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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. good evening. john berman in for anderson. breaking news and big headlines tonight. donald trump is in florida, arrived about two hours ago for thanksgiving at mar alaggo, not before taking a ton of news in new york. sat down with the editors and publishers and top people at "new york times." said a mouthful from putting hillary clinton in prison, no longer a priority. to conflicts of interest, there
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are none. peace in the middle east. said son-in-law might make it happen and apparently serious. begin with breaking news, more eftds that the unlikely prospect of mitt romney becoming secretary of state growing more likely. sara murray from trump tower. tell us about the romney team and whether mitt romney is seriously considering this position. >> the suspense continues with how this will shake out and final decision but we are told that mitt romney is seriously considering the possibility, talking with family and contact between romney and trump worlds. serious discussion, not just photo op. best of our knowledge from sources is no offers have been officially made. i think part of that is, you're seeing both sides play it
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cautious. mitt romney doesn't want to say he'll accept unless the offer is on the table and donald trump doesn't want to make the offer unless it's clear he'll accept. might play out. but told by sources he's a leading candidate. not only one in the mix. rudy giuliani is still under consideration for the post. still a few days of suspense ahead john. >> these men changed incredibly harsh words in the campaign. is that all bygones and all away? >> not just incredibly harsh words but incredibly different views of the world. mitt romney was criticized for calling russia america's number one geopolitical foe in 2012 but donald trump spoke about putin in favorable terms. that's another issue trying to
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be ironed out. but i do thinked romney team wants to send a signal. >> a lot of discussions will be held over the thanksgiving tables of the trumps and romneys. now trump with the "new york times." maggie haberman was in the room, tweeting all about it. joins us by phone right now. maggie, first of all, what was the atmosphere like inside that room? especially given the fact that donald trump has canceled the meeting on twitter and uncanceled it and fact he went to the "new york times" and said the usual, have everyone come to him in trump tower. >> thanks for taking me by phone. cordial meeting. started out defensive. arms crossed tightly as he
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delivered a calm in tone diatribe against our coverage, all the papers, thought we were unfair, tough. and then said, this is what surprised me, that he believed that having a good relationship with us would make governing easier for him in terms of what he would like to do. and went forward from there. after that he was engaged, as he often is in these meetings, very charming. look the "new york times" is still his hometown paper and has a different place for him and sort of always has throughout this campaign but we covered an enormous about the ground about where his head is right now. >> covered a lot of ground and made news during this meeting live tweeting. what is biggest news out of it? >> two things. him retreating from some of the
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most extreme positions he had taken. by retreating, still not clear where he is but on climate change allowed for possibility -- said there's some connectivity between humans and climate change. very different from what he said, many tweet number of years ago about how climate change was a hoax and suggested that he was open to the paris accords. a little more muted on that. he also basically said, you know, yes, i'm still at my business, doing things. and declared it's not possible for the president to have a conflict of interest just because anything could be. breathtaking statement. he said and he is correct we've never had a situation with incoming president with as sprawling a set of business entanglements as he has. not that the real estate
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holdings or empire is vast but does mean there are a lot of different complications. he used in the campaign the phrase blind trust. blind trust and children run it, those two things mutually exclusive. blind trust is not run by your children. he dropped that today. didn't say it today. said he's phasing out overseeing most of the business. >> it's interesting he's willing to give on issues of climate change for instance and open the door but not willing to open the door at all on the issue of potential conflicts of interests. seems dug in here. >> he was not hearing any of it. ironic listening to sara just now, i have similar reporting about where romney stands in all of this. main objection within the trump campaign, there's a rudy and romney camp, the objection over
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rudy is business interests and ties. it's ironic with trump him saying it doesn't matter, i can't be held to that. also said it when i asked about what role he saw for son-in-law jared kushner in the administration, said wanted to do something. basically said probably don't do something like that because don't open him up to criticism but went on to suggest wasn't a problem and i pointed out antinepotism laws he rushed past it. >> and also suggested that his son nfl would be successful in making peace in the middle east. >> he thinks he would be. trump has talked about that in the campaign. thinks that people have given up too easily and he would like to
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revive it. but haven't heard him talk about jared kushner in conjunction with it before. makes a certain sense for trump's sensibility. jared helped draft the peek before apec earlier this year and been adviser on israel but not an issue that kushner has decades of experience. >> but just to be clear, he was serious? >> completely serious. >> let see go through a couple other issues that made news. you asked him all the -- everybody there asked about the alt groups that met over the weekend and white nationalist group. and you tweeted not a group i want to energize and if they are, want to look into it and find out why. this is trump finally after days
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directly addressing this and denouncing this yes? >> sure but i don't know what it means. he said if he learned that steve bannon was connected to quote/unquote alt-right, his raising, wouldn't have him work here. bannon said in july that brietbart is part of the alt-right. he said wants it to come to his attention. it's true disavowed it but i don't think it's going to satisfy his critics who hope he will say more forcefully, given a rise of hate crimes around the country and anti-semitic attacks. >> one of the big stories, transition team opened up possibility that donald trump in his administration would not seek to investigate or press charges against hillary clinton. wh did he say about that?
