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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of 70. may they rest in peace and may their memories be a blessing. thanks very much for watching. i am wolf blitzer in the situation room and you can always follow me on twitter and instagram. out front, breaking news cnn learning democrats are eyeing a quick impeachment vote as they -- the u.s. capitol police chief is resigning in the wake of the riot as we learned that pipe bombs were found at the rnc and dnc headquarters as well as capitol grounds and new details about the rioters and who they are. you will see. let's go out front. good evening. i am erin burnett. the breaking news, the president
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of the united states is in increasing legal jeopardy at this hour. federal prosecutors say they are looking at president trump's role in inciting the insurrection that the entire world witnessed live in our nation's capitol yesterday. calls growing from both parties to invoke the 25th amendment to immediately remove trump from office. if vice president mike pence and trump's cabinet do not go ahead and do that we are now learning speaker nancy pelosi is considering a lightning quick impeachment process that could be done in a couple of days. all of this because of what transpired thanks to trump yesterday. the u.s. capitol breached, a mob marching on the capitol. congress stopping counting the electoral college vote. offices ransacked. four lives lost. with words and deeds many of them we have all seen. ones like this one from the president of the united states.
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this was just before they started marching. here is what he told them. >> we are going to walk down to the capitol and we are go to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women and we are probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. because you will never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength. you have to be strong. >> then they went to take back their country. the president tweeted big protest in d.c. january 6th. be there. will be wild. well, there were people that listened to that and took it literally and people that did it. apparently this is the final straw for some who waited a long time. at the 11th hour, 13 days to go before trump is gone, people that worked with him and stood
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by him as he lied to the american people and stoked countless conspiracy theories are now speaking out. bill barr telling cnn the president's conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters. h.r. mcmaster tweeting the sad reality is that president trump and other officials repeatedly compromises our principals in pursuit of partisan advantage and personal gain. the former chief of staff john kelly says he supports using the 25th amendment to remove trump, his former boss. he spoke a short time ago on cnn. >> the behavior yesterday has been outrageous from the president. what happened on capitol hill yesterday was a direct result of the lies and the frauds. >> that is exactly what he did. he poisoned the minds and they acted. the one person that could possibly save the president from
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this. that would be the last person he threw under the bus, mike pence. mike pence could decide to invoke the 25th amendment and also the person if trump is not in office would be the one able to pardon trump from federal charges. sources tell cnn there is a deepening divide between the president and vice president. they have not talked through all of this. as trump throws pence to the wolves, setting him up to take the fall for trump's loss because he is so angry that pence did his job on capitol hill. trump and others did little to check up on the vice president. he was in the capitol with his family at the time of the riot. >> i think we are seeing a
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president that is very isolated. former officials are coming out to criticize him. you are seeing several officials leaving the white house. only leaving two weeks early but it is significant to see a cabinet secretary resign in direct response to something the president said or responded to what we saw on capitol hill as we did with elaine chao, the transportation secretary. but we have not seen the president himself. we got the statement about the president committing to an orderly transition of power. a response to the growing calls from his removal of office and the resignations we are seeing. it is a real conversation that people around the president are having. certainly the republican allies are fed up with him. the president put out several iterations of a response and a lot of them were widely criticized. including the one he defended
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his supporters on capitol hill. we are told he made another video but it is not clear when it will be released or it is not clear if the president has access to the twitter feed. 24 hours on the show he had been suspended from twitter and he hasn't since tweeted. we are told he deleted the offending tweets. we are waiting to hear from him. the press secretary said the entire white house condemns the violence. we got the video yesterday. the president hasn't come out to say the comment about committing to an orderly transition of power. he did not make the comments that kayleigh mcenany made today. he remained behind closed-doors and washington is still reeling from the chaos from the supporters that were driven by his lies. >> it is amazing as you say. the video statement that we got, it is fight on. he has the president ready to come out live and talk to the president about what he wants.
