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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hi, welcome to the news here in the united states and all around the world. thank you for joining me. ahead on cnn, the latest on what is being called a terrorists action at a nuclear facility in iran. we have a live report from the region on who tehran thinks is behind it. and covid vaccinations are on the rise in the u.s., and the surge in michigan is a reality
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check on how quickly the variants are spreading. and -- northern island seeing the worst violence in years. we're live from belfast. live from cnn center. this is cnn "newsroom" with robin koerner. we begin with an incident at iran's nuclear facility is what is being described as a blackout. tehran says nobody was injured and there were no leaks but the timing does seem like a coincidence. fred is following the story. fred? >> the iranians have called this terrorists actions which seems to suggest they believe a
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foreign power is behind this. the iranians are saying that they believe it's some power that is afraid of what is the iranians have been doing and they are afraid of some of the advances the iranians have been making, and iran has expanded a lot of its nuclear activities, enriching more uranium and also enriching to a higher grade, and the iranians had their nuclear day and they unveiled some new se centrifuges. a day after this, the iranians are saying they reserve the right to retaliate but they have not said who they think is behind it, however interests hints have been dropped by the
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army chief of israel that was seeming to indicate it could be the israelites behind it, and they said they are watching us seeing the capabilities and carefully considering their steps. so certainly that could indicate that maybe the israelis were behind it. there were some sources apparently in israel who were also hinting at that as well, and so far, again, it's very much unclear whether or not that's the case. all of this comes at a very important time for the iran nuclear agreement as for the first time in a very, very long time, both the u.s. and the iranians are negotiating not face-to-face but incorrectly in an effort to bring the u.s. back into the deal and bring iran back into full compliance with the deal. >> thanks for that. right now u.s. defense
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secretary, lloyd austin, is in israel where he's expected to meet with benjamin netanyahu. earlier mr. netanyahu slammed it. >> the situation that exist today doesn't mean it will be the same situation tomorrow. it's very difficult to explain what we have done here, in the transition from nothingness, complete helplessness to being a world power. yes, world power, which we built here. definitely a regional power but in certain areas a world power. >> we are joined live from jerusalem. israel's army chief seemed to hint possible israel involvement, and we are hearing about the defense secretary in israel at the moment. what is the timing and what does
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it tell us about this? >> very interesting timing, robin. we are seeing israel reports in the media reporting the finger at israel, and there's hints that fred was talking about from the army chief and from that comment that you just heard from netanyahu as you noted the timing of all of these comments are coming at a very interesting moment here because as we speak the u.s. defense secretary, lloyd austin, is in israel on a very important visit and it's the highest level visit from a biden administration official to israel. yesterday he met with defense minister benny gantz, and the time timing of this alleged attack and all the fingers being pointed towards israel, and the nuclear talks are on going in the next few days in vienna, and
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in the next few hours, actually, we will be hearing from the defense secretary himself. he's expected to speak to reporters. i would be very surprised if this topic does not come up and perhaps even more importantly later today, robin, we will be hearing from prime minister netanyahu who will be appearing alongside austin at the same time in a joint statement to the press. this will be watched closely because of the most recent developments. we will see whether, of course, they comment on it, and israel is against a return to the 2013 deal, and gantz say they want to work on this, and they say they will not stand by and allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. austin and the u.s. officials traveling with the -- u.s. officials traveling with austin have spoken to the media and they are saying they will work wit
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with the israelis, and this will be very important to watch, the statements that will be coming later from austin, what he will say to the press and when he appears alongside benjamin netanyahu, what will the tone be like between the two, what will they say and will be they addressing the alleged incidents? >> we will watch that unfold in jerusalem. thank you. joininging me is a senior fellow with the endowment. i am glad you are able to join us at this hour. iran is calling this nuclear terrorism. why are they using that language? >> well, i think, robin, that iran is obviously very embarrassed by the fact that their nuclear program has once again been penetrated. if you remember last fall the nuclear scientists was assassinated, and also they are
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using strong language to condemn this in particular, and given the fact that they are actively involved in the negotiations with the united states and europeans about the nuclear program and will make the argument that the israelis are sabotaging the negotiations. >> and will the u.s. and europe and other signatures in the nuclear deal see that israel is trying to sabotage the nuclear talks and what does that mean? >> iran is one of the tenants of the revolution, and iranian leaders have long called for a one-state solution and the holy land, and there are moments when iran, when it tests new missiles, it writes death to
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israel on those missiles, so if you are israel you are arguing that you are not going to outsource your national security to anybody, including the united states, and so israeli leaders have long made clear their opposition and ambivalence to the nuclear deal with iran. i think probably some israeli officials including prime minister netanyahu are a little skeptical of the instincts of senior biden administration officials on iran, so it's simply a signal to iran to the united states and to others that israel is not going to defer to the united states for its security and it's not going to be bound by these negotiations with iran. that's not going to preclude israel from continuing to commit acts of sabotage and future assassinations. >> in many ways how, then, does this change iran's leverage if
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at all in the talks? they started last week and are supposed to continue in vienna this week. does this impact iran's next move? >> certainly iran will issue condemnation and accuse the united states of being complicit in this operation. as you mentioned the defense u.s. second was in israel when the attacks happened, and they are going to complain and voice outrag outrage, but at the end of the day they need sanctions relief and the negotiations will need to continue. now, the israelis often times talked about the operations as mowing the lawn, something that needs to be done every month, every two months to essentially set back iran's program. i don't think we have seen the last of it. i think these types of sabotage operations by israel will
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continue, and they will post obstacles in the ongoing discussions but my view is sometime this year in 2021 we will see full or partial revival of the nuclear deal with iran. >> thank you. you are watching cnn. the u.s. is vaccinating millions of people every day, and that's not enough. and then public keepers and shoppers in england, what they can expect as the nation takes another step on the road map out of the lockdown. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana.
