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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 2, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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butter. dr. anajeli veri, she worked fo years savings children's lives. may they rest in peace and may their memories be a blessing. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. out front next, trump's dangerous denial, is that why he's calling for fellow republicans who don't parrot lies that the election was stolen to be locked up. one republican official who stood out to trump is out front tonight: ivanka trump deposed, as we learn the president plans a furry of pardons on his way out. a dire warning, the head of the cdc says the next few weeks could be the most difficult in america's public health history. let's go out front. and good evening, i'm erin burnett. trump's dangerous denial as the
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state of georgia releases the results of its second recount, a recount that was done at trump's request, a recount that georgia is saying, again, that biden won. the president announces he's holding a victory rally in georgia on saturday. yes, it is called a victory rally. trump is also releasing a 46 minute video full of baseless claims about voter fraud which we are not going to air clips of because to do so would amplify things that are factually untrue, and the president knows to be factually untrue. team trump holding a stop the steal rally. that's the rallying cry of protrump activists, the alleging that the election was stolen from him. trump's allies, like conservative attorney lynn wood wearing a maga hat, attacking fellow republicans because they won't say the election was rigged. >> i want you to go to the governor's mansion. i want you to circle it. i want you to to blow your horns until brian kemp comes out and
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orders a special session of the georgia legislature, and then he can resign. and then as far as i'm concerned, lock him up. >> lock up the governor because he doesn't like the results of the election. this is insane. and so is this. trump's barely former lawyer, sidney powell, you saw her behind mr. wood telling voters not to vote in the crucial georgia senate runoff. saying i would encourage all georgians make it known you will not vote until your vote is secure. they have taken it so far that they are disenfranchising their own voters. the chants of lock him up, the tweets of trump personally disparaging republican leaders standing up for the facts of this election are doing great harm, and they're what the georgia election chief gabe sterling was talking about when
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he made national headlines last night with this. >> mr. president, you have not condemned these actions or this language. senators, you have not condemned this language or these actions. this has to stop. we need you to step up and if you're going to take a position of leadership, show some. i can't begin to explain the level of anger i have right now over this. and every american, every georgian, republican and democrat alike should have that same level of anger. mr. president, is looks like you likely lost the state of georgia. we're investigating. there's always a possibility. i get it, and you have the rights to go through the courts. what you don't have the ability to do and you need to step up and say this is stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence. someone's going to get hurt. someone's going to get shot. someone's going to get killed.
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it's not right. if you want to run for reelection, fine, do it, everything we're seeing right now, there's not a path. be the bigger man here, and stop, step in, tell your supporters don't be violent. don't intimidate. all that's wrong. it's un-american. >> i'm going to speak to gabe sterling in just a moment. and the white house now is responding to him. >> georgia officials have said election workers are facing threats because of the president's false claims about winning state and his rhetoric throughout the election. does the president condemn threats against election workers or take responsibility for those threats. >> we condemn any threats, there's no place for violence. what i will say, tho ugh, too, the president's lawyers were doks private information was put out. we're seeing that happen on both sides of the argument, and
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there's no place for that ever anywhere. >> both sides defense rears it beautiful head. let's just be clear, though, kelly mcany is not the president. instead, he continues to fuel the fire. he re-tweeted a clip of sterling's plea, what i played for you, he re-tweeted and his comment, no, not apologizing, not conceding, the comment was quote, rigged election, expose the massive voter fraud in georgia. what is secretary of state and governor kemp afraid of. they know what we'll find. triple exclamation point. and so it goes. kaitlan collins is out front live in front of the white house. after being called out by a top republican in a very public way, trump upping the ante. >> yeah, he did not echo in any sense of the way what kayleigh
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mcenany told reporters this afternoon. they did bring up saying this was a both sides situation when really all of this is coming from the top down, starting with president trump attacking and undermining the election which he has done for nearly a month now. we are really close to being at that one month anniversary of the november election, and yet the president is still contesting the results of this, at least attempting to contest the result of it, and in this 46 minute video that he has made in recent days but posted today from the white house, he has been basically holed up and speaking with reporters. the president insisted that they are going to overturn the results of the election and made clear they are not going to stop trying to do so, not succeeding in court as we know they have lost dozens of cases there. they are going to continue to shape the public opinion, which is what the president is doing. we have seen polls showing what the president is saying is actually convincing his supporters that something fraudulent happened with this election, despite the fact that the president's own attorney
