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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 25, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> those powerful words coming as the justice department announces the fbi is now reviewing the circumstances surrounding the shooting. omar, the governor sending a strong message, trying to prevent more protests between officers and protesters tonight, so many of those images we've seen. >> he is, erin, governor tony
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evers issuing a statement saying there's a line between peaceable assemble and putting people in damage r. it's part of why he is doubling the national guard along with about 100 additional officers from other jurisdictions to assist in what they anticipate based on what they've seen in previous nights. but at the center of it all is the jacob blake family. they've also called for peace, but are also trying to understand why one of their own is clinging for life. some of the video you're about to see may be considered graphic. >> my son has been fighting for his life. we really just need prayers. >> reporter: another family cast into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. >> they shot my son.
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seven times. seven times. like he didn't matter. but my son matters. >> reporter: his father trying to process police doing this to his son. 29-year-old jacob blake remains in the hospital, currently suffering from paralysis from the waist down, a traumatic injury that could be permanent. >> it is going to take a miracle for jacob blake, jr., to ever walk again. he is currently in surgery as we speak. >> mom, get back! mom! >> reporter: a new video emerging from a new video from those now infamous moments. >> thank god he's alive. we're just praying for a great recovery, that he may have a great quality of life. >> reporter: the community's reaction to the shooting has been much like what we've seen
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in many places across the country. >> jacob blake! jacob blake! >> reporter: largely peaceful demonstrations in the hundreds by day, anger and frustration by night. as demonstrators battled with police in front of the courthouse monday and as multiple parts of the city began to burn, some fires engulfing entire buildings in the late night hours monday, a second night in a row of flames for the city. outside the city, leaders across the country from politics to sports calling for justice. >> quite frankly it's just [ bleep ] up in our community. i know people get tired of hearing it, but we are scared as black people in america, black men, black women, black kids, we are terrified. >> all of this as multiple investigations play out including by district attorney's office for what led up to the
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shooting. the police association says people shouldn't jump to conclusions based on the video alone. but the blake family says they've seen enough. >> anybody that is white that is doing an investigation about a black young man that was shot seven times in his back and haven't come up with an answer or a comment at this point is not welcome. >> reporter: the family feels they only have so much in their control. the rest lies in the hands of investigators which we understand includes the u.s. department of justice. as of jacob blake's condition. he was in surgery today. it wasn't just damage to his back and vertebrae. he has holes in his stomach. he had to have his colon and small intestine removed. in the words of his attorneys, it is a miracle he is still alive. >> omar, thank you. i want to go to patrick sal
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sri, jr., one of the family attorneys. we heard omar talking about the horrible situation that he is now in. i know he has another surgery scheduled tonight, at least i understand that. now there's questions about his paralysis and whether he will ever walk again. what is the latest that you are able to share about this his condition? >> sure. thank you very much for having me. the latest on jacob's condition is that he's currently in surgery. the press conference began about three hours ago, and he was in surgery at that time. so, as you might be able to imagine, given the length of the surgery, it's a very serious surgery that's intended to stabilize his spine, to prevent any further injury. our understanding, although the details still need to be confirmed, is that a bullet literally travelled through his
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body and through his spinal cord. and if that's the case, then the likelihood is that he will permanently paralyzed. but, of course, with -- as good rehabilitation and care going forward as possible, hopefully he can maximize his recovery, whatever that can be. but he's in surgery right now. it's probably not his last surgery. so, we continue to hope for the best. we weren't even sure he was going to survive. so, that news alone was heart warming to the family yesterday. >> i'm sure, but this is -- i mean, yeah. it's heartbreaking. you know, i know with what he's going through, you know, his mother said he doesn't want to be a burden on anyone. i know they've been able to communicate with him. but obviously he is in incredible pain and distress, and as you say, multiple hours in surgery even today. have you been able to communicate with him at all to
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hear him explain what happened? >> the answer is no. and let me give a bit of an explanation on that. first of all, he's been in the hospital ever since the incident. so, from sunday until right now, he's been in the hospital. for the first many hours of him being in the hospital, for various reasons, one of them being covid-related, access to jacob was very much restricted. and it took tremendous effort from this legal team along with some of the folks in the milwaukee county sheriff's office just to get julia, his mother, to be able to go and see him. and so she was able to spend some time with him yesterday. she did not spend that time interrogating him on what occurred. that is coming and hopefully