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joe biden did it twice. trump not at all. all right. we will see what happens in the next few minutes. maybe we will hear something else from him as federal investigators are looking into the role that president trump played inciting rioters that stormed the capitol. part of the difficulty in condemning violence when you, yourself are the one that stoked it and fanned the flames of it. i want to go to evan perez live from the justice department. federal prosecutors are looking at the president and his role. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well, erin, it is certainly a provocative idea, the idea that prosecutors are looking at everyone, including people that were playing the role of inciting some of these people that decided to storm the capitol. that includes the president. obviously his son. there were comments made by rudy giuliani on that stage before these marchers then walked down pennsylvania avenue towards the
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capitol and then ransacked the building with lawmakers still in session. we are told today though that this is still obviously just the beginning of the investigations. really just a comment from the u.s. attorney here in washington, acting u.s. attorney in washington. he said we are looking at all actors and anyone had a role. if the evidence fits the evidence of a crime they are going to be charged. we know, erin, the investigators have already charged a number of people. 15 federal crimes are being charged just today. as many as 40 additional people are being charged in the municipal courts for various offenses. we are told additional charges are coming in the coming weeks. the fbi has hundreds of people looking at the surveillance video and trying to match it up with the faces you see in social media and the footage we are showing to identify the people
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and we expect that is going to be more of the charges that will come. some of the people may clear what they planned to do making it easier for prosecutors to bring charges of what they were intending to do. >> evan, thank you very much. now to our chief political sw correspondent. harry, how likely is it that trump could face charges here? obviously this all happened because of him, people believing the lies that he put out. he said we are going to walk down to the capitol and continued to say you will never take back your country with weakness. what are the chances of charges? >> they are serious. look. you have to see the episode as a whole. when you look at the protesters.
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whether they were serious insurrectionists, that is how you judge the top dog here who is trump. the acting u.s. attorney is making announcements that we should consider them as place holders. nothing that he does will in any way tie the hands of merrick garland when he comes in. he will be the one that rationalizes the entire episode and decides whether in fact trump deserves charges. it would be tough to go hard on all of the protesters and give a pass to the people that fermented the insurrection. once he does there are many considerations that will come in to play. they have to give them a hard look. >> so david, this comes in the context of the president not speaking live to the nation, refused to do so. first it was a very tepid tweet
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and then a video. now another video coming out. right. he hasn't come out to condemn it. it is too late to do it now in any meaningful way. the press secretary has come out to speak. social media put out a statement. trump himself said nothing. >> once again he does not saccet responsibility or accountability and i think it only made people angrier and more likely people will be looking at charges. seemed to be straightforward in the law. if you incite a mob to violence and they commit violence and people are killed, you are guilty of the crime. the person that insights it also
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bears guilt.cites it also bears guilt. as we speak tonight and the tensions are growing and democrats increasingly want to bring out the 25th amendment or charge him with impeachment. from the biden camp he does not have an appetite. he doesn't have a strong appetite for impeaching or trying to throw him out of office. i would suggest people take a look at what happened with gerry ford and richard nixon. after nixon lost office. eventually ford pardoned him. he lost the presidency. later on it was recognized by taking the steam and animosity out of things it settled the country down and they were able to move on. >> 25th amendment, you have
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calls from both sides of the aisle. elaine chao now has resigned. vice president pence is now in a position he didn't see coming. trump turns on them. here it is. we are finding they have not spoken. the president did not check in on pence yesterday on capitol hill and his fate rests in pence's hands. >> it does rest in pence's hands. but this is, as you said, anybody that has watched the president interact with everybody and anybody that is not his immediate family should have seen this coming when it comes to saying or doing anything that can be an affront to what the president wants, even if what he wants is lies
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that he is spewing to the people that we are still seeing in the videos from yesterday. he is incredibly isolated. he is not talking to some of the people that he generally talks to. and there is a small group of people around him trying to manage him as best as they can and trying to get him to realize that he can't double down on this. first of all, he has no way to get it out. he is is not allowed to be on social media right now. he can't get it out in the normal way. he has to formulate some
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communication to america and to the world to make them understand that he understands getting him to that place is very, very difficult, as you can imagine. so far it has been almost impossible. >> when it comes to the issue of possible charges and what happens, you know, we heard it again and again the president cannot pardon himself. we do understand in recent days and weeks he has been asking people around him about the ability to do so. but if these are real risks and charges, his only option is to leave office in time for mike pence to pardon him. mike pence truly would. >> or do it himself because they are so at odds. it goes to david's point. if he does do so and he does not have the power the department of
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justice previously expressed it. unless they decide to charge him it will not be tested by the courts. i think yesterday is a game changer. >> i am sorry to interrupt you, but i want to play the video. we have obtained it from the white house. i will play it. >> i would like to begin to address the heinous attack on the u.s. capitol. like all-americans i am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem. i immediately deployed the national guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and excel the intruders. america is and must always be a nation of law and order. the demonstrators who infiltrated the capitol have defiled the seat of american
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democracy. to those that engage in the acts of violence and disruption, you do not represent our country. to those that broke the law, you will pay. we have just been through an intense election and emotions are high. but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored. we must get on with the business of america. my campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. my only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. in so doing i was fighting to defend american democracy. i continue to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections. now congress has certified the results. a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th.
