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tv   New Day  CNN  January 1, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PST

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this was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. >> there was no collusion. >> i have decided to recuse myself. >> i think there's blame on both sides. >> the president needs to step
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up. it's white nationalism and it's unacceptable. >> sinking the gop's effort to repeal obamacare. >> there's a reason the market is at an all time high. >> the president needs to stop tweeting and start leading. >> this is not a good news story. this is the the people are dying story. >> historic year for california wildfires. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners say get that off the field. >> the people run this country. >> matt lauer. >> harvey weinstein facing explosive new allegations. >> enough is enough. one woman can make a difference. together we rock the world. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> happy new year. welcome to this special edition of "new day". >> you have a headache?
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>>. >> we have a big show for you looking at all the 2018 has to offer. this year is sure to be a big one for politics. what congress might look like. and we will break down the issues that will have a major impact on the trump administration in its second year. >> plus, several new laws are set to go on the books today. how will they impact you? hollywood getting ready for awards season. who will be up for top honors and who will take home the coveted oscars and who won't. but first a check of your headlines at the news desk. happy new year. i'm boris sanchez. unprecedented security to ring in 2018 in times square last night.
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>> it was 9 degrees, minus 4 at the stroke of midnight. that makes this the second coldest times square ball drop on record. in las vegas, 350 members of the nevada national guard helped police keep tens of thousands of partiers safe. in iran, 10 people have died in anti-government protests. the country's minister for communication and technology said iran is not restricting social media sites which helped to fuel these protests. state media has reported that access was being limited. president hassan rouhani addressed the country and said people are free to protest but warned against violence and vandalism. an investigation is under way to the determine the cause of a deadly plane crash in costa
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rica. ten americans and two costa rhee can pilots were killed. five were from one family in westchester county, new york. it crashed minutes after taking off, leaving no survivors. meantime in california, a sheriff's deputy was killed in a new year's eve ambush. 29-year-old zachary parish was gunned down by a barricaded gunman in an apartment building. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. four other officers were wounded. authorities say the deputies were wearing ballistic vests but hit in areas that were not covered. an update in the russia investigation. former trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos told a diplomat that russia had dirt on hillary clinton long before information about hacking went public. according to the "new york times", that conversation was
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shared by australia with the fbi and it became a driving factor in the bureau's decision to launch an investigation into russia's election meddling. white house attorney ty cobb is refuse to go comment on that report. hope you're having a great first day of 2018. now back to this special edition of "new day". as president trump looks to begin his second year in office, what's going to be first on the agenda? let's discuss cnn political analyst gregory and john avlon. >> gregory is in his casual wear. we just have to say. >> i think you're selling it. >> it is jazz, b poet or c, english professor. >> i was going 007. you have no idea what his watch did k do. some might say that is a mini step counter. but not me.
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i think it's something else. i know d. gregory. >> enough about all of and me. it's a marker for the new year. how are we going to make ourselves different. >> #winning. >> everything this year is about the economy. the president has low job approval rates, high disapproval. he is going to view everything through that prism of is the economy doing well and don't i get all the credit. legislatively, if he has the room to run, i think it will be infrastructure as some way to lull democrats into some kind of a deal. but everything will be looked at through the economy but also politics in a midterm election year, which will make democrats consider every step to see how it benefits them. >> what is the first order of business this new year? >> should be infrastructure. he has expertise. some hope for a bargain. republicans are focusing on
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entitlement reform. they will focus on things that play to the base and try to clean up some of the deficit busting they did with earlier legislation. so that would be the smart move for the president. the president is an impulsive guy. it is government by tweet. and he will be setting the agenda on a minute-to-minute basis until a larger force comes in and occupies our attention. take a look at north korea after the olympics. and democrats marching toward 2018. >> a blinding distraction for the president is mueller. it will suck up a lot of political energy in washington however it goes. if it goes to the next step, if it pulls back. that is the big mystery that has to be solved. you have events coming in from the outside. and i will say this about entitlement reform. it's not that i disagree with you. republicans got burned in election years before in 2012.
