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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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prince was involved in that. in, again, shows that the crown prince is willing to hurt the u.s. saudi relationship six months after the murder of jamaul khashoggi. wolf. >> we'll watch this together with you michelle. thanks very much. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. outfront next trump team declaring war over taxes preponderate president ready to take the fight to the supreme court. what is he hiding. plus president trump with a startling message tonight. the country is full. turn around now. that's a quote. and pete buttigieg's husband always on the campaign trail, all over social media, who is chasten buttigieg, let's go "outfront." and good evening, i'm erin burnette. outfront, the team trump team is ready to die on the words from a trump official. who tells cnn tonight the president will go for the supreme court to keep taxes secret. the battle lines drawn. democrats giving trump until
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wednesday. and they say that's it, that's the deadline. six years of tax returns by wednesday. team trump absolutely not, any say, releasing the letter you see here. four-page letter, saying the request is nothing more than in their word, quote, harrassment. the president spaying, i won the election. so the issue of tax returns, it's over. >> we have seen the letter that your lawyers have sent about your tax returns. is there anything you'd like to say about it. >> nothing what so far. nothing what so far. i have nothing to say about it. it's -- i got elected. they elected me. now they keep going. i'm under auto audit. when you're under audit you don't do it. but i'm under audit. >> first of all we have no idea if trump is under audit. the irs does not confirm who is under audit. by know that trump lied when he said this. >> processfy decide to run for office i'll produce my tax returns absolutely. >> absolutely not. no, that wasn't the next word.
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no. he said he would do something and didn't do it. what is president trump so afraid of? if there is nothing fraudulent, nothing wrong, just things fax experts could argue about like depreciation schedules in shouldn't be an issue. but it is for the president. and tonight the president is betting that this man, michael desmond will protect him. you may not know him. he is the hand picked chief counsel of the irs, a man who has done work for trump org. according to the "new york times," the president asked senator mitch mcconnell to push lond the confirmation this year. pamela brown is live in washington. and pamela, what more is the president arguing here? this hill they say they are willing to die on over tax returns. >> that's right. they are gearing up for the fight and escalated the fight today. i'm talking about trump's lawyers with the letter sent to the treasury department general counsel saying the demand from
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the house waist and means committee is a gross abuse of power, and no legitimate reason for in demand -- the tax returns and that really this is about politics, that the democrats on capitol hill want the president's tax returns because the president is in another party. that is basically what's laid out in the remember. and any also reference the fact that the president's tax returns are under audit according to the preponderate. and according to his lawyers. as you pointed out we don't have have independent confirmation of that. but if they are under audit as we know the tax returns can be released. i'm told by a source familiar with the matter that this is something the president's lawyers have been preparing for for several months. this was expected for this -- for the demand to be made to the irs from the chairman of the committee. but democrats, as you know, they are digging in their heels. they say this is part of oversight responsibility appear feel like they have solid legal footing here.
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the fight is just beginning. an administration official telling my colleague jim acosta they expect it to go to the supreme court and are prepared for that is. >> thank you very much policeman. i want to go to harry sandic district attorney for to the southern district and jack o'donnell. former president and chief operating officer of trump plaszcz ohotel and wisconsin. david you've been looking at the president's finances a linc time and any issues he has had with courts over them a long time. we are told tonight they are willing to die on the hill. this is a hill people would be willing to die on is the quote from team trump on this issue. why? why, david, are they willing to do this? >> well keep in mind that donald was tried twice for income tax fraud by the state of new york and the city of new york. and the judges in both cases excoreiated him. donald's witness shown the tax return testified under oath that's my signature but i didn't prepare the tax return.