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the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention says more than 187 million vaccine doses have been given to americans so far but even as vaccinations ramp up, states like michigan are struggling to get the supply they need. >> if ever there was a critical time to double down on coronavirus protective measures in the state of michigan it's right now from covid-19 positivity rates not seen since the start of the pandemic to hospitalizations nearing december peak levels. it's not getting any better in the wolverine state. >> with pandemic fatigue and the unique challenge here in
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michigan of a very sort of anti-coronavirus movement with about half of our population that don't want to wear mask or social distancing, i think getting shots in arms is our ultimate defense. >> and calls to the biden administration asking them to increase their vaccine allotments have been unsuccessful so far. >> we are asking for more help and vaccines. >> and governor whitmore asked youth sports to pause and people skip indoor dining for at least the next two weeks. >> please, redouble your efforts. >> these are only recommendations, said the governor, not the sweeping shutdowns from a year ago that resulted in death threats. >> it's on all of us to recognize that we can squash where we are seeing hot spots, it's in everybody's best
11:17 pm
interest. >> a detroit special education teacher says it wants to see a more aggressive move from state leaders. perhaps make the requests requirements? >> i think the reason numbers spiked, schools opened up and they have not had an uptick in the sports here. >> and others stand behind the governor's approach. >> whitmer's a rock star. she's doing her best. it's a pandemic. when it comes down to it, people will either take care of themselves and take care of each other or not. >> and jordan ross is furious his peers are choosing not to. >> they know the issues going on and they are choosing to hang out with their friends and going to florida and things like that and that's concerning to me. >> the state's chief medical physician said --
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>> our public health system is overwhelmed. we are not able to get information on many cases nor are we able to identify their close contacts. >> there's also the spread of the highly infectious covid-19 variant, and some experts say there are likely more. the latest now on europe's fight against the virus. germany reported more than 3 million cases, and the director of the country's intensive care system says the system on the verge of breaking down. it has prompted germany's national rail operator to ban people from trains if they refuse to wear a mask. the picture is different in the uk, meanwhile prime minister boris johnson said england is taking a step forward by moving into step two of the lockdown. >> while these doors have been
11:19 pm
closed for over three months but from today hair dressers in england can finally reopen and imagine how long the wait list will be. today marks a real milestone for england in the road map to easing covid-19 restrictions. from today nonessential shops, indoor gyms, nail salons and zoos can reopen if they have secure measures in place, and perhaps the most highly an anticipated reopenings will be the first pint could be a little chilly, and households can mix indoors, and for businesses this is a real turning point, so many of them have really been on life support using various government loan schemes and so on. for people in england it's a morale boost, finally after such a long lockdown. cnn, eaton, england.
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earlier i spoke with an infectious disease physician about england's steps reopen, and he notes gradually lifting the reopening is important. >> we start with the oldest people and worked our way down rapidly in the sense of all over 50s in the united kingdom are being offered it, and in parts of the country like where i am, over 40s are getting it, and also people who live with vulnerable members of households are also being done so we are hitting this virus from different directions. >> that's great news, which allows the situation to happen with people where it can be laid out. is there a sense this can be managed with the combo of vaccinations and infections stph? >> i think the answers is we are
11:21 pm
letting off the restrictions gently to see if they have consequences, and there was a big concern by some people that going back to school would cause major outbreaks across the country. quite clearly in primary schools this was never going to happen from what we knew. older teenagers were mixing outside school as well as inside school and the biggest possibility were parents were going back to work and that was probably the biggest consequence of opening schools up and we have not seen that fortunately. >> this talk about germany. if the uk is taking these steps and it's great news for all of you folks over there in the uk, there's a dire situation playing out in germany with the numbers, and the numbers of infections and deaths and then, of course, the icu beds maxing out. how did it get so bad there? >> i think they are seeing the same problem that we saw just in the run-up to christmas with the
11:22 pm
b.1.1.7 variant, which is probably quite a bit more infectious and actually swept through the country in the same way that it swept across the united kingdom. >> many thanks there to dr. keith neal for that situation. and then hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in india is expected to paebathe as part the festival. and some fear this could be another super spreader event, and for the sixth day in a row they have reported a daily high, and that comes a day after india topped 100 million covid vaccinations in one of the fastest road maps in the world. let's go to india, and we are joined from our reporter in new
11:23 pm
delhi. >> 904 deaths, the highest this year. staggering numbers indeed. what we know at this point in time is the government is working hard to make sure this comes under control and this is officially known as the second wave in india nationally, and the prime minister on sunday launched a four-day vaccine drive and his hope is that those eligible for the vaccine who take the covid shot in the next four days, they have intensified the process here, 100 million doses have already been administered, and along with the union territory of new delhi has seen highs in their community as well, and in fact the chief minister of new delhi has introduced new guidelines that includes no social villages or political gatherings.
