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tv   New Day  CNN  November 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> this is "new day" with chris cuo cuomo. we looked at the e-mails, there is nothing there, there will be no indictment of hillary clinton with respect to e-mails. what does clinton say? surprisingly almost nothing. she wants to move past this with the big decision just tomorrow. >> donald trump still says the system is rigged and is asking the american people to, quote, deliver justice at the polls. both candidates launching battleground blitzes in the final day of campaigning. one more day until election day. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with pamela brown live in washington. >> we have learned fbi agents worked around the clock to review the thousands of newly surfaced e-mails and key to the effort was technology refined from previous use for the initial clinton private server
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investigation. it turns out most of the e-mails involving hillary clinton were personal or duplicate e-mails that had already been reviewed by the fbi. director comey was briefed on the findings yesterday and made the decision he would not revise his recommendation. the fbi has been under intense pressure since director comey sent the letter to congress saying new e-mails had surfaced relevant to the private server investigation. the probe is considered over for now when it comes to hillary clinton. as for the others who were part of the probe the fbi is still working on remaining aspects including determining how the e-mails ended up on her stranged husband's laptop. her attorney says this wasn't a computer she used. this morning questions continue to surround director comey including why he made the decision to alert congress with less than two weeks until the
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election before understanding the substance of the e-mails. no matter who wins the election tomorrow comey will be in a tough spot. >> the clinton campaign breathing a little easier after the fbi director's letter to congress yesterday. >> what is the clinton campaign going to do with this good news? the answer nothing at all. there is a good reason why. clinton campaign maintained they win when they are talking about donald trump. even though clinton held two rallies yesterday, one in new hampshire and one in cleveland, ohio after the letter was sent, no mention at all of the letter. hillary clinton talking about what she brings to the table. take a listen. >> i love our country and i believe in our people. and i will never ever quit on you no matter what. >> guys, also taking a number of swipes at donald trump today the
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last major day at least scheduled for so far for clinton on the clinton campaign you get a sense of where the clinton campaign stands. the multiple of her surrogates have gone to michigan and that is a big story because that is a traditionally blue battleground state. a late night rally tonight in raleigh, north carolina. a tossup for the clinton campaign can -- the primetime event pennsylvania, a philadelphia rally outside independence hall first lady michelle obama, president obama and two pretty big guests, bruce springsteen and bon jon jovi. >> "born to run", "living on a prayer". >> a few potential options. >> thanks. trump, meanwhile, is saying the
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system is rigged and the fbi's decision not to prosecute clinton is proof otthat. he wants voters to deliver justice at the ballot box. we are joined with more. >> donald trump is sure not letting go of this line of attacks that he thinks hillary clinton is guilty of federal crimes. at his rallies last night he continued to bring up that she has been the subject of an fbi investigation but very notably leaving out that the fbi review is over and she has been in essence cleared of wrong doing. the trump campaign, trump is casting doubt on the fbi director's conclusions. this is only about a week since he praised the fbi director for announcing the review of the e-mails. >> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it.
