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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 20, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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eastern right here on cnn. and to our viewers, thanks very much for watching, i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room, you can follow me on twitter and instagram at wolf blitzer. you can always treat the show @cnnsitroom. erin burnett out front starts right now. out front next, breaking news, intelligence officials warn russia is trying to help trump get re-elected. trump was furious, is that why he's just named a new acting director of intelligence. michael bloomberg trying to move on from last night's debate. a crucial group of voters who helped deliver nevada to hillary clinton four years ago, will they spoil it for sanders again? let's go out front. good evening, i'm erin burnett. we're live from las vegas where in less than an hour, our democratic presidential town halls will begin, ande have more on that in a moment.
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but first the breaking news, condition krrn learning president trump has been warned that russia is trying to help him again to interfere in the 2020 election. according to a source, the intelligence communities top election security official warned house lawmakers that russia is trying to get trump re-elected. news of the briefing set the president off. he was furious at the source. and now angry at joseph maguire for allowing the briefing to take place. he didn't want to hear it. giving what he believed was ammunition to the critics. >> this coming 20 hours after he picked his new acting director of national intelligence. it's a pretty stunning development when you get a headline like this, the instinct
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would be furious to put someone in place who would not allow this sort of thing to get out. what are you learning about this briefing, which official led it, and what happened. >> this is interesting. shelbey pearson is this elections security official who led this, she's someone who's in this job that she's had, essentially to coordinate it all. it's a position completedly dan coates last summer, who the president famously feuded with over intelligence that he was briefed on that he did not like. she's the one who went up there, spoke with these lawmakers. we're being told that house republicans grew angry during that briefing. it's not clear why we're still learning more about that. when the president found out, he was essentially concerned democrats would try to weaponize this against him. pointing to people like adam schiff who is the house intelligence chairman in the room. and is the one who led that impeachment inquiry against his committee last fall.
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this is what led to the date after that briefing. there is a meeting here at the white house, the president blew up on him, essentially angry at the fact that this has taken place, and it was one of maguire's deputies that had been the one to brief this. the president is now putting a loyalist into the top job as acting director of national intelligence. rick run el who is currently the u.s. ambassador to germany. we're being told it's just co incidental this report came out about russia favoring the president to win the election and the president installing a loyalist in this job. acting as the ambassador to germany, it's not like it was a convenient time. it's going to raise a lot more questions about whether the president is acting out, because he's seeing intelligence that he doesn't like. >> kaitlyn, thank you very much, i want to go to mike quigley,
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who sits on the house intelligence committee. let me start with, is there anything you can share with us about this briefing? >> i can't talk about what took place in any particular briefing, i just remind your viewers that from january 2017 on, the entire intelligence community with a high degree of certainty said the russians were the ones that attack the democratic process, they did it to favor president trump over hillary clinton. dni coats who was ousted because he greed with the president said most recently, the lights are still flashing red, their warning lights, they're still going to do this, the russians have never left. we should be protecting the democratic process, the president ousts people who disagree with him, who hurt his political advantage or personal advantage, i think that's what you should see this for.
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>> all right. so let me ask you, because you're saying it's no coincidence, you hear them trying to say, it's a coincidence he's trying to put a loyalist into the job and maguire out. no quo incidence at all. i want to see if you believe this goes one step further. is this the president of the united states trying to cover up the fact that russia is trying to help him in the election? >> i think the president of the united states is trying to take over the intelligence process in the same manner we saw this week, where he's trying to take over the justice department. he doesn't want the truth to get out when the truth puts him -- that's extraordinarily dangerous when it comes to intelligence. the truth -- the intelligence truth keeps us safe. we are less safe when the president does things like this. nobody has to weaponize this, the russians have weaponized
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social media, they have hacked and dumped. and there are a lot of things we have to do to prepare for the november elections. the russians tried to attack. the president getting people out that want to talk about that, has a capitol hilling effect on anybody willing to come forward as we saw with colonel venman and others. >> so let me ask you, though, obviously the president, we understand was furious when he found out about this, didn't want people to know about it, we're also hearing, though, that a source is telling us, when you were briefed in your committee, and you would think everybody would uniformly be up in arms about russian interference in the election, that it's confirmed it's happening, regardless of who it's trying to help. the understanding is, the inning tell against community is saying, it's helping donald trump. the republicans were mad, they launched an attack, they didn't want to hear it. is that true? >> i can't speak to a particular
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briefing, i can speak to a pattern of behavior. it's difficult to pass an election grant to fight against this, i've been the sponsor of those measures, it's been tough to get bipartisan support, and i will say this broadly, it has been a pattern of behavior by my republican colleagues of resisting this information and siding with the president. whether they're doing this because they agree with the president or they just want to protect him. i'm often asked, are they true believers? i can't tell any more, but unfortunately they're complicit. >> congressman, i appreciate your time, and i thank you, and i want to go now to the general counsel, robert lit a special agent for the fbi, and new york times reporter julian barnes who was breaking this story. let me start with you, though, bob. the reporting here is that the president was furious. and he then appoints a loyalist to take the job as acting chief of the dni.
