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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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another. he talked about our plans, our plans to make america more competitive. to reduce taxes, to rell back regulations, to put american jobs and american workers first again. he made the case for america and carrier decided to bet on a brighter future for the american people and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. [ applause ] i'm very humbled to be standing before you today. i truly am. my family and i are deeply moved by the opportunities the people of indiana have given us and now the american people have given us to serve but i'm especially humbled as the holidays approach to have played some small role in this wonderful news not only here in indiana but all across this country but i think it's important to give credit where credit is due.
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first and foremost i want to thank greg hayes and his team at united technologies, bob mcdonough and the team at carrier. thank you for renewing your commitment to indiana and renewing your commitment to the people of the united states of america. [ applause ] i also just want to thank the great carrier team here in indianapolis and in the state of indiana. your hard work, your resilience, your work ethic even in disappointing times, i know for a fact gave this company the confidence to double down on the future of this company and the future of the people of this state and so i thank you, the carrier team, for gaving them the confidence to do just that. [ applause ] but lastly.
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on behalf of all the people of indiana. allow me to thank the man we wouldn't be here without for his efforts, for picking up the phone, for keeping his word his efforts to bring us to this day have renewed hope and promise not just here in indiana but really for people that know that the strength of this country comes in our ability to make things and to grow things. it's a renewed day for manufacturing in america. you know, i remember when donald trump was running for president he said that if he was elected president of the united states america would start winning again. well, today america won. and we have donald trump to thank. [ applause ] and i have a feeling working
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besides this extraordinary man this is just the beginning of a lot more good news all across america so without any further ado, my fellow hoosiers. it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you a man of action, a man of his word, and the president elect of the united states of america, donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. thank you very much. i love that red hat. thank you, everybody. i want to thank all of the
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dignitaries that are with us today. we have a whole host, the mayor and the governor-elect great people. it's a big victory for the governor-elect, he won very convincingly so we're very proud of him and make has been such a wise decision for me. when people were saying, i don't know, how good is he at decision making, they'd always say yeah, but he picked mike pence, that's a good decision and everybody loves mike. he's become something very special. [ applause ] i want to thank greg hayes of united technologies because when i called him he was right there, i wish i could have made the call when they were doing their original decision but it worked out just as well other than i would have liked to have had an answer a year and a half ago. we had a tremendous love affair with the state of indiana. because if you remember during the primaries, this was going to
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be the firewall, this was where they were going to stop trump, right? and that didn't work out too well. and it was a firewall for me it was a firewall. and we won by 16 points and the election we just won by 20 points, almost 20 points. and that was some victory that's pretty -- that's pretty great and i just love the people, incredible people. so i got involved because of the love affair i've had. this has been a very special state to us and i'll never forget about a week ago i was watching the nightly news, i won't say which one because i don't want to give them credit because i don't like them much, i'll be honest. [ laughter ] i don't like them. not even a little bit. but they were doing a story on carrier and i say, wow, that's something, i want to see that. and they had a gentleman worker,
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great guy, handsome guy, he was on and it was like he didn't even know they were leaving. he said something to the effect "no, we're not leaving because donald trump promised us that we're not leaving." and i never thought i made that promise. not with carrier. i made it for everybody else. i didn't make it really for carrier and i said what's he saying? he was such a believer, he was such a great guy. he said "i've been with donald trump from the beginning and he made the statement that carrier's not going anywhere, they're not leaving." and i'm saying to myself, man. and then they played my statement and i said, carrier will never leave. but that was a yeuphemism. i was talking about carrier like all other companies from here on in because they made the decision a year and a half ago
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but he believed that that was -- and i could understand it. i actually said -- when they played that i said i did make it but i didn't mean it quite that way. so now because of him, whoever that guy was, is he in the room, by any chance? that's your son? stand up, you did a good job. [ applause ] you did a great job, right? that's fantastic, and i love your shirt. oh, wow. [ laughter ] put it on, cameras, go ahead. put it on. well, your son is great. and he meant that, didn't he? he really meant it. at first i said i wonder if he's being sarcastic because this ship has sailed. and then i said it was 6:30 in the evening and i said boy, the first thing i'll do is go there and i say do i call the head of carrier, who's a great guy, but i've always learned i've got to call the top and i heard about greg hayes, he's a great
