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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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show you some of of what we're talking about here. we are standing almost in the middle of this intersection anderson and it is completely covered from one side of the street to the other with protesters. there is a bus in the middle of the intersection that has presumably been stopped by the protest. and this crowd anderson goes all the way from the middle of this intersection all the way over to trump tower. now, during the summer we were standing outside the trump tower during the live shots we would have protests from time to time. but nothing like this.
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this is absolutely from what i've seen the largest anti-trump protest we've seen so far. and it just seems to be growing. it is this organic operation trump if you want to call it that, occupy trump, maybe it should be called, experience and at the moment these folks are not going anywhere. >> let's talk about how the president elect spends his day. what did he do today? >> he was basically hunkered down behind closed doors with his top advisors dealing with the shock of this upset election and also starting to plan his transition. e did get a invitation from the president of the united states to meet with him tomorrow morning at 11:00 in the oval office and i've been able to confirm within the last several minutes donald trump will also meet with the speaker of the house paul ryan in washington tomorrow. business day for president elect in d.c. but andersen, obviously
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this is a new development out here, one we did not expect, kid not see coming and it is one that i think donald trump is going to have to deal with. >> what's the new administration looking like? it seems there are a number of familiar faces, obviously people who has been loyal to donald trump all along. do we have a sense of how that is shaping? >> i could tell you we were talking to some top advisors before the election and some of them were not expecting this result. while they are making progress and put out some plans, they are in the process as we speak. reince priebus is favored to be the rnc chief of staff. newt gingrich for secretary of state is being talked about. bob corker. rudy giuliani for homeland security possibly. and this is always the case anderson with elections. the campaign moves into the white house to govern. so you are going to see a lot of
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the same advisors on our air and other channels heading into the election showing up in the new trump administration, anderson. >> jim acosta, thanks very much. checking in with you over the next two hours. almost every single poll going into the election was wrong. that is the only conclusion to be drawn and the analysis of why the polls were wrong surely will go for a while. after all the predictions and statistics and who had what percent chance of winning in the end the numbers that matter are the ones that come on election day, the number of people who actually come out to vote. if you are talking numbers, you have to talk to john king who joins me now. i don't know if you have slept at all. but you have been doing an amazing job. so much to lead up to the trump victory what changed? >> last time we had a new president. barack obama in 2008. we're talk about changing, recolor the map of american politics. trump last night, pennsylvania. not since 1988 was it red.
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it is red tonight. michigan hasn't been red since 1988. it is tonight. it's been even long ore since wisconsin is red. it's red tonight. ohio a swing state, critical to both obama victories. florida critical to both obama victories. iowa, the state that then launched senate barack obama into national approved. all red today. all red last night. that is a look at what changed. this is donald trump's america now. this is donald trump's republican party and when you look through the results it is a sweeping mandate when it comes to the big industrial states. donald trump won across the mid west. bit of a myth that the white voters nobody knew of came out of the wood work. not true. he won the election with fewer votes than mitt romney and fewer votes than john mccain. one big issue is the democrat coalition did not come out to play.
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we were asking the question, could hillary clinton come back in michigan? 517,000 votes in the county for clinton. president obama has more than 595,000 votes. if hillary clinton came close to that is it is more than enough to make up a narrow statewide difference. they didn't turn out. oh in wisconsin. same issue. milwaukee county. the clinton campaign said don't call the states. stay up. the votes are going to come. african americans on the democratic base vote simply didn't show up. donald trump's working class white support ers did. he got a higher percentage of the vote than mitt romney even though the overall number is down and what we have today is a brand new conversation about the new republican party, is this a temporary aberration and how do the democrats pick up the pieces? >> just in terms of the math and
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numbers what was he able to tap in to in those alleged blue wall states to flip them? >> you have to say without a doubt, bernie sanders talked about starting a revolution. donald trump took that message and turned it into the greatest political revolution of our lifetime. white votes with no college degree. donald trump's numbers among these working whites was a higher percentage than mitt romney. 62%, not 63% in wisconsin. a nine point advantage. eight point jump in pennsylvania. six points in ohio. billionaire businessman from new york but he had a connection with these workers. and he learned a very important lesson from bernie sanders talking about trade. i'll rip up the trade agreements. i'll get you job. the political establishment is out to get you. donald trump became the messenger. we have a very different map tonight and the disruption and debate will only continue. >> i think back to kayleigh, jeffrey lord a lot of trump supporters all along were saying what donald trump is doing is a movement and they don't see the
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enthusiasm on hillary clinton's side. all of the democrats say oh we see enthusiasm. democrats like hillary clinton. were the trump supporters that there just wasn't the enthusiasm for hillary clinton that there was for donald trump? >> yes. if anybody gives you one answer for what happened last night, don't believe them. this is very complicated. there are thousands of layers to this and not hundreds of layers and it is going to take a long time to unravel it. i said i had a message from the democrats down here to turn out the votes and he told me we turned ourt early votes and we were so excited and then he drove a few people to the polls that morning and we were so excited and then whoa. the turnout of the trump supporters. the combination of the republican national committee and trump's organic support swamped pinellas county 2016, pinellas county 2012.
