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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  February 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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usa! >> the senate will convene as a court of impeachment. >> this cannot be the future of america. >> we are really here because the majority in the house of representatives does not want to face donald trump as a political rival in future. >> this false claims about election fraud, that was the drumbeat being used to inspire, instigate. >> the president's remarks explicitly encouraged those in attendance to exercise their rights, peacefully and patriotically. >> the children of the insurrectionists, even the violent, dangerous ones, they're our children, too. they are americans and we must take care of them and their
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future. >> the yays are 57, the nays are 43. the senate adjudges that the defendant, donald trump, former president of the united states, is not guilty of the articles of impeachment. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm pamela brown in washington. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are in the cnn newsroom on this saturday evening. just a few hours ago, the senate voted to acquit former president donald trump for the second time. the overall outcome was expected. but the vote itself, was rather surprising. the 57 guilty votes were more than predicted, because seven republicans broke with their party to convict. and that makes the result the most bipartisan impeachment conviction vote in history. for context, mitt romney was the only republican who voted to con convict in the first impeachment trial.
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he voted to convict again today. 43 republicans voted against holding president trump accountable for the attack on january 6. the seven defections are a testament brought by impeachment managers. one of them joins me now. pennsylvania congresswoman madeleine dean. congresswoman dean, thank you for coming on. >> pamela, thank you for having me. >> seven republicans voted guilty. that is historic. but you needed ten more for a conviction. what was the lesson here for people who think there was no accountability or that this was a waste of time because the result was reordained? >> i was thinking a lot about the gravity of this day, the week's work, both in the senate, as well as the defense attorneys. i was in the chamber at the time of the vote, and what the senate said to me was extraordinary courage, doing the right thing in the face of extraordinary,
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damning evidence against a president who incited a riot against a co-equal branch of government. when his own vice president was presiding. so i see that history will remember, and i think will ever record the evidence, the facts, and the damning dereliction of duty by a president of the united states. and so i thank the seven republican senators who voted guilty, literally stood, i think you maybe saw the sadness and solemnity of it, as senators stood and said guilty or not guilty. >> so why do you think 43 republican senators voted to acquit? do you think democrats could have done more to get more republicans on board? >> i have a confidence that we could not have done more. think about it, every single
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person in that room were a witness to the insurrection and to the incitement by a president over weeks and months. so i have every confidence that we did everything we could do. what does that say about the other 43? i'm going to leave that for history to decide. but i'm very mindful of the opening prayer of the chaplain, and maybe you think back on it, too. the chaplain so beautifully and wise and eloquent and full of faith, and i'm a person of faith. and he focused on the notion of truth. what i think the other 43 maybe lost focus on was truth. and maybe they were focused on something else. i am contented that we did the very best job we could do. i have to tell you what an honor it's been to be part of this team, a team of nine who worked so beautifully together, under
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the leadership that gave us that entire confidence. >> some of those gop senators who voted to convict, they're already facing backlash from their constitch wents. -- constituents. most republicans still operating out of fear of president trump and the republican base, do you think? i know you said history will decide, but what do you think? >> i can't imagine that one would run from the office of the united states senate to be a senator of my commonwealth or any state in the union and worry more about his or her political future than the protection of the constitution. the recognition of the truth that this president was not only derelict in his duty, but was guilty of incredible, highest crimes and misdemeanors.