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executive. i don't know if you know, united technologies is one of the top 50 companies in the united states and one of the top companies anywhere in the world. they make many other things other than air conditioners, believe me. their list is incredible. i called greg hayes, i heard of him but i never met him and he picked up the phone "mr. president-elect, sir, how are you?" it's wonderful to win. think if i lost he would have returned my call. i don't know. if i lost and called you i don't think you would have called. i would have tried for you but i think it would have been tougher, right? what do you think, greg? he's sort of nodding yes, you're right. but i called greg and i said it's really important, we have to do something because you have a lot of people leaving and you have to understand we can't allow this to happen anymore with our country. so many jobs are leaving and going to other countries. not just mexico, many, many
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countries and china is making so much of our product that we're closing up a lot of plants and i wrote down some numbers that are incredible but the numbers of manufacturing jobs that are lost, especially in the rest belt and the rust belt is so incredible but we're losing companies, it's unbelievable, one after another, just one after another. so i said, greg, you've got to help us out here, we have to sit down, we have to do something, i said because we just can't let it happen. anyway, he was incredible and he said i understand and i said i wish i made this call a year and a half ago, it would have been an easier call. only because of your son, okay, believe me? your son, whoever the hell your son is, these people owe him a lot. and i just went through -- i thought they were all going to be in this factory. this room isn't big enough. i don't know who arranged that one. we just visited a thousand
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people in the factory that are going wild, in the plant but i will tell you that united technologies and carrier stepped is it up and now they're keeping actually the numbers over 1100 people which is so great, which is so great. [ applause ] and i see the people, i shook hands with a lot of the people. they're right behind us working. what is it, you're making so many air conditioners you didn't want to have them come off for a half hour? he's a ruthless boss. he's ruthless. but that's okay. i did say one thing to the carrier folks and the united technologies folks. i said the good will that you have engendered by doing this all over the world, frankly, but within our country you watch how fast you'll make it up because so many people are going to be buying carrier air conditioners. we've had such help here. bobby knight, nobody in indiana
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ever heard of bobby knight. how great is bobby knight. lou holts. we had such incredible support but a friend of mine called up during the primaries and he said you know, if you could get coach knight. and i said coach knight called me a year ago, a year before i decided to run, he said if you ever run, i'm supporting you. i said thanks coach, i don't know if i'll be doing it. and when he said if you could get coach knight. i tell you, i got coach knight. how good was bobby night as far as we're concerned in indiana, is that right? we got bobby knight. 900 wins, two championships, two or three championships. olympic gold medal, pan am games. and he was unbelievable. he wouldn't stop. he was going all over, he was the greatest guy. we came into an arena and we had 16,000 people inside, outside. . we had 10,000 outside and this was three weeks before the primary and i said how are we
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going to lose indiana with this? i didn't think we were going to lose and we didn't, we won big so i want to thank those folks because they helped with indiana and a lot of other places. so united technologies as stepped up and i have to say this they did in the such a nice and professional way and they're going to spend so much money on renovating this plant and i said greg, say that number. he said $16 million. well, the minimum number is $16 million, it's going to be in my opinion a lot more than that. he said "well, i'd rather say the lower number." i'd rather the higher number so i won't say it. just a difference in philosophy. both are okay, but difference in philosophy. they're going to spend a lot of money on the plant and i said to some of the folks, i said companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. it's not going to happen.
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[ applause ] i'll tell you right now. we're losing so much. so one of the things we're doing to keep them is we're going to be lowering our business tax from 35% hopefully down to 15% which would take us from the highest taxed nation virtually in the world. this is terrible for business to up with of the lower tax. not the lowest yet but one of the lower taxed. the other thing we're doing is regulations. the regulations are -- in fact, if i asked greg and your folks you would probably say regulations might be worse for you than the high taxesing which the biggest surprise of the whole political experience. i thought taxes would be number one. regulations would be up there someplace. these great leaders of industry and even the small business people who are just being crushed, if they had their choice between lower taxes and a major massive cutting of regulations they would take the regulations, i don't know how you feel about that, greg, but i just noticed i wrote down
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because i heard it, since about six years ago, 260 new federal regulations have passed. 53 of which affect this plant. 53 new regulations. massively expensive and probably none of them amount to anything in terms of safety or the things you'd have regulations for. six of the air conditioning companies are located in mexico, six of eight. think of that. and 80% of the supply chain for mexico. 80% is located in mexico. we're not going to have it anymore. we're not going to have it anymore. we like mexico. i was there three months ago with the president of mexico, terrific guy, but we have to have a fair shake. we're not getting anything. we have nafta, which is a total and complete disaster.