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what does that add up to when you see it? >> i have to agree with congressman quigley, it's impossible to believe this is coincidental. there's no advantage to be gained from replacing one acting director of national intelligence with another acting director of national intelligence. the only plausible explanation for this, is that he was furious at admiral maguire for allowing bad news to get out, and he wants him to replace with somebody who won't allow the bad news to get out. >> so asha, what is -- can you just put an exclamation point on the significance of what this would be. russia interfering in the election to help the president of the united states get re-elected. his instinct is him telling congress and the american people about that? who's loyal to him? >> yeah, this is problematic on a number of levels, erin. i mean, the first one is, that
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he does not want inning tell against regarding foreign threats to the united states to reach the intelligence committees. whose job it is to understand what these threats are, to pass legislation if they need to, to protect the united states against it, so he's kind of breaking down that separation of powers relationship which we've seen before. and in not wanting this to become public he's cherry picking intelligence so that -- to shape his own election prospects. and again, we've seen this before in the whole ukraine saga of wanting to smear his opponent to help himself. the biggest problem erin, is that the way that you neutralize disinformation which is what russia does is to expose it to make people aware, and so you need this communication flow. you need members of congress and ultimately the public to know that this is what's going on in
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order to have the public be able to take that into account when they make an informed vote. >> julian, you've been reporting on this, and i guess we understand that house republicans got upset when they found out about this, that they sort of went into attack mode, and tried to politicize it. what else have you heard about what republican reaction was to this briefing, which if it is what we understand it was, which is russia's interfering in this election, helping the united states get re-elected, everybody should have been up in arms about. >> well, look. as we know, this is a line that the republicans have increasingly pushed back upon. they argue that russia didn't want -- didn't favor trump, they were just sowing chaos, there was no reason russia should support trump in 2020. this is what the line of attack from representative stewart and
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other republicans on the committee who kind of hammered away at the briefers saying, we don't believe this, and it was very similar to the kinds of linings that we've heard from congressman ratcliffe and other sort of staunch defenders of the president on the committee. but this was a classified briefing, where the latest intelligence was being presented, where the conclusions about what russia were doing were laid out. it wasn't supposed to be a political forum, and yet that's what it became. >> i mean, bob, the president has a history of refusing to admit that russia would try to help them in the election, right? they're trying to say it was about sowing chaos. that's what the intelligence community concluded it was first. it became to help president trump, which is again with their briefing now. here's how president trump has
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responded, though. to russian interference again and again and again. which is to deny it. here he is. >> you know who got me elected? i got me elected. russia didn't help me at all. i call it the russian hoax, it's a hoax. they use that as an excuse for losing the electoral college. russia did not help me, that i can tell you, okay? why do you think he refuses to accept the intelligence and now by his behavior and this coincidence that is not a coincidence seems to be having the same reaction again? >> well, i don't want to go into psycho analyzing the president, but it's pretty clear that he views the possibility that the russians attempted to influence the election on his behalf is undercutting his legitimacy in some respect. he's working backwards from that conclusion to talk about the
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facts. they attacked the intelligence community for drawing that conclusion. this has been a consistent pattern all along of denial of what the intelligence community is finding. >> all of you stay with me. we have more on our breaking news after this. there are reports now, this hour. that there may be even more resignations from the intelligence community coming now. after the president has lashed out, following this briefing on russian meddling. michael bloomberg trying to move past his debate debut. >> the real winner in the debate last night was donald trump. and we're now less than an hour until the start of our democratic town halls here in las vegas. this morning, sanders reveals surprising details with his private conversations with former president obama.