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paul ryan suggested a major revamping of medicare. i don't see doing that again. i don't think president trump wants that. i don't think republicans that are for it. >> you have a question. if you answer around question marks, let's bring up the democrats. >> do we have a floor? >> i have seen you move. i have seen him move. and you are both excellent. >> appreciate it. >> but the democrats -- >> well, you're a given. these guys have legitimate questions. can gregory move? i don't know. but i'm telling you he can. the democrats are going to matter. why? they have to be some filibuster worries. and you have the democrats looking to 2018. when you mention infrastructure, your voice is so res gnat, i don't mean to be skeptical of it. but would they do a deal with him that gets something done for trump during a year that is an election year?
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>> are you saying hope over experience? look, i would like to think -- >> if i were to say it that well, i would say it. >> stumbling over the english language, cuomo? >> a bipartisan compromise could help the forgotten areas of the country. it would be the right thing to do. there is deep batted pwhraobloo. if there was going to be something that was awe win-win, something that was in the national interest, that would be the policy. >> don't forget, democrats have to start to build on something that they would actually do if they take over besides impeach the president. which i think is going to be very dangerous territory for them. the more people are saying give us the reins of power, we'll impeach the president, is dangerous politically. i think there is a deal to be done. we have seen them willing to
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deal on the budget. they will have to take this up again and salvage what they can. because what is already baked in is the energy around deposing trump. and everything that he stands for. that is baked in for enough americans who -- younger americans and part of that democratic coalition will turn out i believe very is strongly in the fall. >> okay. so the russia investigation, does it wrap up in 2018 as the president seemed to be suggested at the end of 2017. by the way, it's not just the president. people in congress are saying, come on, time to, like, wrap this up. >> this does not happen on a reality tv show schedule is. this is an investigation. a serious political drama, the likes we have not seen since watergate. parallels get tossed around so much. people are digging in, attacking the investigation. this is a big deal. allegations that a foreign power interfered in our election, possibly in collusion with the president's campaign. we need to get to the bottom for
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the national interest. it should transcend. but it is going to be ugly. >> there are experienced prosecutors involved here. >> yeah. >> prosecutors know one thing, which is you can't have an investigation that goes on forever. >> right. >> the longer they're hanging out, the more they will be beaten up. they have had their own problems with political bias within the -- among the fbi. they have to clean that up. >> that's mueller. i'll give you that. what is interesting as a political dynamic is the rush to stop the inquiries when they don't know what the hell russia did. they don't know how to stop it but spent years chewing on benghazi. >> it is is pure political opportunism. it undercuts the obligation they have in office. there should be one to get to the bottom and figure out how to stop it next. >> it can't go on forever. >> no. but you can't put artificial deadlines on it. do i think they will be completed in this calendar year? yes, i do.
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>> democrats to to be careful too so they don't look like they are running benghazi. >> they are not running them. that is one of the weird things about this process. the republicans are running all the committees doing the investigation but the energy is on the democratic side. it shouldn't be about interference. the president poisoned the well making the equation to his own legitimacy. >> the financial implication is something to keep an eye on. does this administration, does the president respect the presidency enough to match his words, his tough words for russia and foreign policy statement of principles with some real action in 2018. >> we know the answer to that. unfortunately seems to be no. if the past is representing p
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the music is a little part ridge family. >> a little bit. >> for the new year it's a little retro. from doug jones to russian president putin, a wide variety of people played prominent roles in 2017. who will be the biggest players in 2018? cnn politics reporter chris cillizza joins us with who to watch this year. i love these two to watch. >> let me just say this is my favorite thing to do in all of politi politics. >> who to watch? >> yes. it makes me super nerdy but i love it. >> the first person to watch is ben sasse. >> probably most people don't know him. senator from nebraska.
