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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome to cnn. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news. another television personality is joining the trump administration. selecting cnbc commentator larry kudlow to lead his economic council, replacing gary cohn who stepped down last week. kudlow, too, has opposed the tariffs, co-writing a piece days
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before cohn's announcement. let me bring in our senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny with the why, the when and gloria borger to sort of go through some of this. first, jeff zeleny, to you. when did kudlow accept and why did the president pick him? >> brooke, we're told that the president offered a job in a phone call formally last evening and was accepted at the time. it could be announced as early as tomorrow. the president is flying from los angeles to st. louis. he will be holding an event on the economy this afternoon and wants to draw attention to the economy. look, he is trying to reshape his circle of advisers and is turning to loyal and trusted friends in many respects. of course, larry k can udlow fits that directly. he has not always been on the same page but has always been on the president's side. he is a key adviser back during the presidential campaign, back when many republicans and
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conservatives were keeping at arm's length, larry kudlow has been supportive. he has been at odds with the president on immigration and other matters. by and large, there's chemistry. sympatico a little bit. he is also eyeing other changes in his cabinet. hardly the ending of this revolving door we've seen spinning pretty quickly over the last couple of weeks, brooke. >> you wrote about the revolving door, glora. i want to ask about your column in a second. yes, there is this piece that he's another tv personality coming to the white house. to me the top line is that co hn was out, a free trade guy and opposes tariffs. so does larry kudlow. why does the move end differently? >> it's about the president's comfort level. this is what i wrote about the president now, i'm told by a friend of his, the president thinks he has come into his own, that he has kind of mastered the
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job, that he can -- and the friend said to me, the president believes, quote, i don't need anybody to tell me how to do this anymore. so what he is doing is bringing in people, maybe larry kudlow disagrees with him, but he doesn't think that larry kudlow would quit over disagreeing with him. he is bringing in somebody he knows, he's comfortable with. he's going to get rid of people he's not comfortable with. rex tillerson was one of the people he disagreed with. he wasn't comfortable with him. he felt that tillerson treated him badly and he didn't like that. he felt that tillerson was way too arrogant. and i think he feels kudlow is like an old shoe. he has known him for years. he also thinks he can go on tv and give the president -- >> that matters to the president. >> it matters a lot to the president. >> quickly back on your point saying from his prend that the president feels like he has
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mastered the job. >> right. >> was there one thing that happened that suddenly made him feel this way? >> it's really hard to know. i think he felt, okay, i got tax reform done. that's good. and i figured it out. and there's a good economy. and we're heading into a midterm, which is going to be tough. unless i take charge, nothing is going to get done around here. the president is very well known for being his own spokesman. he believes he's his best spokesman. you see him orchestrate iing al kinds of things, including popping into the press room the other day when he said oh, an announcement is coming on north korea. >> right. >> i think what you're seeing is the president taking charge here and saying, you know, people are trying to tell me how to do things and it didn't work so well. now i'm going to tell people how to do things. i'm going to put people in i'm
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comfortable with. this is how we're going to be how we roll. >> gloria and jeff, stand by for me. the other breaking story we are following right now, ex-fbi deputy director andrew mccabe might just actually get fired a couple of days before his planned retirement this sunday. here is what sources are telling us. the attorney general jeff sessions is now the one considering whether or not to fire mccabe before then. the stakes are incredibly high for mccabe. if he's fired before sunday he loses his pension after a 22-year career at the fbi. sources also telling cnn that the issue stems from an internal justice department report, claiming mccabe misled investigators in the fbi probe into the clinton foundation. let's go to laura jarrett with more on this. when i first read your reporting, it looks bad for the white house if it's jeff sessions who is considering firing him days before his
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tenure is up. reading deeper, it's the fbi who is recommending the firing. >> that's right, brooke. the office of professional responsibility at the fbi, the one that handles disciplinary matters is the one that has actually made that recommendation to the attorney general. as you pointed out, this all stems from a forthcoming report from the internal watchdog at the justice department, the inspector general's office, which has been working on this report, much anticipated for over a year. the president has even tweeted about it. and it's a wide-ranging look at how the fbi handled everything leading up to the 2016 election and what sources are telling us is that in that report, mccabe is being accused of misleading investigators about his role in approving other fbi officials to talk to the press in connection with a report about the clinton foundation back in 2012.
