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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 24, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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originally from england, also a patriotic american and a very proud texan. her family tells us evelyn was an elvis presley fanatic who visited graceland almost every year. may they rest in peace and may their memories be a blessing. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> breaking news. the president-elect in his first interview since the election, making it clear he is nothing like trump and his presidency won't be a third obama term. a critical and dangerous reckoning as the number of coronavirus deaths is climbing. why is a top groft doctovernmen saying you must travel, don't bother with a test? and all the credentials you may expect and some you may not. a pilot's license, a brown belt in judo. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. breaking news. president-elect joe biden speaking out making clear
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tonight that things are about to change in an interview airing on nbc just moments ago. >> america's back. we're at the head of the table once again. i have spoken with over 20 world leaders, and they are all literally pleased and somewhat excited america's going to reassert its role in the world and be a coalition builder. >> and he says he is looking to heal the deep divide here at home as well. >> have you considered for the sake of national unity selecting or nominating a republican, someone who voted for president trump? >> yes. and we still have a lot more appointments to make. i want this country to be united. the purpose of our administration is once again uniting. we can't keep this virulent political dialogue going. >> and as cnn is learning, president-elect biden's transition team is in contact with all federal agencies,
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including the white house. the president-elect has announced his national security team. unlike president trumpk he is t hiring yes men and women. >> they will tell me what i need to know, not what i want to know. what i need to know. to the american people, this team will make us proud to be americans. >> also today two and a half weeks after biden won, president trump finally giving formal approval for fwooid to receive the presidents' daily brief. it's highly classified information that biden will need. information that trump had blocked biden from receiving which makes it very hard to imagine if this will ever happen. >> mr. president-elect, will you meet with president trump? >> of course, i would, if he asked. chances are he won't since he still, as of tonight, is not admitting biden won. seven days ago.
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today trump re-tweeted a picture of himself with the caption, i concede in all caps, nothing. very "apprentice" like board room approach there. the president doesn't have to concede. this will happen whether he likes it or not because the american people had a decision to make, which they did, and they elected joe biden. instead of accepting reality, he came out today for the tone deaf move of congratulating his administration. listen to this. >> i just want to congratulate everybody, the dow jones industrial average just broke for the first time in history 30,000. it's now -- that's good. that's great for jobs and good for everything. and this is the ninth time that we set a record during the course of 2020 and it's the 48th time that we have set the record during the trump administration. >> trump took credit for the
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stock market. laying it on thick. his other appearance today, as well. you know what? that's fair. eights big deal. it's a good thing. but it completely misses the tone, right? it doesn't represent the economic reality of the country right now. 260,000 people have died from the virus. and massive lines at food banks and food pantries heading that thanksgiving. so many americans heading in for the first time to a food bank. there is one here in new jersey, up to 50,000 meals expected to be distributed. in phoenix, arizona, a line at a food bank more than two miles long. feud insecurity rates in the country have doubled during the pandemic. more than 5 h4 million people i the country facing food insecurity. that is what needed to be felt today. not just the dow. so when the president was not saying i refuse to concede and
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spreading false information about, you know, overturning the election, he was ignoring the harsh reality and pain that so many millions of americans people. perhaps because he is not willing to surround himself with people who will tell him what he needs to hear rather than what he wants to hear. katelyn is covering president trump near the white house. jeff, biden today, i mean, you know, this is truly full speed, right? gsa recognizes the formal transition. every agency they have been in contact with. he does this interview. they are putting the accelerator to the mat. that's what they want to convey? >> reporter: they absolutely do. three weeks since election day, but really 17 days since his victory was projected. they have been at this pfor a long time. that is evident. look at that rollout of national security and foreign policy experts and leaders and cabinet nominees today. that is not something that just happened. he didn't just happen to win this election and they built
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their team. this transition has been in the works since the summer since he became the democratic nominee and now we are seeing the fruits of it. we saw the proteges and mentees on stage. this government is going to be deeply filled with experienced people. we are also hearing that he said that he has not yet spoken to dr. anthony fauci but he said he would like to. but his team has been in touch. we are also hearing that he said that he might receive the presidential daily briefing as early as tomorrow. he said that in his nbc interview tonight. this is something that is happening very wiquickly. more announcements are coming soon, the treasury secretary next week. one thing that was striking today in wilmington, president trump's name not mentioned on that stage. the only time it was mentioned when a reporter asked if he would speak with him if he asked. he said, sure, if he asked, of course i would. >> yeah, very interesting.
