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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  February 9, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's tuesday, february 9th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york, and in just a few hours the historic second impeachment trial of former president donald trump begins in the u.s. senate. unlike his first trial, this time the jurors are also the victims. 100 senators will confront the violent and deadly riot at their workplace and decide whether trump must answer for inciting the mob. unwilling to confront the facts,
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many senate republicans are leaning on process claiming the trial is unconstitutional because trump is no longer president, a claim that's dubious at best zpl overnight a sobering reminder of just who trump is accused of inciting. a virginia man who faces conspiracy charges claims in a court filing he worked for the fbi and held a top secret security clearance for decades. security at the capitol was extra tight for the trial. national guard troops still patrol the outside of the capitol complex. house impeachment managers are flanked by a security detail. officials aren't tracking any security threats but enhanced precautions are in place out of an abundance of caution. what will this trial look like and how long will it last? cnn's jim acosta had details. >> reporter: christine and laura, senate democrats and republicans have reached a deal on the time line of the trial. under the agreement, the senate will vote on the constitutional
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role of holding a trial. then we will see 16 hours of arguments over two days from both sides meaning this trial could potentially continue until early next week before a vote on conviction or acquittal. he's been out of office down here in florida. he's reaching out to allies and advisers telling them he believes he'll be acquitted because there aren't enough republicans to vote to convict him in his trial. in the meantime, senate majority leader chuck schumer has a deal on how this will play out. here's more of what he has to say. >> the structure we have agreed to is eminently affair. it will allow the trial to achieve its purpose. truth and accountability following the despicable attack on january the 6th. there must, there must be truth and accountability if we are going to move forward, heal, and bring our country together once again. sweeping something as momentous as this under the rug brings no healing whatsoever.
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>> reporter: sources tell us trump has been fixated on punishing republican lawmakers who voted to impeach him in the house. trump advisor says he sees his efforts as seeking, quote, accountability. christine and laura? >> jim, thank you so much for that. the trump legal team has withdrawn its request to recess the impeachment trial on the 7th. that could shorten the length of the trial by a day. yet pre-trial defense filings suggest the trial is shaping up for disputes over basic facts. the former president's lawyers plan to argue their client did not incite the capitol riot but they gloss over the fact that he used the actual word fight close to 20 times during his pre-riot rally. the lawyers also noted that trump told rioters to go home but it took the ex-president hours to release that video. and it's the same one where he said the election was stolen from us and told the rioters, we love you and you're very special. one former senior official tells cnn the president was, quote,
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loving watching the capitol mob. the partisan fallout faces a real challenge for president biden as he's on a mission to conquer multiple crises as the trial unfolds. jasmine white is live at the white house. nice to see you. advisers acknowledge the next two weeks will be dominated once again by trump, but they think there will be an opening for president biden to make a case for covid relief outside of washington. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. the white house is really digging in and president biden will be pushing his $1.9 trillion covid relief bill that is as congress turns to the senate impeachment trial of former president trump. now president biden will continue to sell this plan outside of d.c., as you mentioned, he'll be talking to mayors, governors, business leaders all across the country. but one thing one advisor tells cnn that the president won't be doing is watching a lot of tv,
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watching a lot of tv on this impeachment trial. >> the president himself would tell you that we keep him pretty busy and he has a full schedule this week. i think it's clear from his schedule and from his intention he will not spend too much time watching the proceedings, if any time, over the course of the week. he will remain closely in touch with speaker pelosi, leader schumer, a range of officials about his plan and that's exactly what they want him to do, remain focused on that. >> reporter: now the white house is trying not to make any headlines on impeachment. president biden was asked about it multiple times by reporters and continued to say it is up for congress to decide the outcome. but going back to the bill specifically, we're starting to see some outlines of how the actual legislation could look. yesterday house democrats revealed that $1400 direct payment check to americans and they rejected a republican proposal to narrow who is