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which is a strong badge of fraud. this idea that donald doesn't have to produce them is absurd. since 1924 congress has put in place an anti-corruption law that says the treasury secretary shall produce not only tax returns but any related information that the government has upon the request of certain members of congress and one staff employee of congress. so what donald is really saying is, well, i'm president, i'm above the law. >> it just doesn't make any sense, jack. you have known the president pennsylvania long time. maybe you can make more sense of it because you are familiar with his businesses, how he operates, how he wants to account for things. what do you think he is afraid of? >> well, i mean, there is the ego part, erin, for sure. who knows maybe the taxes reveal he is not the donald trump that he presents, which is probably most likely. >> meaning not worth that much money, not that much income. sorry, yes. >> yeah, i think his net
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worth -- it's always been a big deal to him going back to the forbes days. what is he worth. so i think that that's a big piece for him. but, you know, i think there is -- like david suggests, there is probably a lot to hide. and you know, that is something that he just might not survive in 2020. >> i mean, harry, you know, the president today was asked about this. i played a little clip of it. and then he went on to comment about whether democrats will succeed in court on this. here is how he answered that question. >> that's up to whoever handles it. i don't know. hey, i'm under audit. but that's up to whoever it is. from what i understand the law is 100% on my side. >> 100%? >> no the law is not 100% on his side. there is a statute, as has been discussed that says congress can ask for the ffinformation for a person. there are some potential issues. there is a question raised i think about whether in actually relates to congress's
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legislative oversight role. there is a question that's fair about the privacy of taxpayers, which is important. but i think the fact that you have a very specific statute that says that the irs shall provide this information to the ways and means committee means at the end of the day the ways and means committee has a better case but it could take a long time to sort that out in the courts. >> what do you think he is so afraid of? i know net worth could be something obviously he is. he has put out numbers that even by his own financial disclosure forms when they had to be signed obviously was night and day in terms of the numbers, right. it went way down. but is there anything more than that he is afraid than ego? >> i think there are a lot of things. early in his life he reported negative income because he was pennsylvania real estate developer. in some recent years he got the star property fix credit which home owners like i get here in new york. to get it you have to have less than $500,000 of income.
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it will show transactions. and one of the things i think he he may be worried about is once they have some transactions that on the tax return they can be compared with other dwoft reports dealing with money laundering and flows of money across international borders. and if knows don't match up he could be in very serious trouble, not for tax reasons but other reasons like money laundering. >> marlie that's obviously a crucial question. because a lot of his real estate deals with overseas. money laund certifying a crucial thing in real estate deals. and trump's tax returns by the way and didn't ask for his personal they asked for business. in money goes across several returns. >> and look this is absolutely a fair basis for congressional oversight. i don't know if ways and means mentioned it but there are issues about the emolument clause about whether he receives money from foreign governments through his businesses. these are things congress is entitled to look at. some of the points his lawyers make don't make much sense. they said at one point why
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didn't the committee ask the last few presidents to turn over the returns. the answer is going back to the nixon administration all presidents made the tax returns public. they didn't need to make broader request. there are valid oversight reasons for this. >> i mentioned the counsel for the irs, michael desmond. the president wanted that nomination fast tracked. he perceived to be friendly. that's the president's perception. this is someone that worked on a tax issue at one point for trump org. you think the president thinks mr. desmond is in his corner? that would be the reason for this? >> well, absolutely, erin. let's face it. the vetting process for his administration -- it's very simple. it's ask not what i can do for my country but what i can do for trump. this is a classic example of that. he knew exactly what barr -- attorney general barr was going to do with the mueller report.
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he knows exactly what desmond is going to do when he is questioned about the legality of releasing trump's taxes. he will create a smoke screen for donald trump. and to me that's just very clear. that's consistent with trump's lifelong idea behind behind surrounding himself with fixers. >> when you say fixers, like michael cohen. they said michael cohen was a fixer. michael cohen is going to prison. harry, how long does the fight go on? if this is a hill they are willing to die on, it doesn't sound-like returns are coming next woke. i say that -- >> issues of constitutional law and statutory interpretation. a case takes a long time to go through federal district court, then the circuit court of appeals and the supreme court. a case in the supreme court could take a year from the time the court decides to hear it
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until the time of decision. this wouldn't surprise me if it ran through the election, frankly. >> one big question here would be, david, given that there had been cases before -- as you pointed out for which he was criticized -- if there was fraud in there, do you think he is audited every year and someone is going through it? or could there really be serious fraud in here. >> well, donald won't even release an audit letter. that's a the document that just says you're under audit. that he won't produce the letter makes me suspicious. he could be under audit for a fwift he made and the value to one of his grand children. i think that's not a good excuse. fundamentally, donald knows there are things in his tax return that he needs to keep secret, needs to make sure we don't see because any will undue this image he has sold to tense of millions of americans totally inconsistent with his behavior.