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my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. this moment calls for healing and reconciliation. 2020 has been a challenging time for the people. a menacing pandemic has up ended the lives of our citizens. isolated millions in the homes, damaged our economy and claimed countless lives. defeating the pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy in america will require all of us working together. it will require a renewed emphasis on the civic values of patritimp, faith, charity, community and family. we must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family. to the citizens of our country serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime. and to all of my wonderful supporters, i know you are disappointed.
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but i also want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning. thank you. god bless you. god bless america. >> okay. just over two minutes there. the president of the united states 30 hours coming out on tape and not speaking live and calling it an outrage. reading from a prompter there. he did notably say the election has been certified and that a new administration would be taking over on january 20th. he did not use joe biden's name or formally concede. he did say of course the journey was just beginning with his supporters. this is very different than what he said yesterday. my panel is with me. what is your reaction to this as we hear it now? >> it is obviously a very different tone. you asked what is going on inside the white house. the fact that there was a lot of pressure on him and there has
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been on a lot of pressure on him from the very few people that remain around him. some of whom have wanted to resign and were asked not to resign to try to keep it as on target as he can be. yes. for the first time he accepted the reality that there will be a new president. he claimed that he wants a peaceful transition because he was begged to do that after the violence that took lives. violence that he incited. there are a couple of things we need to call out. the most egregious is at the beginning when he talked about the fact he immediately deployed the national guard. no he didn't. not only did he not immediately deploy the national guard. his vice president who he wasn't talking into in a secure location after being whisked off of the senate floor being called by the republican and democratic
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leadership in congress saying where is the national guard. we cannot get this under control. it was the vice president who had to make an additional call to the pentagon to say that we need help. that is a total lie. the other thing i will say. he put the video on twitter. seems like his twitter account is back. >> you know, this is not something he did live. joe biden addressed the nation live twice in the last 30 hours. obviously done under immense pressure from those remaining around him. >> yeah. he is saying a lot of things that were not consistent with what we were told by people speaking to the president and around the president yesterday. i do think this is donald trump's concession speech. we talked about other moments where the president kind of
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acknowledged he might not be in office. this is the first time he is clearly acknowledging there will be a new administration. he suspect finally acknowledging that. he is committing to a peaceful transition of power on camera and in his own words, scripted of course. we should note it is january 7th and it took this long for the president to get here and a mob of his supporters breaching the capitol to get the video from the president. we didn't get it yesterday. this is like his fifth iteration of a response to what happened yesterday. but it is the president acknowledging he won't be in office two weeks from now.
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this is the president trying to tamp down the response. he did not instantly deploy the national guard as he claims. multiple sources said he pushed back against it and says he is outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem from yesterday. that is not what we were told by people that spoke to him. he had a much different reaction but it is notable he is coming out with the video. >> many say he was borderline enthusiastic. he didn't condemn it until now. david, contextualize this. obviously it appears that he couldn't bring himself to say joe biden's name. this is anned admission he will not be president on january 20th. i guess that it is what we will get. >> yes.
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i think the sounds of the concession speech. erin, this man has incredible -- to make the speech after he was the one to incite the mob. as if he were the one rescuing the country. i don't know how we are going to resolve his future. but he no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt when he makes a presidential speech which he doesn't believe half of it or more than that. >> who knows. yesterday about what he said about the rigging and all of the things. he didn't use the word rigged. it has been made clear to him by the people around him. harry, a question to you, what impact does something like this have 30 hours after the fact. right. you talk about the whole situation of people looking at him and resigning and 25th amendment and people investigating his role in the
4:25 pm
possibility of charges. this is not relevant at all to the charges, correct. >> not very. >> i think that it is what motivated it. a couple of points. first, there is a chilling aspects. the very end to when he said he is just beginning. he is announcing that trumpism will continue. that has to give everyone pause. the same people who he said that he loves them. it will be hard to find that very persuasive. there were a robotic quality to the speech. he was woodshedded and felt like he had to do it in part because he is persuaded that even his 13-day handle on power may be slipping. >> he said to these broke the law, you will pay.