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of course, interesting that he said, you know, that he would want to appoint someone who voted for trump. not a republican. a republican who voted for trump. so we shall see. i want to go to kaitlan collins -- >> that would be some diversity. >> certainly would be. so, katelyn, at the white house, you broke the news today that trump although obviously tweeting he won't concede and full steam ahead on that path is, you know, has stopped blocking biden from getting the daily presidential briefing even as he refuses to concede in his fundraising to fight the results of this election. so what is he doing? . >> /*. >> reporter: it's this walking contradiction playing out at the white house where the president is vowing he is going to press ahead with these legal fights. he is continuing to talk about the conspiracy theories he pushed about the election. everyone else around hill at the white house is moving forward with what this transition is going to look like. it took a twhiel get here with the gsa just announcing last night they are actually going to formal formally move forward with the transition but then a natural
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next step that the president-elect joe biden had been denied so far was the classified briefing. he has still not gotten one yet. they are currently working on it we are told. that's critical because that's typically something a president gets right away. because of the stonewalling that you have seen on behalf of the president by his administration so far, it's not something that biden has yet received. and so the president is still moving forward saying that he is going to continue to fight the results of this election. it's not clear how he is going to do that because you have seen him take so many divergent paths as his efforts have continued to fail in court, the public pressure campaigns on state electors as well. that's the question. this is the third straight week where the president has not taken a single question from reporters. instead, he seems to be doing his work behind the scenes, continuing to campaign off the idea that he is contesting the results of this election that everyone else says is settled. >> all right. thank you very much. so i want to go to michael, host
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of cnn's -- malika henderson and nick ackerman. assistant special prosecutor during watergate, a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. michael, let me start with you. biden, you know, coming out tonight and saying america is back and then saying that he would consider appointing a republican who voted for trump. now he said he is going to do that. does he need to do it and what is the significance of such a thing? >> well, i think it with be a good thing if he were to reach across the aisle in the fashion that he has described. i don't know that it's going to placate the 70 some million who voted for president trump and allow them to change their perspective of what's gone on, but he has a reputation for having reached across the aisle during the course of his long senate career, and i would fully expect him to reach out to someone in the vain of, say, john kasich and invite him to
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play a senior role in his administration. in fact, i would be shocked if he didn't do it. >> right, right, of course, i could totally see that. he supported biden. i mean, it's the trump vote on this that could be extremely, you know, very interesting, right, if joe biden continues down that path? >> possibly. listen, this is something that most presidents have done, appointed somebody in their cabinet from the opposing party as a gesture of bipartisanship, as a gesture of unity for the country. you think back to obama. he had lahood at transportation as well as gates as secretary of defense. but they did him little good in terms of bringing republicans along, both average voters as well as folks that he had to deal with in the senate, you remember mitch mcconnell saying he wanted to make barack obama a one-term president. that didn't work but he stood in the way of the policy agenda that obama wanted to get done. so, sure, biden will likely do
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it. how many will it be? will it be one, two, three? who knows? maybe he will break a record with the number of republicans that he appoints to his cabinet or are around him. but, listen, i think this is a fractured country. it's very divided by party, race, all sorts of other metrics. so biden can try, but i think history suggests that these appointments won't make much difference. >> nick, one of the big decisions that biden faces that is going to determine how this plays out is whether to support investigations into trump, right? i mean, this is sort of an existential question, right? so many legal experts believe there is a lot there, and yet it is for joe biden political. so when he was asked tonight, would he support these investigators into trump when trump leaves office, here's how biden responded. >> i will not do what this president does and use the justice department as my vehicle
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to insist that something happen. there are a number of investigators that i have read about that are at a state level. there is nothing at all i can or cannot do about that. >> so, nick, what's the significance of that? he is basically saying he is not going to -- he, himself, will not push the justice department to do at all. >> nor should he. we are not a banana republic. this is the united states of america. we don't have our presidents going after their political opponents with the justice department. so i think for the most part, many of these investigators that we know about done by the mueller team probably will not result in anything further. the one area where i think donald trump has a great deal of exposure relates to his federal income taxes. and those kinds of investigators don't really start from the top. they really start from the
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bottom with the revenue agents that are doing the audits. they work their way up being given to other agents who are criminal irs agents. so that may be a big achilles heel for trump, and it may be an issue that percolates up to through the irs, through the justice department that at some point the justice department will have to deal with. but keep in mind there is still an on going serious investigation in new york city by the manhattan d.a.'s office looking at the trump's taxes, looking at possible bank fraud, and the biden administration has absolutely zero authority to do anything about that investigation. >> so, michael, the president had two appearances today. they are rare these days, right? even though he didn't call them press conferences, loved taking questions from the press. today showed up at the preess briefing room for 64 seconds.