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>> all right. thank you all very much. and next breaking news, president trump on the southern border tonight, with a message for migrants. >> our country is full. our area is full. the sector is full. can't take you anymore. i'm sorry. >> plus joe biden making light of the claims he inappropriately touched women. >> i had permission to hug lonnie. i had permission. >> and the secretary of state, mike pompeo, a guy who is as loyal as it comes. completely contradicting president trump tonight. we'll tell you why. at fidelity, we help you prepare for the unexpected with retirement planning and advice for what you need today and tomorrow. because when you're with fidelity, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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but we can protect your home and auto. breaking news, the country is full. turn around. that's according to pre border tonight. >> our country is full. our area is full. the sector is full. can't take you anymore. i'm sorry. can't happen. so turn around. that's the way it is. >> that's the way it is. cnn white house correspondent katlyn collins live at the border. katlyn these are strong words from a president who has said a lot of, you know, strong things about the border. we have not heard him be in stark, this aggressive before. >> yeah, erin it's a pretty
4:17 pm
blunt member at the border today. it seems to be part of the his latest efforts to convince migrants not no cross the border. we are standing outside one of the biggest port of spree actually the most trafficked in the western hemisphere. there is a ton of traffic. tourists appear shoppers come through and commercial goods. s in one of the places that when the president was threatening to close the border in every oh the last week that business officials republican lawmakers and even his own economic advisers inside the white house were warning him would be affected if he did that. ed they said it would be devastating for the economy if the president closed ports of entry like this and they are saying the president could take better moves no stop that flow of migrant coming through the border. today the president touted how many people mexico is apprehending at it's border preventing people trying to cross the u.s. southern border. that's the message he is going with. he did tour part of the border and the fencing now bearing the
4:18 pm
president's name erin. the white house is touting that his new wall but it existed before. it's a part of fencing and made it 30 feet higher than it was. which is substantially high are than any other section of fencing but it's not the wall and a if a far cry from what the president promised the wall would look like on the campaign trail. saying it was concrete border to border. >> thank you very much katlyn. i want to go to republican congressman will hurd from texas. his district includes the longest stretch of the u.s./mexico border. he doesn't think a wall is the answer. but i want to ask you congressman about what he said tonight. the country is full can't take you anymore. i'm sorry can't take you anymore. turn around. that's the way it is. >> i don't know what he means by that. i can tell you this there are -- our border patrol agents, ice agents they are overrun i was in el paso last weekend. and seeing the -- what our border patrol agents have to deal with is.
4:19 pm
s it a humanitarian crisis going on. and my fear is that in april we're going to see worse numbers than what we have seen in this last month. last month in march we had 100,000 people come in the country illegally for context, all of last year there were 400,000 people coming into this country illegally. this is a major issue going on. we know that we have to address root causes in central america, specifically the northern triangling with el salvador and guatemala and honduras. it's not just a u.s., mexico problem. it's a western hemisphere problem. and we need the entire western hem fear to come together to address the root causes of violence and lack of opportunities. >> knows are the crucial issues. people could say this is something for our hemisphere that needs to be focused on like syria was for europe when you talk about the number of of migrants. that's maybe a way to think about it. but the president's response has not been to focus on that part of it taufl as you know,
4:20 pm
congressman hurd. he has made this about whether he closes the border or not. that's been confusing. he said he is going to close it and then he isn't. this is just him over the past week. i start a week ago and i end today. here he is. >> we will close the damn border. >> this is a very good likelihood be closing the border next week. we're going to give them a one-year warning. and if the drugs don't stop or largely stop we're going to put tariffs on mexico. i don't think we'll have to close the border. >> i never change my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point but i'd rather do tariffs. >> is it makes my head spin. do you know what's going on congressman? >> well, i know what the problems are and i know the short-term fixes needed in in some places -- let's take the last quarter. the border patrol spent 78,000 horsepower at -- at hospitals
4:21 pm
dealing with migrants that were brought in. which are border patrol officers doing that? why aren't they subcontracting that with companies that can deal with that we can make sure the agents are in between our ports of entry. i know that 1950s asylum laws are not going to solve the problem that we're seeing in the northern triangle. so we need to have a conversation about how we streamline that. we need to be making sure that the men and women in i.c.e. -- let's take el paso for a perfect example. >> yeah. >> 2400 border patrol but only 150 i.c.e. agents dealing with the people that are processing. by the way, our immigration judicial system is broken. we should be able to get someone through an immigration court within a year. but now we have a backlog of five years. so there are some long-term fixes that we need to addressing. short--term fixes. and westbound need to make snur that somebody -- somebody is in charge and articulating what are
4:22 pm
the short-term fixes we need so we can ensure the men and women in border patrol have the resources to deal with the current problem. >> i want to ask you before you go, congressman, the house ways and means committee clarm richard neal has formerly requested trump's tax returns citing the statute from 19249 saying they shall provide it. the president says no way. they are saying it's a hill they want to die on. taking it to the supreme court. do you think the president is trying to hide something? >> i don't know but i would think that over the last 22 months of the mueller investigation that with 14 u.s. -- u.s. attorneys, 40 fbi agents, you know, 500 subpoenas, 500 interviews, i would have thought that at some point in that process they probably looked at those irs statements. and if there was something there that probably would have came out in the investigation. that's just a hunch. i don't know that for a fact. >> all right. well i appreciate your time. thank you very much. good to see you. >> always a pleasure to be on.