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so i have a problem with some notion that this should be political. this has to do with our oath. this vote has to do with our constitution. this vote has to do, what are you telling your constituents back home that you believe in? you need to believe in public service and the oath, and the president must uphold his oath, or what in god's name is that oath worth? >> what was going through your mind with mitch mcconnell on that note? because he actually said he didn't vote to convict because of the constitution. he felt like he didn't have the power of the constitution to do so. but he basically laid out, he reiterated your case that the president incited the insurrection at the capitol building. as you're listening to him, what was going through your mind? >> the comments were puzzling to me. they were strong in damnation of the president's actions and
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words inciting an insurrection and attack on our capitol and left five people and then more dead. that left hundreds injured. that left capitol police officers wounded, injured, losing fingers, losing an eye. that left custodians to clean up the mess, the shattered glass, the splintered wood, the blood-stained floors. so what was going through my mind with mitch mcconnell was, on the one hand he said absolutely the managers proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt. he said it was a clear der elel -- dereliction by this president, but his cast his vote on a technicality. but it's technicality that doesn't exist, because the senate voted that they had jurisdiction over this. >> yeah, it's interesting,
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because senator burr pointed that out. he said i don't think this was constitutional. i voted it was unconstitutional. but once that was settled by the senate, looking at the facts, i voted to convict. congresswoman madeleine dean, thank you for coming on. >> thanks for having me. good night. i want to bring in our cnn reporter. this historic trial and now acquittal is not the only thing on president trump's legal radar right now. what else is going on? >> reporter: there are a lot of issues that the former president is facing. this week, that really escalated in georgia, the fulton county district attorney announcing they are opening a criminal investigation into the former president's efforts to overturn the elections, specifically they're looking at the phone call he had with the secretary of state in which he asked him to find the votes, find enough vote tols overturn the election. that is just one of the criminal investigations. another one is in manhattan, the district attorney is investigating the president and his company.
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it's a broad, wide ranging investigation looking at everything from violations of tax fraud to misleading lepp ddor -- lendors and financial institutions. in addition, there are all these civil lawsuits, as well. in washington, d.c., the district attorney there has filed a lawsuit against the trump organization saying that they misused some of the funds that were raised for donald trump's inauguration. in addition, he's also working with the department of justice and looking at the riot and looking to see if there is any local rules and laws that he could potentially bring charges against the former president. but in addition, there are also the two civil lawsuits that were brought by women who have accused the former president of sexual assault. those were defamation lawsuits stemming from the president's denial of their claims. those lawsuits are going forward. in one of those cases, one of the women who had accused the president, she said that he raped her if a department store in the mid '90s.
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she wants to obtain his dna. so the president, the former president is going to continue to face a lot of legal issues. some of them could potentially have impacts on his freedom, but also will likely affect him financially. pamela? >> all right. thanks for breaking it down for us. coming up on this saturday evening, the louisiana republican party censured senator bill cassidy for voting to convict president trump. so what is next for the party? i'll talk live with two republicans on opposite sides of the impeachment debate. congressman turner and former congressman charlie dent. we'll be right back. ♪ snemd
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for every just to be sure, it's got to be tide antibacterial fabric spray. this trial wasn't about choosing country over party, even not that. this was about choosing country over president trump. and 43 republican members chose president trump. >> that's the second time donald trump dodges an impeachment. critics forced them to square off against loyalists. is it enough to launch a third party? joining me now is ohio republican congressman turner
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who voted against impeaching trump. and former congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania, who resigned before the end of his second term and says president trump should have been convicted. all right, i want to start, great to see you both. thanks for coming on together. i think this is important to hear from both of you. and i want to get your reaction to the stunning statement from mitch mcconnell after he voted to acquit. he said this -- >> president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. no question about it. former president trump's actions preceding the riot for a disgraceful, disgraceful dereliction of duty. >> all right. so congressman turner, i first want to go to you. you just heard from mitch mcconnell.
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he said this was a dereliction of duty and disgraceful and went on and on, basically agreeing with the house manager's case that president trump incited the insurrection. he voted not to convict, but did you agree with what he said there about president trump's behavior, that it was a der election of duty? >> most people were shocked by the president's behavior and horrified by the pictures of that day and what occurred there and the criminal prosecutions johngoing. what's important, though, and you said the constitution is not a technicality. and it's not a procedural issue. the constitution never conte contemplated that a speaker of the house would take a resolution to impeach without any hearings or discussions or debate, and send that over to the senate. we saw that turmoil that happened today, because that ground work had not been done. there was the discussion of having witnesses or not having witnesses. you have a not surprising outcome, because they basically did news clips and twitter
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feeds, and these just not sufficient evidence, not sufficient process. at one point, you had the house managers say we gave him due process, we gave him the ability to give exculpatory evidence or show up. that's not due process. due process is the ability to question witnesses and test the evidence. that's not what happened here. >> but even mitch mcconnell said that there was due process by delaying the trial until after president trump was in office. continueman dent, i want to get your reaction to what we heard. you think that this was a slam dunk case to convict president trump, right? >> i did think it was a slam dunk case, and i agree with what senator mcconnell said. mike turner is one of the more thoughtful members of whom i served with in congress. i do have a great deal of respect for him. but i would say this, many republicans want a clean break from donald trump and trumpism. that has become abundantly clear, and mitch mcconnell has sent that signal very cheerily.
