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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 14, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ >> announcer: this is "new day" weekend with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> shot of the capitol building there at 5:00 eastern time on this sunday morning and there was so much happening there yesterday. you are waking up to the end of the second impeachment trial of donald trump, but this morning the debate over accountability for the capitol insurrection, how the gop handles the former president moving forward, that's still an open case.
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>> 43 senators voted to acquit the former president after a five-day trial. in the end seven republicans joined 50 democrats to vote guilty. it was the most bipartisan impeachment vote in history. ten votes short, though, of what was needed to convict. >> both the former and current president point to focusing on the future in their reactions to the trial. minority leader mitch mcconnell suggests more legal trouble is headed for former president trump's way. he called former president trump practically and morally responsible for the riot right after his not guilty vote. would witnesses have changed any minds is the question. cnn's ryan nobles starts our coverage with more on that short-lived debate. >> reporter: for a second time donald trump has escaped conviction by the u.s. senate. >> it is therefore ordered and adjudged that the said donald john trump be and he is hereby acquitted of the charge in said
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article. >> reporter: the final vote capped off a dramatic and unpredictable day where house impeachment managers initially announced plans to call witnesses in the trial of the former president. >> we would like the opportunity to subpoena congresswoman herrera regarding her communications with house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: calling witnesses would have most likely sent the trial in a dramatically different direction, leading to a much longer affair. after hours of negotiations the two sides agreed to submit into the record a statement from republican congresswoman jamie herrera butler which detailed a phone call from trump to house minority leader kevin mccarthy on january 6th where trump told mccarthy the rioters cared more about election fraud than mccarthy. they decided to call her as a witness following a cnn report of the call on friday. >> the point is no number of witnesses demonstrating that donald trump continued to incite the insurrectionists even after
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the invasion of the capitol would convince them. they wouldn't be convinced. >> reporter: with witnesses off the table, the two sides presented their closing arguments, the prosecution arguing that the evidence made it clear the riot was incited by the former president. >> he named the date, he named the time and he brought them here and now he must pay the price. >> reporter: and the trump defense, warning the constitutional questions of convicting a former president were impossible to ignore. >> this has been perhaps the most unfair and flagrantly unconstitutional proceeding in the history of the united states senate. >> reporter: when the votes were cast seven republicans joined democrats and voted to convict trump, but fell short of the two thirds majority necessary. richard burr of north carolina and bill cassidy of louisiana voted to convict despite earlier voting the trial was unconstitutional. after it was all over senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who voted to acquit hammered trump's actions saying he was
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responsible for the riot and even suggested he could be tried in a criminal court. >> didn't get away with anything yet. yet. we have a criminal justice system in this country, we have civil litigation and former presidents are not immune from being accountable by either one. >> reporter: but majority leader chuck schumer argued the republicans were using the constitutional argument as a copout. in his mind the evidence was more than enough to convict. >> look at what republicans have chosen to forgive. the former president tried to overturn the results of a legitimate election and provoked an assault on our own government. >> reporter: while there's no doubt that democrats are not happy with the outcome of this impeachment trial, there are many that are happy to see it in the rearview mirror and they are ready to get focused on some of the big agenda items for the new biden administration. the first thing up, that big
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covid relief package that's currently making its way through the congress. ryan nobles, cnn, on capitol hill. >> ryan, thank you very much. now, moments after his acquittal former president trump issued a statement and he was teasing a return to politics. >> there was an optimistic tone. he called the impeachment another phase of the greatest witch-hunt, but as cnn's boris sanchez reports he's still concerned about the future. >> reporter: christi and victor, donald trump's legal team privately expressing relief at the former president's acquittal in the senate impeachment trial, though sources indicate that they were surprised that seven republican senators voted to convict the former president. they did not expect a number that high. not notably, though, sources close to trump indicate that he is now worried about potentially facing criminal charges for his role in the insurrection on january 6. this comes on the heels that have speech that we heard from the senate minority leader mitch
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mcconnell in which he said that the criminal justice system may ultimately look at trump's role in the insurrection and it's not just mcconnell, federal investigators have laid out to cnn that they are looking at everyone and anyone involved in the violent siege of the capitol on january 6th. and that includes the former president. of course, publicly trump is expressing relief and in a statement he expressed that he was pleased with the result on saturday. trump writing in part, quote, our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to make america great again has only just begun. in the months ahead i have much to share with you and i look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve american greatness for all of our people. a note on what trump wants to share with his supporters, we anticipate that the former president is going to viciously go after all of the republicans who he feels have betrayed him, first for voting to impeach him