4:23 pm
>> all right. and next, did joe biden make it worse with this comment? >> i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. >> and the fight over the mueller report. my next guest says the attorney general is reporting the report hostage. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight joe biden making his first public appearance after a series of accusation this is week of inappropriate touching. and he made a joke of it. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. >> i don't want you to have to stand all alone. by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. all right. >> the crowd obviously that was a biden crowd. they liked it. biden was asked explicitly whether he would apologize to the women. i want to play that exchange. >> is there someone that wants you to go directly i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry ip didn't understand. i'm not sorry for my intentions.
4:28 pm
i'm not sorry for anything i've ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. >> up front patrick healey editor for "the new york times." maria cardona appear keith boykin. former clinton white house aide. maria what do you think. >> i say that's not cool, mr. vice president, come on. i think he needs to think about in moving forward. i'm fwlad glad he clarified wha said and his intentions. but, again, we go back to that, erin. it doesn't matter what his intentions are or were for this or were for the actions that put him in hot water to begin with. he needs to understand that it's not intentions. it's how they are received. it's the perception what have he does that matters. i think his problem is that he has been in public life for so long and for the most part his political instincts have served him well.
4:29 pm
and on this issue specifically, he cannot rely on instincts. because it's his instincts that put him in hot water. he needs to be very intentional, needs to be very mindful, in the moment and think about what he is doing and what he is saying. and not just what's coming out of his mouth but how it's being received by the public. that's what he needs to do moving forward. >> when the question was asked it was almost as if he wasn't prepared for it which is a little shocking. >> yeah, i mean, i feel like the world is changing very rapidly. but it's only changing for some people, it seems like. i think joe biden is in this situation, almost a no one ewin situation. the people supporting joe biden will continue to support him regardless what he does because they know who he is and then understand this is part of his history. the people who don't support joe biden or have an issue with him specifically or not exclusive but because of this they are having problems with it. nothing he said to do is going to resolve the problems.
