected your senate race? >> well, there's no question historically that most folks show up to vote for the top of the ticket. and then they go down ballot accordingly. but you know let's not forget that donald trump beat marco rubio by 20 points in his home state of florida. as i travel the state when i'm talking to republicans, democrats, independents they tell me the same thing, hey patrick we know at least you're going to show up to work.
5:20 am
marco rubio has the worst voting record of any senator from florida in nearly 50 years. so, there's a reason why we are neck and neck. people want someone who is going to show up and stay strong. marco rubio's flip-flopped on key issues like immigration reform. which is why he got booed off the stage last week in orlando at a puerto rican event there. people don't want marco rubio anymore. and i feel really good about the momentum we have won two debates and a lot of great turnout right now here in florida. >> by the way we want to mention to our views that we did invite senator rubio on "new day" this morning as well but his campaign declined. i'm going to ask you, congressman, about a story in the hill newspaper about your campaign. it says that the fbi has been investigating an alleged illegal donation scheme involving a saudi family and your campaign. basically suggest that there were straw donors set up of some kind. cnn has not independently corroborated or confirmed this story. did you know about this fbi investigation?
5:21 am
>> no. and our campaign follows the letter of the law. we've never been contacted by the authorities. no one on my campaign has been contacted. as you saw in the story, it's a lot of speculation. and, look, there is a reason why the authorities didn't even comment on this. it's another attempt by the republican super pacs, the right wing groups trying to distract from the fact that marco rubio is a no-show. that he doesn't even like his job. and they're going to continue trying to push these negative stories, nonsense, to distract the voters here in florida. but at the end of the day, floridians see through this nonsense and they want a senator that's going to show up. i'm proud of my 97% voting record. proud to be one of the most independent members of congress because i'll always do what's best for florida. >> so just to be clear until the hill published this you didn't know there was an fbi investigation? >> no. and our campaign has never been contacted by the authorities. so, you know, we continue to follow the letter of the law, and again, this is just speculation and republican groups trying to distract and
5:22 am
they're going to continue trying to push this story. but we're not concerned, and nor have we been contacted. >> do you think marco rubio's campaign is behind planting this story or somehow leaking it? >> well, i don't want to be a conspiracy theorist. who knows. what i do know is there are right wing republican groups out there, and this is all they do, literally, is they are out there pushing misinformation, coming up with frivolous claims on all the different democratic campaigns that they're trying to push these stories to try to distract from the fact that their candidates are continuing to support donald trump. tinge to endorse donald trump. i mean, look at senator rubio. right? after everything donald trump said about him, after donald trump beat him by 20 points. after marco rubio called donald trump a con man and said he couldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes, marco rubio still endorsed him. and even after everything that came out about donald trump being a sexual assaulter, marco rubio doubled down on his endorsement of donald trump, showing that he will continue to
5:23 am
put his own political ambitions in front of what's best for florida. >> congressman patrick murray we appreciate you coming on "new day." thank you. let's get to chris. >> breaking news to report. iraq's ministry of defense tells cnn coalition forces have entered mosul for the first time since 2014. they are trying to free that city, obviously, from isis. let's get right to cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon on the front lines. arwa? >> hi, chris. well they managed to enter the neighborhood and this is to the east/southeast of mosul. according to two senior officials with the iraqi army's ninth division. that is a division that did enter into the city, they have at this point just cleared two blocks describing the fighting as being incredibly intense, very slow going, not just because of the severity of the
5:24 am
resistance that isis itself is putting up, but also because of the concern for the civilian population. remember, upwards of 1.2 million civilians believed to be inside that city, and a lot of these people it is worth noting their last interaction with iraqi security forces more than two years ago was when those forces put their weapons down and fled the isis onslaught, leaving the population there, and many others throughout this country, to a -- an ordeal that is truly unimaginable. we've been speaking to some people who have been fleeing the fighting from other areas. one woman telling us of how she was enslaved by isis, a mother taken away from her children, raped, and then gave birth to an isis baby, and all she can do at this stage is really hope that he never finds out about his father, and it's just the beginning of this battle, just the beginning of the nightmare-like stories we're going to be hearing about. >> oh, my gosh, arwa. every story that you tell us, every personal story that you bring us is just so searing.
