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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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top of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. we begin with breaking news. at any moment now we will be seeing donald trump live up to a major campaign promise as well as his precipitation as a deal maker in chief. note, it is 50 days before he officially places his hand on that bible in washington and becomes the next president of the united states. i'm talking about trump winning back a thousand jobs in indiana that had been on their way to mexico. any minute now trump and his
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vice president-elect, mike pence, who you will remember as the governor of the great state of indiana, they're scheduled to tour the carrier air conditioning plant in indiana but as trump and pence take a victory lap, taxpayers could lose out and critics including conservatives say trump may be setting a dangerous precedent. a source familiar with the negotiations tells cnn carrier will get $7 million in state incentives and tax breaks over the course of ten years in exchange for keeping those thousand jobs where they are. meantime this carrier tour kicks off a day of celebration for trump. later on he will begin what his team is calling a thank you tour starting with an event in cincinnati, ohio. first we begin in indiana. se cnn's suzanne malveaux is in
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indianapolis. has his plane arrived. >> reporter: we know the plane is about to arrive, approximately 2:03. he'll go straight to the plant and he'll be on the floor where ten months ago the bosses told their employees their jobs were going to mexico. that's where he's going to start the tour. take around the plant and end up here and address the details of this deal here. a lot of people very excited, there's anticipation and a sents of worry, too, brooke. some people feel like this won't apply to everybody. the bulk of the jobs will be saved but some people are not certain if they'll take a pay cut, if the roll will change. some of the details we have learned as you have as well, it's $7 million over the course of 10 years and it means $700,000 a year. it breaks down to $500,000 as a tax income refund and $200,000 for training of employees. so that is what they are looking at. those are small numbers, as you
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know, brooke, compared to what the company said they could have saved up to $65 million a year if they had moved their operation to mexico so the big picture, the big question is what is behind this deal here and that you have to take a look at the parent company, united technologies. it's a major defense company contracting with the government. it's $56 billion in revenue, about 10% of that business with the pentagon so that is also something that people are looking at what was behind this art of the deal, if you will. but, brooke, i have been speaking with workers as well as union representatives of the united steel workers and he is saying we were not a part of this negotiation, we're not certain if this is the best deal for our workers. they are meeting with trump when he gets here. they want to make sure they are happy with what they're hearing and what they're going to be telling their workers but this is an extraordinarily rare
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situation, brooke, and he's simply seemed to have pulled it off, at least he is taking credit for it, brooke. >> there alots of praise, lots criticism including senator sanders writing this op-ed in the "washington post." we'll get to that momentarily. trump's deal with carrier has its critics. you will hear from one of the fiercest. but we have heard from some of the 1,000 people who will get to stay where they are, keep paying their mortgages, keeping their jobs and their families with responses ranging from straight up joy to cautious optimism. even the white house is giving trump credit -- kind of. here he is. >> that's good news and an announcement we would welcome. >> but as i mentioned yesterday mr. trump would have to make 804 more announcements just like that to equal the standard of
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jobs in the manufacturing sector that were created in this country under president obama's watch. >> while we wait for president-elect donald trump to appear at carrier, let's having aer be conversation with ryan lizza, the washington correspondent for the "new yorker." david gergen, past adviser to four presidents, including presidents nixon and clinton. finance expert monica metaa and cnn politics expert eric bradner who has spent many years covering the state of indiana. this is fluid. at any moment if we see trump we'll take it live. eric, to you first, as the indiana voice here so far i wanted to take everyone back to february when candidate trump was talking about carrier and the jobs back on the trail. >> you're going to make air conditionser now in mexico. you're going to get all of these 1400 people being laid off.