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eligible to receive this bill. so as it stands in this proposal yesterday, those who make up to $75,000, couples up to $150,000 can receive the full payment and that begins to phase out and caps off for single people who make $100,000 and couples who make $200,000. laura? >> all right. jasmine, thanks so much for laying all of that out. we'll see you back in a little bit. a new report finds raising the federal minimum wage would give 27 million workers a raise and pull 900,000 people out of poverty, but at a cost. the congressional budget office says raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would increase the federal budget deficit by $54 billion over a decade. the minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 for more than a decade. voters in many cities have passed laws themselves to raise
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the minimum wage. the report found raising the wage would help lower income americans, many essential workers, people of color and women. president biden included a way to increase in his american rescue plan. the measure has run into resistance including senator joe manchin who wants a smaller increase and others say raising it during a pandemic is not the right time. democrats work to fast track some of the other parts of the package. >> does it have to be an either/or. does it have to be the case that jobs are lost for sure? >> the economic theory is when you raise the wage it costs businesses more to make the product they're doing or the service and they pass that onto the consumer and that cuts demand. but there have been cases where in some cities and states where they've raised the minimum wage in a strong economy and jobs go up and wages go up. so i'm watching these states and localities state by state because they've been doing it without really any negative
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new overnight. pfizer announcing it has ramped up production in the last month to double the amount of vaccine it can make in a single batch. right now it takes 110 days to produce 1 to 3 million doses of the vaccine. the company expects the time to go down to 60 days. the coronavirus variants still a big concern. the u.s. is seeing market improvement. fewer than 87,000 cases were reported on monday. now that's still a lot. it's still too much, but it's the lowest daily number since the beginning of november and as cases go down, vaccinations are up. about 10% of the u.s. population
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has now received at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly 3/4 of what's been shipped has been used. cnn's erica hill reports for us. >> reporter: christine and laura, good morning. cases and hospitalizations continue to move in the right direction. that's the good news. cdc director or stressing now i not the time to get complacent. >> though cases are dropping, i'm asking everyone to please keep your guard up. the continued proliferation of variants remains of great concern and is a threat that could reverse the recent positive trends we are seeing. >> reporter: keep in mind more than 30 states are reporting cases of the variant first identified in the u.k. while dr. walensky says the cdc is stepping up, it's tracking efforts for the variants. experts stress the best way to beat them is to boost vaccination. there's improvement on that front. the u.s. averaging $1.4 million
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doses a day. more mass vaccination sites. citi field will open on wednesday morning with a focus on not just queens residents but also in taxi drivers and food service and delivery workers. one other note, some questions about domestic air travel after transportation secretary pete buttigieg said there is a, quote, active conversation with the cdc about requiring negative tests. in response, cdc director dr. walensky said if the capability was there, it would be in her words another mitigation measure but they stressed this is just not the time to travel. christine and laura, back to you. >> erica hill, thank you for that. republican congressman ron wright of texas has become the highest ranking u.s. official to die of coronavirus. wright's office said the congressman was admitted to baylor hospital after contracting the virus on january 21st.
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his wife susan who was also hospitalized with covid was by his side when he died. he was battling cancer. president biden remembered him as a fighter and vowed to beat the virus in his memory. about 15 minutes after the hour. news into cnn about the origins of the coronavirus. our nick peyton walsh monitoring what the world health organization and chinese officials are saying right now. nick, what's happening? >> reporter: interesting developments here. this is a key w.h.o. investigation into where coronavirus came from. now obviously the accepted story until this point by most people has been that it emerged in china from wuhan from a seafood market where a super spreader event has occurred. there are a lot of studies saying it may have emerged before that, possibly coming from bats into humans. why is it important to find out the real source? to stop this from happening again. we've just been listening to a key press conference at the end
2:16 am
of a two-week long mission by the w.h.o. in china finally to try to work out the answer to this question. first of all, we heard from the top chinese expert that's working with the w.h.o. on this. i paraphrase here. there are some caveats, but essentially this chinese expert said that all the studies they did of samples of cases of infl influenza, other things looking for the possibility that they missed an earlier emergence of this virus before december 2019, they say they concluded there was no substantial evidence that it began before december. that's important because it suggests the chinese didn't drop the ball so to speak earlier. importantly too the same chinese top official goes on to point to the qanon seafood market. some of the contamination could have been from cold food chain.