4:18 am
he's been very critical of on trump. but has not gotten the criticism or the profile that jeff flake, cork herb, john mccain have. >> how has he avoided it? >> i don't know. maybe donald trump likes him personally. i don't know if a real primary challenge develops. jimmy carter beat ted kennedy. the idea that it is busy to beat an incumbent has never been borne out. i would look to sasse, john kasich of ohio. sasse is a smart, reasonable, dare i say somewhat normal politician. i think there will be an appetite for that. >> his social media projects that image as well. very much normal life, family life, modern. >> wife keeping him in his place. >> if he gets swaoeud wwide way
4:19 am
president will call him sassy. >> it is low fruit. hard to predict donald trump. >> sassy sasse. >> sassafras. >> loser, of course. >> hater, loser. >> how about john kelly? >> so, john kelly is someone who has the hardest job. i don't want to speak for the world but the hardest job in washington, trying to manage the president of the united states. trump is fundamentally unmanageable. he sees this as a patriotic duty. he is more aligned with trump than people say. he said, okay, somewhere along ideological lines. this chief of staff is a difficult job to hold. people run through it.
4:20 am
how long does john kelly stay in, does he have appreciable impact on donald trump. the thing we know, he tried to limit the number of people who walk in on donald trump. i always think people revert back to who they are. for donald trump, that is someone who likes a lot of opinion. let's see if in 2019 john kelly is still chief of staff. i think it is possible he will have implemented some changes to make the presidency more effective. the fact that he will stop donald trump from tweeting is a fantasy he wouldn't even hold. >> kamala harris, indian-american and afternoon-american. i think she is probably running for president. you could ask me any semi prominent democrat and i would say they are probably running because this nomination is so worth having. i think she's probably in almost
4:21 am
regardless. she has a huge fund-raising base being in california. e's in her first year in the senate. people always say she's too young. barack obama i think broke that mold. and then the whole unique political experience. donald trump broke that mold. conventional wisdom about how people decide to run and who should run. if you're a democrat looking at this, i think you will see members of the house run for president. maybe tim ryan out of ohio. and kamala harris probably is in that group. >> sherrod brown? >> again, interesting, under the radar. even though he is a democratic senator re-elected from ohio. populist. would be a really interesting complement, contrast against donald trump. remember, trump wins the presidency in ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin. sherrod brown is a guy skeptical of trade deals, gruff in voice and manner. the opposite of hillary clinton
4:22 am
in a lot of ways. my fantasy politics, if hillary clinton had picked sherrod brown, if that had changed the calculus at all for vp. he is someone we're not talking about running for president but someone to watch. >> john kasich ran for president. why are you watching him? >> no one has been more vocal that sits in the plat arm as governor of ohio to theoretically do something about it. i think john kasich is thinking seriously about challenging donald trump. >> how does he remedy -- he had all the advantage against trump last time, and he would a hard time getting traction. >> hard time getting traction is really a nice way to say what his campaign was. >> well, it's 2018. >> i like how you're starting out. he went absolutely nowhere as governor of ohio. >> so what's different this time? >> what's different? i think people will have seen four years of donald trump. and i mean republicans. >> you just said it is hard to primary an incumbent.
4:23 am
>> i don't think he will win. but if you are looking for someone who is a serious person who could run a counter case against donald trump in a republican party, kasich is the most to prosecute that case. i do not think he will win. you can't be an unindicted president, someone who has deep flaws in a primary. i don't see that yet. >> terry mcauliffe. >> one-time governor of virginia. most people know him for being friends with the clintons. i think he wants to run for president. i think he has a pretty good story to tell. being in that media market. pretty popular. being a one-term governor, you can only be a one-term governor. the only state that has that. so he's out. terry is nothing if not ambitious. and terry is not dumb. i think if you look at this -- i continue to say, if you look at this hill, no one, including joe
4:24 am
biden, including bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and all the other names that you can mention, that scares you the way hillary clinton would have scared you in 2016, even though she was more vulnerable than she looked. i think the default position here is if you're ambitious democrat who thinks you can raise 50 to a million dollars before the iowa caucus, you're probably going to give it a shot. andhonestly, you probably should. >> how scare is that. 50 to 100 million. >> that's the low end. people will raise far more than that. i will say one thing -- again, you mentioned this, al sip. things donald trump has broken conventional wisdom. the general election and still wins. money only works if you have a message behind it. >> he was on tv the most. >> the most known commodity. >> chris cillizza, thank you. very fun. >> best of the new year to you.
