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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 6, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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. welcome to our viewers around the world. thanks for joining me. i'm robyn curnow. coming up, cases are falling.
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the u.s. fight against covid is trending in the right direction. but some health expert warn new variants could change that. also joe biden goes big, he says that elehe will move forward ons covid relief plan with or without republican support. and thousands take to the streets in myanmar to protest last week's military coup. the u.s. is seeing some success in the fight against coronavirus even as health experts raise the alarm about variants spreading more easily. this is the situation right now. the u.s. is getting closer to 27 million total coronavirus cases. and almost 460,000 americans have died from the virus since the pandemic began.
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but more and more americans are getting vaccinated about 1.3 million a day over the past week. and for families of seniors such as this woman, getting vaccinated in california means not only relief from fear, but hope that better future is coming. >> i'm just excited that she was able to get the vaccine. first and foremost, it is her safety, so knowing that she has the vaccine, we're looking forward to be able to spend more time with her, it has been tough keeping our distance, but once we're all vaccinated, we can spend more time together. >> the country is making progress. the numbers of new infections and hospitalizations are dipping now following a holiday-related surge. and the white house says it plans to help step up the number of vaccine doses available even more by invoking a law from the days of the korean war as erica hill now explains. >> reporter: more pfizer vaccine could be coming soon. with some help from the defense
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production act. >> we told you that when we heard of a bottleneck on needed equipment, supplies or technology that we would step in and help. >> reporter: and a third vaccine now in line for fda emergency use authorization. >> i'm really excited about the j and j vaccine. >> reporter: the fda will consider the johnson & johnson single dose havvaccine. >> it will become a real player in expanding access. >> reporter: more sites coming on line. >> as soon as i heard about it, i signed up right away. >> reporter: yankee stadium offering 15,000 appointments in the first week. >> today is a special and opening day as yankee stadium has ever seen. >> reporter: and also sites opening in san francisco and maryland. and goodell saying every team stadium will be available as a mass vaccination site. >> and the continued rollout will be vitally important to
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ensuring that we can close that inequitable gap. >> reporter: teachers and school staff now eligible for the vaccine in 24 states and d.c. the cdc working on new guidance after prompting confusion earlier this week. >> there is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated in order to reopen safely. >> dr. walensky spoke to this in her personal capacity but we'll wait for the final guidance to come out. >> reporter: nation wired, more than 9 million shots administered last week, that is ten times the numbering of new cases added, two different metrics marking important gains. >> i think overall things are definitely getting better. and i really do think that we will get on top of this by late summer because everything now is moving in the right direction. >> reporter: new cases drop dropping 61% in the last month.
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covid hospitalizations falling below 90,000 for the first time since november. more states loosening restrictions, increasing indoor dining capacity, north dakota dropping its mask mandate, wisconsin's governor fighting his legislature to keep one in place. >> we'll keep putting people first, listening to the science. >> reporter: the tsa announcing a new fine for traveler who refuse to mask up, as experts caution these proven efforts are still needed to keep fast spreading variants at bay. >> viruses will not evolve and mutate if you do not give them an open playing field. >> reporter: in new york, erica h hill, cnn. so while cases are declining, the challenges of the pandemic are far from over. erica outlined that. millions are still suffering from the economic fallout, leav
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president biden to push ahead with his covid relief package. >> it is time to act. we can reduce suffering in this country. >> reporter: president biden saying bluntly today the american pain is too deep to go small. and too urgent for a drawn out washington debate. >> i believe the american people are looking right now to their government for help, to do our job, to not let them down. so i'm going to act. i'm going to act fast. >> reporter: the president making clear he is plunging ahead with his american rescue plan saying if democrats have to pass the bill alone, so be it. he invited republican help but said their proposals did not meet the magnitude of the economic need. >> when whats have proposed is either to do nothing or not enough. >> reporter: it was the cap stone of a whirlwind week that started with republicans in the oval office on monday. and ended with democraticic leaders there today. charting a path forward to pass the covid relief plan through a
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budget process that only needs a simple majority in the senate. >> here is what i won't do. i'm not cutting the size of the checks, they will be $1400, period. that is what the american people were promised. >> reporter: but biden said he is willing to negotiate who gets those checks. signaling his interest in targeting the help toward americans who need it most, not some families making $300,000 a year. the president and his advisers dismissed criticism from a top democratic economist that the $1.9 trillion plan was too big and could overheat the economy. >> is the biden administration going too big? >> no. i firmly would disagree with that contention. >> reporter: pushback to larry summers, a top economic adviser in the obama administration who said today such a large bill would eat into other priorities, writing in the "washington post," after resolving the coronavirus crisis, how will plirl and economic space be found for the public investments that should be the nation's
