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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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colorado one of the states at the moment that looks like it's filling in the way the democrats expected it too, but across the rust belt, a lot of anxiety in brookline. >> we're seconds away from the top of the four. four states are closing right now. we're going to be able to make a projection. and cnn projectios donald trump will carry the state of montana and its three electoral votes. every electoral vote will count tonight. let's get a key race alert right now. too close to call in several states where the polls have now closed n. in iowa, too early to call. no projection there. in nevada, six electoral votes, too early to call. no projection there. similarly in utah. two early to call there. six electoral votes. evan mcmullin, a third-party candidate, conservative, making a push in utah right now.
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too early to call there let's update the all-important electoral college map. where it stands right now, you can see donald trump maintains his lead. he has 139 electoral votes compared to hillary clinton's 104 electoral votes. 270 needed to be elected president of the united states. let's get another key race alert right now. here's where the votes stand. in florida, 95% of the votes is in. donald trump still maintains an impressive 105,000 vote lead over hillary clinton, 5% of the vote outstanding 29 electoral streets, trump ahead in florida. in north carolina, 81% of the vote is in. trump maintains an impressive 114,000 vote lead, over hillary clinton, 15 electoral votes. trump ahead in north carolina. in ohio, 67% of the vote is n donald trump has a very impressive, almost 400,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. 18 electoral votes at stake in
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ohio. in virginia, 83% of the vote is in, hillary clinton all the sudden has taken a lead, 15,456 vote lead over donald trump, 83% of the vote is in. 13 electoral votes in virginia. hillary clinton ahead there. let's go to georgia. right now, in the state of georgia, almost half of the vote is in, donald trump here, too, he has a very impressive lead, 365,000 vote lead over hillary clinton, 16 important electoral votes at stake in georgia right now. in colorado, 53, more than half of the vote is in, hillary clinton has a lead benefit 73,000 votes over donald trump. nine electoral votes in the state of colorado. in michigan, quarter of the vote is in. trump is ahead there. still maintaining a lead of almost 50,000 votes over hillary clinton right now. 24% of the vote is in. 16 electoral votes at stake in michigan. in new hampshire, 41% of the vote is in, trump is ahead there, as well. 5,297 vote lead over hillary
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clinton, four electoral votes, every one is critical important in new hampshire. trump is ahead in new hampshire right now. more votes coming in. wisconsin, 28% of the vote is in, trump is ahead in wisconsin right now by more than 15,000 votes. ten electoral votes the steak in wisconsin. in pennsylvania, third of the vote is in, hillary clinton has an impressive lead. 250,000 vote lead over donald trump, 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. votes just beginning to come n in arizona, only 2% of the vote is in. donald trump has a lead of 6,600 votes over hillary clinton ey 11 electoral votes in arizona. let's take a look and see nationwide where the popular vote stands right now. u.s. popular vote, donald trump has 48.9%, hillary clinton has 47%. he's ahead. nationally by 1,153,000 votes in -- nationwide, that's the popular vote. he's ahead by more than
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1,100,000 over hillary clinton, in the all important electoral vote, donald trump is ahead there with 139 electoral votes to hillary clinton's 104 electoral votes. 270, i have to remind you that's the magic number. the magic number needed to win the white house. let's go back over to jake. i know you've checked the markets right now. how are they reacting? >> all of this so far pretty good news for donald trump. >> it's great news for donald trump so far, and it's an unpredictable race. we're talking how much this really upends so much of the prediction industry, but the one thing the markets don't like is uncertainty and we've been told that u.s. stock futures are down nearly 500 points, 2.7%, wall street has consistently, during this election season, whenever donald trump took the lead or seemed to be doing well, investors have been worried about his ununpredictability, a his tough talk on trade deals.
