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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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here we go. top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn, thank you for being with me. we begin with a remarkable day of contrast in the transition of american leadership. as the president-elect donald trump is meeting with his first foreign minister, the prime minister of japan here in new york, president barack obama holding a final news conference with his closest ally there, german chancellor angela merkel. the president pointing out a common challenge these two share balancing globalism with populis
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populism. >> the politics in all of our countries is going to require us to manage technology and global integration and all these dem graphic shifts in a way that makes people feel more control, in a way that gives them more confidence in our future, but does not resort to simplistic answers of divisions of race or tribe or a crude nationalism. >> no doubt those final words were meant for president obama's successor donald trump. who has been huddled in trump tower. white house staff is descending upon what has become transition central. among those visiting president-elect trump today, henry kissinger, the mayor of
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cincinnati and the governor of florida. but the one individual getting the biggest amount of buzz today is south carolina governor nikki haley who, according to a source, is up for secretary of state. we could mention we are also waiting on vice president-elect mike pence who is meeting with democratic leader nancy pelosi so we'll swing by capitol hill. sunlen serfaty, let's go to you outside trump tower. we'll get to governor haley in just a minute but let's talk about the news that crossed about mitt romney of all people who has never minced his words on the president-elect. they are meeting this weekend. >> reporter: that's right, brooke. great reporting from my colleague mark preston who according to his source, a senior republican source says they are meeting this weekend. mitt romney and donald trump in one room together. we know they will discuss governing moving forward and
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here's the headline that they will be discussing the possibility of romney potentially serving in donald trump's cap in the. no specifics about what role they are potentially discussing but certainly notable as you said given the fact that mitt romney throughout the duration of the campaign was one of the chief critics of donald trump but i think it's one more sign that the trump transition team and donald trump himself is at least open to hearing voices of opposition, at least within the transition period and potentially broader throughout his administration. as you said here at trump tower it's been a hotbed of activity. we saw rudy giuliani, notably, go in. he's been about an hour inside. he has been here a lot this week. we know according to transition advisor kellyanne conway, she said he is the leading contender
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for a number of positions. brooke? >> sunlen, thank you. from trump tower to the vice president-elect mike pence just having met with the leader of the democrats there on capitol hill, nancy pelosi, let's eavesdrop. >> we had a straightforward consideration about how we can work together on infrastructure, issues that relate to child care and the rest, following up on a conversation i had with the president-elect last week. i was honored to show the vice president-elect a picture of the bush family that we treasure, president george herbert walker bush participating in his points of light conference in houston. i did that to make you feel at home in the office of tip o'neill tunnel surrounded by franklin roosevelt and john f. kennedy and george herbert walker bush. we had a respectful conversation as you all know, those of us who
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respect the service that we have in congress, respect the positions that our colleagues have and respect the people who have sent them here and that applies, of course, to the vice president and the president-elect so thank you mr. vice president for the opportunity to thoughts of my caucus, not just my own thought bus my caucus with the vice president-elect. mike. >> even better. leader pelosi, thank you for your hospitality. thank you for what i trust will be the first of many conversations. i'm grateful for the time you and i worked together when i served in this building and as i said before i've always found
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you to be a -- a worthy opponent and leader of the loyal opposition but i have great respect for you and your service to the country and i was pleased today to be able to convey the respect of president-elect donald trump to you personally. we are working briskly in the transition but part of the transition is also making plans for the first 100 days and at the direction of the president-elect i'm meeting today not only with leader pelosi but leader schumer and with speaker ryan and senator mcconnell and we're beginning to discuss areas that we might move forward on together and that's what the american people want us to do is find ways to revive our
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economy, improve american lives, enhance the security of this nation and i'm grateful to begin those discussions on behalf of the president-elect with you today. >> thank you. let me just say that as you can flare -- and as you know, the vice president-elect's leadership, i said to him when i spoke to him last week you are going to be a very valuable player in all of this because you know the territory and i know -- with no disrespect for the sensitivity and knowledge of the president-elect, you know, the territory. so in that territory we will try to find our common ground where we can and, of course, stand our ground when we can't. thank you all very much. >> reporter: mr. pence is running the transition, did you talk -- >> thank you all. >> so it's important to see these pictures, right? so we see that the incoming
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administration are reaching across the aisle, the fact that vice president-elect pence is meeting with not only democratic leaders on capitol hill, by the way, we don't know if leader pelosi will hold on to her job, we should find out about that later this month, in these messages, the show of unity. i think the word he used the brisk. they're hoping to work and move briskly and all they have stacked up in terms of an agenda from the trump administration but it's important to see that the reaching over the aisle even before inauguration and what he just said, finding areas where both parties can move forward together. so let me bring in my panel with me. a -- a. b. stott dard, bakari sellers, joshua green, senior national correspondent for bloomberg business week and barry bennett who used to be the campaign manager for republican ben carson. so thank you all so much for being with me and, a. b., i want to jog back to this news about
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mitt romney. reminding everyone the speech he made in utah. he called mr. trump a phony, a fraud, his promises as worthless as a degree from trump university and we have learned he is meeting with mr. trump this weekend. are there's kuala lumpur -- icicles in hell? >> it's a positive step. the trump campaign said they were only looking at loyalists, banning people criticized them during the campaign and focusing on how much people have supported the candidate than their credentials for the job. it's great for donald trump the president-elect to reach out to mitt romney and ask for his help and it's great for mitt romney to give it and i think every republican no matter what side of the aisle they were on in terms of supporting mr. trump or not needs to come together now.
