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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 18, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. thank you so much for joining us. with just over two months left in the white house, there's now enough evidence to say sadly either you're watching the president of the united states try to steal an election and do it in broad daylight, or he's flailing about trialing his best to act like he is. the latest example is the president's firing of a senior homeland security official. the person responsible for election security who declared that the election -- this election, was the most secure in u.s. history. the president fired him via twitter saying chris krebs was fired not -- for not backing his baseless claims of quote/unquote massive improprieties and fraud. literally he's firing someone
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because he's telling the truth. on the very same day in michigan, members of the election board in the biggest county tried and almost succeeded in blocking the certifying of the also results, which showed president-elect biden with a large victory. it was a debacle not based in reality. hours later though the county reversed course and certified the votes. that about-face came after the board heard this from voters who weren't going to stand for it. >> the law isn't on your side. history won't be on your side. your conscience will not be on your side. >> shame on you! shame on you for leading to this level of corruption! you have disavowed your right to even sit in the seats that you occupy. >> i have worked every election day since 1996. the claims of fraud are baseless. >> with reporters covering both of these important angles for
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us, alex marquardt following the firing of chris krebs. let's start with kristin holmes, who is covering what happened in michigan and for a lot of us, that's the question. what actually happened here? how would you describe what went down in gwinnett county overnight? >> a stunning power play by republicans here. the biggest county in michigan, deadlocked over the vote of whether or not to certify the results in the election. republicans saying they didn't want it certified because there were discrepancies in some of the precinct numbers when they did their post election review. what exactly does that mean? it means there are different numbers in the poll log of signing in than number of votes cast. this difference was a handful of votes. and we called election experts to see what would account for this. they said this is totally normal in an election to have this kind of margin. in fact, there was a much larger back in 2016 and in the primary
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2020 and there was no problem certifying the election in those results. something to keep in mind there. but they said it could be anything, someone signing in but having to leave early. it could be a mangled envelope of a ballot. but despite this, we know president trump was locked into it, even though they certified -- ended up certifying after so much outrage all across detroit and michigan and the country, they certified it but president trump still locked down on it, said these officials who voted not to certify the results, that they were -- he was proud of them and praising them for their courage. kate? >> you also have been reporting, kristen, on the head of the gsa, the person who is now standing in the way of president-elect biden's transition team accessing government resources. >> yes, that's right. we wanted to get a little bit behind the scenes here what was going into her decision making. we heard from colleagues, those who worked close to her, people who talked to her recently, and a lot of it was based on the fact she believes she's following precedence.
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that there isn't a lot to go off of here, a vague guideline. the presidential transition act happened in the 1960s and the only time there's been any sort of precedent was in 2000, when gore and bush had a lawsuit and no one conceded there. so emily murphy, the trump political appointee. experts say this is a completely different situation. biden already reached the electoral threshold to become president and she's just not signing off on this. i do want to note one thing here, we hear from numerous people she was not a trump loyalist, something we're keeping an eye on there, something a lot of people were wondering. kate? >> absolutely. great reporting, kristen. alex, let's talk about chris krebs. what are you hearing about his firing? >> for starters we're hearing a widespread criticism. he was not just beloved by those who worked at his agency known as cisa, cyber arm of dhs, but widely respected by democrats and republicans. we heard democrats coming out
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against the decision. he was respected both here and abroad. we have not heard from chris krebs himself. he was due to speak at a press conference but pulled out after he was fired by tweet last night. we have a little insight, perhaps, into what he's thinking. overnight he tweeted about defending democracy. and then he retweeted mark hamill -- yes, that mark hamill from "star wars," who writes that krebs was terminated for refusing to lie and he calls trump the liar in chief. not krebs' own words but he's not holding back at pushing that out. kate, in the days that followed the election, krebs has gotten and had gotten increasingly more and more aggressive about pushing back, rejecting, rebuking these baseless claims, these conspiracies, these lies being pushed by the president, by his supporters, by his allies about votes being changed, fraudulent votes and fraudulent, defective voting systems. the error that krebs appears to have made, biggest one in
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trump's eyes, was putting out that statement that you mentioned along with a whole host of election officials saying that this election was the most secure in american history. and that statement went on to read that there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised. kate, of course, that directly contradicts the president, who is deeply trying to prove otherwise. and we did hear from the white house press secretary earlier today, kayleigh mcenany, who said of this statement, and of krebs, it is not accurate and it seems like a partisan attempt to just hit back at the president. kate? >> the only kind of bingo card not used is disgruntled employee on that one. great to see you, alex. thank you very much. kristen, great reporting. joining me now, gram booking, former top cybersecurity aid for the obama administration and director for atlanta's digital frensic lab.