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no questions. just a statement. it was about the stock market. so that was purposeful. why? >> that was a tv campaign commercial in the making. erin, as soon as i saw it, and he was only there, as you say, for 60 seconds, i said to myself, 30,000 is a big milestone. i give him credit for that because, frankly, we would be blaming him if it had tanked. he does not want to trust the media to record that moment. so he walked into the white house press room with mike pence at his side and recorded it for post terty, including potentially for 2024. you could see that on a campaign reel in four years. >> wow. so it's a fair point. so, nick, today trump pardoned a turkey and there was a question that he got about -- at that moment that was shouted out by a reporter because it was around the pardoning of the turkey. here's what happened. >> a pardon for yourself?
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>> nick, the president said in the past he could pardon himself. now here we are. it's a moment of reckoning. will he be able to do it? will he do it? >> first of all, let me say, no one has ever done this before, even richard nixon didn't pardon himself. he resigned and president ford, his successor, pardoned him. this issue has never been raised in the courts because no president has even tried to do it. but i think, more importantly, i don't think legally it has any standing. the president also has duties under the constitution that he has to faithfully execute the laws of the united states. and it is not executing the laws of the united states to go and pardon yourself from federal felonies and to get yourself out of the soup. it goes against our entire system of justice that doesn't allow somebody to be a judge upon himself. but going back to your earlier question, there is a practical issue here. that is, he could go ahead and
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pardon himself, but the only way that pardon will ever be questioned and brought before the courts is if the department of justice actually brought federal criminal charges against him. and so that would be a defense that he would raise at the point he is charged with a crime, the defense being, hey, i'm pardoned, i can't be prosecuted, and then that would likely go to the u.s. supreme court. but it begs the question as to whether or not the biden administration would ever charge trump with a federal crime. >> interesting that joe biden making it clear, you know, if for any reason, at least of his reasons, perhaps, just that he doesn't want to do what he believes trump would do. thank you very much, nick, nia, michael. next, nearly 10,000 flights in the air right now over the united states. according to flightaware. 10,000 flights. people flying all over the place. and a lot of those people think, well, i got tested for
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coronavirus so i'm cool. the white house testing czar says, no, no. maybe you shouldn't have seen bothered. what the president-elect's team had its first meeting with the pentagon. a man linked to spreading conspiracy theories about biden and ukraine. and another vote recount in georgia. the state underway, the second in less than a week. joe biden won. why can't some trump supporters let it go? it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. what if i sleep hot? or cold? no problem, with temperature balancing, you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise, prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save $800 on new sleep number 360® smart beds.
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it's not complicated. at&t is making history. everyone gets our best smartphone deals. breaking news. the u.s. reporting more than 1,800 lives lost to coronavirus already today. today now on track to become one the deadliest days in this country since early may. a troubling trend fueling that death count, hospitalizations again breaking records for 15 straight days. the latest numbers just in. today another record breaker, 88,000 people hospitalized in this country tonight with the virus. it comes as president-elect joe biden reveals details how he plans to roll out the coronavirus vaccines. >> i think we should be focusing on obviously the docs, the nurses, those people who are the first responders. i think we should also be focusing on being able to open schools as rapidly as we can. the hope is we can actually begin to distribute it.