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>> he was very -- i began with that question at the session. asked him to clarify talking about the e-mails and clinton foundation, both, in terms of backing away from investigation. he made clear he recognized there's a limit to power in the white house and in fact the president is supposed to have nothing to do with this, department of justice. supposed to be independent which was a criticism of the fbi investigation into clinton. his and others' arguments were it was politicized. i said he thinks she's been through too much -- paraphrasing here. brutal campaign and says some say the clinton foundation has done good work. it's a little bit different from the it's a scam line we heard thu the final weeks of the campaign. >> it's more like the donald trump who actually donated to the clinton foundation years ago
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before he ran for president against here. >> fascinate s discussion you had with him. thanks for sharing your insights. >> thanks for having me. >> joining us now, maria cardona, kailee airline lewis, jeffrey lord and ana navarro. there was a lot to discuss. almost don't know where to start. let's start with the business side. maggie talking about christy and idea that donald trump won't budge on the idea there might be conflicts of interest between the transition period and his personal business interests. what do you make of it sf. >> i find it bizarre if you're president of the united states you can have no conflicts. it's like a mega papal blessing he gave himself. when you serve in government you
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have to be meticulously careful in disclosing all -- i know this from my time, disclosing outside interests and anything to do with it. at county level have councilman recuse from votes in schools where their children went. that's how specific it gets to. nonetheless what multinational/international foreign interests he may have, and hearing reports if they're true of him meeting with leaders from great britain pushing against a wind farm because it might block the view of the golf course. it's conflict of interest if it's true. there were people in the room said it was true. donald trump denied it. jeffrey lord. student of history.
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when president-elect trump says the law is on my side, president can't have a conflict of interest, sounds to some people when richard nixon told david frost, the president does it, it's not illegal. how are these two things different? >> presidents have always had conflicts of interest, most famous example in the last 50 or 60 years was the kennedys owning the merchandise mart in chicago, when president kennedy took office didn't sell it but made the head of it the director of the peace corp. nobody said a peep. lyndon johnson with his radio station in texas. on and on. only difference here is scale. admittedly that's what draws all this attention to it. >> i may not have been born, want to be clear on the kennedy
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situation. i don't think i could have said a peep on the johnson thing, no offense jeffrey. >> jeffrey is right, been presidents in the past with lot of businesses, most of them put assets in a real blind trust. clearly what donald trump is saying, he's parroting what i think has been told to him, founding fathers put in the constitution that the president is exempt from a lot of rules that the rest of officials are -- have to go with because he's the president and can't just easily recuse themselves from national security. but doesn't reassure people who have no clue what's in his taxes or how deep and dangerous his business ties around the globe are. that he can owe money to russian and german banks and be influenced by it. >> going to talk about that and
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nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. ? >> we're back talking about the treasure troph of headlines that donald trump made at "new york times." i asked president-elect what role he sees for kushner. his son-in-law. formal role unlikely but could be a player on mideast peace. in a word, wow. airline lewis. mideast peace is a big project
9:18 pm