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the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >> and trump today has another flurry of campaign events. he is trying to find the pieces he needs to put 270 electoral votes together. he is campaigning in the must-win states of florida and north carolina and then pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. his last rally tonight late night rally in michigan is a late in the game add and a new focus, this is a state that has not gotten republicans since 1988. the trump campaign sensing opportunity to potentially flip the state. >> thank you very much. let's bring in wisconsin congressman. he supports donald trump. always a pleasure. >> thanks for having me back on. >> how do you feel about your party's nominee saying that jim comey is corrupt and that the fbi knows that hillary clinton is guilty but not saying it and
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that the fbi essentially is lying about having reviewed the e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop. how do you feel about that? >> first of all, i don't focus on what donald trump says or does. if we are talking about e-mails we are talking about hillary clinton and the corruption of her having private and secure e-mails on her private server and the fact that she was extremely careless with top secret information. that is the conversation that so many are thinking about as the new letter came out. i think donald trump is frustrated, though. i think he makes a good point. the fbi reviewed 650,000 e-mails in nine days is pretty remarkable but from my perspective i take the fbi at their word. i think they are trying to do the best job that they can. i think only later on whether through the fbi having a hearing with congress or if it comes through leaks do we find out what information the fbi had and
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will we be able to judge director comey and the decisions made during the campaign. >> the reason i suspect you take the fbi at their word is because of two things. one, you are being a responsible public official ask you don't have proof otherwise. you are backing a man for president who does not ablth on those bases. he will spread that doubt about one of these critical institutions of our democracy for his own political gain. you say you don't focus on what donald trump says and does. don't you have to if you want him to be president? >> chris, if i will be sirly with you this morning i will say you are supporting someone. >> you just did. did you learn that from trump? >> you are supporting someone who actually took top secret information and put it on a private server. you are supporting someone who
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destroyed 33,000 e-mails with a bleach pen and then smashed her phones. the fbi said he is extremely careless. to look at donald trump and say mr. trump he has had issues with the fbi that is maybe one offense. comparing that to what hillary clinton did with regard to top secret information there is absolutely no comparison between those two. if americans are evaluating donald trump in regard to e-mails and the fbi and hillary clinton hands down donald trump will win. >> how is that comparison? i will assume for the sake of our friendship that you are being rhetorical. you just gave food to trump. there is no question that the e-mail thing was wrong. it was unusual for comey to say extremely careless. the fbi doesn't usually talk that way. he echoed the way a lot of people feel. i'm not asking about that. i'm saying comey says there is 
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no crime. your candidate for president, the nominee of your party says he is lying there is a crime. comey says we looked at the new e-mails and i can't advance the case. your nominee says he is lying. they didn't look at all of the e-mails. is that responsible behavior from someone who will be president of the united states? >> i think prosecutors -- i was a prosecutor for ten years. i look at trey gowdy. there is disagreement on whether the fbi could prosecute hillary clinton for having the top secret e-mails on a private server. no doubt about it -- in fact, she came to congress and said she didn't send or receive classified information but then director comey said she did. she had classified information on the server and sent and received it from the server and therefore she lied to congress, as well. i don't buy the idea that she couldn't be prosecuted.
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i see the point that fbi chose not to prosecute her. that doesn't mean she hasn't committed crimes or bad acts those things all happened. i think donald trump is frustrated. i think a lot of americans are frustrated with how this investigation happened. think back to bill clinton meeting on a tarmac in arizona with loretta lynch. that stuff just doesn't happen in a legitimate system. i think there is a lot of people who are scratching their heads saying why are the clintons treated differently in these investigations. why does the spouse of a target going to meet with the head of the department of justice? and i think the doj and fbi and the clintons have brought a lot of scrutiny on themselves. i don't disregard your point that donald trump has been a little bit aggressive in his pushback on the fbi. he has. make no mistake he is channeling a lot of frustration and angle