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highest priority. but biden saying that mentality would declare the american recovery. >> don't worry, hang on, things will get better. we'll go small every, so it will just take us a lot longer. like until 2025. i can't in good conscience do that. >> reporter: so even as president biden is pressing forward with his covid relief plan, there is a declare next week because of the impeachment trial of former president trump. in a new interview with cbs news, president biden declined to weigh in on his views of the impeachment trial. he said i'm not in the senate anymore, i'm not going to say how i would vote. but he does of course believe that the former president acted inappropriately and he never should have been in office. now, all of this is coming as there are also new questions about should former president trump receive intelligence briefings are usually given to former presidents. president biden says he does not believe the intelligence
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community should be giving these intel briefings to the former president. he said he simply doesn't know what he would do with them or how he would use them. so certainly a big interest here now as former president trump is not coming back to washington but certainly will be hanging over all of it next week during his impeachment trial. jeff zeleny, cnn, the white house. and as jeff just mentioned, the impeachment trial of former president trump is set to get under way on tuesday. we don't know how long it may last. president biden says he think the trial needs to take place but in an interview he declined to say if he would vote to convict if he was still net u.s. senate. take a listen. >> let's turn to the impeachment trial. if you were still a senator, would you vote to convict him? >> look, i ran like hell to defeat him because i thought he was unfit to be president. i watched what everyone else
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watched. what happened when that crew invaded the united states congress. but i'm not in the senate now. i'll let the senate make that decision. >> trump has refused to testify at the trial in his own defense, but democrats who will prosecute the case believe there is plenty of evidence already of his alleged role in inciting a mob to attack the capitol on january 6. head of the u.s. and americas program at chatham house in london, lizy, lovely to see you. so president biden is defending his stimulus plan. how much is riding on this? >> a lot. as we know, the american economy is suffering, jobs are not coming back at nearly the rate that they need to. a lot of people aren't able to pay their bills. and of course unemployment is a lot of these benefits are due to expire in mid march. so there is a real sense of urgency and i think that despite the debate and partisanship that
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is continuing, it is ernlcertai not new, i think that president biden has taken the decision that there not time to wait and that the economic costs of delaying are simply too high in this case. >> obviously this is a huge focus domestically, but he also has foreign policy that he wants to deal with. the president and secretary of state declaring this week that america is back, touting the administration's foreign policy priority, they took firstly aim at the saudis cutting off weapon sales, intelligence and this sort of cozy nation of the relationship between the saudis and the trump administration. so with what do you think will be the immediate impact of this? >> well, i think that it has been on the cards, there has been a lot of pushback during the trump administration. remember that that support of saudi in the war in yemen precedes donald trump and it continued and there has been an extraordinary humanitarian
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catastrophe. so i think to his credit, president biden and his seem said that they would review the entire saudi relationship and cut off the support that is being used to prosecute that war. but remember, that what we saw in that speech is very interesting because we're getting very clear, very consistent, very tough messaging. but both with respect to saudi and russia, what president biden is saying is we will work with you on certain things, a new start has been extended, but we will be very tough on others. and so it is a twin track. but it really was a very strong as expected speech that really didn't throw up any surprise and, the big change i guess is that the last four years have been marked crowded with in-cin inconsistency and lack of clarity and that is really the number one change. and of course on concrete things. russia policy, saudi, we'll see very significant changes from
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the president. >> and also let's talk about china because in many ways chinese/american competition will define tnext decade or beyond. we have details of a pretty tough call between the two foreign policy heads of china and america. one foreign policy expert i read said that the administration's overtures to that i take and european allies is less about building alliances but more about building alliances against china. how much does america need allies not for the sake of it, for a post liberal world order, but also to manage a competitive rising china? >> i think the big question, first of all, it is very important, especially when it comes to questions of economic negotiations, working especially with europe, right, the ability
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of the biden administration to really form a coherent approach with europe, whether it is using sanctions on questions of human rights, whether it is negotiating on foreign direct investment screening, on export controls, on 5g technology and all the big economic questions really getting on board with europe will be absolutely critical because of course otherwise china can simply turn and peel off one of america's allies against it. and any negotiation just becomes. less effective. so that really is the biden team's approach is to really try to work very consistently. but it will be tough, right? europe has already demonstrated its move forward with that investment treaty with china, not clear that it will necessarily pass in europe, but it signaled to america that it is not simply going to lay over and play ball. but i think the europeans will talk with the americans, but what will come of that, we don't know.