5:25 am
thank you so much for being there on the front lines for us and sharing all of your reporting. of course we'll check back with you. back here it's a race to the finish. what will the candidates say in their final push to tuesday? supporters on both sides make their case next. ♪
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more polls, new numbers. the race is getting tighter between clinton and trump. so, what do they need to do to get voters to choose them next tuesday? here to make the case, for their candidates, i say that slowly and deliberately for a reason, cnn political commentator and clinton supporter back arie sellers and cnn political commentator former donald trump campaign manager cory lewandowski. i will cut you off if you mention the other candidate.
5:30 am
either of you. so we're going to start bakarie seller on the issue of trust, okay, both of these candidates get a big stink bomb number. arguably trump has edged ahead of clinton in this. what is your argument for why hillary clinton can be trusted? >> well, i think first and foremost we need to look at hillary clinton's record. hillary clinton served admirably as first lady of the state of arkansas, admirably as first lady of the united states of america. she served as united states senator. she served as secretary of state. and now she's running for the highest office in the land. and throughout all of those years in public service, if you look at the people and you look at the hearts of those whom she touched, anyone who had contact with hillary clinton, anyone who knows her record and her passion for justice and even more importantly her passion for families, understands that hillary clinton can be trusted. she can be trusted with the nuclear codes but even more importantly, chris, in what this race is about, is that i trust hillary clinton with the future of my daughter. i mean that's what this race is
5:31 am
about. it's not about what this country was or what this country is. it's about what this country can be. >> why -- >> and that's the reason that i support hillary clinton. >> why aren't the e-mails disqualifying? why isn't what we've learned through wikileaks about the nature of how the clinton team does business shows that she is the same old, same old, insider game in d.c. that so many want cleaned out? >> well, i think there are two different issues you just raised. the first is the e-mails. i think that hillary clinton owes this country an apology for setting up a private server and she's done that. and she's done it repeatedly. we know there was no criminal act. we know it's a mistake and she learned that lesson from. that's first. second when you talk about wikileaks i think we have to understand that there is an outside force trying to disrupt our country's democracy here. and it's weaponized the media and everyone else. the fact is with all this that's going on around all this campaign this is about the woman. this is about hillary clinton
5:32 am
who has an opportunity to be the first female president in the history of the united states, and hillary clinton's been through more than any woman probably deserves to go through in their entire lifetime. she's been knocked down. she's gotten knocked down recently. but she's back up on her feet. and she's a fighter. and she's tenacious. one of those things -- >> all right. >> that we don't talk about in these wikileaks e-mails are the positive things, the positive stories that come out about how she's helping women. she helped a 10-year-old yermenny divorcee try to come to the united states and get counseling. that's the hillary clinton i know, chris. >> okay. corey lewandowski, you were using facial expressions to comment on what bakarie was saying but i didn't explicitly rule that the so that was sneaky and effective. however, now it is your turn. why should people trust donald trump after all of the things that he has said that have divided this country in ways we have not seen before. what is the case for donald trump's trust as president? >> look, i think when you look at donald trump, and ask
5:33 am
yourself why did he get into this race? donald trump didn't get into this race because he's been a career politician. he didn't get into this race because of something that he thought, you know, hey i'm going to run for state senate and senate governor, donald trump had a fantastic life before he got into this race. he said we need to change the country and leave it better for our children than what's been left to us right now. we have massive debt and i'm going to change that. so he's invested tens of millions of dollars of his own money into his own campaign to put a message out, and many people know this, he doesn't care about special interests. he wants to do what's right for the american people. so when it comes to making the right decision for america, he's not bought and paid for by special washington interests. he's not bought and paid for by super pacs. he's put his own money. that's a huge differentiator when donald trump goes into the white house and can make a decision that's best for the american people whether it's renegotiating a bad trade bill, whether it's talking about v.a. reform. and what we saw just this week is there are still people inside