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and then for voting to convict him. trump almost certainly will campaign and fund raise against them. there's always the spectre that he may run again for the presidency in 2024. victor, christi? >> boris, thank you. let's bring in ross garber who teaches impeachment law at tulane and julie norman lecturer in politics at university college london. thank you both for being with us. ross, let me start with you. i want to begin with minority leader mcconnell. he votes to acquit because he says that a former president cannot or should not be impeached, but when president trump was in office he declined to start the trial then. speaker pelosi calls that justification pathetic. what's your assessment? >> well, you know, mcconnell clearly wanted nothing at all to do with this. this was, you know, not something he wanted dumped in his lap and, you know, he in
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some ways was trying to have it all ways, in some ways he wound up having it no ways. you know, it's unclear what he actually believed, but the notion in the end was that, you know, jurisdiction was a way for him to avoid having to deal with many of the facts of the case, but notably he did go out of his way to condemn trump's conduct. >> let's play some of that. >> former aides publicly begged him to do so, loyal allies frantically called the administration. the president did not act swiftly. he did not do his job. he didn't take steps so federal law could be faithfully executed and order restored. no. instead according to public reports he watched television
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happily, happily, as the chaos unfolded. >> the leader there excoriating the former president. julie, let me come to you, seven republicans voted with the democrats as boris just reported, the president was surprised by that number that it was that high. the most of any president's party in an impeachment. is the former president's grasp on the party any looser, any weaker than it was a week, a month ago? >> well, victor, i don't think it is in any substantial terms. it is notable this was a historic rebum that we saw seven republican senators voting against the president, but the fact is trump still has a very strong grip over the party. not only through the senate vote but what we know from public opinion as well. about 80% of republicans last week were saying they still had
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a positive image of trump, 70% said they would view those as voted for conviction not as being principled. 70% want to see trump run again. we've seen some moderates, some in center lanes pushing back at trump i think his base is still quite strong and isn't showing any signs of loosening up after the impeachment. >> ross, when we were together at this hour yesterday and i asked about the potential that the house managers would call witnesses you said that you expect that had they would not. to be fair most guests yesterday said that they did not expect that the house managers would call guests -- call witnesses. and then the vote came and they had a bipartisan vote to bring in witnesses and it backfired on them. how do you view how that came about and then how it fell apart for the democrats? >> yeah, so, you know, one thing i think we've learned from this impeachment trial is we in the united states are super bad at
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doing impeachment trials. they don't come up that often and i think what wound up happening was the house managers, you know, realized and they were getting, you know, a lot of pressure, that having a trial without witnesses is not politically palatable for some of these constituents. there was some reporting by cnn's jamie gangel that pointed up a significant potential witness to fill a significant potential hole in their case and -- and they sort of bit on t but then wound up like the dog that caught the school bus, you know, they wound up, you know, getting authorization to call witnesses and then things devolved because then the republicans wanted to call witnesses and it would prolong things and in the end they wound up just kind of giving up because they thought they would wind up in the same place anyway
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with an acquittal. >> michael van der veen said he would call at least 100 witnesses because he in his estimate needed to do the work that the house managers did not do. that's his perspective. julie, let me ask you a question that you're uniquely positioned to answer. how is this impeachment and the process and now the acquittal viewed abroad? >> well, victor, i think international audiences had a lot of the same questions as americans did going into this. the images of january 6 were obviously broadcast all over the world, there have been questions for the last few weeks around the world of how the united states was going to deal with that, if trump would be held accountable and if he would be barred from holding office again. the big questions now i think that many here are asking is was this process worth it for the democrats and what did this mean next for trump and for the republican party going forward. so similar questions, i think, as they're being asked in the
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united states. >> ross, this is the shortest impeachment process in history. there were no witnesses, no testimony in the house or in the senate. do you expect that this will be an anomaly or this will inform impeachment proceedings moving forward? >> yeah, that's a concern that i've raised, victor, because, you know, remember, in the scheme of things we don't have these impeachment trials very often. former president trump was now only the third president to face an impeachment trial and for the next one, just like for these, we look back in history to kind of see how it was done before. i think -- you know, i'm actually hoping that one of the lessons was this was not a way
