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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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in doing that kind of thing, if you are on the, if you are michael flynn in this scenario, you are required to give every single thing that you know no matter what and if there's any indication you're not, no deal. >> there's a dramatic developments unfolding. we'll watch it every step of the way. thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, president trump embrace iing the obama birther conspiracy again. now questioning whether he should have acknowledged that obama was born in the united states. this as democrats and republicans are asking serious questions about his competency for office. breaking news in the russia investigation at this hour. we're learning the identity of roger stone's intermediary with wikileaks. we'll tell you who it is, why it matters so much. just breaking that news this moment and more break iing news. new allegations at this hour about matt lauer. one of his former coanchors j b
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joins me. good evening. "outfront" this this evening, breaking news about president trump's state of mind. the president behind closed doors is reviving the conspiracy theory that barack obama was not bjorn in the united states. this is what he's doing. cnn is now learning that he believes he would have performed bet ner the election had he never actually acknowledged that president obama was born in the united states. which if you remember, president trump turned a september press conference a year ago into an infomercial about his new hotel and moments before walking off the stage, he said these crucial ten words. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> he did apologize for the many times he said the opposite. but he said loudly and clearly the truth right there. that now is is a move though
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that the president is apparently questioning tonight and it comes as democrats and republicans are raising new questions about the president's mind set after a series of offensive tweets today. this morning, to his nearly 44 million followers promoting three antimuslim video frs the leader o f the far right hate group, britain first. the woman there, the leader convicted of religiously aggrevated harassment. the video rs horrific and violent and now cnn has not verified these videos. supposedly, they portray muslims committing acts of violence. at the same time, they come at the same time as the president is telling multiple people in his inner circle, get ready for this. that the access hollywood was fault fi falsified, specifically, that it is not his voice on the tape. this defies belief. first of all, it was. he has said it was and he has apologized for it. jim acosta is "outfront" at the white house. jim, look, there's some serious questions for the president tonight. i want to start with what you
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are hear iing about new discussn that he's niche waiting about where barack obama was born. >> that's right, erin. according to this source close to the white house, advises this white house apparently president trump ever since that day, when he finally acknowledged that barack obama was born in the united states was questioning and has questioned since then, the politics of that decision, a meeting he feels he would have done bet ner the november election last year had he just stood his ground and insisted that barack obama -- he feels he would have performed better in the polls had he stayed with that position. it's a remarkable insight into his mind because in recent day, it has sounded when you hear some of these various reports about the president reviving this issue, he's kind of losing it. and what i was hearing from this source earlier this evening, was that perhaps this is more tactical. that the president believes in citing some of these racially
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tinged conversations around the country was he feels they help him politically and this development that the president believed back then it was just the wrong political move to acknowledge that obama was born in the united states goes to theory. now you also mention the access hollywood controversy. there is a growing concern behind the scenes here at the white house about these report that is the president is questioning the authenticity of the access hollywood tape. i will tell you, i talked the one official who said yes, there have been staffers whispering about this behind the scenes, that there are officials who have knowledge of the president saying this. but that one very senior official behind the scenes inside the white house has been going around to colleagues assuring colleagues and staffers that no, this story is not true, so some concerns here about both of those issues that go right to the president's stability of mind tonight. >> all right, thank you very much, jim acosta. and of course, his obsession with the outcome of the
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election, which let's be clear, he won. now, mark preston, nia henderson and doug brinkley, presidential historian. mark, let me start you and this reporting from jim. that the president believes he would have done better in the location had never acknowledged that barack obama was born in the united states. it's a pretty stunning thing. not just in what he's saying, but in his obsession still over the election results. >> at this point, i think there needs to be an intervention with the president. he needs to be hold he would account bable for his actions. before some of the viewer wills say that is a partisan attack, it is not. this is not about tax cuts, not about o obamacare, this is not about what policies are better. these are about the actions of the commander in chief of the united states. the president of the united states. the leader of the free world. and i will 1-877-tell-hln you this. history is going to look poorly upon those who aided and abet t
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and president trump to act the way he is right now. there needs to be leadership in congress who can step up, put aside their partisan differences and realize that something has to be done now. >> we just haven't seen that. you didn't see republican leadership take him on for example or at least take the other side of say roy moore. they're standing up to him on issue, but thot standing up to him and not to him on these most crucial things, which do show whether he is has theness to be the leader of the united states. >> yeah, you've seen some of it, right? bob corker coming out with a tweet about the adult day care. the senator critiquing the way the president behaves. tweaking some of his tweets and that way he engages with other people. there are reports that jeff flake going to take to the senate and talk more about this. those are folks who don't necessarily have a political future in you know, in the