attempted by many people, gno diplomats with years of experience and donald trump is suggesting that son-in-law with no government experience somehow might forge it. >> he's a capable young man, so wouldn't rule it out automaticy. if he's got connections and an ability -- we've been through this since the time i was a kid. i remember the 1973 war. it's been really the same five or six issues. status of jerusalem, refugee status, land swaps for peace. borders. really hasn't changed. how you get from here to there is the question. i don't know if you need a wall full of degrees or years of experience or know all the different players to know it's a gordian knot. if there's something that jared kushner could bring to the table
9:19 pm
apparently because of the antinepotism laws not a lot he can do but that -- >> he may be smart and capable and did a good job running the campaign but this is a area george schultz and colin powell and every secretary of state and president has tried and to some degree failed. not sure expectation should be set high on someone with no experience. >> kind of makes the point. statesmen with all the degrees come in and try this and failed at it. air ol makes a good point. trying something else, never know what could be achieved. echo ford last hour. peanut farmer from georgia come in and forge peace between -- >> he had been governor of
9:20 pm
georgia and elected president with full cabinet and staff to help him. like i say jared kushner. >> he's bright and executive of country. cares deeply about his jewish faith and understands one side of the argument and might bring peace and understanding 20 two camps. >> ana. >> i think so many tried and failed, if jared kushner brings complete support and ear and confidence of the president of the united states his father-in-law, that's a plus for him. if he tries and fails, he's one more on the list. if he's able to make progress, best for it. but previous subject of the conflict of interest. talked about the legality but not the political cost. only two weeks since donald trump elected president of the united states and there's already been a steady drip of
9:21 pm
stories about conflict of interest. ivanka trump sitting in with the prime minister of japan, donald trump asking president of argentina to help on regulations of a building there reportedly, wind farms in england. one after the other. republicans in congress are in a difficult position, honed in on the conflict of interest issue for hillary clinton for years now. going to be a lot of egg on a lot of faces in congress if they don't exact the same scrutiny and toughness on donald trump. legality or not, not going to pass political muster and people will be bothered. donald trump himself made such an issue of conflict of interest and crooked hillary. no not what, don the con, trying to make profit out of the
9:22 pm
presidency? not sure the american people will stand for that or congress including the republicans stand for this. >> is this draining the swamp? working on family business at the same time? >> as kellyanne conway said, every day he sits with accountants and lawyers to assure him everything he does is right. going to look strenuously to make sure it's not going to flow together. he's ensuring to take appropriate precautions that he doesn't get to position hillary clinton was. >> kellyanne conway also called this his day job. said his day job will be the presidency. does that mean also a night job running trump, inc.? >> passing it along to children. said that already. his interest is unified, people of the united states who put him
9:23 pm
there. >> problem is that he has said that he's going to pass on his business to his children. guess who has been in all the meetings with him thus far? only have gone through two weeks of the beginning. he's done nothing to reassure the american people he's going to take care of the conflict of interest. if hillary clinton had won and chelsea in any of the meetings during the transition? hearings and fox news specials and calls for special investigators. the hypocrisy is unbelievable. >> we have a lot more to talk about. still not gotten to idea that donald trump doesn't want to go after hillary clinton and the issue of the racist groups that met over the weekend. much ahead including what trump said about steve bannon and how his hiring has allegedly stoked enthusiasm in white supremacist
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forred first time donald trump spoke today about the neonazi and white supremacist groups that bolstered his campaign. critics calling him on to speak out about it with the intensity
9:28 pm