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the transition is at the time we are most vulnerable and it's an all hands on deck effort and it's heartening to see them not only reaching out to the democratic leader in the house and senate but to every republican of every stripe as well. >> and also reaching out to the first indian-american woman to become governor of south carolina and nikki haley. josh do you think -- similar question, are they giving her a good look or is that a total pump fake? >> well, look if you're trump and you've been thrown into the presidency somewhat unexpectedly, i think you're giving everything a good look and it speaks well of trump he's bringing in people like nikki haley, who is not a supporter, like mitt romney, and he's broadening his administration beyond that tight-knit circle of steve bannon and reince priebus in the regular cast of characters that have been around trump for quite a while.
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but it speaks to the patriotism of people like mitt romney and nikki haley, the fact that they're willing to serve his administration and serve the country because trump, as we sometimes forget, is not someone who has any experiences governing so it would be relief to my readers at "businessweek" and republicans generally to have someone as capable as mitt romney is in a position of power in a administration. >> barry, since you know folks at the trump in the top team, is this president-elect trump who's saying, hey, i want to reach out to the governor haileys and the governor romneys in the world or is this reince priebus whispering in his ear "this might not be a good idea." >> this is donald trump's mo through the campaign. he likes to reach out to a lot of people. he loves to get input from a bunch of people and he makes the decision. now the decision will be his but he's been open through the
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campaign i know 15 or 20 people that get a daily call about what they think and they they're seeing so he's open to advise and even advice that comes from different angles. i applaud mitt romney for going. i'm not a mitt romney fan and haven't been one for a long time but i applaud him putting his country first and going to talk to president-elect trump. >> bakari, you from south carolina i wanted to talk to you, you know governor haley personally, you witnessed how tremendous she was in the wake of the church shooting in charleston but in the bipartisan effort to remove the confederate flag from the state capital. but as far as foreign policy experience, we're talking secretary of state, tell me what you think of her and if you think she would be up for the job. >> well, i can say that eight years ago i was sitting at a desk that was side by side with nikki haley in the south carolina general assembly and we were working on issues that were very near and dear to our heart,
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although they weren't the magnitude of issues you'll be dealing with as secretary of state. so i think experience is a legitimate concern that people would have. but what we've seen from trump's transition team is that he has a cast of characters outside of mitt romney coming in that have very little experience for the jobs they're trying out for. that's first. second to get back to nikki haley, she's very competent. she's not trying to start world war iii, she's knowledgeable, she learns quickly, keeps good people around her, has a very young but competent staff and by comparison to people like senate or jeffrey beauregard sessions or rudy giuliani or anybody else being vetted for this position, she stacks up agains any of them. i disagree with nikki haley on policy and i will disagree with her on policy until we both leave this earth but i will tell you she's a statesman so if, in fact -- >> how about that, coming from a democrat. >> yeah, if we have to choose, i think nameky haley stacks up way better than rudy giuliani or senator jeffrey beauregard sessions.