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and he's written extensively about the national security agencies. you called this the most upsetting moment for democracy since the president's refusal to accept the election result. why, garrett? >> two things are troubling about the firing of chris krebs. one is you see the president actually shutting down the u.s. government's own attempts to communicate clearly and accurately about the legit ma s legitimacy of our election and democracy. the second thing is donald trump isn't trying to hide that fact. that he in his tweet last night, basically, was able to come up with no cover story other than i don't like what chris krebs is saying about the things that i am saying. in fact, it is notable that within minutes of trump's tweet last night, twitter had slapped a warning label on the president's tweet saying that his claims of election fraud
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were wrong. >> and, graham, you look at this stuff every day. you know what this agency is tasked with doing. how damaging is it to have a guy like chris krebs out for very basically telling the truth? >> well, that's a great question, and when you take action against disinformation, that action will be the subject and the target of disinformation itself. and that's exactly what we are seeing here. chris krebs, by all accounts, is honest, fair and has been a great manager. when you take an action against chris krebs for doing his job, that's going to have downstream effects at the agency he has led. i'm worried about the availability for cisa to continue to do their jobs, although they're committed public servants who will continue to do their jobs. >> garrett, he not only is firing somebody for no reason other than this civil servant
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wouldn't go along with his conspiracy theories, if not believe his conspiracy theories. when you look at it kind of broadly, he's kind of saturday night massacring his administration monday through friday at this point in the last two months of his administration. beyond krebs, what are the bigger implications of this move? >> well, so the big thing is most americans probably haven't heard of cisa at all. it's two years old this week as an agency. it has two main responsibilities, one on the cybersecurity side, and the other on the infrastructure security side. this was an agency that was actually out there on the frontlines not just on disinformation and election security but also securing the health care system against ransomware and notably playing a role in the security and defense of the covid-19 vaccine. so you're seeing the president ax the head, and after krebs he also forced out the deputy director last night. so the leadership of this entire
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agency that has a key role in defending and protecting the covid vaccine and our health care system, is now leaderless and rudderless for the final 46 days of this administration. >> and graham, krebs fired, a dep forced deputy forced to resign. you talked about your concern for the agency how they do their job now. does this impact at all the 2020 election that is now wrapped despite the president's continued shoutings on his twitter feed? >> well, the key point there is if you fire the guy whose job it is to protect elections, it's pretty clear what you're priority is. donald trump removing one of the last federal safety guards of election security can only be considered as a move against elections themselves. and by exceptitension, democrac. the disinformation is now a predicate for a number of legal cases we're seeing that are frankly spurious and letter that stands from election officials
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themselves saying this has been the most safe, secure election in history, even though it's been an unprecedented election because of the literal pandemic we're still in the middle of. their ability to still continue to protect elections remains solid. >> and still, there are about 60-plus days to go. so let's see. graham, thanks. garrett, thank you very much, i really appreciate it. coming up, we'll show you the scene here at one covid testing site is illinois today. the governor there warning that the midwest is now the epicenter of the coronavirus surge. the very latest on that coming up. plus, we're watching wisconsin as the trump campaign faces a deadline this afternoon. if it wants a recount of the ballots there. be right back. [♪]
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the midwest is now the epicenter of the biggest covid-19 surge to date. >> that's illinois governor j.b. pritzker sounding the alarm on a day the u.s. reported more than 1,700 americans lost their lives to coronavirus. yesterday marking this country's deadliest day of the pandemic in six months. positivity rates nationwide, they're scary high getting to this point. look at wyoming, 91%. south dakota, 56% positivity rate. and right now nearly 77,000 americans are sick enough with covid that they need hospital care. this isn't just a cough. things are not good. but there is some good news on the horizon. pharmaceutical giant pfizer is reporting its vaccine is 95%
8:17 am