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welcome back to a special edition of out front. we're following the breaking news this hour. intel officials telling the house intelligence committee that russia is looking for ways to interfere in the 2020 election with the purpose of
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helping president donald trump get re-elected. and a source telling cnn that trump lashed out at his outgoing acting director joseph maguire about that briefing. a former senior intelligence official telling cnn what the intelligence community sees as reporting the truth. simple statement of facts in evidence without judgment, the president sees as undermining his legitimacy. it's a damning thing coming from the intelligence community. let me go to julian barnes. now we have -- you are reporting there could be another resignation related to all this coming. tell me what you know. >> yeah, so andrew hallman, he's been the acting number two under joe maguire since last august when sue gordon was asked to resign. and he's been seen as a steadying hand in a relatively
4:19 pm
turbulent time. the fact that he is leaving this acting number two job shows in a rick grinnell, the new acting dni is going to put his own team in at the top and so he's going to really try in whatever he has there to sort of shape the management of the odni. >> i mean, asha, it's a pretty stunning thing, the statement we just have from that former senior intelligence official saying, what the intelligence community sees as reporting the truth. several statements of fact in evidence without judgment. the president sees as undermining his legitimacy. he would be able to silence it, to silence the reporting of those facts? >> that's what it sounds like he wants to do. i don't -- it sounds like he wants a dni or subordinates of the dni to lie, to promote the
4:20 pm
narrative that he wants. you know, it is the intelligence community's job to present the intelligence they've received and the conclusions they have drawn from it, so the policy makers can make those decisions. i want to emphasize here that we can't forget that dni maguire was also the person who tried to forward on the whistle blower complaint about potential misconduct going on in the intelligence community. these new people would be in -- grinnell would be in charge of that as well. would he take that seriously, would he -- will people not be willing to send complaints to him, and is he going to coordinate the intelligence community the way he's supposed to in order to respond to these threats. these are all questions that should concern americans right now. >> well, it should, because whatever you may think of richard grinnell, i don't think you could serve as ambassador to
4:21 pm
germany, do that job and be the head of the entire intelligence community, sounds absurd. richard grinnell who is going to take this acting job very loyal to trump. so loyal, that the words between the two of them are very jarring. let me tell you what i mean. >> i love to negotiate things, i do it really well. >> every american would be incredibly proud to see how donald trump negotiates. >> when i see foreign leaders, they say, we cannot believe the difference in strength between the united states now and the united states two years ago. made a lot of progress. >> it is a true pleasure to work for this president on foreign policy issues, because i think we are making so much progress. >> i've been tougher on russia, than anybody else. >> this president has been very tough on the russians.
4:22 pm
>> two points to make from that. pretty eerie the word echo. >> well, i've -- there's no question that grinnell is a true believer and an absolute loyalist. >> and julian, to that point, is there -- what's your understanding about grinnell's willingness to report the facts as the intelligence community sees them to the president. whether it be about russian interference or the whistle blower report, which maguire did pass on, judging it to be credible based on its merits and facts. >> look, this is the ski question that former intelligence and current intel glens officials are asking at this hour. did trump put grinnell in place to slow the flow of information, particularly intelligence about the election to the white house
4:23 pm
and to congress? now, there are administration officials who say hey give them a chance. he's a foreign policy official. but those -- the kind of comments that you just showed has given people pause that he is so quick to repeat the words of the president. so quick to amplify his words, and traditionally, the intelligence job has not been that kind of political fighter. it's been a neutral arbiter. >> all right. and that is, of course, what it should be to know what the facts are, if you politicize the facts, with he all know how bad that can be, thank you all very much. next, michael bloomberg trying to change the topic from last night's debate, will it work? elizabeth warren stepping up her attacks on bloomberg tonight. >> of all the people standing on that stage, he is the riskiest one for the democrats.