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to do an impeachment trial. the notion of doing an impeachment trial without witnesses, without testimony, without evidence, you know, a trial that doesn't look very much like a trial isn't a very good model for public confidence in the result. >> julie, before we wrap, let's look over at the democrats and look ahead. how does this impact what the biden administration or what congressional democrats do moving forward? are they going to have to now, i guess, supported by some disappointment from their constituents go big legislatively, abandon this talk of working with republicans, maybe get rid of the filibuster? what do you think? >> well, of course we've already seen the biden administration looking to go big on legislation, they're hoping to get this $1.9 trillion corona relief plan through very quickly, most likely through the reconciliation process which has already been started. the filibuster question i think is still something that biden
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himself isn't looking to push his weight into just yet, he's really focusing on this big legislation package coming up as well as an infrastructure bill that he wants to push through right after that. so for biden it's really looking to get back to business, he will be somewhat relieved that the trial was relatively speedy, that they lost just a week of business and they can get back to his bills and also his nominations after the recess next week. >> there is certainly a lot to do, julie norman, ross garber, thank you both. >> you bet. >> thank you. later this morning the conversation continues on an all new inn sighed politics sunday. join abby phillip at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. to that point that jewel would he was just making as we get reaction to the impeachment trial from piresident biden we will talk about the major legislative issues and priorities on his list coming up next. plus families torn apart from qanon. >> i just want to have a mom who loves me or just -- we're past that. >> you will hear from two women
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who talked to cnn about the conspiracy theory and though it's turned their parents into people that they don't recognize. and, listen, be careful out there. there are such dangerous icy conditions that are across so many parts of the country this morning. forecasters say we could see the worst ice storm in two decades. we will get specific information from them in a moment. stay close. up at 2:00am again? tonight, try pure zzzs all night. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep. ♪ wayne's world, wayne's world, party time, excellent. ♪ hey everyone, welcome to wayne's world. party on, wayne. party on, garth. as a local access show, we want everyone to support local restaurants. but, we'd never manipulate you like the way all these other commercials do. sh-yeah, that's really sad. we'd never shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo.
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distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren. president biden is ready to push forward with his agenda and stay focused on fighting covid-19. >> he did make time, though torques weigh in on former president trump's impeachment trial saying even those opposed to convicting trump still believe he is responsible for the violent riot at the capitol. cnn's jasmine wright is following the latest from the white house. good morning. what else did the president have to say? >> reporter: president biden really weighed in for the first time late last night on the second acquittal of former
2:21 am
president trump with that senate impeachment trial and he called democracy fragile. now, the current president, president biden, has been really careful on what he says on the impeachment trial and the process overall, but yesterday this that lengthy statement biden did not mince his words. let me read some of it for you. president biden wrote that this sad chapter in our history has reminded us that democracy is fragile. that it always -- that had must always be defended, that we must be ever vigilant. that violence and extremism has no place in america and that each of us has a duty and a responsibility as americans and especially as leaders to defend the truth and defeat the lies. now, biden added that although the result did not end up in a conviction, republicans on both sides, both the house and senate voted some of those voted in favor for this conviction and that the substance of those charges against former president
2:22 am
trump were not in question. now, the last time we heard from biden on impeachment was friday when he told my colleague jeremy diamond that he was anxious to see how senate republicans would vote, whether they would stand up. now biden has his answer, but, again, biden has been very careful not to put his finger on the scale, not to tell republicans how he believes that they should vote, but at the end of that lengthy statement, christi, biden really pitched forward to the future, saying that this is how the uncivil rest ends and this is really -- this is how we end this uncivil war and this is the task ahead. >> jasmine, now that the trial is over the president is looking to move forward with the agenda, as you said. what do we expect to see the president focus on in the near term? >> reporter: well, president biden is going to focus on that
2:23 am
first major policy legislative proposal that he has, that $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill. we're going to see his outreach over the week really all in service to get the message out about that bill now that he has the senate back ready to focus really on this push to get relief to american families, but also another thing that we have to be watchful of biden pushing forward on is his rounding out his cabinet nominees. as of right now there are only seven of the 23 that need to be confirmed and we should be looking particularly at that attorney general nominee merrick garland and seeing what happens in this next week with his confirmation vote. >> jasmine wright for us in washington. thank you so much. >> thank you, jasmine. we have an update for you here on that white house press deputy secretary. he's resigned after threatening a reporter who asked about his romantic relationship with another reporter. >> tj ducklow was his name. he resigned yesterday.
