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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:19pm PST

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new tonight a major evangel leader doubling down on criticism of president elect trump for picking rex tillerson as secretary of state. tony perkins is the president of the family research council, writing he capitulated, pitching to criticize the boy scouts policy on homosexuality when he was at the helm of the organization. "outfront" now one of president elect trump's earliest and most loyal supporters jerry falwell jr., president of the larges christian university in the world, and i want to get your thoughts on rex tillerson. but first i know you and president elect trump speak regularly. what have you been talking about? >> well, you know, it is amazing. even after the election, he still answers his cell phone
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regularly. i was at a trump victory party at a local restaurant the other night and the crowd asked if i could get trump on the phone. without any warning, i called him. and he gave a little speech there to the crowd with my cell phone. he's the most approachable national candidate i've ever encountered. and i think that just speaks to his love for this country and his love for this country's people. and it is just refreshing to have somebody like that on his way to the white house. >> you know, he's speaking to you. is he -- do you have any knowledge of whether he'll be having regular meetings with anyone of faith or spiritual advice in any way when he enters the white house? >> definitely. there's evangel advisory boards and the faith advisory boards and he and i we talked. and i was honored that he
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recognized university over the last ten years and chronicled the education of model the future of the higher education. ive been here for thirty years. i couldn't leave for more than one or two years. i've got too much invested here. my role i think will be more geared towards advising on department of education issues and the onerous regulations that the department of education has put forth. they really micromanage colleges in ways that i think are inappropriate. so that would be more more my role. >> you will be advising but sounds like in an informal role? >> nothing sure yet. it could be a task force. and i'm more than willing to do that. chair that.
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i just can't leave liberty university for more than a year or two. and i'm excited in any way i can help besides leaving liberty. >> you saw what e e vel. he quote. to hear that donald trump may be appointing a man who not only led the charge, but who's company gives directly to planned parenthood is upsetting at best is tony perkins right? >> he's a good friend but i disagree with with him on this issue. i watched it go for 2 fr a group of the people under obama to a grape of people who really succeeded in the real world. and until that day only amateurs
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could compete in the olympics. no professional athlete were allowed. they changed the rule. the united states put together the best nba players. created the dream team. went on to win in the barcelona olympics in 1992. they beat every team by an average of 44 points. that is what i see happening. i think trump is putting together a dream team. he's picking the best from every industry, from every walk of life and it's people who have actually succeeded. and i think that is what this country needs. i think the american people said no more amateurs. >> so you are not upset about rex tillerson's social views? he's credited with allowing gays into the boy scouts. >> i don't see what his views on social issues have to do with being secretary of state. i think that is a role a that he'll focus on diplomacy, on
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deal-making, which as the leader of a global enterprise, ceo of exxon mobil he's so good at it. . and i don't think the social issues will ever come up in his role of secretary of state. >> appreciate your time. good to talk to you. "outfront" next. first daughter ivanka trump, how much of the first lady's role will she be taking on?
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new tonight.
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e vani ivanka trump, soon or the first daughter, may be more of the first lady. >> reporter: 55 holiday seasons ago the first lady was doing what so many have since. sometimes grappling with governmental issues. but when donald trump's wife melania slips into that role it is now clear she will have company. his older daughter ivanka is expected to play a major part in the pageantry and policies of his presidency. >> he will deliver. [ cheers and applause ] >> ivanka is incredibly committed to women in the workplace, women in the economy, women entrepreneurs. she's had a wonderful platform
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during the campaign. certainly she and her father announcing the child care and elder care plan was a big part of the plan and outreach to women in particularly. >> reporter: already there is talk about ivanka having a office at the white house. the team is pushing back but she and her husband have been house shopping in d.c. she's instagramed about her father's summit with the tech industry. sat in on chats with world leaders. helped arrange a meeting with al gore to talk about climate change. >> i found it extremely interesting conversation. >> reporter: the ivy league educated 35-year-old is a key player in the business empire for the a long time and helped temper some of his hottest moments on the campaign trail. >> while i do tell him sometimes to withhold some of fire. i also understand it and i think it is instinct and i think it speaks to his passion.
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>> she openly admires his intelligence drive. and some level -- >> if ivanka weren't by daughter perhaps i'd be dating her. >> stop it. so weird. >> in business terms t bottom line is clear. this white house is going to be a family affair and ivanka will almost certainly be the most influential child of a sitting president we've seen in modern times. >> thank you. and we'll be weight right back. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. we have your fingerprints soon the safe.,
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♪ good evening. thanks for joining us. sieps the white house is running ouftd patience with president elect trump. there is also breaking news. u.s. officials telling cnn that the hacking tools used do point to russia which may explain some of what josh earnest said this afternoon. especially his tone.
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>> might be time to not attack the intelligence community. but actually be supportive, of a thorough, transparent, rigorous, non-political investigation into what exactly happened. >> that after president elect trump tweeted this, "if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait


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