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coming years. they're not going to run for re-election, so they aren't concerned. the problem that you have if you're a republican is that trump's base is your base. people like donald trump. trump seems to have some sort of connection with at least you know, 3% of the population. 35% or so and maybe 75% of the republican you know party. at least. and so that is what you're seeing. mark mentioned this. sort of what might happen years from now. i'm reminded of ken melman who had to apologize to african-americans for the ways in which the republican party had played politics with race. and you imagine that years from now, the party might have to do a similar kind of mea culpa around what this president has done around race. >> and let me just ask you, doug, "the new york times"
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reporter earlier today said quote, something is unleashed with him lately. that the last couple of day's tweets have been markedly accelerated. referring in part to those muslim videos that he tweeted. what do you make of what he's doing and saying right now when you combine that with the birther conspiracy being reignited, when you combine it with what frankly is really insane to question whether it's his voice on that tape? >> well, we have to all start questioning whether donald trump is fit for command. how, what kind of psychological problems does he have? if this is true, that he's say ing that barack obama wasn't born in the united states again, i could find it disastrous for his presidency. very few republicans on capitol hill want to be hitched to a guy
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who thinks that barack obama was you know, born in a foreign land. it makes everybody on the republican team look like they're dabbling or immersing themselves in conspiracy theorys. why this sort of spasm from trump? it obviously has to do with the tax bill coming. hec he feels he needs to double down on his base with fear on the russia probe closing in on him, on the white house. he wants to make sure the 35 wers% is very active that are backing him. in today's speech in missouri where he started talking about the war on christmas and the like. >> right. mark, i want to get to this access hollywood tape. because this one, look, it just, it defies belief. i know people can say how can you say that now and not about other things? he's now saying according to the "new york times," it's not his voice on the tape. i just want to play the tape
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again so everybody who gets to hear his voice every single day can hear the tape. >> i'm automatically attracted to people women. just start kissing them. like a magnet. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. do anything. >> okay. the facts are, that was him and the facts are, mark, that the president of the united states, who has proudly says he doesn't remember apologizing for anything for the first time appears to have broken that when he apologized for these remarks. i have to play it. >> i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> how can we now, mark, even question whether that's his voice? >> it's difficult to understand what's going on in president trump's mind. but remember, he's the president of the united states. he has an incredible amount of
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power. i believe he thinks he's in a situation where he's not accountable to anybody. that nobody can can tell him what to do and if he kopts to bring home a point that people will start to believe a man in some respect, that's true. and that is what's very sad about this whole situation. we know what donald trump's all about right now. we all know what he's about. what's disappointing for me is those folks were still supporting him not because of the policies that he's pushing forward. but in light of all the lies and the misinformation that he puts out day in and day out, erin. >> you know, i don't think he hasn't had any sort of penalty at this point. almost with every team, violence, he hasn't had any p l penalty to pay. he almost is proving that he can be unaccountable, nothing has happened to him. at this point, his supporters seem to be stay iing with him.
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they seem to be rallying around his agenda with the tax bill here moving slowly through the the senate. so i don't know. you know, i think people thought john kelly, the great general, would come in and change things at the white house. that hasn't stopped. he sort of says oh, the flow of information is better. it doesn't seem like that's the case. >> thank you all very much. of course general kelly, guys, it wasn't my job to stop the tweets. so has been very defensive about his failure to interfere with that. thanks to all and next, the breaking news. president trump's long time associate, roger stone, now we know. how he communicateded with the wikileaks founder, julian assange and who the all important middleman was. wikileaks of course an arm of russian intelligence according to the cia and matt lauer facing new allegations of sexual misconduct tonight after being fired by nbc today. former employee claiming lauer summoned her to his office then had sex with her. donald trump selling the
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who was the go between for roger stone and julian assange. we're "outfront" on capitol hill and you're breaking this story. what more are you learning at this hour? >> roger stone revealed to the house intelligence committee the name of this intermediary, a person who had contacts with julian assange during the campaign season and also conversations with roger stone himself and the name is randy. randy is a new york radio personality who did have conversations with both stone and assange during the campaign season. in fact, they were guests on both of his shows and the question has really emerged on capitol hill about who this individual was. this intermediary of sorts because when roger stone came before the house intelligence committee earlier this year, he was asked about a number of issues and one thing he would not reveal was the name of this individual because he said he had an off the record conversation with this person. he said he did not want to betray that agreement, did not reveal the name of the source.