he tweeted about "hamilton" and "saturday night live." in meeting with the "new york times" he was asked several times about the white supremacists celebrating his win. he said quote it's not a group i want energized and if they are, i want to look into it and find out why. one way is see what happened at neonazi meeting in washington. sara reports. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> this rally happened just down the street from the white house. >> perhaps refer to them in the original german. >> celebrating donald trump's victory, rhetoric and unmistakable marriage of neonazi hate and donald trump's campaign slogan. >> for us as europeans it's only normal again when we are great again. >> at podium is richard spencer, founder of the movement that calls itself the alt-right,
9:29 pm
message is anti-semitism, neonazi. antiimmigration. >> america was a white country designed for ourselves and our po posterity, it's our creation, our inheritance and it belongs to us. >> crowd gathered for the annual conference for spencer's think tank, the national policy institute. many in the crowd cheering him on with the nazi salute. the video is so alarming the national holocaust museum wrote a letter in response. holocau holocaust didn't begin with killing but with words, comparing spencer's words with hitler's. but what seemed a small group on the internet now seems
9:30 pm
emboldened by trump's victory. >> they view him as champion for their cause. >> and hiring of steve bannon has only intensified the criticism. while bannon once reportedly bragged his website was the platform for the alt-right. he later told the "wall street journal" he has zero tolerance for those tomes. trump said if i thought was any of those terms, i wouldn't even think about hiring him. >> thanks sara. jeffrey lord, do you think the president-elect went far enough to disavow the neonazi group that spoke a few blocks from the white house or should he hold a news conference and look in camera and say -- >> they're not worth the
9:31 pm
attention. nazis, socialists, being the national socialist workers party or whatever it was called. don't give them the time of day. i've talked about identity politics for years being racist. this is exactly right. everybody gave a pass to other groups and up pop a group of white people. this is exactly what happens. left provoked this. >> what did the left do? they didn't hold a meeting at reagan center over the weekend. >> the left, black lives matter or whatever, go back and back, groups that identify themselves by race provoke this group to identify by race. this is america. >> this is the problem with the argument jeff. >> wait, wait. >> they're not identifying by race. this isn't a meeting of the german club or something at i high school.
9:32 pm
this is a group of individuals, jeffrey, who stood in a room using adolf hitler's language of people who saluted him and said it using trump's name. president-elect of the united states. he has an obligation to denounce it, not say if they're energized jesus christ how could you be more energized than that. jeffrey stop saying my name. going to stop talking. i have a right to identify as part of the lgbt community and they don't have a right to say i should be killed because i'm a member of that community. that's. and i didn't incite anyone by being who i am and being proud of it. >> jeffrey -- >> hillary clinton was endorsed by the communist party. still waiting for her to denounce that. >> she's not the president-elect of the united states.
9:33 pm
>> almost was. >> ana? >> here's the problem with jeffrey's argument about identity politics and attacking it, he supported a candidate who is now president-elect spent the last 18 months using identity politics as wedge issue. when you calls mexicans rapists and criminals that's not identity politics? or putting muslims in a registry, that's identity politics. what donald trump has to do is take responsible. he's unleashed the cracken. it's not a coincidence that after he was elected hate crimes spiked up and kkk celebrated his victory and wanted a parade in north carolina or david duke celebrated. >> he renounced. >> if he wants the kraken back in cage take leadership and
9:34 pm
ownership and know he has responsibility in it and try to unify the country. stop fighting with broadway and "new york times," fight the division in the country and white supremacists. be a unifier. >> that's what he's done. those who don't like trump choose to ignore, proet much the first words out of miz mouth, wanted to ab president for all races and religions. and put out statement again as they've gun against it. told the "new york times" i don't want any of this. stop it. he said on 60 minutes tlt cut it out. if it was up to you spend every day of the presidency saying i'm not a racist. not going to be baited into the traps. >> non- --s? s in not up to me. probably doesn't happen to you.