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that is the story plain and simple. his people came. hers debate. >> and donald trump was right. he said there was a movement. he said there was that enthusiasm he didn't see an the other side. he was right. want to bring in the panel. glor gloria let's start with you. in terms of what we know knew that few knew yard. >> we were apple talking about the hidden trump voters and were they really a thing? and the answer is yes they were. they lived in rural america and they were not college educated voters. hillary clinton was talking about the gender gap and what happened to her was that she didn't get enough women to vote for her either. non college educated white women
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went for donald trump 2/1. and you talk the trade issue. all of this didn't come together for hillary clinton and one interesting thing as i was pouring over the exit polls one last time. if we can believe them by the way. we're not sure we can. >> why should anybody believe any polls ever again? we ask this question -- >> let me just give you this number here which was interesting to me and then we'll hear from john. but late deciders. that is, who decided with the last two weeks or the last month went for donald trump by ten points over hillary clinton. so if you want to add yet another layer to your thousands of layers, you can talk about the comey/fbi issue confirming a negative storyline about hillary clinton's integrity and honest that hurt her. >> the industry is doing a lot of pushback today and i think we're going to be talk about this. >> of course they would. it is their livelihood.
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>> but i do want to say the late polls showed hillary clinton with a narrow national lead. she's going win the popular vote by the tiniest of margins. but she was ahead in the end. some of the state polls had it close. what they got wrong was not the trump voters hiding in the hills. what they did was ran a computer model that said the electrorate was going to look like 2012 and the obama was going to win the electrorate and it didn't. >>this is why in 2012 the romney campaign kept claiming they had polls that showed they were going to win the election but didn't account for the turnout in the african american community. >> but even the trump campaign seemed like their internal numbers. everything we kept hearing the run up to this was their internal numbers weren't looking
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that great. >> exactly. let's be clear. they are very bullish about it now. but the trump campaign did not think that he was going win, especially with the kind of decisive win he did by the end of last night or by early this morning. to your point about the model being right about 2012 i think might be true for the democrats for the clinton campaign. but what we saw because they invited us if at the rnc was on the -- which we can talk about now before the campaign. before election day last week, was how they tried to copy you guys. the obama campaign. and using more modern technology because it is technology that is -- let me just quickly finish my point. it has evolved four years which is light years when it comes to technology these days. their modelling showed -- did not show trump winning. but it was a lot closer in a lot of these states because they
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showed that there was a depressed hillary clinton vote which was -- >> i want to talk this some more but as we look at these pictures. we're looking at the new york there. we're also seeing demonstrations in chicago. i'm told there are also a few in seattle as well. van as you look at these images, what goes through your mind. because today among democrats today was a difficult day. democrats expected to be having a very different day today. but if the situation were reversed and hillary clinton had won and streets were filled with donald trump supporters protesting, calling hillary clinton names and stuff. >> lock her up, lock her up. >> i think a lot of democrats would look at that and say hey therkd accept the results of election. and i'm sure a lot of trump supporters saying look demonstrations. that's what's good about america. but this is a nation that's got to come together. >> divided america before. divided america during. divided america after. this is where we are.