2:17 am
not necessarily live animals. that's important because it feeds into a broader chinese state government narrative that we've been hearing quite a lot over the past few months. that leads china to say maybe it wasn't from china, it was from outside of china. that potentially also feeds into something else we just heard in the press conference, suggestion there may have been unreported cases of sars cov 2. that's the technical name for the novel coronavirus, could he indi -- covid-19. they may have come from unreported regions outside of china. there has been some corroboration of some chinese preliminary findings by saying what they discovered has not substantially changed what they thought happened in china with the origins of the virus december 2019. china is essentially pushing out
2:18 am
a narrative that suggests maybe it was frozen food. maybe it came from somewhere that wasn't china and also we saw nothing, we did noga miss ahead of december 2019. all very important here because, remember, the former trump administration suggested in fact a laboratory leak or they had no evidence to back that up. this vital question being answered here by what sounds thus far to be a pretty pro china narrative. back to you. >> let you get back to listening to that world health organization briefing. thank you so much for that, nick. social media has been a haven for misinformation, including about vaccines. facebook now says it's going to make changes, but the question is how can they be enforced. blows. tio so dad bought puffs plus lotion, and rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. (man) so when in doubt, just say, "let me talk to my manager."
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facebook is taking another shot at fixing its antivaccine problem. facebook says it's cracking down on claims that vaccines including covid vaccines are not effective. that's something ceo mark zuckerberg said the company would not do. given facebook's past failures, the obvious question is whether it will be able to effectively enforce the latest restrictions. cnn's done o'sullivan has the latest. >> reporter: deja vu. facebook announced on monday that it is going to take further action against antivaccine misinformation on its platform. now this all came just a day after cnn published an investigation where it found that the company, including its platform instagram, was recommending very prominently in
2:24 am
search anti-vaccine accounts. facebook has been dealing with this issue for a very, very long time. we have seen anti-vaccine misinformation on the platform and instagram for years. so while this is a welcome move that facebook is cracking down in this way, a lot of people will rightfully be asking why just now, why are they only taking these steps more than a year into this pandemic knowing that there would be a vaccine rollout across this country and around the world. while the company has made announcements like this in the past and as cnn has shown in its recent reporting, you know, antivaccine misinformation was all across the platform. whether these new steps they are taking will actually work, it will remain to be seen. we, of course, will be keeping an eye on it. christine and laura. >> done, thank you for that. sad news to report this morning, motown legend mary
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wilson has died. ♪ baby love, my baby love ♪ ♪ we missing ya ♪ ♪ miss kissing ya ♪ >> she was a founding member of the motown group the supremes. she rose to fame in the 1960s with a number of hits. wilson is called a trail blazer. her publicist said she passed away suddenly monday night at her home in las vegas. she was 76 years old. it's so hard when you hear all of these songs, it makes you think about what's your favorite one. there's so many to pick from. >> there are too many to choose. larger than life. what a contribution to american history and american pop culture. amazing. >> an icon for sure. we'll be right back.
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it's our nature.™ try the body wash, too. good morning. welcome back to "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. it's just about 30 minutes past the hour this tuesday morning. in just a few hours the historic second impeachment trial of former president trump begins in the u.s. senate. this time the jurors are also the victims. the trial is at the scene of the crime. 100 senators will confront the deadly january 6th riot on their workplace and decide whether trump must answer for inciting that mob. >> senators finally have a deal on the time line of the trial, but they still disagree on whether they should even hold it at all. so the first vote of the day will be on the constitution acoy of whether they can impeach a
2:31 am
former president. then there will be up to 16 hours of questioning for each side. here's the senate majority leader. >> following the despicable attack on january the 6th, there must, there must be truth and accountability if we are going to move forward, heal, and bring our country together once again. sweeping something as momentous as this under the rug brings no healing whatsoever. >> now a handful of republicans do agree with that, including congressman adam kinsinger. he voted to impeach president trump in the house. he's urging his senate colleagues to hold him accountable as well. he writes this isn't a waste of time. it's a matter of accountability. if the gop doesn't take a stand, the chaos of the past few months and the past four years could quickly return. the future of our party and our country depends on confronting what happened so it doesn't happen again. the president's legal team
2:32 am
said the trial is political theater. they argue when he told the crowd to fight about 20 times he was talking in the figurative sense even though video from the rally clearly shows people taking cues directly from the former president. overnight a sobering reminder of just who trump is accused of inciting. we learned a virginia man, a member of a right wing extremist group who already faces conspiracy charges claims in a court filing he worked for the fbi and held a top secret security clearance for decades. security at the capitol extra tight for this trial. the price tag for protecting the trial after the riot 483 million taxpayer dollars. president biden is leaving impeachment to the senate. he wants to keep the focus on recovering from the pandemic. jasmine wright is live at the white house. jasmine, we got new details late yesterday about two big components, the stimulus checks and child tax credit could be huge for families.
