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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  December 24, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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realize how hard the work is. you definitely have to have a certain set of skills that go way beyond taking off your clothes. ♪ good morning, everyone. i'm alison kosik. i'm sitting in for christi paul. happy almost merry christmas. >> christmas eve, indeed. good morning. i'm victor blackwell. this morning, the feds are warning about new threats on american soil. >> the fbi and homeland security issuing a bulletin telling law enforcement agencies to be on alert for suspicious activity. this coming in the wake of that terror attack this week at a christmas market in berlin.
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cnn's polo sandoval is telling us about the warning for the united states. >> indeed, there is one take away this christmas. federal officials say there's no credible threat towards the u.s. it doesn't mean that officials aren't on high alert, especially by the brand-new bulletin issued by the feds yesterday, after pro-isis sites published by a church issued an alert for state, local federal law enforcement agencies to be on high alert this christmas eve. this time of year where large crowds will be gathering. and of course with the busy travel season as well, airports will be packed there. asking not just law enforcement officials, but also the general public to be on high alert as they head out and about. again, the main take-away here is there are no known specific threats against any targets in the u.s. we've seen this before after
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different holiday seasons. again, it's just a reminder as we heard before after officials and previous holiday seasons. for loved ones to simply be on high alert. >> polo, you talk about no credible threat specifically. then again, you look at this time of year, the holidays as you mention, this seems to happen every year. but what is different about this time? >> right. we have seen before, they have specifically targeted -- at least we have heard about different threats against certain law enforcement agencies, for example, military base. what's different here, the bulletin here makes mention of what appears to be churches in the u.s. this is something that's been posted on several pro-isis websites. as a result, officials here in the u.s. -- several organizations, law enforcement organizations across the country to be aware of that. of course, as we continue to get ready not just for christmas,
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but also, an example, new york city, new year's eve, officials to keep a close eye on the crowds as we continue together. and as you look back, it shows the potential when we see these kinds of attacks, as a result, this bulletin has been issued. >> all right, polo sandoval. thank you for reporting on that. breaking details this morning in the berlin christmas market terror attack. a senior counterterrorism official tells cnn the attacker had, and this is a quote. hallmarks of being on the run alone when he was killed in a shoot-out yesterday. >> this video emerging of anis amri. in this video, amri says he would serve isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi and vow to
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slaughter, quote, crusaders who are slaying the muslims every day. >> the body of the italian woman killed in the attack has just been transported to rome. in milan, where the gunman died, i understand you were right next to an anti-immigration rally? >> yeah, that's right. let's just show our viewers what exactly is going on here. as you can see towards my left here, there are flags of the northern league. this is the northern italian, very anti-immigration party here. i've just been speaking to the leader of that party who is among the crowd, though, with the loud speaker. again, he's made these repeated calls for all immigrants to be expelled from italy, as a result of this suspect having been apprehendsed here. about 30 hours ago. just five meters where he is speaking is where anis amri was
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shot down by two police officers who was called out at random. and within two shots he was dead. i also spoke to a taxi driver who witnessed the immediate aftermath of the shooting of this suspect. saying that emergency services tried for 30 minutes to resuscitate him and eventually gave up and realized he had passed away. there have been new developments here, senior counterterrorism forces telling me earlier today from italy it seems as though the suspect, anis amri had been on the run alone with only a few scant belongings. he was said to be wearing all three wear of trousers on his person on top of each other. and he had only over $1,000 in his backpack. a toothbrush, some shaving folks no i.d. and no cell phone. for the moment, they're trying to piece together why he was coming here. is he heading from this train station where buses go to the
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balkans and southern italy? was he heading east, to the south of italy, or perhaps north africa where he was originally born. that's the line of the investigation today. >> nina, i wonder, this may be a question that can't be answered at this point. if they're believing he was on the run alone, does that lead them to believe that this was an attack launched as a although wolf or was he released after earlier this week? >> it's hard to make those conclusions, victor. what we do know, we had did links with the number one isis recruiter in germany. and what they're having to look into over there in germany. by the way, a german counterterrorist was working with an italian team. we have agents here, as we speak, as we see any links that may behind organizations,
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jihadist organizations operating in italy and those north of the border in germany. remember, this is an individual who is well-known to italian authorities. his brother had told a tv station two days ago back in tunisia, he thought he was radicalized in an italian jail cell because he spent four years here. the big question is why did he come back to italy after becoming the main suspect. and speaking of which, as you pointed out we have had a repatriation of the victim, fabrizio delorenzo who was killed in that attack. will be heading to rome. thanks for the latest on all of that. new york state department, let's turn to that now, has issued a travel warning for jordan and egypt. they caution u.s. citizens to be vigilant traveling to and from these countries amid the ongoing terror threats. particularly in egypt, the u.s.