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it is central however to the strategy. >> in many ways also -- i think somebody said that the biden china policy will be the biden ally policy. which i thought was interesting. quickly before we go, big week ahead with impeachment. how much does this president need impeachment politically or perhaps not, will it be a distraction? >> it is going to be a distraction, no doubt about it. the republican party will be a distraction because it is at war with itself and a lot will play out throughout the impeachment. the impeachment is vital fore's signal that you don't ignore something like what we saw on january 6. >> whiz zi, always good to get your analysis. thank you. republicans face a major loyalty test as the senate prepares to put donald trump on trial for a second time as we were discussing there. we'll explain how this is
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so with donald trump's senate impeachment trial looming, the former president's long shadow over the republican party has certainly created a deep rift among conservatives. some who remain loyal and those would just want to move on as manu raju now explains. >> reporter: with his impeachment trial set to begin in the senate next week, former president trump continues to starkly divide the republican party. on one wing, lawmakers like marjorie taylor greene saying the party must maintain loyalty to one leader he. >> when i telling you republican voters support him still, the party is his, is doesn't belong to anybody else. all ri >> reporter: and the other wing, republicans still furious about trump spewing lies about the election results leading to the deadly january 6 riot at the capitol. >> personality cults aren't conservative. conservative theories aren't conservative. lying that an election has beee
2:21 am
stolen, not conservative. acting like politics is a religion, it isn't conservative. >> reporter: ben sasse, the latest senator facing threats of censure for not being loyal enough to trump. sasse who might convict to vote trump with will warning -- >> you are well i are welcome te again, but i still believe that politics isn't about the weird worship one dude. >> reporter: the back and forth illustrates the struggle within the party after a tumultuous week on capitol hill where 61 house republicans voted to oust liz cheney from her third ranking spot in leadership over her vote to impeach trump falling well short of the majority needed. the next day, all but 11 republicans voted to side with greene contending democrats were overreaching in pushing through a resolution stripping her from her two committee simassignment
2:22 am
after revelations of her wild conspiracy theories like suggesting that school shootings were staged events. >> there were 11 that voted against me yesterday and that is something that our leaders should be very upset about. that really is a big betrayal. and that could cost us the majority in '22. people are very angry. >> reporter: caught in the middle is house republican leader kevin mccarthy trying to please both wings of his party. the trump loyalists and those ready to move on. like congressman tom rice, one of the ten who voted to impeach trump has been censured by his state party. >> do you regret your vote? >> in eight years in congress, i probably had 100 votes that maybe i second guessed. this is not one of them. >> reporter: and now the trump loyalty test heads to the senate where the impeachment trial gets under way tuesday. trump has rejected the
2:23 am
democratic invitation to testify in his own defense. and sources tell cnn that democrats are unlikely to subpoena him, believing there is morning enough video evidence to show that trump intentionally incited the deadly riots. and remnants all over the capitol including new metal detectors installed at the request of nancy pelosi who has also pushed through fines for any member who blows through them. and we have learned that two republican members have indeed been fined for blowing through the metal detectors, part of the new reality here on capitol hill. manu raju, cnn, capitol hill. more than 180 people are now facing federal charges connected to that insurrection at the u.s. capitol. and we are learning more about those who have been arrested. among them, one man who appears to have harbored not only a distrust of the government but half of humanity. here is alex marquardt.
2:24 am
>> reporter: in the violent mob that stormed the capitol building january 6, the fbi says was samuel fisher from new york. a self described dating coach who goes by the name brad holiday with a website that oftens a misogynistic and darkly conspiratorial mix of countless posts ranging from wild political rants to supposed self help tips and fitness, sex, fashion and more. >> you should be able to, you know, learn various black magic hypnosis skills. >> reporter: his tirades and views of women indicated deep seeded resentment of the political system and the opposite sex. grievances on full display while approaching a chauvinist front seen in many of the insurrectionists that day. court documents photos from fisher's facebook page including one steps of the capitol. the fbi says that fisher wrote about january 6, it was dangerous and violence, people died he wrote. but it was fing great if you ask me.