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relatively soon. he's, of course, in tremendous pain. he's on heavy pain medications and a lot of the time since this has happened has been anecessary they advertised and in operation. that opportunity has not been had. unlike so many of these other tragic events that have occurred, at least there is a hope that we'll get to hear jacob's side of the story. and just to bring up one example, the way we didn't get to have george floyd, his side, for example. so, hopefully we get there. hopefully he didn't suffer a brain injury and we can get to point where we can figure out what his memory of the events are and what his side is. >> so, yesterday i spoke to raysean white who filmed one of the videos of what happened. i want to play for the you the
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video we're getting from a different angle. it is disturbing. i just want to play a specific point to ask you what you know at this point. this is video taken from the other side of the car. you see jacob on the ground with police. he is able to break free. he goes to car. that's when they grab him by the shirt and he is shot several times. you've explained why you have not been able to speak to him. do you have any sense, patrick, at this point what led to this incident beginning, what led to him being on the ground as we see there with the officers? >> so, we don't have the detail that you just asked for, why he was on the ground with the officers. our understanding, and i believe it's been confirmed by some of the witnesses or at least one of the witnesses, was that jacob initially was a peacemaker, that this was a dispute amongst others. so, the details of all of that
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are still being gathered. part of the hold up is not only that jacob has not been able to communicate with us as his lawyers or that we've had enough time to get in and talk to him in detail whether it's us or family, but also because of the fact that kenosha, the city of kenosha, kenosha county, they've not shared the details that they're aware of with us. so, we are anxiously awaiting and will continue to pursue that. so, again, the details as to how all of this began, but at the same time, as people try to dig into what the details are, it certainly in no way, shape or form justifies jacob having been shot at least seven, if not eight times, so in other words whatever was going on before,
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did he deserve a death sentence or an attempted death sentence? i would hope from all of those watching, the answer would be no. >> patrick, i appreciate your time. thank you very much for everything you were able to tell us. it's frankly and disturbing as it is. hurricane laura headed toward the gulf coast, expected to be a category 3 storm. hundreds of thousands under mandatory evacuations. investigation open just hour bfrs mike pompeo addresses the, arenc. is his speech even legal? qanon, (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts.
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hurricane laura expected to hit land as a category 3 storm tomorrow. these images taken today from the international space station. 300,000 people in texas already under mandatory evacuation orders during the pandemic. so, tom, obviously that's a massive storm by the picture. where is it headed? how big of a monster is it? >> well, let's put it this way, typically in a hurricane season, one or two tropical systems go through rapid intensification. this is going to be one of the two. just to remind you,'s ee yas knocked out power and that was category 1, moderate damage. winds up to 129 for category 3. this came off the coast of cuba this morning at 8:00 as a hurricane. wind sheer eroded marco. that wind sheer is nowhere to be
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found. in fact it's the opposite. all the ingredients for laura to rapid intensify -- look at the sea fur sa sea surface temperatures, they're warmer than they should be and the air temperatures are as well. laura comes in on a perpendicular angle and punch this coastline with devastating winds, storm surge. it could possibly be a category 1 as it makes its way into arkansas. look how far inland. over 100 miles the hurricane warnings. does not include houston, but don't let your guard down because you're going to have hurricane gus, tropical storm warns will put you in the mess. storm surge now, this is the heart and soul of the gas and oil industry, 80% of the platforms have been evacuated. 9, 13 feet storm surge, high tide at 4:00 a.m. where we could
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have landfall. flooding all the way in, 20, 25 miles. but winds midnight to 4:00 a.m. we're looking at the landfall. wrong possible time of the darkness or night. do not plan on staying on the coast. leave early. the highways are going to be jammed. this is a dangerous, dangerous storm. worst of the year so far no doubt. >> i want to go to craig brown. your city obviously has a long history with storms, the beginning of hurricane tracking obviously starts in galveston. tonight you're under emergency evacuation order. are residents heeding the warnings? are people leaving? >> so, we went through ike in 2008. we learned a lesson, and a lot of people don't want to have a repeat on that. so, many of our residents, most of our residents, are heeding the warning, and we have provided transportation for those that need assistance also.