4:22 pm
this administration can begin to distribute it before we are sworn in and take office. >> all right. rick bright, member of biden's advisory board and former director of the office charged with developing vaccines. so you know this, rick, from the government perspective and you know what we're seeing here. so president-elect biden said moments ago that he hopes to actually begin distributing the vaccine before he is sworn into office and that fits with what the trump administration has said, right, mid-december. you are starting with health care workers. how soon coudo you think the general public actually gets this? when you ask your doctor they will say, oh, yeah, i got it, i can give it to you like they do with the flu shot? >> well, erin, thanks for having me on. that's a really important question. i share the excitement and optimism that so many people across america are feeling when they hear about the good news about the vaccines. and i know our fda scientists
4:23 pm
are working really hard right now to review all the data from the manufacturers. so once the vaccine is authorized by the fda, it can be distributed. but it's in very, very limited supply, as you said. i heard today that perhaps only 6 million doses or so might be distributed by the second week of december. so that's not very many doses when you spread it across all 60 states. so the rest of us, if you are not in those high-risk categories such as a health care worker and the school teachers and then those in nursing homes, et cetera, are going to have a long time to wait. it's going to take a while to manufacture move of these doses and prep them for distribution and set up mass vaccination campaigns across the country. i really think that it's going to be until may or june of next year before many of us can easily obtain a dose of vaccine. >> and then, you know, and i
4:24 pm
know you are obviously putting it all out there. you have to convince people to do it. we have never had anything like that in this country to happen so quickly, right? so this is all going to be historical, if it happens. on top of it, you have currently three vaccines showing promising results, all of which have different positives and negatives, one is effective but it has to be stored at incredibly stored temperatures. if the fda says all of them are safe, how do you decide who gets what? some will be more effective than others. who is going to get to choose? someone will say, okay, you get the 60% effective one. these are hard choices. how are you going to make them? >> they are really difficult choices and we want to make sure that the vaccines are appropriate for all populations. we might learn that some of the vaccines might work better in certain populations or maybe not be suitable for other populations. some of them might work better in older people than in younger people or better in younger people than older people. some of them might be limited for people with underlying
4:25 pm
conditions or weakened immune systems. the vaccine may not be most suitable for those people. we want to get all the data from the vaccines and the fda and the cdc to review the special characteristics of the vaccines and then make sure they are suitable for all. i want to emphasize that when you hear about difference in the efficacy of the various vaccines, any vaccine right now, especially with attributes and the efficacy that we're seeing from these first three vaccines is good news, is promising news. we want to make sure that they are used and they are all safe. so i am excited about all of them. we might even have a fourth one coming through in early january. so good news is we will have vaccines, but you're right. it's going to be very complicated to distribute and administer vaccines with different characteristics. that is why we need to work immediately with the biden transition team and the current
4:26 pm
trump administration so we can make sure that we have a smooth handoff for those very complicated logistical issues we have to deal with in distributing the vaccines. >> a quick follow-up here. i know you are in contact with them. the head of operation warp speed says we could reach herd immunity by the month of may, 75% have had this or gotten the full vaccine schedule. you are telling me by may or june you think most people will be able to get it whenever they want. are you agreeing then, you guys are on the same page on this? >> you know, i haven't seen the math that he is using to make that prediction by herd immunity by may or june. i think it will take a long time. i think through most of next year. i think it will take that long to probably get everyone vaccinated even though the vaccines will become available. it takes a lot to distribute it and roll it out and administer that many doses of vaccine in a broad population. and then we are going to have to really see how long the immunity
4:27 pm
is and lasts after we receive those vaccines and start to collect those data before we can make any bold projections about any level of herd immunity. >> i appreciate your time. thank you very much for leveling with us on how you really see it. appreciate it. >> thanks, erin. >> tonight millions grg against cdc guidelines and they are traveling for thanksgiving. this is the number of flights over the united states at noon today. 6,900, higher than the number at that same time in 2018. just to remind you, there was no virus back then. and it's not a good thing. an admiral in charge of testing out and told people don't bother with getting a test. doesn't want you traveling. but says a test isn't gonna do it. >> what i think i want people to understand more importantly is that a test that's negative today doesn't mean you are going to be negative tomorrow or the next day or the following day. that negative test is not a free pass to do risky behaviors.
4:28 pm
>> dr. reiner, under president george w. bush. how much does it worry you? on the basic numbers, right, 10,000 flights in the air, 6,900 at noon, more than at the same time in 2018, a lot of people are traveling. they are limiting their gathering size, hopefully most of them, but not all of them. but they are traveling and they are coming from different places and you just heard what admiral jury girar just said. how worried are you? >> really would are eid. it's the mother of all superspreader events. one of the ways we think the midwest was seed with the virus during the summer was with the sturgis, south dakota, motorcycle rally where people were infected and then dispersed through the midwest. imagine on a massive scale with people living from every airport in the united states and
4:29 pm
carrying virus with them. i want to emphasize that a pcr test is just a snapshot in time. and if you are negative when you get it, you may be truly negative, or perhaps you were infected a day or two before and you don't have enough viral rna to be detected and you will still be carrying the virus, or as admiral jugir ar said, you c acquire it on the travels. testing testing is not a free pass. >> what concerned me so much is hearing about so many people trying to be responsible and be tested, not doing risky things but not sitting in a bubble that you multiply that over tens of millions and everyone can see how you have a horrific situation possibly coming. on this front, the president not setting an example. two public events today, failing to mention the virus at either one. we know the white house is planning to hold multiple holiday parties.
