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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hash tag fly the "w." fans are superstition and they thought the number 108 very meaningful for them. there may have been 108 champagne bottles in the locker room. maybe not that many. it was quite the party. >> oh, my god, i'm sure their eyes were -- that looked like so much fun. thanks for sharing. we loved it. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. the fate of the world is teetering and it's up to you to save it. no, john, this isn't the tag line from the next avengers movie. it's actually what president obama is saying on the campaign trail right now. essentially we are all going down and only you can save it. we are waiting right now to hear much more from the president. he will be speaking any minute.
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we will take a look at live pictures of where he should be speaking. he will be taking the stage in miami rallying for hillary clinton, of course. he will be at florida international university, where where you are looking at right now. we will bring you the president's remarks when they begin. >> president also has an event in jacksonville later, where he may bump into donald trump, who is about to speak there as well. you are looking at live pictures of the donald trump event in jacksonville but there's another trump event today that's getting a lot of talk. melania trump with her first solo rally in pennsylvania. we just got an advance look at excerpts of the speech. that's in just a moment. in another first, ted cruz out on the trail today for the republican ticket or should we say, lyin' ted cruz because that's what donald trump called him. of course, cruz called trump a sniveling coward. unlikely to come up today. >> remember that? >> when ted cruz appears with mike pence. that happens shortly in iowa. we have a lot to cover. let's begin with cnn white house correspondent michelle kaczynski
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in miami with the president. >> reporter: you know, in this age of social media, who knew the good old-fashioned political speech could still be so important and generate so many headlines. what we expect more from the president, what we heard yesterday. that was pretty surprising. that was the most energized we have heard him yet. when you look back to the things he would say at the beginning of the race, starting out with at a private event saying he didn't feel like talking about donald trump anymore, he didn't feel like he had to make a case against him because every time donald trump said something, he felt like he was making the case against himself. then the president would say things to crowds like well, there's really no choice, is there. come on, people, really? is there really a choice here? he would sort of present it as a comedy routine. well, all of that has changed. now the president is deadly serious in these rallies. he's not just urging people to vote. especially in a place here like
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florida, where it's always close. we all know that. but it's about as close as it can be right now and he's saying things like don't let your chance slip away, don't let anybody take away your power. the fate of the republic lies on your shoulders. it almost gets to the point where you think how much more could he really put into it, how much more could he really say to try to generate that enthusiasm and that excitement where there really is a lag between excitement for him and excitement for hillary clinton and then at the next event, he finds a way to step that up somehow even more. it will be interesting to see what he tries to pull out at this one. but we expect more of that and obviously he's appealing to those areas where hillary clinton needs the most support among young people and among african-americans. back to you guys. >> absolutely. thank you so much. waiting for the president to take the stage along with michelle. we will bring it to you as soon as we see him do that.
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let's discuss right now everything in the state of this race. with us today, new york city councilman and donald trump supporter joseph borelli, editor of the weekly standard, bill kristol. cnn political commentator and former executive director of the congressional black caucus angela rye and author of "first woman, the grace and power of america's modern first ladies" kate anderson brower. thanks to you for being here. speaking of the state of the race, john berman loves polls. i love polls. i'm at the point i can't speak for john on this, where i'm almost a little bit confused. we have been inundated with poll numbers right now and analysis. there seems to be something for each campaign to pick that they like and don't like. bill, from your view, what is the state of the race? where are we at 11:00 eastern right now? >> hillary clinton is more likely to win but she is less more likely to win than she was a couple weeks ago. i guess the way i might say it. a couple weeks ago donald trump
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winning would be like drawing an inside straight in poker which is about an 11:1 odds. now it's more like a regular straight when you have 5, 6, 7, 8 and could either get the 4 or the 9. that's 5:1, as i vaguely recall. not that i would gamble. not that i know anything -- >> humble brag. >> outside straight, you sometimes get. how many times do teams come from behind 3-1 in the world series to win. that's probably 5:1 odds against. i guess it happens occasionally. >> every once in awhile. >> every 100 years it happens. >> it just happened twice very recently. but the point is, his point is that these comebacks are happening, they are happening in sports. could they happen here. anyone else see the race differently than bill? >> well, i certainly see a much more competitive race than i did a few weeks ago. as a matter of fact, i think hillary clinton saw a much -- sees a much more competitive race than a few weeks ago. she was the one talking about
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what life would be like under a president clinton. she was putting the trump campaign in the rear view mirror. the people out there don't have to take my word for it, go on real clear politics, on nate silver's fivethirtyeight. you will see a huge upswing for the trump campaign, causing them to go back to their firewall states and do heavy damage control there. >> go ahead, angela. >> it's interesting to hear joe bring up those numbers because i leave you with one. 71%. that is the chances that hillary has to walk herself into 1600 pennsylvania in january based on those current numbers. while there may be a huge upswing, he's still got some swinging to do. i think you are right, he has really made a comeback. thankfully to the fbi and director comey, he certainly had a huge help last friday. i think we still have a race to go. we still have a race to win. she's got a lot of work to do.