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now the attorney general has not yet made a decision here. mccabe may still have a chance. a department spokesperson over here said that the department follows a prescribed process by which an employee may be terminated and that includes recommendations from career employees, meaning at the fbi, and no termination decision is final until a conclusion of that process. and goes on to say no personnel announcements at this time, brooke. a representative for mccabe declined to comment. this is serious because it means he would lose his pension. even though he stepped down rather abruptly in february, his official retirement date is this sunday. >> gloria, let me bring your wise washington voice in to this. 24 hours ago it was all about rex tillerson. now we're talking about andrew mccabe. you wrote this column, trump
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flexed his muscles. is this another muscle flexing? >> donald trump has been tweeting about mccabe for quite some time. he can't stand the guy. he was pushing for the guy to be gone for a long time. now jeff sessions has an opportunity to do that because of this fbi -- because of this internal investigation. which, by the way, is not good for hillary clinton and that's a whole other story. but, you know, misleading fbi investigators is not a good thing. i can only imagine that the president is saying to jeff sessions now you have the opportunity to do what you should have done a long time ago and sessions is sitting there thinking, wait a minute. this guy served honorably for 22
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years and is three days before retirement. am i going to do this? so i think it could be another real source of tension between the president and his attorney general. >> wow! >> yeah. >> it's just wednesday. we'll see if there is any news about this firing. mass protests under way as thousands and thousands of students walked out of their schools today in protest of inaction in this country on gun control. this, as the parkland school shooter appears in court. there he is. prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. live report on that. also ahead some are calling it a political earthquake. what the pennsylvania special election last night signals about midterm elections ahead this november as the white house
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your mom! as long as hecklers love to heckle, you can count on geico saving folks money. boring! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. we are back with more break nugs. mass demonstrations cross across the country, all these students
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walking out, protesting inaction over gun control. >> those never again protests happening one month after the mass shooting in parkland, florida. >> one month ago, 17 americans, 14 children, were killed at stoneman. let us remember them. let us remember the thousands upon thousands of children who have died at the hands of gun violence. >> we're all moved by your el quens and your fearless insistence on action to prevent gun violence. thank you for bringing your urgency to this fight, to the doorstep of america, the doorstep of the capital of the
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united states. >> brynn, tell me what these young people have said to you today. >> yeah, brooke. earlier today at brooklyn burrough hall where nine or ten different schools have gathered, 14 to 18-year-olds just being vocal about what they want. and they want a change. we're in the middle of prospect park. we want to give you a lay of the land. this is turning into somewhat of a rally, where students who couldn't participate in those walkouts are now coming here to the park and participating in these different tents. sign-making tent over here for kids to basically say how they feel about everything. we've seen a number of signs. over here it says call them out. it has all the names of the nra contributors for both the senate and house of representatives. really, this is almost like a civic lesson for all these
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students, even younger than 14 years at this point. you asked me what were kids saying. i've got to say an 18-year-old who really organized all of this basically said he's 18, he can vote, he can make a change. but he hopes that he can carry the momentum of what those students at parkland did and influence younger kids, the next generation of voters, to get out there and speak up for what they believe, and that is safer schools. brooke? >> i saw you surrounded by students earlier today. pictures out of seattle. stunning. from coast to coast what's happening on this wednesday. brynn, thank you so much. today we should also mention with regard to the shooting in florida, the shooter made an appearance in court hours after the fbi made this revelation at a senate hearing. >> did the fbi reach out to give a warning about cruz and if not,
11:18 am
why not? >> push the red button. >> no, sir, i did not. i do not know why the call taker did not do so. i do know she conferred with her supervisor and made some sort of presentation about what was contained in that call. there was discussion about the fact that the local department had been notified. you're absolutely correct, senator, the call was very explicit. they made a decision to close it, no lead value. >> the call taker and the supervisor have, quote, different recollections of those tips. also worth mentioning neither of them have been fired. with me now, lewis from stoneman douglas high school. last time we chatted was in front of your high school after you lost 17 of your friends. because of what happened a month
11:19 am
ago, i'm sure you've seen the pictures, thousands of young people are walking out across the country in sport of you. what does that feel like? >> honestly, it's fantastic. i said a lot of times this doesn't feel real. the support that's been shown has been phenomenal. people have been messaging me from around the country saying we're walking out to support you. it's just amazing. the idea that kids our age around the country are backing us up. and like across every state it's just fantastic. and the idea that we're all kind of standing up together as the next generation, i think it shows the kind of unity that past demonstrations haven't demonstrated and i think that's really optimistic for the future. >> yes and while this has been happening the nra, lewis, tweeted i'll control my own guns, thank you. what's your reaction to that?