effective with no serious safety concerns. let's get more details on the state of the pandemic right now from the hot spot, the midwest, cnn's sarah sider in is in michigan. >> reporter: state and local leaders across the united states are graping with the relentless spread of coronavirus. the country reporting another 161,000 new coronavirus cases tuesday, and reporting the highest day of death since may. >> we are in a war right now, and the virus is winning. >> reporter: more than a dozen states are implementing new mitigation efforts and mask mandates over the past week and some cities and states have taken more drastic measures, such as issuing stay-at-home advisories or restricting nonessential businesses like restaurants and gyms, including michigan, where a three-week pause on reopening goes into effect today. this month the state has seen its worst numbers since the start of the pandemic. and in washington governor jay
8:18 am
inslee reported his state saw more than 2,000 cases, the highest since the pandemic began. closing indoor dining services and limiting store capacity to 25% in response to the rising spread. >> it is a scientific reality that if things do not change, this number will continue to skyrocket. >> reporter: in montana governor steve bullock announced a statewide mask mandate. in st. louis it is closing restaurants and bars to in-person dining and encouraging people to only leave home for essentials. in minnesota, cases are on the rise and local news reports say new measures are expected to be announced by governor tim wolf today. in kentucky, the kentucky governor also expected to announce new measures today according to local reports. this comes after the state saw 33 people lose their life to the virus, the highest number of deaths in a single day in that
8:19 am
state. >> at this point we have a few months before the vaccines come to the rescue. we want to save at many lives as we can in that interval and that's real lie ly up to all of. >> reporter: it is all about saving lives back here in michigan. to give you an idea how bad things are here, the positivity rates they're hoping to bring things sort of back to normal of 3%, it is now at more than 13% in this state. and that is what the governor and health officials are trying to bring down. kate? >> absolutely. sarah, thank you so much. joining me now is dr. tom ins bee, the director of the center for health security at the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health. good to see you again, doctor. thank you for being here. illinois' governor pritzker, he's not holding back. you heard all of the folks speaking in the piece sarah wonderfully put together for us. the midwest is under siege right now by the virus. is this more concerning than --
8:20 am
would you say you're more concerned about what you're seeing now than you were with the initial spike in the spring, simply because of where and how widespread this explosion is happening? >> yes, i am the most concerned i have been since this pandemic started. i think in the beginning of the pandemic, we had extraordinary burden on some places in the country but now we are seeing it really across the country, concentrated in the midwest and mountain west. if you look at the u.s. states and if the u.s. states were countries, we'd have the ten countries in the world with the most rapid spread. so this is really not just one place or two places. this is really states across the country are having the most rapid rise they've seen since the start of this. >> and when you see these trends, the numbers of daily deaths up almost like 26% in the last two weeks, six states reporting their highest single day death counts just yesterday. states are starting to tighten
8:21 am
up again. sarah was laying that out. ohio's governor putting in place a three-week curfew statewide. do you think states are moving fast enough? >> they're beginning to. i think if you look back a few weeks ago, many states were still kind of in their phase three mostly open state. mostly open phase of their response. but they're now beginning to move. and i think governors are now absolutely the key. governors working together to get a kind of common approach, that's what the country needs right now. we're not hearing a lot from national public health leaders or political leaders but governors are beginning to step up if they can work together and set a new common path, that's what's going to help us get through this terrible period. >> and, quite frankly, we're not hearing anything really from the president of the united states about it. he's focused more on trying to battle out the election still. but the white house press secretary, kayleigh mcenany, she was asked earlier today about the guidance and restrictions that governors are putting in place ahead of thanksgiving. let me play this for everybody.
8:22 am
>> what do you think of these suggestions and guidelines some of the governors have given in advance of this, because it is a super-contagious disease? >> yes, i think a lot of the guidelines you're seeing are orwellian but it's orwellian in a place like oregon to say if you gather in numbers more than six, we might come to your house and arrest you and you get 30 days of jail time. that's not the american way. >> first off, that's not what the governor of oregon have said or is threatening at all. is more like a citation for loud music at a party or something like that is how she described it. but the fact that the white house is seeing the numbers and still calling moves being taken by the governors orwellian, what's your reaction to that? >> i think it's tragic. it's hard to fathom how the national leaders are not weighing in on what people should be doing to try to avoid the fate that's coming.