4:21 pm
>> so, when this -- look at it from your family's perspective, mayor brown, are you and your family expecting to evacuate? >> being the mayor protem of the city, we will be sheltering in place with city staff at one of the hotels here on the island that serves as the command center for the hurricane. our first responders and city personnel will be there also. >> so, the state of texas, mayor brown, has been heart hit by coronavirus. more than 600,000 cases, about 12,000 deaths. galveston county, 10,000 cases. so, now you have this potentially devastating and catastrophic storm heading your way. residents headed to shelters. how are you handling this? i mean, are the shelters going to be able to protect people from the storm in the time of this virus? >> well, it was added a complexity to this that was
4:22 pm
difficult and it was a challenge. but we have a buses for those that needed assistance. we have extra buses so we could social distance those individuals in the buses. we're moving them to hotels on the mainland. and those hotels were putting one person in a hotel room to keep them separated. we did have ambulances available for those that needed isolation as they were being transported off the island. so, it does add a degree of complexity also, and it also adds a degree of -- effects our decision making. that's one of the reasons we had to weigh very seriously if we had to go ahead and call for a mandatory evacuation. but as we saw the weather reports coming in, especially earlier this morning, we had to do that because this hurricane could be devastating to this area. >> all right. thank you very much mayor brown, i appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. as i just mentioned the storm is heading towards major
4:23 pm
virus hotspots which complicates the efforts to combat the virus significantly. nick watt is "outfront." >> reporter: some covid-19 test sites are closing in texas and louisiana as hurricane laura approaches. >> the people need to be prepared and get prepared right now. >> reporter: meanwhile, record average case counts in kansas. >> positive infection rate from this weekend continues an alarming trend in the wrong direction for kansas. >> reporter: and record death tolls in kentucky. why? to the day, we can pinpoint it, where we got tired, where we stopped trying. we would let our guard down. >> reporter: one expert telling cnn that in the absence of a strong federal response, there is a hodgepodge of policies that don't necessarily fit the task in many states. today, the fda commissioner was back pedaling his incorrect spin on some crucial test data. >> i personally could have done
4:24 pm
a better job and should have done a better job at that press conference explaining what the data show regarding convalescence plasma. >> reporter: and dr. fauci saying he's referred to as the skunk at the picnic, but pence never directly asks me, the skunk, to be quiet or leave. it's a seesaw situation which will likely now be our newest normal. at the moment, cases rising in parts of the heart land but falling in the south and west. why? >> they shut down the bars and restaurants. they started making masks more mandatory. they started increasing rules around social distancing. >> july 24th, arizona logged 3,357 new cases. august 24th, 311. they've shaken off pariah status. new york no longer requires incoming in arizonans to quarantine. but -- >> now we're pushing very hard
4:25 pm
to open schools in many parts of the southern u.s. even though we probably shouldn't, and the numbers are then going to go back up. >> reporter: many millions of even younger people now back at school while still at home. no one's arguing this is ideal, but most experts say in hard-hit areas, it's necessary. and erin, this is extraordinary. researchers now think that one biotech conference in boston way back in february attended by a cup hundred people might have led to as many as 20,000 covid-19 infections. now, no one's blaming anyone because back in early february, very few of us knew about masks, distancing, or frankly the dangers posed by covid-19. >> that's incredible. go from 100 or 120 cases to 20,000, just to give people a sense of what exponential growth really means. thank you so much nick. "outfront" next, jerry
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faldwell, jr. resigns after the university after allegations of a sordid affair. and a candidate imbracing qanon got invited to the white house and called the charlottesville rally, the one that turned deadly, an inside job.
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. new tonight, joaquin castro announcing investigation into secretary pompeo's speech during the rnc just hours before it airs, the speech pompeo says is absolutely okay because it's just personal even though he happens to be the secretary of state and recorded in jerusalem in official trip in that capacity. he says, quote, it is highly unusual and unprecedented for a sitting secretary of state to speak at a partisan convention for either of the political parties. it appears it may also be illegal. jim acosta is "outfront" the white house. the white house not backing down on this at all.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: that's right. neither is the trump campaign. the trump campaign is brushing off concerns that the address might violate laws or ethics law for the administration. an official told me that any cost from the address this evening will not be picked up by taxpayers and will be covered by the campaign. the official went on to point out that hillary clinton was making moves toward running for the white house in 2016 when she was running for president. it highly unusual for a current secretary of state to make this kind of overt address. it's also hypocritical as pompeo sent a memo around the world. cited the hatch act. signed into law to bar officials from engaging in politics.