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we know he has revealed this and now, he has been subpoenaed by the house intelligence committee to give his own testimony, erin, on december, in mid december, to talk about this. to see if he can answer, we'll see if he can answer the lawmaker's questions about these contact, erin. >> this is important. and obviously, the other crucial question here is is why wikileaks itself is really at the core of the russia investigation. >> well, of course. be largely because of the leaks of information. the thousand of clinton and dnc e-mails that it obtained during the campaign season, but the larger question that lawmakers are trying to answer as part of the russia investigation was whether or not there was anyone in the trump orbit that was incontact with the wikileaks, to coordinate, to work with wikileaks as part of the effort to collude of sorts. now roger stone flatly denies there was anything untoward about this conversation. he said it was simply, there was no collusion whatsoever, but we
4:19 pm
know that wikileaks, erin, there was some correspond eence with donald trump trump jr. and he will be meet wg the house intelligence committee next week behind closed doors. there will be key questions lawmakers hope to get questions to. >> the cia has said wikileaks is an intelligence arm of the russian government. now, angus king. nice to have you on the program. look, obviously, you've been investigating all of this. tonight, do you know the full extent of roger stone, jared kushner, donald trump jr., paul manafort or anyone else in the trump campaign links to russia and russian intelligence? do you feel like you have that nailed down yet or not? >> i do not believe we have everything nailed down. that part of the investigation is still very much open. we're still interviewing witnesses and reviewing
4:20 pm
documents, so the answer is no. and i can't confirm, we have a sort of rule in our committee, we don't talk about who's coming or going or when they're going to be interviewed. this is what we're following up on every possible lead. with regard to roger stone, the interesting thing is that he predicted the later release of e-mails and the question is how did he know and what was his conversation with wikileaks. we also know that the russian intelligence services got these documents and then transferred them to wikileaks. so there are still plenty of questions to be answered and i'm sure the house will be following and so will we. >> the other big question, when you look at bob mueller and what he's doing, your expectation here, do you expect more indictments of donald trump's inner circle? >> again, i don't mean to dodge your questions, but i'm not
4:21 pm
going forecast what bob mueller is doing. i know he has a very professional team and i would assume since he's still pursue ing this investigation, that there will be more results of that investigation as time goes on. >> all right, so i want to ask you, i don't know if you heard. the reporting tonight here on cnn. we are reporting that the president of the united states regrets acknowledging that barack obama was born in the united states. he thinks that that acknowledgment costs him electorally. at the ballot box. what's your resnaction? >> my first reaction is electoral consequences and results shouldn't have any effect. the question is, is it true or not. to say you didn't like it that you admitted it because it may have cost you votes, that doesn't go to the basic questions. this is a question that's been settled years and years ago. why raise it now?
4:22 pm
it's, it's very odd and then in effect, recant your prior recantation. you get sort of dizzy follow g this. >> it doesn't matter what the truth is, right? he just wishes that he kept saying he wasn't born here because it would have helped him. the other thipg that the reports are tonight, "the new york times" is saying the president said that access hollywood tape is fake and specifically, he said it is not his voice on that tape. i want to play it again for you, senator. >> automatically attracted to beautiful women. just start kizzissing them. like a magnet. when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do whatever you want. grapp them by the [ bleep ]. whatever you want. >> the president explicitly said quote, i said it. end quote. what do you make of the fact he's now raising the question as
4:23 pm
to whether that's his voice? >> well, he said it and acknowledged it and apologized for it, then dismissed it as locker room talk or something like that during the campaign. to say something like that, to now say well, it really wasn't me. you've got to ask your question well was he telling the truth when he said it was him or is he now when he says it isn't? both of those thoughts can't be true at the same time. this is something that i think would be probably pretty easy ver if i. the first thing i would do is talk to billy bush who was there on the bus with him and say is that an accurate tape and the second thing would be you know, the -- >> access hollywood has said it's real. there's no question as to whether it's real, senator. it's real. >> well, but is he saying it publicly it isn't real or privately? >> he's saying it privately to associates in the white house. >> well, it just seems like a strange way to proceed because all the evidence is that it's real and the evidence, strongest
4:24 pm
evidence is what came out of his own mouth last summer. >> i guess the question i'm getting at, raising questions about this. again, the birther questions or whether it's his voice on a tape when he said it was and i don't even wabt to enganl in the conversation because it was. my question to you, senator is are you confident now as a senator in the united states senate, that this president is indeed fit for the office that he holds? >> well, i'm not going to answer that question. that's sort of an ultimate question. i think what i worry more about is policy. i worry about north korea. i worry about this dreadful tax bill that is probably going to pass. in the next 24 hours. and that's really what's going to affect the country for a generation. as opposed to whether or not a particular tweet was accurate. but it is disconcerting. you've got to be able to rely on people's word in order to make any institution function and i
4:25 pm
think, he's harming his own cause i think would be the best way i would put it. >> senator king, i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> and next, the matt lauer sex scandal growing tonight. more accusers are stepping forward since he was fired. and president trump defending republican tax plans making sure americans know the proposals may hurt him. will they?
