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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 7, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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at the same time, it sent anti-semitic messages. the trump campaign is proud of the ad. the trump campaign says this is the positive closing message. it is a dark ad about the political establishment being out to get you. they say it is the positive argument for the finale of the election. >> people noted the language used there is not unlike the protoco protocols. you hear people making that connection that there is a massive global conspiracy going on and the faces you see are those of jews. ellis, i wonder what you make of it. >> if you believe in global massive conspiracies, you need scapegoat. you need to turn to the great scape goats of history. it is all of a piece. it is not all different from the tone we heard from much of the last year. >> guys, stick around. john, symone, we will get you
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back in the conversation. more coming up. >> "early start" continues right now. november surprise. cloud lifted. fbi director james comey with a new dramatic announcement and the e-mail investigation less than 48 hours before voters head to the polls. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is monday, november 7th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. welcome viewers in the u.s. and around the world. in a race full of surprises, we get another one hours to give before election day. nine days after james comey's surprise announcement that fbi agents were reviewing the e-mails from hillary clinton's server, comey revealed the investigation is over. he said based on our review, we
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have not changed our conclusions we expressed in july with secretary clinton. sources tell cnn that investigators worked around the clock to sift through thousands of e-mails and the investigation wrapped up quicker than expected because most of the e-mails were personal or duplicates of e-mails already reviewed. no more investigation, but plenty of investigations of whether the fbi director should have gone public in the first place. >> all this is happening and we are in the final full day of campaigning. donald trump and the press corps that follows him just landed in florida. after a full day of campaigning. we're well in the next day at this point. cnn is everywhere following every twist and turn. i stand with the coverage of the clinton campaign with phil mattingly. >> reporter: good morning, john. the irony with the comey letter to capitol hill. the clinton campaign wanted to hear nothing else going on.
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they were cleared again. the last thing they want to talk about two days before the election is the fbi and james comey and hillary clinton's private server. that is why you saw hillary clinton on the campaign trail with two rallies after the letter sent to capitol hill. >> we will have some work to do. to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk. >> reporter: guys, hillary clinton wants to put this behind her. her team says there is lingering doubt as to the damage it has done to the campaign. in the last 48 hours of the
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race, clinton trying to close the door. trying to put that advantage to play to put everything to bed over the course of the last few trips. take a look at the map and where hillary clinton is going today. that should tell you all you know about the clinton campaign. two big rallies in pennsylvania. the primetime rally in pennsylvania with president obama and first lady michelle obama and bruce springsteen who has to be there. >> i'm not a springsteen guy. >> he continues to show up. >> he is overrated. >> so obviously philadelphia. huge moment for the campaign. the last closing message. going to michigan. a race that has tightened in the last couple weeks. hillary clinton in the state and president obama trying to rile up the college kids. a traditionally blue state and is in danger and one final rally
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in raleigh, north carolina. the last rally scheduled for clinton campaign of the 2016 cycle. a state if the clinton campaign wins, they should win the election. guys. >> thank you, phil mattingly. i think he is a working class poet. >> you are from new jersey. you live in new jersey. you have to say that. you are obligated. and we have cnn's sunlen serfaty with the latest on the clinton investigation and james comey. >> donald trump clear he is not giving up the message at the rallies. he continued to bring up that hillary clinton has been the subject of an fbi investigation. notably leaving out the fact that this review is now over and in essence she has been cleared of wrongdoing. he did not mention fbi director
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james comey once by name or specifically mention the conclusions. he casts doubt broadly on the conclusions saying sorry you can't review 650,000 e-mails over the course of eight days. here is donald trump in leesburg, virginia. >> this is a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people -- the fbi, they know it. i think it is very embarrassing to them. now it is up to the american people to deliver the justice. >> so donald trump keeping up the messaging that this shows it is a rigged system. you can bet he will continue that line of attack today and the mad dash for him continues. i want to give you a snapshot of his day. he starts in florida, north carolina, two real must-win states for trump. then to pennsylvania and new hampshire and late night rally in michigan. this is a very curious late in
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the game ad for the trump campaign. michigan has not voted republican since 1988. certainly as we heard from phil, clinton campaign defense there. the trump campaign facing opportunity. >> both candidates and the president in michigan today. showing you how important and serious they are taking it. thank you, sunlen serfaty. 20 electoral votes up for stake in pennsylvania. it has been a republican target for decades. hillary clinton has had a significant lead there, but it is changing with days to go. we have sara sidner with more. >> reporter: that's right. hillary clinton was hanging out with katy perry. she jumps into other states.