2:33 am
tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. as the senate turns to the impeachment trial, they are working to markup the $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill. house democrats on the stimulus check, they rejected a republican proposal to narrow who qualified for that $1400 payment. that proposal said singles who make $75,000, couples who may $150,000 would still get the $1400 payment. that would begin to phase out capping at singles who make $100,000 and couples who make $200,000. on that child tax credit as you mentioned, laura, dems would give millions of families a child tax credit for one year starting in july and that would be $3600 per child under 6 and $3,000 for a child from 6 to 7.
2:34 am
that again starts single parents who make $75,000 would get that full payment and it would begin to phase out by then. again, laura, i just want to be clear that these are just proposals and it is a long way until these things are passed if they are even passed. >> fair enough. jasmine, questions have also been raised about whether the former president should be given a privilege that other presidents have, intelligence briefings. now the security concern, of course, is that former president trump might say something or eventually tweet something if he ever gets back on twitter that he shouldn't. there's been some back and forth about this. what's the white house saying now? >> reporter: well, if president trump were not able to receive those intelligence briefings, that would be a break from tradition. as we know, it is a courtesy afforded to former presidents once they leave office. president biden said in an
2:35 am
interview on sunday on cbs that he didn't think trump should continue receiving it. the white house is walking that back a little bit with white house press secretary jen psaki saying that decision ultimately is going to be left with those intelligence officials. >> feel the need to walk this back. >> he was raising his concern about president trump receiving access to intelligence. he has deep trust in his own intelligence team to make a determination about how to provide intelligence information. that's not currently applicable, but if he should request a briefing, he leaves it to them to make a determination. >> reporter: now as for my colleague kaitlyn collins, if president trump has requested a briefing jen psaki said not that she knows of. laura? >> yeah. this may never even come up if president trump doesn't even want the briefing. they may not have to deal with
2:36 am
this. you know, some people who even were in his own administration have cast out whether he should receive those briefings. we will have to wait and see. jasmine, thank you. 35 minutes past the hour. stocks hit record highs again monday. wall street is not main street, but there is one sign average americans and places they bank are starting to benefit. regional bank shares are soaring. they make money from deposits, mortgages, small business loans different from wall street banks. big wall street banks do significant business in stock and bond rating. a hot housing market, banks are lending more and they're taking more money in from deposits and savings. the personal savings rate was 14% in december. it was just 7.6% at the start of 2020 before the pandemic hit. for many consumers the security of a federally secure bank account despite low interest rates is more appealing than rolling the dice in the stock
2:37 am
market. the changeover is typical when administrations switch but two key trump era attorneys are not included. one in delaware overseeing the tax investigation into the president's son, hunter biden, and also john durham who is appointed as special counsel by bill bar to look into the origins of the russia probe. alabama senator richard shelby announcing he will not run for re-election in 2022 after 42 years in congress. the 86-year-old republican joins several other high profile gop senators who said they won't run again in 2022 including pat toomey, rob portman. it's unlikely democrats will be able to capture shelby's red seat. to the pandemic now, new signs more kids in big cities
2:38 am
could be back in school soon. new york city students who have opted for in-person learning will return to classrooms on february 25th. in california governor gavin newsom said a deal to reopen schools is going to be announced shortly. the governor clarified teachers have been prioritized to receive the coronavirus vaccine and for the first time in 11 months students in chicago could be on the verge of heading back to class. cnn has reporters covering the latest from coast to coast. i'm adrian broddus in chicago. on monday the chicago teacher's union house of delegates voted to send a proposed agreement to its general membership for a union-wide vote. this comes one day after the city's mayor announced a tentative agreement that would pave the way for some students to start returning to the classroom over the next few weeks. >> reporter: i'm pete muntean in
2:39 am
washington. delta will keep middle seats empty through the middle of april. that's an extension that was set to expire at the end of next month. it's a policy other airlines have done away with. jetblue, southwest, american and united are no longer capping capacity on their flights. delta insists that more space gives customers more peace of mind when traveling. >> reporter: i'm natasha chen. florida governor ron desantis has a plan to vaccinate seniors in their home. the governor launched the pilot program last week with the vaccination of holocaust survivors. on monday three veterans of the 1961 bay of pigs invasion received their covid-19 vaccine. desantis said the dpoel is to vaccinate 200 seniors a day, 7 days a week reaching those in areas where fewer people may have been inoculated.