9:35 pm
i get stopped by children afraid of going to school. muslims afraid of going out in the street and having scarves torn off her heads. i don't care what he does. if he doesn't want to succeed as president of the united states. that's perfect. if he wants to unite the country use the bully pulpit he has. he is responsible. >> i hope you're honest -- >> he is responsible for legitimizing and empowering racists out there. not a coincidence they're celebrating that victory. >> i hope you're responsible what you answer them, donald trump said the first words out of his mouth denounced racism. >> do me a favor and don't lecture me on responsibility. when standing -- >> real quick. >> when you're standing in front of u.s. citizen kid who is afraid his parents are going to
9:36 pm
get deported and 8-year-old girl who is afraid u.s. citizen hispanic parntds are going tock deported. >> i hope, president obama -- president obama. >> maria? >> here's the thing. ana's and your point. we can't tell those children not to be afraid because donald trump said he's going to take away the dream act and make 1.5 million kids who have been here through no fault of their own. subject to e deportation so that would be a downright lie. to the point that donald trump said i don't know why they're energized, need to look into it. for five years he pushed birtherism, make our president of the united states other than american because he was
9:37 pm
african-american. >> all right guys. guys. what we're going to do, this is a big conversation and lot of passion here and we have a lot more to discussion. take a quick break and be right back. when standard cancer treatment no longer works for patients like lynn, advanced genomic testing may lead to other treatment options that can work. learn how genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at
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things got a little heated before the break. cooled off now. with the panel. errol lewis, discussion about the neonazi meeting which the trump team didn't directly denounce until today when "new york times" said he wants to find out why the groups are energized. jeffrey lord is saying this is identity politics that the left is calling on trump to denounce it and ana spoke to people feel threatened by the incoming presidency. question to you, fact it did take donald trump these days to comment on it directly, does the passion that we saw here before, is the risk by not addressing it more directly that you'll raise questions that have been raised by people who are concerned? >> look i think it's very
9:42 pm
positive thing he said. if being energized by something i've said or done want to find out why. its frustrating to hear that, i don't know how many editorials or other statements made on the debate stage saying you're waking up a disgusting vicious group of people who have no place in american politics and want them to stay under the rock they're under. and they're saying they like what they hear from trump and he made a few deals with the devil, he and his team and now worse than he realized. not just the disgusting video in washington but marching in the streets and people in a state of panic and not interested in giving him a chance and marginalized and why they're marching. >> jeffrey lord, what you said
9:43 pm
about this group, very quickly was more more impassioned than the trump team did initially. j uft by saying it, doesn't it put the matter to bed? >> i mean he has done this over and over and over again. >> i don't know jeffrey. with david duke he obfuscated and didn't answer until later. this was like that. let it slide until a few days. >> called david duke a racist and said didn't want a part of him in 2000. when the last time president obama or anybody else denounced any of these groups? we keep picking over the sore. he wants no part, disavowed them. nothing to do with them. they're racists, nazis, the end. that's it. 200 people in that hotel room are racist. big deal.
9:44 pm
stay away with them. >> with all due respect it's not about what donald trump wants. we are seeing meetings -- this meeting happened. we have video of it. seeing documented hate crimes and graffiti and language. see -- people -- >> seeing hate crimes statistically documented by law enforcement go up. i believe and have always elected officials have a bully pulpit that when we use it cannot only embrace survivors of hate crimes but send a message that will drive them down. i ran a crime agents assistance agency and i know from the work i've done and people are fearful. a message bigger and louder to
9:45 pm
donald trump, where he says i denounce all hate crimes and support the victims and not going to happen in my america. seen mayors doing in new york and governors do it. can literally change people's behavior and save lives. we have a problem right now. not about identity politics but hate and violence and harassment. and i really, really urge the president-elect to not make it about himself but about helping americans who are being tarkted. people i know who have gotten that kind of hate in the mail where they live with their children. >> the president of the united states, president obama, was abroad the other day and asked to denounce the protesters in the street causing violence in portland and elsewhere and declined to do it, dwant to silence them. >> let's stop pivoting. this is about donald trump's
9:46 pm
responsibility. >> one -- >> he is the president-elect. >> jeffrey, this group that met over the weekend in washington, d.c., questioned whether jews were people. >> they're racist. >> i understand but you're drawing an equivalence to them and protesters on the street and whatever they broke and violence they did is abhorrent but it's not questioning whether jews are people. so there well is no equivalence. >> it's part and parcel of the same thing. >> no it's not. >> it's no the jeffrey. >> it'sed dna of violence. >> if you want -- if you love to compare things about president obama so let's. in 2008, if you recall the reverend jeremiah wright controversy. good friend of president obama said horrible things and what did president obama do? didn't pretend he didn't say
9:47 pm
them or take a week or month to avoid them, let me finish. he gave a speech that showed the kind of leader with the backbone that you need to be the president of the united states to actually bring people together. donald trump has an opportunity here. he needs to step up to the plate to do exactly that. >> take a quick break and talk about this and what americans, many of whom supported donald trump in many of the key states, what they're making of this discussion. speak to j.d. vance, author of "hillbilly elegy" his memoir of growing up in a poor town. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event.