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she's got all of the very best surrogates, some of the most notable elected officials in the country, some great celebrities, who wouldn't want pharrell campaigning for them. there are things they're doing that are major and through election day. >> one of the things i wanted to get to just playing off what you were saying, joseph, he's trending up. one of the reasons people say he is, he's been disciplined. donald trump himself has been staying on message. you look no further than his twitter feed. nothing wild there in the last 24 hours. but wait. we still have an hour to go in the show. also, look no further than donald trump himself on the campaign trail last night. kind of let his inner monologue out. >> we are going to win the white house. going to win it. it's feeling like it already, isn't it? we're going to be nice and cool. nice and cool. right? stay on point, donald. stay on point.
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no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. nice. because i've been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinged. we don't want any of that. she has become unhinged. >> john put it perfectly. he thinks he's actually reading his stage directions. i'm thinking this is the inner donald coming out. joseph, what's going on? >> i think he realizes that when your opponent is self-imploding, whether it be as angela pointed out that the fbi opened up these new investigations and -- >> that's not true. >> obamacare numbers are hitting people hard. whatever it is, when the conversation's about hillary clinton and her sort of sordid world, let it go. don't do anything that could possibly get in the way. >> first of all, it's not a new investigation. >> thank you. >> we know that. >> reopening. >> no, no, no. >> reviewing the e-mails. number two, im proceed iploding
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three points better off than a few days ago. >> she was 12 points up. >> i understand. it depends where you look. everyone can find something they want to find in the trend lines. >> what did i say at the top of this segment? exactly. we are talking about donald trump. donald not the only trump on the trail today. melania trump giving her first solo event for donald, going to philadelphia. hot off the presses, we got some excerpts of the speech. let me read you a few lines of it. i come here today to talk about my husband donald and his deep love and respect for this country and all of its people. i have come to talk about this man i have known for 18 years and i have come here today to talk about our partnership, our family and what i know for sure in my heart about this man who will make america great again. >> i think it's really interesting that donald trump -- i mean, typically you have a first lady on the campaign trail to soften your image like she's doing but also to brag about you in a way that you can't. we see that donald trump has got no trouble in that department talking about himself. i think her best role right now
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is to soften him. she's a very traditional -- she would be a very traditional first lady, almost like a mamie eisenhower. she talks about not nagging her husband, her sole priority is their child. so it's fascinating to me and surprising that this is her first solo campaign trip because even reluctant first ladies like jackie kennedy at the beginning in 1960, she was pregnant, she did not want to campaign, she said she knew she want an asset because the press said she spent too much money, kind of similar to some of the criticism of melania trump that we see today. so i think melania trump is kind of harkening back to an earlier era of non-activist, very traditional first ladies. i think her best asset to him right now is just talking about him as a father, really. >> the only thing missing from her speech is growing up as a little black girl in chicago. hopefully she doesn't borrow from michelle obama today. i'm just saying. >> too easy. >> too easy, angela.