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general who has been a hero from conservatives says that's not true. election officials who work for the government say not true and election officials criticized the president saying what he is saying is not accurate, yet the president has continued to say that. they're going to continue to file more lawsuit pgs. don't expect the president to concede anytime soon based on what he has been saying. behind the scenes, we should note he does seem to be acknowledging that his time in office is come to go an end. he has been discussing potential pardons for his three children, donald trump jr., ivanka trump, and eric trump in addition to jared kushner and his attorney. and tonight we are told we should expect the president to issue more pardons before he does leave office come january, and he did acknowledge to guests at a christmas party last night at the white house that if they do not stay in the white house
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past january 2021, hopefully he'll be back in 2025. he's planning to leave but not saying as much publicly despite what the press secretary said there earlier. >> thank you. it amazing me he would use the word if. it's unbelievable. i want to go to the man who gave that poignant and passionate speech, gabe sterling, the voting implementation manager in georgia. i always tell people, in the world we're in now, it's important to note, you happen to be a republican, and i want to get to whaut you said, but firs, what sidney powell said, she's out at the stop the steal rally. i would encourage all georgians make it known you will not vote at all until your vote is secure. she's telling people not to vote in the senate runoffs. how detrimental is this to your party and your state? >> it's crippling. it's the exact thing. well, let's face it, senator loeffler, and senator perdue, asking for rafenberger's
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resignation, but we're having the same outcome either way. i'm not going to say unfortunate. it's terrible. it's wrong. literally in georgia, you have the most secure vote you have in 20 years. so i think she's right. your vote is secure. >> i'm glad you said what you said. you said it on the show. the most secure election you have had, there's a paper trail for every ballot. the rest of this is disproven conspiracy theories. these rallies are going on, r right, they keep gathering people. hundreds of people at the rally, and i want to play more of what we heard today, gabe, at the rally. >> i have fought so hard to get rid of president trump and tried every dirty, nasty, illegal, trick in the book to do it.
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yeah, it is pure evil. georgia was absolutely full of it. rife with voter fraud. >> you listen up, gabriel, you're not going to sell our votes to china. >> your reaction, gabe? >> you know, i've read that in a tweet. somebody told me that mr. wood mentioned me by name. it's insanity. it's just so baseless from any sense of reality, detached from reality, and yes, i'm a republican, and i'm going to stay a republican. i'm going to fight for the sanctity and sanity of a party that has been a big part of america, and i have been fighting for it since i was 15 years old, and lynn wood, the bizarre irony is he has not voted in a republican primary since 2004. i question the underlying thought process beyond that.
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encouraging anybody not to vote is ridiculous. i can't even -- i guess, erin, i've gotten to a point now where nothing is incredible to me anymore. the president has to know at this point he's lost, as you pointed out earlier, we've done a regular count, we've done a hand tally, which if you remember the first conspiracy theory was that the dominion machines were flipping votes and our hand tallies, dead spot on, and thousand we're doing a third recount, which is essentially dead count on, and another part of the dominion issue is in wisconsin, where the dominion machines worked, president trump got 59% of the vote. in the counties in pennsylvania, where they were used, 52% of the vote. none of this makes sense. with the flimsiest of any level of reality, and it's just -- and the problem is there's people who believe it. we know there are nuts out there who are going to think the
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president called brad raffensperger an enemy of the people. we have had people go on to his property. one of the things that set me off yesterday was, you know, i stepped up to a degree, i'm on t tv, i have police protection outside my house. the secretary ran for office. at some level it comes with the territory. terrible but true. yesterday when i found out about this 20 something contractor who was literally just doing his job, and he was just doing a regular process of moving a report from one computer to another computer these qanon crazies saw it, and said he's manipulating voter data. they found his name. it was a unique name. they found his family, started harassing him, and two or three tweets down, there was a tweet that said you committed treason, you know, may god have mercy on your soul and had a gif of a noose, and at that point, i was just done. so and it's this misinformation,
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disinformation, and the steal in saying that something was taken from me, and you. we got to do something about it. the reality is he's not going to win georgia. he's not going to win wisconsin. he's not going to win michigan. he's not going to win pennsylvania. he has the right to go to the courts, which they are doing. they're filing an official election challenge tomorrow. everybody has due process. this stuff, what you just showed. it's ridiculous, and unnecessary, and frankly at this point, dangerous. >> and you know, so you came out, and i have said, i thought what you said so powerful and, you know, you said it as a professional, and also deeply personal and yet the president saw what you did. he re-tweeted it, and his re-tweet was the comment rigged election, show signatures in envelopes, expose the massive voter fraud in georgia, what is secretary of state and governor kemp afraid of. they know what we will find.