5:34 am
the veteran's administration receiving bonuses and we still have veterans not getting the care they need. washington needs fundamental change and the only way to bring that change is to bring a person in who changes the system that isn't beholden to anybody. >> okay here's a tough question for each of you and it's a short one. bakarie, one word that skriebs hillary clinton favorably that cannot be said about donald trump. >> hmm. i would have to say that that one word to describe hillary clinton favorably is just a fighter. i mean we've seen that and i think that that is what discerns and truly shows the difference between her and donald trump. >> same to you lewandowski. >> stamina. >> that arguably may have violated the rule. but again -- >> one word. >> well done both of you. thank you for doing it. positive about your candidate. leave the negatives to everybody else. gentlemen, thank you. >> so election day just five days away. be sure to join cnn. we're going to do special
5:35 am
coverage like no one else can. every race. every count. here. on cnn. >> so let's talk about the role women in politics are playing this year. and, sexism. so, one of them is a sexist way to look at this. race and our candidate. another is the empowering way to look at the candidate. which one wins in the history books? we'll debate that. today i want to show you some internet videos. tv: oh, it's gonna get crazy! this is black friday that is insane. i would never do that. at chevy, you can avoid the chaos and get great deals on the most awarded lineup. i like that. bam! it's awesome! you don't have to camp out at the chevy dealer two days in advance. i love it. (laughs) wow. and you don't have to wait until black friday. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 chevy vehicles in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. you've heard the word sexism a lot in this race. and the word empowerment. hillary clinton's candidacy has been seen through both lenses. so which one is it? we're joined by cnn political analyst and "usa today" columnist kirsten powers and cnn political commentator ana navarro sitting together side by side for this conversation. ladies great to see you. kirsten i'll start with you. you know, hillary clinton people say is judged more harshly. than a male candidate would be. that's in the sexism category. she's the first woman. and women may decide this
5:40 am
election. that's in the empowerment category. so which one has this race been? >> well i think it could be both. right. i mean, i think that she can be a symbol of empowerment to a lot of people, and also i think a check against somebody who is seen as being probably the most misogynist candidate that we've ever had in the history of the country. so you know i think you could have that, and you can have her still having to fight against a double standard. and you know i had this conversation with chris cuomo a couple days ago about just imagining a woman -- a donald trump woman, right? somebody who brags about not caring about public policy, somebody who has no experience in government. somebody who shows up at debates and interrupts over and over again. somebody who roams the stage. make that a woman and tell me that she would be doing as well in the polls as donald trump is today. i just simply don't believe it. so you can have a double standard. and you can also have the fact that people are going to perhaps rally around her because they
5:41 am
like the fact she's a woman, and they don't like how donald trump treats women. >> chris is still smarting from that segment. by the way. so ana. very have been more on display, sexism or female empowerment? >> i think both. i think the sexism has been on display on the other side. hillary clinton could not have asked for a better foil to the woman aspect than having donald trump on the other side. a guy who is a pig. who has been accused of groping women. who has been accused of sticking his tongue down women's throats whenever he wants. he could not. you just can't make this up. on the other hand i think hillary clinton, a lot of the criticism on her, i just don't think it's fair to chalk it up to -- to sexism. the e-mail stuff. the server stuff. that has nothing to do with sexism. that was her mistake. it was her bad judgment. as a person. as a person of experience. not as a woman. i think you have seen a lot of
5:42 am