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in the currency markets with the mexican peso plunging 7% against the u.s. mr. trump has talked about negotiating enough trade deals with mexico, talking about scrapping nafta, the free-trade agreement. gold, which tends to rise when investors are nervous, is up 3%, up more than $1,300 an ounce. so right now, with all this news that seems to be excellent for donald trump, wall street and the markets are very, very jittery. >> a lot of jittery people out there right now, dan. >> you know, i'm getting that people in brooklyn, they're -- i can see their fingers are probably -- fingering probably bleeding because there's no more nail to bite. i'm guessing that's probably what's happening and i think it's really, really important to point to the state of virginia because these other battleground states, where the candidates, both of them traveled heavily, okay you know, we expected those to be close. but the story of the virginia tonight, even though she's
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pulled ahead here, in the polling and frankly in some of the modeling, she was ahead by many, many points. >> significant, absolutely. >> and the fact he's doing so well tells you about the if you ever -- tells you about the furver. to me that is a story really in capsu capsuleated. >> we are still waiting for the results from the four firewall states, but i don't know what we're going to -- i mean, hillary clinton needs to hold on to these four. we are still don't know what's going to happen in michigan, pennsylvania, virginia, or new hampshire, but donald trump is competitive in all four of them, and it is entirely possible that -- that there is a wave out there that the pollsters and the predictors and all the vote modelers did not see coming at all. >> the one thing that i will see about the modelers, as i was
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just talking to somebody that with regard to the modeling, that both parties do when both campaigns did, that they had it -- there was sort of a 2% margin of error for lack of a better way to say it. having said that, you know, there is something that is out there that is hard to get with data, and it's just clear that that's true. >> those early exit polls show there were a lot of angry voters in the united states. let's take a look at north carolina right now, because that's really emerging as a critical important state. 82% of the vote, north carolina is in, donald trump still maintaining the lead. about 120,000 votes. >> you start to get to that point, you're thinking is it at all possible to make that up. there's nothing more to be daned for s -- gained for secretary clinton there. still some votes to be gained in mecklenburg county. it's possible to be done, but that's assuming she runs it up at the margin she is there, and
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donald trump's not adding. we're up to 99% in wake county. hillary clinton's winning this county, by just what they targeted. we wanted to win this big, 15 points or more. very successful. and yet they're getting swamped with turnout elsewhere. they did exactly what they wanted to do here, 77%. the question is the numbers. we've got to match the numbers up past campaigns to see if they're getting the percentages right. the question is can she come back here 17%? you look around, let's go back in time. i want to look at some of these rural counties. there's some small counties. you're looking -- again this is the race before. you're going back here -- let's go back 16 to see if we have anything here. 80%. so even if you keep going there, you talk about a couple hundred votes at best when you look up here. you look at this big population center, again, this is where the votes are, in these areas around the raleigh durham research triangle, 80%, so there are some to be counted here, but if you go back to that statewide lead
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at 83%, that's tough, but if she's going to make it up, it has to come from charlotte and the suburbs. if you do that math you're at 43%. if she doubles that, there's 100,000 votes. you start checking these republican counties. there's couple hundred votes here for donald trump to make up, make a thousand. there's still some for donald trump to make here. we've got a ways to go, but if you're trump campaign headquarters you think it might be closer because your votes are in here and here and they start calling to these counties, who is left out and they're asking here, are they close to charlotte, or more up here with the republicans run a little better, that's what they do in the war rooms and this is -- >> let's take a look at two states, michigan and wisconsin, these are states that hillary clinton obviously has to win. michigan first. donald trump is ahead right now in both of those states. >> and as you look at the map before i go into the members, these are the two states, if the map stays like we see it right
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now, if -- if donald trump holds on to florida, if donald trump holds on to north carolina, then these are the states that will decide the next president of the united states. that's a big if, but let's just go through. 26% of the vote right now and you're just looking -- you're up here, upper peninsula, you're down here. donald trump is winning -- >> he's going to lead of about 60,0 60,000 votes. >> he's winning them. these are tiny places so you think that's not a deal. it does matter in a close race. 59%, 70%. in these small rural counties, donald trump is running up numbers. you think it's two o thrr three hundred votes, that's what you need to offset the democratic leads down in these places. 63% of the vote in oakland county, more votes for democrat and much more population as you see, but let's go back in time to take a look, 51-54. she's under performing president obama here in the detroit suburbs. just want to come back to wayne county.
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she's stretched out a little bit. the last time that was two or four points. >> only 15% of the votes. >> this is the key and again this is why at trump headquarters they're thinking 16, that's a magical number to add to trump's math if they can get those 16 electoral votes. but let's take sometime. wayne county is notoriously slow in reporting its votes. we'll be here for a while, let's just put it that way. we're at 27% statewide, but she needs a big number out of wayne county to make that up. mathematically possible. in the clinton war room they are calling frantically not only into wayne county, but down here, too. smaller county, less population, but if the margin stays like that and it's early, you're not sure it's going to hold like that, but if it stays, the math is still possible in a very tense clinton war room right now they're looking at michigan and they're saying the math is possible, so let's go next door. we're at 33%. >> wisconsin.
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>> this one's getting interesting in the sense this is a republican area usually up here. let's come over to o'claire. >> you start to look again in the -- are there votes out here for hillary clinton to make this up. janesville, home to the house speaker, paul ryan, 52 to 43 if you want to round those up. again you go back in time, that's a problem. when you're in a state like this under performing where the last democrat who won it, that's an issue. if you're under performing, the question is are you over performing anywhere else, but trump seems to be running well where he needs to be and very well. in oshkosh, 51-42. he flipped this county at the moment. you're looking for a big popular center that has flipped.
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you go back here, 66% of the vote, as well. so that -- this 3% of the population, you say no big deal. in a battleground state, you flip a county like that you're doing some math, that's what's puts you ahead. if you're democrats you're looking at dane county, 9% of the population, you've got a third of the vote counted. you better hope -- >> you've got almost 9% of the population there. >> you have to hope you've got more of that coming and that margin stays like that and you get more heavy voters as come through and you start looking through -- this is another -- this is it here. this is it. but again running up the percentages, we're only at 45%, still a lot of votes to be counted here. you presume most of them will go to hillary clinton -- just clicked up to 82%. let's see what that did. we just jumped from 82% in milwaukee county, so now we pulled back it out. it got her closer. 48% to 47%.