4:26 pm
opposite of what he said just. when you look at sedition and inciting, he may have broken the law. he incited this. >> very much. seditious conspiracy and regular sedition. assuming the 25th amendment and no impeachment, that is what they will be looking at. one of the two charges disables him from holding office perform nently. >> he is also playing the game here it is safe to say that he has played again and again. you go up to the line. and then you do just enough to get, you know, your republicans back on board. back on board. get back on board. how different will this be? you have barr. you have mcmaster. you have kelly calling for the 25th amendment. multiple republicans on capitol
4:27 pm
hill. you have mass resignations. does it change anything? >> yes. we have seen the president going up to the line and pull back. he crossed the line and stomped on the line and desecrated the line. that is the reason that we have seen so many people coming out from john kelly to barr to people that had to resign. not had to but they felt the need to resign currently from his administration. that is the big difference. that is the big difference. you know, he is finally seeing some form of the light, but it is obviously too little, too late. when it comes to his legacy, too little too late, when it comes to people in his party following him blindly like they have for the most part. you know biting their tongue
4:28 pm
like they have. that is not going to change. trumpism will be around. but the fire is a lot less intense than it was. >> thanks very much to all of you. i want to go to capitol hill now. ryan with all of this happening, federal prosecutors looking at the president. he is trying his last ditch efforts to get people to back off. you have new information on speaker pelosi's plans on impeachment. what are you learning? > reporter: you have to believe that it was in part motivated by the groundswell of support for speaker pelosi and democrats to push to impeach the president once again. we learned that speaker pelosi and a minority soon to be majority leader chuck schumer
4:29 pm
tried to get vice president mike pence on the phone to talk to him about whether or not the 25th mamt is an option. speaker pelosi said she is willing to take the step of bringing the house back to attempt to impeach the president if the 25th amendment is not invoked. impeachment is a political and not a legal process. that requires time and votes. tomorrow at noon we are told the speaker will have a conference call with the caucus to see how serious they are about this impeachment process. there are legislative options to make the process quicker than we saw the last time president trump was peached to fit in the 13-day window. there 2004 big impetments from impeachment to removing president trump from office. it would still require a conviction by the united states senate. despite everything that happened there is not a lot of optimism that there is motivation with
4:30 pm
republican senators to make it happen and the long-term political consequences of all of it. at this point president-elect biden does not think it is a good idea to go through the process. speaker pelosi is getting a lot of pressure from the caucus and has to find out how much pressure during the noon call. >> thank you very much ryan. senator, i appreciate your time. you heard the president's tape. what was your reaction can clearly under pressure from those around him and reducing pressure to remove him from office. >> it was very clear he was reading off of the tprompter under extreme pressure. once the prompt ser is gone and pressure is off he will go back
4:31 pm
to spewing lies. in the teleprompter speech he lied about deploying the national guard. he will say one thing one day and next day he is doing something else. he needs the adulation of his supporters so much that i do not expect him to act normal for any length of time. >> you are calling on the vice president and cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment. >> yes. the soon to be majority leader, minority leader chuck schumer said he and house speaker nancy pelosi called vice president pence to urge him to invoke the 25th. we understand pence hasn't discussed it with cabinet members. when you put all of those things together, do you think that it is clear that pence is obviously not go to move on this or do you think that there is a chance? >> for all of the years that
4:32 pm
pence has been the lap dog of the president and for all of the people that are around the president. we learned people have been enabling him for the last four years. why does it surprise us they are not going to stand up to him at this point. they would have to grow a conscious. it would not be surprising that they do not do what the patriotic thing is. you know, some of them are resigning. big deal. that is saving themselves. they are not doing the country any favors. if nancy pelosi goes ahead with impeaching the president, i would welcome the chance to convict him a second time. >> what are you the most concerned the president may do in the next 13 days if he remains in office? >> he may do and say other things to incite further violence and further mob action. he did not take any
4:33 pm
responsibility for the role he played in what happened yesterday. i am concerned about what is going to happen during the inaugural ceremony, for example, and anything else that he might do militarily that could bring us to the brink of war. i think we need to be vigilant and congress needs to act if he does something that is really crazy. >> senator, i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> next, breaking news. the u.s. capitol police chief resigning. questions are mounting about how it was allowed to happen and "the wall street journal" published an op-ed about president trump. take personal responsibility and resign. inside the insurrection.