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let it go. but speaking of surrogates and speaking of, thank you, kate, for teeing me up, harkening back to an earlier era like the primary, ted cruz hitting the campaign trail with mike pence today stumping for pence and trump. yes, this ted cruz. watch this. >> i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you are a sniveling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. >> the date stamp is correct. that was just march 24th. what the heck? >> sniveling coward. politics is politics. there's a lot of party loyalty. i have no problem with republicans who say i don't care for trump, i don't think he's great but at the end of the day i think he would be a better president from a conservative point of view, i don't agree with this, i understand why people say it. it will be interesting to see
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what cruz says today. you can keep your dignity and say this is not a man i personally care for, this is a man i really deplore some of the things he said but the choice of two people, i make the case for the supreme court or whatever they want. it's another thing to get out there, and pence has fallen into this trap and maybe he has to, since he's the vice presidential nominee, he's a good man, i really -- really? there's a way in which you can keep your dignity and do something you don't much like doing. >> if pence doesn't believe trump's a good man we have a big problem. >> cruz will talk about the issues. i would be surprised if he vouches for donald trump and what he considers to be character issues trump has. that would be surprising. angela rye, in the last 24 hours on the stump, we talked about this, michelle brought this up also, a new line from the president basically saying the entire fate of the planet rests on you and to get out and vote. hillary clinton did it as well in arizona late last night. she basically says imagine what the world would be with donald trump. listen quickly.
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>> imagine with me what it would be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january. sm someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. what would it be like to have that person in the most powerful office in the world? >> so that's fear, right? that's how i would describe this type of campaigning, scaring people. why is that effective now? >> you know what, i don't know that i would call this like a campaign of fear as much as i would call it a campaign of truth. you all regularly talk about hillary clinton struggling with trustworthiness because that's what it says in the polls. this is a very honest moment. one of her most effective ads this campaign season was using donald trump's words against him in an ad called mirrors. today the campaign released an
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ad that says at the end we are not him. i think it's tremendously effective. i will tell you why. john, in all honesty, i am afraid. i am woefully afraid of what would happen with a donald trump in the white house. i am not kidding. y'all are my friends and i love y'all so let me tell you this. i have had nightmares for the last three days. we can laugh about it but i'm so serious. i am so concerned about what a donald trump presidency would not only mean for americans who look like me, who are brown people, who are young people, who are women, but also for the world and what it tells the world about americans as a global citizen. i'm terribly afraid of what that looks like. i think it's very very effective for her and it also shifts the attention off of an e-mail issue that she can't get ahead of even when it's not her own. i think it was really effective. >> everyone keep a watch. we are waiting to hear from president obama. he will be stumping for hillary clinton in florida any minute now. we are keeping an eye right there on that lectern as john
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berman would make sure i said accurately. we will get to that in just a second in miami. but to the point that angela is making about the effectiveness of the ads, effectiveness of kind of, president obama has done it himself. he's used donald trump's words against him on the stump. we have seen that. hillary clinton does that in ads as well as from the stump as well. how -- it has been effective. they clearly have seen evidence in their polling or they wouldn't continue to do it. she's going back to it now because she needs it. how do you counter it? >> using his words against him are fair game in politics but what you are really seeing is the president and sort of the democratic party leaders in full court press battle mode and in panic mode in the last quarter. they see the race sort of slipping away and right now it's the coach on the sidelines scribbling the plays to try and salvage the game in the last moment. they see what's happening nationally where the trend is not going stronger into miss clinton's favor and going against trump. paul ryan said the same thing. painting the world, how the world would look with a clinton
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presidency. on one of the morning talk shows this week he said look, all these scandals that are now coming to light again about hillary clinton, this is what life is like under a clinton administration. so people can have their views of what the next presidency could look like but the republicans are going to do the same as the democrats. >> can i say this quickly? sorry. really quick, i promise. so just one more number for you since we are playing this numbers game today. 75. that's the number of lawsuits donald trump will be dealing with if he were elected and sitting in 1600, he would be combatting 75 lawsuits. want to talk to me about scandal? i think not, my friend joseph. >> none of them are criminal. >> as a political matter, both are trying to disqualify the other one. there's never been a more negative campaign. it's a mistake, personally, someone nsupporting either, hillary clinton didn't do more to support her presidency. i think she's likely to win but the risk is it's a change election. >> she was going to this last week but then the whole e-mail thing came up. >> yeah, but maybe she still should have because the problem
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is -- >> hang on one second. you are seeing him now. president obama in miami at florida international university. we should tell you, this is a college i think 60% hispanic student body right now. that could be one of the target audiences he is addressing here as he walks up to that microphone and speaks on behalf of hillary clinton. >> guess what, we have a better idea for him. >> hello, miami! yeah. thank you. thank you. thank you. well, it is good to be back at florida international university.