4:25 am
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happy new year, everyone. welcome back to this special edition of "new day". we have a lot to get to in this half hour, including of course news around the world. will the tension of north korea impact the olympics next month? and hollywood award season is heating up. golden globes just days away. will your favorite films, big time actors, will they get oscar glory? first, a check of your headlines at the news desk. happy new year, chris and alisyn. happy new year to you as well. i'm boris sanchez. president trump with his first tweet of 2018. he's taking aim at pakistan. he said, the united states has foolishly given pakistan more than $33 billion in aide of the past 15 years.
4:30 am
and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. they give safe half tone terrorists we hunt in afghanistan, with little help. no more! this days after the "new york times" reported that the trump administration might withhold aide to pakistan over the handling of terror groups. supreme court chief justice john rockets said federal courts will evaluate how they handle claims of sexual harassment. on the state of the judiciary, rockets said that recent events show the judicial branch is not immune. a federal appeals judge recently retired. if you're looking to strike it rich in 2018, and who isn't, this might be the time, the combined total for mega millions and powerball is $783 million. it is getting common to have two
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big jackpots like this after recent rules changes are made for longer odds to win it all. i'm boris sanchez. more headlines coming in 30 minutes. happy new year. ♪ >> okay. we just said good-bye to a year of worldwide tensions. but with threats from north korea, concerns about russia's influence, what can we expect from the world's hot spots in the year ahead? for more on that, let's bring in foreign affairs columnist bobby gosh. good to have you. >> good to have you back. >> good to be here. >> the list probably remains the same as we begin 2018. we start with north korea. the stakes, the potential. >> well, the olympics are in february. they are in south korea. you can expect the north koreans to rattle cages when that is going on in the lead up to it.
4:32 am
going by his performance in 2017, the north korean dictator seems to set off a little crisis, setting off missile over japan or close to japan every month or so. so he's due one pretty soon. and this means that everybody will be very, very tense. the south koreans, remember, we have 30,000 american troops there. it would be very tense. the japanese will be very tense. he's becoming a problem for everybody, even his traditional allies. the chinese, who have supported him throughout and supported his father and grandfather before him, don't like that he is constantly setting off these rockets and destabilizing potentially the region. the chinese economy depends on a stable asia. they can't afford what is to go on. even the russians are not happy. >> nobody is happy. nobody is happy with the missile
4:33 am
tests, the saber rattles. what does china do? >> the global community is looking to china. if anybody has influence on north korea, it is the chinese. and this is the real test. how much influence does china really have there? is china riding on the tiger or is the tiger riding on china with north korea? the chinese will want north korea to tone it down. the chinese will want donald trump to tone it down. but trump and kim seem to be perfectly happy to raise the rhetoric against each other. that's not good news for anybody. >> terrorism. what and where? what do you see as the defined threat and where do you see it coming from? >> with terrorism, the big development last year was isis was defeated on the ground in syria and in iraq. this was extremely good news. we should celebrate it as much as we can. but we should recognize all that means is isis morphs into
4:34 am
something else. now it morphs into something else. the underlying roots of terrorism have not gone away. a lot of the isis fighters are still at large, especially the foreign fighters. the europeans are sort of anxious about what happens to all of those foreign fighters. we don't know. we don't know exactly how many were there. probably thousands. many came from france, england, germany. many of them will be trying now either to find another place to fight a conventional war or go back into europe or, god forbid, come into the united states and try to see if they can practice terrorism in another form. those are the anxieties for law enforcement, counterterrorism authorities around the world. there was a quiet moment in that community. there was a quiet moment of celebration when isis lost its large major city in syria. immediately they all went back
4:35 am
to work to think about where is the next attack going to happen. you have this conflict between iran and saudi arabia playing out in the back drop of all of this. the winner in 2017 on foreign policy landscape was iran. iran will continue to expand its area of influence in 2018. and if last year was any indication, they will continue to get up the noses of the arab states who are very alarmed by iran's influence and are looking to the u.s., looking to the rest of the world to try and hold iran off. so that creates all kinds of in stability stability is. the middle east is not going to get any less complex, if anything more so this year. >> what do you see happening with russia? >> another big winner in 2017 was russia. russia has anxieties. it will look upon syria as a success is story.