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you see what happens. big votes come in, in a democratic area t brin, it brin votes up. dane county, still the same. it is possible to come back, but i can tell you right now in the clinton and trump war rooms this is where the urgent phone calls are going into michigan, into wisconsin because at the moment, let's just check one more second, north carolina is holding, florida is holding, looks like virginia is trending clinton's way, we're going to look at michigan, wisconsin, some vote counting to do. >> john, stand by. we have two more projections right now. cnn now projects that hillary clinton will win the state of new mexico with its five electoral votes. hillary clinton wins new mexico. cnn also now projects that donald trump will win missouri with its ten electoral votes. another important win for donald trump in missouri. let's take a look at the e lo electoral map right now, where it stands, the all-important map. donald trump is still ahead. he has 149 electoral votes to
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hillary clinton's 109 electoral votes. 270 needed to win the white house. you see the blue states hillary clinton states, the red states, donald trump states. all those yellow states, too early to call. we have not been able to make a projection in those yellow states. let's go back to john over at the magic wall. john you're looking at what the national vote right now and donald trump is ahead about two points. >> the national vote we've got got some ways to go and we're still early in the count in a lot of these states. i just want to go back for people at home who are innings, is this possibly, is this possible we've move aid couple oth -- moved a couple other states. i want to go back. >> let's go to new mix aexico a missouri first. >> let's take a peak. hillary clinton running up 50 to 40. these are the major population centers. santa fe county, albuquerque
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county. >> george w. bush won it in one of his elections but it's become very much a blue state. let's go back and look here this is where we started the night right now here, and so what are we looking at, right, clinton was at 268. we thought she wins one state like nevada. democrats think they're going to win nevada. most republicans think they're going to win nevada, but the early prognosis, is she wins that holds everything out here and she could afford to lose nor florida and north carolina. >> that's 29, 15, now we're in the ballpark. now we're thinking, let's even leave new hampshire out of it for a minute. new hampshire is still in play. but at 259, even if she wins virginia, michigan puts donald trump over the top. let's say she comes back and holds on to wayne county vote, wisconsin would put him at 269, then you've got a congressional district in maine, or state of
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new hampshire, can put donald trump over the top. we're having a conversation now it was impossible to have two weeks ago. it was just improbable. you were not having a reality-based conversation, trying to do this map. the polling told you it was a fool's errand. does that mean this is going to happen? we're going to be counting votes for a long time. it is now conceivable. democrats think that one's gone. we haven't counted many out here yet. there was a late push by democrats. >> let's take a look at iowa. >> some democratins are thinkin do we need to go turn something around? are we going to be in a problem? it's blue at the moment but we're only at 13% of the vote and the votes that are in, iowa city and des moines. she's up 60 to 35, up to 13% right now, but when i was showing you michigan, i was saying taking a deep breath. in iowa, there's no reason for
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republicans who think they're going to win the state to panic or democrats to celebrate because we're very early on and the early votes we're getting, polk county, home to des moines, iowa city, college count out here, she's running it up in the college town but only at 2%. in electoral college chess, you focus on the big ones. pennsylvania's 20. every now and then the little guys come into play and we may be counting the votes in iowa, and watching the votes in new hampshire deep into the night because we have a different race tonight than we thought we had even just days ago. >> let's go to the big key battleground states. let's start at florida right now. >> let's come on down here. we're up to 95%, and it's close, but you get to the point -- what are we at 140 -- >> donald trump is ahead by about 140,000 votes. >> ypalm beach county is up to 47%. >> almost done. >> you're almost done if it's --
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whatever it is, you're adding up 98% now in broward county, which essentially tells you in the clinton campaign war room, there's not much here. the size of this gap, if the 2% comes in, it's a decent chunk of votes but it's not enough so you need a little somewhere you need a lot and we're up to 99% here. so there are no more big giant empty baskets. >> almost all of those three counties heavily democratic, they're almost all in. >> now you're calling eye hate -- i hate to say this, you're calling saying is there anything outstanding. they're at 100%. the issue now with the clinton campaign headquarters, in florida, what's left in any of these small counties and if the math continues this way, you're not -- you're nowhere near automatic recount land. >> let's go to michigan and wisconsin. first of all in michigan. >> 49 to 48.