8:23 am
i think it's really clear that when people get together in numbers, that's where the virus spreads. so elg it people whtelling peop do to protect themselves over the holidays, that's the basic response of government. if you're not giving good information or confusing people, they're going to make bad choices. they may not be informed to make good choices, and that's not what we need to do right now. we need to all be saying the same things. governors and national leaders should be telling people really not to gather over the holidays. when you're with somebody who you haven't been with for a while, you just don't know if they're infected. right now there's so much infection in the country. we just have to presume people who are not usually with us in our households could be infected until we get a better handle on this pandemic are able to decrease this transmission. >> speaking of success with this, you have been doing that for us. thank you for coming on. >> thanks, kate. still ahead -- georgia poised to finish its hand audit today and affirm joe biden's
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just in to cnn, a trump campaign official now says that the campaign will be seeking a partial recount in wisconsin, the battleground state of wisconsin, but it will involve just two counties in democratic strongholds in the state. so much more to come there. that just came in. but also in georgia, a hand audit of the vote count was ordered and expected to be done tonight. this morning another georgia election official is speaking out about the pressure coming from trump and his allies, like senator lindsey graham, to potentially throw out legal ballots, what they viewed as pressure to do so. listen to how this election official described what he heard on that phone call with senator lindsey graham and georgia's republican secretary of state. >> it was a question of is there power within the law if you see an abnormality of a high acceptance rate compared to what there probably ought to be
8:30 am
versus what you have an inspection about those signatures, that was a question that was asked. so that probably did raise the hairs in the back of the secretary's neck, and i understand that. the senator is probably just trying to figure out what do i do to help defend the president, whom i support? >> for more on what states are facing as they certify their results, joining me is colorado secretary of state jenna griswold. secretary, thank you for being here. i just want to get your reaction for hearing a fellow secretary of state saying he's feeling pressure to throw out legal he votes by the president and his allies. >> kate, thanks for having me on. i think as secretaries of state, we want to make sure that the votes are counted in accordance with the law. and i really commend my republican colleague from georgia for standing up and upholding the law and upholding the will of the people. i do think it's reprehensible for election officials to try to
8:31 am
sway secretaries of state. and putting that political pressure on someone if it did happen is corrupt. >> corrupt, but what is the fallout? what is the consequence for it? >> well, i think under the law, we would have to go look at that, but i think this is part of a pattern we are seeing from the trump campaign and allies. before the election we saw the president and his allies tried to suppress voters and post election we are seeing the undermining of our democracy and our elections. i think the good part of it is it's not working. election officials will stand up and follow the rules, follow the laws to make sure their voters have their voices heard. in terms of the other apparatus the trump campaign have been pursuing lawsuits, they lost 24 out of 25. i believe the will of the people had. it's clear joe biden is the president-elect, and even though
8:32 am
there are these tactics, our democracy will prevail. >> in kind of another shade of this, i wanted to ask you about the news about chris krebs, the top election security official in the government being fired overnight. we talked about it quite a bit via twitter by the president, and the reason being and the president saying himself, for not going along with the president's conspiracy theories about election fraud and the election being rigged. i saw your tweet that you said krebs was saying he had been a fantastic partner to the states with regard to election security. what were your interactions with him? what did you think when you learned he was fired? >> well, i think it's a shame for the country because chris, he was a political appointee by president trump, but he worked really well with democrats and republicans and was able to build a level of trust with some folks across the political spectrum that was really just so helpful and necessary for
8:33 am
safeguarding our democracy. you know, you have to be able to have that working relationship with the department of homeland security and the national intelligence from the state perspective to make sure you're upgrading your cyber. chris did a fantastic job. his full team is just professionals. they love the nation. and he got fired for not lying. but i would really just commend his work over the last couple of years really, and i agree with him that this was one of the safest elections in america's history. we were much more prepared from a cyber perspective. and he was really leading the national push to combat foreign disinformation. all topics that are incredibly timing. if you're fired for doing your job and protecting the nation, so be it. but i'm so proud to be able to partner with him and just see all of his fantastic work. >> more broadly i was thinking back, you've got a lot of attention in some of our conversations before the election for saying that the
8:34 am
president was lying about his accusations of the fraud that will come from mail-in balloting. now after the fact, the president, seeing what the president is trying to do now, calling the election in georgia a joke, that he won the election, my twitter feed as we speak i'm seeing more, what do you say to the president now? >> i would say the will of the people will be had. the vice president, joe biden, is now the president-elect. the people have spoken. he has or will receive more electoral votes. and i would just say it's a hard time for our nation to have a president trying to undermine our democracy. but, again, the people will have their will in the election of the next president. i will also say it's hard. it's hard for election officials. it's hard for me as the secretary of state because we fight for access.