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mission permits diplomats in traveling to the western desert. >> isis claims responsibility for a deadly attack on a popular tourist attack in jordan just last sunday. they're also responsible for a bombing in egypt that killed 25 people earlier this month. okay. an update for you on "star wars" actress carrie fisher. his brother has told cnn he's in stable condition. fisher suffered a full cardiac arrest on a flight from london to los angeles. >> it was tweeted if 2015 couldn't get any worse, sending all of our love to carrie fisher. cnn's stephanie elam is following the story for us. >> alison and victor from what we understand, carrie fisher had a cardiac event on her flight. from what we understand, people
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on the plane did come to her aid. passengers and also folks working the flight coming to they are aid. and they also call in, you can hear it on air traffic control, they call in making sure that emts were waiting at the gate to receive her. we know she was taken to a local hospital. her brother todd fisher telling cnn she was moved to intensive care and that's where she is. obviously people hoping that she will make a full recovery. her co-stars, mark hamill tweeting out. and a lot concerned about the health of carrie fisher, the 60-year-old actress. and obviously, way too young to die. >> thank you so much. the u.s., some say, put their thumb in the eye of this and now the israeli prime
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minister is pushing back. >> we're going to get the latest from jerusalem and the controversial move. that's next. could be a piece jy designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made... ...just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift... ...that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared.
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there's new diplomatic fallout this morning after the u.s. refused to veto a highly
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controversial u.n. resolution defying pressure from israel and even president-elect trump. israel says it will not comply with the new resolution that condemns the reception of israeli settlement in east jerusalem and west bank. and now israel is retaliating against two of the countries that sponsored the measure. it's also offering sharp parting words for the obama administration. and oren has the latest from jerusalem. when you think about who is living in jerusalem, half a million people are settled there with their families. 60,000 of them are americans. what is their reaction to this resolution? >> well, there's no doubt that they are furious, just like prime minister benjamin netanyahu is furious. not only at the security council resolution. as you pointed out, netanyahu promises he won't abide by it. perhaps something that he soon to buildings in the israeli
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settlements in the west bank and jerusalem. and also furious from president obama. we have never seen criticism of an administration like this. part of what he says, the obama administration not only failed to protect israel against this gangup at the u.n., it colluded with it behind the scene. israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump and with all our friends in congress, republicans and democrats alike to negate the effects. saying it was long overdue for president obama to leave his mark on the israeli/palestinian conflict. >> you think about the words that netanyahu said, he called a gangup against israel. you think about what went down at the united nations yesterday. when this resolution passed, there was applause in the
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chamber. the reality is, though, this really could be nonbiding. and we've got netanyahu saying he's not going to follow it. >> exactly. it's a nonbiding resolution, from that perspective, it's almost more of a guideline or recommendation. and with president trump in just a few weeks it may not have any requirement in a few years. and requires to hold israel accountable and president-elect trump has promised to protect israel. although it's impossible to revehicle or repeal this resolution, it may not have any effect here as long as trump is in office. >> not practical, but certainly, the obama administration sending a very strong controversial message. thanks so much. >> absolutely. >> victor. all right. live pictures from bethlehem, as we approach the christmas holiday here. you see the crowds there, beginning to prepare for some
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religious ceremonies there. we'll continue to keep tell here. and some of the other celebration going on around the world. let's continue now with the conversation that alison has just had with oren about this u.n. resolution. we've got with our political commentator for cnn. and errol louis. errol, good morning for you. >> good morning, victor. what's talk about politics, what this means for the trump administration and here. is this impact beyond january 20th for the u.s. and israel after this abstention? >> absolutely. i think there's a profound shift in policy that has now been signaled. and let's be clear what the trump administration is saying they plan to do breaks with the policy of the united states, with every president since lyndon johnson. all of them, nixon, carter, ford. it's been u.s. policy to abide
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by international law. and to say that land that has been seized in warfare after israel did after the '67 war did not be turned into a place where you put permanent settlement. that's really what lies at the hartz of all of this stuff. trump is saying, no we're going to disregard that and do what the wishes of the netanyahu wants us to do which is to fight against united nations and fight against international law and fight against almost five decades of u.s. precedent, and saying somehow we'll get peace even though we allow a possible two-state solution move forward. that's the way it looks like is going to be happening. >> samantha power was very careful yesterday in her explanation to go through every single president's name coming up through barack obama, she explained all of those presidents had at least one resolution passed through, except for president obama, as
3:18 am
