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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ahead this hour, armed and dangerous. a new suspect in the berlin terror attack is on the loose. plus, the death toll is rising from the fireworks explosion at a market near mexico city. a number of people are still missing. later, almost 3 million more people voted for hillary clinton than donald trump and the president elect can't seem to stop tweeting about it. hello. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. great to have you with us. i'm john vause. with are now in to our second
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hour of "newsroom l.a." ♪ ♪ an urgent search for the suspect in a berlin christmas market attack. anis amri's identity papers were found in the truck which barrelled in to the crowd. he went to germany last year and known to police. he was arrested carrying forged documents but authorities were unable to deport him. he is linked to radical islamist groups. we get details from brian todd. >> reporter: police say anis amri is under suspicion in the
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market attack in berlin that killed a dozen and wounded 50 others. his identification was found in the truck along with the original driver who had been shot at close range. as the search for the alleged terrorist expands, including raids by police in northern germany where he lived, there's growing concerns about his links to isis. >> reporter: he had contact islamist organizations, variety security services assessed him as a person who poses a risk. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for inspiring the attack, and cnn has learned amri has connections to an isis recruiting operation, funneling would be terrorists to the group's strongholds in syria and iraq. even more concerning, german officials once had amri in custody. officials say he previously faced an assault charge and didn't show up in court. he was arrested with forged documents according to a german security official but when they tried to deport him, they couldn't. police say he had so many fake
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names and papers that under german law they couldn't send him back to tunisia. officials tell cnn he could be using one of those aliases and may have the suppohelp of a sup network. >> the concern is his connections to the isis recruitment, he has infrastructure and sources to help him hide or leave the country. >> reporter: the possibility of accomplices presents another challenge for police, according to a former u.s. marshal who's worked with the germans to track fugitives. >> you have to be mindful of the suspect himself, and his sources could be watching as well. law enforcement will be sensitive and careful to what they are disclosing. >> he is 5'10", weighs 165 pounds, and is violent and armed and another urgent concern. now his face and name are
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plastered across tv screens across europe. he and whoever he might be working with could accelerate plans they may have for a future attack. bream todd, cnn, washington. we are hearing from survivors of the rampage. one man said he was hit by the speeding truck. >> translator: i remember the truck speeding and i found mooils on the ramp. the truck hit me. what did you see around you? >> i saw so many people on the ground motionless. we managed to go to the exit. took us to a hotel and he treated me and a hotel car brought us to the military hospital. >> reporter: live to berlin now. chris is standing by. how has it changed the balance in germany between freedom and
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security? >> that's a good question. when you see headlines like these this morning and in the context of what you just heard in the reports, they knew him. they did nothing. that's not exactly right. they did a lot but couldn't keep him for legal reasons. they had to let anis amri go but there is plenty of blow back, political blow blow back and let's talk to dominique thomas from ucla. you are a specialist on eu studies. what do you thi-- how will it h chancellor merkel. >> 2017 will be the german election. as we lead in to that other political parties, primarily the far right, the afd, the alternative for germany and smaller groups, anti-islam groups have been using this particular attack as a way to
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build momentum going in to that election. >> we even saw that last night. they were protesting. they were outside of. >> they were saying merkel must go. merkel has blood on her hands picking up on the rhetoric. president-elect trump has weighed in on these questions. they are using the issue of migration and linking it to terror attack and to problems of security in germany. this is a real problem for chancellor merkel as she heads to this campaign as to how she is going to position herself on the latest attacks. >> it is not only internal politics but politics within europe and even in the u.s. where president-elect trump is saying i told you so. >> absolutely. this carried over to the demonstration last night. even though the afd were there it is important to note that others showed up to counterthe demonstration and they picked up on the post trump election by
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saying no fear, immigrants are welcome here. no fear, no hate. there's a counter to that, as well, which was tangible last night. >> we haven't seen polls yet. it's too soon after the attack was three days ago. life is trying to come back to normal. the lights are on behind us. the lights are on at the market. it will reopen today. the traffic is going through the boulevard behind us. that's the first time since the attacks. we are trying to come back to normal but how will merkel keep the voters behind her? we are seeing her cabinet has moved a little bit to the right there. approving a couple of things. >> the fact that berlin is trying to get back to normal is striking and a deliberate attempt to show that they refuse to give in to fear. that life must be carried on. the streets are open again. the market will be open later and other markets will open in berlin at the time. you are right. recently her cabinet has been