4:30 pm
he has this whole sort of issue. can he move forward with that base of people who are going to support him no matter what and still reconcile the people who don't want to support him until he comes to some sort of full recognition of what he has done in the past? >> patrick, here is the thing. president president loves this. he loves it. he mab making joinings jokes about it. giddy. here he is today. >> what exactly is offensive about jody joe biden's behavior and are you the right messenger for that. >> i think i'm a very good messenger. and people got a kick out of it. he is going through a situation let's see what happens. but people got a kick. we got to sort of smile a little bit, right. >> do you see joe biden as a threat. >> no, i don't see joe biden as a threat. i don't see him as a threat. i think he is only a threat to himself. >> is he right about that? >> i think joe biden is a threat to himself if he keeps sort of taking in kind of cavalier
4:31 pm
approach where it's as if he sort of says like the women and people can't take a joke, everybody needs to lighten up and joke about it. i'm struck that joe biden and president trump almost seem to be saying kind of the same thing here. president trump was saying, we all need to smile a little bit. need to take a lighter approach to this. which is what he did with his own cavalier approach to women's accusations against hymns of sexual misconduct. but biden you expect something very different from a man who takes pride in passing the violence against women act, his record, you know, on women's rights. instead you have him today saying sorry, not sorry. it's so strange, erin. he didn't run for president in 2015 was thinking about it. and had to be watching hillary clinton during the five months when everybody was trying to get her to say i'm sorry about using private email server and she wouldn't do it. >> she wouldn't. >> and it accumulated as a big
4:32 pm
problem. finally she said i'm sorry. and this sort of sorry and not sorry and joking it's what we expect from donald trump not joe biden. >> it's as if he moved the goal post and people say -- some people say, maria because what trump did is so much worse. i have to say let's not set the standard there. just as a citizen. like -- but i'm serious because it's a big thing. people just say -- well if you didn't grab them by the -- i'm sorry that -- that's not the bar by which we are going to judge inappropriate behavior. that is -- i personally feel strongly about that. but maria i want to read to you what liberal activist and rob reiner said today. he captured what some think. he says unwanted skaufl advances is a needed subject of national conversation. i submit you can't punish both murder and jay walking with a death sentence. joe biden has addressed personal comfort and space. time to move op 86 the liar. is he right, maria. >> well, i do think that he is
4:33 pm
right in what he just said, that doesn't take away from the issue in terms of how this is serious, because this does make women feel uncomfortable. to your point, we shouldn't be judging ourselves by the same standards as trump and republicans because they have no standards when it comes to this. but i will say this we do need to be careful not to make the litmus test perfection. because no one will be able to pass that bar. i think joe biden said what he needed to say in the video, hopefully he will learn by what happened today and he will move forward. because i will say that if he gets through the primary and he becomes the nominee, then he can actually throw down with trump, not on just this issue but on every other issue because lately we have trump not wanting to welcome anymore immigrants, wanting to take away health care from millions of americans, doesn't even know where his father was born, wanting to shut down the border. big differences there. >> let me ask you, keith, when it comes to the other issues,
4:34 pm
look, this issue no one expected to happen with bidden. and it did. and there is an issue. and there are other serious ones yesterday i spoke to charlamagne thagd and who he interviewed seven exact being candidates on his show he said something about biden i wanted to play. >> i would like to talk to joe biden i'd be wondering why we love joe biden so much. when i say we the african-american community. if you look at hillary clinton when she ran in 2016, people were upset at her because of the 94 crime bill. and she was just the first lady at the time. you know, bill is the one who pass the that. and people get upset at kamala harris because she is a prosecutor and they call her a cop and got so many black and brown people locked up. joe biden wrote the '94 crime bill. that was his bill. why do we give him a pass? you know because that bill got a lot of black and brown people locked up. >> does biden have big are land mines ahead, keith?
4:35 pm
>> yeah, i mean he has a lot of issues, the crime bill, the anita hill hearing, comments from the 1970s. i like what kmarl charlamagne thagd said here because there is unresolved tension in the democratic party and the double standards. go back to hillary clinton. yes, she supported the crime bill but her husband signed it. joe biden was one of the people who helped write it appear bernie sanders voted for it. none of the people get blamed. we blame hillary clinton because of the sexist double standard in the culture. not to mention, remember when hillary clinton ran for office snefs in a similar position to joe biden today. in 2012 when she first got out of the state department she was very popular. there were all the meems about hillary clinton with a sunglasses and the plane and the phone, and her popularity was at 60%. as soon as she started running it tanked. the same thing may happen to joe biden because she was running in a whole different atmosphere
4:36 pm
from when she was popular and joe biden is running in a whole different atmosphere from the one he knew as well. >> you got that. by the way, 60% is not where joe biden is right now. patrick. so the cnn apology sure at the top. but this is a guy with 100% name recognition. a guy who has been vice president two terms. run for president, been a sitting senator. okay. so he is a front runner. but this isn't -- this isn't like it's his to throw away. >> no hillary clinton started out 40 points ahead of bernie sanders. and she definitely came down. bernie went up. they got even. but joe bide isn't starting under 30% and going down in polls. joe biden and beto o'rourke have been going down bernie sanders pete buttigieg and kamala harris going up. so boyden has to be worried about this. i think that, yes, they probably would choose to have it come out now and deal with it now before he announces and jumps in. but the reality is is that you got a lot of very credible candidates mo probably are going
4:37 pm
to gain voters. and the place that they're most likely to take them from is not bernmy sanders who has incredible devotion from his base, but it is joe biden, the soft passive voters going with him because of name recognition. >> all right. thank you all very much. and next the secretary of state not on the same page as the president on this. >> i think this tells the american people the threat that china poses. >> i think that was just a fluke situation. >> very different views on the mar-a-lago situation. plus, could pete buttigieg's husband be a secret weapon in a crowded field of candidates? >> you know chasten you guys met. >> nice to see you. ♪ introducing freedom from the bounds of convention...