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security, the rioters breaching the capitol as lawmakers sat inside. a non-scaleable fence will go up around capitol hill for the next 30 days, more than 6,000 national guard are heading to washington from several other states. alex, obviously they are worried about anything happening in the future. what are you seeing outside the capitol tonight? >> well, erin, things are very different out here tonight. for starters there are almost no trump supporters out here. security has been dramatically stepped up. that fence is right there. it has encircled the capitol complex. they added the white cement blocks. you can see d.c. national guard behind the fence line. there are a lot of questions about arrests. some 80 arrests have been made in connection to yesterday's riots. officials are now saying there could be dozens of local and federal charges.
4:39 pm
>> reporter: with peace now restored in the capitol, demands for answers. mitch mcconnell called the violent insurrection a shocking security failure. nancy pelosi demanding the resignation of the chief of the capitol police who now says that he will step down on january 16th. >> there was a failure of leadership at the top of capitol police. >> pipe bombs were found at the headquarters of the democratic and republican national committees and on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. congressional leaders are calling for an investigation as why capitol police see so unprepared for the chaos despite president trump supporting the rally -- a failure in front of
4:40 pm
the capitol building. confronting capitol police and overwhelming them. the rioters smashed windows and stormed through the halls and even breaking on to the senate floor. nearly five hours later, just before curfew d.c. police, national guard and the fbi reinforced capitol police and finally cleared the complex of rioters. signs emerged that law enforcement did not always resist. an officer was seen taking a selfie with a rioter. police opening a barricade for rioters after the capitol had been breached, demonstrating what is being blasted as a clear double standard. federal law enforcement treated pro-trump, almost entirely white rioters far differently than black lives matter protesters in d.c. last summer. this was what met protesters in washington then, following the death of george floyd. >> black leaders and organizers
4:41 pm
and protesters are treated completely different. we spent an entire summer last summer fighting for people like george floyded a and were met w rubber bullets. >> reporter: we were in front of the white house in lafayette park with little warning in response to a largely peaceful protest, officers were ordered to quickly clear the area using different chemical irritants and projectiles. moments later the president strolled across the park for a photo op to hold up a bible. >> the capitol police were trying to do something softer, as we tried to welcome protesters up there but it got out of hand. >> reporter: immediately many asking what would have happened had they been black or muslim protesters. >> nobody can tell me if it were a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday that there -- they would have been
4:42 pm
treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capitol. we all know that is true. and it is unacceptable. totally unacceptable. >> erin, it is not just how differently the protesters were treated that is so glaring but why they came out as well. the black lives matter protesters coming out and demanding an end to deadly violence at the hands of police. supporters of the president coming out rioting against the wild, crazy conspiracy theories that have been widely debunked and that were pushed by the president of the united states himself. erin. >> alex, thank you very much. now we want our country back. they do not get to steal it from us. that is exactly what one reporter heard as he witnessed every bit of the pro-trump rioters storming congress.
4:43 pm
in the middle of the group. following them into the capitol. he captured it all. scenes of disruption and chaos. >> reporter: they stormed the building. through broken windows and doors that were forced open. for a few moments they thought they won their precious victory. >> stop the steal. stop the steal. stop the steal. stop the steal. >> reporter: they were now in the very heart of the congressional building.