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donald trump is expected here today. hillary clinton and her husband and barack obama and michelle obama and bruce springsteen expected here today. obviously this state very, very important. and with the latest polls saying she is within the margin of error, this state could go either way. both candidates know that and they are working the crowds hard here. i need to mention this. there is a strike. people are worried about the septa strike. the public transportation here. that has been going for a week now. they are trying to work that out literally and trying to negotiate that and trying to make a deal tonight so the people know that on the day they vote, which is tuesday, they will take public transportation. that is being worked out as we speak. >> the first whispers they are getting close to a settlement. sara sidner, thanks. florida makes a difference in
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presidential elections in what is the understatement of the century. it is impossible for donald trump to win the white house without florida and its 29 electoral votes. polls show it tight as a tick. let's bring in nick valencia. >> reporter: good morning, christine. the most crucial swing state with 29 electoral votes. yesterday, on sunday, early voting wrapped up with historic turn out in leon county. a democratic strong hold. heavily in favor of hillary clinton with 12,000 more people casting ballots this time around than 2012. 57% voting democratic. one of the things we asked the election county supervisor here is the potential for irregularities. we know what happened with the
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hanging chads and butterfly voting ballots. he said the same thing is used in the lottery now and that will allow things to go smooth as silk. an indication is how many trips both candidates here and flooded the air waves with a ton of money. we expect a trip here by donald trump to sarasota and hillary clinton will head here tomorrow. >> and the surrogates have been putting miles in on florida. >> trump just landed in florida. hillary clinton cleared again by the fbi. the thousands of e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop revealing nothing new. so never mind. is it that simple? stick around.
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all right. breaking campaign news. donald trump and his press corps just landed back in florida after a full lday of campaignin. on the press plane after a full day and then some is ashley. just give us the sense and atmosphere of what this last 24 hours has been like. >> reporter: hey, john. it's good to talk to you. we just landed in our seventh state in the last 24 hours. we're in florida now. we woke up in denver yesterday morning because trump had a rally there friday night. we went from denver to iowa to
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minnesota, then michigan and he went on to pennsylvania and then virginia. he held rallies in five states. the first time he held that many rallies in one day. especially in different states. definitely a busy day. with all the travels, he got behind schedule. originally his last event of the day in virginia was scheduled for 9:30. he ended up not starting until almost 12:20 in the morning. almost three hours later. it was interesting because 2,000 people were there who waited around to see him plus there are a few people standing outside in the overflow crowd of 300. it was interesting to see that many people who were still there. that is something we saw
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consistently throughout the day. very large crowds at all of his events. >> ashley, five states ahead this morning and today. the first rally is for 11:00. how are you bracing for another big day? is anybody sleeping? >> reporter: i did get a few hours of sleep. we just got to the hotel. i think we're all kind of riding on adrenaline. taking it hour by hour and getting through the day. it will be another long day. his last event, i think, is scheduled for 11:00 p.m. tonight in michigan. it will be a full day. i think after going through the last two years, i think everyone is willing to get through this last day and see where it goes from there. >> that's the fun part. >> that's what i told myself in 2000 with george w. bush. just get through election day. >> every time he says the word florida, he twitches.
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>> ashley, get some sleep. we will talk more about the race and all of the late breaking developments with our panel.
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all right. we are less than 24 hours until election day. let's discussion now with the panel. joining us again, john phillips. a talk radio host for kabc in los angeles. a trump supporter. we have symone sanders. former press secretary for bernie sanders. and ellis hanican.