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that was his response to what you had to say. i found that stunning even for him? >> did you really find it stunning? >> i suppose one would have thought maybe he could have been silent, but it was an upping of the ante, gabe. >> it's doubling down, but the thing is if you watch president trump or read his book, this is what you do. he views everything very transactionally, and he's not going to back down from his position, when he's forced to, and even then he there never admit to backing down. this is what cow expect, and there is times that's the correct position to take, let's say you're fighting with china or something like that. this is about the american democratic process. this is our election system that everyone has to have faith in at the end of the day, and yes, you should always be able to have due process and question outcomes if you see lit real things that need to be investigated but the items that have been put in these lawsuits, especially with sidney powell
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they are based in another world of reality that the rest of us don't live in. >> gabe, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. and thank you for speaking out because i know it is hard. i know it's hard for your family, and i appreciate it. i hope everyone appreciates it. >> thank you, erin. next, breaking news, we are learning that the president's daughter, ivanka has been deposed by the washington, d.c. attorney general's office as part of the lawsuit of misuse of inauguration funds. a doctor in a hard hit hospital, running a makeshift covid unit in a parking garage. the president tweets the conspiracy theory that says the picture means the virus is a hoax. that doctor is my guest. he's going to respond. and president obama says it is time for some of the democratic party to give others a voice. >> we stick so long with the same old folks, and don't make room for new voices.
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♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. breaking news. at this hour, we are just learning that ivanka trump has been deposed in a lawsuit alleging misuse of inaugural funds. in a filing today we're learning the president's daughter was deposed yesterday and a lawsuit was filed by the d.c. attorney general's office. it alleges fraud by both the
4:20 pm
trump committee and the trump organization. the lawsuit accuses them of grossly overpaying for event space at the trump hotel, in washington, d.c. for the president's 2017 inauguration. that of course would be using donor money, et cetera, to fund yourself. this as trump family's legal troubles are piling up and it is clear they are worried because a source tells cnn tonight the president's advisers, moving ahead, they believe it would be perfectly fine to pardon his children and son-in-law. david k johnston, an investigative reporter covering trump for years, and what the trump administration is doing to america. laura coats is a former federal prosecutor and nick ackerman served as assistant prosecutor in water gate. how much legal trouble, obviously we're finding out about this deposition now, how much legal trouble are the president and his children, including jared kushner, his son-in-law, facing right now?