4:32 pm
sources tell cnn this decision was cleared through administration lawyers. critics say this is just another example of the trump administration using the federal government to help president trump get reelected from the state department to the post office to the food and drug administration to the convention itself being staged here at the white house tonight and thursday night and all week. >> jim, thank you very much. jim mentions the hypocrisy here which i want to get to in a moment. first i want to get to david chalian and amanda carpenter. she is voting for joe biden. scott jennings who was special assistance of george w. bush and is assisting president trump. and mia love not supporting biden but undecided about trump. mike pompeo, secretary of state, there in official capacity. jerusalem is great moving to trump and his platform because he moved the embassy there. he says it's no big deal because
4:33 pm
he's just mike pompeo, regular american dude. does that logic fly at all? >> no. it's inextricably linked. look, this is a norm-busting president, and his secretary of state is following suit. his secretary of state, who by the way not that long ago was talking to a very politically influential conservative group in iowa. mike pompeo has his eyes set on the potential future presidential run, speaking at the republican conventional run is a good place to start. he's on a taxpayer funded diplomatic mission to one of our country's strongest supporters and allies and he's going to use that perch to advance donald trump's re-election campaign, not america's interests in the world. he's standing there taping a speech for the convention, purely a political thing. i know he says he's doing it in personal capacity. he's going to be introduced as
4:34 pm
secretary of state mike pompeo. >> that's his title. secretary of state pompeo sends a cable to diplomats saying quote presidential and political appointees, of which he is one, and career senior executive service are subject to significant restrictions on political activity. they may not be partisan, political party or partisan plit group even on personal time and outside the federal workplace. he's completely breaking his own rule because he's not doing it on the personal time and doing it in the workplace and he's a presidential appointee. how does this add up? how is it okay? >> he is obviously working. and as much as i love mike pompeo, you have to ask yourself, is this really necessary? i mean, do you need the headache that much? is the speech going to be that riveting,that moving for the american people that you would risk blurring those lines? on the congressional side, it's
4:35 pm
different. you've got a campaign side, and then you've got a congressional side. you've got an official side. on the official side, that's all you have. this is not an elected individual. this is an ap pointed individual sent to israel to do the people's work. and they should just focus on that. if they really wanted to do that speech, he could come home and do it on his own time, not while he's working. so, i -- i don't think it's worth the headache really. >> so, scott, you know, this comes in the context of the convention where president trump promised the convention would be very uplifting and positive, his words, but this is a bit of what we heard last night. >> make no mistake, no matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical democrats' america. >> it's a horror film really. they'll disarm you, lock you in prisons, lock you in your home, and invite ms-13 to live next
4:36 pm
door. >> it starts by rejecting radicals who want to drag us into the dark. >> that was a pretty terrifying grouping of comments, scott. if that's uplifting and positive, what is negative? >> i didn't see any tape of nikki haley there, tim scott. there were a lot things said last night by those speakers and others that were optimistic. this convention has to serve two purposes. they have to draw a contrast between donald trump, his agenda and record and what the democrats want to do. and they frankly have to put some meat on the bones of the second term agenda for donald trump. so, having a campaign starting now without a contrasting message is not an option for them. so, my suspicion is you're going to see more contrasting messages tonight. simply saying something about the other party doesn't mean you didn't also say things that were optimistic about your own ajean da. >> to be fair, amanda, what i
4:37 pm
played was pretty terrifying. however, we did hear fear and darkness from the democrats' convention as well. let me play some of that. >> we need had numbers overwhelming, so trump can't sneak or steal his way to victory. >> do not let them take away your power. do not let them take away your democracy. >> the current president has cloaked america in darkness for much too long. >> donald trump, jr., says dragging into darkness. joe biden says cloaking america in darkness. is tla double standard here, amanda? >> listen, all campaigns play into emotions on some level. and the democrats clearly are saying donald trump is a threat to democracy, and donald trump is saying the liberals are a threat to the country. they're just playing it a few different ways. but kind of what's stunning, i think the difference is at the republican convention, there's no real governing underlying philosophy at play.
4:38 pm
the democrats are really making a play for the heart strings saying joe biden is a caring, empathetic guy at the end of the day. and republicans are saying donald trump is a guy who's going to beat back on people you think are bullying you. so, there's a tonal difference there. i think that does play out. but we have to look at what's happening to the republican convention. there's so many norms being busted. you talk about mike pompeo. that is the biggest trick in the book. you book official business so you can go the many somewhere for a campaign. he is running in 2024 and he wants that big stage so he can look like the grand world leader. it's trump a trumpy move. you watch all these speakers make such trumpy moves that are about themselves and not the underlying philosophy and bigger goals. >> i emphasize jerusalem. where president trump made the whole stink about moving the embassy. it is core here. so, let me ask you, david, about the ratings. night one of the rnc, 15.9
4:39 pm
viewers. overall, that's down 28% from 2016. that's a plunge. it is 15% less than the dnc which featured michelle obama. but it was the most watched on fox news which has been a proxy for president trump. they set a cable record for the first night. >> i don't think the fox news records will surprise anyone. it's the home team convention for fox news and fox news serves as the gathering place. so, that makes sense. and in terms of compared to four years ago, barack obama did not see that kind of a plunge as you described it, but he did see a bit of a dip. there's something about being the reelect and no longer the new guy on the block. but there's no doubt that these ratings will impact one person more than anybody else, and that is donald trump, who is completely consumed by television ratings. and seeing him versus what the
4:40 pm
democrats did last week on week one, there's no way that went over well at the white house today. >> all of you please stay with me. next jerry falwell jr. gone as liberty university on sex scandal. melania trump, take two, after accusations of plagiarizing michelle obama overshadowed her speech at the last convention, she's up to bat tonight. this selenite grey is so pretty isn't it? wow. jim could you pop the hood for us? there she is. -turbocharged, right?