11:20 am
>> i actually had a conversation with the nra member yesterday. one thing i don't want people to forget is that they are people, too, and the person i spoke to is passionate about this issue. everybody has different views about what we need to change and what legislation needs to be passed to change things. nra members obviously want to protect their second amendment rights but i don't believe it should overturn life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that shouldn't be overturned by the second amendment. >> i was standing next to you, but i was also standing next to emma gonzalez. here is a clip of our interview. >> the fbi made a mistake. it's a good thing they're holding their hands up saying it's our fault. they don't always make mistakes and there have been 18 shootings
11:21 am
the last 30 days. those aren't mistakes. credit to the administration, they did everything perfectly. our principal took charge of security a month or so ago. at the time we hated him because we had to do extra drills and it's annoying. he may not be feeling it right now but he has saved so many lives with what he has done. >> i don't think the fbi is to plam. they did mess up, that's true. and the fact that they're owning up to is an incredible step in the right direction. no other politicians are owning up to the fact that they've made mistakes not putting forward anti-gun lobbies and i don't really care what people who defend the second amendment have to say. >> so, there is this republican candidate in the state of maine who has attacked emma and another one of your classmates calling emma, quote, a lesbian skinhead and calling david hogg, another one of your classmates, quote, a bold-faced lawmaker.
11:22 am
this lawmaker did apologize but what would you say to this person? >> you know, one of the things that's disgusted me the most about this are the fact that people seem to forget that we're kids who just went through a traumatic experience. that's exactly what we are. we are kids who went through this dramatic experience. the fact that we can be attacked for using our first amendment rights is ridiculous. if somebody is trying to get into a position of power and is going to do that by bashing children, then, you know, the next generation, my generation, certainly aren't going to vote for them. we want to be a generation that speaks about things peacefully and is able to have conversations about things and not just attack people. that's where things have gone wrong in the past. that's where we want to change it. if this person is willing to say those things, he's kind of the epitome of where the past has failed and where we need to step up and succeed. >> speaking of change, lewis,
11:23 am
last question. we think this is a huge showing today, all these students walking out. think about the massive march in washington, march for life a week from saturday. when everyone has come and gone from d.c., what do you hope will be accomplished? >> honestly, the one thing we want to get things happening in washington, in tallahassee, across state capitals across the country. for a lot of us, this will become our life mission. this is something we'll continue until the day we die. it's in our hearts and we're going to fight for this as long as we possibly can. we're not going to stop until every child in america, every child in the world, really, should be able to go to school safely without fear that they're not going to get home at the end
11:24 am
of the day. i want the march on washington right now, owning up to it, that's becoming the critical aspect of this entire movement. i want us to continue. i want people to continue talking about this and to continue fighting for change that will keep kids safe. >> lewis mizen, we'll see new washington next week. thank you so much. >> see you there. thank you for having me. >> thank you. next, political earthquake? my next guest says the pennsylvania special election was not an isolated incident and republicans should, indeed, be concerned. sours tell us the white house is putting the blame on the republican candidate saying he ran scared. that's next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids... ♪ music
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let's talk about this pennsylvania congressional race that is too close to call but too alarming for the president and his party to ignore. conor lamb has taken a big, blue bite out of deep red territory, western pennsylvania. a place the president, his son and one of his top aides all visited to campaign. a place where the president won by 20 points in 2016. lamb is now leading by more than 600 and some votes over republican rick saccone. democrats 39 state seats plus the governor of new jersey, now a democrat, along with one of alabama senators all since the president took office.