6:18 pm
the challenge right now for the republican party, it has to cleanse itself from some of these extreme elements that have gained a toe hold. it's really imperative for the republican party to clean itself up. there will be a new faction that is going to push back hard against this. i don't think the gop is as currently constituted can expect blind loyalty from folks who have been disgusted by the president's behavior over the last few years. particularly in the aftermath of this election. where i think this man really does have serious legal and criminal exposure. >> i want to talk about that. because congressman turner, you are one of the few republicans not to defersert fie the electi results. on january 6, you tweeted, i'm appalled at what is occurring in the u.s. capitol right now. president trump needs to call
6:19 pm
for an end to this violence and permit congress to facilitate a peaceful transition of power. at that moment, you believed that president trump could stop the violence. but you voted against impeaching him. if he was still in office, if the circumstances were different, would you have voted to impeach him? >> look, first off, i want to thank charlie dent. he is -- [ inaudible ] >> i think we're having some technical issues. okay. go ahead, sorry, we're having technical issues. i'm going to have you go ahead, congressman turner. >> okay. [ inaudible ] i think what charlie dent
6:20 pm
said -- our party is -- need to come -- >> right. i want to know the answer to the question of, you were concerned on january 6, and yet you still voted to not impeach president trump. of course, there was a constitutional argument -- >> i didn't hear you in part. i was hearing someone else from cnn. but to answer your question, i absolutely believe the president had a role to be able to stop the violence, that's why i called for that. i think he should have stepped in. [ inaudible ] >> congressman turner, we're going to work on your audio, there are some issues there. congressman dent, i want to get your reaction on the fact that so many republicans had issues with president trump's behavior,
6:21 pm
that he didn't move to stop the riots earlier and so forth. and yet they still didn't vote to impeach like congressman turner or vote to convict. >> well, i think jamie herrera butler, she released her statement and she talked about her conversation with leader mccarthy about that conversation between the president and kevin mccarthy. frankly, i heard that same story from other members who validate and really enforce what she has said. but i think what has gone on now, too many republicans for too long, who have been frankly disgusted and i think there's a lot of resentment and hostility toward the president by many members, including those who did not vote to impeach or did not vote to certify. you know, they have had to answer for the president's conduct or misconduct, horrible offensive statements, insend
6:22 pm
r -- incendiary remarks, and many are glad he's gone and want a new direction. we've seen strong leadership from ben sasse and others. but these are the folks who can help us make that clean break. it's clear there's a desire to do so. i say do it. if it doesn't happen, if party will fracture and not be able to win national elections going forward. >> so do you agree with him, congressman turner, assuming you could hear what he had to say, and that republicans are glad that president trump is gone, and that the party is going in a new direction, do you agree with what he said? >> i think our party is broad enough to include trump supporters and non-trump supporters. i think we're a diverse party. we saw that in this election.
6:23 pm
we had some of the most diverse voting for republican candidates. and even elections of republican candidates who were republicans. so i think this is part of the discussion. our party is broad enough for everybody. so as we talk about those republican principles of strong economy, and ensuring we have a strong border, those are going to be the principles of which we all agree. >> gentleman, stay with me. we're going to talk on the other side of the break. i want to hear more about your conversations, congressman dent, about forming a new party on that note. so stick with us. we'll be right back. powered ins that fight stink oxi boost febreze odor remover and concentrated detergent. try gain flings and smell the difference. jeff's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. and wherever this guy runs off to. a life well lived should continue at home. with home instead care, older adults can stay home, safe, and happy. home instead. to us, it's personal.