2:25 am
seeing cops literally run was the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life. another photo from court documents shows fisher in front of a trump flag with different weapons and the caption can't wait to bring a liberal back to this freedom palace. on january 6, fisher had according to the fbi written got to make a stand, not going to be intimidated. and then posted this picture of a rifle and a pistol. he wrote that he expected trump to playen a ace card with the deep state arrested and hanged on the white house lawn or he writes if biden takes over, patriots show up in the millions with guns. they execute all treason nis members ofof. fisher now faces two federal charges. on his website, he was trying to sell what he calls an attraction accelerate tore, boosting test test tore reason, beauty products, hanging guns and seducing women with among other
2:26 am
things a hypnotic gaze and so-called porn star suspect games. and he calls women the least worthy people on the whole. >> if a girl is so hot you can't tell her to shut the [ bleep ] up, you have a real problem. >> reporter: fisher posted baseless conspiracy theories and wrote january 6 that he expected to be betrayed by congress, that it would be the most historically important day of our lives. after the insurrection, he posted this video about nancy pelosi. >> some dude sat behind your desk, oh, i'm so sorry, that sounds really tough. >> reporter: the "new york times" reports that fisher grew up you in new jersey and said that he was estranged from his family, born jewish but known to post anti-semitic articles and videos. people who know him said that he was bullied as a child and three years ago after reportedly posting online about the mother of his child leaving him, fisher
2:27 am
started drifting toward conspiracy theories. we got no response from his lawyer. fisher was arrested two week after the insurrection and has had a hearing in which his lawyer said that he would not be pleading guilty, but so far fisher has not yet entered a plea. alex marquardt, cnn, washington. and coming up, coronavirus cases around the world are beginning to falling as vaccinations are going up. but will the vaccines stand up to tdo the variants? a look at the promising new data. ah, a package! you know what this human ordered? a backache. consider pain, delivered. pain says you can't. advil says you can. is skincare from around the world better than olay? olay regenerist faced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 years. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. face anything. find out more at
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welcome back. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm robyn curnow.
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slowly but surely many countries around the world are beginning to see the steady close klein in new coronavirus cases. it is certainly welcome news after almost 2.3 million people have died from the virus. now, the decline also comes at a time when countries are pushing to ramp up their vaccination efforts as they discover new variants. several european leaders are working to ensure that there are no more slowdowns in vaccine rollingouts, calling on brussels to address potential issues on the johnson & johnson vaccine. and melissa bell is joining me from paris. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is a letter from several european a leaders to the eu commission urging them to make sure that the forthcoming vaccines likely to get certification would be made available to european a countries better than what we've seen in terms of the rollout of the astrazeneca vaccine for instance. the johnson & johnson which is one under consideration by the
2:32 am
ema involves having to be shipped to the united states at some point in its manufacturing process. so these leaders are urging the eu to think kacarefully about h it would deal with the rollout at a time when there are huge shortages. and there are several candidates right now in front of the emment a, novavax, johnson & johnson, europeans also urging the ema to begin the process for the "sputnik" vaccine, we understand that the makers have told the ema of its production. but that the authorization process is yet to begin. so a lot of pressure on the eu really not only to get the vaccine doses bought, but delivered better than they have been so far. we know that the commission is even now actively looking at alternative supplies given the shortages that it expects. so a lot of pressure on eu officials right now to try to get right something so far that been slower than other countries. melissade lpolice
2:33 am
. and there is a study over the variants being detected. and selma is joining us with more. >> reporter: yeah, positive news from oxford university and astrazeneca. the study finds that the vaccine is effective against this variant. if true, it is huge news. is this a variant that has brought this country's health care system almost to the brink of cloops. collapse. it is 70% more transz mice mise and could be more deadly. and so signs that there is some form of production against the dangerous variant. and also progress here in the uk. we see these key indicators now finally looking positive,