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>> nice middle name. let's move on to also just watching the visuals today. halfway around the world in berlin we saw on the dais president obama with his closest ally angela merkel and back over here on fifth avenue at trump tower you have the first foreign leader meeting with president-elect trump being the prime minister of japan, prime minister shinzo abe. he's on the phone with trump one day, hops on a plane one day later. is this a signal that abe is willing to work with the trump administration or a signal of worry? >> i think it's both. donald trump assured president obama enough in their one on one meeting that president obama has run to our allies on the phone and in person around the world to assure them that he heard from him that he is committed to our nato alliances.
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now if you're running japan and you're the prime minister and you heard a candidate say that they're going to have go it alone, we'll have to pull troops out of the region and they're probably going to have to get nukes to protect themselves from north korea, you'd be nervous, too. so when you hear him saying "i'm coming to build trust with the president-elect" he's coming to find out what if "h" is going on. then he wants to build trust. >> we know one of the aides of the japanese prime minister was talking to the trump team because they were saying japan should arm itself with nukes and this trump aide said, hey, don't take everything mr. trump said on the campaign trail literally, barry. so if he were to take that thought and apply it to many other things he said on the trail, do you think that applies? are we being too literal with mr. trump? >> i think you have to give him a chance. in the campaign you say all kinds of things.
11:16 am
doesn't mean he didn't mean what he said but he was talking in generalities. now they'll formulate policy. but there's a big difference between campaign rhetoric at a rally and a policy. we shouldn't jump to conclusions. he's talked to now, what, 34 world leaders, people are anxious to talk to him, he's anxious to talk to them and soon he'll have a foreign policy team around him and will start implementing and seeing policies for the first time. but it's a mistake to interpret campaign rally speak into policy. >> final question, josh, i'll throw this one to you, rick perry. we know he wanted to be president, we also remember the infamous moment at a debate some years ago. roll it. >> the epa needs to be rebuilt. no doubt about that. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with -- education, the -- um --
11:17 am
commerce and, let's see -- i can't, the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> you know where i'm going with this, this is the oops that will be replayed all through the day because this is a job apparently that a trump team has been in conversations with him and the very, you know, agency he couldn't think of is the agency apparently they are considering him -- >> the energy department. and, boy that clip still makes you wince all these years later. but it does make a certain sort of sense. texas is a big, big energy state, not just for oil as we think of traditionally but it is now ground zero for wind power and solar power. perry is a well-nobody experienced politician. it would make a lot of sense to have somebody like that in a trump administration. >> sure, after that everyday he's been like energy, energy, energy, i know what the answer is. thank you so much. >> maybe he'd have to write it on his palm or something. but i bet he could learn it if he had to. >> thank you so much. coming up on cnn, we saw
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democratic leader nancy pelosi on the hill meeting with the vice president-elect. also preparing, though, to put up a fight for her own job, her own leadership position in the house. what she just told manu raju on capitol hill as fellow democrats are considering whether it's time for a new face. also moments ago, senator bernie sanders rallying in washington, d.c. his message today for trump. we'll be right back. gs of veggi? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a
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welcome back, you're wat watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. we saw president-elect mike pence on capitol hill meeting with leader nancy pelosi. he is there meeting with congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle. soon pence will meet with newly elected senate minority leader democrat chuck schumer. just wrapped up that joint appearance with house minority leader nancy pelosi, both talked about their mutual respect for one another, formidable opponents, want to work together, their meeting comes as jones herself faces a possible challenge to her leadership post from within her own party ranks, manu raju has been chasing this down on capitol hill, he joins me now. let's underscore that picture we just saw with the vice president-elect and leader
11:23 am
pelosi. what more do you know about the meeting and this message of "we want to work together." >> well, that's the message they wanted to send wolf -- wolf? sorry, brooke. that they wanted to -- both of them want to work together and find if there are areas of commonality. it's a real kumbaya moment post-election, brooke, that we see from members of congress and a new incoming administration. the real test will be when we get into the nuts and bolts of ledge ting in january. that's when the rubber hits the road and we'll see if the two sides can work together. but this comes at a critical time for the democratic party as it figures out a way forward whether or not to work for the trump administration or fight the trump administration and whether or not they need new leaders atop their caucus that could present a compelling vase to voters about why they deserve to be in power. that's a debate happening now among the house democratic
11:24 am
caucus whether or not to replace nancy pelosi. one man who is considering a challenge is congressman tim ryan of ohio who believes his message could present well with rust belt voters who went to donald trump in this bars election cycle and he's told me today that reelecting nancy pelosi could be the wrong way to go. >> i've been in this caucus 14 years and i think people have been talking about this since 2010 and, you know, i think we've had this conversation in '10, '12, '14, '16. we're at the lowest number of state and federal officials since reconstruction. we have the lowest number in our caucus since 1929 and we've lost over 60 seats since 2010. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and you keep getting the same results. so time to move on, i think.