4:24 pm
>> but is she making a mistake by not focusing on the front-runner, bernie sanders? vo: a great president and an effective mayor. leadership that makes a difference. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked
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welcome back to a special edition of out front. we're live from las vegas where joe biden and senator elizabeth warren will be facing questions from nevada voters. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is trying to turn the conversation from his debate performance to donald trump. >> the real winner in the debate last night was donald trump. because i worry that we may very well be on the way to nominating somebody who cannot win in november. and if we choose a candidate who appeals to a small base like senator sanders, it will be a fatal error. >> this comes as bloomberg's campaign reveals he has spent 464 million goods of his own money in the race. out front now, former baltimore mayor and will serve as national political co chair for the
4:29 pm
campaign. and mayor, it's great to speak to you again. i know you watched the debate performance as so many did to see the first time he was on that stage. he hasn't been on the debate obviously in many years. what did you think of his performance last night. >> i think everyone including mayor bloomberg hoped he would have done better. but the truth of the matter is, as mayor, never in my life when someone was complaining about the trash was clean or the crime rate was at the -- was coming down, never did i hear anyone in the background say, she killed it in that debate. that's not the way it is. where things matter on the ground, mayors get things done. and michael bloomberg is a great example of getting things done where it counts. in the senate, winning arguments matter. on the street, getting things done for your constituents matter. >> and that is the case he needs to make, obviously, some of the attention as you're well aware
4:30 pm
is on the more heated exchanges last night. senator warren confronted mayor bloomberg about nondisclosure agreements signed by women who had worked at bloomberg, here is part of that exchange. >> he has gotten some number of women, dozens, who knows, to sign nondisclosure agreements, both for sexual harassment and for gender discrimination in the workplace. so mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements, so we can hear their side of the story? >> we have a very few nondisclosure agreements. >> how many is that? >> let me finish? >> how many is that? >> none of them accuse me of doing anything other than -- maybe they didn't like a joke i told. >> okay. so how do you think he handled that moment? what should he have done differently? >> i think -- i'm not here to
4:31 pm
play arm chair quarterback. i think mayor bloomberg answered the question, i also think over the course of time today -- we have spoken about people saying listen, if those women want to come forward, mayor bloomberg believes in transparency, his record speaks to that, he would not stand in the way of that being done. but i don't think -- you know, put him on the spot like that, the gotcha moments are great on television, i don't think it speaks to his heart, and that is a man who hires women, promotes women and works to protect women. the work he's done across the country with his philanthropies. >> is it your understanding that he would release them from those nda's so they can tell their side of the stories, what they want to tell, and there would be full transparency? >> i believe mike bloomberg
4:32 pm
believes in transparency, i don't think he would block anyone from telling their story if that is what they chose. >> i want to ask you about something else obviously, we've spoken many times over the past -- you were mayor of a city that is no stranger to issues of race and tactics. obviously mayor bloomberg's policies when he was mayor of stop and frisk. everyone knew he would. here's what he said about it. >> if i go back and look at my time in office, the one thing that i'm really worried about, embarrassed about was how it turned out with stop and frisk. >> have you had a heart to heart with the mayor about this policy? and do you feel that his apology is heartfelt and genuine? first, i believe his heart, his apology is heartfelt and i believe it's genuine, with
4:33 pm
respect to heart to heart conversation with mayor bloomberg, mayors across the country have had heart to heart conversations about ways we can protect lives. this wasn't a crime fighting strategy to reduce car break-ins or burglaries, this was a crime strategy to stop the killing on our street. this was a way to stop homicides. and i experience the same thing in baltimore. we were able to get the homicide down to the lowest it's been in over 40 years, i thought we had accomplished something. when i talked to my constituents, their concern was about the treatment from the police department, just like mayor bloomberg, i course corrected. i understood the problems and the challenges that come from the aggressive policy. it happens when you are in that seat and trying to save lives, so you don't have to face another mother who's lost a son. that you try to do everything you can to make sure that lives are protected in your streets
4:34 pm
and sometimes we don't get it right. and it is a mark of a man where he can apologize, where he can take responsibility and know that the full picture of his work speaks to his heart and how much he invests in our communities. >> i appreciate your time, thank you very much, mayor. >> thanks. >> next, elizabeth warren entering these final days before the nevada caucuses. is it too little too late. one of the most influential voting groups here in nevada, crucial to winning this crucial state. it doesn't appear they're fans of bernie sanders. how badly could that hurt. ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. sweetheart, do my forearms look bigger?