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4:30 pm
"outfront." >> good mompk, breaks new. matt lauer has been terminated. >> matt lauer fired from nbc news for what the network calls inappropriate szucs yell exual n the workplace. new allegations breaking tonight after a two month investigation, three women telling variety magazine they were harassed by lauer. one says the veteran "today" show anchor gave her a sex toy and detailed how he wanted to use it on her. another employee says he exposed himself in his office and rep remanded her for not engaging in a sexual act. cnn has not independently confirmed the reporting. the allegations came after savannah guthrie delivered the news of his firing following a separate complaint! we just learned this moments ago just this morning. as i'm sure you can imagine, we are devastated and still processing this. >> the big question now who knew what when.
4:31 pm
variety quoted staffers who said they tried to alert executives about lauer's behavior. in response, nbc says we can say prior to monday night, current nbc news management was never made aware of any complaints about matt lauer's conduct. on monday night, a female nbc employee and her attorney met with nbc hr and detailed quote, agree jous act of sexual harassment. the network investigated and decided to fire him less than 24 hours later. ry guthrie found out overnight. >> i'm heartbroken for matt. he is my dear, dear friend and partner. he is loved by many people here and i'm heart brobroken by the e colleague who came forward and any other women who have their own stories to tell. >> that accuser is remaining anonymous. as are the women in the variety account. nbc has known for weeks these stories were coming. in a memo, the chief alluded to
4:32 pm
this, saying we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. for now, nbc's handling of the monday complaint against lauer is getting praise from the accuser's attorney. he wlit writes our impression is that nbc acted quickly and responsibly. it is our hope that nbc will continue to do what it can to repair the damage done to my client, their employee, and any other women who may come forward. now the floodgates may just be opening. even as lauer's former family tries to move on. >> still dealing with news of a friend of 30 years and we're all trying to process it! we are grappling with a dilemma so many people have faced these past few weeks. how do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation they have behaved badly. >> understandably, a very hard story for the "today" show to cover. meantime, there are hard questions for nbc about whether anyone knew about this alleged behavior. as tonight's "new york times"
4:33 pm
story indicates, there could be more allegations to come. now i've been trying all day to reach matt lauer, his representatives, so far, he has no comment. that means no confirmation or denial of these charges. >> thank you very much. and now, two people who worked with matt for years. jamie, special correspondent here. she worked with matt for about 20 years. jane hansen was the coanchor at today in new york. i worked with matt a number of years at the "today" show when i was filling in during my time and as a reporter on the show. i want to just get your reactions when you both heard this. when you first heard this, your reaction? >> i wasn't surprised because i've been called by variety ahead of time before this. and they had told me at the time they were doipg an awful lot o of work and research and i think they had been looking at it for well over a month. and i also know from other people they talk today a number of them, too. people in production roles, people who previously had been working at the "today" show no longer did.
