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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 21, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy. in today's home fronted, bridging the divide, we hear from joe biden in an appeal to families who served in his dnc speech. and also honored his late son
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bo, bo, who's a major in the army national guard. >> while he's no longer with us, bo inspires me every day. bo served our nation in uniform. a year in iraq a decorated iraqi war veteran. so, i take very personally and a profound responsibility of serving as commander and chief. i'll be a president who will stand with our allies in france and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over. just past the top of the hour, i'm anderson cooper. the world health organization with a blunt message. waiting for a vaccine is not a strategy. >> no country can just ride this out until we have a vaccine.
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we must all learn to control and manage this virus using the tools we have now. >> those tools, he said, including thes like wearing masks and good hand hygiene, two things the current cdc director says will help u.s. deaths start to decline as early as next week. that, even as a new forecast projects 195,000 death said by september 12th. he expects more cases continue to drop thanks to more americans taking precautions. up to ten states are showing increase. the number of new u.s. cases is down 11% from last week. with me former head of centers for disease control. want to begin with the new projection of 195,000 deaths over the next three weeks. that is in line with the average of 1,000 daily deaths that we've been seeing.
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dr. redfield said we could soon see a decline, noting the drop in new cases. can you explain a lag between the drop in new cases and deaths? >> what we see, anderson, is first, cases go up or down, followed by hospitalization, followed tragically by deaths. but even at the rate we're at now, just keep in mind, that's one american being killed by the new virus every single minute. and even if they fall to half the current rate, that will still be the third read leading cause of death in the u.s. so, although it's absolutely true the rate is less high now than a week or two, it's still very high, too high in many places to go to school or university or work safely. >> the doctor also said he estimates between 10 and 20% of the u.s. population has been
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infect wou infected with the virus at one we think that's basically correct. somewhere between 10 and 20% of all americans. 30 to 60 million people infected with this virus. and what you have to recognize from that is this has been a bad pandemic. but it's nowhere near over. immunity is not just around the corner. neither herd immunity, which some people are foolishly talking about, or vaccine, which is really important but is not going to be quick or easy. we did get new evidence that suggests immunity from vaccine will be possible butted that's not certain yet. >> i know you have an op-ed on herd immunity. why is it not a wise idea? >> in all likelihood, getting to herd immunity requires 60, 70, 80% of all people to become infected.
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that would mean hundreds of millions of more infections and at least a million more deaths in the u.s. and globally, many millions more deaths. that's not a plan, that's a cuta cutastraphy but what we suggest is from laboratory and animal and some human evidence t seems some people who have been infected, have some immunity. we're not sure but it's looking increasingly likely. many of the antibody tests don't predict immunity. we don't know how long it will last if there is immunity and we have apparel and promise of a vaccine. the pauses blossibility that pel letdown their guard. no country should say a vaccine is coming, so we should relax. first, we don't know if it's coming and when? and you could see hundreds of
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thousands of more deaths. and vaccine has to be studied very carefully. no short cuts on safety so we can be confident it's likely to protect people without causing adverse events. >> so, you said antibodies don't necessarily mean immunity, it doesn't mean you're immune. >> right. there was a very interesting preprint, not peer-reviewed study released this week from seattles at the university of washington. there was a fishing trip and almost everybody got infected. they did blood testz bfore people went to sea. three didn't have what are called neutralizing antibodies. a weaker immune reaction. of the three who did have neutralizing antibodies, two or three didn't get infected, despite multiple telss after.