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50 if you want to round that up to 50 to 45. again so go back in time. there's not much of a surprise. marquette, we'll see where we are right now. 50 to 43. just as i was showing you in wisconsin, you find that one big county, moderate-sized county. in a close race, you flip a county like that, from past races you're talking about a chunk of votes that matter. this race will be decided down here. oakland county, she's leading, but again, if the final third comes in, at that you'll make up some votes but not a float alot. this has to be -- not only the margin. if it's this close, let's go back in time to look at this, there's no way. if that stays this close -- we're waiting for inner city detroit. if you look at this city to 26. if donald trump is getting over
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40% of the vote in wayne county, that's a tough night for democrats in the state of michigan. we're only at 16%. those votes could be coming from out here, more republican areas but this is a question of one, she better turn that percentage around big time if she wants to win michigan and number two where are the votes. that's not a lot of votes right now. we're only at 16%. that's a warning sign. i just want to show you again because it's a stunny er, if yo look at it. 51% in wayne county, tells you everything about michigan at the moment. >> and donald trump said we'd get those reagan democrats, that working class blue collar voter. you're looking at that right now, if you're at the clinton campaign headquarters you're calling your people and you're asking what went on and to be clear, i know dana was sharing some of this reporting the other day, democrats have been calling the clinton campaign for months
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saying you need to tend the garden, you're taking this for granted thinking you're going to win it, you better get out here and the clinton campaign did get out there late but there's one of the -- if this keeps going this way one of the criticisms after will be that they took the so-called blue wall, which is these states they've won since 1992, 240 -- the last six presidential election, including wisconsin, and michigan. they include pennsylvania, which looks good for clinton at the moment. if she's stay -- >> like bernie sanders, anti-trade message seems to have resinated michigan. >> you make a key point. before i do that, i know the experts on the other side of the room and they're right. primary wounds very rarely carry over to the general election. hillary clinton won a lot of southern states in the primaries she's not winning tonight, but democratic primary, these are bernie sanders states. both of them. so as we go through this
7:23 pm
tonight, to your point about the trade message. >> all right. >> do you want to go wisconsin? >> stand by. gotta take a quick break. this presidential race turning out to be a real nail biter. we're following close contests in multiple battlegrounds including michigan and wisconsin two states surprisingly very much at play. more results right after this quick break. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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win ohio with its 18 electoral votes, a relief for donald trump. no relief has ever won without ohio. he has won ohio with its 18 electoral votes. let's take a look at the electoral college map. a big win for donald trump in the state of ohio. right now, he's ahead of hillary clinton. he has 167 e electricity oral votes compared to hillary clinton's 109. you need 270 to win the white house. donald trump is ahead of hillary clinton right now. jake and dana, jake this is a big win. he needed ohio. he got ohio. >> iowa and ohio always look like the first states of the obama states that donald trump would be able to pick off but i didn't know based on polling and based on how democrats talked about ohio and how hillary clinton campaigned there and remember it was just a few nights ago she was there with beyonce and jay-z. i didn't know it was so early to
7:27 pm
call donald trump. it is remarkable what we're seeing here not just ohio, but all over the country, in philadelphia, i was just looking, hillary clinton with 81% of the vote, in philadelphia, as of right now, that is not really all that good for philadelphia. she should be doing much, much better in the city of philadelphia. the margins where she really needs to be driving up the vote for a very strong democratic performance in those counties, she's not getting that. >> dana, a lot of stunned democrats out there right now. >> and let's just focus on ohio what you just projected for donald trump as a bell weather, you've talked about the fact no republican has won the white house without winning ohio, but given where we are tonight, and another interesting statistic is that no republican has ever won ohio without winning the white house since richard nixon in 1960. so there is a very long history of ohio predicting the president no matter where -- which party
7:28 pm
he is in. the other point i think is important to make is that donald trump, we're projecting to win ohio, no thanks to the sitting republican governor in ohio, john kasich, donald trump's former rival for the presidential nomination. john kasich made it very, very clear, very loudly that he did not think trump was the right person for the party, the right person to lead the country, sat out of the convention, even though it was in his home state. >> and we should note, donald trump -- all the victories donald trump gets the credit for, but we should note when there's all this talk about how hillary clinton had a ground game and donald trump did not, the republican national committee has had boots on the ground for years now. >> that's right. >> and they have had a great ground game and donald trump has been using that. >> it's been beneficiary. >> it's not all though these victories came -- >> he got a lot of help from the rnc. >> we've got another key race
7:29 pm
alert right now. let's update all the votes. we'll start in michigan, almost a third of the vote is in, in michigan, donald trump has a 35,000-plus vote lead over hillary clinton, 16% of the vote is now in, in the state of michigan. donald trump ahead there. in wisconsin, 42% of the vote is in. he's ahead narrowly, 28,000 votes over hillary clinton. ten electoral votes at stake in wisconsin wisconsin. in florida, 95% of the vote, donald trump has an impressive lead, 135,000-plus lead. 29 electoral votes in florida. arizona, trump has the lead, more than 33,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. 11 electoral votes at stake in the state of arizona. let's continue. let's go to north carolina right now, donald trump, he has an impressive lead there with 84% of the vote, more than 143,000, almost 44,000 vote lead over hillary clinton.