4:34 pm
so i knew there were conversations going on. so i wasn't surprised. but what i was surprised by was the way that savannah reacted because i could see that it was very new and very fresh to her. so it was just, it was a difficult, difficult time. very difficult for her. but again, we've all heard these rumors for years, have we not? >> i have never heard rumors that he harassed anyone ever. >> consentual. >> yes. yes. everyone had. >> i was not surprised because like you, i had gotten calls from reporters. i was surprised at this charges. i worked with him for more than 20 years. he was always a very formal person. gentlemen. there was nothing i ever saw or heard about in his behavior that would lead me to think that he would harass. >> you know, i was the first person he worked with when he
4:35 pm
came to nbc and when he came, he had been at a number of different programs. none of which had been successful. he was thinking about becoming a tree trimmer. he was going to give up broadcasting so when he came to that program, he was humble and grateful. and what i saw was a lot of change over the years. but back then, there were no signs of any of this. >> so you're saying what happened was would have been a change over time. >> perhaps. >> more confident, more full of yourself, more whatever it might be. when we talk about this thisz they moveded incredibly quickly. we don't have a name. none of these women are named but nbc within 24 hour of this, felt able to confirm it to a degree they felt comfortable with. >> correct. >> to terminate him. >> i think there are two things. we know very little. we have very few facts about what happened and what the charges are. but we're in a very different climate now and we are seeing
4:36 pm
all of these cases across the board and nbc has had to deal with this before. they had the contributor, mark halperin. they had a booker, a producer, matt zimmermann. i think they have learned and we don't know what the details are yet, but that once they made the decision, they made it very quickly. >> go ahead. >> i was just going to say and probably do it and do it quickly. don't let it linger. >> you know, obviously in the light of what happened the to charlie rose, the questions are what was this? and consentualty is significant. he interviewed bill o'reilly. matt did. after bill o'reilly was fired over sexual assault allegations. and lauer went after o'reilly hard. he went after him hard. i want to play this clip. >> you were probably the last guy in the world that they want ed to fire. because you were the guy that the ratings and the revenues with were built on. you carried that network on your
4:37 pm
shoulders for a lot of years. so doesn't it seem safe to assume that the people at fox news were given a piece of information or given some evidence that simply made it impossible for you to stay on at fox news? >> that's a false assumption. there were a lot of other business things in play that city 21st century was involved with. it was a business decision they made. but there isn't any. >> d bu you don't let your number one guy go unless you have information that you think makes him -- >> not true. >> think object about those five women and what they did. they came forward and filed complaints against the biggest star at the network they worked at. think of how intimidating that must have been. nhow nerve racking that must hae been. doesn't that tell you how strongly they felt about the way they were treated by you? >> wow. >> you turn the tables. >> talking about matt lauer. >> you don't let your number one guy go unless you have
4:38 pm
information. he's their number one guy. he has been for a long time. it wasn't just one person comes forward. clearly, they felt, this was not a situation that could be revolved. >> whatever the evidence is, i am assuming it is very damning evidence because this is not a he said she said situation. to make a move like this. also the president of nbc news is very close to matt lauer. they're good, good friends. this is not something he would want on a personal level, let alone a business level. so we don't know what it is. but i assume it's -- >> when you see these allegations out there, we have not confirmed them, she was summoned to his office to have sex. these allegations that are now out there. certainly i never saw any of that. when i saw him in that office.
4:39 pm
any of these sorts of thipgs that are clearly not consentual being allegeded, these shock you? >> yes. in a certain sense, they do. we've heard, i've heard so many stories over the years. but yet, we also have to remember the atmosphere in news rooms. that sometimes, there's things that are said that are not intended to be sexual and that sort of thing. so i honestly don't know what the truth is about these allegations and i'm not sure that any of us do. that are sitting here or even watch iing this. but at the end of the day, we have to think about what does this mean and how can we play this forward to learn from it and to learn about being women in the workplace and how can we help other women because think of all these women that have come forward this evening or in the last couple of days. how do we do that? that's an area i'm doing a lot of work in now. >> i think there's another bigger picture here.