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had hillary clinton win you would have had protests and you would have had locker hup, lock her up because that is where we are right now. and this is frankly the beginning of the anti-trump resistance. if you talk to the actual people at the base here is what you hear. terror. terrified latinos terrified muslims. i had a muslim mother asking me should i leave the country? are they going intern us? these throw away lines from donald trump. you laugh. she was terrified. >> hold -- >> -- and this is why we have a divided country. when the rust belt voters complain t blue staters shake their heads. the npr crowd goes no, no, no you guys are just complaining for no good reason. and then when these people complain and when you have terrified people of color -- >> that is portland oregon. >> this will happen all night and it will get bigger and bigger. what -- we have to have some
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empathy for people. >> let me assuage these fears for a moment. what we're saying i think in this sproets results of an argument prosecuted by the hillary clinton campaign that donald trump was xy, or z adjective characterized by the deplorable and a lot of voters out there are scared because of a poor betrayal of the donald trump. the real donald trump is the only republican on the stage who said that confederate flag in south carolina has to come down. the real donald trump is the only republican candidate who said what happened to sandra bland was bad and i'm going look into that. donald trump has reached across the aisle on these issues and i hope and i think that he will look into criminal justice reform. that is something that can be a bipartisan effort that can be put forward in congress but to get there we have to stop stoking fears in individuals and -- >> that's enough. now hold on a second. muslim parents that are afraid right now aren't afraid because
5:16 pm
of these kids with these signs. they are afraid because he said over and over again he wanted to ban people of their faith. >> of coming into the country. be act. >> hold on. >> let him finish. >> i didn't say entertainment camp. people are afraid of that. >> you should correct that fear. that is not true. donald trump has never -- >> don't lecture me on this stage. hold on a second. you need to back off. you need to have a little bit of empathy and understanding for people who are afraid because your candidate has been one of the most explosively provocative candidates in the history of our country and there is a price to be paid for that. >> there -- >> hold on a second. i am not finished. i'm not going to be talked over tonight. i'm not. you have people who are terrified. and you have to take some responsibility for it. i am not spreading the terror. i am trying to damp it down. >> but -- >> let me finish my point! listen. you have people, latino family whose say this guy has said he's
5:17 pm
going to deport millions of people. they don't know should they sell their homes? they are terrified. that is real fear. you have muslims who have heard him say nothing good about the muslim community the entire campaign. that is a real fear. they have herd him a say. maybe he said it but that is not what broke through. so we have to be able do now. if we want unity. and i'm working harder for unify than anyone on this stage i guarantee it. i you have to hear the pain before -- >> what president obama did is the exact opposite of what you are saying. he took to that rose garden and stood up there and said you know what we need to unify. wii need to come together. we had this as a sports analogy. we had an intramural mash but we are all togethers and well we are all americans and that is what president obama said. we need to unify the country and we don't do it by stoking the fears of people on the street. and donald trump is the man to lead us forward. >> interesting, you just point
5:18 pm
out. you are saying this is based on the clinton gaicampaign and thas understandable. it wasn't the clinton campaign saying go out and do this. whether it is a misperception. but these are people who certainly believe -- it seems like they believe what they are out there saying tonight. >> president obama did the responsible thing today. and thoint her credit to. unify -- >> -- let mer finish. >> yeah let me finish now. we need to come together and we don't do that by putting false rumors out there by internment cann camps. we do that by saying let's see the good in one another. >> they have become what fought. they sat up here for a year and a half and said people are crying out and they are not being listened to. people are crying out and they are being run over by the elites and they have now become what they are talking about. people are now crying out.
5:19 pm
i'm not spreading rumors about internment camps that is a real fear. i'm fighting against it. i'm fighting on the phone before before we came here trying to calm people down. but you can't brush this stuff off when it is real. >> van, we've had this conversation before. but you cannot spend 200 plus years marinating in a culture of racism. race. of the democratic party and the american left dividing people by group. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. the other day you sat on this set and talked about white lash. >> whitelash. >> the point is you are dividing white people the same way you are dividing black people. you are not treating people as individual americans and that is the problem and you do it all the time. >> wag your finger at me and this is going to get bigger and bigger. so go ahead. >> these are 1960s, wan wanna
5:20 pm
bes. >> i have a different take as a political professional. 6 million 80 thousand, 642 people, fewer voted for the democrat this time than the last. that is on me. my party. it is on hillary. but these young people first off any peaceful protest in america is a beautiful thing. it is. and this is so far as we know entirely peaceful. but what does the president say every time somebody bu boos at his rally. he says don't boo vote. >> -- he had more people coming out to vote in the right places. not enough came out to vote for hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton won the popular vote. the democrats picked up seats in the house and seats in the senate and yet republicans will control every lever of power in washington. >> enthusiasm gap? >> absolutely.
