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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 7, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and now kamala harris has, once again, made history. ♪ welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm bianna g olodryga. we're following three big stories here in the u.s. this hour. the country is bracing for the second impeachment trial of donald trump this week just as it deals with new alarming news of the coronavirus pandemic. variants are spreading quickly, and experts are warning of more infections from super bowl gatherings this weekend. the premier sporting event wrapped up a short time ago with the tampa bay buccaneers
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defeating the chiefs 31-9, tom brady winning his seventh super bowl. talk about a g.o.a.t. all of the audience had been given masks even those who had already been vaccinated. the streets were packed with thousands of fans, very few masks and almost no social distancing. randy kaye and coy wire are there. let's go to coy first. wow, i don't think tom brady even broke a sweat tonight. he made this look so seamless. incredible because he's not only 43, the oldest to win a super bowl but this is his first year with the buccaneers. no wonder they're calling him, the team, tampa brady. >> reporter: yeah. or tom-pa bay.
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if he did sweat, it would probably smell like honey. he's incredible what he has done. i played nine seasons in the nfl. i thought that was a lot. he played 21 seasons, his tenth super bowl. that's unreal. tom brady, the buccaneers, as you mentioned, playing the super bowl in their home stadium for the first time any team to do that in super bowl history. 3-0, kansas city the first quarter. in ten super bowl appearances brady gets a first-quarter touchdown. he finds his old -- rob gronkowski for the touchdown, brady and gronk 13 postseason touchdowns after this one. that passed any other wide receiver/quarterback duo in postseason history. 7-3, tampa bay. second quarter, 7-3 tampa bay. the bucs made field goal. brady found gronkowski again. now second quarter here, 14-6 tampa bay after a big pass interference penalty that set up the buccaneers.
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br brady finds antonio brown for a touchdown. 21-6 tampa. third quarter now. tampa bay, buccaneers answer right back. leonard fournette, untouched. he's like a bull inny china shop out there. third quarter still tampa bay. chiefs pass mahomes, tipped by the bucs, intercepted by winfield jr., 28-9. afterwards, after the big win it's going to be tom brady being named mvp of the super bowl for a fifth time in his career. here he was, after the game. >> i'm so proud of all these guys out here. everything we dealt with all year. we had a rough month of november. b.a. had a lot of confidence in us, the team had confidence. we came together at the right time. we knew this was going to happen, didn't we? we ended up playing our best game of the year. >> now tom brady there, shortly
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after, celebrating with his wife, gisele and their children on the field, something he has done six times before this. seven super bowl wins now for tom brady, more than any franchise in nfl history, bianna. >> kansas city, let's be real, never really stood a chance in this game. the first half, it was all brady and gronk show. i think we had to watch highlights back from the patriots games, right, to relive that teamwork and the connection between the two of them, but all of the talk leading up to this game was brady versus mahomes, the old g.o.a.t. versus, perhaps, the new. mahomes being pushed to work harder up against tampa bay's defense. what did we learn about this match-up on the field tonight? >> i think we saw just how difficult it is to do what tom brady has done, how impressive it is. as impressive as patrick mahomes is at just 25 years old, generally thought to be the greatest quarterback in the game
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right now, you're seeing that to be able to do it at that level, to which tom brady does it, toe to toe, is very difficult on the highest stage of them all. you mentioned gronk and brady. remember, brady was the one who got gronk to come out of retirement to come down here to florida. what does the duo do? they win another super bowl again. you have to give credit to the chiefs and patrick mahomes for getting back to this stage. it was no match today. it was showing who truly is the g.o.a.t. >> of course, mahomes has a huge career ahead of him. you talk about that age gap. when brady was born, mahomes' mother was 1 year old. many were worried about tom brady being 43 years old, would he be hurt, would he be limping here? if anybody seemed injured here tonight it was mahomes at 25.