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that is with all americans. there is one standard for all of americans and a different standard for the clintons. we think we should all follow the same rules. we all get treated equally and fairly under the law. you know old lady justice with her blind fold on. that is our vision of american law. we don't feel like that has been the case with regard to hillary clinton. >> it's a good thing lady justice is blind folded so she didn't have to watch the election the way the rest of us have. i can't believe you took a personal shot at me. i can't wait to see you again. >> let's get the other side with the governor of colorado, john hickenlooper. >> how much damage do you think was done between the time of the
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first letter to congress from comey saying he was reopening the investigation and yesterday with him saying he is closing the investigation and there would be no further probe into mrs. clinton's e-mail? >> certainly changed the momentum in a significant way. i think the more important part is that donald trump has revealed himself again and again that everyone is a liar if they don't agree with him and if he thinks someone is guilty he will make sure they go to jail. he basically bragged about what can only be called sexual assault and then denied he ever did it. his problem with coming to grips with the truth is just every single day. i think that is what comes out again and again in this issue is that he can't keep his mind on one path. he says one thing one moment and one thing another. that is what to me is the whole issue is it is always rigged against him. he praises people who agree with
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him. >> i can't help but notice that you pivoted away from talking about hillary clinton to donald trump. i wonder if the clinton campaign surrogates and the campaign are just going to talk about donald trump's negatives mostly? >> because otherwise we would have to attack comey. clearly he made a statement 11 days ago that this could be relevant. he created this expectation that there had to be something significant in this large collection of e-mails and they went through and sorted through them and found the ones that had to do with hillary clinton and went through them and there was nothing. there was nothing. either we go and attack someone who -- the fbi maybe they are not perfect and i think in this case james comey wasn't perfect but they are our government. they are doing the best they can. it's not rigged. i don't this can he was trying to take down hillary clinton. i think he made a terrible
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mistake. i don't want to go dwell on it. i would rather talk about the crucial stuff which is no one in the campaign gave me instructions. i haven't talked to anyone in the campaign the last 24 hours. i think anybody with decent eye sight can say this is the future of the trump presidency would be and it is unacceptable. there is no respect for the truth. >> governor, so given that is your stance let's talk about what is going on in your state. look at the latest poll. this is the university of denver colorado poll. how do you explain what is going on in your state? >> we're a purple state. we have almost equal numbers republican, democrat and independents. we have had more turnout early in the election by democrats than republicans compared to 2012. so i think that is encouraging. the polls definitely tightened up. i went out yesterday to a number
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of the call centers and where candidates come together and talk to the young, middle aged, old, all types of people and they were so fired up. it was a beautiful fall day. despite all the negativity of the campaign i walk out of one of these places and looked at the sky and smiled and said this is amazing. these people are fired up. they are going to go knock on neighbors' doors and make phone calls. this is america. we may complain and say we have been bludgeoned but this is democracy in action. as ugly has parts of it have been, getting the vote out. in colorado you will see hillary clinton's team so determined and fired up to deliver the first female president of the united states who is i think without question the most prepared person ever to run for president. they will deliver that vote. colorado will be the state that decides the election. that is what they hoped. >> governor, i like your
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optimistic rosy view of where we are today. in the united states we have freedom of speech. this weekend there was a sanders supporter who took that opportunity and grabbed the microphone at what was supposed to be a campaign rally for secretary clinton but instead he launched into a criticism of her until he was ushered off of the stage. do you think that the clinton campaign has done enough to woo sanders supporters or do you think they will be a fly in the ointment tomorrow? >> if ever there was one it is a big tent and people from all kinds of religions and back grounds. when i went out and encouraging people to get out the vote yesterday it was like looking at a cross section of america, young people, old people, african-americans, latinos, all these different people coming together and involved in our
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democratic process. there are always outliars. bernie sanders was very passionate. i don't think -- bernie sanders has come out again and again. he wants to make sure hillary clinton is the next president of the united states. >> governor john hickenlooper thank you so much. so you have clinton and trump making their closing arguments to voters. does the fbi's director's move change anything? we will discuss with a really good panel next.