11:30 am
also a sign to democrats that the way to win more votes is to campaign less along party lines. listen to the house speaker who downplayed any trends that this tight race indicates. >> i think the candidate that's going to win this race is the candidate that ran as a pro-life, pro-gun, anti-nancy pelosi conservative. that's the candidate that's going to win this race. you won't see this repeated because they didn't have a primary. they're able to pick a candidate who can run as a conservative, who ran against the minority leader, who ran on a conservative agenda. you will have primaries in all these other races and the primaries bring them to the left. i just don't think this is something you'll be able to see a repeat of. >> i want to talk to you, our cnn political writer and analyst here. talking about all the numbers. first, though, the white house is reacting to this today. first two white house representatives telling us it's the fault of a weak candidate,
11:31 am
in that it wasn't trump, it was the candidate. >> they're fooling themselves. they are fooling themselves. the reason we know they're fooling themselves is because you can look across all the special electrics that have occurred so far this cycle. one election, it might have been a bad candidate here, another one, a bad candidate there. the sum total we've seen a shift to the democratic party, upwards of 16 percentage points based upon the last two presidential votes. this district saw a slightly larger shift. overall a huge shift in all of them. >> we'll get to what this could mean in photograph in a second. you're a numbers guy. we mentioned this particular district. can you talk about from the election in november of 2016 to today how dramatic a swing they've seen there? >> two ways we can look at t number one, you mentioned donald trump won this district by 20
11:32 am
percentage points. conor lamb is leading by a few hundred votes. same time there was a congression congression congressional vote. democrats didn't bother running somebody and that somebody looks like he's going to win. >> the president was in this part of pennsylvania over the weekend. did his presence in pennsylvania or even just his presence, period, is it an asset? is it a liability? >> i think it depends on the district. in this district his approval rating is equal to his disapproval rating. i don't think he changed very many votes. polling average had conor lamb up two percentage points. looks like he will win a little less than that. perfectly normal error. the president's approval rating nationwide is around 40%. he is a liability in many more districts than he is helpful in. >> so quickly you wrote when parties do well in special
11:33 am
elections they usually do well in the mid terms and, of course, vice versa. looking for our political magical eight ball what does november look like? >> the only other year that looks like this year so far is 2006. if you remember in 2006 democrats won control of the house and flipped the senate as well. of course, we'll have to see and wait if this happens this year. overall it looks very good based on the special election results. >> harry enton, thank you very much. >> thank you. ex-fbi director andrew mccabe might be fired just days before his planned retirement this sunday. and the white house revolving door keeps spinning as some believe president trump is ready to clean house even more.