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it is a good-looking crowd here. can everybody please give gabby a huge round of applause for her great work? who was screaming there? i want to thank the mayor, who's here. i want to thank senator bill nelson. i want to thank congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. i want to thank your next state senat senator, debbie powell. your next congressman, joe garcia.
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and your next united states senator, patrick murphy. florida, we got five more days. five more days. i love you, too, but i got -- [ cheers and applause ] -- but i've got some business to do here today. five more days to decide the future of this country that we love. now, the good news is you don't have to wait until election day to vote. what does that say up there? i'm sorry, i can't hear you. what does it say up there? you know, i'm still not hearing it. what, what? vote early.
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if you are registered, you can vote right now. at any early voting location. in fact, there's one just ten minutes away at the international mall branch library. go ahead and plug this into your phones if you haven't voted. it is at 10315 northwest 15th street. we are making this really simple for you. i am telling you right now where you can go vote after this rally. now, if you are just watching on television, or you are not from around here and you are trying to figure out where else could i vote, then you go to and it will give you additional locations.
8:21 am if you are voting by mail, don't let that thing just sit on your coffee table or your kitchen counter and then you forget about it. it gets mixed up with some other stuff. send in your ballot right now so it makes it by election day. the point is we've got work to do to finish what we started eight years ago. now, i have to say that i have been going to some college campuses and i realize that eight years ago, some of you were 10. yeah. now, that makes me feel a little old.
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but she says i look good. okay. all right. michelle agrees. but for those of you who maybe were a little older and might remember, in 2008 we were living through two long wars and we were about to enter into the worst economic crisis in the last 80 years. but you know what? because of some hard work, we turned the page. america's now battled back. last year, incomes rose faster than any time at least since 1968. poverty fell at the fastest rate at least since 1968. we created 15 million new jobs, 20 million people have health insurance that didn't have it.
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we kicked our addiction to foreign oil. you know, can i just say i was driving through north carolina yesterday and north carolina in the house, and we passed by a gas station and i don't have to stop usually at the gas station because you know, the beast, the motorcade, they are always full. service has taken care of that. but i noticed gas at $1.99. the reason i make this point is because i think in 2008, they were predicting that if obama got elected, gas would be $6. so sometimes it's useful, sometimes it's useful to check the tape, see what they said
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before and it turns out what they said was wrong. so what that means is what they're saying now is probably also wrong. anyway, i just wanted to do that little detour but in addition -- that's right. thanks, obama. right. so kicked our addiction on foreign oil, doubled our production of clean energy, have done more to battle climate change than any time in our history. we are world leaders on that. we brought home more of our men and women in uniform. took out osama bin laden. our systematically rolling up isil in iraq. and by the way, back home we
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made sure that in all 50 states, people have the freedom to marry who they love. so there's a reason that i have got gray hair because i have been busy. and most of all, across these 50 states as i've traveled, what i've seen is the thing that really makes america great. no, it's you. you. i have seen the american people, people of every party, every faith, every race, every region. people who know we are stronger together. young and old folks, men and women, black, white, latino, asian, native american, folks with disabilities, gay, straight folks, it doesn't matter.
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all of us pledging allegiance to the red, white and blue. that's the america i know. that's the america we love. and there's only one candidate in this race who has devoted her life to building up that america and that is the next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton. now, make no mistake, florida. all the progress we've made goes out the window if we don't win this election. so we have got to work our hearts out this week. we got to work like our future depends on it because it actually depends on it. and listen, especially for the young people out there, i know some of you, this is your first election where you have been
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paying attention. and you are out there and looking at it saying man, this is really nasty. you know, generally, d.c. is not so much of a battleground but down here, it's just like every ad is depressing and there's negative ads and there's noise and there's distractions and sometimes the temptation is to tune it out and you want to just focus on the cubs winning the world series. which by the way, even for a white sox fan is a pretty big deal, because the cubs have been waiting like 108 years. i was watching on television, they explained the last time the cubs had won, thomas edison was alive and they hadn't invented sliced bread yet.