4:30 pm
holiday parties. obviously, in violation of the cdc guidelines. at this point how damaging is this message from the white house? >> i mean, we have seen this story before. i have seen this movie before. i know how it ends. ask chris cuomo how it ends. if you bring a lot of people together at a white house party, particularly a party that has food where you have to take your mask off, there is no safe way to do that in public with a lot of people unless you are widely spaced. i have been to these parties. they are packed with people. people trying to get a photo with the president. i don't know if they will still do that this year. people glad handling each other it's another superspreader event. it's completely optional and harmful in this pandemic environment. it should not be done. >> thank you very much. and up next, biden's cabinet nominees already saying they will be different from team trump. >> mr. president-elect, you know
4:31 pm
that i have never shied away from speaking truth to power. >> and some republicans in georgia still refusing to accept trump's election loss. a squeeze on gop runoff candidates to do the same. ♪ it's velveeta shells & cheese versus the other guys. ♪ clearly, velveeta melts creamier.
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. president-elect biden saying nothing is off the table when it comes to assembling his cabinet including former rivals like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren after biden made clear his history-making national security team is a clear rebuke of trump administration. he doesn't want his tefull of people who say "yes". >> mr. president-elect, you know that i have never shied away from speaking truth to power, and that will be my charge as director of national intelligence. >> a clear contrast to what president trump's cabinet often sounded like. their top priority, well, just listen. >> look, greatest privilege of
4:36 pm
my life is to serve as vice president to a president who is keeping his word to the american people. >> on behalf of the entire senior staff around you, mr. president, we thank you for the opportunity and blessing you have given us to serve your agenda and the american people. >> i want to thank you for your incredible courage and stamina and resilience, unfair criticism all the time. >> "outfront" two people who know the ins and outs of presidential transitions and new administrations, john podesta, chief of staff to president bill clinton and white house chief of staff to george w. bush, andy card. you have seen the players who try to seek the approval of the president. a difference of night and day between these teams. what president-elect biden says he wants and, well, what we heard time and time again. this is when they would invite the cameras in and they would go around the table because they wanted us to hear this and only this.
4:37 pm
>> well, i had the pleasure of serve with hanson in the obama white house and she tells it like it is. i think that's what joe biden wants. that's what the two presidents i worked for wanted. they want to hear it straight. they don't want to mince words. both of them, and i think andy would have the same experience with the presidents he served, they have kind of tossed you out of the office if they thought you were doing, kind of polishing their shoes. >> obviously, that's the way it's been recently, andy. do you really believe this? how different will this be? >> it's going to be different. first of all, everyone at the white house serves at the pleasure of the president. but their job is not to try to please the president. their job is to do the job. and if you lose the pleasure of the president, you're gone. that's okay. i understand that. but they are not supposed to be there just to suck up to the president. and please the president.
4:38 pm
you are supposed to help the president do his job, and that means sometimes you have to tell him things he doesn't want to hear. or you have to challenge his thinking because it wasn't as inclusive as it might have needed to be. so that's part of the responsibility that you have working at the white house or in the cabinet. >> so, john, there are some who are very worried, right, that because joe biden is surrounded by people he has known for a long time, many whom worked in the obama administration, that is going to be reflective of what happens here, which is a basically a faye take two. in an interview tonight with nbc president-elect biden rejected that, he said it won't be a third term of the obama administration. here's how he put it. >> this is not a third obama term because we face a totally different world than we faced in the obama/biden administration. the president, this president trump has changed the landscape. it's become america first,
4:39 pm
america alone. we find ourselves in a position where the alliances are being frayed. >> is he right, andy? >> it's a very different world. it really is. number one, the pandemic dictates a lot of things have changed. but the world is certainly changed. the alliances that we had before donald trump was president have been tarnished and are not as respectful as they should be or used to be, and, yes, i think president-elect biden is focused on trying to restore the, i am going to say the polished democracy of america rather than the one that has been so grossly tarnished over the last, i think, three and a half, four years. >> john, the pentagon held the first transition meeting with joe biden's team, right. so now they are all finally talking. and it's being led by kash patel, a trump loyal exist, chief of staff to acting secretary miller.