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hello. the fbi is clearing hillary clinton again after reviewing newly discovered e-mails. does this change how either candidate makes their closing arguments? let's discuss with hilary rosen, a hillary clinton supporter. cnn political commenter corey lewindowski, michael nutter and don phillips, a trump supporter
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and host at kabc radio. let's do the voters a favor and let's keep the emphasis on why your person is good and deep it off the other person as much as possible. we have heard enough negative. everybody gets it. mr. mayor defer to you and your case for why hillary clinton is the right leader for this country right now. why? >> it is about experience. it is about a record of service. it is about her ability to get things done, work with a wide variety of people, the relationships she has developed over about a 30 year period of time, first lady of arkansas, secretary of state. as president obama said the most qualified person to run for president. >> is that what we will hear from hillary clinton in these closing 24 hours? her own resume? her own positives or will she continue to talk about donald
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trump's negatives. >> we have seen it already on the campaign trail she has been almost all positive. she is talking about how she wants to be president of the entire country. she wants to work with republicans and reaching out to independents. her advertising major buys for the last two days and for the next 24 hours are positive ads about where we want to go as a country. i think the fbi clearance puts a spring in her step but i don't think it changes anything. i think she would head down this path anyway. she has been positive. i have to contrast that to donald trump. >> there were many days where she was just talking about his -- >> it is about the close. it is about getting to the election day and what kind of country do we want to be. this is my vision and i think that she if you look at her speeches for the last two days and look at where their money is going in advertising she is going to bringing this country together and healing these
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divisions. >> when you hear about the length of clinton's experience you say i agree all of this experience. that is why there is such a call for change because people want the system to be different. what would donald trump do to make our reality different? >> i think there is a couple of really important factors. first reforming the v.a. we know the veterans have had a bad deal. donald trump has put a plan forward that says if i'm the president of the united states and you are a veteran you can go to any hospital in the country to get your health care. unfortunately congress failed. you want to reduce the deficit and bring trade deals and renegotiate bad trade deals and bring manufacturing jobs back to our country. i fundamentally disagree with the premise that we need someone who knows washington, d.c. inside and out to make a change. i think the american people have tried that. they have tried it for 30 years. if you look at the track of our
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country, 50% say we are moving in the wrong direction. what donald trump brings is fundamental and wholesale change not accountable to the special interests. he put his own money into the race. that is his close. his close is i will work for you, the american people, not anybody else. we need to fix a broken washington, d.c. i think a lot of people agree with that. >> my question to you, is he still talking about possible impeachment and talking about possible charges? >> people lost faith in institutions in the country. they lost faith in the corporate america and the media. to have a different direction come to washington, d.c. and change the temperature in the room you need an outsider. donald trump is that outsider. he doesn't come from that world. i also think it is important that he is a lacart with politics. you can't be liberal on gay marriage and then conservative
5:26 am
on punishment. he is coming in as a republican against tpp and the war in iraq. i think that the american people are yearning for something like that. >> you are saying we are going to hear a positive in these next 24 hours. he is not going to talk about hillary clinton? >> i think it will be a mixed bag. a little of column a and column b. >> it is impossible for him not to talk about hillary clinton. >> i have never heard donald trump say he is in favor of gay marriage. >> i was saying it is possible to -- >> then you have the character. basically you have that hillary clinton has a cloud over her head. may not be illegal but doesn't mean it is wrong. the decisions with classified information with her server, what has gone on with the foundation, what she promised would be a bright line between the foundation and department of state that didn't appear to be a bright line that speaks to her
5:27 am
being proof of the status quo which is you have to give to get and people want it to end. fair criticism. >> i think she has made it abundantly clear that the server issue was a mistake. but at the end of the day the fbi as you indicated twice now has said that nothing criminal took place. she knows she made a mistake and admitted it publically. in terms of the foundation it remains to be seen what comes out of that. if you are around for 30 years in a variety of different capacities you will have instances where some people won't like you, b, there might be a cloud or something fraumome past. on that score hillary clinton is a great leader. >> she has shown some humility and deserves credit for that. she has said we are going to wind down the foundation and
5:28 am
funding sources and the like. she recognizes that she has to start this administration fresh, that people -- >> it is doing really good work. there are opportunities to keep doing that good work. the issues that people have raised about donors and the like will be gone. i do think what you get in hillary clinton is somebody who grows with the american people, learns from her mistakes, is willing to admit a mistake which is something we haven't seen much from mr. trump and that's why when you go forward she can feel positive about it because she will do it differently. >> i think when you look at when hillary clinton was testifying to become secretary of state john kerry said there will be clear delineation between clinton foundation and your time as secretary of state. we have seen 80% of the people who met or got a favor from the clinton foundation or donating. >> i will give you that. deal with your own side.