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so you know the expression the greatest thing since sliced bread? this is actually for cubs fans the greatest thing since sliced bread. i want to congratulate the chicago cubs for an amazing season. but it's tempting to want to not really focus on our government and our politics but this election is critical and the good news is, once you get past all the noise and all the distractions and all the okey-doke, the choice could not be clearer because donald trump -- don't boo. don't boo. >> vote! >> don't boo. >> vote! >> come on, you guys know that. you already knew that. you can't boo. he can't hear you boo but he can hear you vote.
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don't boo, vote. donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be president. no, i'm not joking. you laugh. i'm not joking. he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. here's a guy who says he's a great businessman but it seems like a lot of his business is built around stiffing small businesses and workers out of what he owes them. work they have done. he thinks it's cute or smart or funny to basically not pay somebody who has done work for him and say go ahead and sue me because i got more money than you, and you can't do anything about it. it's not fair. here's somebody who for decades has refused to release any tax returns and maybe it's because he's not as rich as he says he
8:30 am
is, but he has admitted he does not pay federal income taxes for years. not a dime. so he's not helping to support our troops or our veterans. he's not helping to build roads or build schools or help young people finance a college education, because he's not putting anything in. he's taking a lot out but hasn't put anything in. he says that he's going to be his own foreign policy adviser. he says that's because he's got a good brain. now, i won't opine on his brain. what i can say is that anybody who suggests that america should torture people or ban entire religions from entering america, or insults p.o.w.s or attacks a
8:31 am
gold star mom, don't boo -- >> vote! >> -- or talks down about our troops, that's not somebody who's fit to be president. listen, you even have a republican senator saying you cannot afford to give the nuclear codes to somebody so erratic. and as hillary points out, anybody that you can bait with a tweet is not someone you can trust with nuclear weapons. anybody who is upset about a "saturday night live" skit, you don't want in charge of nuclear weapons. i'm serious. this is a guy who like tweets they should cancel "saturday night live." i don't like how alec baldwin's imitating me.
8:32 am
really? that's the thing that bothers you and you want to be president of the united states? come on, man. come on. can't do it. now, i think -- but you know what? we have to be honest. he's got support here in florida, he's got some support around the country. no, he does. if he didn't, then i wouldn't have to go around getting everybody to vote. he's got some support. and the most frustrating thing is, some of his support's coming from working folks. people say well, you know, he's going to be our voice. are you serious? this is a guy who spent 70 years, his whole life, born with a silver spoon, showing no respect for working people.
8:33 am
he spent a lot of time with celebrities. spends a lot of time hanging out with the really wealthy folks but you don't see him hanging out with working people unless they're cleaning his room or mowing the fairways on his golf club. you're going to make this guy your champion if you're a working person? come on. somebody who spent his life without ever showing any regard for working folks. but he has insulted minorities and immigrants and muslims and americans with disabilities. that's the voice you want? you want a voice who's bragging about how being famous lets you get away with what would qualify as sexual assault? and calls women pigs and dogs and slobs. and when he pays attention to
8:34 am
women it's because he's grading them on a scale of 1 to 10. what kind of message are we sending? if that's our voice? i tell you what, we are going to teach our kids, i want to teach all american kids our diversity is our strength. that in america it's not about what you look like, but who you are and what you do and what your character is. that women are not just full and equal citizens, they may be a lot more capable of doing what a man can do. but the problem is that he has said so much stuff and our culture and our media's just gotten so reality tv-ized, i know that's not a word, but you
8:35 am
get my drift. it's become normal when somebody just says wacky stuff as long as they're famous, we think it's okay. i mean, you hear people justifying it. they're all like well, you know, it's just locker room talk or i don't really like what he's saying but as long as he supports republican policies and he cuts taxes for the wealthy, that's what i care about. saying character doesn't matter. let me tell you something about this office that i have been in for eight years. who you are, what you are, does not change after you occupy the oval office. all it does is magnify who you are. all it does is shine a spotlight on who you are.
8:36 am
if you disrespected women before you were in office, you will disrespect women as president. if you accept the support of klan sympathizers before you are president, you will accept their support after you are president. if you disrespect the constitution before you're president and threaten to shut down the press when it says something you don't like, or threaten to throw your opponent in jail in a live presidential debate without any regard for due process, if you discriminate against people of different faiths before you are president, then that is what you will do in office, except you will have more power to carry out the twisted notions that you had before you were in office.