she read off why the u.s. was abstaining. let's talk about politics now. we had this tweet from chuck schumer, soon to be the minority leader in the senate saying extremely frustrating, disappointing and confounding that the administration has failed to veto the u.n. resolution. in what position does this put democrats like schumer when this incoming administration has already cast democrats as being anti-israel? >> calling it pro, or anti-israel, depending on what sitting government wants the united states to do is good domestic policy. that worked for chuck schumer in new york and always has. what it means for a peace process is something entirely different. and if you go and look at how close all of these boundary
3:19 am
lines are. now antagonistic and unworkable the situation is, how dangerous the prospect of peace, the permanent situation is, make you take a slightly different approach. it's very easy to sit in new york and tweet different arguments from mar-a-lago or anywhere else, it's very different when you get there and actually see what people are dealing with on the ground. so chuck schumer, yes, he's always pro-israel in the way it has always been. what it means for the president of the united states, who presumably wants to take a bigger view, perhaps play the honest broker role that only the united states can play. if trump wants to sort of abandon that and just be sort of a partisan in the way that chuck schumer and others have been, it just doesn't bode well for the peace process. in effect, make it go to a halt. >> we saw from democrat dianne
3:20 am
feinstein sending out a statement where she supports it. president obama's refusal to veto today's u.n. security council resolution condemning israeli settlements sends a strong message. there was an adviser here on cnn who said this was absolutely not an attempt to get back at netanyahu, maybe for that address to congress about a year ago. is this how that is received? and is there some element here that could be the president quote/unquote getting back at netanyahu? >> i think we all know president obama enough to know that if there's anybody who would have a cool, bomb, detached, almost maddingly detached, i think president obama has established
3:21 am
that he's that kind of a guy. again, you know, look, victor, it's interesting to talk to your colleagues and have them talk about what it takes to go from israel over to major square and look at bethlehem. and the fact there are multiple visas. that israelis are not allowed to cross over into the west bank to go to major square.the level of poverty. the level of tension and level of unsustainable walls and guards everywhere killing the economy in both. it's simply not sustainable. i think that's something that every administration has seen and recognized over the last half of century. it's hard to imagine what will happen as the trump administration comes in and decides to overturn all of that and say, you know, we're just going to let the settlers do whatever they want. disregard any hope of a two-state solution. it's striking. >> having spent two months in
3:22 am
israel, i know the political challenges there myself. a plane full of nfl players gets stuck on the runway in wisconsin with no equipment to get them off the jet. the airport actually had to get creative. we'll explain after this. grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup go together like grandchildren and chaos. made for real, real life.
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now. this could have been a nightmare travel scenario. a plane caring the minnesota vikings skids off a snowy runway. the airport had to use a fire truck ladder to get them off the plane. >> did this ever happen? >> you're right. >> here we go. >> apparently, a little chilly up there. >> as you can see here, instead of starting a nightmare with angry social media folks, the players seemed excited, sharing the video on the team website. a few other players on their personal facebook page. watch. >> just so y'all can see what's going on here, you know. >> whoo! >> how are you doing down there? >> all right.
3:26 am
>> way too much fun. >> well, they're safe, which is good. this happened at the appleton international airport in wisconsin. they were taxiing to the gate when a rear wheel slid off the runway got stuck. they didn't have the large equipment to get the team off the plane. they called the fire department. the vikings will take on the packers today. more than 20 million people could see snow, freezing rain or ice this weekend. dual storms are sweeping the west and northeast today, just as millions are trying to get home for the holidays. joining us to talk about what's ahead in the weather, cnn meteorologist allison chinchar. good morning. >> good morning. we're talking about a dual threat here we're probably not only going to have air delays or cancellations, but on the roads, you have to be on the road to guest to your end destination. roads, new york, philadelphia,
3:27 am
newark, right now. just to the northwest, we're seeing that changeover from rain into snow. we have winter storm warnings out for much of the western half of the country. we also have blizzard watches and warnings for the central region. as well as freezing advisories and ice storm warnings. and over to the east, we also have the advisories, interstate 91 and interstate 80, both very heavily traveled highways that are going throb. now, the rain is expected to be very heavy, stretching from boston all the way down towards nashville through the day. and it remained that way through much of the southeast as we get into the evening hours. but the real threat is going to be the snow. you heard us mention the threat for blizzard. but you have to understand the actual definition of this because to be truly considered a blizzard, you have to have winds sustained. meaning constantly at 35 miles per hour or higher. and visibility of a quarter mile or less and that has to last for
3:28 am
at least three hours. and we are going to have conditions like that across the northern plains. but even areas outside of that may have two out of three of these but not all three. and another thing we're keeping an eye on is a typhoon, a super typhoon barreling towards the philippines. unfortunately, expected to hit on christmas day. this is expected to be a very intense storm. we still expect intensification before it makes landfall. this is going to be a very big rainmaker for these areas. we're talking a lot of regions, eight-plus inches of rain. 240 kilometers. to put that in perspective, that's 150 miles per hour, victor and alison. that's a high-end category four. only seven hours off from what will be a category five hurricane and it's expected to make landfall on christmas day. >> there is no good time for this. but this is especially bad time.