8:35 am
just in the last election, i was able to send ppe across the state. we increased drop boxes by over 50% in colorado. we instituted statewide ballot tracking so there was more transparency in the election. and that list goes on and on. i think election officials and elected state officials just have to remain steadfast. we have to continue to improve our elections and make sure that we're creating a system that americans can believe in. >> secretary, thank you for coming on. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. so yesterday, the acting defense secretary announced president trump is pulling troops from iraq and afghanistan, specifically announcing that president trump has ordered to cut the american force in afghanistan by roughly half by january 15th. five days before joe biden becomes commander in chief. >> this decision by the president is based on continuous engagement with his national security cabinet over the past
8:36 am
several months, including ongoing discussions with me and my colleagues across the united states government. >> notably, secretary chris miller announcing this without any real explanation as to why. miller basically said very little actually in the eight minutes that he spoke other than to say that president trump is pulling troops out and pulling them by this date, january 15th, a date certain. that should stick out to you as yet another glaring and reckless example of bold-faced hypocrisy by donald trump. he ran on ending what he sees as endless wars, yes, he did, but he also ran on not telegraphing military moves, remember? >> he must as a nation be more unpredictable. we're too predictable. we're sending troops, we tell them. we're sending something else, we have a news conference. we have to be unpredictable.
8:37 am
and we have to be unpredictable starting now. my administration will not te telegraph exactly military plans and what they are. i have often said the great general douglas macarthur and the great general george patton would be in state of shock if they were alive today to see the way president obama and hillary clinton tried to recklessly announce their every move before it happens. like they did in iraq so that the enemy can prepare and adapt. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is. >> now that he did not win this time, priyan trump appears to think it's okay to broadcast his plan. i'm not sitting here trying to argue the country should be kept in the dark when it comes to major military announcements like this. when the president single
8:38 am
handily moves to eliminate the nation's and nato's hedge against al qaeda and isis loyalists in the region, americans should know about it. but why then couldn't the president bring himself to make the announcement himself? why wasn't this worthy of a rose garden moment when much less consequential things like taking a premature victory lap on overturning obama care was worthy of that? or announcing infrastructure week again was worthy of such a scene? nothing from president trump on this, just a continuous string of increasingly desperate tweets pushing groundless conspiracy theories about the election. it was the acting defense secretary and trump's national security adviser left to face ror reporters and the public to announce they were pulling troops out. and after doing so, both men quickly walked off, refusing to take questions about why they were doing this now, why they are announcing a date certain just days before the next commander in chief is in place.
8:39 am
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big news in the quest for a coronavirus vaccine today. pharmaceutical giant pfizer and its german partner biontech reports the final phase three of the trial shows their vaccine is 95% effective with no serious safety concerns. cnn's fred pleitgen is following this now from germany. you just spoke to the ceo of biontech. what did he have to say about
8:44 am
this? >> hi there, kate. the most important he told us is they're definitely going to file for an emergency use authorization with the fda this friday, so really within the next couple of days. he said with that data you just mentioned that's been so positive, they believe they're going to get that authorization fairly quickly, possibly the mid-many towards the end of december possibly and he said vaccinations in the u.s. will start in desz bcember but the r big push will come at the beginning of next year and he believes also with the success of what other vaccine makers are having, that could spell the beginning of the end of the pandemic. let's listen in to some of what he had to say. >> our goal is to supply several hundred million people in their search for the coronavirus anti-virus and this may begin the effect on the control of covid-19. i'm confident if everything goes well and if we have organized
8:45 am
the team supply, we could have a normal 2021, normal summer and winter, 2021. >> so normal summer and normal winter 2021, obviously, would be very good news to a lot of people in the u.s. and around the world as well. and i asked the big question we've been asking for a couple of weeks the distribution of the pfizer vaccine. we know right now it has to be stored at minus 100 fahrenheit and that could make things difficult. we know pfizer came out and developed a system where they believe they can get it out. but the biontech ceo also told me they're working on a formula for the vaccine of the future to be able to ship it possibly at room temperature, just to try to get that out of the way and make sure they can get a lot of vaccine out very quickly, kate. >> that's a whole lot of really promising news all together. we're just going to hold on to that at this very moment. thank you, fred. appreciate it. coming up -- the nation's
8:46 am