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talking about banning the full-face covering of muslims. this is a clear attempt to appeal to some of the csu, southern, bavaria, party has been talking about islam and these kinds of questions. >> the head of the csu, the sister party to merkel's cdu saying after the attack we have to look again, we have to re-examine the refugee policy. how will that change? >> this is interesting because you are seeing it in other areas of europe with the french elections coming up, dutch elections coming up. so there's a general europe-wide move to the right and to the far right and to discussing these kinds of questions. however, what chancellor merkel has been careful to do to disassociate terror with migration. but obviously it is a difficult case to make given the fact that the primary suspect in this particular case is somebody who entered germany precisely
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through those lines. >> thank you very much. we will talk more later about that. let's look more at the internal politics of this. we are talking to kai whittaker via skype. a member of the christian democratic union party. can you hear me? >> good morning. >> good morning. let's talk more about internal politics. we saw just yesterday mama dam merkel's cabinet has approved two things, banning the face veils for public employees and also allowing more video surveillance in places like these behind me to try to track down anyone who does commit some kind of terrorist act. do you see this as madam merkel moving to the right? >> no. just trying to improve the security policy in this country.
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those laws have been discussed for quite a while with coalition labor party. we have other measures, which are still on the table, which could help in this attack. >> how much more will this drive the government to the right from these attacks? we are seeing we have to re-examine refugee policy. how do you think it will be re-examined. what do you think could change as far as that goes. >> the problem is not in the party but within the government between the conservative party and the labour party. we have been discussing to declare the north and african countries so-called security countries of origins. that people from those countries can claim asylum. that would have helped in that case because the suspect is from
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tunisia and there are other measures which we need to get through parliament, which are in parliament now. labor party and -- party are constantly blocking us and we have to keep our pressure on those two. >> okay. as far as any concrete measures, as far as allowing more migrants, more refugees in to germany, do you think the door will slam shut as a result of this? >> in the past 12 months, we have had several policy reforms on the asylum system which helped to bring down the number of refugees. i think that was successful conservative policy but we must go ahead. there are other issues we have to deal. for example, we have one federal law on deportation but there are 16 interpretations because each state is responsible for deportation and that can be -- that can't be accepted anymore.
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if you look at the state of berlin, the new government there just declared they won't deport any refugee, even if they are not allowed to stay in germany. that is irresponsible. >> okay. just the fact that at the moment the chief suspect, anis amri, a long-time criminal in tunisia and italy, accused in germany, as well, is that any sense of relief to merkel and her government that this was not a recent refugee? >>. >> well, i don't think the question is whether it is a recent refugee or not. it just shows the european countries have to work more closely together. he was a refugee in 2012. he committed some crimes obviously there and fled to germany last year. if we have a european system
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that should never happened that he was able to stay for over four years in the european union and that's why angela merkel is right to keep on pressing other european countries to promote a european scheme. >> this is probably a tough question for you but with the elections coming up in the fall in germany, how much damage is this attack going to do to your coalition? how much do you -- could you risk losing votes and perhaps even losing power? >> it is too early to say. i don't speculate on that. what we have to do now is to make sure that every measure is taken to protect the people of germany and the conservative party has done so the past 12 months. i said we have several policy reforms on the table. now it's time for labor, the green party to move so we can go
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ahead with thoez pose policy re. >> thank you very much, mr. whittaker. we will be watching this as we discuss -- we haven't seen a poll yet, after this attack, but that will be interesting to see how the public is reacting to this on a national level. back to you, john. >> okay, chris, thank you. for more on the manhunt as well as the investigation, we are joined by security expert aaron cohen, former member of the counterterrorist unit. why was a failed asylum seeker with amri's background walking on the streets and how many other anis amris are out there waiting to get behind the wheel? >> those are good questions. the first part of it, failed law enforcement is the reason why he
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was capable of being able to move around. he was obviously arrested in italy and ended up in germany. for whatever reason, the policies regarding counter terrorism in europe are still pretty tame. everyone needs to grow up in europe regarding the terror threat. it is no more mr. nice guy. with immigration and merkel, politics have to be weeded out and the policies and law enforcement routines need to reflect a modern threat. that needs to be upgraded. >> a new reality. >> yeah, it's a whole new framing of just the way it's looked at. >> on the other hand, does it sit easily with you it is this guy's identification papers that were found the truck. it all seems too easy in some respects. could they have been planted there which is the theory? >> i this i this guy had help and part of a network.