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elizabeth warren ramping up her attacks on michael bloomberg issuing a stark warning that he cannot be the democratic nominee. >> he thought he could waltz on that stage, push everybody else off and become the democratic nominee. of all the people standing on that stage he is the riskiest
4:39 pm
one for the democrats. he would be most vulnerable in the general election. >> out front now, mark preston. maria cardona and megan messerly, political reporter for the nevada independent is also back with me. you have bloomberg saying sanders is the biggest threat. and warren saying it's bloomberg, you have the firing squad going on. how effective do you think the attacks have been? >> they've been effective in that there's a certain secretarieser of the electoral she's appealing to. they may be drifting toward sanders. he appears to be doing really well here. >> her attacks on bloomberg -- >> i think it goes a little further in underscoring two things, how unprepared bloomberg
4:40 pm
was to deliver what could have been some at least acceptable answers to issues they knew were going to come up. and number two, to expose him also for the lack of preparation on how to answer the billionaire question. those answers that he gave really made him look completely out of touch. i don't think that's just for the base or the people that used to support sanders. i even got a lot of people that were leaning toward bloomberg, but after last night said, i don't know if i can vote for him, they were concerned about his lack of preparation, and lack of answers to some really obvious questions that would have come up in this debate. >> how are people reacting here? he's not on the ballot. a lot of them are saying they wish he were. he was putting their first choice, second choice. today, what have you been hearing? >> he is part of this muddle of this -- especially in nevada, we've seen bernie sanders being
4:41 pm
at the top, the presumed front-runner in this contest saturday. there's a lot of play for who's going to be second. after the debate, i think a lot of folks have seen that clear contrast of having folks go after him. in a way that we haven't seen. voters in nevada pretty much just their exposure to him -- not even ads that he's targeting at nevadans but are bleeding over from the national marketing. we just heard from the mayor of baltimo baltimore. we're going to hear from a lot more mayors like her. she herself had deone stop and frisk. we're going to see more and more mayors across this country who may be jumping on his team. will that be effective? i think so. and for this reason, you know, he's been working on issues that are really important to mayors who are part of the united states conference of mayors or the national league of cities,
4:42 pm
which is an organization of small cities across the country. i think you're seeing mayors get on board with him, when they look at last night's debate performance, and they look at his track record and what he's done on certain issues. look at what he did in virginia just on guns alone. that's what they're looking for. the fight between pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar over who had more experience. i guess being a mayor means you don't have any experience. the irony of that is that you have michael bloomberg now having mayors from small cities and large cities blacking his candidacy. these are mayors that have small political organizations that become bigger political organizations. >> even mayor buttigieg told me he was grateful for some of the work bloomberg had done in south bend indiana. i wonder what this means? you have all these guns out for bloomberg. bernie sanders is by far the front-runner. you look at california, two new
4:43 pm
polls. there are 415 delegates in california. bernie sanders who would have been the one they were all going for last night, he's the one that he merges unscathed. >> i think elizabeth warren and the others as well missed an opportunity. i think that bernie sanders has some issues that he can be and should be vetted more deeply about. one is guns. and we were here in las vegas where you had the biggest bloodiest shooting we've seen in history, and he's not voted in perhaps the way that a lot of people that are for gun safety will have to vote. the other issue is immigration, he voted against the comprehensive immigration bill in 2007. a lot of the young latinos who were supporting him now. the other is socialism. it doesn't bode well with old earla tinos, he talks about socialism. i know he's talking about
4:44 pm
finland, norway, et cetera. to those old earla tinos who came from venezuela and older americans who grew up during the cold war, that's an issue. >> when you think about sanders, how does he play on the ground? do you see -- and we see in the polls here in nevada, do you see it as passionate support for sanders? >> it's definitely passionate support. we've seen that here in 2016, he was still introducing himself to a lot of folks in the campaign cycle. he was 20, 30 points behind hillary clinton in the polls in 2016, only finished 5 points behind her. he's had that grassroots support, and that fire, and he's been able to capture it by bringing in an experienced campaign staff. 250 people plus on the ground here, he's been able to take that grassroots enthusiasm and channel it into this operation. >> the irony here is, it used to be that it was perceived that
4:45 pm
elizabeth warren and bernie sanders were competing. now last night taughting being a capitalist, and sort of in a sense seeding that lead and going for bloomberg? >> right, but at the same time being the lead attack dog. sending -- i don't want to call it a dog whistle. sending a signal to more centrist democrats. i'm not as socialist as bernie. listen to everybody out there on the liberal side. i'm going to take down bloomberg. >> she's trying to have it both ways. >> it's politics. >> you can try, you can try, it's sometimes quite hard. >> all of you, thank you. tonight on cnn, we have two more town halls. joe biden isp with anderson. and then i'll moderate a town hall with elizabeth warren. bernie sanders revealing new details about conversations with obama and whether obama would support him. are the websites all that