7:30 pm
15 electoral votes in north carolina. almost half of the vote is in, in georgia, very impressive lead for donald trump. 347,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. he's doing well. very well in georgia with 16 electoral votes. in new hampshire, almost half of the vote is in. trump is ahead there, as well. more than ten thousand lead over hillary clinton four electoral votes in new hampshire. every electoral vote is critical important. in virginia, 87% of the vote is in. hillary clinton has the lead, 55,000-plus vote lead. she's certainly relieved 87% of the vote is in, in ivirginia. 13 electoral votes. from colorado, first 65% of the vote is in, hillary clinton has a 92,000 vote lead over donald trump in colorado with its nine electoral votes. in iowa, 19% of the vote is now in, hillary clinton has a pretty good lead, 54,000-plus vote lead over donald trump in iowa, and
7:31 pm
in pennsylvania, more than half of the vote is n with an impressive lead of more than 167,000 votes in pennsylvania. so she's doing well relatively speaking in pennsylvania, iowa, and colorado. let's take a look at the electoral college map to see where things stand. donald trump is ahead. we projected 167 electoral, compared to hillary clinton's 109. 270 needed to win the white house. trump ahead right now. let's go over to john king. you're studying a lot of these battleground states. let's start in wisconsin. >> start in wisconsin right now, it's gotten a little bit tighter, 48 to 46, round that up to 49 if you want. number one, in a few places, milwaukee, this is a danger sign for the clinton campaign in the sense 17% of the state's population, the democratic base center and they're up to 82% of the votes. more votes to be counted, most of them, we see 65-30. most of them we presume will go
7:32 pm
to secretary clinton. you're getting close. you're getting close to the end there. you start to look out here. you see the o'claire. tiny, 1.7% of the population. you're looking for rural places. president obama ran healthy margins where there are democratic votes. they exist. the question is does she. we're waiting for the votes to be counted here. otherwise you look at this map for a minute. this is where we are now. focus on the red. you see a lot -- see this blue, president obama winning and you come back in here, see all this red? you're looking at -- you start winnebeago county, these are tiny counties, but you start to go through them. these were blue and now you're looking at this at the moment. some of these county, 10% of the votes there, so -- that -- those numbers don't mean much, but if you're watching, flipping counties within states, you look
7:33 pm
at that -- all that blue down here. look at all that blue down here four years ago. a lot of red at the moment. so 42% statewide counted, we've got a ways to go, it's more than competitive, especially at only 42% of the vote. this is a -- >> he's got a 30,000-vote lead. >> this is a tough battle again and this was -- anyone say a month ago we'd be counting votes into wisconsin late into the night, and the criticism is going to be here that even if she pulls some of these states, the criticism is you ignored your friends. these are friendly democratic states, and look how close they are tonight. that's not to taking any from donald trump. he's selling his economic message, he's selling change in these states, but these are not states where the clinton campaign was repeatedly visiting in the part it's in the part of the campaign when they could have and should v. you'have. you're looking at 51 to 43.
7:34 pm
as i go through some of these states, just trying to do the math of is it possible. we were down here and it was much closer. a bunch of votes came in, in wayne county. >> a third of the vote in wayne county. >> michigan's a little bit tighter because of that. this went back to a more traditional wayne county, but when you go back in time, donald trump just shy of 34%. mitt romney got 26%. we'll see what we get. let's see how we get as it comes in. wayne county, notoriously late for coming in -- later. i'm not criticizing wayne county. but you're looking at this. donald trump is doing what he has to do. compared to four years ago, all that up here in the upper peninsula, of what they call the mitten, if you will, running it up, still some places president obama did well, at the moment, donald trump is leading. it's a tiny little county but that thousand votes can make the difference in a close state when you get down to a
7:35 pm
counts. let's go to colorado. >> colorado is close. >> 65% of the vote is in. hillary clinton is ahead by 89,000 votes. >> about 89,000 votes so you're looking at what are we missing. so again most of this state is won here unless this is very close, then the smaller counties fill it in. let's just check. adams county, 97% of the state population. these denver suburbs, important how they shifted, to what many democrats hoped would be blue. 57% for president obama. this is a pattern would be seeing in a lot of places where donald trump is running more competitive. you move down here to arapahoe county, vibrant tea party, it's a tug of war county, a swing county. hillary clinton at 53%, that's more -- that's more in line with the obama performance. i want wolf to come over here. she's dune fine in denver ci
7:36 pm
city -- she's doing fine in denver city. this is one of your classic swing counties, running at 50% there, 51%. colorado is filling in a way -- we haven't called this state yet, but this one is filling in, in a way -- you look at the five-point margin. >> she's built up to about no91 votes. >> let's go to iowa. >> it looks like it's filling in the way the democrats expect today to. io number one, i don't know democrats who are confident they're going to pull it out. doesn't mean they won't. she has the lead up to 21%. a lot of what you see empty here, especially out in the weste western part of the state is going to fill in red. the question is, to the east in wisconsin and michigan, these are blue for president obama. when we get there later tonight, let's see what they are. that could be the difference if this stays close. but right now the votes that we do have are in democratic
7:37 pm
population centers. she's running it up big in the eye what city area. and cedar rapids, and we have polk county, where des moines is. if you're the democrats and you're looking at the map, you like what you see right now, at 21%, we'll see. >> she's up by more than 50,000 votes. >> this would be -- when you pull out and look at this, if you're looking at this number one, if donald trump holds this, and this, she can't afford to lose both of those. if she gets one of those back -- >> what's her path -- >> we could be in a game of chess. >> what's her path to 270? >> her path to 270 was this. let me switch maps. this is where we staurted trted. at the moment, pennsylvania looks solid. >> change the states to reflect where the vote is now. >> right now, donald trump leads here. donald trump leads here. donald trump lead it's. >> narrowly. >> let's put it in the current state of play. donald trump leads here --
7:38 pm
whoops, sorry -- and donald trump leads here. so we were talking all in the last couple weeks donald trump had such a narrow path, like drawing to an inside straight flush. >> take away iowa and -- take away iowa. hillary clinton slightly ahead, and arizona. give him arizona. >> we'll make it a toss up. if you give trump this one, i think most people expect she'll get this based on early voting. we took iowa away . if donald trump take this is, and gives her virginia, but if donald trump holds florida, we've called ohio, so this comes down again. the trump campaign said from day one we're going to prove you-all wrong and we're going to win with the rust belt strategy, oral their anchor was pennsylvania, that's the irony in the sense pennsylvania at the moment, again we haven't called it, but pennsylvania at the moment clinton with the healthy lead, michigan and wisconsin are the flashing red alerts.