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they were crying, it was a very sad situation. you're going to go to mexico and put them across our border with no tax. i'll them them right now i'll get consensus from congress and we'll tax you when those air conditioners come so stay where you are or build in the united states. because we are killing ourselves with trade packs that are no good for us and no good for our workers. >> so that was candidate trump, eric, at that debate in february. fast forward to now and there's followthrough. for people from indiana, how big of a victory is this? >> this is not exactly what he promised to do. there are no tariffs involved but he did make a very specific pledge, not jobs overall but one specific instance and here he is carrying it out. so it's a major public relations victory if nothing el. it doesn't address a quarter million manufacturing jobs lost in the united states over the last year but it's a start and
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something he's been able to do as president-elect before having the power of the oval office so this is significant in indiana. this is a major morer. this is a source of a lot of sort of middle-class jobs in the indianapolis area. the state's most populous and it's a state that went for president obama in 2008 and then eight years later overwhelmingly for donald trump so there's clearly a lot of hope that he can carry through on some of these promises and this is a reason for optimism for employees at carrier in indianapolis if not more broadly. >> ryan lizz a, this is what we heard from trump as he was out campaigning, i want to keep jobs in the u.s., this is all about the economy. here he is saving these thousand jobs. from a political lens, how symbolic is this. >> it's pretty important. if these jobs had been sent to mexico we would be slamming
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trump and saying this was an empty promise he made on the campaign trail and he was never going to follow through so you have to give him credit he said he was going to do this and he did it. the devil is in the details and $7 million in tax incentives for a thousand jobs, that's what, $7,000 a job? and the question is, what will be his broader economic policy that increases manufacturing in the united states? he can, of course, go factory to factory and make individual deals to -- >> of course he can't. >> so we need to know what the bigger package is and obviously as a lot of economists on both the right and left have pointed out over the last couple days, you do create an incentive for sort of corporate extortion. you're a big employer, you go to the white house and say, hey, i'm going to move these jobs to mexico unless you give me a similar deal that carrier got. so there are a lot of economists -- >> which is exactly what senator
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bernie sanders who would have liked to have been in the white house, is what he was writing about in the "washington post." >> that's not a crazy left wing bernie sanders thing. you'll find economists on the right making the same argument right now. >> it's a valid concern. let me read an excerpt if you haven't read this op-ed from the "post" this morning. senator sanders writes "instead of a damn tax, the company will be rewarded with a damn tax cut. wow. how's that for standing on to corporate greed. united technologies took trump hostage and won and that should send shock waves of fear for all workers across the country." david gergen, thinking if you're a company and you're thinking okay if there's a sweetener and maybe i threat on the move to mexico, what can the president do for me? >> i don't recall bernie sanders writing an op-ed like this when president obama intervened and saved the automobile industry in this country. he did the right thing and he deserved credit for it and in some ways this is a much smaller
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measure obviously and you can belittle it all you want but i think it's important. i think it's symbolically important. the first thing he did on jobs was good for american workers. >> and he's not even been worn in. >> and he's pulled this off. secondly very importantly for his leadership. he sends an important message to workers across the country. "i'm on your side." and that's very important to governing. everybody understands he won't be able to return these jobs. we've lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000. but if he's out there fighting for you it makes you feel better about the guy in the white house. >> put this in perspective. >> five million jobs lost is one out of every six manufacturing jobs so trump is touching upon a pain point that has existed for a big part of america, that politicians have been very slow to recognize so moving forward in the way he has with this public expression is meaningful
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to many workers in america and it will earn him brownie points and she'll walk the walk with the talk he's had. >> i was reading alan murray who had the scoop on how this whole thing went down initially and apparently it was the president-elect himself who picked up the phone and called the ceo of carrier's parent company united technologies, greg hayes, who will be the first speaker when we take this event live momentarily and negotiated this whole thing and then finally said, all right, now you can work with my friend the vice president-elect mike pence who you know as the governor of your state. how should trump tone matters when he speaks momentarily? what should he say? >> it's interesting that state incentives are involved here because they're almost sort of window dressing. democratic and republican states and municipalities offer these
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sorts of incentives all the time and even in the context of indiana's incentives the $7 million isn't much so this is really about trump -- i don't know if threatening is the right word but appearing poised to use the power of the oval office to revoke a federal contract or a series of federal contracts. that's a bit of a dangerous threat. especially when national security is involved as it is in some of these united technologies contracts. so he has to strike a sort of measured tone here. he doesn't want to be throwing markets into flux, threatening companies. he wants to come off as having achieved something without appearing to port the american economy at risk the way things are done into plux so it will be a bit channeling. i think that's why we're seeing