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and we have brian stelter and eugene scott. >> symone, we want to talk about the james comey thing. the e-mails. nothing in them. sorry about the last nine days. except he did not say sorry. hillary clinton chose not to speak about this. a wise choice? >> i think it is a wise choice. every time she says something about the e-mails, it gets bigger. and people who have been around the campaign know she wasn't worried about the e-mails. i think she is a little annoyed by all of the fanfare over the last nine days. i think it is a smart move. >> a little an knnoyed? does it help her or does this now go away because james comey said never mind? >> she has to be cautious with this. there is still time left before election day. there could still be more e-mails that wikileaks dumps in
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the papers before election day. if she says there is nothing to see there and suddenly the story changes, then she will have to explain that away. also, we learned the last time when comey made his decision not to move forward with recommending charges against secretary clinton, there were people underneath him in the fbi that felt differently. if one decides this is the last straw, i'll quit and tell all and give my side of the story and the story goes in that direction, she doesn't want to have to deal with that either. >> so hillary clinton did bring up royalty campaigning in cleveland over the weekend. lebron james. the king took to the stage as well as j.r. smith. listen. >> i was around the community that was like our vote doesn't matter. it really does. it really, really does. we have to get out and make sure we vote. we have to get out and be knowledgeable about what is
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going on and what we see our future entails and this woman has the brightest future for our world. >> lebron james. very good at basketball, ellis. is he good at getting out votes? and do surrogates like this matter? >> it wasn't the most rip-roaring speech i heard in the campaign. a lot of people turned out. he is someone who has huge goodwill across the state of ohio. african-american pre-voting turnout has been a little lagging for the clinton campaign. anything like that is a boot. >> symone, who is getting out the vote? beyonce in a pant suit. the last final argument and the folks who have been out for hillary clinton this weekend, will this help with young people? >> i think it will help. the energy would have been nice could have a month ago. i think in the last week or so,
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it has been a much-needed energy boost reminding people why we come here. we are stronger together. people like jay-z and beyonce who don't usually come out for candidates. barack obama was a special case. secretary clinton here and we are with her because communities are at stake. beyonce gave a fabulous speech. in florida, yesterday, tyrese was out encouraging people to stay in line. had g had dee jays out. we had celebrities out saying we your vote matters. >> i'm waiting for vlada divatch. >> thanks, guys. we are counting down the final hours of the election. we have hillary clinton cleared of the james comey
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in a race where we have come to expect the unexpected, no one expected this. the fbi clears hillary clinton again. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 31 minutes past the hour. nice to see you. with less than 24 hours to go until election day, surely there are no more bombshells. not necessarily and don't call my shirley. nine days after the 2016 race is turned upside down after the e-mails were under investigation, james comey revealed the investigation is over. and after all that, nothing. comey said based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions we expressed in july
1:32 am
with respect to secretary clinton. law enforcement sources say people worked around the clock to review the e-mails. most of the e-mails were personal or duplicates of those already looked at. the clinton campaign welcomes the vindication. questions if the fbi director should have said anything. >> this is falling with the final day of the campaigning before the election day. cnn is everywhere following the twists and turns. let's start with the clinton campaign with phil mattingly. good morning, phil. >> good news that hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about. here's why. the clinton campaign while they are relieved that james comey sent another letter to capitol hill. they recognized their numbers go up when they are talked about.
1:33 am
take a listen. >> we will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk. >> so, it has been clear for a while. hillary clinton has an electoral map advantage. if you want to know how they view the end of the race, look at where she's going today. today is the last day of campaigning. the clinton campaign has scheduled. good insight to where she is going. pennsylvania. a crucial state. the clinton campaign feels good about the state. if they want to close the door on any trump potential victory, pennsylvania is a good way to do it. two stops there. a huge stop in pennsylvania with
1:34 am
the equivalent of a john berman dinner party. joining bill clinton and hillary clinton for an evening rally that should be the high point of the campaign. and going to michigan. president obama going to ann arbor. that race is tightening up for both parties. that is a state the clinton campaign has expected to win and needs to win if the map they have laid out actually stays in play. last stop, midnight rally in raleigh. the toss-up we have in the race. the clinton campaign can push that over the top. they are in good shape. >> these days are just exhausting. both campaigns and candidates working late. donald trump finished an event hours ago. we had an exclusive with the press corps. he said no matter what james comey says, he thinks hillary clinton is guilty.
1:35 am
let the evidence be otherwise. cnn's sunlen serfaty is here with the latest on. that. >> john, it is clear. donald trump is not letting go of the line of messaging. all day, he continued to bring up she has been under investigation from the fbi. notably leaving out that review has reached an end and she has been cleared of any wrongdoing. donald trump did not refer to james comey's announcement, but he did cast doubt about the conclusions saying he think it is impossible for them to review all of the e-mails in the course of a week. here is donald trump in leesburg, virginia. >> this is a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people and the fbi know it. i think it is very embarrassing to them. now it is up to the american people to deliver the justice.
1:36 am
>> you can bet that donald trump today will keep up the line of attack. this is a line the trump campaign is effective. especially a galvanizing supporters. that is what he needs in the final days. the mad dash continues today. a snapshot of his schedule. he goes to florida, north carolina and on to pennsylvania, new hampshire and on to michigan for a late night rally. this is a late in the game ad that the trump campaign is eyeing with michigan. a state has not voted republican since 1988. so clearly as the clinton campaign has been forced to play defense in michigan, the trump campaign eyeing opportunity. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks. one of the states everyone is watching is pennsylvania. both candidates will be there today. there are 20 electoral votes at stake and what has been a blue state. >> it has been a republican target for just as long. it is like lucy and the football. when the republicans go into pennsylvania lucy pulls it away.