3:29 am
thank you very much. next, as 2016 winds down. we're looking back at the top business stories for this year. that's coming up. jewelry that tells her she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made... ...just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift... ...that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared.
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just days before christmas, the fbi is issuing a new warning about a possible isis attack here in the u.s. the targets churches and holiday gatherings. >> the bulletin was sent out to law enforcement after isis had published a list of churches in the united states. right now, there are no specific or credible threats but authorities are is it on high alert in the wake of that terror attack this week at a christmas market in berlin. powerball, apple, brexit. of course, the president-elect donald trump. that's just a few of the business stories that have a lot of people talking this year. >> cnn chief business correspondent christine romans and the host of "quest means business," richard quest look back at the top ten money stories of 2016. >> exploding. >> markets tanking then rallying. >> and a billionaire businessman
3:33 am
winning. >> here are the top money stories of 2016. >> number ten, the biggest jackpot in history. powerball mania spread as the prize climbed past the billion dollar market. then on january 30? >> the $1.6 billion powerball drawn. >> that's about $187 million that each winner, don't forget, after taxes. >> number nine, the market gyrations began as trump's victory looked more certain election night. >> u.s. stock futures are down nearly 500 points. >> dow futures kept sinking and then donald trump gave his acceptance speech promising to heal wounds. futures bounced and by the end of the trading day, stocks were rallying. the dow hit a high and fell more than 1200 points after the
3:34 am
election. >> number eight, the crash in oil prices. a global supply glut, send crude to $60 a barrel in february. a 13-year low. by the summertime, gas was the cheapest since 2004. oil prices eventually found their footing and then surged because of an opec deal in late november. that promises to cut production. >> number seven, apple versus the fbi. the government ordered apple to help it break into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. apple's ceo tim cook refused. arguing it would compromise security for all users. a showdown in court loomed until an unnamed third party helped the justice department crack that phone. >> number six, the conflict of the interest battle. trump inc. versus president
3:35 am
president-elect trump which states in more than 500 companies. donald trump has more potential business conflicts than anyone ever elected president. now, he has promised to address the issue in january, but ethics experts say anything short of selling his businesses and putting the proceeds into a true blind trust don't go far enough. >> number five, exploding samsung phones. >> this is absolutely disastrous for samsung. >> company forced to recall millions of galaxy note 7s after some caught fire while charging. but it could cost the company $10 billion in sales. but samsung's pain was apple's pain. it released the iphone 7 and even without a headphone jack demand was brisk. >> number four, petraeus trump breaks with a 40-year tradition
3:36 am
by refusing to release his tax returns. keeping it understand wr wraps after pages of his 1999 tax return was leaked mr. trump seemed to confirm what many suspected? >> did you use that loss to pay -- >> of course i do. >> presidents are under no legal obligation to release their tax returns so we might still never see. >> number three, scandal at wells fargo. 2 million fake accounts secretly created by employees. the bank was fined $185 million, fired 5,300 workers and dropped those sales goals fuelling that bad behavior. >> your definition of accountable is to push the blame to low-level employees. it's gutless leadership. >> a month later, he was out.