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one might have had a low-level infection or low-level exkreegz of the virus from a prior infection. it does look like some people, after infection, can get some level of protection. >> and vice president pence laid out a timeline for covid vaccine. >> we think there is a miracle around the corner. we believe it's very likely we'll have one or more vaccines for the coronavirus before the end of this year. >> fauci had also said it could be available at the end of this year. and there's a difference of it being available and being available to everybody who needs it. >> we really do hope for a vaccine and it's the right thing to do to go full steam ahead, figuring out how to distribute them and who would get them first because not available for everyone and figuring out how to track them for safety. one of the things that concerns
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me is it's not from the virus. it's from our own immune systems fighting the virus. and for that reason, there's the theoretical risk some vaccines could cause bad reactions, either from the vaccine itself or from infection after getting vaccinated. we'll only know that when it's studied. and those studies need happen, need to become public and all of us need see them so we can inform ourselves about vaccinating our selves and loved ones. >> does that mean life returns to normal? >> that's a great question and a really important point. we have a great vaccine against measles. and last year an estimated 140,000 kids died from measles. so, even with a vaccine, in all likelihood, we'll need continue to adapt our lives. maybe to wear masks, not to shake hands. maybe not have really large indoor gatherings, and perhaps
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most importantly strengthening our public health systems so we can test, trace, isolate, support those with the infection, limit the infection, when it occurs. so, yeah a vaccine is the single most important thing we can do but it's not going to bring an end to the pandemic overnight. and we're still going to need to do the basics of preventing it, finding it and stopping it. >> do you think basically people will be wearing masks? in asia many people have been wearing maskss for the last decade. they've had more experience with these sorts of viruses than we have. do you think that's the future of people in america? >> i think it's likely anyone for a few years should feel sick. i think we're likely to see wide-spread masks indoors until and unless there's, eeth ara very effective treatment or both. covid, unfortunately, is here to
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stay. and the sooner we come to terms with that, the sooner we can get back as much of our economy and our lives as we can. >> i appreciate your expertise. thank you very much. post master general grilled over accusations he's making changes to discredit voters. and the fraud scandal. and actress lori laughlin will be sentenced for her role in the massive college scandal. we are national university. in honor of our 50th anniversary, we're committing over $30 million dollars to new student scholarships. because we believe in the pursuit of purpose and in the difference you make in the world. apply for your scholarship today at
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particularly democrats concerned that he's fighting mile-in election. >> there has been no changes in any policies with regard to election mail for the 2020 election. >> there will be no post office closures or suspensions before november 3rd? >> i confirm post office closures was not a directive i gave. that was around before i got it. when i found out about it and it had the reaction that we did, i suspended it until after the election. >> you do support voting by mail? >> i do. i think the american public should be able to vote by mail and postal service will -- will -- will support it. so, i guess it's yes. >> do you have a high degree of
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confidence that all the ballots that will be mailed will actually be able to be received and counted? >> extremely highly cost. we will scour every plan today each night leading up to election day. very, very confident. >> democratic congressman castro joins me right now. congressman, are you satisfy would what you heard from the post master general today? >> i'm not general today. and i had a chances to visit a post office in san antonio a few days ago and was very disturbed when we were told, after my visit, there was a lot of delayed mail that was essentially hidden from me before i went to visit. i know the president has been very hostile towards mail ballot
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voting. and because of that, has tried to sabotage the post office and while he's tried to to that, it's effecting people's abilities to get life-saving medicine and >> and when asked president trump about the issue, i want to play for the viewers what he said. >> the november election br w the or anyone at the white house. >> spoken to the president about the postal service, other than congratulate him in accepting the position. >> did you discuss these changes with campaign officials? >> no. >> did you discuss any of these changes with mark meadows? >> no.