8:37 am
so you can't make excuses for this stuff. this isn't a joke. this isn't "survivor." this isn't "the bachelorette." this counts. this has to do with what's going to happen in your family, in your community, to soldiers and veterans. the safety of our kids. listen, i am a strong democrat but i tell you what, we aren't born democrats or republicans. we're americans first. and i have good friends who are republicans and i know they don't think this way about women. they don't think this way about muslims. they don't think this way about immigrants. what they are doing is something different entirely.
8:38 am
it is different from what we have seen before and the good news is, all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure that this uniquely unqualified person does not become president. and all you've got to do is make sure that you go out there and you vote. and the other good news is you don't just have to vote against this guy because you have a candidate who is actually worthy of your vote. somebody who is smart. somebody who is steady. somebody who is tested. perhaps the most qualified person ever to run for this office, our next president, hillary clinton. this is somebody who has dedicated her life to making this country better. think about how she got her start. while donald trump and his developer dad were being sued by
8:39 am
the justice department for denying housing to african-american families, hillary was going undercover from school to school to make sure minority kids were getting an equal shot at a good education. she has not stopped fighting for justice, fighting for equality ever since. her heart's always been in the right place. works hard every single day. i know. she worked hard when she was running against me. i was worn out. she worked hard when she was working for me. she was there in the situation room as my secretary of state making the argument to go after bin laden even when it was risky. circled the globe as secretary of state. earned the respect of world leaders. her efforts weren't always flashy, they weren't always fully appreciated which is true for a lot of the work that women do, by the way.
8:40 am
just want to make that observation. she made me a better president. she understands policy. she understands how the world works. she understands that this stuff that we do, the challenges we face, aren't abstract. they mean something to real people. she knows that she's got to work hard because you are out there working hard and by the way, she doesn't whine or complain or blame others or suggest everything's rigged when things aren't going her way. she just works harder. she just comes back better because she knows no matter how hard things may be for her, there are a lot of people who are having an even tougher time trying to pay the bills or trying to find a job or trying to finance a college education so she doesn't have time to whine. she just gets up and does the work.
8:41 am
and she knows the decisions you make as president mean something to that soldier or that veteran or our military families, that a parent who's trying to make ends meet, they need a president who cares and knows what they're doing. that a student trying to go to college for the first time needs somebody with an actual plan to help them. that a young person who was b t brought to this country as a child, has never known another country, is american by every standard except they don't have a piece of paper, she knows they need to have a chance to give back to this country they love. she's got plans that will actually help these people. she's going to be a leader who actually values hard work, respects working americans, and she will be an outstanding commander in chief because she's been in the room when tough decisions were made.
8:42 am
you worry about keeping america safe? she'll do it because she knows our military and knows our diplomats. she doesn't just talk about it. she doesn't play one on tv. she's been there. she will be a smart, steady president for the united states. and the one thing i got to remind you, she's not going to do it alone. that's why we have got to have a congress that is also focused on you. patrick murphy, he's got the same values hillary does. unlike his opponent, marco rubio, patrick -- don't boo. what are you supposed to do? >> vote! >> unlike his opponent, marco rubio, patrick actually shows up to work. he puts you ahead of politics. he didn't try to defund planned
8:43 am
parenthood. he didn't think that some politicians should be making decisions. he said let women make their own health care decisions. he didn't walk away from florida's latino community when the politics got tough. he kept on. patrick kept on fighting for comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. he actually believes in science and as a consequence, believes climate change is a problem for the people of florida and that we should do something about it. patrick murphy brought democrats and republicans together to fund everglades restoration. he has a track record of caring about the environment. as your next senator, he and hillary will help protect this planet for our kids and help make sure that florida is protected against some of the worst consequences of climate
8:44 am
change. this should be a no-brainer. and there's one other big difference between patrick and marco. marco supports donald trump. now, keep in mind earlier this year, he called donald a dangerous con artist. he said that donald trump has spent a career sticking it to working people. and then he tweeted, this is marco rubio, he tweeted friends don't let friends vote for con artists. so guess who just voted for donald trump a few days ago? marco rubio. obviously he did not have good enough friends. listen, but this tells you something. this tells you something.