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one day after a major shakeup in his cabinet with the
11:38 am
firing of secretary of state rex tillerson, those within the west wing believe president trump is ready to clean house even more. trump also signaling more changes to come. watch. >> i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. >> the president said it himself. he and tillerson just didn't see eye to eye on very much. it seems what trump wants the most from those in his cabinet is loyalty, something he has long prioritized in his past dealings. we dug out a clip from trump from 1992. >> i would have wiped the floor with the guys who aren't loyal, which i will now do. i love getting even with people. >> you love getting even? >> oh, absolutely. you don't believe in eye for an eye? >> no. >> i know you well enough, i think you do. >> but tell me. you're going to get even with some people? >> yeah. if given the opportunity. if given the opportunity, i will get even with some people who
11:39 am
were disloyal to me. i had a group of people that were disloyal. >> how do you define disloyal? >> they didn't come to my aid. >> okay. so, that was 1992. this is today. chris cillizza, i saw those eyebrows. editor at large. i know. i know. the president says he's close to having the cabinet that he wants. does that mean a cabinet of yes, sir, yes, sir, all the time? >> for people who say donald trump has really changed, that should remind you, donald trump has been donald trump his whole life in that regard. i want to run through the changes we've seen and go through some of the changes we may see. rex tillerson and mike pompeo. trump said pompeo more on his wavelength. gary cohn to larry kudlow, cnbc personality here. someone he knows, trusts and sees on tv, don't underestimate the importance. reince priebus, trump sort of
11:40 am
took on because he wanted to make nice with the establishment. he got rid of that because he figured that wasn't working. brought in john kelly. we'll see how he vives. he was running because he's a general. the next one is even more -- john kelly, featured again. he may have lost the trust of the president. depends on what reports you read. we don't know who could go here. h.r. mcmaster to john bolton. he has been around this white house a lot. the president likes his counsel. va secretary, we know he's not happy with david shulkin, mismanagement of a veterans center. and rick perry, the president knows the nature of his character. attorney general, the most maligned person in the administration, jeff sessions. trump has called him beleaguered
11:41 am
and said he should leave. we don't know who could go here. trump wants sessions out but doesn't want to fire him, which is interesting. one more aside. >> wow! >> this, to me -- this is the visual stunner, right? look down here. there's almost no space left to fill anybody else in. and we're talking about -- remember where we are, march 2018. right? the administration started january 20, 2018. most of these people are not holdovers. most of these people are people donald trump picked. so the idea that he is finally getting the cabinet he wants, what were the people he picked a year ago? back to you, brooke. >> gloria said he feels like, according to sours she's talking to, he has finally got it, he's mastering his job and all these
11:42 am
people left in his wake. chris cillizza, thank you. >> thank you. family of a murdered dnc staffer suing fox news for what it call a sham story about their son's death. we have more on that. >> also united airlines calling it a tragic accident. do you think in united flight atte attendant forced them to put their little puppy dog in an overhead compartment and that dog did not survive the flight. we are now learning of another incident involving united and a dog. will you not believe me.
11:43 am
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this next story serves as an
11:47 am
important testament to something we've said over and over and over this year. facts matter. a state department employee has filed a defamation suit over info wars, the fringe website who has a tendency for peddling fake stories. gilmore was in charlottesville and obtained this video that killed 32-year-old heather ha i haier. oliver, is the suit about redeeming his reputation? >> the state department employee has certainly been very affected by this -- these conspiracy theories. he told me he has lost friends over this and has received a slue of death threats including a white envelope in the mail that had a mysterious powder,
11:48 am
which turned out to be nothing but can you imagine, he said it was a terrifying moment. he's trying to hold these media outlets accountable for their actions. he said the primary motivation was that he was trying to -- i'll read the statement. primary motivation was accountability and trying to confront what i consider to be an incredibly dangerous trend in our civil discourse, our democracy and that is the widespread saturation these sites have and their unwillingness to go by traditional journalistic practices. >> aren't defamation lawsuits tough to prove or what do you think of this? >> he has to prove that the statements made, that he was part of this deep state conspiracy, were false and they were published. he won't have a problem with the publishing aspect of this. he could have been joe shmoe the bystander here, which is what he kind of was. he recorded this incident. it's in response to the fake
11:49 am
news put out by the right that this was somehow in self-defense. his video -- i call videos the best evidence -- shows this was not self-defense. a dodge vehicle is ramming into a crowd of peaceful protesters. the fake news starts with the slue of right-wing defendants in this case. he's responding by tweeting out this video and really putting out the best evidence, which is the video of what really happened. you know, i agree with you that the lawsuit is about the bigger picture, that the right doesn't get to call everything they don't like fake news. >> there was another lawsuit that we wanted to follow up on, the family of seth rich is suing fox news for broadcasting false conspiracy theories about the death of their son. you've covered so much of this. >> right. this is another lawsuit against fox about the seth rich story. the family is suing, filed a lawsuit in federal court saying they had a lot of emotional distress over fox's story in may