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i never discussed anything with mark meadows. >> does it sound unusual to you that he would have zero contact with the president or the white house when he's about to implement massive changes like these? >> yeah t does and frankly, i don't think that's believable. that he's not had high-level talks with somebody at the white house because he is making dramatic and drastic changes to the postal service right now. let's assume for a second he hasn't had a conversation with the president, why would he need the conversation with the president to get his instructions when the president has been very publicly hostile, has questioned the validity and legality of mail-in voting. so, to me, that's someone signaling exactly what he wants his new post master general to do. >> you eluded to this and you visited the local san antonio post office. the workers say they were directed to deceive you on the
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visit and hide back logging issues they were dealing with. do you know exactly what they were hiding? >> there was mail that piled up and rather than the mail being there for me to see, that there was mail piled up and been delayed, that they took it away so that i wouldn't see that there was anything wrong. after that report came out, there have been other postal service workers in the san antonio area who have also reached out and said that right now overtime has been frozen, at least in san antonio, and so what happens is there are piles and piles of mail that, at 8:30 in the morning are left to be sorted and delivered that are left, instead, unattended and that keeps piling up. so, we've evl received a lot of complantsz from people saying i've been waiting an extra week
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for my president or a package that's taken an extra week to get here. so, they're harming people's every day lives by sabotaging the post office. >> the president is vowing to send troop on election day. is he allowed to do that? >> whether it's legal or illegal at this point, and that determination needs to be made, there's no doubt the reason he's doing it. he's doing it as a way to intimidate people who are coming to vote. he's been hostile towards avoting and american's right to vote. and asked foreign nations to help. russia and even china a few months ago, basically asking them to interfere in our elections. this has been the president, probably in american history that has been-most hostile to
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people exercising their right to vote in this country. >> thank you. college football quarterback sitting out because of a heart problem. plus a fight breaks out as more airlines announce whether they'll leave middle seats open. and steve bannon speaks out for the first time after his arrest and alleged fraud scheme. his new comments ahoed. ♪ come on in, we're open. ♪ all we do is hand you the bag. simple. done. we adapt and we change. you know, you just figure it out.
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president's former chief strategist, steve bannon, calling charges against him the, quote a political hit job. and several others alleging to help concoct a scheme for trump's boarder wall but instead pocketed hundreds of thousands for themselves. the so-called build the wall campaign raised millions of dollars. they encouraged people to donate and even other outlets raised questions about his past. >> what are you doing on the private money raising for a wall? >> we're doing incredibly great and it's all american citizens who are donating to the project. >> critics will say this is just a publicity stunt. it's not even going to make a dent in the total cost, which would be around $20 billion.
11:27 am
that's a pretty tough thiel climb. what do yeah say to the critics? >> i say they're full of crap and this is the united states and we can do anything we want. if people want to donate to the wall and give their money, what's 86 bucks? >> if everyone who voted for trump donated $80, we would get the money for the wall. >> how do you guarantee that every penny is going to go to the wall? >> well, we, like i said we have big plans. i'm putting my name behind this. i'm standing up for the american people. they've all given me this money and i'm guaranteeing it is going to the wall. we'll explain when we get it nailed down legally. >> we hope you deliver. you've certainly teased it well. you're a terrific person and i appreciate what you're doing for
11:28 am
the country. >> with me now, cnn senior media reporter. it seems like fox news -- this is the perfect event, story for them. be a good headline for its viewers and did very little vetting of inactual organization. >> you have to think of fox as a business organization, less than a news organization. and they know what their consumers want. so, when you have a purple heart veteran raising money to build a wall, familiar faces like david clark and steve bannon behind this, it's good story for fox news. you saw them promote this over and over again on their air, on their website. the point worth making is would they have actually raised all this money, millions and millions of dollars had fox news not trumpeted it on air? it wouldn't have been the case, right? had media not got behind this effort, it's very unlikely they would have ended up raising so