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>> yeah. brady is -- he got to this level with an incorrigible work ethic, level of discipline and sacrifice higher than i've ever seen any pro athlete really. for him to do what he has done for 21 seasons and make it to the super bowl in ten, you go around the league. i played nine years, never sniffed the super bowl. there are guys who are hall of famers who played 14, 15 years who never even made it to a super bowl. we will never see something like this ever again. people would compare patrick mahomes to brady, saying he's on pace to become -- you can't say t that, because he would have to be on pace for two more decades to be able to do what tom brady has done. >> tom brady setting the bar so in incredibly high. you would never know this was his first year playing with the tampa bay buccaneers. incredible win for them and well deserved mvp for tom brady. coy wire, thank you so much. appreciate it.
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so how do you play a super bowl during a pandemic? we found out tonight. here to discuss the precautions, the city and the nfl put in place is cnn correspondent randi kaye from tampa. randi, so much focus was on the fans tonight. i know you were with them as they were watching this game. what did you see in terms of precautions? >> reporter: bianna, we are still with them. they're not taking a lot of precautions, actually. if you take a look at the scene behind me, we're in downtown tampa tonight. you can probably hear the horns honking. people were dancing on top of city buses moments ago. the bars are packed. the clubs are packed. they're not listening to this mask mandate the city put in place. anybody in the event area or around the entertainment must wear a mask or would face up to a $500 fine. that is out the window. we saw a situation where hundreds of people were on the street just last night, not
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wearing masks, not social distancing, going on the dance floors where they're not even supposed to be. we called the city of tampa. i called the mayor's office, who sent me to the police department, and tampa police department told me they are disappointed in the fact that people are not paying attention to the mask mandate. there was a party at a bar and grill, and hotel, where they were supposed to have precautions, mask mandate and temperature check, that's what the west side said for the event. we saw pictures where people were very close, in very close quarters. i spoke to the tampa police department and the spokesman said to me the level of responsibility must be followed or risk being shut down. clearly, a lot of people are having a good time here, but this is a real situation. it's exactly what the officials did not want to happen. that's why they put the mask mandate in place. there are still plenty of people here, as you can see, not wearing masks, coming up to us, not wearing masks. i'm double masked. because they don't want the super bowl to turn into a super
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spreader event, bianna. >> randi, i am just floored. i've not seen one mask other than the two you're wearing right now. good for you. every single person behind you, and all of the video we've seen, there's not been one mask. you would think this was video from a few years ago. what do law enforcement officials expect to do? i know there had been a mandate for masks, that there would be fines issued. how are they possibly going to fine every single person behind you? >> reporter: i don't know. let me step out of the way a little bit even so you can see, as this limo goes by. you can see i'm a few feet from this crowd. when i spoke to the tampa police department, they said they don't know what they're going to do. i asked about the number of citations that have actually been given out or the number of fines that have been given out. they didn't actually answer that question. i don't know how, when you see all these people on the street,
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that they can actually track them down. this is a real situation for the city. not just a safety situation but how do you penalize all these people? there's a city bus sitting here in traffic next to us, and there are probably 10 people dancing on that city bus as it was parked. they got up to the roof of the bus somehow. so, this is a very concerning situation for the city. and i think that the mayor and the police, starting first thing in the morning or even late tonight, will have to answer some questions about what they're going to do about fining these people. >> health officials nightmare. dr. fauci had been warning about this. maybe i've seen about four masks behind you, and that's it. really stunning footage there. everyone wants to celebrate and wants a reprieve but we have to do it safely. this pandemic is not behind us. randi kaye, thank you for being safe with your double mask. we appreciate it. donald trump's second impeachment trial starts in the senate tuesday.
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former u.s. president donald trump's second impeachment trial starts tuesday. the senate will have to decide if he's guilty of inciting a mob at the u.s. capitol. it seems likely that trump will be acquitted for the second time since 17 republicans would have to cross party lines to convict. we still don't know how long the trial will last or if any witnesses will be called. here is what some republican senators are saying about it. >> you think the outcome is predetermined here? >> do i determine? >> yeah. >> everybody -- no, i don't. i think it depends upon that which is presented. >> i think it's clearly unconstitutional to conduct a senate trial with respect to an impeachment. in this case, the impeachment occurred prior to the president's leaving office. my job will be to listen to both sides of this, evaluate the arguments and make a decision.