5:29 am
the guy is going on trial for fraud in a class action suit a couple weeks after the election. it's a case. you have dozens of people all over the country that say they got taken by trump university. it is one of a slew of lawsuits. >> 98.5% of the people gave it the highest rate of possible. >> pressure to what? you fill out your own survey. >> had to stop calling itself an educational organization. >> 98% of the people who attended trump university gave it a positive grade. the tens of thousands of people that went through the program one half of the people who didn't have a good experience -- that happens -- >> untrue. >> one half of one percent. >> they probably- >> thank you for sharing your perspective. it will be interesting to talk to you all tomorrow and wednesday. stay with cnn all day and night
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tomorrow for complete election day coverage. can you believe it? we have made it. we will have every race and every result covered for you. >> i do not see your confidence in this being over. i like it. i depend on it. >> i will move the finish line after tomorrow but it is happening tomorrow. we have a really sobering reminder of why this election matters so much. we have arwa damon and one of our photographers embedded with iraqi soldiers and showing in real time how deadly this fight for mosul and to get rid of isis is. 28 hours of hell next.
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u.s. backed forces are in iraq right now and they are engaged in really bloody deadly fighting to take over control of mosul. arwa damon is looking at it first-hand embedded with a unit locked -- she joins us now. she is fine but these are
5:35 am
images, a lot of people are going to be surprised by them. they are used to seeing us embedded with american forces. this is a very different experience and thank god you and your photographer are okay. >> reporter: it's very true. it is also a very different kind of battle because the isis fighters that these iraqis are facing inside mosul are much more hardened than anyone u.s. troops have come across. after three weeks the iraqi military is at last about to enter mosul. the men of the elite counter terrorism force are in high spirits. but after the open plains they are about to meet a terrible new reality. this is not a place these soldiers know, but their enemy does.
5:36 am
>> the challenge they are facing is that there are snipers on roof tops and receiving mortar fire that isis is shooting from areas that have civilians which makes it almost impossible for the counter terrorism unit to be able to fire back. >> to the right. >> already there is a sense that this will be a different battle. civilians are still waving white flags but the roads are getting narrower. we're in isis territory. it's clearly marked. the convoy slows down and on the soldiers' faces nerves begin to
5:37 am
show. and then the roads give way to muddy alleys. there is nowhere to turn. it's so claustrophobic. it's heartbreaking that some families are still here. so is his 19-year-old daughter. she was accepted into university but never went. her younger brother is paralyzed with fear cowering with his mother in the back. then a car approaches.
5:38 am
frantic shouted warnings. clearly, he is not a bomber but he is critically injured. minutes later he is dead. an innocent taxi driver it would seem in the wrong place at the wrong moment. now there is more incoming fire. >> coming across quite a bit of sniper fire, gun fire. rocket propelled grenades and of course those car bombs. >> in the midst of battle --
5:39 am
isis fighters are on the roof tops, three grenades land in the street. >> bullets ricochet off our vehicle intensifying as we go forward. then a suicide car bomb right behind us. there was a flash of orange. ears ringing then another. that was the second massive explosion like that. we just heard the first one was a suicide car bomb. there are a number of soldiers running in the street. one was carrying his buddy who seemed to be wounded.
5:40 am
they spot enemy movement. pr the incoming fire is now intense. the bull dozer is hit. our vehicle takes more fire. soldiers shoot at a motor bike racing towards us. it's hit. we here the hiss of the tire losing air. we realize we're trapped. vehicles, wreckage everywhere. pr pr.
5:41 am
>> i don't know. >> we need to go in this house. go, go, go. we take cover, injured soldiers and a terrified family. more wounded arrive. staff sergeant treats the head wound. isis has systematically targeted and disabled almost every vehicle in our convoy.