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a bit of emphasis on the state incentives even though they don't amount to much here. it's sort of a carrot-and-stick approach that trump gets to talk about and brag about now. >> david gergen, it's interesting eric used the word "brag." you have to be care informal your language saying "see? told you in february, maybe the deal isn't the same as i said but i'm saving you your jobs." >> i think he would be so much better off if he doesn't brag, if, in fact, he's grateful, he's grateful to the leadership of carrier, of united technologies and the good people in the state and the governor and others in the state who made this happen. he should stand back and not take credit. it would surprise everybody and it would also billion the gracious thing to do. >> i want to ask all of you to stay with me. we are watching and waiting for this moment where we'll be seeing the head of this company who's the one who spoke with mr. trump and helped broke they are deal along with the president-elect, the vice
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president-elect there at carrier, at that plant in indianapolis. we will take it live and listen for their message also ahead, we will hear from the people who are on the front lines of the factory, those affected the most at carrier who last february learned their jobs would be moved to mexico. what are their thoughts now? are they celebrating or not quite yet? we'll take you live to the carrier facility next. also ahead, the trump thank you tour kicks off with a rally in cincinnati, ohio. the question many are asking, which donald trump will we see? we'll be back in a moment. >> i worked in cincinnati and i love cincinnati. that i can tell you. [ cheers and applause ] you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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we'll be listening to once they arrive at the carrier facility in indianapolis where he has helped save these thousand jobs, we'll hear from the ceo of united technologies first, greg hayes, then the vice president-elect who is also the governor of indiana, and then from the president-elect as well. essentially this is the promise, to get the air conditioning manufacturer carrier to keep jobs in indiana instead of sending them to mexico. there is a deal to save a thousand of these jobs. we don't know all the details, we could learn some once we hear from all of them at that plant in indianapolis momentarily. i can only imagine the workers are eager to find out how legit this deal is after they're giving the heartbreaking news back in february. >> it became clear the best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico.
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[ yells ] >> fast forward to july, donald trump was making some serious campaign promises vowing to keep that plant open. >> we're not going to let them just take our companies out, fire everybody. these are people with carrier for many, many years. we're not going to let it happen. >> well, mr. trump is on the way, we'll keep that camera pointed to that door so hopefully we can sneak a peek of him and the vice president-elect getting off that plane. but people at this plant are cautiously optimistic. >> joy, excited, and looking to the future. >> it means i don't have to go out hitting the streets looking for a job. it means that i can put my last daughter through college. >> i woke up with a smile on my face. >> a part of me is happy but a part of me is still saying is this really true because we heard this news back in february
11:21 am
the company is leaving. they've made that known. will we keep the same way, one? two, how long will they stay? >> kind of skeptical, unsure, really how it's going to play out. >> joining me now by phone one of those workers at that factory, carrier, who's been there for about ten years, she is amber needy who's on the factory floor in indiana. also, jared evan, the councilman who represents the district where the carrier plant is located. welcome to both of you, amber, it's the middle of your work day, appreciate you hopping on the phone. this could directly impact you. . are you feeling a big sigh of relief or not so much? >> honestly, i remain optimistic but at the same time i'm still waiting to gather more information and the impact that it will have on us. >> do you know -- do you all know yet whose jobs will be
11:22 am
saved? >>. >> no, we have not been provided with that information yet. >> you haven't. do you know if you will be meeting at all with the president-elect or the vice president-elect? >> we had heard rumors that there was supposed to be a meeting around 2:00. it's after 2:00 obviously. i'm still hoping we'll be able to meet with them and find out some information about what's occurring but at this time i don't have any confirmation about that. >> let me ask you this. if you were to be able to have the ear of the president-elect what would you want him to know? what would you ask about all of this? >> well, obviously i would take the time to thank him. he put a lot of effort to help my fellow employees keep jobs. i want to thank him for his
11:23 am
efforts because i roh he's trying to put his cabinet together. but i want to know what impact this has on the state of indiana. i'm very grateful jobs will be saved but i'm also really curious about at what cost it may be to the taxpayers. >> yup. it's a great point. amber, stay with me. jared, let me bring you in as a city councilman, you're a democrat but these are your constituents a thousad of whom who get to stay put in indianapolis. what's your response to this news? >> well, you know, gratefulness, we're thankful and we're appreciative for the labor movement and keeping this in the media. we have to remind ourselves that this started because a brave woman videotape recorded the incident which was taking place when they were getting fired. >> we just played it.
11:24 am
>> i'm thankful for president-elect trump for continuing to keep this as his campaign rhett riboric -- excus not rhetoric, but keeping in the the news, so we're thankful. >> here they are. pictures of the president elect and the vice president-elect leaving the plane in indianapolis and momentarily arriving. they'll take a tour of carrier which is where amber is working right now. as we stay on these pictures, amber, did you vote for trump? can i put you on the spot? >> yes, i did. >> so you tell me, was part of the reason why you voted for him because of what he talked about with regard to the economy? with regard to working and middle-class americans in keeping jobs in america? >> honestly my main reason for voting for donald trump was because of his talk about how he was going to improve the economy and on his immigration policy.