4:40 pm
spreading conspiracy theories about joe biden and ukraine, to pressure ukraine to investigate joe biden, and he used to be an aide to republican congressman devin nunes. does this give you concern, john, that this is the person who is heading up ostensibly sharing the information about the military? >> the reason he is sitting in that seat is because the trump loyalists are decapitating anybody who have the temerity of actually speaking truth to the president, including the secretary of defense. but i think people do act professionally. i think once you get below, particularly certain level, people give -- they will do what they need to do as public servants as people who believe in the constitution, share the information, play it straight, and i think that hopefully mr. patel will do his constitutional duty. i am certain that the people
4:41 pm
underneath him will, and that biden, who has been deprived of access to that information up until last night, will have full access put to the technology and the information that are so critical to plan for national security, the covid recovery, and these other crises. the climate crisis. very interesting pick to put secretary john kerry in as a special envoy to sit at the national security council. he is building a diverse, experienced team because he is facing so many challenges. >> so, andy, johnson mentioned the former defense secretary. there have been multiple, but let's talk about jim mattis. four star general, one of the most respected generals in this country took that job to work for trump. trump went out, mad dog mattis. now he has said america first is not the best thing and he obviously resigned. the president said that says it all about mattis, obama fired
4:42 pm
him, i should have fired him sooner. did best work after he was gone. world's most overrated general. does anything change in terms of the broader way people talk when this is now normal? >> well, i have been impressed with that president-elect biden has done in terms of bringing some people who have already climbed a learning curve, if you will. they will be ready to start on day one with some competency. i just hope the trump administration shares the information with them so that they have the capacity to be fully prepared on day one to meet any of those threats, especially in the national security foreign policy arena, but also with regard to the pandemic. i agree with john podesta. the senior executive service, the highest level of career public servants are very, very responsible, do their job, and they want to serve the country well. they tried to serve president
4:43 pm
trump well, and i guarantee they will be trying to serve president biden well. and they are the ones that are really doing their legwork on getting things ready for this transition of knowledge to be passed on to the trump -- sorry, the biden team. and i think that's a good thing and it's overdue. i am glad that it's starting, but there is a lot to learn and we have to get the security clearances done so people can do the job once they get the job. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. and next, republicans in georgia cling to the belief that election results can still be flipped in trump's favor. is that delusion actually now hurting the gop and the senate runoff races? and who avril haines. the physicist who practices judo and is a pilot has been picked to head america's intelligence community. ...90% clearer skin at 4 months... ...after just 2 doses.
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4:47 pm
tonight the statewide recount in georgia is underway. the second recount in 11 days. but president trump still refuse it s to accept he is the first to lose since 1992 saying why is
4:48 pm
the georgia secretary of state a so-called republican allowing us to look on signatures for verifications. we will find tens of thousands of fraudulent and illegal votes. the president is not alone in this complete denial of reality. ryan nobles is out front. >> reporter: the political stakes in georgia's senate runoffs couldn't be higher. >> this isn't about my seat. it's so much bigger than me. >> reporter: three weeks since election day, some republicans have yet to shift their focus to the contests coming in january. >> what williare you doing to h donald trump? >> reporter: one supporter interrupting david perdue, demanding he and kelly loeffler do more to help president trump's effort to overturn the results of the election. >> i think this should be more vocal. >> reporter: david west believes donald trump's unfounded claim that the presidential election was stolen. he wants purdue and loeffler to focus their efforts not on their
4:49 pm
own re-election, but instead trump's fanciful fraud allegations. >> they should be used in every news outlet that gives them a voice, every social media outlet, that this election is a farce. >> reporter: pressure from voters like west has forced perdue and loeffler to continue to fuel trump's narrative, even as the expense of fellow gop leaders who repeatedly defended the ining itty of the election. >> we are calling for lawsuits right now. we are doing a lot because right now we want him, every valid, every legal vote should be counted for donald trump. >> reporter: but every legal vote has been counted and in the process of being counted for the third time. today republican governor brian kemp, who has been the target of attacks by trump supporters, defendedinged administration of the election. >> over the last several weeks, unfortunately, we've seen a lot of misinformation and more recently, quite honestly, baseless attacks that are
4:50 pm
absolutely absurd and accusations made grens myseagai myself and family. >> reporter: while the president's supporters remain passionate, it's unclear how big of a role he will play in the runoff. so far the president has been quiet about the runoff election, but his son, donald trump jr. made it clear in a tweet the gop majority needs to meanwhile georgia's lieutenant governor is pleading with his fellow republicans to look forward. a warning a party is at across road. >> i want to thank the republican party, this is a starting point or points us in the direction talking about gop 2.0 what it looks like. >> that trump supporter says he'll vote for david perdue.