4:36 am
russian arms out to defeat isis there. it will continue to back assad while he tries to take back the remaining 20%, 25% of the country that he has no control over. it will be very bloody but the russians will be enthusiastic participants there. beyond that, russia has anxieties all around it. it has north korea at one end. unfinished business in ukraine at the other. it has an alliance with iran, but they are not traditional allies. and they have interests that are counter to each other. the one thing russia is banking on is for the united states not to interfere in what it considers its sphere of influence. and it seems that's perfectly okay with donald trump. he's happy to let vladimir putin do his own thing. >> bobby ghosh. thank you for all of these ominous and worrisome predictions. it's good to have your expertise. >> happy new year. >> great to have you for 2018.
4:37 am
we all make resolution us on new year's to get healthy. sometimes it's hard to know where to start this morning. dr. sanjay gupta will join us to let you know how to get your diet on track for 2018 and how to cure a hangover. (matthew) my wish was a
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new year. that means a lot of things. one of them is new laws. guns, marijuana, voter i.d. what are the high ones? all right. let's do this. that is a little bit of a pun, right? to break it down is cnn chief analyst jeffrey toobin. happy new year to you, professor. >> happy new year both and to all. >> let's start with these laws. how about gun restrictions in california. let's start there. >> california gun laws -- just a broader point if i may, chris. what we see with these new laws is blue states are getting more liberal and the red states are getting more conservative. california gun laws. it is now illegal to possess an assault weapon in california. it is illegal to bring any kind of ammunition into california.
4:42 am
this is a big change and it's a response, of course, to the mass shootings that we have seen in so many places, including sometimes in california. >> california has a marijuana law on the books too, doesn't it? what will it mean? >> it will mean it is legal recreationally starting in 2018. marijuana is perhaps the most interesting new situation here because, you know, i think people forget that marijuana is still illegal, completely illegal under federal law. >> right. >> under president obama, eric holder, the attorney general, essentially made a deal with washington and colorado, the first two states to legalize it completely and said, look, if you meet the following conditions, no access for children, no organized crime, we will not enforce federal laws. jeff sessions, the current attorney general, is a long-time foe of marijuana. he has not yet moved against
4:43 am
marijuana but he has not made his position clear. now we have california and a whole bunch of other new states legalizing it. the momentum seems enormous. no one has settled the issue of federal laws against marijuana. and we see how many states it's legal there. it is probably a third of the population of the country. but it's still illegal under federal law. and that is very much an unsettled situation. >> it would be interesting if there were a case. you know what's supposed to happen, federal law is supposed to be obviously the advantage there. but we'll see what happens with it. how about west virginia's voter i.d. law. that is january 1st. we're in it. what do you think this will mean? >> that's a red state is getting redder. this has been a big cause of conservative states, texas, north carolina, wisconsin saying we have a problem with voter
4:44 am
fraud that we want to make sure people who are not eligible to vote are prevented from voting. so we are establishing photo i.d. requirements. people on the left, democrats, believe that this is a transparent attempt to limit democratic voters. poor people, people of color, people who have -- don't necessarily have photo i.d.s. but this is an example in west virginia of another red state making it harder for people to vote. >> they say it is written flexibly. there are different ways that you can show it. does that matter in terms of its chilling effect? >> well, that's what the courts are sorting out now. under president on obama, the justice department sued texas and north carolina saying their new laws were too restrictive. that the opportunities to vote, photo i.d. requirements were too strict. the current justice department
4:45 am
has taken a different direction, has dropped those cases. and they are saying that the current laws are okay. the united states supreme court upheld a voter i.d. requirement from indiana about a decade ago. they haven't yet weighed in on this whole new spate of laws making it harder to vote starting since obama became president. >> we will have to wait for somebody who said this affected them in an election. so it will take some time. >> right. >> it will take no time for me to thank you. jeffrey toobin, you're a gift every day. i wish you the best for the new year. >> and you and yours. >> so, what new year's resolutions did you make last night? if you're like most people you are hoping to get healthy and lose weight. and some of us are vowing never to drink again. dr. sanjay gupta joins us with great advice. happy new year. >> are you feeling okay?