8:45 am
now, if you knew better when you were running against trump, you knew he was a con artist, spent a lifetime sticking it to working people, this is what you said. i'm not making this up, right? i just want to be clear. he said this. quoted, taped, right, if you knew better -- and went ahead and voted for this guy anyway and supported this guy anyway, that means you are somebody who will say anything or be anything, be anybody, just so you can get elected or cling to power. and you know what? if that's the kind of person you want representing you, i guess you should vote for marco rubio but if you want a senator who will show up and work for you and have some integrity and has
8:46 am
some consistency and will actually say what he thinks and what he means and then act on that, somebody you have confidence in, then you should vote for patrick murphy. i trust patrick murphy. i believe in patrick murphy. and hillary needs patrick murphy in the united states senate to make sure she gets done what she gets done. it's important to get patrick in. part of what i want to say about this election is this is about more than just plans, policies. there's something more fundamental at stake. what's at stake is the character of our nation. you know, when hillary was young, her mom taught her the methodist creed. do all you can for all the people you can in all the ways that you can for as long as you can. that's what guides her. that's her north star.
8:47 am
she believes we can summon the best in this country and make it better for all people, not just some. that's what america is all about, isn't it? we are a country like no other not because of the height of our skyscrapers, not because of the size of our military. it's because this is a place founded on an idea. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal, that reare ar rewe are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. we don't have to be born to wealth or privilegprivilege. you don't have to have a certain last name or look a certain way or do your hair a certain style. you have just got to be willing to contribute. you have just got to be willing to work. you have just got to care enough about other people and making sure everybody's got a fair
8:48 am
shot. if you do that, if you do that, then you are a patriot. and you can contribute to this country that you love and you can go as far as your dreams can take you. that's what makes this place special. that's what drove patriots to choose revolution over tyranny to found this nation. that's what led g.i.s to liberate a country. that's what led women to march to get the ballot. that's what led marchers to cross a bridge in selma to win their rights. that's what allowed workers to organize for better barring janing and better wages. that's what made america exceptional. that's what always made america great. we have never been about what we can do ourselves, it's about what we can do together. it's about what can be achieved by us, the people, together. through the heart, soul and yes,
8:49 am
sometimes frustrating work of self-government. that's not what donald trump stands for, but it is what hillary clinton stands for. the idea that in this country, we don't demonize each other. we reach out and try to work together. even when you are right, she knows none of us are perfect. but she knows that those of us who have been blessed with positions of leadership should try to conduct ourselves with the sense of decency and big heartedness that can set an example for our kids. and i know hillary will do that. i know she will continue the progress we've made and she'll need allies like patrick because
8:50 am
we can't just have hillary stuck with a republican congress that behaves the way they've been behaving. you know, they haven't worked with me since i've been in office. they didn't work with me when we were about to go into a great depression. even -- even now, they control the senate and the house, they want pass their own stuff. they're so accustomed to just saying no, obstruction, gridlock, we're against whatever it is that obama proposes. i will sometimes propose their own stuff and they'll oppose it. it surprises them. those aren't your talk points. no, we can't be for that. i'm sorry. come on, man.
8:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] so apparently they don't have much confidence in their nominee. so instead they're already promising more unprecedented dysfunction in washington. now, it's hard to promise more dysfunction, right? i mean, that's a hard thing to do. years of repeal obamacare votes. can i just say by the way, let me -- i'm -- i know i'm running long. but we have given 20 million
8:52 am
people have health insurance that didn't have it before. 20 million people. the parade of horribles hasn't happened. death panels. remember that? bankrupt the country. none of what they've said. so now after 60 votes to repeal this thing that haven't succeeded, now donald trump says we have to call a special session to repeal it. and he had a big press conference. and he had all -- doctors and nurse, ben carson and some people. no, no. who's an excellent neuro surgeon, he really is. i don't know what happened on the political thing but -- but, so they come and they spend like an hour, we're going to repeal
8:53 am
obamacare. okay. and then what you gonna do? well, then we're going to repeal it and we're going to give you something great. okay. what? well, something. 'cause premiums are going up. well, now it is true, premiums are going up for a handful of people who don't get tax credits. that's important. we're going to work as hard as we can to do something about it. we would have already done it if the republicans had helped. but keep in mind their alternative would have been no health insurance. that's what they had before. so i -- so the reason i point this out was you watch the press conference and what you realize is they got no plan. they want to repeal because ideologically they're opposed to the idea of helping these 20 million people get health insurance. it's not like they don't even have a pretense of a plan. they don't even have a semblance of a plan. there's not even a hint of a
8:54 am
plan. not even a moat. not even a -- there's no plan. nothing, zero, nada, come on. you can't just be against something, you got to be for something. you can't spend eight years being against me. and now you're going to be against hillary but you haven't been for anything. come on. now some of these senators are talking about how we won't even appoint another supreme court justice. we've had nine supreme court justices for a really long time. part of the reason you have nine is to break ties. some of the same folks who just a while back said we can't have hearings and vote for the guy
8:55 am
obama nominated because we're so close to the election. we should let the next president make the nomination, right, that's what they said. now they said, we might block hers too. wait, i thought you said the people were going to decide. can i talk to the press for a second? what happened? do we have a run back the tape? well, what happened? that's what they said. now they're saying something entirely different. come on, man. this has got to be on the level. don't pretend like gridlock is happening because somehow democrats and republicans are equally obstructionists. it's just not true. you've got some republicans right now who are suggesting they will impeach hillary. they don't necessarily know why.
8:56 am
they're just going to impeach her. imagine if you had sitting democratic senators saying that about donald trump. before he was even elected. saying he will be impeached. okay, look, nobody likes gridlock. but gridlock is not something mysterious that descends like a fog on washington. gridlock doesn't happening because both sides are doing bad things and both sides are corrupt. that's not what's going on. gridlock happens purposely when republican politicians like marco rubio decide they will do anything to oppose anything. good for the country. if a democratic president proposes it. and that's now marco rubio's campaign platform, gridlock. if you think vote for gridlock is a good slogan, you should vote for republicans. but if you believe america can do better, if you think we should be doing something to create jobs for work families, if you think we should be
8:57 am
providing health care for folks who need it, if you think we should be help single mommings with child care so they can go to the job, if you think we should have equal pay for equal work or raise the minimum wage, then you need to vote for democrats up and down the ticket. you got to vote for hillary. people role up the sleeves. my staff is going to talk about me when i get going on there. they say what was going on, you were talking too long. let me end with this. i want to make this point to young people especially. just give me one second. i know a lot of you are cynical about politics.
8:58 am
there's a lot in this election that gives you reason to be. i'm here to tell you right now you have a chance to move history in a better direction. you have a chance to reject divisive politics and mean-spirited politics. you have a chance to elect a leader who spend her entire life trying to move this country forward. the first female president who can be an example for our sons and our daughters. you have the chance to shape history. and i want young people to understand those moments don't come that often. you know, there are times where history is movable. where you can make things better or worse. this is one of those moments. and it's in your hands.
8:59 am
this incredible power that each of you have. i know you care about a lot of issues, young people. i've heard from you. i've heard -- i've seen you march for criminal justice reform. that's great. if you care about criminal justice reform, it's not just enough to protest, you've also got to vote for a president and congress and prosecutors who care about disrupting that pipeline of underfunded schools to overcrowded jails. and make sure that the criminal justice system is accountable and fair. i know that a lot of young people care about the environment and climate change. i've heard you. but you got to have a president and a congress who believes in science and who cares about climate change. and who will protect the progress we made and want to leave a better planet for our kids. if you've been watching immigration reform, i've been
9:00 am
working. if we're going to finish the job, you got to have a president and a congress who sees immigrants, not criminals or rapists, but people who have the same dreams and aspirations and who care about this country and who want to contribute and give back to it. my point is, your vote matters. it's because of you that 20 million people have health insurance that didn't have it. it's because of you that young people who got pell grants and could go to college who couldn't before. it's because of you a marine can serve the country. young dreamers have come out of the shadows and are serving our country and are going to school. it's because of you that we made this progress. so florida and young people especially, i'm asking you, the same thing i


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