11:25 am
>> the question for mr. ryan is whether or not he'll pull the trigger. he said today is the day he'll make the decision. one name to look out for, brooke, is joe crowley of new york. he's a member of the house number five leadership. he's weighing a challenge also to nancy pelosi and if he runs i don't think tim ryan will run as well. this comes as house democrats delayed having their leadership vote. one reason is to determine whether or not there should be a new leader for their caucus. nancy pelosi believes she has the support but a lot of the members want to hear more about why she should be reelected leader of her caucus, brooke. >> okay. manu, first time i've been mistaken as wolf blitzer. i thought shaving the beard would give me away. manu, got love for you. up next, hillary clinton in her first post-loelection appearance who said there have been times when all she wanted to do is curl up on her sofa with her dogs and never leave
11:26 am
her house again. we'll play this emotional moment from her speech last night. it was stunning. also ahead, senator bernie sanders, he's not curling up, he's speaking out working hard saying he is ready to work with the president-elect. but is there a catch? . stay with me.
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here's what i know -- donald trump a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthlss as a degree from trump university. [ cheers and applause ] he's playing the members of the public for suckers. he inherited his business, he
11:31 am
didn't create it. a business genius he is not. what a difference a couple of months makes. that was mitt romney in utah. flash forward to the news now just broken by mark preston. mark preston jump in, because you have broken this news that that same person who called him a fake and phony will be meeting with him this weekend. >> he will, brooke, and mitt romney and donald trump will meet face to face, they've spoken over the phone, they had a cordial conversation after the election. mitt romney called to congratulate him. it is stunning when you have somebody who's been so critical of donald trump being brought in and potentially being discussed as a cabinet secretary. we expect that will be on the table. in the very least, we think trump and romney will talk about potentially being an outside advisor if he chooses not to accept an offer if one is a lot of people will be surprised by this.
11:32 am
but it says the two men are putting aside their differences and that donald trump is opening up the circumstance that will's been very closed. we've seen nikki haley with mitt romney. these were enemies of donald trump and for mitt romney to go in and have this discussion with donald trump, it says something about him as well. >> agree. credit to both. and hillary clinton, we saw her last night speaking out for the first time publicly since she conceded defeat. she was at a gala. how appropriate. talk about a full circle moment with the children's defense fund who she started with back in the '70s. it was tough to appear, her speech was emotional, it was personal. here she was. >> now i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never
11:33 am
leave the house again. i know this isn't easy, i know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid bare by this election run deep. but please listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values, and never ever give up. >> mark preston, i cannot imagine that was easy for her but what grace. >> no doubt. hillary clinton has failed not once but twice on the world's biggest stage so it's got to be humbling to have to stand there and acknowledge defeat. so raw, so soon, but the fact is hillary clinton goes on to say that this is how we're going to get through this, she finished her thought by saying stay engaged, continue to fight,
11:34 am
that's how we'll get through this. so i don't think we've heard the last of hillary clinton going forward. >> quickly since i have you. we have pictures. we just saw leader pelosi sitting with the vice president-elect. now we have pictures, he is now meeting with chuck schumer, the senate minority leader there on capitol hill. why are meetings like this so so important? >> they're critical. look, one thing donald trump has done -- he's done many things but one thing that is critical is that when he picked mike pence, he picked somebody that understands washington, d.c., that understands personalities, that understands congressional leadership because he has served in congressional leadership in the house. he does not see eye to eye legislatively with chuck schumer or nancy pelosi but he has to have a dialogue. one criticism of the obama administration is that there was not a strong enough dialogue between his white house and capitol hill, whether that be with democrats or certainly republicans as well so if mike pence is able to keep this up, it will probably serve our nation a lot better to have a
11:35 am
two-way conversation. >> mark preston, thank you. and thanks for breaking the news on mitt romney. we'll look for more on that meeting this weekend. coming up next, though, here on cnn, president obama on his overseas swing. he is in berlin today meeting with his closest ally, german chancellor angela merkel. what she thinks of this trump presidency and president obama's warning to donald trump about russia.