empowerment by women. we've seen women come out this year, like we've never seen before, and denounce and talk about sexual assault. whether it was against bill cosby. whether it was against roger ailes. whether it was against donald trump. you saw women who for decades have held their secrets, have been silenced, and have withstood seeing this powerful men get away with it for decades. >> yeah. >> come out and tell their stories. that has been empowering to every woman who has experienced it, every woman who knows somebody who has experienced it. >> that is a great point, ana. because we have seen the juxtaposition in this race of offensive things being said about women, sexist things being said about women. things being said about women's looks. hearing about sexual assault. of women. groping of women. so, all of that would go into the sexism category. obviously. but then the conversation that has bloomed. you know, women are talking, openly and in cable news conversations like this, about
5:43 am
sexual assault like never before. so, for the record books, kirsten, that, that, too, will have, this will have been a dividing line here. >> right. and well i think if there's a silver lining of all of these -- the things in the news and donald trump doing the things that he's been accused -- at least he's been accused of doing is that we have had a conversation about what actually constitutes sexual assault which we've learned a lot of people don't completely understand. but i do want to clarify a little bit on the sexism issue with hillary. i don't think that when i say that i think that there's a double standard, i don't think that means every attack on hillary clinton is sexist. don't think she's necessarily i- every problem she has in the fold is because she's sexist. i just think it's undeniable there seems to be a double  standard here. because like i said, if you imagine a woman behaving the way donald trump, i just i don't see people, you know, tolerating that. but at the same time, you know, she has flaws. and you know, we should be honest about that.
5:44 am
>> yeah. i want to ask you -- >> donald trump was a woman the first people that would be saying to his girlfriend, you're crazy would be women. i don't think we would let her out there if donald trump was a woman. which by the way, forget bleaching e-mails, i'd like to bleach my mind right now from that image. >> well i have another image for you that may arouse a similar response. hillary clinton just gave this interview to "people" magazine in which she said that before the debate she had to practice her listening woman face. if there's one person who needs a listening woman face it's donald trump. because he does not have a poker face during the debates at all. but, what even is that, ana? what's a listening woman face? >> i guess -- >> in that case. so it's that -- by the way, what you're doing. what you're doing, ana, isn't that self-imposed sexism? isn't that -- >> oh, listen -- >> listening woman face means that we think that we're
5:45 am
supposed to be a little bit more docile and sort of understanding in that way that you're doing with the head turn. >> look, i -- whatever she did, i think she did brilliantly. because what she did was sit there, with a smile on her face, not a smirk, a smile, listening as donald trump came completely unraveled with those debate questions. he went on and on and on with the answers, we were seeing like a ball of yarn just come apart in front of our eyes and she had to sit there and i think practice not interrupt, not laugh at the insanity he was saying. she's a very disciplined woman and she -- you know, we know from her debate prep and what we've learned that she practiced every single aspect of it from the time from being standing up, the shoes she was going to wear, absolutely everything, and it shows. that's why she looked comfortable in those debates. as far as the listening woman face, you know, it's that face that chris cuomo gave to you every time he's sitting next to you and listening intently. >> oh, my gosh, she's going to actually punch something. this is what -- that's his
5:46 am
listening woman face. >> listen -- >> he doesn't have a listening man face. >> that's a great point. very quickly i just want to quickly talk about melania. melania is going to be making her first solo campaign trail appearance today. going to be in the suburbs outside of philadelphia. donald trump has already e-mailed her encouragement. how do you think -- what do you think she brings to the table? >> well, think -- i don't think that melania's probably somebody who's going to be swaying a lot of voters change their vote. but perhaps she's somebody who will make people feel better about voting for donald trump. but i said before i don't think that she's somebody who necessarily the average person connects with. >> ladies. thank you. great to have all these conversations. >> thank you. >> chris was paying rapt attention. >> i was. because i actually listen. at least now i know why you don't. you don't want to make that face. >> i have a listening woman face in my job. i do that all the time.
