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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 7, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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♪ you're live in the cnn newsroom. it's great to have you with me. i'm ana cabrera in new york. conviction or acquittal? whichever is decided at the end of the impeachment trial, it will be a milestone in american history. a u.s. president impeached twice and tried twice. that extraordinary second trial all set to begin on tuesday in the u.s. senate floor. the one charge leveled against the ex-president that he incited the deadly insurrection at the u.s. capitol on january 6th. what the trial will look like exactly, witnesses and subpoenas, that's not known yet. how long it will take, not known. the other big question, how many republicans are willing to side with democrats on conviction? >> do you think the outcome is predetermined here? >> you know, i -- everybody --
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no, i don't. i think it depends upon that which is presented. >> i think it's clearly constitutional to conduct a senate trial with respect to an impeachment, in this case the impeachment occurred prior to the president's leaving office. but my job is going to be to listen to both sides of this, evaluate the arguments and make a decision. >> is there a chance of conviction, 45 republicans have said it's not a legitimate proceeding. it's really over before it starts. >> to capitol hill now and joe johns. we're hearing two things from republican senators, one that the trial is over before it starts but also that there are still some open minds. which is the more common attitude in the senate right now? >> reporter: i think the most common attitude in the senate is that republicans don't like the idea of convicting the former president. you do have people who are saying the sort of typical things, they want to reserve judgment until all of the evidence is in, they see themselves as sort of members of
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a jury. but, yes, behind the scenes there's a lot more of that sentiment that we don't want to vote against this president in large part, of course, because he has so much support out in the country. we've seen that again and again. that, though, sort of goes against some of the polling we've seen over the weekend. a poll came out from abc suggesting something like 56% of respondents say trump should be convicted and barred from holding office. but it's not respondents of a poll who are going to end up deciding this. as the members of the united states senate. and even some of those who now have a bit more nuanced opinion of the whole situation also looking past the trial like senator lindsay graham of south carolina, a big supporter of donald trump. listen. >> you still believe president trump is the best face for the
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republican party? yes or no? >> i think he's -- i think he's the -- i think, yeah. i think donald trump's policies served the country well. i think donald trump has to rehabilitate himself as a politician. >> reporter: the leadership watch continues here on capitol hill. all eyes on mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer sort of waiting for them to put out the parameters, the rules for this trial to go forward. now starting on tuesday including whether there will be witnesses, if there will be a lot of time for the managers and the attorneys for the former president to make their case before the united states senate giving us some idea of just how long they think this trial is going to be, ana. >> joe johns on capitol hill. many thanks. now to david gergen, political analyst and former adviser to four presidents. over the last week or so we've
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seen how much the republican party still belongs to trump. that's without him rehabilitating his image like senator graham has suggested. he's no longer president. he's off twitter. he's done some things clearly the party doesn't want to have attached to them. why does the party need trump? >> the party doesn't need trump, but he needs to rehabilitate his image, nonetheless. for the first time we're seeing some real push back from the rest of the country saying -- they do favor conviction. we haven't been seeing much of that before. the polls that joe johns was just talking about. i don't think the democrats -- the prosecutors can win in a court of law. i think they're sort of the votes. but they still can win and they can achieve great gains against the democrats in the court of public opinion. and that's why i think the trial
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remains an important part of our political landscape. it is a chance for the democrats to make the case once and for all that there was no fraud, that joe biden was legitimately elected and the people who tried to steal this election are the ones who assaulted the capitol. i think the democrats could win that argument, it would make an enormous difference for president biden going forward to governor more, i think, decisive think. liz cheney who was censured this weekend by her state republican party because she voted to impeach trump, she defended that vote today. take a listen. >> the fact that he was impeached in a bipartisan fashion, the fact that he lost the presidency, the fact that we lost the senate, we have to be in a opinion where we can say we stand for principles, we stand for ideals. somebody who has provoked an attack on the united states capitol to prevent the counting of electoral votes which
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resulted in five people dying who refused to stand up immediately when he was asked and stop the violence, that is a person who does not have a role as a leader of our party going forward. >> liz cheney has faced more political consequences than donald trump since the insurrection. that tells you a lot about the state of the gop. can the republican party that you know survive this? >> i think it can survive, but i think it's been damaged. i think liz cheney standing up in a way she has, if john f. kennedy were alive today and adding a profiles in courage chapter in his book, she would be right there. it was tough for her to do. to go to your larger point about the republican party, i think we've seen underscored here in the last couple of days just how far the republican party is lost in its moorings. it's looney tune land. her father who served for ten