2:40 am
>> reporter: i'm erica hill in new york wherein door dining will return two days earlier than planned. governor cuomo announcing restaurants asked to open before valentine's day in order to prepare for the holiday. now they'll open friday instead of sunday at 25% capacity. >> reporter: i'm diane gallagher in north carolina. the tobacco road rivalry, duke versus unc brings out the fans. unfortunately this year was no exception as fans of the tar heels flooded franklin street in chapel hill after their victory on saturday night. the chancellor of the university of north carolina sending a letter to students saying that he was disappointed and had already received hundreds of complaints to the student affairs department about people in violation of the covid-19 community standards. he stated if anybody is found in violation they could face disciplinary action. >> all right.
2:41 am
families who have lost loved ones to the virus have a place to turn. schumer and ocasio-cortez introducing $2 billion in special fema funds for the families. they announce reimbursements of $7,000. it starts january 20th last year to december 31st. schumer says he and the congresswoman are working to keep the program running through the rest of the pandemic. in florida, the fbi, the secret service and local sheriff are all investigating after they say someone tried to poison the water treatment system in the city of olsmar west of tampa. a hacker gained access to the computer system last friday and they adjusted the level of sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, to a dangerously high level. >> somebody hacked into the system, not just once but twice, and controlled the system, took control of the mouse, moved it around, opened the program and
2:42 am
changed the levels from 100 to 1 11, 100. it's not limited to water supply, it could be sewer systems, a whole variety of things. it could really be problem ma zblik thankfully the system operator noticed the intrusion and immediately restored the sodium hydroxide to the normal level. there was no significant adverse effect to the water supply and the public was never in danger. we'll be right back.
2:43 am
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i said sit!
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welcome back. 46 minutes past the hour. hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen money to operate a rogue nuclear program. a u.n. program says north korea is still developing the ballistic and nuclear missile programs despite years of pressure from outside and from
2:47 am
within. will ripley joins us from hong kong. you've reported extensively from north korea. what does all of this mean? >> well, the bottom line, christine, is that the covid-19 pandemic probably has had more impact on north korea's economy than 15 years of u.n. sanctions, since 2006, because north korea has found very creative ways and illegal ways to get around the sanctions according to the new u.n. report. they say north korea's cyber army is alive and well stealing $316 million through online hacking operations, stealing from financial institutions, stealing bitcoin, the currency that's untraceable. a lot of that cash going to develop new kinds of intercontinental ballistic missiles, medium range missiles and submarine launch missiles. this report says that north korea has the capability to put miniaturized warheads on many of
2:48 am
those missiles. what's unclear is whether they have the ability to launch an icbm up into space and have it intact with the warhead intact upon re-entry. something critical for an often repeated threat from north korea. . what this means is the incoming biden administration could face a huge diplomatic challenge if kim jong-un tests these weapons. they're getting help from an old partner, iran and north korea teaming up, according to the u.n., basically sharing not only information but also supplying each other with critical missile components, christine. >> will ripfully, thank you very much. back in the u.s., a tragic freak accident at a baby shower in michigan. a small cannon fired off exploded into the crowd instead spraying shrapnel everywhere. police say 26-year-old evan thomas silva, a friend of the family was struck in the chest
2:49 am
and later died at the hospital. michigan state police are investigating. another death from an avalanche in the u.s. a veteran washington state trooper was killed an hour from seattle. one person was able to dig himself out. just last week 14 people died in avalanches in the u.s. the deadliest week on record. scientists say the reason is climate change. a school in utah facing some backlash here for parents opting out of celebrating black history month. it says it offered the opt out because parents requested it. the school has since removed the option and says it will handle future parental concerns on an individual basis. a driver in wisconsin is lucky to be alive this morning after his truck careened off a bridge plunging about 70 feet to the road below. look at that. geez. authorities found the truck upright in the distress lane.