2:24 am
according to "vanity fair" he told a female reporter he would, quote, destroy her if she reported on his relationship. the white house says president biden was unaware of situation and supports his decision to resign. so up next, the cdc has new guidance on testing and domestic travel. we're going to tell you what that is in just a moment. stay close. n is incredible. it makes our lipton tea leaves better. which makes the smooth tea taste better, and time together even better. and drinking lipton can help support a healthy heart. lipton is a proud sponsor of the american heart association's life is why campaign. lipton is a proud sponsor living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection.
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for just $64.90 a month. and ask how to add comcast business securityedge. call today. 5:28 right now. the cdc says it won't require passengers to take mandatory covid-19 tests before domestic air travel. this came after strong push back from the airline industry.
2:29 am
>> and the influential ihme model from the university of washington now project that by june 1st the number of americans dead from the coronavirus will exceed 600,000. let's go to cnn's evan mcmorris-santoro with more on this. the new projections a little lower than they have been, right? >> reporter: that's correct. that's where we are right now, some positive news, but more evidence of just how horrible and ongoing this pandemic is. in the united states a promising sign of hope this weekend, for the first time since november 3rd the u.s. is averaging fewer than 100,000 new covid-19 cases per day. but there's still danger for americans, an updated ihme model predicts more than 610,000 americans will have died of covid-19 by june 1st. that's down slightly from last week's forecast. experts say the key continues to be vaccinating as many people as
2:30 am
possible. >> i think in order for us to get back to where we were in maybe january of 2020 it's really going to take us achieving that herd immunity marker and that's not going to happen until we get at least 75% of the population vaccinated. >> reporter: leaders are sounding a positive note on vaccines as new cdc data from saturday night show that more than 50 million covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the u.s. that's more than two million doses reported since friday, though cdc reporting may be delayed. the new numbers come as states continue to expand their criteria for who can get a vaccine. in new york governor andrew cuomo announced individuals with comorbidities may not schedule vaccine appointments. the state has distributed 90% of the first dose vaccines it received from the federal government. so, look, as far as this thing goes, a pretty good day today in america in this pandemic, but as you mentioned at the top that
2:31 am
domestic travel guideline shows you where we're at. the cdc says tests are not required for domestic travel, but people in america should not be traveling unless it's absolutely necessary. so good news, but this pandemic is still here. >> very true. evan mcmorris-santoro, thank you so much. thank you, evan. up next, now qanon is hearing families apart. we look at the real consequences of falling into these conspiracies. feeling sluggish or weighed down? it could be a sign that your digestive system isn't working at its best. taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slow sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic. metamucil. support your daily digestive health. take the metamucil two week challenge and feel lighter and more energetic. sign up today at
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you can't plan for your period's... what the gush moments. but the right pad can. only always ultra thins have rapiddry technology and, they absorb 40% faster. the gush happens fast. that's why always absorbs faster. some followers of qanon were part of the mob who stormed the capitol on january 6th. >> yeah, and behind every follower obviously there is a family and some of them are
2:36 am
telling cnn that the people they loved have become so consumed with the conspiracy theory that they don't even recognize them anymore. here is coney barrett's donie o'sullivan. >> i live just a few blocks south of the capitol. i started seeing people walking on the sidewalk heading up to the capitol with trump flags and red hats and i thought i wonder if my mom is here. low lo and behold she was. i will never stop loving my parents but it's this switch that flips in them when they are talking about what the latest q drop means. they are not logical anymore. they are not understanding and often they are not kind. not only does she really believe t but it intersects in her religion. she has never put anything else on the pedestal equal to the bible and it really feels like
2:37 am
that with this qanon stuff. >> a conspiracy theory has taken over both these women's lives, but not by their choosing. >> i just want to have a mom who loves me or just -- we're past that. >> they say their parents have been sucked into qanon. >> my childhood was as perfect as any childhood could be. in the recent year or two years where this has become so much stronger within them, they've become completely different people. >> reporter: this woman is still desperately trying to save her relationship with her parents. it's why we've agreed to hide her identity. how did this all start with your parents? >> all through growing up it was constantly, oh, my gosh, like the clintons, oh, my gosh, the lum natty, things like that, but it all started really in the 2016 election cycle. hillary clinton and all of the
2:38 am
democrats are pedestrian fill lick and cannibalist i can people that are trying to control the world. things definitely heightened when i got to college. they would background search my professors. hey, your professor, yeah, like they are a registered democrat. she knows my wife is a capitol police officer. when she did that, that said everything to me. that she was willing to put my wife's life in danger. if we had called me up or texted me later that day or the next day and said, hey, listen, i was at this rally, it got way out of hand, i'm really sorry, how are you guys? that would have changed everything. but it's been crickets. i haven't heard from her. >> reporter: we repeatedly reached out to danielle's mother for comment and she did not respond. >> have they changed lifestyle in any way as a result of this? >> well, last time i was there at my family's house they told me that they have a three-year