4:51 pm
this demonstrates the difficulties these candidates find themselves in. they prefer to talk about the states and how important it is to protect the majority. it goes to show donald trump's shadow looms large even though he just lost an election. erin. >> ryan. >> i want to go to our senior writer and analyst for cnn politics. harry, listening to that republican, i know he's going to vote for the republican senator. how significant may that be? >> i mean it could be quite significant. what we should point out as traditional republicans for ones that turning out, african-americans turned out.
4:52 pm
and indeed if you look at senate run, run offs overall in the state of georgia since 1900 and '92, what do you see? the gop have turned out an advantage. they have gained ground seven out of eight times. something like this with the turnout potentially. we are not sure where it is going to go. >> you have stacey abrams and the organization that clearly pulled off that victory for joe biden in georgia. it is interesting in that conte context. okay, joe biden won the first time in 1992 so georgia's blue. here is what the lieutenant governor of georgia told me last night. >> georgia is a red state. always are republicans. we have the state's senate in the state house are republican majority. >> what do you say, harry?
4:53 pm
is georgia still a red state? georgia voted for joe biden. razor thin but it is a victory. >> yes, it was a victory. senate races really close. we are talking about in both of those senate races when you add up the democrats and the republican kacandidates and you look at the regular senate election, neither of the candidate nor the republican candidate including the presidential race got more than 50% of the vote. they fell short of that. they're hovering around 48% or 49%. the other thing is historically speaking, what we have now in georgia is a different electorate with gains for democrats and areas of college degrees and well-educated areas. it is not the georgia of old anymore. erin. >> fascinating to see what's happening. next she was a physicist and a pilot and a bookstore owner who hosted readings of erotic
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
president-elect biden's pick is avril haines. she's a fascinating person. there is so much more about her background that sets her apart from any dni that we have seen before. >> the president-elect lavishing praise on his nominee of avril
4:58 pm
haines. >> brilliant and humble and can talk literature and physics and running a bookstore cafe all in a seingle conversation because she's done all that. >> haines telling biden what may be difficult and what he may not want to hear as she taken on a role that has been held by loyalist allies by president trump. >> you know i never shy away speaking truth to power. that's my charge as director of national intelligence. >> as dni, haines would be the first woman. under president obama, haines was made number two at the cia by director john brennan who was just out with a book called "undaunted" because of what he called her unprecedented breath of experience. >> she's wicked smart. she has a tremendous understanding of national security law. she has terrific personal skills and he hasshe has a work ethics
4:59 pm
unriv unrivalled. >> reporter: after high school, she attended an elite judo academy in japan. at the university of chicago, e she studied physics but took time off and learned how to fly with the instructor who later became her husband. they opened a bookstore which sometimes hosting of erotic literature. >> that background gives her a perspective as far as the role of national intelligence needs to play in this complex, complicated world of ours. >> reporter: haines have worked with biden for more than a decade in a variety of national security roles. now she looks over to take over intelligence community which for years have been insulted and sidelined by trump. >> to our intelligence professionals, the work you do oftentimes under the most austere condition imaginable.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: haines will help the future biden administration settles on another important intelligence pick. the director of the cia, a critical partner for haines and the formidable challenges that lies ahead. cnn, washington. >> thank you for joining us. anderson starts now. so it was a day where president trump heath praise on cousin eddie from the vacation movies. a day when coronavirus statistics reached to a horrible high. boy, that was a different. john berman here in for anderson. a first full day of the official government sanction transition, president-elect biden not only learned that he'll finally get the daily briefings but he put his stamp on the executive office he'll inherit in less


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