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[ applause ] it's a total and complete dissasdi disaster. it's a one-lane highway into mexico. nothing coming our way, everything going there way. and i don't have to mention who signed it anymore, it's so nice. i don't have to mention who backed it anymore, right? we don't have to mention that anymore fortunately but it's a one way street and it will be changed. it will changed. we have to bring our jobs back and when they expand, one of the things that made me so happy is when greg said that they have over 10,000 jobs they'll be producing in the near future and now he's looking to the united states instead of outside of the united states where almost all of those jobs would have gone. so one of the reasons i wanted to do this particular conference is it's so great. so many people in the other -- that big beautiful plant behind us there will be even more beautiful in about seven months
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from now. they're so happy, they'll have a great christmas. that's most important but i want to let the other companies know we'll do great things for business. you don't have to leave anymore. your taxes will be at the very low end and your unnecessary regulations will be gone. we need regulations for safety and environment and things. but most of the regulations are nonsense. it's become an industry, the writing of regulations they won't be taking people's hearts out, they won't be announcing like they did at carrier that they are moving to mexico, over 1,100 jobs. and that number will go up substantially as they expand this area so the 1,100 will be a minimum number so i just want to
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thank everybody and specifically i have to thank the people that i met backstage. incredible people. the spirit, the love. people are crying. they're all crying and it's taken us a little while but think of this. i don't think we even announced we were running when this deal was originally announced and in the end what happens is -- because that makes it much more difficult. it's hard to negotiate when the plant is built. you know what greg said? greg said "the plant is almost built." i said "greg, i don't care, it doesn't make any difference. don't worry about it." "what are we going to do with the plant?" "rent it, sell it, knock it down. i don't care." they'll do fine with their plant. i don't know if they can do it with an american company but we'll figure that out. where we're starting is from a much easier place. that's hard a year and a half ago they make an announcement and that work is done which is
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why i have such respect. i always say great business people have flexibility if you're hard line, well, we're not going to move. flexibility. that's why they've done so well. that's why it's a great company because they have flexibility but we won't need so much flexibility for other companies because we are going to have a situation where they're going to know number one we'll treat them well and number two there will be consequences. they'll be taxed heavily at the border if they want to fire their people, leave, make product in different countries and then think they'll sell that product over the border. which by the way will be a very strong border, very strong border, believe me. [ applause ] people are saying "do you think trump's going to build the wall?" trust me, we are going to build that wall. and by the way, we'll have doors in the wall but they'll come through legally and people will
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come through on worker permits to work the fields. we'll have people -- a lot of people will come through but it will be done through a legal process but one thing that won't come through is drugs. the drugs are going to stop. the drugs are going to stop. so i just want to thank all of the people at united technologies, most particularly you because you are fantastic, greg. i want to thank and i want you to tell me how much -- how many air conditioning units you sold in the last six months from today because i want to say i think it's going to be a number that even will surprise your folks because of the tremendous good will that you've created. i want to thank all of the workers at this plant. all of the carrier workers most importantly. [ applause ] i want to thank my great great vice president-elect. because i'll tell you what, one
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of the really good decisions but i want to thank mike and if i have to tell you -- during speeches they say it's not presidential to call up these massive leaders of business. i think it's very presidential and if it's not presidential that's okay. that's okay because i like doing it but we're going to have great people that can do it as well as i do it but we're going to have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they say they're thinking about leaving this country because they're not leaving this country. they're not going to leave and the workers can keep their jobs. they can leave from state to state and negotiate deals with different states but leaving the country will be very, very difficult so i want to thank everybody. we love you, folks, i want to really, really thank the people of indiana. we had two massive victories in a very, very short period of time and all of the workers have a great great christmas and a
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fantastic new year, thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [ applause ] thank you very much. >> so this has been fascinating to be able to watch. we'll stay on the pictures so mike pence says america won and we have donald trump to thank. that's number one. number two is the similar kblichl that making good on a promise with that comes the slippery slope we've heard as far as how this could work in the future if other companies threaten to offshore jobs, might they have some sort of tax incentive as well? hearing from bernie sanders on that today finally just watching donald trump for the first time in a long time riff on anything