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i think it is more sophisticated than anyone wants to talk about publicly. i think there are closed forum and groups where these guys get information on how to lease trucks, get these vehicles and do the logistical part of carrying out an act of terror which is low tech and easy to do. the trick is to keep from raising red flags just before you commit the act of terror. the stuff is doable. this system needs to be addressed. all of europe needs to come together and start to look at this picture in the macro sense of the fight here. >> listen to what is happening in germany right now. apparently amri is linked to the top isis recruiter. the stop isis guy in germany. they call him the faceless creature but we managed to get this photograph of him. given the links to al awhim doet
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mean he is safe in germany, in a safe house somewhere, work to get him to syria or another country or are they planning another attack? >> i think that, first of all, this abdullah aziz is a dangerous guy. he has been looked at by multiple governments because of his ability to incite terror. the fact he is directly connected to isis means he can provide operational support to this guy on the run. i believe he is probably in some safe house holed up, in some secondary location holed up like in nice when these guys were on the lam and got arrested in belgium. i believe he's probably still in europe. i think it will be too tough for him to get to the middle east right now. i feel they will close in on him at some point in the coming days or weeks, but this guy, about
10:18 pm
dull aziz is a real terrorist. his ability to incite and continue to have these would be lone wolves. it doesn't matter how you define them, lone wolf, totally committed or just someone who wants to jump in the terrorism act he is someone who's looked at very, very closely. >> like a german al-awlaki or something. >> his ability to recruit is so deadly. i wouldn't be surprised if every piece of communication he is holding is listened to at some point. i think they will close in on this guy in a few weeks if not sooner. my concern is how do we do it quick enough and how does europe get their big boy hat on to prevent another attacks because there could be one looming. >> a short break here on "newsroom l.a." it is 10:18 here on the west coast. families pleading with the mexican government to help find
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in a few hours from now, putin will attend the funeral of
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russian's ambassador to turkey who was assassinated on monday. he was delivering a speech at an art gallery in ankara when he was shot dead by a policeman. russia and turkey launched a joint investigation. 12 people have been reportedly detained. turkey's president erdogan says the shooter was a follower of gulen. heart breaking story from aleppo, syria, concerns a brave 7-year-old girl. bana use her twitter account to tell the world what was a happening in aleppo. now she is safe in turkey's capital and cnn's moumd uhammad has the story.
10:24 pm
she and her brother sit on erdogan's lap she looks to erdogan and says -- >> i'd like to thank you for. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the opulence of the presidential palace is a stark contrast to the doomsday scenario she and her mother had been warning about on twitter for weeks. living in an area controlled by the armed opposition, an area bombarded almost daily by air strike and artillery, her family somehow managed to get an internet connection. her mother tweeting several t m times each tweet would be their last but the tweets weren't their last. as the evacuations were underway, photos of young bana smiling in a turkish camp. at one point her mother tweeted
10:25 pm
to turkey's president and foreign minister saying, please, please, please make the cease firework and get us out now. turkey's foreign ministry told reporters they were making special arrangements specifically for bana and her family to be whisked out of syria and straight to turkey's capital ankara. many praised bana and her family for offering a glimpse in to the realities of living through a devastating war. but critics accuse armed rebels of exemployed ploiting her to further a conflict that killed on both sides. today her only tweets were these, the official government photos of her smiling and safe. muhammad lila, cnn. to mexico now. the market where deadly fireworks explosion happened is becoming a graveyard. at least 33 people are confirmed dead from tuesday's blast. teams are combing through the charred rubble searching for
10:26 pm
human remains. cnn is on the scene. >> reporter: john, there's certainly a strong desire for not only the families searching for answers but for law enforcement and rescue crews who have spent much of the day in this market going through the debris, trying to figure out exactly what led to this explosion. when you ask government officials here, they will tell you the focus is on the victims and providing support. but there really isn't much information as far as what caused it or what preliminary cause investigators maybe looking at right now. at this time a lot of families are asking the government to help them to find their family members. i spoke to one woman who went to the morgue, who went to the hospital and is still standing outside of that fence hoping to get more answers. this is a market, by the way, that just nine days ago state
10:27 pm
government officials called one of the safest in latin america. it's massive. we are talking about ten football fields, give or take and 300 vendors that government officials tell me all had permits to be here as people came here to look for fireworks for christmas and new years, which is something that is very, very common. in the meantime, the investigation continues. the search for answers, not only for law enforcement, but also for families. john? >> leyla, thank you. a short break here. when we come back, trump says he is staying on top of the terror attack but still tweeting about how he won the election. that's next on "newsroom l.a." this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks.