5:47 am
>> listen. >> what? >> see. >> all right. so if you have lived and breathed cubs baseball like harry caray, the deep longtime announcer, what a colorful guy. so what would he have said about the cubs finally breaking the curse? harry caray's grandson knows the game so well, and knows his grandfather even better. he's with us. great to see you. ♪
5:48 am
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okay. so there's a bunch of new polls in key battleground states to show you. they show the race getting tighter between hillary clinton and donald trump. trump's campaign officials tell us this morning that they are planning to turn some blue states red. and to change the path to 270 electoral votes. let's get the bottom line on all of this with mark preston. hi, mark. >> good morning. >> let's look at some swing state polls, okay? let's look at the states of arizona, florida, nevada and pennsylvania, where they are today. trump is winning in arizona. clinton in florida. at the moment. trump in nevada. clinton in pennsylvania. what do you see? >> a couple of things.
5:52 am
if you look at florida and nevada specifically when we asked a question are you more enthusiastic to vote for your candidate, donald trump supporters did better in those states. that's good news for donald trump. also when you look at those western states, good news for donald trump, because we had hillary clinton clearly trying to contest arizona at this point in nevada is that massive battleground we're seeing. we're going to see bill clinton out there this morning. i do think it's something to say, too, that when we look at these polls, we start to match it up with their travel schedules. right? that's when you really know where their kerps, what their pathway to 270 is and quite frankly where they're trying to defend themselves. if you look at where they are today. i mean look where donald trump is in jacksonville, florida, and north carolina. why is he? if he loses either of those two states, game over. it's out. hillary clinton becomes president. we also see hillary clinton in north carolina, as well. who she's with? she's with williams because she
5:53 am
needs to get out the african-american vote. we've seen a depressed african-american vote in that state and elsewhere, as well as florida. and get this, hillary clinton's going to go to detroit on friday. detroit, michigan. now that should be a reliably blue state. the fact of the matter is she's going to go there and bill clinton's going to go to colorado which goes to show you that the polls are starting to match up where we think the candidates are concerned about. >> are we going to get the shoulder shake from clinton? >> so, the map. how do you see the map right now in light of the latest numbers, are any colors changing in your mind? >> a couple things. i think david chalian did a really good job this past hour, you know, showing how you get there. look, right now there's a little bit of momentum behind donald trump. it's clearly there. at least the perception is that's all you need. when you look at the map right now there is obviously concern amongst the clinton campaign that colorado could be shifting.
5:54 am
and we saw a new poll late last night out of colorado that showed the race tightening. bill clinton's going to be out there. the fact that hillary clinton is going to michigan right now, still trying to protect her play, right? she's going to use several get out the vote rallies on friday. stevie wonder is going to be in pennsylvania. doing a get out the vote rally. when we're talking about flipping states right now the fact of the matter is we don't necessarily know but we know that trump is trying to go on the offense in some of these blue states but the bottom bottom line is that donald trump still needs to do a clean sweep. donald trump still needs to win some of these big states, florida, north carolina, ohio, and then several others. it's not going to be an easy task. >> okay so we can look at where the top is your gatts for each campaign will be today. guess we start with trump. you can see they are standout, across the country. hitting all sorts of those important states and then hillary clinton's top surrogates, here's their day ahead looks like. yep, i mean kind of -- anything
5:55 am
unexpected there, mark? >> well i'll tell you what, the one person -- let's focus on the one person today everyone should tune in melania trump. let's see how she does during that speech in philadelphia? can she soften up her husband and what does she have to say? out of everyone let's keep an eye on melania. >> okay, great. thanks so much for the bottom line, mark. >> all right. so history of the good kind was made. the cubs winning the world series after 108 years. a lot of fans, though, had a heavy heart. because it would have been perfect if they had harry caray on the mic calling the play by play. the lovable losers now on top of the world. and boy did they do it in epic game seven fashion. what would harry have said? his grandson josh is here. he is the play by play broadcaster for stonybrook university football and men's basketball. the boys of hudson valley renegade. great to have you. congratulations on your team. i'm assuming your heart is still