8:16 pm
>> zero chance of conviction. 45 republicans have said it's not legitimate proceedings. it's really over before it starts. >> house democrats will soon unveil an enhanced child tax credit bill which would give millions of american families an economic boost, part of president biden's covid relief package, totaling nearly $2 trillion. for one year it would provide a tax credit of up to $3600 for each child under the age of 6 and $3,000 credit for children 6 to 17. adopting the president's plan now could quickly speed up job creation. >> i would expect it if this package is passed that we would get back to full employment next year. >> meanwhile, senator bernie sanders continues to push for a minimum wage hike as part of the covid relief plan. >> we've got to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an
8:17 pm
hour. as chairman of the budget committee, we have a roomful of lawyers working as hard as we can to make the case to the parliamentarian that, in fact, waging the minimum wage will have significant budget implications and, in fact, should be consistent with reconciliation rules. >> cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein joins us. good to see you, especially on super bowl night. work on the covid relief package will largely have to take a backseat to the impeachment trial, at least for this week. you can see the republicans make the argument, what do the american people need right now, a second impeachment trial for a former u president or economic relief? what's the best counterargument for democrats and what's the best for president biden? >> first it's unrealistic that full floor action on
8:18 pm
reconciliation package would be starting tomorrow. democrats are hoping to move the process forward fast enough that they could do it in early march. having to go the reconciliation route does add more time. reconciliation, of course, is the special budget rules that allow you to pass things with only 51 votes. if republicans, in fact, were negotiating along the lines of anything like what biden is proposing as opposed to an offer of one-third of what the administration feels is necessary. but once you do reconciliation, you extend the process. secondly, the idea that we can sweep under the rug what happened january 6th, an attempt to overthrow an american election in our history is is not only short sighted, it's dangerous. without establishing consequences for what happened, we run the risk of more of this kind of extremist violence in the months and years ahead. >> and that's why i think in the
8:19 pm
days and even early weeks following the insurrection, there were thoughts that maybe more republicans would actually be on board with convicting the president. now we're a month in, and you see gop senators going on sunday shows and all but confirming what many have assumed now, that there doesn't seem like there's a pathway to conviction. senator cassidy this morning was laying blame with house democrats for, as he put it, rushing to impeach without process, even compared it to a soviet show trial, which i thought was pretty rich. how do house impeachment managers get through to skeptical republicans, or can they? >> it's very hard. first of all, the argument they're making, as you know, has no validity in history. there is precedent for holding an impeachment trial after an official left their position in the 19th century with defense secretary. there's already senate precedent for doing this. the problem the republicans have, and it is a complex one, is that roughly three-quarters
8:20 pm
of their party continues to believe -- of their voters continues to believe that the election was stolen, that donald trump did nothing wrong since the election and republicans who voted with him to try to overturn the election did nothing wrong. and you're seeing the magnetic pull of that, in making more and more of these officials reluctant to cross that and impose any consequences on trump. on the other hand, somewhere between 15 to 20% of the party, depending on the question and poll are alienated by what's happening and do see it as extremism. that's an existential threat to republicans. if anything like those numbers pull away from the party coalition, they would be in a difficult position going forward. >> it's clear that president trump's lawyers will challenge the constitutionality of the trial. those most serious experts would disagree with that argument. "the new york times" is reporting that jamie raskin will now be relying heavily on video as evidence. "the times" had even written if adam schiff's team had produced
8:21 pm
a miniseries at last year's impeachment, is this the right tactic to make, to make it very visual? >> i think it's a tactic to reach the public. but i was struck, as maybe you were, in reading the impeachment managers' brief that they didn't put in a lot of information in there that went beyond what we already know in the press reporting and what we saw publicly. the question is, are they going to reveal more through witnesses or otherwise about what trump did that afternoon? what requests were made of him by, among others, kevin mccarthy. and how did he react to the requests for greater help, reinforcements at the capitol as it was p being overrun? what do we know about contacts between people in the trump orbit and those who carried out the attack on the capitol like roger stone and michael flynn? one question will be do they simply show you to the extent these rioters said and felt they were taking their cue from trump
8:22 pm