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit new tonight, pompeo versus trump. the secretary of state at odds with the president over what happened at mar-a-lago. the security breach, possible espionage. chinese woman arrested for illegally entering the property, four cell phones, malicious software on her person. >> i think this tells the american people the threat that china poses, the efforts they are making here inside the united states, not only against government officials but more
4:42 pm
broadly. >> i'm not concerned at all. i have -- we have very good cell. i think that was a fluke situation. >> outfront now, democrat being congressman jaimie rascon the house oversight briefed yesterday about the situation. obviously a big investigation to see if it's espionage. the president says, no problem, i'm not concerned. the secretary of state who is the most loyal lieutenant the president has basically at this point is saying this is a big deal. and it matters. what is up with them not being on the same page. >> obviously the president doesn't want to admit that he continues to left his guard down at mar-a-lago. you know, camp david is in my district up in thurmnoft, maryland. and it would be as if camp david doubled as a hotel and spa. he uses it as a presidential
4:43 pm
retreat, the second white house and so on. at the same time basically anybody willing to put down a credit card can get in there and wander around. and there are parties and people coming in and out. and this woman was picked up with four cell phones, a laptop and then a thumb drive that was infected with malware that could be a nightmare if it were installed in a computer on the premises. so i think obviously the president is in deep denial about what he has done. but the trump administration continues to be just a mess in terms of security. >> all right. so the trump administration o obviously in the minutes of the mueller report. we have members of mueller's team speaking out about frustration about the attorney jerami because they had their own summaries and he didn't use them. some are upset. some are saying the findings were alarming and significant which they don't feel is the
4:44 pm
sense that bill barr gave at all in the four-page summary. do you think barr is trying to hide something or not? considering i think he knows if full well we are getting a chance to look at most of this thing. >> well let's hope he know that is. let's hope he is certain that it's going to be turned over. every day that goes by i think we're on day 13 or 14 now it feels less and less certain. but, look, if you look at prior cases of independent counsels and special counsels they turned over not just the report but all of the accompanying and underlying material within a day or two. we're talking about vans coming over with big boxes of materials. >> yeah. >> tapes and notes and so on. instead what we get is this mysterious and inskrutable four-page press release that he continues to edit and update as he goes by amending comments. it's a very disturbing situation. we believe in congress that we
4:45 pm
have every right to the report. and we want it turned over immediately. >> when the president says hey you guys are getting your 400 pages and that's not enough. he is right. you're saying i want the report but also want the van full of whatever. >> yes. >> every one of the 500, you know, subpoenas. >> yes. >> everything. >> absolutely. we want exactly what congress has gotten in the past, because we are the institutional body that is appointed to do constitutional oversight over the president. not the attorney general. the attorney general works for the president. we do constitutional oversight over the executive branch. we want what congress has gotten before. >> kmds, i want to ask you about the former vice president joe biden a man you know personal who has been accused by women of inappropriate touching over the years. he talked about it today. >> is there someone you want to go directly i'm sorry? are you sorry. >> i'm sorry i didn't understand.