4:40 pm
as the president is saying that is not his voice on that tape. if donald trump worked for nbc or cbs news, he would have been fired. so we see two different play books here. president trump, we have 12, 13 people who alleged during the campaign. he denied, denied, denied. now we're reaching a whole new level. >> when it happeneded at the time. by name. i mean, these are not just random allegations. >> right and what happened, he denied and he became president. when you look at of the other cases of o the men who have been charged who apologized or acknowledged, they lost everything. they lost their jobs. >> such a good point. >> and we will see of course what happens to roy moore, what wl he gets the job following the president's playbook. >> thank you very much. next, big promises about tax cuts and job b growth. where is he getting his numbers and the white house under fire for defending the president's
4:41 pm
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tonight, president trump insisting that the republican tax plan will be bad for him and his wealthy friends. here he is. >> this is going cost me a fortune this thing. believe me. believe me. this is not good for me. me, it's not, i have some very wealthy friends. not so happy with me, but that's okay. i keep hearing schumer. this is for the wealthy. well, if it is, my friends don't know about it. >> president trump also made the case for the state tax, which could save his heirs about a billion dollars according to some estimates and more. if you believe his own estimates of his own net worth. "outfront," steven moore and formal adviser, robert reich also here. former labor secretary to bill
4:46 pm
clinton, his new documentary, saving capitalism is out on netflix. is this bill going to be bad for the wealthy. if it is, you shouldn't like it because i believe you are someone that wants tax cuts for everyone. >> well the economy is booming now. we got a great report out today that shows the economy is growing at 3.3% and robert reich's friends said there's no way trump can get the economy growing at 3%. and i believe we're going to get to 4 to 4.5% growth next year if we get this tax cut done. that kind of wave of prosperity benefits everyone. whether this will benefit trump or not, i can't say. but i do think that this is, you look at what's happened to the stock market, look at consumer optimism. the business optimism. this is as good for the economy and good for -- >> you're advising and you are not able to say it will be bad for him. he is acting like it's a horrible thing. it's going to be horrible for him. even though he would have had $31 million less.
4:47 pm
>> i will say this. on cnn all the time, they're saying texas tax cuts for the rich and so on. but i have to say, i've talk today a lot of wealthy people who live in california or new york or new jersey who aren't too happy because those states if you're a you know, a millionaire living those states and you lose your state and local tax deduction, you may pay more tax. the last time i checked, donald trump was a resident of new york city. his taxes may go up. i can't say for sure. but i want everybody's taxes going down and i want people getting jobs and higher salaries and wages. >> so do you buy this, robert? that rich is going to pay more? the way the president says? >> i buy that the rich, the rich are going get a huge tax cut, erin. this, a lot of people watching now may say there's steven moore on one side. he's republican and he's been advising on this. and he's going to say one thing then here's robert reich and he's a democrat. but let me just say, this is not
4:48 pm
just republican against democrat. this is not just economists with two hands either this way or this way. and we are dealing here with the situation, experts, i don't remember a policy decision where so many tax exports, policy analyst, economists, have been overwhelmingly in unanimity about the fact that the rich are going to get the biggest, biggest benefits out of this tax cuts. in fact, the middle class is going to be hurt in part and if you take the senate bill, there's going to be an additional pain to the middle class because the middle class is also and for many poor people are going to lose their health insurance because the senate bill does rid of the mandates and the senate bill is going to be subject to what's called the pago requirements. i don't want to get in the weeds right now, but it means medicare is likely to be a casualty of this in terms of the budget deficit. so this is not just steve moore
4:49 pm
and robert reich. this is a huge majority of experts on one side saying to steve moore, you're wrong. >> but bob, all of those economists you're talking about and the ones you talk to and consort with, those are the economists who said we couldn't grow the economy at 3%. they've been completely wrong from the day donald trump -- it's an important point, erin. >> it is important. imt to give you this point. it's an important point that the economy is growing much more quickly than many thought it was. >> and the stock market as well. >> but this is where you as someone's plan have to give an answer because the president is tripling down, quadrupling down, okay, that if you cut the corporate tax rate t core of this whole thing, worker's wages are going to go up by $4,000. $4,000 raise. he keeps saying this. here he is. >> under our plan, middle l class families will not only see their tax bill go down, they will see their incomes go up by
4:50 pm
an average of around $4,000. $4,000 and that's because we're going to cut taxes on american businesses so they will compete for workers, they'll raise salaries. >> so steve, you got your 3.3% gdp growth and full employment. you have wages still not back to where we were before the recession and you're going to give companies a huge massive windfall. they are not raising wages now. why would they do it with their tax refund? >> aum cou couple of reasons. more companies are going to bring factories and more insourcing of jobs than outsourcing. >> you already have full employment. >> well, good. so look, go to ohio, michigan, places in wisconsin, west virginia, kentucky and tell these people, we don't need more jobs. i don't think the american people think we have plenty of
4:51 pm
jobs. by the way, if we create more jobs, create a tighter labor market -- >> i want to give bob a chance to respond. >> this is critically important. the real issue and the problem that most americans have today, not just jobs, it's wages. wages for most people have been -- and we have had tax cuts, we've had the bush tax cuts, repatriation of earnings. corporations have so much money now they don't know what to do with and trickle down economics doesn't work. when they get tax cuts and more money, they give it to executives in the form of executive bonuses and to stockholders in the form of big investors yet even more money and that doesn't trickle down to ordinary people. most people understand this because they haven't had a raise adjusted for inflation in 30 years. >> we're going to leave it there. but that's the point i was trying to make. if wages aren't going up and you give them another few trillion
4:52 pm
dollars, why are wages going to go up then? >> because we are not at full employment. >> steve, that has nothing to do with that. we've been here. we've had full employment and less than full employment. wages have gone nowhere there's been no trickle-down economics. this is a gigantic hoax. >> thank you both. >> there's no reason for this. >> thank you both. next, breaking news, trump moments ago punching back at the british prime minister after she criticized him for promoting anti-muslim videos.