2:34 am
hospitalization rates are down. sign tisk advisers say that the reproduction number is below one, so it begs the question when do we get out of lockdown. and the prime minister reminding anyone not anytime soon. you still need to follow the rules. because we're just not there yet. take a listen. >> i want to stress that it is still early days. and we have rates of infection in this country still very, very high. and more people, almost twice as many people in our hospitals with covid now than there were back at the peak in april. >> reporter: the prime minister has promised a plan out of lockdown into easing restrictions by the end of february. what are the key indicators that the officials will be looking
2:35 am
at? well, most importantly is this country's vaccination program. that really is the only shield of protection that the authorities have against this variant of covid-19 prevalent here. so far you have about 11 million people in this country, about 1 in 5 adults that have received the first dose of the vaccine. we have heard yesterday that the over 50 should receive their vaccine by may, so that is a positive sign. scientific advisers have said that is the point at which restrictions can be eased. but quite crucially, all of these vaccinations they need to get into more and more people's arms before we can ease any of the rules. >> thanks for the update, selma. joining now is dr. rachel clark a palliative care specialist and author. andlatest book captures what life was like during the first
2:36 am
waiver of the pandemic. doctor, great to have you. and so when you wrote this book, the first wave certainly feels like a very long time ago for all of us. did you have any real concept of how this pandemic would play out, the world that we live in now? >> not even slightly. it was sat shattering a year ago in the uk. we were going through what you experienced in new york city, our health service completely overwhelmed and patients dying on a scale and at a swiftness that none of us had ever witnessed before in the national health service. it was absolutely devastating. and the only thing that kept you going was sort of the belief that one day it would be over. and if anyone had said to us a year down the line your health service will be more over
2:37 am
overwhelmed, the deaths will reach a peak no one would manage, i think that we would curl up in balls and yet here we are gasoline. >> the tragedy this time around is that this awful second wave wasn't inevitable, it doesn't have to have. and i think a huge number of us feel as though inexplicably our government made the same mistakes. we locked down too late in the run up to christmas, we were just desperate for lockdown to be put in place. it didn't happen. and so a quarter of all our deaths in the united kingdom have died in 2021. so in the last four or five weeks. and that is devastating.
2:38 am
many of us suffering from p post-traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety, depression. i talked to colleagues who sometimes tell me that they are feeling suicidal. and that is i think because everybody is so burnt out and shattered by the first wave, but now we're going through it all over again. and it is really tough on health care professionals just now. >> it certainly is. and you mentioned those who have died. and you take about these massive numbers of people. how do we begin, how do you begin to sort of process this collective pain, the magnitude of these losses? i read out the numbers day after day a and you can't qufathom th
2:39 am
numbers who have died. >> and our death toll is on par with america. and i think when you are and you are seeing these up close and a that covid-19 suffocate the life out of your patients, you know that every single one of those people is a loved and cherished human being and they are leaving behind grieving mothers, fathers, spouses, children. and it is absolutely heartbreaking. but i think i try to hold on to my sanity in a way by saying to myself every single one of those human beings, we in the health service are doing all we can to ensure that right up until the end, right up until that final breath, we're treating them with
2:40 am
chair and love and compassion. and nobody in my hospital, we won't let anybody die alone. we will do everything we possibly can to make sure, whether a nurse or doctor or somebody sits with the patient and holds their hand and talks to them and reads out letters from their loved ones so they know they are in the alone. and that is what i hold on to, that is what tells me that despite all of this, people are good and we get through this together. it is the only way to get through a pandemic by holding on to our humanity and never letting the unimaginable numbers of lost souls be statistics. they aare human beings. >> powerful words there. thanks to dr. clark. and the streets of myanmar's largest city are filled with votes, angryoff the military coup. a live report straight ahead.