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from bobby knight to his vice president to indiana off prompter. it's a trump i know many americans came to love when he was on the trail for many, many months. so all of that said i have with me cnn chief political analyst gloria borger, ed o'keefe, political reporter for the "washington post," john ketsen berger, the president of the indiana fiscal policy institute, and dana bash, cnn's chief political correspondent. dana, turning to you first. where do you even begin? i think what was fascinating is hearing the back story from donald trump of how he picked the phone himself, all because of something he had seen on the news. >> this is the reason why people who voted for donald trump voted for donald trump because he doesn't do things the right way, he does things the way he thinks
12:23 pm
things work and have worked in business. we can put all the criticism aside because there will be, as you mentioned, but just to spotlight this moment right now the fact that he did some horse trading which, by the way, is the way things are done in washington, it's the way things are done in the board room, it's the way things are done, period. that's just life and he got the company some tax incentives along with the sitting governor of indiana who happens to be his vice president-elect and he just got it done is there more to do? sure. but the fact that he has a deliverable of this nature on his signature issue -- >> huge fin were him. >> huge, huge. you have to give credit where credit is due. this is what the people who voted for him wanted from him, period. >> gloria borger, what did you think? >> i agree with dana. i think mike pence told the
12:24 pm
story of how the president-elect picked up the phone. by the way wasn't it interesting that trump said he didn't remember he made this promise to carrier? and that he watched something on the evening news and said wait a minute, did any that looks like i said that, i'm not sure i said that but i did say that, picked up the phone, called the ceo of the company and started horse trading. obviously united technologies gets a lot out of this. they get a $7 million tax break over seven years so a lot of people like bernie sanders are going to say this is corporate welfare and this is going to cost the state an awful lot of money, which it will but what trump did was lay down the gauntlet and he said you can either leave the country or i'm going to tax you heavily at the border. we've heard that before. we've heard about 35% tariffs
12:25 pm
coming in so i have to wonder in that phone call with the ceo whether not only were there carrots offered but maybe some sticks bandied about as well. >> one of the questions as far as the criticism is how many carrots can be offered? how many times can the president pick up the phone and do a deal with a potential plant or company or what have you. >> and who foots the bill. >> exactly. which was part of bernie sanders' piece tin the "post." john, indiana boy, how are you responding to the news and the president-elect we just heard from? >> well, the initial news, brooke, was very shocking when it broke. it's become more clear with the details that the state will provide $7 million in tax breaks over ten years for retention of the jobs but my initial impression from what president-elect trump had to say in addition to what you have
12:26 pm
said is that he's raised expectations now on how he's going to do deals like this all across the country. >> ed o'keefe, how feesable is that? >> to go around the country doing what he did today? not feasible when he's got all these other things he has to do as well. this was classic trump. at least 1100 jobs saved. good day for mike pence his legacy shows he has the ability to get things done. but i'd be curious to say whether he'll have similar success with other companies, especialry those who don't have
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similar work. there's a reason to believe part of the reason they're doing this is because they have billions of dollars in defense contracts and they don't want those to go away and it's possible the president may have threatened that but this looks so much like what a governor or mayor would doll to keep a company in town or build a stadium or do something cut a tax deal that allows a company to stay and sort out the details later and i'm curious whether the federal government and republicans in washington are going to tolerate this going forward. paul ryan today dodged questions in his weekly press conference saying i'm not familiar with the details but this goes against everything that conservatives on capitol hill have been about. and you saw bernie sanders's statement as well so this is a good day for donald trump, a great day for mike pence, a fantastic day for these employees but if this keeps up i suspect people in washington will be upset. >> if i'm a governor somewhere else and i see what happened
12:28 pm
with mike pence, i'm going to call the president of the united states and say we have a plant that wants to move to mexico, can you make that call on my behalf? here's how much money we need to offer them in incentives. this is a president who is freelancing this and it worked out great for those workers but the question is what kind of a precedent does it set. if you're a governor, i'd be dialing the transition office right now. >> right, i know you want to jump in quick ly. >> this is a band-aid, this is the only thing he can do right now but when he's president he can change the deals so to speak he railed against during the campaign in order to make this possible on a more sort of
12:29 pm
global level that companies all over the country in industries all over the country will -- would and should have the incentive to stay in the united states and keep jobs in the united states. that's the question whether he can do that. >> let me ask you to stick around. this is significant. listening to him speak for 20 or so minutes. this is not the last time we will hear from him today. later on in the evening is the beginning of his thank you tour starting in cincinnati, ohio. lots more to get through. i'm brooke baldwin.