2:39 am
supply of meat in the freezer. they told me that they bought a bunch of ammo. >> reporter: have you concerned that they might blow their life savings on these freeze-dried foods and 300 pounds of meat. >> their life savings, my college tuition. that's hard. >> reporter: whoever is the person that was running this q account, what would you say to them if you -- if you could sit down and talk to them? >> i'd tell them that they ruined my life. that they've ruined my family. that they took what is supposed to be the best most consistent, most loving part of my life and they turned it into evil. >> that's powerful. powerful stuff there. >> wow. it is. >> you can't even reconcile that. okay. listen, we're going to talk about what's happening in france because they call it a sweetheart visa, it's been helping couples slip through travel restrictions during the pandemic. this valentine's day, though, may not turn out the way a lot of people had hoped. we'll tell you what's happening. also award winning actor and
2:40 am
best selling cookbook author stanley tuchy is coming to cnn and he is talking us along for unforgettable trip through italy. it premieres tonight at 9:00. it shows! our new dove advanced care formula is effective... and kind to skin, leaving underarms cared for and you... more confident and carefree. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. ♪ wayne's world, wayne's world, party time, excellent. ♪
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so, listen, i know it's already difficult enough in a formal year if you are in a long-distance relationships living on opposite sides of the ocean trying to see each other, you add in covid and travel restrictions you know it's that much more difficult. >> france offered so-called sweetheart visas, waivers that ease the restrictions for binational couples, but now they're ending them. here is cyril vanier in paris. >> reporter: strolling through paris hand in hand, to make this dream come true they had to move
2:45 am
mountains. rewind just a few hours, paris international airport, she was staring at the arrivals board. she's a pharmacist in france, he's an opera singer in philadelphia. they're very much in love, but unmarried binational couple. when europe and the u.s. closed their borders almost a year ago, they were stuck continents apart until the french government agreed that in the words of one activist group love is not tourism, creating a special sweetheart visa. >> they're going to want to know the color of each other's toot toothbrush, what does he like to eat? does he snore? >> 5'8". >> eyes. >> brown. >> reporter: like in "green card" they had to prove their love. >> history of our relationship from when we met to now and everything we've done in
2:46 am
between. >> it's a 31-page folder. >> reporter: letters, pictures, passport stamps, until jackson was granted a travel exemption. >> love is powerful. >> reporter: but love isn't always powerful enough. france has now suspended the -- that brought them together because of deteriorating covid numbers and the pandemic is keeping plenty of binational couples separated. their plans for marriage or family put on hold indefinitely. >> reporter: another franco-american couple haven't seen each other for more than six months. >> there is no like going out with your partner, there is no coming home to somebody, like i'm just alone, like the epitome of loneliness. >> you can't be there for her? >> no. that's killing me. >> reporter: well before the pandemic they applied for a
2:47 am
fiancée visa to the united states but covid-19 slowed everything down and because they are not married yet, she isn't exempt from u.s. coronavirus travel restrictions. >> why there is no law allowing you to come, journalists can come, sports players can come, why me i cannot come to see my fiancée. what is more essential than that? >> reporter: they're confident they will eventually be together again, but when? and around the world how many other long-distance couples might throw in the towel under the strain of the pandemic? cyril vanier, cnn, paris. okay. not unusual for us to talk about winter storms this time of year, but this one, the scope, the expansiveness of it, is alarming. take a look at that. over half the country. meteorologist allison chinchar has an update for us on what to expect. stay close.
2:48 am
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of. an incoming storm is threatening to bury a lot of the southern plains under snow. texas, oklahoma, louisiana have all declared emergencies that are coming. >> yeah, the emergency declarations may have been having some unintended consequences here. in oklahoma, for example, look at the crowds that were out there just trying to get their
2:54 am
hands on all the supplies they could to stock up to make sure that they are prepared as this storm moves in. and it is a significant storm. the winter weather expected to be across the country and affect 170 million people from coast to coast. that's stotopping almost half t population. i heard one meteorologist, victor, compare it to a hurricane a category 5 but in the winter. >> let's bring in meteorologist allison chinchar now. hurricane category 5? i mean, just on the map it's huge. >> it is, and this doesn't even take into account, say, all the people that are dealing with windchill alerts, too, some of those overlap. we cannot emphasize enough how many people are going to be impacted by this storm because it is, it's stretching from coast to coast and everywhere in between. that's why you can see a lot of these winter weather alerts and they vary, it's winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings, ice warnings, blizzard warnings in portions of texas.