and the extent to which they broaden our understanding of exactly what happened that day, which is crucial for the american public regardless of whether there are 17 republicans willing to consider consequences for former president trump. >> that's a great point. one argument for waiting a month now and a few weeks is that you have the opportunity to gather more evidence instead of just the video, the heinous and shocking video, and repeating that for viewers at home and obviously for republicans as well. that is interesting to note whether or not we will see anything new and additional. in terms of republicans who continue to support president trump, lindsey graham being front and center, saying today that trump is still good for the party. just a little rehab and he'll be fine. i don't even know what that's supposed to mean. assuming that trump is acquitted, will the base continue to stick with trump? >> i think a big portion of the republican base, as i have written for years, is motivated, above all, by anxiety about the
8:23 pm
way america is changing, demographically, culturally, economically. two-thirds of economic polling says discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against african-americans. replacing our culture. that's the portion of the republican base that trump has spoken to in a visceral way than any politician, since george wallace at least in 1968. i think those voters will go down the road with him a long way. as we saw through the trump presidency and again in 2020, the price of that is erosion of republicans in the white collar suburbs that they used to dominate. that's what tipped georgia, arizona, marico pa county. that's what tipped pennsylvania, the suburbs of philadelphia. as i said in the beginning, they're caught in between. most of the party is with trump. the part of the coalition that is uneasy with him is plenty
8:24 pm
large enough to do big damage to republicans if they conclude that the party is turning too far toward extremism and that is the conundrum they are caught in. >> with trump not being on twitter anymore, you thought perhaps he had been a bit muted but at least within the party it's anything but. ron brownstein, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. catch our special live coverage of donald trump's second impeachment trial throughout the day on tuesday, right here on cnn. in the race against the covid variants, the u.s. is running behind. more contagious coronavirus is spreading fast. more on that, coming up after the break. and astrazeneca's vaccine rollout in south africa is put on pause. the study behind the health officials' decision. , our bottles are made to be re-made. not all plastic is the same. we're carefully designing our bottles to be one hundred percent recyclable, including the caps. they're collected and separarad from other plastics,
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm bianna golodryga. new england patriots flew more than 175 fans to tampa. the health care workers flew from new england were all among the nearly 8,000 front line heroes who got free tickets to sunday's big game.
8:29 pm
boy, do they deserve it. the more contagious variant of covid-19 first found in the uk is spreading rapidly throughout the u.s. a new study finds cases here are doubling every ten days. according to the centers for disease control, there are nearly 700 cases in 33 states linked to the uk strain. on sunday, the u.s. passed 27 million total cases since the pandemic began. in a cbs news interview, president joe biden blamed the trump administration for the current level of vaccinations. >> one of the disappointments was, when we came into office, is the circumstance relating to how the administration was handling covid was even more dire than we thought. >> the trump administration? >> the trump administration. we thought that there was a lot more vaccine available and it didn't turn out to be the case. so that's why we've ramped up everywhere we k i got a call through commissioner goodell saying we could have all 32 nfl
8:30 pm
stadiums available for mass vaccinations. >> are you going to use them, nfl stadiums? >> absolutely, we will. let me put it this way. i tell my team they're available, and i believe we'll use them. >> meantime, health officials in south africa are pausing the country's rollout of astrazeneca's vaccine. the study indicates it gives minimal protection against mild and moderate cases of the variant first identified there. medical analyst dr. jorge rodriguez joins us live from los angeles. thank you so much for joining us, doctor. let me get your response to the halting of the astrazeneca vaccine in south africa. how big of a setback is that? >> it's a huge setback but i think it's the right thing to do. when the farpharmaceutical comp itself comes out and says their vaccine is not protective against this very contagious and possibly deadly variant, you know that it really isn't working well. they couldn't even create enough what are called neutralizing
8:31 pm
antibodies in 2,000 patients to really say this is going to be effective. for right now, it is definitely the right move. it seems they're working on a new genetically modified vaccine that may and probably will work against this variant. >> so that's the south african variant, which has health officials most alarmed. in terms of the uk variant we've been warned about as well, the variants are here, according to reports. they're becoming more dominant and the vaccines may not be a perfect match. how much is your concern level rising because of that? >> well, my concern level is rising because this virus is mutating so quickly. we're going to have many variants coming along. there have been thousands of mutations. so right now, the two vaccines that have been given to the united states, pfizer and moderna, seem to be effective, highly effective against these variants. the message that needs to keep getting out there is that the