4:21 pm
>> it would depend on the conduct they're engaging in. we're not just learning about the lawsuit, that was filed back in january, but the idea that she would be enveloped into it because apparently rick gates who headed the inaugural committee, sent an e-mail, and expressed in some form or fashion concerned about the gross overpayment of funds above market rate, and apparently she had a role in deciding whether to do that. we'll have to wait and see what liability she faces in misusing nonprofit funds, but in the larger context, the trump organization, you already know in new york has been scrutiny and other places at the state level. if the president of the united states were to engage in the so called preemptive pardons, trying to anticipate what trouble somebody might be if they violate the law. they still have that horizon of potential state investigations which her father could never touch. >> one of the many things the president said in his 46 minute video rant that he released today, which was, you know, full
4:22 pm
of baseless, you know, things that he knows to be untrue, he did say, quote, the same people who failed to get me in washington have sent every piece of information to new york so they can try to get me there and any place else that can investigate. obviously a pardon wouldn't apply to say the southern district of new york, so we understand what he's trying to say. >> southern district of new york the pardon would apply. that's a federal u.s. attorneys office. >> so then explain to me where trump would face the most danger legally, you know, say he did pardon, where, then, would he face the most danger legally? >> i think the most danger he faces is with the district attorney's office in manhattan. they are the ones that have taken tim to the supreme court. now twice they're going up. with respect to his financial papers and getting his tax returns from his accountants. there is no way he can pardon himself or anybody can pardon
4:23 pm
him from the federal government with respect to the state violations. they have been investigating it. information wasn't sent to them by washington. one who is a resident of new york files a separate tax return with the state of new york. they file a separate tax return with the federal government. if you lie on your state tax return, that is income tax evasion in the state. it's a totally separate crime. it has nothing to do with anything being sent from washington, d.c. >> which is crucial, and thank you for making it clear, the manhattan d.a., i obviously misspoke there with the southern district. we know president trump because of whatever fears he may have is discussing the idea of preemptively pardoning his children. now, we don't know what crimes he thinks they may have committed but, you know, to be pardoni pardoning someone would mean something. does this think they mean there is something real to worry about? >> oh, they are worried about a
4:24 pm
lot. i'm sure the trump lawyers, for example, have warned eric trump before he testified to the state attorney general in what is currently a civil investigation that there's the potential for a new york state racketeering enterprise charge as they press ahead with that. the difficult issue, erin, is we have never tested a preemptive pardon. jimmy carter did it for people who avoided the draft by going to canada or sweden or elsewhere, and gerald ford did it for richard nixon. neither is tested in court whether you can preemptively pardon someone. it takes away your 5th amendment right against self-incrimination, and does nothing for you going forward on the federal level if you do anything after the pardon that you're vulnerable for. from donald trump's perspective, pardons to his children may help them but could turn out to be a double edged sword that comes back to haunt him.
4:25 pm
>> so the president has told advisers, he's worried the biden justice department will go after him. biden has been clear here. he's down played going after trump because he said that's the kind of thing trump would do, and i wouldn't. here's how biden put it. >> i will not do what this president does and use the justice department as my vehicle to insist that something happen. >> so if trump is still worried enough to obsess over pardons, does that lead you to believe he has done something that biden would be forced to pursue? i mean, you can't look the other way on certain things. >> i mean, possibly, but i think that trump has projected for the better part of four years about the things that he perhaps would do and believes that retaliation or vindictiveness in the executive branch would exist because he has exhibited many of those qualities at this point in time. just look at the track record
4:26 pm
and attrition late of people he has let go and the variety of reasons for doing so. i think what he's doing here is two-fold. number one, biden does seem reluctant to put the country through what he thinks would be a politically bad optic situation of having to pursue charges against the president of the united states or a former president. i think also, remember the federal government, we're talking about say a civil rights case, they're inclined to become the backstop if a state level prosecution should fail. i think perhaps as we speak about preemptive pardons think also about the role of the federal government is often timid about being preemptive when they know there are state level investigations that might accomplish something similar. and george h.w. bush doing a preemptive, i wonder if he's doing it preemptively for the concerns you raised would there be something about the notion he could implication someone else.