11:25 am
>> and so with him at your factory, one of the worries we're talking about, senator bernie sanders who wrote this opinion piece in the "washington post" and he was saying this could be a dangerous precedent because this could be another plant, another factory and you threaten about moving to mexico because you think there may be sweeteners, incentive thrown in, that could be dangerous. can you see that perspective? >> i mean, i like to pride myself on being an open-minded individual capable of seeing both sides of the story, so i definitely understand that. >> amber, i think i'm having a tough time hearing you. i wish it was a little clearer. jared, same question to you. >> we're a little afraid we're setting a dangerous precedent. historically we haven't given
11:26 am
incentives for companies to stay here. it's usually been given to companies to expand, to create jobs, so it's a dangerous precedent. i don't want to sound like we peer not thankful, i'm very grateful and thankful for president-elect trump. the carrier workers for keeping this out there. we're going to have to look at addressing this. the solution that i think -- but i'm not positive with all the information but the solution appearing to be created is not something that every state and city can continue to do and repeat. this is kind of corporate welfare. this is a multibillion dollar profitable company who basically is saying give me or more money or we'll take these jobs and go to mexico.thankful we're keepin a thousand families in work. however a thousand other families at this point it
11:27 am
doesn't appear are going to be able to have their jobs. just down the street from carrier we have another plant, rexnord, that's 350 families as well losing their jobs to monterey, mexico. are we going to -- where's the tax incentives for them? you can see where this precedent that is being set by this, many this is something other companies are going to want to see being done for them. we have to address this nationally. i think senator donnelly has put together a white paper that has those addresses. senator sanders had the opinion, op-ed and i think you had great things in there. when you have ceos making over $100 million, this isn't appropriate. >> jared evans, thank you for your voice, amber needy, thank you for taking a moment with me. perhaps you'll get that moment we they are the president-elect or the vice president-elect. these are lye live pictures, we
11:28 am
saw them disembark that plane on the tarmac and they will head to that carrier plant in indianapolis. we're told they'll take a tour and then hear from the ceo of united technologies that helped broker this deal with these two gentlemen you see on your screen. also, in addition to being in indiana today, they will be taking a bit of a victory lap in the rest bult. in addition to this carrier plant tour there will be a huge rally in ohio for this evening. what will that look like? what will the tone be? the optics, lots to talk about here on this thursday. we'll be right back. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare
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live pictures of indianapolis, indiana, here. behind that podium we'll hear from the see the owe of united technologies greg hayes, he is the man who hopped on the phone with the president-elect two weeks ago according to "fortune" and essentially helped broker this deal to save a thousand jobs from going down to mexico so we know the president-elect and the vice president-elect have arrived in indianapolis. we will take this live as soon as we see them there but moving on from indianapolis and into ohio, it's deja vu for donald trump. donald trump whether -- will revisit the campaign states that got him elected. vice president-elect mike pence will join him there in ohio, one of six states trump won. it went blue for president obama in 2008 and twa2012. let me bring my panel back from
11:34 am
the top of the hour. david gergen, this notion of a thank you tour, has this been done before? >> yes, this is not untypical for politicians, especially presidents. they go on vic troir tours, people call them thank you tours. it's a way to keep connected around it's worthwhile during a transition. we've been heap ago lot of criticism on donald trump and he's deserved most of it but we have now in indianapolis and in ohio uses of presidential power as we call it that are traditional and effective. >> and talking to a trump supporters saying listen this is donald trump wanting to say thank you so much for voting for me. there was a moment i wanted to play from 2009. this was about to be president-elect obama, i should be precise, when he was in ohio, he visited a manufacturer for win energy parts and was pitching his stimulus package, his economic recovery package.