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years in the house to now, you know, a censure back in kentucky of liz cheney for doing this. we've gone from -- and this is also the state where alan simpson and was a wonderful senator for so long, became a good friend of joe biden's. but he was a republican and had a lot of support in the state of wyoming. now ben sasse is on the griddle in nebraska. that's the same state where chuck hagel served in the senate, went to work at the defense department for a democratic president. look at how the spirit has changed. one last point i would like to make and that is about -- if you think about the day when he was in there in the government, he served in four cabinet positions, he worked across the aisle, he came out and he's worked hard on climate change, a carbon neutral tax, he stood for opening up more opportunities for blacks and others, he's
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just -- he's a wonderful statesman and look how far -- george schultz would be appalled by what he's seeing now in his party and he died today at 100. bless him. >> i'm glad you mentioned him. i was going to ask you about him and his legacy as well in this interview. you beat me to the punch there for the viewers who may not be following it as closely. he served in multiple republican -- >> yeah, marine in world war ii. >> yes. and he was awarded the -- i think it was the medal of freedom or the -- >> yes. >> -- the honor of freedom. let me ask you about what we're hearing from joe biden. he just gave an interview ahead of the super bowl where he criticized his predecessor's handling of the pandemic. let's watch. >> one of the disappointments was when we came into office is the circumstance relating to how the administration was handling covid was even more dire than we thought.
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>> the trump administration? >> the trump administration. we thought that it indicated there was a lot more vaccine available and i didn't turn out to be the case. so that's why we've ramped up every way we can. >> this was an interview that aired pre-super bowl. huge audience for the president. something every president has done every year since 2004. how did biden do? >> i thought he did fine. as a general proposition, i think he's set a good tone for the country. he's not been bombastic, he's not been aggressive. he's not trying to tear up the airwaves and make every day a story about joe biden. on the weekend he goes back to his old home in delaware and keeps a low profile generally until tonight's football game. so i think -- there's a reason that joe biden's numbers -- his approval numbers are in the 60s and that's because the tone he's
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setting and the fact he's trying hard to get this covid thing turned around. i think the contrast with trump is so stark. it's so -- people haven't lost their anxiety because trump is still around. they feel this isn't all settled yet. and they're not sure. trump -- biden's got a good point. they thought all of this vaccine was going to be available. the rollout has been horrible for a lot of people in this country. there's so many people hurting and not able to get these shots and disappointed in the government. that's an inheritance coming from the last administration and joe biden just -- joe biden got -- he inherited four simultaneous crisis and i think he's done as well as any human being could do. i do welcome this lower key approach for a while in the presidency. i think it suits him well and i think it suits the country well. >> it gives us all a chance to take a deep breath which has been hard to do over the past four years. remember trump's first super
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bowl interview? that's when he made the big uproar over questions about putin and he said, oh, you think america is so innocent? talk about contrast in tone, right? david gergen, thank you so much, sir. >> good to see you again. >> you too. coming up, you've heard of the more contagious variant in the uk, a new study has found it is spreading rapidly here in the united states. what does that mean for the fight against the pandemic? that's next. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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breaking news on the coronavirus pandemic. a new study suggesting the variant first identified in the uk is now spreading rapidly throughout the u.s. the study estimates u.s. cases of this variant may be doubling every week and a half. all this comes as the pressure is mounting across the u.s. to reopen more schools for in-person learning. this hour, we're following developments on a potential return date for students and teachers in one of the nation's largest school districts. what details are you learning about the chicago public school situation? >> as you say, this is a breaking story today and it's been changing back and forth throughout the day. for weeks, leaders of the chicago public schools union and leaders of chicago the city have been at odds over reopening classrooms to students. the leadership of the city say that it's safe to go back into
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classrooms. put teachers and students back in there. the teachers' union says it's not safe and the two have been at logger heads about that for a long, long time. that appeared to come to an end today when mayor lori lightfoot gave this remark at a press conference. >> at long last, cps has reached a tentative agreement with the chicago teachers' union that opens up the school doors for safe in-person learning for our pre-k cluster and k through 8 students. but i also want to thank the teachers. i know many of you have worked harder than year than you've ever worked before because that's what the circumstances demanded for you to manifest your love and commitment to your students. >> so it sounds like a deal. everyone is on the same page now. everyone is going to move forward. kids are going to go back to school. not so fast.