3:37 am
now wells fargo is trying to repair its shattered reputation even as it faces a series of class action lawsuits and investigations. >> number two, brexit. investors around the world are in crisis world after britain in june voted to leave the european union. the decision stunned the global markets. the british pound plunged to a 30-year low and the dow dropped more than 600 points. >>s awe might expect having an immediate impact around the world. >> a lot of fear and uncertainty. >> stocks stabilized a few days later. but brexit won't be cheap. businesses are ordering cutting investments in the uk. the company is facing a $31 billion shortfall. questions about how britain will lead the world's bigging trading
3:38 am
bloc are still. >> number one, the deep economic anxiety threatened to end globalization. it powered donald trump's victory, energized bernie sanders on the left. even though the working class revolts against free trade there's a disconnects. the big headline is the unemployment rate, 4.6%. home prices back at an all-time high. growth picking up. the gulf between those doing well and those left behind is widening. the question in 2017, will populous prescription rescue the economic displaced or just deepen the divide? >> okay. you want my prediction for 2017. >> give it to us. >> if the dow reaching 20,000, that will be another top story.
3:39 am
>> unless is even goes higher. >> everybody is estimates by the end of 2017 it will hit 25,000. >> 25,000. you know what's interesting here. you at home know the top money story of 2016 is, our producer started talking to us, i still don't know. we'll play it again. thank you, i'd like to hear it. donald trump gets a christmas letter from vladimir putin. but the trump transition team has released the letter and their response. we'll tell you what it says about putin's hopes for the new year and what the transition team is saying.
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
president obama versus president-elect donald trump. the white house says there's one president at a time and president obama is president of the united states. >> all of this as donald trump continues to speak out on international issues contradicting the president. tom foreman has the story. >> reporter: president-elect's are expected to make headlines with their cabinet picks. but donald trump is going a lot farther, issuing statements about trade on china, talking about renegotiating jet contracts and calling the recent attacks in europe terrorism,
3:43 am
even before investigators or the white house confirmed it. >> it's an attack on humanity and it's got to be stopped. >> reporter: the inauguration is still four weeks away but as president obama is feeling hurt rid out the door, team trump does not seem concern. >> if the president-elect wants to get things done, he's going to get things done. >> reporter: to make things, the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. >> translator: society, the russian is stronger than any aggressor. if someone speeds up the arms race it's not us. >> reporter: the president-elect trump did not back down a bit. the co-host to a camera, let it be an arms race. we'll outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all. >> he needs to send a clear and
3:44 am
concise message which he's done that he is going to be a president that defends america's interest and american people. >> reporter: and on it goes, at the united nations, the president-elect trump urged to veto israeli settlementses. instead, the administration abstained, the measure pass end a tweet follow things will be different an january 20th. political historians know doubt that incoming and outgoing president often clash but rarely so different that it could be risky. >> when you hear from two people two different perspectives that countries overseas or interests here in the united states might not know exactly what's going on. >> reporter: the white house really hasn't pushed back against this publicly a whole lot. realizing that donald trump's power politically is growing every day. but they did say, you know, there's only one president at a time. and least for now, it's still
3:45 am
barack obama. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> all right, from president vladimir putin to president-elect donald trump, a christmas letter, or wish letter. in the letter, mr. putin writes this, the warmest christmas and new year greetings. he also urges mr. trump to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation. joining us now to talk about the letter and donald trump's response to it cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chance. matthew, tell us first about this letter that we understand was actually dated several days ago, more than a week now. >> it was dated december 15th, but it was only yesterday that it was made public by the trump campaign in florida. not campaign, trump transition team in florida. and you know, it's surprising to us because we haven't heard anything about it from here in
3:46 am
russia from the kremlin. and we've spoken about the contact they've had with the incoming trump administration on several occasions but reading the text of that letter, talking about more constructive dialogue and saul of these kinds of positive issues that the kremlin was putting into that letter. actually that vladimir putin was putting into that letter, it really does fit into the pattern of the kind of dialogue that the kremlin is hoping to have my president-elect trump when he takes the white house. they want to see a sea change in the relationship. and it's been pushed over a whole range of issues like the war of syria, like the annexation from ukraine. and the expansion. these are all areas now that the kremlin hopes, and has good reason to hope, that a deal can be done with the white house which will be a real sea change in this geopolitical
3:47 am
relationship between the two cold war rivals. >> while there's reporting on this letter and response from the trump transition there is this competing narrative about donald trump reportedly tells msnbc let there be an arms race. how was that received by president putin? >> you know, i've been listening to that narrative very closely. i'm not clear. maybe some other reports confirm this, i'm not clear that donald trump was talking specifically about russia. certainly, i didn't hear the word russia mentioned. it was clarified by the spokesperson as well sean spicer that he was talking about rogue states. countries that have an emerging ambition when it comes to nuclear weapons. those are the nations, i think, that he was referring to. of course, it's so difficult, isn't it to try to interprets from the off-the-cuff comments what president-elect trump really means. certainly here in moscow, the
3:48 am
russian president yao played it saying look, it's perfect usual for the u.s. to improve its nuclear arsenal. we've done that here. he's not seeing that as something particularly significant. >> matthew chance for us. thanks so much. okay. next, an update on the college football player caught in camera punching a woman in the head. cnn's coy wire has a preview coming up. good morning, guys. disturbing video released eight days, the player who committed this incident is going to talk about it. you're going to hear an emotional apology we'll show you that and the video that everyone is talking about to follow. for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say?