4:27 pm
he will obviously have that notion, that optical statement and innuendo if he engages in behavior for the reasons we're asking these questions. >> so given what laura is saying, and what david said, business related charges would also likely involve trump himself given the family business and given the that is correct that he has not, you know, severed his ties to the trump organization even though he said he did. can he pardon them for something if he is also charged in the same case? >> i don't believe so. if he's basically a coconspirator with his children. for example, let's say the children plus donald trump were indicted for conspireing to evade taxes and to prevent the government from collecting it lawfully due taxes, they would be coconspirators, and under the u.s. constitution the president does have the power to grant pardons. but he also has the duty under
4:28 pm
the constitution to faithfully execute the laws of the united states and it's certainly not faithfully executing the laws of the united states to be involved in a speconspiracy to prevent t government from collecting taxes and then go ahead and pardon your coconspirators. keep in mind, this issue has never ever been decided by any court in the united states. that's because you've never had a president like this who's ever done things that would even raise this issue, nor have you ever had a president who's even thought about pardoning his children. >> thank you all very much. i appreciate your time tonight. and next more breaking news, more than 100,000 americans, we have cross that had line now, are hospitalized with coronavirus, and it is a record. it comes as the head of the cdc is out with a dire warning tonight. and former president obama says democrats need to cut it out when it comes to defund the
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i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening. breaking news for the first time, the united states has sur
4:33 pm
passed 100,000 coronavirus hospitalizations, breaking the record set yesterday, crossing 100,000. a staggering number of people being treated for covid right now in hospitals across the country and the cdc director robert redfield tonight issuing a dire warning. >> the reality is december and january and february are going to be rough times. i actually believe they're going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. largely because of the stress that it's going to put on our health care system. >> well, one picture that speaks to this stress about the situation that hospitals face is the one you're looking at now. this is from a doctor running a covid unit set up in a parking garage in reno, nevada. a conservative lifestyle blog seized on the photo, using it to claim that that whole unit is a scam, and then president trump re-tweeted it adding the baseless election fraud claim, fake election results in nevada
4:34 pm
also. up front now, dr. jacob keeferman, an icu physician, and he is the doctor that you see in that picture. doctor, i'll ask you about the president's tweet in a moment. i want to ask you how things are right now, what is the situation like that you're dealing with? >> things are tough. patients are sick. people from all walks of life, all ages, are getting afflicted by covid-19 in addition to the heart attacks, the strokes, and the traumas that people get every day. so we are getting close to a breaking point. our health care heroes are tired. they want to do the best they can, and they need everybody's help to do that. >> and so you sent that picture out of the unit that you've had to set up, right, in that garage. and so tell me about that photo and what we're looking at first, what we're actually seeing there behind you, what you're dealing
4:35 pm
with now every day, doctor. >> i took that photo on november 12th when i recently had revived renowned health in reno, and i was asked to lead that area, and i was so impressed that the leaders of renowned health and the elected officials of nevada made to put the resources in to developing an alternative care center. i took that photo before the first patient arrived, due to national hippa laws and human decency. i wouldn't take pictures of a patient, and that is where we were getting ready to see our first patient. shortly after that, our first patient arrived and we have since seen over 200 patients in a parking garage, aplace i never thought i would take care of a human being. >> 200 patients in a parking garage. human beings fighting for their lives. some of them, the patients you have seen, have died. the president of the united states then re-tweets that picture, you know, referring to
4:36 pm
it as a hoax, right, fraud, just like election fraud in your state, he says. what was your reaction when you heard that he did that? >> i was sad. i was disappointed. and i was disgusted, and it's about time all of our elected officials view covid as a humanitarian crisis, view health care as a humanitarian issue, and recognize we need to look at each other as human beings. we need to not politicize and polarize everything. we need to take care of ourselves, take care of our loved ones, take care of one another so we can get through this together. >> so in your tweet, you say there were five deaths in just a 32 hour period, and you now are saying you have seen 200 people in that parking garage. you know, what is the personal
4:37 pm
toll this is taking on you right now? >> it's devastating. it's demoralizing. it is incredibly challenging to be holding the hand of a patient when they take their very last breath because their loved ones can't be with them, and then having to call their loved ones after to tell them they won't be coming home, and so it's hard. it takes an emotional, physical toll. we want to do the best to provide the best care for everyone and there are so many health care heroes often unnamed, unrecognized, the respiratory therapists, the physical therapists, our house keeping staff, food services, patient transporters, lab techs that are all making a difference for you, so please take care of yourselves, take care of your loved ones and allow us to continue to take care of you. >> doctor, thank you very much for your time.