2:55 am
i want that to sink in, blizzard warnings in texas. again, this is where we're starting to see some impacts right now. we have snow oklahoma, texas, even new mexico, but al of this moisture is going to surge to the east. when it does it's going to pick up additional moisture from the gulf of mexico, really fueling some of the intense accumulation rates. that's why, because of that you're going to have significant snow and ice accumulations and that's going to be one of the biggest impacts. you're also going to have some blizzard and near blizzard conditions reducing visibility to where you will not be able to see as you're driving. so if you do not have to be in a vehicle the next few days, don't. power outages, also going to be likely, especially that area of between dallas and houston where we're expecting some pretty intense impacts from this. here is a look going forward, this is really just taking you through the day today. you can see some pretty heavy snow stretching from oklahoma city down through dallas. it's that area between dallas and houston, look at all that pink, that pink is ice. now, it may be mixed in with
2:56 am
snow at times, but it's mostly ice and that stretches even as far south as corpus christi, texas. that's where we're looking at pretty significant snowfall accumulations, 8 to 12 inches in some portions of oklahoma and texas. 6 to 8 inches for really much of the rest of the region. very widespread there. ice is also going to be a concern. accumulations of a quarter of an inch but some locations could be as much as a half inch of ice. notice, too, that the ice spreads pretty far to the east because this is where this storm is headed. it's going to end up impacting the ohio valley, the mid-atlantic, the northeast as it continues to spread over the next 24 to 36 hours. by the time we get to monday evening now the focus becomes the mid-atlantic. now you're talking ice for washington, d.c., same thing for baltimore and very heavy snow along the great lakes region as well. that's going to be a concern. look at all of this snow here, you see kind of hovering along lake erie and lake on thtario.
2:57 am
where you see that light blue color that may not look like a lot of rain but that's mixed in with ice. >> oh, my goodness. allison chinchar, thank you for the heads up. we appreciate you so much. nba star kevin durant spent the past week away from the team because of covid protocols. >> coy wire is here. he was back on the court last night, though, and against his former team. >> yeah, this was a tall task for him, victor and christi, good morning to you. durant not just returning from the covid list due to contact tracing it was also his homecoming against his buddies. kd playing in the bay area since leaving the warriors where he won two titles. durant and his brooklyn nets teammates dominant. durant needed a bit of time to find his stroke, but, my goodness, does he paint a pretty picture. 20 points on the night for him. brooklyn's big three, it's almost unfair what they're doing, kyrie irving leading the
2:58 am
team with 23, james harden doing full court dishes in this game. brooklyn wins by 17. here is durant on being back on the court after a week off. >> the whole world has been in the house for about a year, so i get to come out after a week, it wasn't so bad, but it was good to be back on the court, good to be back doing something i love to do every day and good to get a nice win on this road trip. let's go to australian open, serena williams playing for the first time since 6.3 million people in the state of victoria went in lockdown friday. an underdog for the third time in the past decade serena smashing those odds. a slee sets win advancing to the quarterfinals. naomi osaka time, after dropping the first time to mugurutha she battles back to win the final four games of the third set taking the match. this now one step closer to a
2:59 am
potential semifinal show down on thursday between osaka and serena, potentially in time for fans to be allowed to return as well. now, the daytona 500 is today weather permitting. history is on the line. denny hamlin going to look to become the first driver in the race's 60-year history to three-peat, only two others have gone back to back, richard petty and kale yarbrough. hamlin is starting 25th. ryan newman back at nate nearly one year to the day since a horrific crash put him in the hospital for almost a week. newman explained why he has no fears about getting back on that track. >> i've watched every angle that i could possibly watch, the biggest problem is i don't have any memory of my own angle, which is right at the ultimate -- the ultimate angle. and that's gone and that will always be gone. if you've ever been in a car accident or you know somebody that's been in a car accident and they were conscious the
3:00 am
whole time they will always carry that fear with them and i have no memory so, therefore, i have no fear. >> another one to keep an eye on today bubba wallace starting sixth driving for the newly formed denny hamlin and michael jordan happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day back, bud. and we all wore red, didn't we? >> not one. not one. coy wire, thanks so much. >> "new day" continues right now. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> live look now at capitol hill. second impeachment trial of donald trump ended last night, but this morning the debate


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