4:46 am
>> yes. feeling good this morning. i know the importance of breakfast. a lot of people are waking up, trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast. what is sanjay's idea of a healthy breakfast. >> this may surprise you because you hear a lot of mixed things about eggs. i eat eggs every morning. i love eggs. when you think about eggs, people think they get a bad name because of -- >> cholesterol. >> and the association with heart disease. eggs have nine particular amino acids that our bodies can't make themselves. you need these types of substances in your body. eggs are a good source of that. they have gotten a bad wrap. they are high in cholesterol but not high in saturated fat. if you get one poefpached egg, degrees. you can get rid of the egg yolk. >> i eat the whole egg. >> i do too. and i have a family history of a heart disease. i eat at least one egg, sometimes two every day. >> me too.
4:47 am
and i also eat eggs benedict, which i see there now. >> what to eat, whatnot to eat. >> it has 800 calories? >> there is your new year's resolution right there. >> oh, my god, i will be rethinking my eggs ben debt habit. >> half your calories for the day. >> fat is not the enemy, sugar is the enemy is what i operate under. is that the proper principle? >> it absolutely is. since the '70s, we became a low fat country in the 70s. >> and we got fatter. >> that was a trillion dollar decision. everything that was low fat was synonymous with healthy. diabetes rates, half the country will be prediabetic in the next few years. the entire time it may not have been facility. it may have been sugar that's such a big problem. >> that leads us to dried fruit. you think, fruit, they must be
4:48 am
healthy. but these are like sugar bombs. >> you need to get your fruit. just keep this in the back of your mind. the number five. you have five times as much stuff typically in the dried fruit versus the whole fruit. that is five times nutrients, five times the good stuff but also, as i think you are pointing out, five times the sugar as well. >> five times the nutrients sounds good. >> you have to be judicious. about a fifth of a cup will be a whole fruit. it's great. especially if you're working out, it's a great boost of energy. >> let's talk about people who may have overdone it on champagne last night. is one drink a day good for you? we hear all the different medical advice whether alcohol is good or not? >> i think a drink a dayst good
4:49 am
for you. >> are they all created equally? >> they are not. you can compare wine to other drinks. >> put that up again. wine is the let's caloric or no? >> it is. higher alcohol content, more calories, generally. congener. that is the stuff in alcohol that typically makes you feel terrible. that is the darker liquor, bourbons, wheus whiskeys, more likely to give you a hangover. wine, on the other hand, has some of that. it has has resveritrol, associated with longevity, heart disease. people are taking this now as a supplement. but that is some of the health benefit office wine. i worry about heart disease. a glass a day is
4:50 am
and frankly when looking at the heart benefit and why it works, alcohol probably thinz your blood a little bit so in that regard any alcohol can have some benefit for your body overall. wine many a little bit more but a glass a day is totally fine. most cardiologists and most heart surgeons people who look inside the vessels think the same thing. >> sanjay, thanks so much. happy new year. chris? this is hollywood awards season, you have the golden globes coming up and the oscars and big winners and oh, the losers. preview, next. ( ♪ ) when watching what you eat is causing a whole lot of food envy... ( ♪ ) try something delightfully doable with new marie callender's delights. introducing a new take on comfort food, like our baked turkey meatloaf
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everything you need to go. expedia. the entertainment awards season is about to get going. who will be coming away with the wards? joining us brian stelter and nischelle turner. the golden globes are on the 7th, so let's look at your picks that you predict for best picture in terms of drama. call me by your name, dunkirk, the post, the shape of water, three billboards outside of ebbing, missouri.