4:38 pm
>> thank you, erin. >> we wish you the best we possibly can as you continue to fight there on the front line. i want to go now to dr. jonathan reiner advised the white house team under president george w. bush. you heard what dr. kiperman had to say, how he has treated people in the parking garage, and of course the president's response and what he said, what's your reaction to what you just heard from the doctor? >> we had 2,700 deaths today in the united states, and the second highest number in the brutal history of this pandemic, and before it's all said and done, this is going to be basically the bloodiest war this country has ever fought. and dr. kiperman is front line troops, and the president of the united states is knocking him. in that photo he's wearing something that's called a paper, which is a powered air purifying
4:39 pm
respirator, which looks like that clear hood he's wearing. you wear that only in the hottest of hot zones in the hospital, and that's the person and that's the environment the president is mocking. it's shameful. and infuriating. >> so you referenced 2,700 people dying today of coronavirus. earlier just a moment ago, i played the cdc director dr. redfield saying that this could be, these next few months, not now, what's ahead. the rest of december, january, and february, the worst time in the history of american public health. do you think that's possible that this deaths could go way up? >> it's going to happen. by this time next week, we're going to be talking about 3,000 deaths a day. 3,000 deaths a day. that's 9/11 every single day, until we do something differently. now vaccines are on the horizon that's amazing and that's going to eventually bring us back to
4:40 pm
normal, but in december, if we have two vaccines in december, we'll only vaccinate maybe 10% of the population of the united states. we can't depend on that. so we need to turn things around. we need to mask up, we need to social distance. and in some places, where it's really hot, we are going to need to shut down certain things, like bars and restaurants. we can't keep doing what we're doing now, and expect a different result. that is insanity. >> and dr. redfield also mentioned that he thought the possibility of mandatory masks, i'm sorry, mandatory vaccine, right, obviously the reason i misspoke was because mask mandates obviously have not worked. legally and in terms of implication. is there any chance a mandatory vaccine would work? >> i think you can see in many industries mandatory vaccines. for instance, every year where i work in d.c., in my hospital,
4:41 pm
you have to get an influenza shot. >> yeah. >> now, they can't force me to have the shot, but i can't work there if i don't have it, and you can imagine a lot of industries in the united states that might adopt the same policy. how about meat packing plants, nursing homes, so i think you're going to see that. i hope we don't have to go down that road. i hope we can have enough public education to teach people that these vaccines are safe, effective and the way to go. that's really the way to do it, from the grass roots level up. >> doctor, thank you for your time, and i want all of you to know on friday night, we have a coronavirus town hall. it is all about vaccines and your questions. dr. sanjay gupta and anderson will be with you for that. it is at 9:00 eastern, as i said, on friday night. and next, president obama says democrats need to ditch what has become a big talking point. >> i guess you can use a snappy slogan like defund the police, but you know you've lost a big audience the minute you say it. >> and trump now using the
4:42 pm
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tonight president obama warning his own party against the defund the police movement saying messages like that one alienate a big audience that could help democrats achieve their goals. >> if you believe as i do that we should be able to reform the criminal justice system so that it's not biassed and treats everybody fairly, i guess you can use a snappy slogan like defund the police, but you know you've lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you're going to get the changes you want done. >> out front, keisha lance bottoms, who saw unrest over an officer-involved shooting. i appreciate your time. i want to be clear, you have never completely supported defunding the police, but the budget this summer that you passed did cut the corrections budget in atlanta from 18 million to 3 million, and that money was reallocated to social
4:47 pm
services. so gwynn thiven that what do yo about what president obama said? do you think he's right or wrong? >> thank you for having me, erin. that was something that was in the process of happening since i took office in 2018 because we committed to working towards closing our city jail of 450,000 plus square foot facility that now only houses about 30 inmates a night. so i do agree with what president obama said, and what i've said repeatedly, even in the african-american community, if i walk into one room, there may be some younger progressive activist calling for defunding the police. if i go into another room with some of my more seasoned residents, they're saying we're not paying our police officers enough. so i think that it's difficult to have that conversation when it's all or nothing but i think once you peel back the layers and get to the sentiment that we want police officers to have positive interactions with our
4:48 pm
communities, then i think you can have a much more productive discussion. >> and slogans can hurt in many cases, you just mentioned if you walk into one room of younger constituents and another room with people who are older, that's a divide we have seen. we have seen it in interviews, and here's congresswoman elect corey bush, she is adamant that defund the police is exactly what she wants and the words she wants to use, and here she is compared to the house majority whip, james clyburn who came up in the civil rights movement who said burn baby burn was a huge mistake because it took away what he wanted. here's the two different points of view. >> i understand people don't like the slogan. i don't like death. i don't like keep seeing people die at the hands of police and nothing is happening. >> the fact of the matter is people use those slogans in certain districts and those things sometimes work to the detriment of our candidates.