11:29 am
much money. >> even donald trump jr. appeared in an event of theirs, giving them credibility, even though, to the degree he can give credibility to anybody, but even the president is saying well, look, i oppose this. his son was out there lending his name to it. >> right, his son was lending his name to it and trump knew about it. he's an avid fox viewer. the white house said he doesn't know thepeople in volved in this. that's not true. he's very familiar with a lot of people on the board of directors of this group. so, he was very aware of what was going on with the effort to build this wall. and only distanced himself in a tweet where he said he's not a big fan of the group. >> it's just so hypocritical and
11:30 am
so, i mean, so cynical for steve bannon and others. >> it's a wonky thing. >> appreciate it. thanks. as i mentioned, steve bannon is already trying to phrase this as an attack from the left. >> look, i'm not going to back down. this is a political hit job. everybody knows i love a fight. this is to stop and intimidate people who want to talk about the wall. this is to intimidate people who have president trump's back on building the wall. >> chief white house correspondent. they say he hasn't dealt with bannon, for, quote, long periods of time. >> reporter: yeah, that's not quite the case,anderson. i spoke to a source close to the president earlier today who said he and the president have been speaking time to time and these conversations have been happening as recently as in the last few months. i spoke to a second campaign source in the last hour or so
11:31 am
who confirmed the president and bannon did speak. insource described as weeks ago. but the conversation only lasted a few minutes. so, the president and his former chief strategist have been in contact with one another. i think that contradicts what the president said when he said he hadn't been dealing with bannon for a long time. you'll recall after charlottesville, bannon was seen as too close to the white nationalist movement. but they've been able to repair the relationship, it appears, over the last kucouple of years and recently, he was telling fox news in july, he appreciated the supportive words he's been hearing from steve bannon. trump has been hosting a pro-trump podcast for several months now. it does appear to be incase they have been talking to one another. the two men have a kinship, was
11:32 am
the word that was yuused to describe their relationship because of a shared ideology of nationalist populism. in the words of the source, bannon has the ideology and trump is the vessel. >> anderson. >> jim, thanks very much. appreciate it. any minute we're expecting to hear how much jail time lori laughlin may have to serve in her role.
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and getting pretty decent marks for his acceptance speech on the final night of the dnc. they featured four nights of hollywood stars and something you don't normally see, long-time republicans. they shared speeches from alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders. and a cnn political commentator and cochair for bernie sanders 2020 presidential campaign.
11:37 am
you've been critical of biden in the past. i'm wondering how you're feeling after the convention. >> it's show and tell. or basically show the big infomercial. i have republican colleagues will do the same during their convention. and how the work and poor are going to be taken care of. what is the vision for the provision, anderson? that was missing. with so much suffering going on in the country, the democratic party has an awesome opportunity to be the party that's going to stand in the ready and implement policies, not just words, but policies that will help to lift the least of these in this country. >> do you feel the progressive wing was adequately represented at endnc? >> not at all.
11:38 am
the corporatest wing was well represented. but no, progressives were not well represented. and progressives are the future. they are the future of the party. and as reverend jesse jackson once said you need two wings to fly. it seems to me, based on what i saw, that the corporatests and neoliberals don't have that message. the progressive movement is a part of the party that has the most energy and synergy. >> there was certainly a lot of reach out to republicans, possibly independents. i'm wondering what you thought of the republicans taking part in the convention? obviously, there's political reasons for it. prr what are your thoughts on that? >> listen, it's okay. there are republicans out there who, for now, believe they got to stand to try to defeat president donald j. trump and they want to help do that. that's fine. but what was not fine was to
11:39 am
highlight republicans at the expense of the progressives. that's not fine and you saw that overwhelmingly compared to, if you just look at the time slot given to progressives verses republican and neoliberal democrats, there is no measure for that. you cannot throw away the base of the party, anlderson, and expect to win. it is very clear the american people believe what progressives believe, whether they call it progressivism or not. 69% medicare for all, overwhelming majority, green new deal. making sure we have unions. people are suffering, anderson. so, that was not represented. and they have to make sure they're lifting up and speaking up to a part of the democratic party that has the type energy and synergy that is going to be necessary to defeat president trump. >> i want to play something president trump described the convention, the event in arlington today. >> over the last week the