5:42 am
there are only three working humvees. it has been hours since they called for backup and none has arrived. they need to evacuate their wounded and don't have enough vehicles to get everyone out. that is assuming that they are able to do so because they say there are isis fighters that have them on all sides. >> later isis released its own video. they filmed the very house where we were taking shelter from just across the street. it's almost dark. the front line moved right next to the house where we have sheltered. we need to move but every time we try gun fire drives us back. it is complete chaos and absolutely terrifying. we need to get to a humvee five steps away. finally we make a run for it.
5:43 am
are clamberring in as quickly as we can. but there are so many damaged vehicles in our way our humvee gets entangled in another. we break free but go just ten yards. are a long and frightening night in hiding follows. we had no idea that isis fighters were filming the war beauty they covered just down the street. it's dawn and we are still alive. we're with more than a dozen wounded soldiers, only six who are not.
5:44 am
ammunition is running low. it's been almost 20 hours since we first called for backup and sent out the alarm that they were surrounded and are still waiting. the soldiers with us are exhausted but determined. they know they are in this fight alone. on the roof top they scan for isis fighters. the soldiers get ready for the attack they know is coming. someone has been shot. the grief of a woman yards away is almost hideous. and then it erupts again. isis has the house surrounded. our only defenders are mostly the walking wounded.
5:45 am
a grenade lands in the court yard. more wounded are brought in. they tell us it was tossed by an isis fighter in the house behind us. an air strike hits the house and brings down the outer wall of the home we are in. the family we're with hide under the staircase. one of the boys cried "i don't want to die." hours later a moment of utter relief. our regiment maz arrived as backup along with a humvee to evacuate us. it is less than a mile to safety. we're lucky. we can leave the combat zone. these men will have to return. the battle for mosul has only
5:46 am
just begun. >> your reporting and video is just so chilling to watch. you allow us to vicariously live the terror with you. one of the most intense moments is where you say it is dawn and we are alive. how do you think you survived? >> reporter: well, frankly, because of the soldiers who were with us who continue to defend the position no matter what was happening. they really were giving it their all granted these are very experienced troops in the sense that they have been fighting isis for more than two years but even they were surprised to a certain degree by the level of the intensity of the fighting that isis put up by the way that isis was able to put forward what can only be described as a sophisticated plan. there wasn't a lot of resistance
5:47 am
on the outskirts. when they finally managed to see that the vehicles were in the side streets where it is just about impossible to turn a vehicle around never mind an entire convoy that is when they launched the sophisticated attack. it was due to the soldiers and the fact that backup finally did arrive. >> are they using the right equipment for this situation? yu said you were in an mine resistant ambush protected vehicle. do you think they are using the right things given the conditions. your group inria, a foundation to help the children and families who are hurt in these types of wars and liberate them, how bad are you seeing humanitarian level there? >> to your first question they don't only move in these. they only had two of them with the entire convoy we were with.
5:48 am
the rest of the vehicles were humvees. american armor is very, very good, a lot of lives would have been lost if they didn't have these vehicles. it is a tough balance between being nimble and being able to move and wanting to protect yourself and the soldiers as best you can. in terms of the humanitarian catastrophe that is going to be potentially unfolding to an even greater degree than it is it is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking. humanitarian organizations are saying we could be seeing a humanitarian tsunami because of the fighting. how many civilians we saw still there a lot of homes had families inside them absolutely terrified. it is very difficult to discern between friend or foe. as the battle intensifies which it is only going to more people will be caught up. >> we are grateful to you for your reporting and very grateful that you are okay today.
5:49 am
thank you for all of that. >> that foundation is called inria. >> meanwhile, the fbi director praised and criticized by both parties during this long heated race so is the criticism that james comey justified? we have dan rather next.
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the u.s.those of us whoof freedserved in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us.