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this is cnn, we'll be right back
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. >> a week ago it was watching the nightly news, i won't say which one because i don't want to give them credit because i don't like them much, i'll be honest. [ laughter ] i don't like them, not even a little bit. but they were doing a story on carrier and i say, wow, that's something, i want to see that and they had a gentleman, worker, great guy, handsome guy, he was on and it was like he didn't even know they were leaving. he said something to the effect "no, we're not leaving because donald trump promised us that we're not leaving. and i never thought i made that promise. when they played that i said i did make it but i didn't mean it quite that way. so now because of him, whoever that guy was, is he in the room by any chance? >> that's my son. >> that's your son? stand up, you did a good job.
12:35 pm
[ applause ] you did a great job, right? that's fantastic. and i love your shirt. oh! wow! oh, put it on, cameras, go ahead, put it on. well, your son is great. and he meant that, didn't he? he really meant it. at first i said i wonder if he's being sarcastic because this ship has sailed and then i said -- it was 6:30 in the evening and i said the first thing i'm going to do the go there. >> how about that? so you know the headline that donald trump really helped save a thousand jobs from this manufacturing plant in indianapolis from going to mexico but that was fascinating hearing from the president-elect in part of the back story as far as how all of this happened and the fact he picked up the phone himself and called the ceo of united technologies to help make this happen. i have my panel. david gergen has been seated and david gergen, let me begin with you since i haven't heard from
12:36 pm
you yet. you watched mr. trump, what did you make of all of that. >> it was vintage trump. >> it was, wasn't it? >> he's so much in his element. he's at the center of every drama. like teddy roosevelt was a groom at every wedding and a corpse at every funeral. trump has that quality about him. i thought this was a victory lap he earned and so you can forgive him a lot in that. he was gracious about the leadership of the company, about the workers at the company, about this young kid who stood up and about the people of indiana and these tax breaks and i thought he was more subdued than you normally see him but before it was over it was the trump show and i thought it was a successful one. it's much more symbolic. we've lost five million manufacturing jobs since the year 2,000. we're saving 1,000 jobs. it's a tiny drop in the bucket but it's a very important symbolic message to workers
12:37 pm
across the country that he'll fight for them. >> as you're saying that, it was occurring that not only is it symbolic for the workers, it's a major pr move for the company. >> oh, my gosh, carrier air conditioning. how about that for advertising? >> exactly, obviously for tiszitisz i -- advertising but almost for -- he's almost got their backs up against the wall now. this is it. could they send other jobs overseas? maybe but now they're kind of put up on a pedestal. they are. they are going to do the ones that weren't -- that he couldn't save in this round but for the future deals he makes it harder for them. >> and he's making it a matter of patriotism. >> are you making him patriotic or not? and people will object to that and economic forces are against anymore that kind of appeal but nonetheless it's an interesting
12:38 pm
attempt and i think he's helped himself with this. >> i want to ask you, dana and i were watching the president-elect thinking when was the last time we saw him off prompter for as long as we did. david said it was vintage trump. this is why millions of americans voted for this man. last time we saw him with president obama for that quick media avail after the meeting in the white house in the oval office, but we know he's going to cincinnati to start the thank you tour. is this the president trump we'll be seeing? >> well, it might be. this is the candidate trump we saw before he went on prompter. we haven't seen him off prompter in months. i think in this smaller environment where what he had to say was pretty straight forwards telling the story and then applauding the ceo of the
12:39 pm
company, talking about workers, talking about his wins in indiana, talking about mike pence, that was straightforward for him and as david said he was quite gracious, we'll have to see tonight at a rally whether they put him back on the prompter again but this was classic -- as david was saying, just classic stream of consci s consciousness donald trump that people like. i think he did lay down the law here and made it clear that he would threaten tariffs if people -- these ceos did not listen to him. what was interesting to she that it wasn't a politician talking to a ceo, it was a ceo talking to a ceo. >> exactly. >> and he was saying i understand, you might have to move from state too state, i understand you have your problems but here's the way you're going to have to do it and i think that trump talked
12:40 pm