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit we are always closely following the threat of coronavirus here in the united states but also around the world. let's check in with our correspondents around the world. first to paris. >> france has become the first european country to pass the 2 million case mark even as its figures begin to improve. numbers of new cases are down, the numbers of people in hospital, numbers of people in icu, this more than 2 1/2 weeks after france entered second
8:51 am
national lockdown. in germany it remains difficult. angela merkel want to tighten restrictions today, against restrictions already in place outside german parliament. elsewhere in poland, the largest single covid-19 death rate recorded today. also sweden looking to tighten restrictions there. the world health organization said essentially in europe there has been a 10% drop in the number of new cases in the last week, even though deaths for the time being continue to rise. >> i'm ivan watson in hong kong. china is the world's biggest vaccine manufacturer. it's also a big player in the race to develop a covid vaccine. researchers just published initial test results on the experimental chinese vaccine coronavac. they say it could be attractive option but say phase three testing is crucial before they can make final recommendations. there are currently five chinese
8:52 am
vaccine candidates in phase three trials around the world. some of these experimental vaccines have been given emergency use authorization for chinese military and for hundreds of thousands of chinese citizens, even though developers have yet to complete formal testing on these products. >> ivan, melissa, thank you. some of the nation's most prominent medical groups are pleading with the trump administration to do more to include children sooner in coronavirus vaccine trials. american academy of pediatrics is warning if children aren't added to trials very soon, there will be a significant delay in when kids are going to be able to get a vaccine. the president of the association calling it unconscionable. joining me right now is the president of the american academy of pediatrics. good to see you again, doctor. this plea coming from such a large group of well-known and well respected medical associations like yours. why did you feel the need to me out about it? >> we know if we're going to have a national strategy to stop
8:53 am
the spread of this virus, we have to have children vaccinated. children have to be tested in the vaccine trials. once we know it's safe and effective for adults is the time to start adding children into these trials because the longer we delay, the longer it's going to take to get a vaccine we know is safe and effective for children. children aren't little adults so we can't assume they will react the same way to a vaccine adults do. >> that's true. doctor, as you well know there's already a certain level of hesitation with some parents about vaccinating their children with any vaccine, let alone a new vaccine like this. are you saying trials involving kids need to happen sooner, faster than they would with another vaccine candidate? >> we need the children enrolled in these studies as soon as it is safe and as soon as possible. if we delay longer we may not have a vaccine ready before school starts next year. children are suffering from this virus. over a million children have been infected with it.
8:54 am
but they are also suffering in other ways. they are missing out on school and education. they are missing out on other activities. their emotional and mental health is suffering from this. it's just wrong to not have children benefit from the vaccine when they are so affected by it, by this virus. >> doctor goza, when is too late to get this vaccine trial started? are you seeing, does it feel like folks are slow walking this? >> we feel like now that they are saying safety and efficacy with adults, we need to get these children enrolled in trials as quickly as we can. >> what is your sense, what we know is your best sense for a vaccine for kids available. first doses available for the most at risk by the end of the year, how long after do you think shots could be ready for kids? >> that's all going to depend on what the data shows for safety and efficacy. we know if we're going to get parents to have their children
8:55 am
take this vaccine, we have to be able to show them safety and efficacy studies done by the research. >> you mentioned the more than 1 million children in the united states have been diagnosed with covid. can you put that in perspective for folks? we have seen children appear to handle the virus better than the more at-risk populations. what does this number mean? >> well, it means that children can get covid-19. they can spread it. some children get very sick with this disease. we also do not know the long-term consequences of this disease. we've only known about it now for nine months. we do not know the long-term health consequences. we do realize there are going to be long-term mental health issues from this virus and the fact it's affecting children in many ways. so it's really necessary to stop the spread of this virus. >> that's one thing to keep remembering. we do not know the long-term consequences of this virus on any human, a little human or older human.
8:56 am
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hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. top of the hour, i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing. very busy newsday. world changing verdict from pfizer vaccine trial, 95% effective and the company says it's safe. public health experts say the united states will soon have the power to tame, if not end, this pandemic, if everything goes right. that is a big if because of a raw moment in american politics. president trump is lying again alleging election fraud where there is none. word last hour the president now plans to seek a partial recount in two counties in wisconsin. he lost that state by 20,000 plus


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