7:39 pm
we have another major project ek proje projection. the common wealth of virginia will go to hillary clinton. 13 electoral votes in virginia. an important win for hillary clinton in the state of virginia, a state president barack obama carried twice. she's ahead in virginia. she will carry virginia. let's take a look where the electoral college map stands with her win in virginia. donald trump is still ahead with 167 electoral votes compared to 122 electoral votes. 270 needed to win the white house. you see the red states, the states that have gone for donald trump. the blue states that have gone for hillary clinton, the yellow states, no projection, too early to call. we have another key race alert right now. john king said it comes down to michigan and wisconsin. let's take a look at michigan first. 37% of the vote is in, donald trump still maintains the lead of almost 74,000 votes over hillary clinton, 49.5% to 45.5%.
7:40 pm
16 electoral votes at stake in michigan n. wisconsin, almost half of the vote is in. donald trump is ahead by almost 27,000 votes over hillary clinton, 48.3% to 46.5%. ten electoral votes in wisconsin at stake. jake, this is -- you know a moment that markets are watching very closely right now, because few people thought donald trump would be doing as well as he's doing. >> the markets don't like instability and they are unsure of what donald trump is going do when it comes to trade, and we mentioned earlier that dow futures were down 500, now they're down more than 600. but we should really just take a moment here and look at this. polsters predicted hillary clinton was going to have not just a victory, but that she was going to win an electoral landslide. not only is that not happening,
7:41 pm
it is entirely possible that donald trump is truly redrawing the map the way that he said he was going to. he was going to redraw up the map from wisconsin, and michigan, to ohio, and iowa and winning over those white-working class voters who feel the democratic party and republican elec eli elites in washington have ignored them. he seems on his way to be doing that. it was donald trump versus almost all the experts and as of right now, it looks like donald trump was right. >> yeah, he's doing something amazing right now, as he himself said. he said don't believe all those polls. >> that's right. let's just talk about the midwest, upper midwest. michigan, and wisconsin. people initially thought when donald trump went into michigan it was a fools errand because it was such a safely blue state. then, the numbers started to shrink, i started to hear, i'm sure you did, too, from democrat
7:42 pm
it's there you go. look at michigan right now. donald trump is up by 57,420 votes with just 38% of the vote in, but this is a blue state. this is a state that clinton campaign should have had in the bank along time ago and this is the other thing that is really stunning to democrats. i think we can put that up, as well. wisconsin is a state that has not gone republicans in decades. they didn't spend a lot of time there. donald trump did some trips there, canceled one he was supposed to do last week, but he did certainly more than republicans thought that he should have. people thought he was frankly bananas to go to wisconsin as much as he did. clearly he wasn't. they knew there was something possible to take there he's also been traveling, to the republican committee chair, a wisconsin native who also knows
7:43 pm
the state. these are part of the democrat's reliably blue states and donald trump, as you said so well, is rescrambling the map with clearly disaffected voters who are so done with washington and people will likely see when we get the exit polls who really haven't been out for any candidate, much less a republican, in years. >> we've talked about this for the whole year. donald trump having one core message, which is washington is not working for you. it's a cesspool, it's not protecting your jobs, not protecting you from terrorists, or illegal immigration, it's not keeping the border safe. now there's whole bunch of other stuff that's been wrapped around that core message, but apparently, to millions and millions of americans, that message was more important than all the other stuff wrapped around it. even in the other stuff was perceived to be very offensive to millions of other americans. >> and he clearly has energized a lot of voters that may not have necessarily voted but he got to that and he energized
7:44 pm
them. you're taking a much closer look at michigan. let's take a look at michigan. >> taking a closer look at michigan and e-mailing complains in these states. the democrats are obviously sporting clinton. most of the republicans are backing donald trump. most are pretty agnostic. can she come back? you're looking at about 60,000 votes. can she come back in mitch nich? the answer is yes, she can, not that she will. you look at that red and you think that's nuts. how is that possible. you in down here, 3% of the state population, we're at 63% of the vote, so there's more votes to come. this is the smaller basket of potential democratic votes. the clinton war room says the rest of this is overwhelmingly democratic. we'll see if they're right. you come over here to detroit, wayne county, this is still a stunner to me this is that
7:45 pm
close. it was much closer earlier on. you're looking at 61 to 35 there. you go back here, 73% to 26%. that's where this has to end up for hillary clinton to win the state of michigan. can it? what the clinton war room says, and i checked with a labor activist, just to make insure we're not getting spun and she generally agrees most of the vote is from the outer parts of wayne county. you're in the more suburban part away and we've not gotten the large pocket of votes we'll get from detroit. so everyone says that's the case, if that's the case, there's a lot of math to be done when she's votes come in if they turned out. if, it's a big if. you start doing the math. is it possible. we're only at 40% of the state vote. 39% statewide. and she's down -- she just pulled a little bit closer there. >> about 60,000 votes. >> there's 60,000 votes in detroit alone? of course there are, so we have a ways to go. it is stunning that we're having this conversation based on how
7:46 pm
we thought this campaign was going to go and would be equally stunning if you're the trump or clinton campaign headquarters, looking at these two long deep blue states red right now, it is possible they could turn. remember what happened to virginia. donald trump led it all night long. he led, he led, he led, and the democratic numbers came in and it flipped. is that possible in these states? yes, it is. that'll decide the presidency. if you look how the map is filling in, florida's very close, trump's lead, pretty healthy. >> about 130,000 vote lead. >> the way we've gotten used to florida, the closest state in 2012, 50%-49%. when you're looking at a little less than two points, that's normal for florida, and most people on the ground here, they're checking everywhere, trust me. they're checking everywhere. but even republicans who don't like trump in florida think he's got this one. we'll see how it goes as we go forward. let's check on north carolina.