8:32 pm
virus doesn't replicate in air, it has to invade humans to make more virus and that's where mutations happen. even though you don't get sick, if you catch the virus, you are contributing to the mutation of the virus and possibly a much more virulent type of virus. >> making this situation much more complex throughout the world. and it brought me to the conclusion that i think many health experts, including the former cdc director had mentioned as well in that this will likely be here for a while, right? we talk about going back to normal. things will get better. maybe we'll get more acclimated to this virus, but it will be here, similar to a flu. >> right. >> do you think that most americans realize that as well, or do you think there's this end date in sight that's approaching? >> i agree with you. i think they think there is is
8:33 pm
this end date coming at the end of the year, that everything is going to be back to normal. and i don't want to be a debbie downer but, no, it is not. this is going to be around for many, many years in one form or another. hopefully a little more diminished. consider this. even if everybody in the united states get vaccinated, the rest of the world still needs to get vaccinated. there will be variants arising in, i think, the united nations secretary general said today in the southern world. we are not isolated. there will be commerce through parts of the world. there needs to be commerce. it will be probably a slow burn for many years. hopefully, we'll get it contained to a manageable level. >> and businesses, we know, are having to adjust as well. in particular, international travel and much more. we live in a global world where we're connected, as you said, to other countries even if we have people here in the united states vaccinated.
8:34 pm
president biden is pushing to get schools opened. this is front and center and top of mind for millions of american families. he wants to do this in the next 100 days. deals struck in chicago and san francisco. what is the best course of action to keep them safe? we want to keep teachers safe. we want to keep students safe. the evidence does suggest students and teachers can be safe if mitigation is in place, even without a vaccine. but is that going to be enough to convince teachers to come back? >> well, i don't think that is going to be enough to convince teachers to come back but that's not my influence. we need to prioritize teachers getting vaccinated so they feel comfortable and safer to come back to work. and to teach kids. secondly, we need to improve the school environment. school and classes were overcrowded to begin with. somehow, that needs to be worked on immediately. and better ventilation, better
8:35 pm
aeration. you know that's not something that's going to happen overnight. now, another kink in this wheel, or sort of another cog in this wheel is the fact that nobody really knows how these variants which we're talking about are going to be affecting children. in europe there's information that they may be more contagious in children. so, this is a three-dimensional puzzle that is moving at the same time. >> and we don't yet have studies showing us the effects of vaccines on children as well. and that could be months down the road. obviously, this is a number one issue to get students back into the classroom. >> absolutely. >> academically and for the economy. dr. jorge rodriguez, great to talk to you. really enjoyed it. thank you so much. hospitals in texas are dealing with a traumatic surge in covid patients especially along the southern border. ed lavandera spoke with a patient fighting for his life
8:36 pm
and yerng to be reunited with his wife and kids. >> reporter: the coronavirus has held an excruciating grip of jose limon's lungs. even as his voice trails off it's clear he has one thing on his mind. >> i miss, i miss -- i miss my family. >> reporter: all this anxious time alone gives a 60-year-old man time to reflect on what matters most so he thinks a lot about how he loves coaching baseball teams and dressing up as santa claus for kids around his hometown of del rio, texas. he requires round-the-clock oxygen. the desire to reunite with his wife and three children is his motivation. >> get out of here. i'm going to do t i'm going to make it. >> he's a fan favorite up here. he's a super sweet man and keeps you going. >> reporter: lana sanchez has been by his side in the medical center. sanchez has spent the pandemic
8:37 pm
inside this icu, treating the sickest patients. her eyes are often the last thing a patient sees before they're put on a ventilator. >> the worst thing is fear in their eyes right before they're intubated. i think it's that moment of i don't know if i'm going to live. i can't breathe. i think that is something really hard to see. >> reporter: last week the valverde regional medical center allowed cnn inside its covid icu to document the challenges facing their medical teams. clinical coordinator leila savantis tells us they're working on moving a patient for more specialized care, nearly three-hour drive. >> we had to hold off on the transfer until he's a little more stable. >> reporter: this day last week six of the seven beds in the hospital's icu were filled with covid patients. and in a second covid wing, the number of sick jumped from six to 12 in a few days.