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keep working through a special session to combat this crisis right now and provide the revenues to solve the problems we know are coming. new tonight, a qanon candidate for congress says she's been invited by the white house to attend president trump's acceptance speech on thursday. this comes as new comments, she calls the white nationalist rally a, quote, inside job. she also promoted the crazy pizzagate theory that alleged a pedophilia ring from a pizza restaurant in washington. our panel is back with me. the president did embrace ms. green, calling her a future
4:45 pm
republican star who is strong on everything. she's been invited to the white house to join him for his acceptance speech. how big of a problem is this for your party? >> i don't think it's a huge problem. i think both parties have people on the fringes that sometimes get elected to congress and say and do things that parties wish they shouldn't do. i think donald trump should take mike pence's advice on qanon and dismiss it. i think conspiracy theories are a dead end for any party. i think we would be smart to sweep all of this away and get serious about the problem facing the american people. this thing right here is non-sense and republicans should say so. >> obviously you say so. does it worry you he calls a future republican that's strong? >> it doesn't worry me. i wish he wouldn't do it but in the pantheon of the things i have to worry about, it's down the list.
4:46 pm
>> i don't know much about the movement other than i understand they like me very much, which i appreciate. >> what's your reaction, amanda? >> it worries me a lot. and the reason why, donald trump chooses to support and elevate people like qanon conspiracy theorists over good people like me a lot who should still be in congress, who should still have donald trump's support. and people can say it doesn't matter, but this is who donald trump is. he campaigns and governs in conspiracies. and people want to act like, oh, we can separate that. well, what was birtherism? what was the deep state hoax about? what was calling people that were concerned about coronavirus engaging in a hoax to take down the presidency? this is who he is. this is the farm team, his style and brand of politics is building up. and this is who he is literally bringing into washington.
4:47 pm
so, this is the republican party under trump, and you cannot separate this crazy qanon conspiracy, which is dangerous and will hurt people, is already hurting our democracy from trump. >> congresswoman, since amanda brings you up, let me ask you thi this, is this the republican party that you recognize? >> absolutely not. and i agree with kevin mccarthy, loder kevin mccarthy when he says there is no room in the party for people on the fringes like that, that embrace what i would say is pretty disruptive and can be be potentially dangerous rhetoric out there. you know, the people that, for me, represent the party are people like tim scott and the
4:48 pm
people that stood up and are now concerned about what's going on in the country. you have to understand, qanon, what they're worried about is nothing that the country really should be concerned about right now. there are outrageous conspiracy theory, and i agree with scott. the president should just dismiss it. instead of saying i don't know, i hear that they like me, you don't want to be associated with a group like that. and certainly republicans don't want to be associated with a group like that when we've got other things to worry about. we've got the economy. we've got to make sure that people are being fed and that they're healthy, that they're able to get a job. i mean, i just want us to get away from the nonsense and start focusing on the things that are so important to the american people. we have so many problems, qanon should not be in the picture at all. >> it comes from the top. >> go ahead. >> he didn't just not dismiss it. he says he appreciates the fact they like him.