1:37 am
sara sidner is live this morning. sara, we have news on a possible transit strike which would affect voting? >> reporter: the transit strike is going. they are still in negotiations. it is getting close. that is what we heard from some officials involved in the negotiations to try to get the workers back to work for the day that everyone votes. they are hoping that will happen. it has not quite happened. no official deal. we know negotiations are still happening. it is 4:30 in the morning. they are working through the night to try to get this done for at least november 8th. you remember talking about donald trump and how he has been saying the system is rigged. he is also accusing states and in particular, pennsylvania and philadelphia, of the potential of voter fraud and calling these particular areas out. saying he will go into and he wants his watchers to go to the polls in certain areas.
1:38 am
we talked to some of the folks here. it has galvanized his supporters to be poll watchers. it galvanized other people. 400 men of faith from the african-american community who say they are going out. here's why. >> we felt we needed to be there to make sure people come and be there to make sure people don't let anything deter them. the added rhetoric of donald trump then caused us to recognize we need to be here because there may be an added component of needing to be protectors and not encouragers. >> reporter: reverend wahler says these are all men coming together saying they will not be monitors, but they will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. especially in predominately african-american neighborhoods. >> sara sidner in philadelphia. thanks a lot. >> announcer: this is cnn
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breaking news. >> the breaking news just in. we just learned that former attorney general janet reno has died. reno was the country's first woman to be attorney general. she served during the entire clinton administration. she was right at the center of a lot of controversy. that was a tumultuous eight years. the siege of the compound in waco, texas. the elian gonzalez. impeachment hearings. through it all, reno served the full eight years. she did have a 20-year battle with parkinson's disease. janet reno passed away at the age of 78 years old. >> cnn's suzanne malveaux is live for us. you covered that time period when janet reno was attorney
1:40 am
general. your thoughts? >> reporter: she was quite a presence. it was a tumultuous time under here reign and there were high profile cases that she handled as attorney general. she was the first female attorney general under president clinton. it was baird who was nominated before her. she was not the first choice of president clinton. both had problems with illegal immigrants with nannies. she was the first nominated and confirmed by the senate for the position. one of the cases i covered very extensively was the case of elian gonzalez out of florida. that case was the cuban boy whose mother and stepfather were lost at sea to travel here to get to the country. it was a controversy when elian was pulled from his miami
1:41 am
relatives and sent to his father in cuba. janet reno had the conviction and courage to move forward in some of the cases. you mentioned waco as well we covered at the time with the branch davidians and loss of life. there were a few bit of controversial cases. she was someone admired and beloved as well. this was somebody who was parodied by snl. people poking fun at her as being out of the norm and unusual in some ways. she had a towering presence. she had strong conviction and she was somebody who served as a role model really to many young women as the first female attorney general under president clinton. >> towering literally and figuratively. she was 6'2". for those of us who remember
1:42 am
those clinton years, she was a presence every day. suzanne, thank you. and richard is here. you worked with janet reno in the administration, yes? >> i did for the whole eight years that she was attorney general. i was on the white house staff. you know, it was interesting. i've been thinking about her this morning. she stepped in after two of president clinton's choices were derailed by vetting issues. and people thought she was kind of in over her head. she really stepped up and i think she'll be seen as a very effective attorney general. >> she was at the center of so many of these white hot controversials over the years
1:43 am
between waco and elian gonzalez. what do you remember about her over these pressure situations? >> unflappable and always calm. she had a somewhat difficult relationship with president clinton because of the ken starr thing. she appointed ken starr. obviously president clinton and those of us at the white house were not happy with her choice. and it was a rough time. a lot of rough things flowed from that. but they had a good relationship. even at the end. the other thing i remember about her and this is appropriate today is she had a sweetness about her that people often did not see. she was very attentive to the people who worked there. even she had friends on the white house staff. i like to think myself included. she was extremely sweet. she was thoughtful. she remembered birthdays.
1:44 am
she came in and she was not a justice department insider. she was a local prosecutor in florida. by the time she left there, she had many, many fans and people really loved her there. >> richard with his memories of janet reno. the first woman to be u.s. attorney general. we learned moments ago janet reno passed away at the age of 78 years old. >> we'll be right back.