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it's just on 10:31 on the west coast. welcome back to cnn newsroom live from los angeles. i'm john vause with the headlines this hour. a deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin and the manhunt is on in the search for this man. he was known to police and believed he had contact with radical islamist groups. he was arrested in august but later released by a judge. freezing temperatures are gripping the war-torn syrian city of aleppo. syrians hoping to evacuate are struggling to keep warm. 20 buses with evacuees pulled out on wednesday. red cross said all hospitals have been evacuated. north carolina lawmakers failed to reveal the bathroom
10:32 pm
bill during a special session. it bans anyone from using public bathrooms that don't match the sex listed on their birth certificate. the state has lost $650 million in revenue because of the backlash against the law. donald trump is speaking out for the first time about the berlin terror attacks. his comments cannot be easing concerns about his command of foreign policy. here's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: in florida today, donald trump receiving his first intelligence briefing of the week, two days after a christmas market rampage in germany raised new fears of terrorism around the world. >> attack on humanity, it is what it is. it is an attack on humanity and it's got to be stopped. >> reporter: at his mar-a-lago retreat trump meeting with the michael flynn and other generals while making his first comments on the berlin attack that willed 30 and injured dozens.
10:33 pm
trump drew fire earlier this month for saying he sees no value in receiving the presidential daily brief or pdb every day. >> i don't have to be told the same thing and the same words every day for the next eight years. could be eight years, but eight years. i don't need that. >> set to take office in 30 days, trump's advisers are mindful of the optics surrounding his security briefings. trump who proposed a muslim ban a year ago before softening his position was asked about it today. >> you know my plans all along. i have been proven to be right. 100% correct. what is happening is disgraceful. >> reporter: yet in the face of rising challenges with global terror threats trump started his day defensively tweeted about
10:34 pm
his victory in the electoral college. i would have done better in the election f that is possible f the winner was based on popular vote but would campaign differently. he went on to boast he spent far less money on his win than hillary clinton did in her loss. trump is settling another score he started earlier this month on twitter, by questioning the cost of air force one. he sent shock waves in to corporate board rooms when he singled out boeing. boeing ceo came to mar-a-lago to bring trump something of a vic tri. >> we will get it done less than that and are committed to work together to make sure it happens. >> reporter: john, that's how donald trump plans to do business by bringing business leaders to him . i guess you can call it "art of the deal" white house edition. he is trying to bring the appeal he campaigned on to save taxpayers money.