4:53 pm
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breaking news, president trump fighting back against british prime minister theresa may. in a tweet just minutes ago, may, among others, slamming trump for retweeting anti-muslim videos from a far right nationalist group. trump tweeting to theresa may, don't focus on me. focus on the destructive radical islamic radical lichl that is taking place within the united kingdom. cnn has not verified these videos. porp rdly showing muslims attacking people. whether the videos are real does not matter to the white house. that is what the press secretary says. here's sarah sanders. >> whether it's a real video, the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about. that's what the president is focused on, is dealing with those real threats.
4:57 pm
those are real no matter how you look at it. >> "outfront" tonight, james is joining me. good to have you on. what do you say to the press secretary, it doesn't matter if the videos aren't real? >> sure it matters. when the dutch government issues a correction saying this is a fake video that it actually was a dutch national committing a crime against another dutch national and he was not muslim, it matters. it matters when the trump -- that president trump does what he did. >> until that case, i just want to -- i'm sorry to interrupt you. when you're talking about there, we're not going to show the actual attack itself. but someone who the video was saying was muslim was attacking a handicapped person. >> he's not a muslim. >> right. that's part of the point here. the issue is that the source of this, the ultra nationalist group you call it, it's a racist hate group in the uk. actually they have been emboldened and now trump has involved himself in encouraging
4:58 pm
a far right hate group in the uk doubling its support and giving it the approval of the president of the united states. he's not only dividing the american people creating fear among american muslims, he's also embarrassing america and intervening in a negative way in internal british affairs. >> so, you know, the president is getting celebrated by the woman he retweeted, jayda fransen. she said, thank you for retweeting. britain is now sharia compliant. i need your help. god bless. and from former kkk leader david duke, "this is why we love trump and why the fake news media hates trump. he brings to the light what the lying fake media won't." >> and hate crimes are up here
4:59 pm
against muslims and arabs. there's a poll that shows very disush itti disturbing trends here in america and while attitudes have gone up slightly, the division between trump supporters and nontrump supporters has wide ne. so the president has encouraged them to strike out against arabs and muslims. it's very disturbing and, frankly, i this i that the embarrassment it causes america overseas, it really needs to be considered here by the president. i don't think he does. i think he's interested more in his own base but the result is dividing america, creating fear in america but also embarrassing america overseas. >> all right. well, james zogby, thank you very much. it's important to say, you watch those videos. there should be some standard, right? the president of the united states sends out videos for saying muslims do horrific things and then it turns out that the videos may not be true
5:00 pm
and they say it doesn't even matter if they are true. it's a shocking disregard for the truth, which does matter still. thank you for joining us. "ac 360" begins now with anderson cooper. good evening. breaking news tonight in the russia investigation involving the president's son-in-law jared kushner. we've just learned he has spoken with robert mueller's team. gloria borger has the scoop and is joining us now. >> well, my colleagues pamela brown and evan perez and i have reporting that the special counsel's team really wanted to meet with jared kushner to talk about michael flynn. it seems to us, very clearly, that the no ochl se is tightening around the former national security adviser, that perhaps they are negotiating some kind of a deal and that they wanted to meet with jared kushner because, of course, he interacted with flynn so frequently both during the transition and once the president took office. >> what's kushner's lawyer saying about all


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