4:55 am
>> is that any order? >> no, just the ones nominated. hollywood foreign press likes to zig when everybody else zags. i can see "the shape of water" winning this, "the post" i could see winning this. there's been this groundswell lately for "dunkirk." >> those are the dramas. stelter any additions? >> a lot of journalists want to see "the post win. this is the meryl streep drama with tom hanks. "dunkirk" came out to a month ago, see it on imax, see it the biggest possible. >> do that today everyone. >> best picture comedy or musical. >> oh gosh. >> disaster artist get out, you
4:56 am
have issues with what that's doing. >> my eyebrows are raising. >> it's interesting. you said "get out" one of my favorite movies of the year but i didn't laugh at all through the movie. i don't know why it's in the comedy category. >> how did it get in there? >> they don't know where it put it. >> i i don't think' think it will win. the hollywood press loves a musical and a story with a lot of meat. i could see "ladybird" or "the greatest showman." we love hugh jackman as well. >> give a plug for "get out" any movie more thought-provoking or shocking, a horror movie trying to be a comedy. so many things wrapped up in
4:57 am
one. it deserves to be in this award season contention for the oscars as well. >> brian you talked about with "dunkirk" it was released several months ago. "get out" was released in february. it was made to provoke conversation and it is one of the best movie of the year. >> i'm curious to see if christopher plummer can win best supporting actor. he replaced kevin spacey in "all the money in the world." . we can see what plummer did in the retakes. >> what is the next one, best television series drama. >> we have c the crown," "game of thrones" the handmaid's tale" and "stranger things" and "this is us." >> i don't think "game of thrones" will win. the hollywood press likes meat.
4:58 am
"game of thrones" is a great television program but it doesn't really fit into what they usually award. so i could see "this is us" because it's a very heartfelt drama. i could also and it's a network television program which would be really amazing. i don't think "the crown" will either because it won last year. "the handmaid's tale" is my favorite show so i'm kind of i woulds ababiased. >> it reminds you how much worse the world could be. we could debate that offline, nischelle, but i'm with you, i'm with "a handmaid's tale." society could be a lot worse and it reminds you of that. >> the uplifting story of "the handmaid's tale." >> i did not say that. did not say that. >> "blackish," "master of none"
4:59 am
"smilf" and "will & grace." this. >> the golden globes loves to nominate "will & grace" they don't love to give it awards but "the marvelous mrs. maizel" is very funny, the lead actress was nominated for it as well. they like to surprise us so that could happen as well. >> same? >> i have not seen, the one i haven't seen is that one. is it a must see, nischelle, is it a must view? >> for me i wouldn't call it a must see or must view but it's good watching. it's funny. it is funny. i like it's getting recognition because it's a little show having, again, a groundswell. >> "blackish" for comedy "in is us f this is us" for drama.
5:00 am
i'm interested to see diversity in gender and racial diversity we see. there was so much attention oscars so white, the hashtag pointing out the lack of diversity. now for three months talking about the tipping point and sexual harassment. see how the awards show acknowledge what's going on in the culture. >> at the golden globes all the women wearing black dresses as a nod to the me too movement. at the s.a.g. awards there will be all female presenters as a nod paying homage to the me too movement. >> thank you so much. we're covering a lot of news this morning so let's get right to it. this american carnage stops right now. >> sean spicer our secretary gave alternative facts. >> regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. >> you want to drop any investigation connected to flynn. >> the nomination is


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