11:40 am
democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomiest convention in american history. they spent furr straight days attacking america as racist and horrible country that must be redeemed. >> i mean, i guess what else would he say? i wonder what you make of it. >> i don't what convention but this country needs to be redeemed. this country is racist. it's rooted in racism. when we talk about immigration, it's a country founded on the back and blood and sweat and tears of enslaved africans and in the first generation born of african-americans for generations. it is a nation that stole the land from indigenous people. come on. we're trying to get to the high ideas but we're not there yet. so, i'm not surprised president trump would paint the democratic
11:41 am
convention in that way. that is what he does. he is delusional if he thinks it's rewrite provisionest histories. it's not okay for him to do as republicans and not okay for democrats to do either. 92 million people in this country are either uninsured or underinsured. as you know the pandemic wiping people out left or right, whether literally or through their livelihoods. we have an opportunity, if it is taken too, show that the democratic party will be the one not answer to the corporate interests. there are 12 billionaires who are at $2 trillion. they control a trillion worth of wealth. meanwhile, back on main street, people are catching all kinds of hell. so, we're going to stand up for the poor, working poor and barely middle class and it's better than how the blm are quoting or mentioning ella baker's name. it is living up to the high
11:42 am
ideas and the principals by which the freedom fighters fought for. this is the time to do that. people need it. >> i wonder what you thought of senator sanders' remarks embracing joe biden. clearly asking his supporters to get joe biden elected. >> the senator was clear he's a man of his word. he said it in 2016 and will say again in 2020. he created a movement and the movement is the fire. the notion that we need medicare for all does not change. the notion we need to legalize cannabis and take it off schedule one because it has ruined so many lives, particularly african-american lives with the war on drugs, that doesn't change. environmental justice. none of those core fundamental issues change because it was never about a personality. it was more about the mission. and so, progressives are still
11:43 am
on a mission. understandb very clearly we have two dragons and slay the dragon and the progressive movement is here for it. >> appreciate your time. thank you. at the forefront throughout this week's democratic convention, women, of course kamala harris first african-american and asian-american woman nominated for vice president. this is how far we all have left to go. erin burnett speaks to some of the most prominent speakers in the country who have in their own way broken unthinkable barriers. >> you know with historic nomination of senator kamala harris and the 100-year anversy of women's suffrage, it has all
11:44 am
of us thinking about the many barriers that still block so many women in the country. in this new report saturday, we're going to take a look at the barriers and how they've changed. among all the fascinating women, i spoke to carly fiorina and jessica alba. jessica alba has a billion dollar business. carly fiorina, first woman to break into the fortune 50. >> the first time i was supposed to meet our client, my colleague said to me you can't come meet the client because we're going to a place called the board room. it turns out the board room was a strip club. and so, i ended up going. my male colleagues kept trying to get the young women to come over and dance for them. and three young women approached our table. and all three of them said not thill lady leaves.
11:45 am
and i experienced this moment of connection and empathy with women i didn't think i had anything in common with and yet we all knew what was going on. and honestly, that was a moment of grace for me. >> you were the first female ceo of a fortune 500 company. here we are about 20 years later, just over, 37 of the fortune 500 are women, only 37. >> i mean, tlaevl 37 is shocking. >> so, operations is here, social marketing, digital marketing is there. i guess i didn't really understand the gravity of how your sex and gender and gender biases really play into business until i was trying to raise money for the honest company. and walking into many rooms,
11:46 am
venture capital rooms and literally i think i can count, say, one woman i ever met with out of, you know, probably seven vc firms we sat down with. even today, when you look at the amount of inveszmentes that go to men verses women, it's quite the gap. >> so, their stories are amazing and you're going to hear a whole lot more from them. only 37 of the fortune 500 ceos are women. that's incredible. and women of color, even more small. so t is pretty stunning, the work we still have to do to reach gender parity in america. and the big question is why has this proven so difficult? we talk about unfinished business with many fascinating women across all kinds of fields. race relations, all of it.