5:21 pm
yes, sir. the system is not rigged as trump said. >> -- democrats have nobody to blame but themselves. >> absolutely. >> and i blame myself and the rest of my party for not inspiring these young people. i tried my hardest. i broke my back. i did. i know i failed and i'm dealing with that. cost me a lot of sleep. but i need and others like me to find a way to connect with these people. and i guarantee they are very young and i guarantee their hearts are broken. and i guarantee that we should have moved them to vote yesterday rather than protest today. and that is the failure of the elites and the establishment in my party. and some is them too. they should have been south there voting. it is mostly on me. >> we've got to take a break. coming a belief that the polls didn't capture trump voters accurate i will. we'll take a look at that. and also keeping our eye on multip multiple protests in multiple
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protesters gathered in philadelphia, seattle, boston, portland, oakland, california, chicago and new york tonight. the protest in new york has made its way to trump tower where a large crowd is gathered. gene kas roe is there. >> right here on fifth avenue at the trump tower. there are thousands of people here. and they have been marching from union square. we want to show yaw all of these people. they are really stopped now. we started at union square and walked up 5th avenue 40 blocks so far. and these people are protesting the election of donald trump.
5:27 pm
you can hear them. let's listen a second. they are saying "stop donald trump," "donald trump is not our president." this is promoted by socialist advantage. and one of the purposes they said for this rally was not only to protest the election of donald trump as the 45th president of the united states but also to protest that the democratic party had let them down. let them down with the nominee of hillary clinton, that bernie sanders could have taken on donald trump but hillary clinton could not stop him. plus the democratic party could not stop him. but the people we're talking to here tonight really say the reason they are here is because of donald trump being elected last night. they are against that, that he is not their president. thousands here protesting, having their voice heard because of the results of the elections last night anderson. >> and how long have they been -- you said they marched up from union square, which that is
5:28 pm
around 14th streets and up to around 58th street which is where trump tower is. has it -- you said it was organized. is it organized on social media? and has it been growing? or does it look like it's lessening now around trump tower? >> reporter: it's growing. no question about it that it's growing. i think we started with maybe 500 people and i would say there are thousands now. so they have joined on. and yes it was promoted on social media. you can hear how loud they are here. and they change what they are chanting. it is mainly about donald trump. black lives matter. they talk about love trumps hate and a lot of vul garretts that we can't even repeat right now.
5:29 pm
>> randy kay has a look at what's on the trump agenda. >> don't expect donald trump to ease into his new job as president. >> it is going to be a very busy first day. >> day one president elect trump plans to take action on everything from isis to immigration. >> on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal imgrants from this country. >> the first piece of paper that i'm going sign is we're going to get rid of these people. we are going to get rid of them day one. we start day one. >> along with that, mr. trump also plans to start work on the wall at the southern boarder to keep illegally immigrants out. >> on day one, we will begin
5:30 pm
working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. >> reporter: donald trump is aiming high for the first 24 hours on the job, pledging to repeal all of what he calls barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. he also plans to immediately suspend immigration from syria and libya and get his generals working on isis. >> we're going to convene my top generals and give them a simple instruction. they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> day one, oback is a target too. >> i'm going to ask congress to give me a plan to repeal and finally replace obamacare. that bill can be replaced with
5:31 pm
51 votes. meaning a republican congress and a republican president can save americans from this disaster in a single afternoon. >> reporter: vice president elect mike pence echoing those promises and more. >> he's going to repeal every single obama executive order that's stifling growths and jobs in the economy. and lastly we're going to end the war on coal once and for all. >> on the first day of the trump administration, say goodbye to sme gun-free zones too. >> i will get rid of gun free zone and schools. you have to. and on military bases my first day it gets signed. my first day. there is no more gun-free dones. >> and if president elect trump has his way, nafta could go away. day one he plans to notify
5:32 pm
canada and mexico the trade deal he calls a disaster is officially up for renegotiation. randy kay cnn orlando. >> lot of things for the first day. back with the panel. david gergen is joins us as wul. we continue to see now demonstrations. this one outside of trump tower in new york city. it's been moving up north through the island of manhattan. we're also seeing there demonstration in chicago. we're also told in portland, oregon. also philadelphia as well. there you are seeing in chicago. different sizes and different places. david axelrod, what goes through your mind as you watch? >> what goes through my mind is you reap what you sow and the fact is donald trump encouraged and incited and mobilized his base by using language and taking positions that deeply offended these people. and as van says frightened them
5:33 pm
as well. and so this is result of that. i will say though -- and i agree kayleigh. i agree with the president. i said it last night. we have one president at a time. if you respect democracy our first obligation is to try and make this work. there is also a obligation when you have principle differences to fight hard on them and that will happen as well. but i think the democratic party made a mistake about antipathy and that would mobilize the base to come out. i think you have to put some of the blame frankly on the candidate herself and i have great respect for hillary clinton. terribly difficult time for her. but you can't just rely on the negative argument. you have got to inspire people. and barack obama inspired people in a positive way to come out
5:34 pm
and vote. and the other thing i would say is you cannot ignore large swoths of the country and expect to be successful. he carried the state of indiana. did very well in some of the rural areas and much better than hillary clinton did yesterday in those rural areas in 2012. you cannot simply assume that you are going to have enough votes among your base and that you can write off swaths of the country. >> and we know in the general election she did not step foot in the state of wisconsin. there were a lot of assumptions made because of this polling that these voters were going to come home to hillary clinton no matter what and that women were going to do that too because donald trump was making the case on gender for her. didn't work that way.