4:46 pm
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check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. and welcome back to a special edition of "outfront." we are live from las vegas, two days before the nevada caucus, and moments before cnn's town halls begin with joe biden and elizabeth warren. the front-runner, bernie sanders, telling cnn today that he is confident that former president obama will support him if he is the nominee. but sanders wants to win here, and if he does, he will have to overcome opposition from a major and crucial union. kyung lah is "outfront." >> reporter: just hours to the nevada caucuses -- >> who's got the power? >> reporter: the 60,000 member culinary union, including casino worker alicia sosa. >> i'm fighting for my health care. >> reporter: is fighting on the picket line to unionize more
4:51 pm
workers. >> my husband has asthma, and we fought for that because we couldn't afford it. now i can, and he can, and he can be with me longer. we should be able to have that. our choice. it's our choice. >> reporter: she is talking about her union health care. in one building she gets doctors visits, prescriptions, and eye care, all covered. the culinary union warned members a vote for bernie sanders and his medicare for all plan would mean an end to union health care. >> i'm not sure about the medicare for all, if that's a good idea or not. you know, it sounds good. it always sounds good, but i'm not sure. >> reporter: the union battle spilled on to the debate stage. >> you are the one who is at war with the culinary union right here in las vegas. >> we have more union support than you have ever dreamed of. >> reporter: sanders then directly addressed the union members. >> to my good friends in the culinary workers union, a great union, i will never sign a bill
4:52 pm
that will reduce the health care benefits that they have. >> reporter: on the picket line, the courting of the union vote was in full swing. won by every top candidate on the nevada ballot except for sanders marched with workers. even elizabeth warren, who supports medicare for all. tom steyer also taking to the airwaves, attacking sanders in tv ads. >> there is a reason people are nervous about bernie sanders scrapping obama care. >> take a look around! >> reporter: but while medicare for all is not a deal breaker for every union member -- >> we're not leave him out yet. >> you'd be open to it? >> yeah, for sure. >> reporter: it is weighing on suzanne pequez. she met amy klobuchar at the culinary health care center. do you believe bernie sanders when he says medicare for all, we'll replace this and take care of everybody?
4:53 pm
>> no. i really don't believe that. i'm scared because if he ends that, where are we going to go? there is nowhere for us to go. you know? >> reporter: so while the union has been clear about their position on bernie sanders and health care, they have not specifically endorsed anyone else. and here is something else that we need to know when we're talking about this union. they are a huge get out the vote organization. they are majority latino. bernie sanders has been courting the latino vote. what we don't know yet is if the union power is going blunt his efforts in the latino community. >> all right. it's going to be so crucial to watch this weekend. nothing more important in this state. thank you so much, kyung. next jeanne. when you're running for office, don't forget to tell everybody about your website. as well as all the things you want to do. because when you have a retirement partner who gives you clarity at every step, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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welcome back to las vegas. we're moments away from the start of cnn's town home with joe biden. this comes as democrats are pushing for votes and plugging their websites. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: amid the babble of debate, they ring out loud and
4:58 pm
clear. >> join us at >> i can you to join me at >> reporter: reactions range from so incredibly cringy to better to have a tip jar on the podium. the candidates keep plugging. >> matter of fact, if you're watching right now, you can go to >> reporter: going to town flogging websites at town halls. >> you can see it on our website at >> reporter: as unsutdle as a late night commercial. >> it's not a plan, it's power point. >> reporter: in the heat of debate. >> i don't know if there are any power points on it, but you can definitely find the document on pete for >> you can join me at michael if you want, but i'm not asking for any money. >> reporter: and his website doesn't. unlike the billionaire, the others have to beg. >> so i ask everybody to go to, pitch in 5
4:59 pm
bucks. >> reporter: at least their plugs aren't as blatant as this one outside the roger stone sentencing. offers tours billed as unique to black experiences. founder hoists his sign wherever hoards of cameras gather. the candidates tend to close with their plugs. joe biden once confused texting with his web address. >> if you agree with me, go to joe 30330. >> reporter: joe biden just told us his pin number. if you agree with me, go to joe nuclear code sequence, boom. did joe biden just give out the combination to his luggage? cue the "spaceballs" clip. >> that's the stupidest combination i've ever heard in my life. that's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage! >> reporter: when someone says joe's long record, it means he carries a lot of baggage. remember this. >> 303330.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: jeanne moos. >> i charnged the combination o my luggage. >> reporter: cnn, new york. and thanks so much to all of you for joining us. cnn's democratic presidential town hall with joe biden live from las vegas starts now. ♪ >> and good evening live from the theater at sahara, las vegas. i' i'm anderson cooper. this is cnn town hall event. in just two days democratic candidates will face a major test here in nevada. tonight two of the top contenders, joe biden and elizabeth warren will take questions. many are waiting to hear from the candidates before choosing
5:01 pm
to caucus for them on saturday. i want to get started right now


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