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all in a pandora keepsake box. save $225 on this jared exclusive. maggie haberman, who we heard from earlier live, tweeted the meeting that she and others at "the new york times" had today with president-elect trump. this is one of her tweets. "these people are really angry. trump said the people who supported him in formerly democratic states, they're the forgotten man and woman." it's an expression trump has used before, forgotten man and woman, white voters many without a college degree, overwhelmingly did vote for him, helping him to clinch key rust belt states. so now that he's won, what do these voters now expect? joining me now is j.d. vance, former marine, yale law school graduate and author of "hillbilly elegy: a memoir of family and culture in crisis." it's his story of growing up in a small town in rural ohio. you know, j.d., i don't know if
9:51 pm
you if you had a chance to listen to the discussion we've been having here over the last several minutes. it had to do with this group that met over the weekend in washington, d.c., this white supremacist neo nazi group that had awful things to say and that it took trump a few days to directly denounce it. this is a small group of a few hundred people. this is not the people that you write about in these rust belt states, many of whom or most of whom voted for donald trump. what do you think they make right now, these trump voters, these forgotten trump voters, what would they make of this discussion we were having about this group that met and trump's response to it? j.d., you hearing me okay? i don't think j.d. vance is hearing me. i want to bring back in our panel. joining me is kayleigh mcenany, donald trump supporter, christine quinn and maria cardona are here. kayleigh, i'll put the question to you. it's interesting. there's a fiery debate here inside the new york studio about
9:52 pm
what happened in washington, d.c. there's a whole country out there, many of whom voted for donald trump and many who didn't. these voters in these states that we were just talking about right now, they know this discussion's going on. they must know this discussion's going on. what do you think they're making of it? >> you're referring to the hate conference in washington, d.c., right? >> yes. >> i think most voters are watching and they know donald trump is not a racist, they know no one he's appointed to his cabinet is a racist. they understand that the left is desperately trying to paint them as so. they understand that his campaign and his presidency and his cabinet has no affiliation with the group of 200 racists we saw gather in that d.c. hotel. what they're concerned about is how they're going to get food on the table for thanksgiving, how they're going to ensure they have a job come next january, how they're going to afford obamacare premiums. that is what they're concerned about because they know this is a narrative being sowed by the left and it's a false narrative. >> j.d. vance, are you with us now? >> i'm with you. >> fantastic. a technical marvel. you just heard kayleigh mcenany and i hope you heard our discussion before about this hate group that met over the weekend in washington.