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back with you now. congressman mike turner, who voted against impeaching president trump, and cnn political commentator former congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. congressman dent, you're part of a group of some 120 anti-trump republicans who are considering branching off as a center right republican party. does today's impeachment vote push that closer to reality and are there any republicans involved with this who are currently in office? >> let me clarify one thing. i was part of the senate eight days ago, a week ago yesterday, to discuss the future of the party. many people within the party, i consider myself part of the group that wants to create a
6:28 pm
center right faction, hopefully that will operate within the gop or independent of the gop. there are others who prefer a new party. i was not one of them. but these folks are all united around were core foundational principles. like decency, rule of law, democracy. but they all want a new direction badly. they're all so disturbed by what we experienced over the last four years. i can consider myself part of this, we do not think that the current trajectory of the gop is sustainable, especially given the fact that some extreme elements have gained a toe hold. like i said earlier, whether it's the qanon types, the proud boys, conspiracy theorists, i'm all for a big tent, but we need a center right alliance. for too long the republican party has spoken divisively and
6:29 pm
dismissively of the center. so let's build a party from the center out and hopefully pick off some on the left. let's be clear, if the party is going to have a situation where they have a senator kelly versus a mark kelly in arizona, we're going to support mark kelly. we're not going to support these extreme elements. >> what do you think about that, congressman turner? do you still consider yourself a trump supporter? do you see donald trump support critical to your re-election in the midterms? >> donald trump is the ex-president of the united states. there are a number of principles he pursued as president that made america greater and stronger. certainly the america first agenda that we want to continue. there were things high on joe biden's agenda, such as killing the keystone pipeline where we saw thousands of jobs lost.
6:30 pm
charlie dent was a strong voice in the house of representatives and is a strong voice now. for common sense principles, making certain that we find the right solutions, and that's a process i think we can do. within the republican party, and as americans a and with the electorate, having a conversation as america. i think it's going to take unifying the party. i think that's a process that will be ongoing and it will be very beneficial. >> we' twill talk about that. but president trump is still very much an influence in the republican party. we see republicans get censured that go up against president trump. he's still a very big influence. have you ever worried about any sort of retaliation and that kind of thing if you went up against president trump? >> well, again, at this point, if you look at my record and what happened in the last four
6:31 pm
years, i think we accomplished a great deal that was important for america, redoing the tax code, making certain that we had a very strong economy, even the response to covid. and the first covid response with loans and payments to businesses. there are still going to be people who support defendant, and i think there are people who have great emotions about this impeachment, as we know from the democrats they started before he was even sworn in. and now after he's out of office, they voted to impeach him again. >> i want to ask both of you, i'll start with you, congressman dent. despite the deep divisions within the gop, what do you think? do you expect them to stay united in opposing the biden agenda? what do you think about that, congressman dent? >> i think the parties should
6:32 pm
oppose joe biden when he engages in policies that are detrimental to the country, like congressman turner said, the keystone pipeline. i think that was a mistake to shut that down, given all those jobs. but look, going forward, the party has to engage more constructively. we've had too much nile hinihil nativism, that i don't think is going to help us as a country and a political country. so bottom line is, we've got to do better. i would love to see the party unified. it's hard to unify -- how do you reconcile liz cheney with margely taylor green right now? it's hard to have a party with them both. we have to figure out, i want to unify the party, but unifying the party is going to be very difficult to do until we deal with those radical elements,
6:33 pm
just as they did with steve king when they pushed him out. i think the same kind of work has to occur again with those extreme elements. >> do you agree in that regard, congressman turner? has it been too focused on cult of personality, rather than policies and principles? >> you know, i think we are coming to a period that's right after the inauguration where the democrats chose that we were going to throw the country and the senate into a very divisive impeachment. we now have to turn both the republican party, but also america away from that and start talking about the issues to us. get thing economy going, making certain we have a appropriate covid response, decide what we'll do and have the debate over the border. because i think the president's views are very, very different as to the rest of america. turning america to those issues is going to be what we need to do now. that's going to need to have the democrats turn their view away
6:34 pm
from donald trump and right now, they're sole ly focused, they'r still beating the donald trump drum. we would like to be i think more focused on the needs of the american public. >> gentlemen, thank you for a very civil discussion. you have disagreements, but we were able to have a substantive conversation. i appreciate you both for coming on. we'll be right back. y fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. ♪ wayne's world, wayne's world, party time, excellent. ♪ hey everyone, welcome to wayne's world.
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just a few weeks into the biden administration, and already a controversial resignation of a key aide. white house deputy press secretary t.j. duckler resigned today following a vanity affair report that said he threatened a reporter who was asking about his relationship with another journalist. he was suspended on friday, and that afternoon, jen psaki was asked about where he was suspended and not fired. >> it doesn't meet our standard or the president's standard. and it was important that we took a step to make that clear. and that included not just an apology directly from him, and apologies directly from us at the highest levels, but also a step to suspend him for one week without pay. and that, in our view, was an important step to send the message that we don't find it acceptable.