4:44 pm
>> what is the purpose of storming congress itself? >> cause they work for us. they don't get to steal it from us. they don't get to tell us we didn't see what we saw. >> we respect the law. we are good people. the government did this to us. we were normal good law-abiding citizens. you guys did this to us. we want our country back. we are protesting for our freedom right now. that is the difference. >> what is the purpose of storming congress? >> how would i know? >> reporter: they reached and entered the speaker's office itself, although nancy pelosi and others had been evacuated to safety. as we filmed protesters tore down pelosi's nameplate. here we are right now inside the halls of congress. this is exactly what so many anticipated and yet the capitol
4:45 pm
hill police force are doing their best. >> the man you saw there, robert moore. washington correspondent from itv news is with us. you have been justly lauded for that exceptional piece of reporting. you talked to some of the people that we heard there and a lot of the other people that were there in the heat of the moment who passionately believed every word they were saying. tell us the kind of things you heard. >> i think that is exactly right, erin. we were at that point just at the exact security vulnerability on capitol hill. there were scuffles outside. we followed this crowd of trump supporters up into a side door. they broke the window, got through the doors and into the corridors of power. we heard a different view of blends, the ultra nationalists
4:46 pm
were there in the crowd. there were also people that were deep down the rabbit holes of dark and deeper conspiracy theories. not only that the election had been stolen but many other things. for example one person said we are after pedophiles on capitol hill. so if there were extraordinary, sort of diversity of fews if you would like. and those just carried away and intoxicated by this heavy atmosphere. there was you know, against all the odds they have broken through the capitol hill lines and were somehow humiliating the washington political establishment. a multitude of different views. a mob, undoubtedly unruly. yes , there was destruction. the ransacking of nancy pelosi's office. are they domestic terrorists as president-elect joe biden put it today. that is a debate to come over
4:47 pm
many weeks and months. >> the pedophile conspiracy, a dark rabbit hole of qanon. but what is interesting when i hear your report, i heard some of the exact words and the exact phrases president trump has used again and again at his rallies. here is one of the rioters that you spoke to. >> you know they changed the rules mid-game and they are not being held accountable and that is a shame. >> this is what you saw again and again. heartbreak to see the passion which they are repeating things to know that are untrue. they really believe these things, isn't it? >> that is absolutely right. i mean they feel it viscerally. there was not just anger but a deep embrace of wild conspiracy theories. they are not wild in the sense
4:48 pm
they have not come from the dark web. they heard it from the president himself and from his twitter feed. we did hear the sentiment there echoes time and time again. it left us with a disturbing sense that the story may be over in the sense that all of the disruption around capitol hill with the new fence installed. this story is not going away. the world view is not going away. they are dispersing but their views have not dispersed. that is going to be the challenge beyond january 20th. these conspiracy theories are really out there. they are being held really, really deeply and far more than i would expect to hear. as you exactly put it, those were the echoes of president trump's conspiracy theories that we heard nearly for four years now. >> just to hear them so deeply held and believed. robert, thank you so much. i appreciate it.
4:49 pm
i encourage everyone to watch all of robert's footage. it is truly remarkable. tonight the fbi is asking the public for help with identifying the rioters. many of them, you know, they were not hiding. they were happy to speak and proudly documenting their insurrection on social media, twitter, facebook. they were telegraphing what they were planning to do ahead of time. how did the fbi miss it? drew, you know that is the big question. how did they miss it. we knew the date. you knew who a lot of the guys are. >> yeah. i can't help but to think about what the reporter just said, what richard just said. to think that these people that were at the capitol were radicalized by donald trump. that is what happened. they were radicalized into believing a lot of the nonsense by donald trump and his
4:50 pm
compliant media and actually might have been breaking the law and will face serious consequences. we found dozens of dozens of potential instigators. we wanted to point out four of them in particular. you are proud boys. neo nazis. these are not good people. these are not patriots. these are people that the fbi, that the police, want to see right now. one of them made himself famous. he's this guy dressed in buffalo horns. he's shirtless. his name is jake angeli. they call him, erin, the qanon shaman of arizona, apparently between jobs in arizona according to his cousin. a couple weeks ago he was taking a selfie with rudy giuliani. police want to speak with him. a second highly visible person, richard barnett. take a good look at him. this is a guy who kicked his
4:51 pm
feet up at speaker pelosi's office, stole an envelope then later came out and we have audio of this guy bragging about what he did. take a listen to what he told one of our affiliates. >> i sat down here at my desk, i'm a taxpayer, i'm a patriot. that ain't her desk. we loaned her that desk. she don't appreciate the desk. i thought i'd sit down and appreciate the desk. i threw my feet up on the desk. >> so he's still proud of what he's doing. obviously, the police are looking for him. there are repercussions already beyond the arrests that have been made. we know of several people who have lost their jobs and an attorney for an insurance company has lost his job out in arizona. a former pennsylvania state representative lost an adjunct professorship at a college in pennsylvania because of his development. derek evans, he's a west virginia, actually a member of the house of delegate the, he's
4:52 pm
trying to defend himself through an attorney saying he was exercising his free speech even though he was facebooking live as he was storming into the capitol. lot of questions being asked not only by police but by employers, by other members of these people's communities just what the heck were you doing up there on capitol hill. erin? >> it's disturbing and it's sad. it actually -- it really is sad. all right. thank you very much, drew. "outfront" next, legitimate concerns a the this hour about new threats targeting the government. michigan's capitol shut down today due to a bomb scare. governor gretchen whitmer will be "outfront."