5:35 pm
>> have you seen dmopgss like this the day of a presidential election in recent memory? >> no no. and i think we can spend a lot of time. democratic party can spend a lot of time trying to figure how to adapt on future elections. they will be focusing right now on this. because this could turn the country apart and we just had an unprecedented election. unprecedented upset. and unprecedented protests now. and what it sends home is that the divisions of the very poisonous campaign will not disappear with three or four nice speeches of unity. it is going take a lot of work to reweave the fabric. >> how does that happen, van? ? f anything is to work, no matter what you think of donald trump or hillary clinton he is the president of the 2 united states and going to be the president of the united states and the country has to move forward. >> does have to move forward. this is my view. and i'm tired. and i apologize if i was too hot earlier. the rebels are on the rise, period. the trump rebellion, the sanders
5:36 pm
rebellion, the black lives matter rebellion. before the tea party and occupy rebellions. frankly obama is kind of a rebellion. so the rebels are on the rise and the establishment is on the ropes. and that is the fundamental fact you have to deal with. so had it been the other way around you would have -- this is basically the sanders rebellion and the black lives matter rebellion in the streets tonight. that is who these people are. that is the structure of what you see out here tonight. the anti-catholics and the socialists against the democratic party and everything else. they are a minority. they are loud but they are a minority. and then the sanders disappointed folks who want better and don't now how to organize it. we have to find a way to engage with them in their fears. not tell them they are wrong. but to actually listen. what we didn't do with the trump
5:37 pm
rebellion, we should not do with this rebellion. >> i'm very sympathetic with everything you said. i also think there are a lot of white, professional young families who are having a hard time trying to figure out what to tell their kids and how to explain this and how to work with them. i've gotten e-mails. what do you think we ought to be saying about this, and about that? my grandchildren. i think this is a very difficult conversation in which we can't just expect donald trump to do this alone. other people have to be constructive here too. in order to create a new environment. a community that feels more clues inclusive. because otherwise we'll be at each other's throats. >> to expect somebody like donald trump who for all the attributes he has -- >> anderson, this isn't this to me. there are lots of ways in which donald trump's inexperience will test him. this is a matter of, sort of the
5:38 pm
character of leadership. the character of the person. he can view this two ways. which is as something to organize against. or he can rise as president and say we need to close these chasms and address them. and and i lned to randy's kay's piece about his first day. i think he ought to think through the agenda a little bit and the implications of some things on the list in terms of whether it creates a larger chasm or it helps close it. >> a good leader adapts to the moment. he had a agenda. lots of candidates have an agenda and then become president and -- >> i remember quantity moe bay was going to be closegoing to b.
5:39 pm
>> hillary clinton today, the president's day. everybody saying the right things. the question in the next critical ten weeks. we have 70 days. ten weeks. is what do they do? and this is a test for donald trump and also a test for his opponents. does he see this and say ingreats or does he see this and say i need these people. i have to figure a way to talk to them. can he travel and do town halls. who he surrounds himself with. the decisions he makes over the next -- we talked this monday fight in the final thought os what's going to come. i never anticipate -- the count are you is so divided. racial, education, left and rights. blue state, red states. the transition period is critically important. >> we've got take a quick break. we're going to continue to monitor the demonstrations. we'll have more with the panel and our reporters in the field. be right back. [ sneezes ]
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protests have been going on now for some time, i guess a mile or two now up to where you are at trump tower. >> reporter: we were initially right in front of i trump tower. there are literally thousands of people blocked in the streets right now. from 56-57th. a multi cultural crowd. prime lay younger crowd.