6:39 pm
>> but multiple white house officials describe the situation as untenable because they did not feel a one-week suspension was sufficient, made clear to the white house press shop. the a kayla, thanks for joining us. joe biden said he was never going to permit any mistreatment by his staff, vowing they would be fired on the spot. what is your reaction? >> yeah, it shows that there are deeper problems there, because i think the bigger story here, the biggest story is the cover-up, the fact that they tried to bury the story, they tried to hide it and kill it. and even at the last second, when you had the politico reporter saying they were going to publish the piece, they came out and published a piece in
6:40 pm
"people" magazine to try to put a bow on all of this stuff and spin it into a feel-good story versus a story that shows there are deep problems in the biden press shop and it's going to take a while for the woulds to heal between the press and the reporters. so i think there are some -- [ inaudible ] >> ducklo released a statement, no words can express my regret, my embarrassment and my disgust for my behavior. i used language that no woman should have to hear from anyone, especially in a situation where she was just trying to do her job. it was language that was abhorrent, disrespectful and unacc unacceptable. the relationship wasn't a secret in washington. do you have any idea why he reacted to this politico reporter in this way? >> i don't.
6:41 pm
i think because politico playbook item, when it did come out, it noted outside just the fact that there is a reporter that covers a white house and a white house person stating, there's already material issues in terms of the access of reporters reporting, since starting to date, ducklo, including praising the biden white house, saying that this is -- they had take an much better tone than trump. so i think he took offense to the line that outside of just the fact that they were reporting on the relationship, there was also -- he also took offense in the fact that they were sort of taking a critical approach and questioning whether or not this has an affect on the reporting being put out this by axios. so i think that's what made it different outside of the "people" magazine article where it was just like from these two, you know, people who have to work together on a daily basis are dating now. sort of a feel-good story and
6:42 pm
the politico story was not that way at all. >> caleb, thank you for coming on to talk about your reporting. >> thank you for having me. >> what kind of lasting impact will this have on congressional oversight of the executive branch? douglas brinkley, professor andrew lebich will be with us next after the break. ♪
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no doubt, the historic nature of this impeachment trial will reverberate within the halls of congress for decades to come. historians already drawing lessons, particularly the power of the impeachment process, and the future face of bipartisan u.s. politics. joining me now, historian doug brinkley and chair of the department of government of bowden college and expert on presidential power. thank you both for coming on. great to see you both. doug, let's start with this. this is president trump's second impeachment. it was the most bipartisan impeachment vote in u.s. history. at the same time, this is one of the most polarized political
6:47 pm
moments in our history. where do you see the political divide going from here, will it deepen or will more people coalesce around the senter? >> it's pretty deep right now. joe biden hasn't been if the news long. he's kept a very low profile and this week has to continue to sell a pandemic relief package, or perhaps work across the aisle with mitch mcconnell and other republicans to get some infrastructure deals done. so hopefully the era of working together isn't totally gone. but i have to tell you, more and more, we're governing by executive power. first bush does it, then obama does it. and now i see it we're having a breakdown of the u.s. senate and congress where it's a senate seat of presidential power. >> yeah, you are seeing that pattern with the executive
6:48 pm
orders. andrew, the gop is at a crossroads. party loyalty seems to override all other factors, whether it's ideology or policy or accountability, which has created a huge rift. do we have any precedent for how this played out? >> well, i think the framers intended that people in elected office would have pride in their institution, right? they expected your personal interests as an elected official would coincide with your ambition for your ranks in government. what we're seeing now is a disconnect there. that people's interest is with their party, and very little institutional pride. this impeachment result in the senate is an early president's day present to the executive branch, really reigning in the act of accountability, setting a low bar for the biden
6:49 pm
administration really. >> that's interesting you point that out. ben sasse mentioned in his statement how the legislative branch has been weakened, and this acquittal essentially only weakens it even more, when the executive and legislative branchs are supposed to be co-equal. what do you think about that? >> i agree with him completely. right now we're looking at an incredibly shrinking congress/senate. they don't know what to do except complain and don't stand up for their dr. th-- themselve. the fact that we only had seven republicans who were able to recognize in the senate president trump's sfuinsurrecti. joe biden may be forced to rule by executive orders. since watergate, we've built up this imperial presidency. it would be nice to see the