4:46 pm
i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything i have ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. >> a non-apology. that the right thing to do? >> gee, first of all, i don't really know vice president biden. i can't claim him as a friend of mine. and obviously he is going to have to decide how he wants to deal with that situation. when you're in politics, at least, you know, the politics that i know -- i'm just in the house of representatives but we apologize all the time when we hurt people's feelings, offend them, bump into them. politics is a tough business and people get feelings hurt a lot. i'm a middle child. i like to bring people together. i'm willing to say i'm sorry. but i don't know. he might feel like he is being targeted at this point and, you know, people are trying to condition flate different kinds behaviors. he is in a complex situation. but i think, look, the country
4:47 pm
is going through a the transformation or a consciousness because of what's been raised by femism. and that's all to the good. i think he needs to demonstrate to people that he is really caught up and understands he has offended people. >> thank you very much. congressman rascon. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> and next. >> frankly he is one of the best things i got going for me. >> he is the man by pete buttigieg's side. now a force on the campaign trail. who is he? plus they may love twitter but the president is no fan of technology. yes.
4:48 pm
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allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. how sexy are these elbows? ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. hampshire. democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg is about to speak to voters in manchester. just moments ago tweeting at his husband saying, quote, i think i found us a new hangout. so who is chastin? >>? a sea of 17 democratic hopefuls, one, mayor pete buttigieg of indiana could have a secret
4:52 pm
weapon. his husband is fast becoming the rising star of the candidate spouses. >> our marriage just might be the most or only normal thing in my life. >> he's just 29 and a former junior high school teacher on leave to support husband husband on the campaign trail. and it's his sense of humor and a penchant for revealing his personal side on social media that has earned him notice. >> what was it about him that stood out to you before you started dating him? what appealed to you? >> he has this really quick wit. if you follow him on twitter you'll see what i mean. >> reporter: on thursday it was a shoutout to the guys from queer eye, asking for advice. tweeting to the couple's two rescue judge. also sharining poignant words about being gay in america today. your time in the closet and your
4:53 pm
journey to coming out belong to you. you are not required to open heeled wounds or write lengthy threads. >> he's one of the best things i've got going for me. i love him but also he's grounded, keeps me grounded. >> the couple are newlyweds having married last june after meeting several years ago on a dating app. chastin talking about their first date. >> he said if you do a good job, maybe i'll run for governor. here we are. so i think it's fair to say i got a little more than i bargained for. >> reporter: offering a humanizing portrait of his husband, the candidate. >> i think what i love about him, is he's the same person whether we're at home folding laundry together or in a room full like this.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: and learning the ropes of this campaign trail as the most modern of political couples try to make history. >> tell me you were in the room when a top tier presidential prospect took the stage, or the pall pallet or whatever this thing is, after being introduced by his loving husband. >> so chasten is getting a chance to appear solo this weekend. he'll speak at an event in houston, texas. it should be a white house should pete buttigieg win the big game several months from now. next, president trump sounds off on the power of technology. >> i know more about technology than anybody. ok everyone!
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
out thing an old fashioned wall. who needs high-tech, right? here's jamie. >> reporter: when it comes to windmills, president trump loves to imitate them. >> i've never heard a windmill before, but i'm sure it doesn't sound like a cat in a dryer. >> reporter: president trump insists on tilting at windmills. but attacking without the benefit of scientific facts. >> and they say the noise causes cancer, you tell me that one. >> reporter: this is a president that claims. >> i know more about technology than anybody. nobody knows more about technology than me. i'm a professional in technology. >> a professional that prefers sharp pea on pages, a desk that
4:59 pm
appears to be a no computer zone. a guy who struggled to get the speaker phone to speaker. >> you can hook him up. a lot of people waiting. do you want to put that on this phone, please? hello? >> reporter: he tweeted recently that airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly. pilots are no longer needed instead computer scientists from m.i.t.. then there's the new system to catapult planes off the u.s.s. gerald ford. >> it used to be steam. >> reporter: when president trump visited the ship he said sailors told him they fixed the steam catapulter with a wrench. >> sir, we have to send to albert einstein. >> reporter: you think the president would be a fan of wind power, one of those tried and true technologies rooted in the
5:00 pm
past, like some of his other favorites. >> they say it's medieval a wall, like a wheel. a wheel is medieval but it works. >> reporter: maybe the president has just had it with wind. all right. have a great weekend. see you monday. anderson starts now. we begin tonight keeping them honest with president trump retaining legal council and willing to fight to the supreme court so no one can see his turns which is not what -- tax returns which is not what he seemed to say he would do. >> will you release any of your tax returns? >> we're working on that right now. i have big returns, we'll be working on that over the next period of time, absolutely. >> that was in january 2016. we know what


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