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all right. did you expect this to end any other way? an extraordinary last couple days here. the fbi essentially clearing hillary clinton in the e-mail investigation again. joining us now is john phillips. talk radio host for kabc. and a donald trump supporter. democratic strategist is richard
1:49 am
sacaredes. ellis henican is here. cnn political reporter eugene scott and host of reliable sources brian stelter. that's all for us, this morning, guys. >> i want to make a quick point. there are polls and morning after and global markets are up. everything. they are calling it the comey bounce. the fbi actually a player in the global markets and the feeling is this is putting everything behind hillary clinton. the e-mail thing is behind her and the markets think she has a better shot going forward. brian stelter, is the e-mail thing dead for her and over or undecided voters with a nagging concern? >> it may not be over for some of her aides. let's keep in mind there
1:50 am
continuing to be interest within the fbi within some agents about the clinton foundation. there is not imminent. for the next two days, clinton can take a sigh of relief. as you say, global markets hoping she will win on tuesday night. the poll of polls shows her three points ahead of trump nationally. it is the battlegrounds that matter. trump continues to have a narrow path. that reality remains true. >> richard, let's get to the case that the e-mails are back in the news for the next 24 hours. she has been exonerated again. this is a story maybe she did not want hanging over her the last day. >> i think she is talking about what she wants to talk about in the closing days. she is talking about healing and reconciliation. she has a couple of new ads up that really talk about the country coming together. i think the trends are clear.
1:51 am
she has a big job bringing the country together. >> john phillips, there is a narrow path to 270 for donald trump. there is more of a path today than a week or so ago. five different barnstorms today for your candidate. >> he will be an executive platinum by the time this is over. >> on trump air. >> exactly. he will focus on the states and we will hear about trade and immigration and the themes he has hit during the campaign. we will hear slams on hillary clinton. the fact that a lot of people in those states just don't believe her. they don't think she is an honest person. he will drive that home. >> eugene scott, both campaigns going to michigan today. michigan is not a state in play a month ago. i would not have said either candidate would be there on the last day. what does that tell you?
1:52 am
>> it tells us that michigan is more diverse than previous years. you have a northern michigan with a lot of white working class voters who have resonated with the trump speech. you have the urban core and fill of black voters and millennial voters and women voters who have been successful in helping obama get to the white house. clinton is hoping they help here. >> ellis? >> we wonder if the old map, the red/blue map would be thrown out of whack. he may get a rustbelt state. maybe a utah is thrown into upheaval. i'm still watching arizona. some people say don't bother about it anymore. i like upheaval. we may get some. >> i like upheaval. we will end with that. thank you one and all. cnn will have live coverage every minute of this from now through the end, whenever that end may be. you want to stay with cnn the
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all right. get ready for a rebound in the stock market. dow futures up 253 points. nasdaq up 1.7%. s&p is set to pop as well. futures jumped after fbi director james comey's statement to lawmakers clearing hillary clinton. call this the comey bounce. global markets rising. a stark turn around. nine straight days of losses for the s&p 500. falling 3% over that span. that is the longest losing streak since 1980. and it corresponds with the polls tightening and the market coming to grips with winning the election.
1:58 am
and this was the renewed interest in the fbi with the e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop. investors see donald trump as a risk. they feel his policies could hurt the economy. clinton is seen as less of a risk. especially if republicans keep control of the congress. that is what is going on around the world. markets rallying. that's it for "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. what a morning it has been as the candidates hit the trail on election eve. how will comey news affect it all? watch "new day." >> it is time to close the history books on the clintons. >> are you ready to vote on tuesday? >> you cannot review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. >> the fbi clears hillary clinton again. >> we are glad to get that news, but not surprised. >> this is a marathon. we're not playing games. >> i'm ready to get to work for
1:59 am
you. >> don't vote for her. she will be a lousy president. >> it is a choice between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to "new day." it is monday, november 7th. this is it. hillary clinton gets a late break in the final hours of the campaign. james comey telling congress the discovered e-mails does not change their conclusion. clinton is focusing on uniting the nation, but is it too little too late? donald trump back to say the system is rigged and asking the american people to quote deliver justice at the polls. both candidates leaving it all on the field. wait until you see how many places they are going to be today and tomorrow. we are one day away from the election. let's begin the coverage with
2:00 am
cnn's phil mattingly. >> good morning, chris. it was the second unexpected letter from fbi director james comey. they did not expect conclusions in the second review of the e-mails found on disgraced congress member anthony weiner's laptop until after election day. james comey telling lawmakers his investigative teamwo worked day and night and realized there was no new information to reopen the investigation. however, this conclusion, while it seemed like great news for the clinton campaign, exactly what the clinton campaign does not want to talk about in the closing hours. with mere hours left on the campaign clock. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. >> reporter: hillary clinton hitting the ground in ohio and new hampshire. making no


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