5:56 am
back in chitown. >> oh, no kidding. i can't tell you how great this is not just for cubs fans but the city. being -- having such -- baseball for such a long time, not just the cubs, but the white sox for years ago for this to happen for the city of chicago. >> these are live pictures. it doesn't look as raucous as it has been for the past many many hours there. but what would your grandfather have said? >> holy cow! then he would have said finally. then he would have taken off his head set, gone down to wrigleyville and probably had about a budweiser or twelve of them. yeah, it, like i said it's just something that was just great for the city of chicago. and i know it's something that he would have wanted because, not only did he spend 16 years with the cubs, 11 years with the white sox. he saw a lot of bad baseball. and so to finally see chicago, which is a great sports city but really has a special place for
5:57 am
baseball. to see the cubs the lovable losers finally win it. >> that's why he needed the beers. it was medicinal. >> yes, it was. >> the love that your grandfather showed for the game is really what was so contagious. i mean very talented broadcasting. nobody's going to argue that. but the love. how do you experience that as his grandson? >> wow, how many -- how much time do you have? i think probably the best thing i can remember, biggest story i can remember, there was a game where a pitcher gave up a home run. the pitcher was tirk windle who was a long time reliever for the cubs and mets. but he had a gimmick where he would go to the foul line, leap over it and leap back on it when he was going on and off the field. he did this during one game. he had just walked the bases loaded against the braves. comes out of the game, next guy hits a home run for atlanta. he jumps off -- he had jumped off the field just moments before, and after the game my grandfather came up to me and my father, who was the broadcaster for the braves and said, if i
5:58 am
could pick up the foul loan and check windell with it, i would. and he was 85 years old. it's not like he's going to beat up a 20 something year old professional athlete. but every game meant something to him. and every game was an opportunity, he thought, to get the cubs closer to a title. it always hurt when they lost. >> there was a commercial that ran last night a budweiser commercial that captured your grandfather's spirit. so watch this. >> the best seat in the house is right here! cheering on the cubs with the greatest fans in the world. budweiser. nothing quenches the cubs fans quite like the king of beers. holy cow! here comes another one! >> cub fans this bud's for you. >> what do you think? >> well you know what that's something he did. he would have the net and if a foul ball came up there he would
5:59 am
try to catch it with it. but i think what's so beautiful about that is, he's out there with the fans. the bleacher bums. because that's who he was. he was an orphan in st. louis growing up. and he knew what it was like to pull yourself up by the boot straps and make something out of yourself. and to see him out there with fans, i know it was only a commercial, but to be out there with the fans that's who he was. he really related to the common man and that's what made him so special. not just for chicago but across the country. >> no fans are like baseball fans when it comes to sniffing out a phony. and they loved your grandfather. he was baseball at its best, and what a legacy for you. we look forward to watching your career, as well. >> i appreciate it, chris. thank you so much. >> great to have you. >> congratulations. off the schneid. >> yes, final. >> thanks so much for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. hey, carol. >> always a winner. >> so sad about cleveland i can't even talk about it. but i'm happy for chicago.
6:00 am
but whatever. >> okay, bye. >> you don't look very happy. >> aw. >> i'm from northeast ohio. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. it is a fierce showdown. the race is tightening up. donald trump and hillary clinton scrambling to sell themselves and they only have five days left to do it. that's right. you can count it on one hand. both candidates trying to lock in critical votes in places like battleground north carolina today and the clinton campaign rolling out major surrogates again. making stops in crucial states like florida, and ohio. donald trump looking to rev up support with a boost from his own kids. and a rare stump speech from his wife melania. we're covering all the angles with our team of political reporters. let's begin with cnn's jason carol. he's in jacksonville this morning. hi, jason. >> good morning to you, carol. can you believe in just


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