11:35 am
it was the business fastener which hired two workers that week. >> with all the bad news going out there, with all the word of jobs being lost and businesses shuttered, jobs were created right here this week. >> ryan lizza, how important are these opportunities and victories for incoming presidents? >> look he's going to make the most out of this deal and he's going to have a chance to have his say and promote this and just to put some facts on the table, i was just reviewing the "wall street journal's" account of this deal, they have good reporting and three numbers here, 800, 600, 700. 800 are the number of jobs that have been saved here in indiana at this furnace factory. 600 are the numbers that will still go to mexico at this factory and there is another carrier factory in huntington,
11:36 am
indiana, where another 700 are also going to mexico. so it's important to keep this in perspective. this is -- he is following through on at least partially following through on a campaign promise but this is not stemming to flow of offshoring in the united states. that will require a national policy and frankly it's not just offshoring anymore, it's automation. and that's a huge driver now in the decline of manufacturing jobs and there's no easy solution to that. so just a couple thoughts to put things in perspective. >> absolutely. absolutely. by the way, that was a quick drive to the plant so here he is, the president elect and the vice president-elect and presumably somewhere in there is the ceo of united technologies, the big boss of this plant there, carrier. so let's stay on these pictures. we're anticipating him addressing the media on this victory there for indiana but
11:37 am
looking ahead to this evening shall we listen? >> i'm getting dizzy. these are the pictures we have. eric, just let's stay on these pictures watching the president-elect and the vice president-elect side by side waving at these employees. by the way, many of whom don't know exactly whose jobs will be saved. it's just a thousand, which is awesome, i shouldn't say just a thousand, that's a thousand families who don't have to move at all. what do you make of what we're watching? >> well, donald trump is the ultimate extrovert.
11:38 am
we've saw him draw his energy from wading into crowds of adoring supporters. he likes to war with the media and -- but he really seems to enjoy this kind of thing. these are not necessarily trump supporters. you just talked to one of them, but these are working class people who made up the core of trump support in drax states and the midwest and a lot of these are union members. unions went for trump -- went much more for trump than they have for republican presidential nominees in the past. so these are his people. he has clearly drawn energy from this sort of thing. this is what excites him. >> look at the workers taking pictures. look at the workers with their cell phones taking photos of this major moment at their plant in indianapolis. >> this is rare. this is not the kind of thing --
11:39 am
you don't see presidents intervene this way very often or president-elects specifically. this is unusual. this is the kind of things mayors and governors do. it was in part made possible because mike pence for a little longer is the governor of indiana. remember, there are state tax incentives here in play that are part of this deal so it's not uncommon at all in red or blue states to see governors and mayors taking these tours with small press corps in tow but it's a lot more unusual to see a president intervene on this level. so, yeah, for these people this is a great deal. for the people in this factory right now just ahead of the holiday season they have reason for optimism about their jobs. some are still, of course, going to mexico but others will be remaining in indiana so no
11:40 am
matter the broader implications, and trump, of course, will soon have to roll out a national policy to address these sorts of things. in this one specific case, this is great news for these people. >> david gergen? i'm looking at you looking at these pictures. >> well, i don't think donald trump is the first president to visit factories. barack obama went all the time and he went for a different purpose, usually to illustrate a model, some breakthrough, some company of the future and to go to ryan lizza's point, the one thing this whole tableau does not address is the impact of automation, the impact of technology upon jobs and globalization so this sucking sound drawing jobs into mexico as ross perot used to say. i think this is an important symbolic victory for him. we shouldn't mistake it to be an answer to the long-term problems of workers in these communities.