4:53 pm
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breaking news. we have learned now that a fifth person has died in connection to the act of domestic terrorism in the nation's capitol. three sources tell cnn that the victim is a united states capitol police officer. a police officer dying yesterday. and breaking news, "the wall street journal" tonight calling for president trump to resign. in an editorial that they have just published, they write in part, "mr. trump wants to avoid a second impeachment. his best path would be to take personal responsibility and resign. this would be the cleanest solution since it would immediately turn presidential duties over to mr. pence. and it would give mr. trump agency, a la richard nixon, over his own fate." obviously, you know, opening up the door there for the pardon from the vice president. "outfront" now, democratic governor of michigan, gretchen whitmer.
4:57 pm
what is your opinion? do you think the president should resign? >> well, erin, i think we've come to find that this president is not equipped for a lot of things, and whether it's fighting a pandemic, whether it's bringing our nation together, or to simply avoiding an attempted coup on our nation's capitol, this has been a harrowing moment for us in the united states. it is going to come to a close in 12 days, at the most. if it comes to close before that, fine, but otherwise, we know that joe biden and his team including merit garlane ining i going to follow the law. going to stay tethered to our united states constitution. doing everything they can to serve the american people and what a refreshing change that will be. lives are on the line as we have dramatic reminder of that in the last 24 hours. we are still in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed 4,000 people in the last day and a half. and that's why in this moment,
4:58 pm
it's important to keep our -- that context front of mind. >> we've just confirmed, you know, u.s. capitol police officer died, died, in, you know, a riot incited by the president. the president put out a video 30 hours after this happened, at the top of this hour, governor, i don't know if you heard it, but in it he did say the electoral college had been certified by congress and there would be a new administration on january 20th, that he was going to have a smooth and orderly transmission. he did not mention joe biden by name. he did not officially concede. he acknowledged there would be a new administration. your reaction? >> it's about damn time. and had he done this earlier, lives would have been saved. had they invested themselves in a peaceful transition and started working with the incoming administration, lives would have been saved. if he'd spent the energy that he has tried to use to sow doubt and violence and seeds of
4:59 pm
division toward addressing the pandemic, lives would have been saved. i'm glad he's come to that conclusion finally. however, we paid an incredible price as a nation for his inability to see the facts and understand them and accept them. this is where we are. we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed over 360,000 americans and we are not out of the tunnel yet. there's light at the end of the tunnel but we're not out yet. we need a president who understands that and is going to bring us together and heal this nation. >> we're all trying to understand what could happen from here. i know your state capitol was temporarily shut down earlier today due to a bomb threat. do you know of any link between that and yesterday? >> well, erin, you know, i know people were surprised to see what happened in the nation's capitol yesterday. we saw it play out here eight months ago in michigan. i called the president, i called the vice president, i called on michigan republicans to start to bring the heat down.
5:00 pm
ultimately, those same people, some of them were charged in the plot to kidnap and kill me. whether it is directed at me or dr. fauci or republican secretary of state or congress, every one of us has a responsibility to call it what it is, it's domestic terrorism. these people need to be held accountab accountable. we as a nation of leaders need to say this will not stand. >> governor whitmer, i appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks very much for to all of you for being with us. anderson starts now. good evening. there are a lot of developments in the wake of yesterday's failed attempt on the capitol including a new video from the president. in it he concedes the election he lost but evades responsibility for the insurrection and continues to lie. we'll play that video because it's important for you to see it in a moment. among the other headlines growing calls mostly from democrats but some republicans for the president to be impeached a second time or be removed under the 25th amendment. one cabinet member has