5:45 pm
obviously very upset about the results of the election. chanting a number of things. everything from popular vote, to popular vote. of course talking about hillary clinton. winning the popular vote. some people shouting obscenities about former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, also vice president mike pence, shouting about him as well. i want to see if i can bring someone in here. hi there? can i speak you do for a momentum? no. well very difficult to get some people to speak sometimes. >> could you just explain -- jason, you said -- can you just explain exactly where you are? my understanding this is in the middle of the street? is this on 5th avenue blocking off like 56th-57th. >> we are right around the corn owner 57th street. we had to move from front of trump tower. right now we're on 57th street. there are thousands of protesters. so many here. we can show you the street here
5:46 pm
almost with trump tower is. maybe you can get a better vantage point. very difficult from where we are. >> is 5th avenue itself blocked off? because this is a major intersection in new york city. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: fifth avenue between 56th and 57th is completely shut down by these protesters. again, 5th avenue, where trump tower is between 56th and 57th, completely shut down at this point. can we speak to you for a moment? i want to wring in one of the protesters out here. what is your name? >> kelly santos. >> obviously a number of very angry people out here right now. give me a sense why you decided to show up here voicing your anger? >> well, since this morning actually i woke up upset, knowing that we're going to have a president that condones
5:47 pm
racism, fascism, bigotry. and as a woman and as a latina i feel very upset and oppressed. by having someone that condoned all of these bad things that we don't really stand for. >> president elect trump now says that he represents -- he wants to represent people of all ethnicity, all races and he says that he wants to represent all of the country. do you believe him? >> well once you base your electoral race on bringing down certain groups and objectifying people, you can't just change that. you can't erase everything that you have said about women, gays, latin americans -- anything like that. the blacks. anything. you can't erase it. >> and give me a sense of how long you and the rest of these
5:48 pm
protesters -- do you have any sense how long they plan to stay out here tonight? >> i'm not sure. >> how long are you planning to stay out here tonight? >> as long as i can. >> and one of the protesters were shouting you all should have voted. did you vote? >> yes i did. >> hillary clinton. >> yes. >> hillary clinton also saying at this point, hillary clinton saying that what she would like to see going forward is to respect this president and work with him. what are you thoughts about that? >> it is going to be a long, rough four years, but we're gonna have to do it. >> thank you very much. really appreciate that. anderson, want to throw it back to you. >> jason, thanks very much. want to continue with the panel as we watch this. van, at the end, that young woman saying not only that she voted but we're going to have to work the other. >> give them their opportunity.
5:49 pm
listen, the democratic process is voting. it is also free speech. it is also peaceful assembly and petition for redress. give them that. give them a minute. let's hear from folks and let's try to bring this thing together. if it were the other way around i would be saying the same thing. trump people protesting and the democrats saying they are wrong and i would be saying they are right. we've got to listen to each other. i'm telling if people have been sitting on a white hot stove and they have been hollering and hollering and somebody comes to the rest cue. finally somebody comes to the trump voters rescue. nobody's coming to these kids' rescue. >> and first of all beating yourself up before for saying you debate get the voters out. who in the democratic party now. there is a leadership volcanvac. all bets on hillary clinton. didn't work out.