10:35 pm
john, it is also a big part of the show. john? >> okay. jeff zeleny, thank you. joining me in los angeles, democratic strategy matthew lipman and a member of the national member of california. i guess donald trump, president elect is starting to read the presidential daily brief, if only once a week, that's progress, right? >> not really. i mean once a week isn't much. president obama gets it six times a week. i think mike pence gets it every day. but donald trump has found time to meet with kanye west, leonardo dicaprio, football players. why can't he get the national security briefing every day? the reason you get it is so you know as much as the general and the people you meet. you are the commander in chief. i'm not sure why he is advocating this responsibility. >> it is a question of priorities, isn't it? >> i'm sure that president obama
10:36 pm
is the commander in chief and he is doing his job, picking his top advisers and making sure he is ready to defend the country when it is his job. he is receiving defense briefings. i heard there were over 100 defense briefings heetds received. it is more complex than simplified out to be here in your presentation. >> one of the issues there's only one president at a time but right now we have donald trump as president elect commenting and sort of weighing in on a range of foreign policy issues more so than any president elect has done in recent times. that seems to be creating a lot of confusion, especially if donald trump is not up on the intelligence. >> i don't think either of those things is true. i don't think he is weighing in more. this is a phenomenon the media comments on every time the white house changes power. with regard to not being well informed, again, the fact he isn't telling you about every
10:37 pm
briefing he is getting does not equate to him being ill informed. i think by his choices for national security, defense and other top intelligence and security offices i feel a lot safer today than before the election. >> matt? >> the point is he is ill informed and there's a reason why somebody gets a national security briefing and there's a reason mike pence is getting it every day and donald trump isn't. they could tailor that national security briefing to donald trump's small attention span if trump wanted to do it but trump is more concerned with the fun aspects of the job and not being the commander in chief. >> those are cheap shots, matt. you know it. you don't know what briefings he's getting. you are speculating on tv. >> again, he is not getting national security briefings every day. mike pence is. he can get those briefings every day. barack obama does, donald trump said he chooses not to, says he doesn't want to because he's too smart for that. >> let's move on. a key part of the campaign, one
10:38 pm
of donald trump's favorite lines, you may remember what it was -- >> when we win on november 8th, we're going to drain the swamp. >> maybe not. this is trump adviser newt gingrich talking to npr. >> i'm told he now disclaims that. said it was cute but he doesn't want to use it anymore. >> doesn't want to use it anymore? >> i written a cute tweet about the alligators were complaining and someone wrote back and said they were tired of hearing the stuff. >> it is coming from newt gingrich to be fair but a lot of the actions we have seen with the appointments of donald trump's cabinet, the milliona e millionaires, billionaires and goldman sachs people not exactly getting rid of the alligators. >> i guess you are calling every successful businessman in america an alligator or swamp dweller because that's the
10:39 pm
popular rhetoric on the left but i think he has nominated a number of people who have stories who have come from the bottom and are willing to set aside their lucrative careers and support their country. the swamp is lobbyists, political consultants who occupy wall street and corrupt the political process. we have the opposite. we have a lot of outsiders and i'm encouraged by that. >> so we don't. that's not correct. when donald trump said drain the swamp on the campaign trail, i suspect he meant get rid of liberals in washington and now he is president elect he is finding out to people drain the swamp meant what you are saying get rid of the lobbyists but as we have seen the people who had access to trump during the campaign are becoming lobbyists and selling ak test sccess to d trump and his kids are involved in important, critical meetings
10:40 pm
about the 2350u67 of the economy, at the same time running the trump company. i think the reason they are getting rid of the phrase is because they don't want to drain the swamp. >> mass speculation again. we will see what we see once he is sworn in. >> cory lewandowski selling access to the administration or not? >> he is not in the administration. that's the difference. people in the administration will be banned from lobbying. you know this. >> so cory lewandowski, who is a close trump adviser is selling access to the trump administration. isn't that what draining the swamp was supposed to be out? >> he's not in the administration. >> right. >> mr. trump cannot ban people. >> he sadvised trump in the campaign. he set up a meeting with trump and carlo slim. you don't see that being a problem? >> he is not in the campaign. he is not in he administration. if your candidate won you would be there too, are you the swamp?
10:41 pm
>> let's go 20/20. new poll came out 62% do not want hillary clinton to run again. 66 want a new name on the democrat side. matt, what does that tell you? >> i love hillary clinton. she got 3 million more votes than donald trump. i don't want her to run again in 2020. there will be plenty of good candidates, a couple of senators and governors. now probably some famous person who we can't pick yet but plenty of good candidates but hillary will not be one of them. >> 20 seconds. >> they should run hillary clinton. that's fine with me but i think any democrat can lose. it's all the same to us. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. donald trump's pledge to move the embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv got a boost from israel's top diplomate but such a controversial decision would upset decades of diplomacies between the israelis and
10:42 pm
palestinians. we get details now from orrin lieberman. >> these comments are significant because of who they come from the israeli ambassador to the u.s. he is considered one of the closest confidants and one of the few members of his inner circle. one of the highest levels of endorsement we have seen of trump's plan and his campaign promise to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. what is it that determirmer sai? here's some of the comments. he said i hope that next year the u.s. ambassador to israel lights the menorah in his embassy in jerusalem where the mcabees lit it 2200 years ago. moving the embassy and recognizing israel as the capital of israel would break decades of foreign policy that is held that the status is open to negotiation between israeli and palestinians. jerusalem has always been intentionally an open-ended
10:43 pm
question, especially because it is one of the most sensitive, complex questions in the israeli-palestinian conflict. how is it the palestinians have reacted to moving the embassy to jerusalem? predictably they are furious. they said moving it may violate international law and said the plo would consider revoking the recognition of the state of israel, moving the embassy there for drastic consequences on israeli-palestinian relations and perhaps u.s. palestinian relations and u.s. relations with the arab states in the region. john? >> oren, thank you. 10:43 in los angeles. we will take a short break. when we come back, prince phillip and queen elizabeth in london. they skipped a trip to their country estate for the christmas holidays. we will tell you why in just a moment. what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!!