2:50 am
authorities say the driver did not show any signs of impairment. >> unbelievable. let's look at markets around the world this tuesday morning. you can see asian shares closed higher. the shanghai composite up 2%. europe has opened just narrowly lower in the u.s. stock index futures after a record high day yesterday are giving back a little bit this morning. in that ongoing main street/wall street disconnect, record highs to start the week. investors looking at global oil prices. global oil prices fully recovered hitting their highest level since january 2020. president biden will not lift sanctions against iran to get the country back to the negotiating table. prices have been on the up swing thanks to optimism around the coronavirus vaccine. chevron is synonymous with the oil and gas industry. chevron ceo says it plans to focus on renewable natural gas, carbon capture and hydrogen. by the year 2040 it says it made
2:51 am
not be an oil first company. american oil companies have been more reluctant than european rivals to shift away from fossil fuels. big oil facing big pressure from washington, climate activists and wall street to evolve. already betting on clean energy, tesla betting big on bitcoin. it says customers may be able to use it to buy a car. tesla invested 1$1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency in an evident to invest cash in alternative assets. bitcoin soared to higher levels. elon musk has a history, of course, in the alternative payment industry. he's one of the co-founders of paypal. musk, who has faced sec scrutiny in the past, has encouraged people to invest in cryptocurrency like bitcoin. rob gronkowski says his team's super bowl win on sunday was one of the greatest
2:52 am
accomplishments in sports history. andy scholes is here. andy, you got to speak with gronk yesterday. >> yeah. >> i'm sure he was still basking in the glory of that win. >> he sure was. he told me he only slept a few hours before he headed over to disney world to celebrate that super bowl title. i asked gronk how long he and brady are going to go at this now down in tampa. he said he's year to year but brady, he thinks brady may play forever. this was gropg's fourth super bowl title and he said the way it all came together with him coming out of retirement to reunite with brady and them winning it all again is one of the greatest sports stories ever. >> buccaneers, they haven't been to the playoffs since 2007. they haven't even won a playoff game since 2002. they just had a lot of talent on their team and tom brady just being with one team and going down to tampa, myself coming out of retirement to join the buccaneers, it was just an
2:53 am
unbelievable story. it was epic, man. now i'm here at walt disney world as super bowl lv champion and it feels great, dawg. it feels great. >> gronk, brady, the rest of the buccaneers have since won a trip to the white house. jen psaki said they will receive an invite from president biden when it's covid safe. she said the nba champion lakers will also be invited to meet with the president. no nba team visited the white house during the trump administration. some weren't invited at all. lebron, lakers, the thunder last night, oklahoma city up by 11 in the fourth. lakers came storming back. 8-0 run. lebron finishing with 128 points, triple double. lakers win their fifth in a row, 119-112. finally, incredible ending to the south carolina/utah game. number one versus number two.
2:54 am
star freshman becker a fadeaway three as the shot clock expires. ball hits the rim. goes way up and then you see it bounce in. scored 30 points, third straight game. that's something no other huskies player had ever done in the program storied history. utah won 63-69. football season officially over. we're getting closer and closer to march madness. >> i love that a freshman was able to do that. so great for her. >> andy, thanks so much for joining us. march madness right around the corner. wahoo! >> thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
2:55 am
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house democrats making their final preparations in a case expected to vividly detail the deadly insurrection at the capitol last month. >> i think it's beyond the senate's constitutional authority to have an impeachment proceeding. >> there must be truth and accountability if we are going to move forward, heal and bring your country together once again. president biden focussed primarily on one thing -- covid relief. >> things are better, but baby, it ain't over yet, not by a long shot. >> the continued proliferation of variants remains great concern. >> we have enormous crises and we have to pasth


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