2:41 am
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pro democracy demonstrators are on the streets of yangon. take a look. they are protesting against the military coup monday that removed their democratically lakts elected leaders. and a lawyer for a civilian leader says he has had no contact. and let's go straight to ivan watson, he has been monitoring the events and is joining us live with the latest. what do you make of what is playing out on the streets of myanmar today? >> reporter: let me get to that, but this is still a rapidly unfolding situation. and i just want to bring you one piece of news first. there is an australian adviser
2:45 am
who was an adviser to the elected civilian government that was overthrown monday and reuters is reporting that he was probably going to be detained, his name is sean turnel. and the government says that they are providing assistance to a number of australians at this time of upheaval, but they are particularly concerned about one individual they say is being held as a police station and they have summoned myanmar's ambassador to register their concern about this. now, moving on to the demonstrations in the streets in yangon, the commercial capital today, at the beginning it seemed like one demonstration was organized by labor unions, but they seem to have grown throughout the day to absorb other passers by and drivers in the streets. there has been a substantial
2:46 am
riot police presence with trucks full of police officers, water cannons standing by. but no reports of confrontations thus yet. i've heard from an eyewitness in the center of the city near town hall who is describing a very unusual scene of demonstrators who just seem to be showing up posing for photos, waving the three fingers salute from the movie series "the hunger games" which is also a sign of protest across the border in thailand over the last year. and the eyewitness being opposed that people are posing for photos with this salute in front police, clearly not worried for the time being that they could be detained. this kind of growing protest movement is happening in an information blackout as authorities seem to have shut down the internet.
2:47 am
>> so we're getting reports there reuters that foreigner has potentially been detained, we know this is a familiar playbook in terms of a crack towdowncrac. how deep do you think the protests are? >> reporter: i do think that the coup on monday, even though there were rumors and speculation it could be coming before that, it has shocked society in myanmar and it has taken some time for people to figure out how to respond to it. in part because more than 130 members of the government and leading activists also appear to have disappeared into detention. we're not hearing from the detained president and de facto prime minister suu kyi. and we've seen this movement bubbling up over the course of the week. and in parallel with that, we've seen signs that the military wants to crack down on means of communication ordering the
2:48 am
closure of instagram and twitter on friday. and now telling all mobile phone operators on saturday to shut down data transmission. let me just point to a statement coming from the u.s. embassy in myanmar, it says, quote, we support the right of the people of me ayanmar to protest and th right to freely access information. the u.s. adding to a chorus of international voices demanding the release of the detainees and reinstatement of the democratically elected government. >> ivan, thanks for all the latest details. we'll check in with you if there is anything more. so crowds of farmers in india have now been blocking roads outside of new deli, delhy want the government to repeal l
2:49 am
laws. >> reporter: concrete walls, barbed wire and hundreds of security personnel. l it is fortified by police preventing farmers and supporters from entering the city. thousands of them have enmp cac encamped for over two months. just one of the three borders where farmers are protesting against three reforms introduced by the government which they fear will threaten their livelihood. there is never a dull moment here. while some are busy playing cards, some others were spotted praying in quiet corners of the camp. youngsters eninterenintermitten into song and dance. this 36-year-old farmer is one of them.
2:50 am
while he feeds hundreds of supporters a day, his father back in the village tends to their farm. he has been at the protest site for almost 60 days. for over two months, tents have lined the highway with what they are calling winter nights. medical booths have been set up to tend to the sick. wille volunteer lives close to the protest site. and a private tutor by profession, she spends her days at the champ and establisheds t almost 2,000 patients a day. the government of india says that the current new agricultural reforms will give expandable market access to farmge farmers and pave the way for on sustainable farming. farmers disagree. arguing that they need minimum
2:51 am
price guarantees. speeches to boost morale are delivered from a stage in the middle of the protest site. while security officials keep a close eye from across the highway. what is clear is despite at least 11 rounds of talks, these farmers will not relent. they say that they would rather die fighting for the cause than live with the reforms. coming up, one of the world's best known actors have died but leaves behind a rich legacy on screen and stage. chris totopher plumbmer has pas away. and we'll look at some of his greatest performances. premium products, enerist f1 from 12 countries, over 10 years.
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♪ bless my homeland forever ♪ >> christopher plummer in perhaps his most recognized role in the sound of music. he died friday at his home in connecticut. the award winning canadian actor was also known for his roles on broadway and on the stage and he won his only academy award in 2010 for the film beginners when he was 82. at the oscars ceremony, he asked the statute where have you ban. that withdrawn wraps this hour. "new day" is next. international viewers, african voices is next.
2:57 am
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♪ nationwide, more than 9 million shots administered last week. that's ten times the number of new cases added in the u.s. the nfl has pledged to make all 32 of their teams' stadiums available to max vaccination sites. >> i think overall things are definitely getting better. the impeachment trial is taking shape. we're learning that house democrats have enough evidence to make their case. >> there is so much footage of what happened on that day. we see the images. we also clearly hear the president's words. >>


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