about how a good ceo needs to be flexible. good companies need to be flexible and so i thought you saw him on terra firma here because it was not so much as commander-in-chief but actually as the ceo in chief here knowing how to deal in a peer-to-peer conversation with the ceo of united technology. i want to ask about tonight. the beginning of this thank you tour. he'll be in cincinnati but i house reacting to this news in indian indiana. >> that's obviously good news and an announcement we would welcome. but, again, as i mentioned yesterday, mr. trump would have to make 804 more announcements just like that to equal the
12:41 pm
standard of jobs in the manufacturing in the manufacturing sector that was created in this country under president obama's watch. >> just wanted to include that. which donald trump shows up in cincinnati. will it be like the rallies with thousands of people and rolling stones as he's walking up to that podium? what should we expect? >> we'll see. we're expecting thousands of people. as we pointed out. this is one of the first times we've seen him back up on the bully pulpit. or the the bully pulpit-elect. and i guess it's an opportunity for him now to set a new tone if he would like to or to continue the style he employed over the course of the campaign. there has been a lot of talk about the need for him to embrace the whole country and say i'm going to be a uniter not a divider. in the few public appearances he's made, certainly in the dozens if not hundreds of tweets he sent since election day he hasn't done that much and this would conceivably be an
12:42 pm
opportunity to da that. but given that this is called the thank you tour and it's going to states he won, one might surmise that won't necessarily happen so we'll see but it's unique to see a president-elect do this. i remember that obama talked about the desire to want to do this. george w. bush obviously couldn't because of the recount going on but this is a unique thick to see a president-elect go thank his supporters in advance and announce plans to do this as he continues -- as he begins his presidency next year. i would point out one other thing regarding the white house. i'm sure they're watching this with great interest but they'd probably like to remind everyone that the recovery act that was passed back at the beginning of the obama presidency has in one measure or another saved millions of jobs. so a thousand or 1100 or so is a good start but let's not forget over the course of eight years the obama presidency has saved a good fair number of jobs as well. we just didn't see the president go factory by factory to point
12:43 pm
that out. >> fair point. ed, thank you. ed and gloria and dana and david gergen, appreciate you all so, so much. coming up next, president-elect trump adds a democrat to his first transition meetings. the first female senator ever elected in north dakota. hear what she's told cnn's manu raju about their meeting.
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welcome back. we just learned the president-elect will be schedule dodd meet with a democratic senator tomorrow. mr. trump will be chatting with north dakota's heidi heitkamp. she's up for reelection in 2018 in a red state that trump won big this year. he will need support from democrats like senator heitkamp to pass his agenda. joining me from capitol hill, manu raju, cnn's senior political reporter. you know, you talked to the senator. what's up for discussion between the those two? >> you know, she actually does not know, brooke. she thinks this is just a discussion that donald trump has asked her to participate in. trump calling her and asking her to meet.
12:48 pm
he could be up for a position in the trump administration, perhaps an energy-related position. maybe even interior or agriculture but we don't know until that meeting happens tomorrow. i had a chance to speak with her on capitol hill and she made clear she has a lot of questions just like the rest of us. >> the president-elect called me and asked for a meeting and when the president-elect calls you agree to meet. i have no additional information other than what you have. >> are you open to working in -- >> i think it's important to just have the conversation. thank you. >> are you open to taking a position in the trump administration? >> well, i think it's absolutely critical to have a conversation and i think it's good for my state, good for the work that i do here to understand and share some priorities for the country and for the state of north dakota and i look forward to that discussion. >> reporter: there's some speculation you could be ag or interior. have you had -- >> i have no idea.
12:49 pm
honestly. you know as much as i know. >> an elevator door shuts. >> reporter: that usually happens up here, brooke. this is so significant because of the balance of power here in the senate. if she were to leave, this would open up a seat in a red state. republicans would almost certainly pick it up. both in a special election and in 2018 when she was up for reelection for a six-year term. that's why democrats are nervous about this. i talked to chuck schumer the incoming democratic leader. i asked if he had concerns and he said "no comment." and the incoming democratic campaign committee chairman, chris van hollen told me he had a conversation with heitkamp this morning about this when the news broke and he said he thinks she'll do what's best for her state, brooke. >> what about the trump picks for his cabinet and all that is predicated upon the senate confirmation process.