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now we'll see what happens.
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11:40 am
conference that reassured leaders a trump presidency will not disrupt the global economy. when he was asked by a reporter about russia, president obama said he is hopeful mr. trump won't violate international norms. >> i don't expect that the president-elect will follow exactly our blueprint or our approach but my hope is that he does not simply take a real pom tick approach and suggest that if we just cut some deals with russia even if it hurts people or violates international norms. or leaves smaller countries vulnerable. >> let's go to white house correspondent michelle kozinski who is traveling with the president did chance or will merkel or the foreign press express concern that trump won't stand up to russia?
11:41 am
>> well, absolutely the press does and that's embedded within their questions. but of course president obama and chancellor merkel want to be extremely diplomatic here. angela merkel says she keeps an open mind about a trump president. from president obama what we've been hearing is less optimism and more warnings he talked about that americans can't be complacent or take our way of life for granted. that americans have to vote. he's reinforced that several times after the election now. i mean, we all know what he means by this. he also talked about politicians offering simplistic slogans, attacks, simplistic solutions and populism. and he's warning against that, he said america needs to keep being the voice of the vulnerable and against war around the world. otherwise it's going to be a much meaner, harsher, more
11:42 am
troubled world. listen. >> there are going to be forces that argue for cynicism, for looking the other way with somebody else's problems that are not going to champion people who are vulnerable because sometimes that's politically convenient and if we don't have a strong transatlantic alliance that's standing up for those things we will be giving to our children a worse world. we will go backwards instead of forwards. >> reporter: i think it's telling when the president was asked about his optimism he said he's always optimistic. but asked specifically about a trump presidency he expressed it as cautious optimism and the only reason he said he was was not because of any element of donald trump's personality but because of the job. he said the job forces you to
11:43 am
focus and the job of president demands seriousness. brooke? >> michelle, thank you, michelle kosinski in berlin. coming up, i'm a word nerd so when i found out one of the new words being added to the oxford dictionary, i thought wow, we'll tell you what that word is and what it signifies after our past year here in the united states. also, the ted cruz/marco rubio headline from the 2016 presidential race we never knew about until now.
11:44 am
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11:47 am
american voters know how historic this season has been from the shocking unscripted moments, the president, debates. cnn was there to document every last bit of it. now we're publishing a book detailing what you did not see and hear about the 2016 race. it's called "unprecedented, the election that changed everything." it comes out december 6. david chalian who was there all along the way, our political director, joins me with a
11:48 am
preview. we cover everything and the last bit wasn't written until a week ago but i wanted to ask you about -- >> surprise ending. >> right. if senator mike lee -- this is the question for you -- succeeded in united cruz and rubio, would we be in a different place today? >> i don't know. but this fascinating chapter of the book, my colleagues thomas lake and jodi edna who had this great assignment for the last year and a half, being able to work behind-the-scenes details, nuggets that would be embargoed until it was over. so it takes you behind the scenes in a way the daily headlines don't, we learned that -- jake tapper was moderating the republican debate in miami. a couple days before, mike lee had spoken -- senator from utah, big ted cruz emissary supporter, spoke to marco rubio, set up an appointment, was getting on a plane going to florida a couple days before the debate to say, hey, we're a week out before the
11:49 am
primary, let's join forces, make a cruz/rubio ticket and see if we can stop donald trump. all systems were go until the last moment marco rubio called off the meeting and said i can't do it, i am a florida senator, i have to go throug this florida primary, i can't avoid that c. t and that was a decision that could have altered the course of the race. could have, we don't know. donald trump had a movement going, it got him all the way to becoming president-elect but at that moment in the campaign it was not yet 100% clear that donald trump was going to be the nominee and if cruz and rubio had teamed up as a final firewall that donald trump would have to go through it would have been a different dynamic certainly and how donald trump responded to that, whether or not his supporters were able to overcome the establishment co-lessing it would have been a totally different race to watch. >> woulda, coulda, shoulda. we need to get the not guilties
11:50 am