7:47 pm
that's a three-plus point lead there. four point lead. we're at 90%. you're starting to look where of these votes. that's not good news. 100% is in here. 77% here, but it's a much smaller piece of the population. there are some democratic votes out there let's come over here. there are democratic votes out here. if they're in here, central city part -- she's winning this by a lopsided margin any way. there are parts where she's probably winning 70% plus f. they're out there, is it possible, so that's a lot of math to make up. if you look at the margin so far at 87%, her margin is 130,000 votes, you're not going to get -- you only got 13% to go. you're looking at this and you're thinking again we're not ready to call the state by any means. but if you're the trump campaign headquarters, you're thinking we're thinking we have north carolina, and ohio. this is what you're going to
7:48 pm
look at . if clinton can turn them back -- and i'm going to keep checking. up to 44%, we're going to wait for this a while. we could be counting votes in california, wolf, when this comes in. this is how it goes. we're only at 39%. 39% is significant. >> in wayne county. >> in the sense are they here, if they're in here -- >> this is 18% of the state. >> 18% of the state. that's what i'm saying if the votes that we have from out here, that's less democratic. i don't want to call it republican. it's less democratic, but you see this here so we're going to wait on this. the clinton campaigns they're not panicking. they're told that's where the votes are. a checked in with a labor activist. although he's skeptical there are enough of them. we have to go to you for projection. >> we have another major projection right now. cnn can now project that state of colorado will go to hillary
7:49 pm
clinton with its nine electoral votes. hillary clinton wins colorado. she's ahead in the popular vote. 67%, winning by more than 86,000 votes. nine electoral votes in colorado. another important win for hillary clinton. she needs all of these wins right now. let's take a look at the e electricity oral college map. donald trump has 167 electoral votes compared to hillary clinton's 131 e electricilector. you need 270 to win the white house. that's the magic number. 270. another important win. another important win for hillary clinton in colorado. let's go back to john and talk about new hampshire. more than half of the vote is now in. >> 54% of the vote, three point lead, slight change in the math there. so 11,000 votes right in that ballpark there. >> trump is in the lead. he's got a lead there. there are any encouraging signs outstanding for hillary clinton
7:50 pm
in new hampshire? >> there are -- i wouldn't call anything encouraging for hillary clinton at the moment, to be honest with you, my friend, but, yes, there are places when you look at new hampshire, that tells you this was a republican county four years ago but this is where -- just shy of 7% of the population, this is a democratic area, if she wins it. we've seen donald trump flipping some areas tonight, if you go back in time to 2012, nashua, 6% of the population. if you look at what the margin is, there are enough votes even right here, if she performs. that's been the question, and we've gone state by state to see is she performing in these democratic areas. i want to come to the sea coast. port smith and other areas here just shy of 2% of the state population, and overwhelmingly democratic area. we have no votes counted here yet. so let me just keep it on 2016 so i don't make a mistake are there places -- my friend can
7:51 pm
tell us about hanover new hampshire. there's famous university there. 1% of the state population overwhelmingly democratic area. so we've got a lot of counting to do still in the state of new hampshire. but we're at 54%, it's a three-point race right now. the challenge is quite simple. in these democratic areas, port smith, nashua, smaller population up in hanover, i just want to see what's happening here. we're at 92% in manchester. this is 80% of the state population here. 50% for secretary clinton. this is an issue where seeing consistently empl consistently, donald trump's appeal to blue-collar voters. 11 points for the president four years ago. six points for secretary clinton right now. that's what gets you the tighter race. you move into the traditionally democratic areas. if you go back to 2008, we thought obama was going to win the primary, this is where she pulled it out.
7:52 pm
her organization pulled it out in manchester. they know this state very well and they're not doing what they need to do in manchester city. there's still room for her to come back. a three-point race. just look at what's left on the map. it's kind of hard to fall, looks like a tablecloth and dinner if y you will. you see a lot of blue down here in the corner. we don't have those votes yet. >> she might still be able to come 12,000 voters. disadvantage she has. >> yes, she can. we will know results from nashua, and port smith. these are smaller communities. we're going to get 50 votes, 100 or 200 in the next town and there's a lot of donald trump territory to fill in the map. if you want to go back there's a lot of red still to be filled in from four years ago. the big population centers are nashua and portsmouth. there's room. no question there's room.