11:50 am
2017 that fox published the story that was peddling the conspiracy theory about their son's unsolved murder. we debunked it here at cnn but fox, it took them seven days to retract that story and now it seems it might actually cost them. the family says they went through emotional trauma and the father told them at one point the story was actually almost as bad as their son's death. it just felt like that. fox is being sued and the interesting thing about this is that fox at the time they retracted the story, they said they're going to launch this investigation into what happened. it's been some time now, several, several months. fox has never announced that action and we don't know what happened other than our own reporting. >> oliver, thank you. sarah, do me a favor and stick around. i have to ask you about this story, owner of a small dog and couldn't quite get through it. do you see all these pictures on your screen? these walkouts are happening across the country, students by
11:51 am
the thousands from coast to coast are demanding change with our nation's gun laws. >> the united airlines ceo in big trouble after a dog, this dog, dies in an overhead bin during the flight. the family says they were forced to put their pet up there. how the airline is responding. does the family have a case? we'll be right back. oh! there's one. manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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okay. as a pug owner, this is a tough one. this beloved puppy has died in the united airline flight overhead bin. this grieving mother and daughter say this flight
11:56 am
attendant forced them to put their french bulldog up above in the overhead bin. the family talked about it on abc's "good morning america." >> the flight attendant said you have to put him up there because it's going to block the path. we said it's a dog. it's a dog. she said it doesn't matter. you have to put it up there. she helped her put it up and closed it like it was a bag. she took him out and opened the thing and then she got the dog and he was dead. >> i can't. i can't. sarah stuck around, sarah zari. i have a little dog. you put it in the little bag, the seat in front of you. why are they telling her to put it in the bin? >> that's a question that's not been answered yet by united. it's not just sad but
11:57 am
infuriating for anyone who has a pet, knows a pet, cares about what happens to a small animal. this family lost their pet because of this. united said this is a tragic accident. they said we assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them. we are fully investigating what occurred to prevent this from happening again. they offered to pay for the autopsy for the dog. this is getting a lot of attention. united is the biggest transported of animals, carrying 140,000 last year. according to a department of transportation report put out in february this is not something that's new. the 24 animals that died while in the care of a u.s. carrier last year, 18 of them -- so 75% -- were on united. united was also responsible for the vast amount of pets that were injured. so now you have a senator from louisiana, john kennedy, who has
11:58 am
written a letter to united, asking them for explanations. >> the same airplane that dragged the man off the plane. >> who could forget that? >> no regard for living beings. i can't even imagine this. i would literally harm this flight attendant. aside from a lawsuit against united. they've admitted liability. it's not going to be difficult to prove but for them forcing these passengers to put their lovely little animal up on top that this animal wouldn't have died. it's not a purse. it's not a carry-on. with that, you have an option of putting it in the seat in front of you, like you said, brooke, or putting it above. in this case -- the flight attendant admittedly, by the statement from united, did not follow policy. they paid $200 for the animal to fly. they followed policy. he was in a carrier this is horrific. i can't even imagine. >> that's dog story number one from united.
11:59 am
dog story number two is what? >> this is not a good day for unit ed. you can't make this up. that first dog is alive -- i'm sorry, is dead. this dog is alive but is on another continent, 10-year-old german shepherd flying for one hour from denver to kansas city. instead it ended up in japan. we're talking about a 16 1/2 hour flight no, food, no water. this dog apparently had an ear infection, hadn't had any medication for several days and this was the first time the dog was ever flying at all. they didn't know -- united couldn't tell this owner where this dog was until the dog landed in japan at 2:30 a.m. on wednesday. we're told that the dog, his name is ergo, will be flying back first class with a human escort in the main cabin of the plane, then will have to finish its trip on to wichita. >> united, you've got some explaining to do. we have to leave it there. thank you so much. top of the hour, you're watching cnn.
12:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin. we're keeping a close eye on the markets and seeing how they'll react to the latest turn in the revolving door at the white house. breaking new, cnbc commentary larry kudlow will become the new director of the economic council. this news comes about a week later, after gary cohn stepped down on president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. here is what president trump has said about kudlow, veteran economist who advised president reagan. >> we don't agree on everything. i want a divergent opinion. we agree on most. he now has come around to believing in tariffs as also a negotiating point. >> so let's start there with kaitlyn collins, senior whi