for the year after. let me ask you about the news we broke about how mitt romney will be meeting with donald trump this weekend, south carolina governor nikki haley is at trump tower right now. what does this signal to you? >> i think this is a different side of donald trump than we saw during the campaign. i think during the campaign donald trump didn't seem -- i can't think think of many examples where he made friends with people who were opposed to him. he always said he was against you, he was a counterpuncher. that's not the case here. here were two ardent critic, nikki haley, mitt romney, coming to meet with him, coming to talk with him. the fact he wants to embrace that conversation, listen, this serves donald trump well. it makes him seem more open, more accepting of view points that were not always his view points. that's a good signal to tell you
11:51 am
that he's doing something different. we'll have to see what this -- do any people have influence? is this just a transition meeting and accomplishing a political goal. but i think the question is open and you have to give him credit for having these meetings. >> what an awesome stocking stuffer. this cnn book is on sale december 6. you can pre-order your copy, go to and don't miss tonight, a special report on anderson cooper 360. mr. chalian, kudos and thank you. >> thank you, brooke. >> up next, in a world of tumultuous politics, a new word of the year the people in charge of the oxford dictionary hasay
11:52 am
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that brings us to tonight's word. truthiness. [ laughter ] now, i'm sure some of the word police, the wordinistas at websters are going say, "hey, that's not a word." well, anyone who knows me knows that i'm no fan of dictionaries or reference books, they are elitist, constantly telling us what is or isn't true or what did or didn't happen. >> love me stephen colbert. i think i've used the word true thinkness. a year later, merriam webster made it their word of the year. fast forward to now, oxford dictionary has nominated "post-truth." as or relating to denoting
11:57 am
circumstances in which object i have facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotional or personal belief. the word has been around for a while and thanks to the brexit referendum and the visceral u.s. election, it's seen a spike in use. >> so catherine connor martin is the head of u.s. dictionaries at oxford university press and it's your job to add words to the dictionary. post-truth, was this an easy decision? what does it signify for this country? >> well, that's a question that is beyond what i can answer but what we noticed this year is that post-truth, a word that's existed with more or less its meaning since 1992 suddenly was spiking in usage and not only here in the united states but also in the uk around the brexit referendum and internationally
11:58 am
as people talk about filter bubbles and whether -- how we're absorbing media. as we looked at the words we've been tracking over the past year, this one really struck us as resonating with the kind of themes and spirit of 2016. >> is it resonating because it infers the truth is occasionally dead? >> well, it's based on a critique that says that it -- that the truth has become less important or less difficult to identify. you know, post usually means after, like post-war, but in post-truth it's more like post-racial or post-national, it means something more like no longer relevant, no longer as important as it used to be. >> does it make you sad as a lover of lexicon? >> it's not brightest word we've ever chosen to -- >> you're being very diplomatic catherine, appreciate it. let's look at other words on the short list, alt-right,
11:59 am
brexiteer, glass cliff, woke. they all semi have a theme. >> there's a lot of politics there. this is a really heavy list of potential words of the year. sometimes it's light but 2016 wasn't a light-year. it was a year in which we were grappling as a society of english-speaking people with heavy issues so that's reflected in our list. >> we are noeking at commercial break, we were looking at the emoji it wasn't a word it was a feeling from last year, the smiley face with tears and your point was quickly "such a simpler time last year." last year we anoint it had face with tears of joy emoji and that was a fun story at a fun time but this is a different time. >> flash forward to 2016 and post-truth. katherine connor, thanks for swinging by. >> my pleasure. >> now this. we continue along. thank you so much for being with me on cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. a couple hours from now
12:00 pm
president-elect donald trump will sit with the first time face to face speaking with foreign leader japan's prime minister shinzo abe on a very busy day over at trump tower where this -- we'll call it a parade of potential picks for his cabinet and white house staff descending upon what has become transition central. let's throw up faces here. among visitors you have henry kissinger, former secretary of state, mayor of cincinnati, governor in florida and south carolina's governor nikki haley who, according to a source is being considered for secretary of state. the visit now getting the biggest buzz, cnn has learned that mitt romney is on trump's agenda for the weekend so let's go to phil mattingly with the scoop and, again, this is a man, phil mattingly, who in that utah speech called mr. trump a phony and fraud and fake but kudos to both of them for -- >> also con man repeatedly. and a very lengthy speech and somebody who


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