11:41 am
>> again i go back to just -- we just want to provide all perspectives, i go back to the "washington post" piece by bernie sanders where he said trump has endangered the jobs of workers who were previously safe in the u.s. why? because he signalled to every corporation in america that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives. he referred to this as trump's band-aid solutions. >> can i take exception to that? >> yes, you can. >> donald trump's response to that would be it's not that i'm going to try to go out and save every corporation in this situation rather my national policy will be to cut corporate taxes and he has a dramatic proposal to cut corporate taxes which are among the highest in the world in america. 35% to 15%. even conservatives in congress think maybe that's too big. and he hasn't outlined any plan to pay for it as well as the individual tax cuts. but from his perspective, hey, look, that will cut your costs
11:42 am
at a lot of the carriers around the country so you won't have to go to mexico. >> what are you thinking? you were saying, monica, talking about these jobs, you know, just down the road there's a plan shuttering but the point being this is worth celebrating, this is a thoubs jobs staying in the united states. good on donald trump for making this happen and you were saying stop the bleeding. >> this shouldn't be a political issue for democrats or republicans. saving jobs and putting people back to work in america should be a common goal for everyone and as one of the contributors said earlier, yeah, this is a huge problem and we're not going to have an overwhelming solution but taking a sten in the right direction is a good thing. stopping the bleeding is a good thing. $7 million to save 800 workers is about $87.50 per job. the state will collect that back in taxes in a year or two. these steps are positive and it's a mistake to make it political because we're militiaing a bigger issue that we should be together trying to
11:43 am
support industries. >> ryan lizza, how could it not be political? [ laughter ] >> i disagree because of course it's political, the way in which our elected officials go about creating jobs, saving jobs is at the core of the differences between the two parties so inevitably -- let's take, for instance, what trump said on the campaign trail. he said his method for saying the jobs from carrier would be to threaten a gigantic tariff on these furnaces if they were exported back into the united states and he criticized barack obama's manufacturing plan which was government incentives, government outlays. now, of course, as the details of this deal become revealed he went with the more obama-like approach. there was no -- he didn't let the jobs go and threaten tariffs. he basically paid carrier in the form of state tax incentives or at least negotiated that deal. so that's a big debate between
11:44 am
the parties and trump has sort of flipped his metshodology in saving the jobs. so everyone's in favor of saving jobs but the point a lot of economists are making about the incentive this creates for corporations in america, especially a huge multinational profitable company like united technologies, that's important for us to dig in here and not just let -- as much as we want to celebrate 800 families keeping their jobs in this holiday season, not lose sight of the bigger trends that are driving this and that we still don't have solutions frankly from either party. >> i'm wondering -- and i'm talking to the control room -- if we can at all rerack the tape -- that sounds old school because we don't have tape but for the people to see the president-elect, the vice president-elect sitting at that table with those workers taking pictures. this is a huge deal for this factory. i'm wondering, eric, as someone
11:45 am
who let me just repeat who has spent many years in indiana. what -- and i did talk to a trump supporter who works at that plant and she's still cautiously optimistic over how this exactly will work but do we know if he's meeting with any employees or meeting with the brass? >> we know that local union officials were headed over to carrier earlier today to sort of learn the details of what's going on. sort of all of the workers are a little bit in the dark right now. i think what we're seeing is trump chatting with some union employees but i'm not sure if he's going to do sort of separate private event with them. it does seem he's taking advantage of a public relations window here. in a couple months, donald trump's job is going to get a lot harder. he's going to be going to capitol hill trying to get a national policy and corporate
11:46 am
tax cuts passed with a senate where he'll need democratic votes. so this achievement is significant in that there is no real counterpoint yet. there's no expectation that trump is going to be setting and making and achieving policy goals because he's not yet in office so he gets to go back to an area where he had a lot of support on the campaign trail to a region where he had a lot of support and cheer lead this one accomplishment without the sort of counterpoint that he has failed to accomplish anything more broadly. because that's not the expectation at this point. >> let me ask all of you to stick around. we want to speak a quick break in. we are moments away from hearing the message as he is there in indianapolis touring this plant as we speak. he'll be delivering a message to the rest of us momentarily. stay with me. you're watching cnn.
11:47 am
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we are lye in indianapolis where we're be seeing the president-elect and vice president-elect. they're touring this air conditioning carrier plant where the president-elect has made good on a promise he made back in a debate in february that he wanted to keep these jobs set to go to mexico here in the united states so suzanne malveaux is there for us in that room where we anticipate this live message but set the scene for me suzanne and talk about what these workers, how these workers feel
11:52 am
about this news. >> reporter: brooke, i have to tell you most of the workers here are grateful, they are thankful for donald trump and mike pence. here's the reason why. they say he put the carrier organization and these employees on the map during the election. he was the one that brought this to the nation's attention that they were in fear of losing their jobs, at risk of losing their jobs. when you had the owners of this company, of united technologies there on the plant floor announcing to those employees back in february that their jobs were going to mexico, one worker took out his cell phone, captured it on facebook and it went viral and donald trump saw that and decided to use that as a center piece for his campaign to bring jobs back to this country. so for that reason alone many people i speak to are very excited to see him. there is still some nervousness about who is going to keep their job, who will lose their job, under what terms. we're getting some indications that folks are about to come out fairly soon, brooke, so when
11:53 am
that happensly stop talking. but i have had a chance to talk to a lot of these workers. one of them, check jones with united steel workers local 1999, he represents those here at carrier, frustrated, of course, that they were not involved in the negotiations, help the kept out of it. it was between state officials and the parent company united technologies but i talked to him and he said, look, i'm not going to be a trump fan, this is not going to turn me into a trump fan. he was very critical during the campaign but he did say he's going to give donald trump and mike pence credit for this movement because at least there will be some here who will keep their jobs and these guys who i talked to, they make $25 an hour. it's enough to certainly help them put some of their kids through college, some of them are grandparents, they've been here for more than a dozen years so they are very excited about what they were going to learn. about 100 folks or so gathered.