9:53 pm
>> i did. >> again, i'm curious, the overwhelming number of trump voters clearly not associated with this group in any way, but what they make of the discussion about this group and donald trump's response to it. >> well, so many of the voters i know who voted for donald trump didn't love the rhetoric, some of the rhetoric employed by the campaign in the first place. so i know a lot of trump voters are probably saying to themselves right now, that's a really good move. it's right for him to condemn these folks. so a lot of folks might be thinking he's flip-flopping even, but i don't think that and i think a lot of the voters i know are excited he's talking about these very deplorable people in the way that he is. >> so there's no risk to him for speaking out against it because some people say, oh, if he speaks out against it, he shines a light on it. you know, he could do it sooner if he wanted to and not offend his voters, correct? >> yeah, i think that's definitely true. and it's an interesting question about why he didn't speak out sooner. it may just be that the campaign didn't feel like they were important enough. so i won't psychoanalyze him
9:54 pm
personal lly but i definitely think a lot of folks i whoa no supported him are celebrating the fact that he's talking about the alt-right in this way. >> so there was a lot of news made today in donald trump's meeting with "the new york times," covered a lot of subjects. one of the areas that came up the most was this idea of potential conflicts of interest between the trump business and the business of the country. and donald trump essentially said today there are no conflicts of interest. i'm going to keep on -- my family's going to keep on working here, i'm not necessarily going to put this in a blind trust, and it is what it is, there's no governing law here. does this coincide with the "drain the swamp" rhetoric, the "i'm going to change the way washington is run" notion that was so attractive to so many of these voters? >> well, it's probably a little too early to say, you know? it definitely is true that the optics aren't perfect right now, but i think a lot of folks are taking a very patient wait-and-see approach. they don't necessarily think that things are going to get better immediately. they recognize that a lot of the folks that are going to staff his administration are maybe coming from prior
9:55 pm
administrations and so forth. so i really do think that most people will give him some time, will actually wait and see whether once he's president these conflicts of interest really affect his administration. but until then, my sense is that it's not really going to hurt him. >> so was it that they voted for him, you know, in spite of the business and the connections there, or because of it? i mean, that is a question that a lot of people are asking. >> well, maybe not either. i think that a lot of folks recognize that he's a successful businessman and they liked him because of that. but really what drew most people to him is this really fundamental recognition that politics as usual wasn't working. it was a rejection, of course. both of the republican elites, back in the republican primary, but also the democratic elites, obviously, in the general election, so i don't think that his business dealings really influenced his voters one way or the other. i do think that it could cause some problems for him, if once he's president it's clearly that he's allowing his business interests to affect his decisions. but until then, until he's
9:56 pm
making those decisions as president, i think folks are going to give him a pretty long leash. >> it is interesting, right? he ran against in some ways the influence of money. right? he wanted to drain the swamp. he wanted to get campaign contributions and the like out of washington. he bragged that he was self-financing during the campaign, even at times when he wasn't. and that was very popular to voters at the rallies that i went to. >> sure. >> nevertheless, i mean, in a way money is still involved in politics, his politics, his governing if making money is still part of what his family and in some ways he will be doing. >> well, absolutely. if that ends up being the way that he runs his administration, it will certainly affect him. folks are definitely sensitive to the idea that money influences politics and it influences politics in a way that's against their interests. but at the end of the day, if once he's president that doesn't influence the way that he governs, if he gives folks some things on the economic side that really make them feel like they were justified in supporting him, i don't think it's going to affect him.
9:57 pm
i really do think this run-up to the election, or sorry, this run-up to the inauguration, the transition team and so forth, people are sort of taking a wait-and-see approach. i think that's the approach that most voters are taking. of course, if he takes the wrong approach when he's president, i don't think that people are going to continue to give him that long leash. >> i thought of you when the video was released yesterday, he released this video saying what he's going to do in the first days in office. and he kept on emphasizing jobs, jobs, jobs. keeps on going back to that word. his team keeps on going back to that word whenever he can. and i have to believe that's incredibly attractive to a lot of people. >> oh, absolutely, it is. that's definitely, i think, why most folks who voted for him ended up voting for him. that's certainly a big part of the reason that a lot of rust belt white working-class voters switched from obama in 2008 to trump in 2016. and that's what he's going to be ultimately judged on. i don't think folks expect things to turn on a dime. i don't think trump will be penalized in mid-2017 if all the jobs haven't come back. but if these trend lines don't
9:58 pm
move in the right direction, if this opioid crisis continues to get bad, if the jobs crisis continues to influence and affect these areas where trump's voters are living, especially in an acute way, they're going to punish him for it, just as they did obama frankly and the democrats in 2016, just as they did republicans and bush in 2008. it's definitely -- there's a recognition that things aren't going especially well, so trump has some time but i don't think he has unlimited time. >> j.d. vance, great to have you with us. really appreciate it. up next, another hour of "360." the president-elect heads to his florida home after telling "the new york times" that the president "can't have a conflict of interest" and he could run his business and the country perfectly at the same time. more about that meeting and the president-elect's plans, that's next. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag,
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