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star college football player makes an emotional appeal ji more than two years after punching a woman in the face. >> coy wire is here with us this morning's "bleacher report," tell us more. >> good morning, guys. oklahoma running back joe mixon said he wanted to address this issue earlier but his legal team advised him not to. this incident happened two years ago. but this heinous video was released eight days ago. it sos muller slapping mixon. mixon punched her so hard he broke her cheekbone and fractured an orbital bone if near her eye.
3:52 am
she poke publicly to say he's sorry. >> i want to apologize to miss muller, coach stoops and the president, my teammates, most of all, my family. i let a lot of people down. >> it's never, never, never, okay. never, never, never okay to retaliate and hit a woman the way i did. >> now, mixon who has been the star of the team for the past two years didn't serve any jail time. didn't lose his scholarship. he was ordered to get 100 hours of community service. get counseling. and he was suspended from the team his freshman year. here's what many had with this punishment. most redshirt freshman, they take a year to get stronger. in the wake of the video release
3:53 am
mixon is still allowed to play in the sugar as number 7 oklahoma takes on number 14 auburn on january 2nd. let's move to the nfl where the new york jets might not have their coach for the game. the jets released a statement saying todd bowles was in stable condition with an undiagnosed illness. if he bowles were able to get to the game, we wish him well. he played seven years in the nfl himself. his 4-10 jets have the task of playing for the patriots. wait until you see what ezekiel elliott got his offensive line for christmas. $25,000 custom camouflage atvs. this is victor's dream line.
3:54 am
he's the leading rusher in the nation. made it to the pro bowl. the rookie wanted to let the big boys know he made the nice list. the cowboys don't play until monday night against dallas. they have time to play with their new toys. finally, victor, this is for you, a fashion icon here and across the land. the tennessee titans wore these christmas themed outfits to travel to the game in jacksonville. i have to get your thoughts and you are an fashionado. would you wear these or -- >> ides wear the third from the left. >> he was wearing a christmas sweater, but had to take it off and put this on. >> oh, come on. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. unwelcome guest forcing paris to shut down popular
3:55 am
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xarelto can cause serious, and in rare cases fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. well, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. but visitors heading to paris
3:58 am
this christmas may notice some unwelcome residents there. >> little furry ones. millions of rats have infested parks and streets and some of the most popular tourist areas. cnn correspondent melissa bell shows us how the city is working to control the problem. ♪ >> reporter: he became a star back in 2007. with his charm and french flair, rene was an instant hit. less charmingly, though, it turns out paris' most famous rat is far from alone. real life rats have become the french capital's headache. there are more than 3 million of them. not exactly the cosmopolitan image that the city wants popularity over. >> as you can see, this park is
3:59 am
a little gathered. and it's now some months ago, the appearance of the rats just in the middle. >> reporter: so he called the authorities who say they're taking the issue very seriously. >> we face a bit of a crisis, an emergency. we have -- unfortunately, we have to kill the rats. i don't like it. we try to do it in a most human way possible. but we have to do it. because when there are too many rats in the park, they get too close to people to children, and they can transmit disease. >> reporter: across paris traps have been laid at the exits of the city's sewer system blocked and parks are being closed to the public. among them, the mosque, home to paris' most famous symbol. here, one of paris' rat catchers
4:00 am
laid special environmentally friendly traps. business, she says, has never been better. so he's attracted and climbs through this opening and they walk towards where food is and then falls through the hatch. >> take a good long look. this is what happens when a rat gets a little too comfortable around humans. >> reporter: this is the window that so worried remmi and his father. a really shock confronted with a real problem. authorities are determined to get it under control. that means ensuring there's no more than one rat inhabitant. melissa bell, paris. good morning, i'm alison kosik. i'm sitting in for christi paul. >> chris was eve. good morning to


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