4:49 pm
this is why ben sass, conservative senator from nebraska, who says real leaders would call this nuts. nuts. and liz cheney, you know, calling it lunacy that has no place in american politics. it doesn't. but donald trump is giving it a place. literally on the south lawn of the white house for his acceptance speech. >> and you know -- >> my point, erin. >> go ahead. >> i just have to say we can act like kevin mccarthy said no, but all the people that play into this deep state conspiracy kind of thinking that donald trump asks them to, they're responsible for this too. this didn't happen out of nowhere. >> scott, can i ask you one question here to the point that mia was talking about kevin mccarthy. he did disavow green. his office did say, quote, they look forward to her winning in november. this point about it coming from the top, what does it say that the people in these offices, their first thing is to defend
4:50 pm
this crazy crap? >> i suspect what kevin mccarthy and others will do is wait and see who wins the races. if she comes to congress and espouses those views, i suspect she's going to find herself in the same view as king from iowa. excommunicating steve king. i think it was a pretty good track record of well represent the republican party and i would hope he would do that in this case. again, i think conspiracy theories are a dead end. i think he said the right thing on this. mike senpence said the right ths and i hope they don't allow these things to fester if any of these people make it there. >> david, jerry falwell junior, there are ten trump associates charged with crimes or convicted of crimes since he took office. the latest being steve bannon. of course, jerry falwell junior, this is a personal indiscretion, seems too minor of a word but
4:51 pm
it's a personal thing. does this negatively reflect on the president at all among supporters when they see, you know, from the original campaign chief to steve bannon to the personal misbehavior of mr. falwell? >> i doubt that it's going to cause erosion among his supporters, erin, but i do think it's the kind of negative headline and noise that has sort of been part of what has driven independence away from the president over the course of the last three and a half years precisely at a moment where he's trying to win some of them back. i think the noise and the chaos around the president like this is not welcome ten weeks out from the election. >> appreciate you. thank you. >> thanks, erin. a second chance for the first lady melania trump up to bat to speak at the rnc. what will she do? last time there were accusations over plagiarism over her address.
4:52 pm
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first lie dady melania trum hoping to erase members of 2016 after she was accused d od of raising michelle obama's speech. her chief of staff said she wrote every word and the speech has not been vetted by anyone in the west wing. kate bennett is "outfront". >> reporter: more than three years as first lady and melania trump remains one of the most mysterious and private first ladies in history. a tenure marked by a platform helping children and an independent streak that at times doesn't sync up with the west wing whether speaking out against bullying on social media. >> i've been criticized for
4:57 pm
tackling this issue and i know that will continue. but it will not stop me from doing what i know is right. >> reporter: or as the first trump to publicly endorse wearing a mask during a pandemic back in april. after the killing of george floyd calling for peaceful protests, at almost exactly the same time as president trump demanded crackdowns. law and order. melania trump never before a political spouse forming a different east wing than most other first ladies, more by instinct than experience. >> i know laura bush reached out to you. >> uh-huh. >> and said if you need any help, i'm a phone call away. >> yeah. >> you wrote about how and have talked how you extend that same courtesy to melania trump. has she reached out to you and asked for help? >> no, she hasn't. >> reporter: melania trump a former model met donald trump in 1998. she was 28. he 52. >> i was actually supposed to meet somebody else, and there is
4:58 pm
this great super model sitting next to melania and i was supposed to meet this super model and there was look, there is so and so. forget about her. who is the one on the left? that was melania. >> reporter: they married in 2005 and had son baron in 2006. melania trump remains a reluctant campaigner and engaged in rhetoric and doesn't always take his lead. still, she remains one of the president's most influential advisors. >> i give him my honest opinion and honest advice, and sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't, but i have my own voice and my opinion. >> reporter: awkwardly, there remains intense curiosity often about the first couple's relationship, not only the moments of awkwardness but how she weathered headlines about alleged infell idelities remain quiet. >> you said you still have a good marriage. do you love your husband? >> yes, we are fine. what the media speculate and
4:59 pm
gossip is not always correct stuff. >> reporter: melania trump used her unstoppable demeanor and infinity for children to demonstrate a softer at times more compassionate counter part to her husband's bluster. a chance to address the nation tuesday night and an opportunity to shift focus from her 2016 convention speech where portions of her remarks were plagiarized from michelle obama's 2008 speech. >> work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> reporter: melania trump will have to make her own case what she's done as first lady and why she wants to stay. kate bennett, cnn, washington. >> thanks to kate and thanks to you for joining us.
5:00 pm
watch "outfront" any time. live coverage of the second night of the republican national convention continues now. ♪ ♪ live pictures tonight from washington d.c. on night two of the republican national convention. president trump is getting more air time tonight and breaking more norms by awarding a pardon in the middle of a political event. welcome to cnn special convention coverage. i'm anderson cooper. the republicans have going to new lengths to promote the president's ee's reelection. let's go to wolf blitzer. there is continue verse rcontrog a speaker. >> house democrats are opening an investigation into secretary of state mike pompeo and whether his president shattering
5:01 pm
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