12:50 pm
>> yeah, they can try to score political points, but they really can't stop the nominations from being confirmed unless they get republican support. and the reason why is that back in 2013, senate democrats changed the filibuster rules to push through a bunch of president obama's nominees. they lowered the threshold from 60 to 51 votes. and congress will likely have 52 republican senate seats. so now a lot of democrats are expressing buyer's remorse. i had a chance to ask chuck schumer earlier this week if he had any concerns about that move to make it easier to confirm nominees. here's what he said. >> you criticized tom price's nomination but the fact that democrats changed filibuster rules will make it much harder to block donald trump's picks. was it a mistake? >> the bottom line is very simple. on this kind of issue, privatizing medicare, we expect
12:51 pm
republicans will join with us. there are a whole number of republicans who will not be for prioritizing medicare and there ought to be bipartisan support against a secretary who will privatize medicare and not fund planned parenthood. >> now, i asked as a followup, do you think it was a mistake to change the filibuster rules, and he did not say. so testimonies realize there is little that they can do to stop donald trump from getting his choices. >> manu raju, thank you as always. we'll be right back.
12:52 pm
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a week ago i was watching the nightly news. i won't say which one because i don't want to give them credit because i don't like them will much, i'll be honest. i don't like them. not even a little bit. but they were doing a story on carrier. and i say wow, that's something. i want to see that. and they had a gentleman, worker, great guy, handsome guy. he was on. and it was like he didn't even know they were leaving. he said something to the effect, no, we're not leaving because donald trump promised us that we're not leaving. and i never thought i made that promise. when they played it, i said i did make it, but i idn't mean it quite that way. so now because of him, whoever that guy was -- is he in the room by any chance? if that is your son, stand up. did y you did a good job. >> well, i'll tell who you that
12:57 pm
guy was. he is will cornet, the employee that the president-elect referenced there and we just popped him in front of a camera. will, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. how are you doing? >> i'm doing excellent. so did you know that donald trump would be referencing you as part of the reason why all of this is now happened with carrier and these 1,000 jobs? >> no, i had no idea. >> i understand that was your mom in the room who i think mr. trump was pointing at. do you remember the day that you were interviewed by a news network about jobs leaving your company? >> no, i don't actually. but i was -- >> go ahead. >> i was at the fairground rally
12:58 pm
when he asked was any carrier employees there. and i shouted we're right here. it was me and derrick cheney. and he asked me, you know, do you feel about them leaving and all that and i was pretty upset about it. and told them how i felt. and he pretty much proppmised m that they were going to leave. >> according to the president-elect, he heard some guy, you, on the news saying, well, donald trump promised these jobs would be saved. so you believed mr. trump when he made his promise? >> yes. yes, i believed him 100%. that that's why i voted for him. and this was, you know, a promise that he was going to make us and i believed in it. >> you haven't had a minute with the president-elect, i'm assuming, today, right? but if you were to -- >> no, i have not.
12:59 pm
>> what would you say to him? >> i would just say thank you for keeping your promise and that, you know, i believe in you and today you're my hero. and thank you very much. >> and for the rest of america who is wondering if this bar is already set and he saved jobs that the company, how the heck can he manage as a president to pick up the phone and save other jobs at other company, what would you tell them? >> i'd tell them not to doubt the donald, you know. he did it once, he can probably do it again. >> and he good call you hand zch some, as well, just in case you missed it. he said gentleman, handsome guy. so there you go, the compliment from the president-elect. will cornet, congratulations. hopefully this means you can stay there in indianapolis with your family. i appreciate your time. >> thank you very much.
1:00 pm
>> how about that, froms man himself. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. we'll send things to washington, d.c. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thank you. donald trump is getting the band back together. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump taking a victory lap at a factory that he helped save before laufrninching his t you tour. will he be playing the hit like build a wall or will his supporters here a new tune from the now president-elect? no fuel. total failure. new chilling audio from the final moments before a plane crash nearly wiped out a beloved soccer team. plus, descending into hell. a u.n. official pleading for action in allepo before the city becomes an even bigger graveyard as tens of thousands starve or die from russian and syrian