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welcome back. queen elizabeth and prince phillip are putting off their
10:47 pm
holiday travel for now. buckingham palace said the royal couple is not well with colds. the royal family often head to their estate at christmastime. the palace did not say if it is cancelled all together or just delayed. a royal commentator and former editor of international who's who who, a biographic call reference book. thank you for being with us. is her majesty expected to make the trip. there is speculation it might be in the coming hours? >> i sincerely hope so. we expected an announcement this morning as to wlornt the queen and the duke who both have heavy colds will be traveling, either perhaps today or possibly tomorrow. of course, this is such an important time of the year for them. it's worthwhile remembering that on tuesday the queen hosted the traditional lunch christmas for the extended royal family. she announced she was stepping
10:48 pm
down from some 25 patronages but that still leaves over 600 and it is a time to reflect how robust the queen and duke are equally. the queen is 90, the duke 95 and obviously at such an age one naturally is concerned if someone is unwell in any circumstances, but clearly we're hoping that the traditional festivities will continue, as planned. >> just explain to our audience, who may not be entirely familiar with this tradition, that queen elizabeth and prince phillip, they take the 1044 train on the same day. they have been doing this for pretty much as long as most people can remember and many people set their calendars by it. >> absolutely.
10:49 pm
because what happens is a gathering of the royal family. this year the duke and duchess of cambridge will be staying with michael and carol middleton, kate's parents but some 30 members of the royal family joined the queen and prince phillip at their sandringham estate and what we have seen on christmas day is the church, the family going to and from the church service and pre-recorded queen's christmas message. this is viewed by millions, some 7 million in britain and with social media it is impossible to be estimate the audience. a very important message, particularly one has to say the queen, regarding a deeply religious person is a significant time of the year and a time when she, as monarch, is a symbol of national unity presides over a deeply divided
10:50 pm
country after the brexit vote. >> very quickly. there was some speculation this maybe wasn't a health matter because queen elizabeth was seen in good health on tuesday and maybe this was a security matter. >> that's something >> it's perfectly true that the cancellation occurred moments before the royal couple was expected to board the train from king's cross to norfolk. but here this morning, hopefully the festivities will continue as privately and publicly, they are of such importance. and little doubt at all that in her 90th year, the queen and the duke have broke every record going. and my hope is they will continue to do so for a long time to come. >> absolutely. richard, we shall level it there. and we wish them the best.
10:51 pm
thank you for being with us, richard. >> a pleasure. it is 10:50 here. another short break. when we come back, singing through tragedy. back to berlin where activists and refugees have a message for the rest of the world. the rest of the world. ♪
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song replaced sirens on wednesday, in front of the berlin church where 12 people were killed in the terror attacks. hundreds, including refugees, saying they are united and stronger than terrorism. ♪ we are the world we are the children ♪ ♪ we are the ones who make a brighter day ♪ ♪ so, let's start giving there's a choice we're making ♪ ♪ we're saving our own lives it's true ♪ ♪ we make a better day just you and me ♪ ♪ the love will go on and on
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this is cnn newsroom. prime suspect. police say this is a man who rammed a truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin. trump's take. how the president-elect is reacting to the terror attack. and barely talking. dialogue between russia and the u.s. is frozen. hello to our viewers around the world. we're into the third hour of "newsroom l.a."