4:49 pm
>> so how do you bridge this divide and i know nobody wants to boil something down to three words, but, you know, as president obama points out, to a lot of voters it does boil down to three words. how do you get the nuance here? >> we have to listen to each other, and really be able to articulate what your common goal is. just as many of our younger residents want to have safe interactions with police officers, our older residents want that for their children and their grandchildren. listen, i can guarantee you, last week, there was a community nearby who packed up some hams and turkeys and took them to our local police precinct because they don't think we take enough care of our officers, so i think at the end of the day, it's about listening to each other. what is our common goal? as we talked about closing our city jail, what is our common
4:50 pm
goal, not turning criminals out on the streets but saying low level offenders shouldn't stay in jail simply because they can't pay a cash bail bond. let's change this and turn this into a facility where people can access health care, ged training, job training, et cetera. that that resonates throughout your community but it is how we articulate throughout our message. it is about working with one another. >> interesting given what president obama said about defunding police and he criticized the democratic party. he believes it is tendency to stick with the old guard. here is how he put it. >> one thing i will say about the democratic party promoting young people is really important. we stick so long with the same old folks and don't make room for new voices.
4:51 pm
democratic national convention i thought was successful considering the pandemic. the fact that aoc only got three or four minutes when she's speaking to a broad section of young people interested in what she says even though they don't agree with everything she says. >> she didn't get three or five minutes. she got one minute and stretched it to a minute and a half. what do you think about this point? the democrats missing an opportunity? >> i think the point is we got to make sure our democracy is open to everyone and everyone under stands they have the ability to participate in it. i see it often in my community that this is for someone else. someone else is to lead. i don't have a voice. i can't be involved, i am not qualified. i don't have credentials or
4:52 pm
whatever it is. i think it is in cocumbent on uo open the door and say this is all about us. a party representing who we are, whether you are blue collar worker or professional. there is a place for you here and what we are seeing now is people are not waiting their turn anymore. but what concerns me is that we will lose a lot of the institutional wisdom that got us where is we are and we are being open to one another. we transition who we are as a party. >> all right, i appreciate your time. >> thank you very much, mayor. >> thank you. tomorrow night don't miss the first interview with joe biden and kamala harris, they'll join jake at 9:00 p.m. you will want to see that. next president trump is playing politics with united states military so he can get back with
4:53 pm
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revenge and using u.s. troops to do it. it is a bill that actually includes a pay raise for u.s. troops. he's wanting to do this hitting appeal protecting social media companies. u you say what's going on here? it is an issue that's taken urgency with the president. the #diaperdawn started trending. he sees the trend, he gets upset and he lashes on twitter and he says they made up the hashtag and it is all made up and he repeatedly called the provision, section 230, can't make this up, people, manu raju is at capitol hill. the president wants to do this because he was upset of this
4:58 pm
"diaper dawn." >> congress is going to roll the president here. the president demands to go after social media companies in the view of republicans and democrats have nothing to do with this and should stay away from this bill. the chairman of the committee says it has nothing to do with this. they're still going to move ahead despite what the president is demanding, he conveyed this message to the president privately. they're pl the president is threatening to veto the bill if it includes the provision requiring the naming of military property that are currently named after confederate leaders, rename those properties will still be in the bill despite the president's veto throaeat.
4:59 pm
congress plans to roll the president. >> still something and even after all of this. we are laughing about this but there is a part of me going oh my. we have a new reporting on a serious issue, strong pressure biden is getting from the right and left about his cabinet choice, tell me. >> reporter: yes, republicans and democrats is pushing the administration to do certain things. republicans are saying they should be consulted with before the nominees come forward even though a lot of them have not yet say that joe biden is the president-elect. elizabeth warren told me that it should be quote "strong and progressi progressive" in this cabinet. i spoke to alexandria ocasio-cortez, she told me they should be aggressive. the former chicago mayor if he
5:00 pm
gets selected in her view is a quote "hard no." >> both parties have a lot of internal strikes to deal with. manu raju, thank you very much to all of you. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening, there is news tonight from two worlds: one real, one is not. there is the actual world we all live in and there is the world that the president of the united states waiting in declining days of his administration. he made big news in his private world tonight and is poised to make more. in the real world even with the vaccine almost here, we are on the verge of recording more deaths. more than 2600 americans died today so far. that number will rise throughout the night. 2600 deaths reported yesterday. the death toll is m


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