11:54 am
it's a relatively small room, they've been here for an hour. there's the announcement. >> here we go. >> reporter: let's take a listen. [ applause ] >> i assume this isn't all for me. first of all, welcome to carrier, indianapolis. it's an honor to welcome president-elect trump as well as vice president-elect pence and the new governor, governor holcomb from indiana today. first thing i would like that do is thank our carrier workers for their dedication and loyalty over their many years but especially for their continued focus and dedication during a very difficult year here in indianapolis. over the past couple weeks, we've had productive discussions with president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence about their plans to improve the competitiveness of the u.s. business environment through tax reform and through a more
11:55 am
thoughtful approach to regulation. those plans have given us a rethissed confidence in the future of manufacturing here in the united states. it's why today we can talk about 1,100 jobs in indiana going forward. so i'm pleased to announce that we have decided to keep carrier, indianapolis. the plant will remain open and continue manufacturing operations here. we'll also designate this facility as a center of excellence for gas furnace production. we'll invest more than $16 million over the next two years to ensure that it remains a world class manufacturing facility with the ability to compete globally. thank you again for your hard work and dedication to the entire carrier team and i look forward to this facility continuing to deliver industry leading products to our customers across north america. with that, it's my pleasure to introduce vice president-elect mike pence.
11:56 am
>> how about another round of applause for greg hayes, the chairman and ceo of united technologies. it's great to have him in the hoosier state. [ applause ] to the executives at united technologies who are us, executives with carrier, to the great carrier team here in indiana. [ cheers and applause ] to our honored guests, governor-elect eric holcomb, indiana speaker of the house brian basma. indianapolis major joe hogset, my fellow hoosiers. it is great to be back home again in indiana. [ applause ]
11:57 am
this is a great day gr indiana and it's a great day for working people all across the united states of america. the state of indiana is very proud. we're a proud manufacturing state, we're home to low taxes, sensible regulations, great schools and roads and the best work force in america. since the 1950s, carrier has been a part of indiana's manufacturing success story and we've been proud of it. as governor i couldn't be more pleased and grateful that thanks to the initiative and leadership of president-elect donald trump that carrier has decided to stay and grow right here in america. [ cheers and applause ] we're so grateful. we're so grateful that thanks to the initiative of our
11:58 am
president-elect that i'll talk about in a minute and, frankly, thanks to the confidence of greg hayes, united technologies, and bob mcdonough at carrier. carrier has decided to stay in indiana, invest more than $16 million in this facility alone and will keep more than 1,000 jobs right here in the heart of the heartland. [ applause ] what a difference a year makes. the truth be told, job announcements are almost a daily thing here in the state of indiana. we're at record employment today. we have more hoosiers going to work than ever before. that's why, frankly, along with all of you who work in this facility that that day, february 10, was a heartbreaking day and carrier made the difficult decision to close this facility and move jobs out of our
11:59 am
country. we met with the leaders of the company back in march and try as we might to make the indiana case, it was clear that the die was cast. a simple truth was that policies coming out of our nation's capital were literally driving jobs out of this country. what was missing was clear to me as your governor, what was missing was leadership and change. well, the american people voted for change last month and even before taking office our president elect provided by real leadership that made the difference. [ applause ] you know, president-elect trump did just what he said he would do. he picked up the phone, i was actually in the room. he picked up the phone. he talked from one american to
12:00 pm
another. he talked about our plans, our plans to make america more competitive. to reduce taxes, to rell back regulations, to put american jobs and american workers first again. he made the case for america and carrier decided to bet on a brighter future for the american people and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. [ applause ] i'm very humbled to be standing before you today. i truly am. my family and i are deeply moved by the opportunities the people of indiana have given us and now the american people have given us to serve but i'm especially humbled as the holidays approach to have played some small role in this wonderful news not only here in indiana but all across this country but i think it's important to give credit where credit