11:47 am
it's an important conversation and really is a conversation the way we present it, i think you're going to find it fascinating and i think everyone will tune in. back to you, anderson. >> i definitely will be watching. join cnn's erin burnett for "women represented, the 100 year battel for equality" begins tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. right now, lori laughlin hearing from judge how much time. you can't claim that as a dependent. because it's inanimate! [ sigh ] people ask ... what sort of a person should become a celebrity accountant? and, i tell them, "nobody should." hey, buddy. what's the damage? [ on the phone ] i bought it! the waterfall? nope! my new volkswagen. a volkswagen?! i think we're having a breakthrough here. welcome to caesar's palace. thank you. ♪
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our flight is early tomorrow. and it's a long flight too. once we get there, we will need... buttercup! ♪
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this is cnn breaking news.
11:52 am
>> actress lori loughlin and her husband are going to prison. moments ago she agreed to a plea deal requiring she serve two months in prison in the college admission scandal. her husband was sentenced to five months in the plea deal. they admitted to pay half a million dollars to get their daughters into the university of southern california. crime and justice correspondent shimon prokupecz and laura coates joins me now. when do they begin serving their sentences? >> the court has ordered the husband to surrender in 90 days. she'll likely have the same fate, that she'll have to surrender in 90 days. this is still ongoing so we're waiting to hear from the judge in terms of when he's going to direct her to report to prison. of course, this is still one of the biggest scandals in this country, one of the biggest investigations here in terms of cheating scandal, ultimately, in colleges all across the country.
11:53 am
their two kids, their daughters, entered usc and as she has admitted today they lied and they paid money, $500,000, to get their daughters into the school. today she in an agreement with prosecutors, they have pleaded guilty and she's expected to serve about two months, anderson. >> laura, does it seem reasonable to you, that sentence. >> it is in line with other parents. remember, this is number 23 and 24 of the people who pled guilty. way back a year and a half ago we have felicity huffman who are a two week sentence compared to this two months and a far more reduced amount of fines and lingering supervised release which includes community service. but what the judge said this morn being her husband, you weren't trying to steal bread for your family. you have no excuse for this crime. it was a clear manipulation of what many people have to go flu
11:54 am
and have to endure and to capitalize on one's wealth is unconscionable. most judges could say you could have an agreement with the government but what i say will go. here it was baked into the cake, before they pled guilty, they would have this particular sentence be issued. it is likely the judge will honor that and only lori laughin and her husband were allowed to pull out of the plea agreement, only if the judge failed to accept it. we'll see what will happen now. whatever they agreed to will probably stand there. but which prison they go to and how much time they have and a fine is going to be the crux of the issue. but make no mistake about it, this judge is playing no games and offering no bit of lenience in terms of conscience for the reasons that they have done what they've done. >> laura, shimon, thank you very much. just in, a disturbing new forecast from the cdc about how many americans may lose their lives to the coronavirus over the next three weeks. to support us no matter what.
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whether we see them or not, we need to know that they're always there. for the past 25 years, masimo has been monitoring patients in hospitals around the world so that doctors and nurses can make sure you feel safe. as new challenges have arisen, we've grown to bring that same safety and support to the place that you want to be most. if we've learned nothing else, it's that when challenges arise, there's only one way to rise above. together. masimo. together in hospital, together at home.
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welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. we begin with our national lead. we're 74 days out from an unprecedented presidential election. happening in the middle of a deadly pandemic. with the president of the united states yet again this afternoon railing against vote by mail. a process, we should point out, that is part of the nation's history since the u.s. civil
12:00 pm
war. today president trump with zero evidence claimed that the election will be an embarrassment and a catastrophe because of vote by mail. while his post master general was elsewhere stating the exact opposite in congressional testimony. >> as we head into the election season, i want to assure this committee and the american public that the post office is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time. this sacred duty is my number one priority. >> post master general louis de joy, a trump donor, attempted to calm fears over ballots being mailed in the mail. and he stood by the process used safely by millions of americans, by him, not to mention at least six members of the trump cab --


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