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the chicago teachers' union tweeted out a notice saying, hey, we haven't made a deal yet. we have to go through our rigorous process of looking into that deal and looking into the offer made by the city and go through all of the different steps that it takes to make that happen. so we don't actually know at this hour whether or not there is a deal and we won't know for sure what the details of whatever it is that are happening until probably tomorrow. but there are signs that maybe these far-apart groups are coming together to maybe get schools back open, ana. >> that's got to be so maddening for parents especially in that area. what about the public schools in san francisco? that's another one that's been kind of a mess. >> that's right. that's another area where the city and the schools were at odds. in san francisco, the city actually sued its own school district to try to force the schools back open. another one of these situations where people couldn't get along. eventually coming -- today we learned there's a deal between
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the unions and the city that reopens classrooms to students basically along these guidelines, in areas where community spread is higher, teachers will be made -- given the vaccine -- or made -- will be made available to them, they can take it if they want it, and the kids go back to school. in areas where transmission is lower, teachers will go back into the classroom. that's keeping with science that shows that schools are basically reflective of the community spread around them. that deal now -- it looks like it appears to be in place but they're waiting on a vote about that deal in about ten days there in san francisco. so students in san francisco, get prepared to go back to school, but not for a few more days, ana. >> it is all very complicated. thanks for staying on top of it for us. a realtor, a flower shop owner, a gym owner, a look at the women who have been arrested for their alleged role in storming the capitol. at should ? (man) road trip. (woman) yes. (woman) off-road trip. (man) how hot is the diablo chili?
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we're learning more about the women who were drawn into the deadly insurrection at the capitol. cnn's tom foreman reports. >> reporter: in the madness of
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the riot, as violence erupted, she posed for her instagram fee. the college student from kentucky beaming, can't wait to tell my grandkids i was here, while jenny cudd from texas is expected to plead not guilty admits she went exploring. >> we did break down nancy pelosi's office door and somebody stole her gavel. >> reporter: arrest records list more than 20 women charged in the uproar and that's no surprise. >> they're being told, you are the revolution. you are the radicals. >> reporter: she's written about women in extremist movements and saying many embrace a very conservative view of life. >> women are being appealed to by being told, you know, you are mothers. you are, you know, the protectors of your home, of your family. and now is the time to stand up
3:25 pm
and fight for that. >> reporter: among those charged, christine, a mother and former school therapist from ohio, dawn, a gym owner who prosecutors say posted a video claiming she was looking for nancy to shoot her in the freaking brain. cnn has reached out for comment, no response. authorities say there was a corrections officer, the woman shot and killed, an air force veteran, and a realtor and radio host from texas. >> i went to serve my country because our president, president donald trump, asked us to go to the march. >> reporter: a christian fund-raising site is being used to help with what her lawyer says will be a not guilty plea. she's not a terrorist, but a freedom-loving patriot who needs your help. her legal bills are expected to be $50,000. but how did they all allegedly wind up here? >> tens of thousands of women
3:26 pm
are already at work in aircraft -- >> reporter: just as the government asked women to pitch in during world war ii by appealing to them as mothers and community members, experts say movements like qanon are doing the same now, telling women the nation needs them to stand up amid political welfare and a raging pandemic no matter how dishonest that recruitment may be. >> that was tom foreman reporting. i'm ana cabrera. up next, it's back-to-back episodes of "first ladies." nich and save on your auto policy. but it's even nicer knowing that if this happens... ...or this happens... ...or this... ...or even this... ...we've seen and covered it. so, call 1-800-farmers to switch your auto policy and you could save an average of four hundred seventy dollars. get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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