5:50 pm
who in the democratic party are going to speak to these people and say "we harper you, the democratic party hears you and here's what we have to do for midterm elections or four years or here's how we have to work with president trump? who does that now? >> we shall see. i'm watching this, i'm proud of free speech in my country, i'm worried it might get out of hand. i'm ashamed that i and my cohorts failed these young people. but if the democratic party is not their voice and the voice of laid-off middle age white guys in mining towns and mill towns and manufacturing towns, what the hell use are we. so we failed. me as an institutional democrat. we have failed these folks just the same way that failed when they voted for donald trump. >> but when you say "we didn't do our job" you make it sound as if it's just a tactical kind of organizational thing. >> no, i mean more
5:51 pm
existentially. the whole reason i became a democrat is because i care about -- >> i don't think the problem -- again, you guys know this better than i do but was the problem with hillary clinton that there weren't enough people around her like helping her? it seemed like she had plenty of people breaking their backs. >> she wasn't an outsider. i've always said the democratic party is four to eight years behind where the republican party was this election. if you're an outsider in your own party, i know you saw this coming, too, these voters are coming back at their party and they could rise up and empower an outsider much like republican voters empowered donald trump four to eight years from now, coming back at -- >> they're coming back to their country, kelly, not just their party. >> what do you mean by this? >> this town is the china shop, donald trump is the bull. the voters decided to send the bull into the china shop. >> washington, d.c. >> even trump voters are worried about his temperament. they want him to come into this
5:52 pm
town, they know it will be messy. they want him to break the china. they think humpty-dumpty needs to be shoved off the wall. and humpty-dumpty is washington. it's us to a degree. they don't think we speak to them. so think of everything else in our solt and how much it's been disrupted in the last 10 or 20 years. this town has tried to keep the political system in the staid two-party establishment system. they took the rock and hold it on the volcano -- both parties -- and hold it on as long as they could. and then the volcano blew up and when it does it's messy. >> to keep your analogy going about the china shop, the problem hillary clinton clearly had is she was sort of delicately walking around the china shop with a duster just kind of -- you know, instead of just blowing through. and -- >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. the point abhillary clinton and the point you were trying to make i think, anderson, is it's not always about data. it's not always about modeling. it's not always about political
5:53 pm
professionals. it's about the right candidate at the right time. you know that about everybody and she is an institutional democrat whose name is clinton in a time where people want change. >> that's right. at the same time she has been -- she started -- >> that may be true -- >> i know -- >> but this is a news network, you should talk about fact. this is a fact. >> for voters that feels like a long time ago when you're getting $200,000 speeches for goldman sachs. >> i understand but she has spent her entire adult life working on these issues so i'm not going to kick her now that she's done. >> one of the things that i think we're ignoring here, just speaking in terms of my life span, i remember -- i have seen this dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of times before, the vietnam war, civil
5:54 pm
rights, i mean, you can just -- you can pick the struggle and go through the '60s, '70s, '80s. i remember when there were a million people in the streets of new york city protesting ronald reagan on nuclear weapons. and this was going on all over the world. in our recent time period we had occupy wall street. so it's always the same sort of situation and i have to say to touch on hillary clinton, to acknowledge her roll in this, i marched a time or two when i was a college kid. so what i'm saying is the political impact aside from this, aside with the argument with elites, this was the kind of thing that elected richard nixon, because there was a backlash to it. and these folks were going out there demonizing -- donald trump was a college kid. they were demonizing hubert humphrey for heaven's sakes so what i'm saying to you is there's nothing new here. there's nothing new. donald trump is the locus at this moment. but this goes on and on and on
5:55 pm
and on. >> van? >> i see it differently. i agree with you that we have a very proud protest tradition in america. i also acknowledge that progressives tend to march a lot more than conservatives. but i think there is something new here and i think what you have is a very big generation, this millennial generation is bigger numerically than the baby boomers and a large chunk of it feels alienated from most of the institutions now. they feel alienated from faith tradition, they feel alienated from the political parties, from big media, and this is a challenge for the country. now, the reality is most of these young folks are much more progressive than their party and much more progressive than you, sir. but they are -- >> that's pretty much everybody. [ laughter ] >> but one of the reasons -- >> wait, let him finish. >> but there's a big danger now that -- i'm going to tell you right now, they're not going to
5:56 pm
fall in line for donald trump, they're not going to fall in line for the senate democrats, they're not going to fall in line -- they might listen to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders for half a minute but they've got some real grievances and what kayleigh and i have been screaming for a year and a half, people have real pain and real problems out there and nobody's been able to fix them and until that happens you're going to see this. >> we have to take another break, we have another hour ahead of our coverage as demonstrators are in the streets protesting the election of donald trump. we'll have more ahead. .
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thank you for joining us that the hour. we live in a nation with a president-elect trump. in multiple cities, people are protesting. jean casarez is outside. look at the highway in chicago. let's go back to the shot of chicago in the highway, traffic just stopped on that highway as protesters moving through. that's obviously a situation very difficult for police, similar to kind of black lives matter protest


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