8:38 pm
a battle-weary veteran of the coronavirus pandemic. >> we lost a lot of friends. we lost employees, lost family members. i've signed so many death certificates this past year. probably more than my whole career. and that's the worst part of it. >> reporter: the number of people hospitalized in texas by the coronavirus reached record highs in recent weeks. the virus is ravaging the area around laredo, which currently has one of the highest infection rates in the country. dr. cigueroa runs a covid clinic. he's known as the dr. fauci of laredo. he says covid is like an assassin in his town. >> we have a sniper that is on track to kill another thousand before this year is up and we don't fear it? if it were a sniper with a
8:39 pm
rifle, there wouldn't be one parent letting their child out. >> reporter: a week after we saw jose limon in the icu, he fought back and was able to leave the hospital. tears in his eyes as he reunited with his family. another patient needs urgent care, paul perry is being rushed to san antonio for more intensive care. >> might be the last time i see him. i asked if i could see him and they told me you cannot get close. >> reporter: his wife tells us he felt fine the day before. now she's left waving good-bye from a distance. >> i'm scared, not having him come back home to me. >> reporter: ed lavandera, cnn, laredo, texas. >> thanks to ed lavandera for that important reporting. it's been one week since the military coup in myanmar. activists, civilians and the like are taking to the streets, demanding democracy. we'll show you more, straight
8:40 pm
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search and rescue operations are under way in india after a glacier burst, causing flash flooding. 125 people are still missing. the himalayan glacier broke apart and swept way a dam. u.n. secretary general says they
8:44 pm
are ready to assist with efforts. marching across cities in m myanmar for the second straight day. tens of thousands turned out against the military that seized power in a coup one week ago. shouting pro-democracy slogans and demanding the release of leader aung san suu kyi. they're getting support from the u.s. and the pope. paula hancocks has the latest from seoul. what are we seeing on the streets? this is the third straight day of protests. >> reporter: that's right, bianna. what we're seeing is more numbers coming out on to the streets. as you say, it's the third day in a row we're seeing protesters coming out. it does appear to be picking up momentum. what we're seeing today, this monday, is student union-led protests in some cases, we're also seeing teachers, engineers have joined this protest.
8:45 pm
and in addition, some nurses as well, many of them holding up the three-finger salute to show their protest against what the military did just a week ago now, the military coup that happened in myanmar. we're hearing from videos on social media that there are monks who are involved in this as well. many people are cheering, whether they're outside their homes or their businesses, and egging on those on the streets. also seeing a number of cars honking their horns in support as well. what they're really seeing are these numbers on the streets starting to pick up. that was a statement earlier on social media, which has only really been working since sunday afternoon. the military had been blocking the likes of twitter and facebook. it's very difficult for people to get information around. what we're seeing is that they're calling for this not to be a pro nld protest or march.