7:53 pm
sorry, hit the wrong button. there's room for her to come back. without a doubt. >> she's ahead in pennsylvania. she's ahead by only less than 100 vote votes in pennsylvania with 66% of the vote counted. >> the way this night is going, she's happy, wolf. it's odd in the sense we thought if we were going about our good friend jeffrey from pennsylvania. this is where the trump campaign told us would be the big test. we're not done. we're not done here but this one has been blue. she's led consistently throughout the night. you look at where we're talking about here and this is -- you know, she has to come out of philadelphia county with about 400,000. >> she's got 400,000. >> she's prefer 440,000, or 450,000. you can win pennsylvania with that, that's almost the minimum. it looks like lopsided. she's at 82%. you go back four years ago, 85%. and so -- i just want to see is
7:54 pm
it below 1%. there's not much of a drain from the third-party candidates there. that's okay. she would like that to be stronger. the question is how is she doing in the suburbs and when you match this up right now, this one looks if you're a democrat accide this looks like. 57% of the montgomery county, 57%. the president was 50%, 45%. the third-party candidate, it's a one-point race. chester county, she's winning this -- actually, this is significant f. she holds this -- it's only 32% of the vote. this is where melania trump, it's trending democratic. mitt romney won it just barely. when you look at pen, nsylvania if there's place they're reasonable optimistic about, it's pennsylvania. when you look in the central part of the state, is going to
7:55 pm
be for trump. that's 50% to 44%. we're at 100% here, 94% here. i'm trying to see if there are places we know even if it's hundreds at time, if there are a lot more votes for trump to make up. there are some small ones. you look at the votes right here. >> you can screen it to show us the outstanding vote. we have this new feature. >> oops, bring it back. a little touch happy at this time. let's see if we can get the percentage. >> let's just use 75. 75 ballpark. so you're looking at the place where is they -- we're still under 75. you come in here, you're at 59%. so you know again it's a relatively small population center, but there are some more population centers, allegheny county, i want to check they're at none%, clinton winning, so more votes for her but not a lot that. is counted. you're looking at -- your calculation at home, or what's in the war room.
7:56 pm
you see a lot of blblue areas t are more populated and you're looking at this, your hunch off the top is there are more democratic votes because these are bigger population centers than the republican areas. if you're in the clinton campaign headquarters you're reasonableab reasonab reasonably happy, but you're nervous about everything, but that makes you a little bit better. 46%, moved a little closer from the last time we looked at this. we're up to 50% in wayne county. this is going to -- this is going to decide the state right here. >> let's screen michigan right now. see where the outstanding vote is. >> let's bring it up. >> less than 75% so far reporting. >> 75%. so there's a lot. >> trump sun by 53,000 in the state. >> up by 53,000 votes so you see a lot of red, right? that means we have a lot of votes to be counted. it's not a huge vote count, but
7:57 pm
this matters. this matters. a couple thousand votes matter. they're up to 67%. he's not going to get a couple thousand more, but he gets a few more hundred. that's the calculation. the hundreds you're going to get in these conservative smaller counties, can the democrats make up for that, that's a lot of votes what's left to come out of detroit and this has to be when we get more from wayne county, it has to be overwhelming or she's in trouble at the moment in michigan. the only way to solve her trouble is to have an overwhelming surge when we get more votes out of wayne county. you look at other place it's we looked at this a little bit earlier,i earlier, good math for clinton but you're almost two-thirds of the way there. there's more and a lot more for trump to come in, in these smaller counties. let's do the same test as we go to wisconsin. again, most of the areas we're waiting for are republican, which bodes well for donald trump. at least the respects so far. by no means guaranteed that some
7:58 pm
of these won't flip. you're looking at them at the moment, they're republican. >> we're getting ready for the top of the hour. oregon hawaii, and hiidaho, and california's polls are closing. >> these are counties where less than 75% of the vote has been counted. this is now. that's four years ago. that's blue. that's all blue four years ago. that's red. right now, and so if that stays that way, that is the redefining at least for one election cycle of the american electoral map as we know it, that is a crack in the blue wall if that stays. i want to keep emphasizing if. if you talk to the clinton campaign headquarters, they tell you and let's see, milwaukey is over 75% now. i want to come back to the full count because they have been telling us they can get votes out of here. it's at 84%. if it's center city, milwaukee t
7:59 pm
would be overwhelming. is it enough to make it up, you see what she's doing in milwaukee county. we'll see what happens here. the clinton campaign says they can make it up here, when you're at 84%, that's when you start to get a little bit skeptical that math is there. the other place is the all important dane county. ni 9% of the state population. this is a liberal democratic base of the state. she's winning 65 or 66 -- 68, rounding up, not down -- 68 to 27. half of the vote left, is it possible? you see the gap. if she can double that, there are a lot of votes to be made up, enough to counter that, but she's running out of options. it has to come from here and there and a small smattering. there's still some votes for donald trump to make up. tug of war wisconsin, and michigan. we knew florida and north carolina. this is most unexpected. >> certainly is. a huge, huge surprise to so many people out there.
8:00 pm
in the next few seconds polls will close in five western states including california with this whopping 55 electoral votes in california, we're getting ready to make some major projections. let's get ready for that right now. cnn projects hillary clinton will carry the state of california with its 55 electoral votes. a huge win in california for hillary clinton. she will also carry hawaii with its four electoral votes. hillary clinton wins in hawaii. donald trump, he also has a win. donald trump will win in idaho with its four electoral votes. another win for donald trump in idaho. all right. let's take a look at the electoral college map now with these oregon and washington state by the way. too early to call, oregon and washington state. now let's take a look at the electoral college map. hillary clinton has gone ahead with


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