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please. vote. vote. vote. vote. we are just one day away from polls opening. let's get the bottom line now with our special guest former cbs evening news anchor dan rather and david axelrod. great to have you here in the studio with us. so you have covered 16 presidential elections by your own estimation. how does this one rank in. >> there has never been one like this. we have never in the history of the country not just in my lifetime never had an election
5:54 am
campaign like this. a lot of -- it's a long list but beginning with we never had a kpain in which both candidates had negatives above 50%. i would say that the rules of civility while they have been broken many times in the past never with the consistency -- this has been sort of a dumpster fire of an election campaign in which both sides and i'm not giving false equivalency here racism, chauvinism, name it it's been so down and dirty. i know people say back in the 1800s we had tough races. we had tough races before but never at a level this low. i think my friend david axelrod would agree that politics is a very tough business and presidential campaigns are always tough. we have never sunk this low. >> what do you think?
5:55 am
i will want your take as a journalist, as well. he was a very decorated journalist before he went into politics. in terms of how you have seen the rules applied in this race is it different or just heightened? >> i think it is -- let me say honored to share your set there with dan rather who in and of himself is part of history of the last many decades of politics and government in our country, but this is different for a variety of reasons. a lot has to do with the media environment, the way campaigns are covered, twitter, all of this has sort of escalated. i think we have had more acromonious races. they haven't been covered. they weren't covered with the mediaacy that this campaign has been covered in. that added and amplified the
5:56 am
negativism. we have this extraordinary situation where you have two candidates entering the final day of an election both well under water on their favorables and well under water on measures of trust and so the concern is how we go into and out of the election and the ability to governor after it. >> i am having a hard time conceiving of the day after the election because after all of the division -- >> you are going to be on for six hours. it's not that the people who were trump supporters and hillary supporters not like they go away the next day. what happens to the division? >> that is the question what kind of country are we? what kind of society are we, will we -- will we resume being
5:57 am
a country of can-do people who get things done or as you suggest the election just continues past election day with each side, two sides at least set in concrete. partisan political way. i'm an optimist by nature and by experience. and you know the american people in general it's true you have the extremists but they want things to get done. i will be very surprised if whom ever wins the election doesn't preach unity and say we need hope. we need healing. we need unity. will it be tough? you bet it will be tough. can you write a scenario to where it all goes to hell in a hat? you can. we are better than this campaign. >> that is the hope. we are talking about defining who is supposed to be better. let's talk about the media. you gave a piece of advice a
5:58 am
couple of campaign cycles ago. i ran into you on the road and you said remember you are not in this business to be popular when you are covering politics. if you do your job and have a clear conscience you will be unpopular from time to time. what have you seen with the media here. i know you have been critical of some reporting. >> particularly during the primary campaign that donald trump was given almost a free pass that we are exceptionest of that. trump established very early trump equals ratings. everybody wanted ratings. you didn't have tough questioning. you didn't have tough follow up questioning. it was investigative reporting. now, things got a little bit better once we got into the generally election campaign. but trump's ability to command almost every news cycle with it being about trump and giving
5:59 am
credit even if you don't like it he is a master of social media and using twitter, facebook, instagram, all of that. i think the basic criticism in the media and i don't accept myself in this criticism, not enough trump questioning and not enough tough follow up questioning. too much just being transmitters of what the campaign wants and not enough investigative reporting. they have had cases open in this campaign that the list is so long you can have investigative reporting every hour of every day. i think what the public expects the media to do is to be annest broker of information. be fair, be accurate and be truthful. the question right now given the media's performance is whether we have reached now a new post truth political era in american
6:00 am
politics where the truth no longer matters and facts no longer matters. there have been signs. >> we don't have much time left. are you as optimistic as dan? >> well, i'm hopeful that we can find our way through. the incentives have to lineup right. right now particularly on the republican side if hillary clinton were to win tomorrow now seems more likely than not the incentives within the republican party are not to cooperate but to be defined. the only thing that holds them together is anticlintonism. that is troubling to me in terms of the prospect of trying to come together and get things done. let's hope otherwise. >> great to see you. thanks so much for being here. tomorrow is election day. it's time now for "newsroom". >> it's the big day. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now.


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