6:50 pm
legislative branch functional again, otherwise they'll just garner more and more presidential power. >> an imperial presidency is not what the founders had envisioned. i want to ask you before we let you go. trump's former u.n. ambassador nikki haley said trump will run for office again. we need to acknowledge he let us down, and we shouldn't have followed him and we shouldn't have listened to him and we can't let that ever happen again. it is stunning that someone who stood by trump and defended him for so long pronounced him politically dead. are we going to see more republicans feel like it's safe to turn against trump now? what do you think about that? >> we'll be looking at the results oh of this vote to see how people who stood by the president, despite all of his actions, are treated by their own party. we've already seen senator cassidy getting hammered by louisiana republican party. so there are going to be
6:51 pm
incentives in both directions. there was definitely going to be a room for a non-trump lane in 2024. but a lot will depend on how president biden and congress can perform in the interim to try to move the spotlight away from a former president. >> all right. doug and andrew, thank you for spending your saturday night with us. we appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure, thank you. don't forget, tweet me and follow me on instagram. this week, we learned a lot more about the bravery of the police officers during the attack on the capitol. our look back at the chaos they faced on january 6th. and rescued his nose. with up to 50% more lotion puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind.
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the leader of the extreme far right group that calls itself the proud boys has new
6:56 pm
criminal charges to answer to. the leader was arrested before the insurrection last month and charged with destruction of property and weapons violations. now, two judges say he violated his terms of release, and they have ordered him to attend a court hearing later this month. members of the so-called proud boys were among the rioters january 6. more than a dozen of them have been charged. >> officer goodman is in the chamber tonight. officer goodman, thank you. >> a rare bipartisan moment there in the senate chambers. everyone standing up to applaud as the senate votes to award capitol police officer eugene goodman the congressional gold medal for his heroism on january 6th. and this week for the first time, we saw officer goodman
6:57 pm
running, directing him to turn around to safety. moments later, the rioters would reach that area. and this security footage was part of the it people manager's exhibits. officer goodman was not alone. there were many officers who stood face-to-face with the rioters, and before we go tonight, we'll take a moment to highlight all of their heroism amidst the chaos on that day. and we must warn you, some of the video is disturbing. >> multiple injuries, multiple injuries. >> one brave officer was killed, others took their lives after the attack. more than 140 police officers were injured, including cracked ribs, smashed spinal disks. one officer will lose an eye. another was stabbed with a metal fence stake. they were completely and violently overwhelmed by a mob and needed help.
6:58 pm
>> they're throwing metal poles at us. >> it was difficult to offer any resistance when there are 30 guys going up against 15,000. >> after attempting to dismantle the outer most perimeter, they did everything in their power to storm past the police and into the capitol. >> i remember guys were stripping me of my gear, these rioters pulling my badge off my chest. they ripped my radio off of my vest. started pulling like ammunition magazines from their holder on my belt. and then some guy started getting ahold of my gun, sk screaming out "kill him with his own gun." at that point, it was self-preservation, how do i survive this situation? >> what are you doing? >> there's a guy ripping my mask
6:59 pm
off. he was able to rip away my baton and beat me with it. one guy was foaming at the mouth. >> individuals were pushing, shoving officers, hitting officers. they were spraying us with essentially mace. >> that was so difficult to watch. thank you to all of the officer tas day that showed so many -- so much heroism in that. and we mourn the loss of officer sicknick and the two officers who committed suicide after that day. thank you so much for joining me this saturday evening. i'm pamela brown.
7:00 pm
ana cabrera continues our special kocoverage right now. ♪ ♪ >> you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera. we begin with breaking news. for the second time in the span of just one year, president trump has been acquitted in a senate impeachment trial. in the end, just seven republican senators crossed the aisle to join democrats, voting that former president trump was guilty of inciting an insurrection on the u.s. capitol. but in a stupefying and unprecedented move, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who voted to acquit the former president immediately took to the floor to not only say president trump was indeed responsible for provoking the insurrection, but also went a step further in condemning president trump's actions on january 6th. >> president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking th


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