8:46 pm
the national leader for democracy. it's not about being pro nld. it's about being against the military dictatorship, they say, that's taken their democracy from them. bianna? >> this is a country that has had military unrest and political unrest going back decades. the military hasn't hesitated in the past to turn violent and more aggressive. is there any indication that they may move in that direction now? >> at this point, there isn't. but certainly that is going to be one of the main concerns of peel within myanmar and also those from the outside looking in. there have been many statements from leaders around the world calling on the military to refrain from violence. in fact, we heard that from the u.s. ambassador to myanmar just earlier, saying that aung san suu kyi and the elected leaders need to be released and the military needs to refrain from
8:47 pm
violence. now, of course, the most bloody crackdown we did see was the late 1980s in myanmar. clearly there's been a generational change within the military since that time but, of course, no one knows for sure exactly how far they would go to try and quell these protests. as of now, though, they do appear to be largely peaceful. >> let's hope they say that way. as we know, president biden says he is paying close attention to what's unfolding there as with well. paula hancocks, thanks so much for your reporting. we appreciate it. >> turning back to the u.s., the weeknd didn't disappoint with this year's super bowl halftime show. we'll break down his performance. plus a special pregame performance from star poet amanda gorman. we'll be right back.
8:48 pm
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♪ well this year's super bowl halftime show had everything you could ask for, bright lights, fireworks, and football field full of dancers. the weeknd performed, and there were no surprise guests though. only members of the weeknd's production team were involved due to covid protocols.
8:52 pm
our entertainment reporter joins me now with more. so khloe it's the weekend spent $7 million of his own 347b f for -- money for tonight's show. did his investment pay off? >> look, i wish i could tell you it did. and i'm a fan of the weeknd. so people don't hate me. people are taking to social media saying he didn't deliver and it was visually chaotic. i'm not saying i completely agree with is that assessment but he is getting harsh cr criticism and people poking fun of the camera work, saying it was making them dizzy but i want y'all to take a listen to a little bit of his performance. ♪
8:53 pm
♪ >> i mean, look, when you compare it to last year with jennifer lopez, shakira, and 2015 lenny kravitz who i caught up with recently, you know, this is a show lenny was telling me everything is about precision and it's really timed, it's a tough stage to take. i think he did pull his own. again, is he one of the greatest halftime performers up there with rolling stones, madonna or beyonce, not sure he makes the top ten cut to be honest. >> i think the gold goes to prince. >> yeah. >> topping his performance i think is impossible. i'm an outlier, i'm a huge fan of the weeknd. i watched this and purposely didn't look at social media and i enjoyed it. did it wow me, no, but i thought he did a good job.
8:54 pm
it was interesting to turn to twitter and see people really tearing this apart, sorry i don't have better words to say. but in terms of other performances in the past, i mean, it's hard to beat somebody like prince. it's hard to beat somebody like bruno mars. where would you rank this one? >> i mean, look, i'm not going to put it in the top ten, but again, i remember going to see the weeknd at coachella many years ago when he was just starting out. i'm a big fan of his and "blinding lights " played it all summer long. amanda gorman blew everybody away, the first poet to do the super bowl, she did a poem paying homage to three real life heroes, a teacher, a nurse and a
8:55 pm
u.s. marine corps veteran and twitter erupted with praise from kerry washington, to billie jean king, saying amanda gorman shines again. this is a woman where all eyes are on her and she really can do no wrong. she's so incredibly talented. >> she made me think why don't we hear poetry at every football game. it just worked. she's so magical, she can make a poem out of just about anything. the talent that woman has is just breathtaking. any other viral moments we'll be talking about at water cooler, at zoom meetings, calls. >> g-chat, slack, everything like that. >> right. >> here is the ad that everybody is talking about. you know, one of the reasons to tune into the super bowl is for the commercials. this year, you know, big companies, some pulling out,
8:56 pm
deciding not to advertise, but that bwas not the case for jeep. he went to the boss, bruce bruce springsteen and you tacked about how this country is polarized from social justice, politics, just completely divided and calling for unity that's what people are talking about. >> yeah really poignant. so much to talk about, thank you for wrapping up some of it with us, always great to have your perspective really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that wraps this hour of ""cnn newsroom"" back in just a moment with more news. what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? tah-dah, it's neutrogena® with derm-proven retinol,
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trump on trial again. the senate gears up for a historic second impeachment proceeding but with republicans backing the former president, conviction looks unlikely. tom brady leaves no doubt he's the greatest of all time, quarterbacking the tampa bay buccaneers to super bowl victory landing a 7th win for himself. >> plus protest in myanmar,