11:24 pm
very close to new delhi is a massive festival which is on as a fiesta, and the officials told us 110,000 people visited the location for prayers and to converge there, and it's a big day on the hindu calendar for them, and tens of thousands are expected to take a holy dip and they believe this will wash off their sins. we already know when this festival began earlier this month, and now there are 1,800 plus new cases that have been reported in the state in the district rather, and so that is a worry. along with that, election rallies are still on because five states have elections going on and these are local elect summons in the states and a lot of political rallies are being addressed by politicians. on one hand you have the government saying maintain
11:25 pm
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welcome back to cnn "newsroom." it's 28 minutes past the hour. thank you for joining me. i am robin koerner. in the coming hours the house of commons will meet for a special
11:29 pm
session to hear tributes to prince philip. the uk is in the midst of mourning for the duke. he died on friday. mourners said his passing marks the end of an era and it was important for them to pay their respect. >> at the cathedral the archbishop said he prayed for those that face a great gap in their lives, and family members are taking comfort in the outpouring of support. >> it's been a bit of a shock but one tries to prepare themselves for a shock like this, and still trying to come to terms with that and it's very, very sad. i have to say the extraordinary tributes and the memories everybody has had and been willing to share has been so fantastic. it just goes to show he might have been our father,
11:30 pm
grandfather, father-in-law, but he meant so much to so many other people. >> i am joined from belfast, northern island, and clashes have held. do you think it will hold? >> it's a long wall like this, where small pockets were trading bricks, and dozens of police officers were injured and the fragile peace, there was real concerns about it, but after the death of prince philip we saw all political factions calling for everybody to stay home and stop protesting and it seemed to work, robin. take a look. sunday service for an ancient protestant community. >> i will lead us in prayer for prince philip and his family.
11:31 pm
>> here there's mourning for prince philip and devotion for the queen. can i invite you to stand? we pay tribute to prince philip -- >> and prayers for peace, too. >> we can most certainly stand together to say violence is not the way. >> belfast was shaken by violence worst than any seen here in years. mounting frustrations over issues ranging from brexit laws to covid restrictions poured out on to the streets. that quickly defended into sectarian slashes between the protestant and catholic communities, but in the aftermath of prince philip's death calls to end the fighting by pro british leaders were heard. >> i feel like people should respect prince philip, and --
11:32 pm
>> at nightfall we witness calm along an area in belfast. on that side is a protestant community and over there a catholic community, and please are trying to keep them apart but all political parties have called on everybody to stay home and stop protesting and it seems to be working. away from the hot spots, we meet three protestant youth workers and say they don't want to return to the hate of the past. >> don't want to be part of it? >> why not? >> because you moved on. i think it's reckless, and dangerous and it's wrecking their own community. >> does any part of you feel afraid, feel like, oh, this could get worst? >> jyeah, the fallout is terrifying. >> mourning for the royal family has quieted these restless neighborhoods where loyalty to
11:33 pm
the monarchy runs deep, but fear is that the respite might not last beyond the prince's funeral. for now that peace is holding, robin, but the factor is what aggravated these decade-old tensions are still here, and that's there is a brexit agreement, and people are angry and demanding the resignation of the local police chief after a funeral where almost 2,000 people attended despite covid restrictions, and people are angry the rules don't apply to all, and aid workers will tell you youth are pushed into where violence can happen, and when the political factions and all the groups and parties said stop, it stopped.
11:34 pm
the tap was turned off. that's what experts will tell you, that tap that got turned off it could be turned back on again after prince philip's funeral, if that's what happens. >> thank you for that. still ahead , a passive powr outage hits st. vincent island and the caribbean, and we have that story and pretty dramatic pictures as well. stay with us for that.
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day number three and everything looks like a battle zone. that message comes from emergency officials in st. vincent, much of the kcaribbean island after the volcanic ash and the stench of sulphur are blanketing the communities. for more on the volcano and a
11:38 pm
rare tropical cyclone in western australia, let's go out to gene. >> yeah, anytime there's an eruption we continue to see the ash falling. there was an eruption on sunday morning and this is the kind of thing people are dealing with in st. vincent and barbados, and add insult to injury if you will because there are light rain showers, and the blue areas is more rain in the next couple of days, and it mixes with the ash and creates a mud and it hardens and will make the cleanup very difficult, and still a lot of folks dealing with this on the island. i want to show you pretty dramatic images we are getting from space. a couple years ago the weather service in the united states launched new satellites and they are able to get new images every minute, and watch the detail you
11:39 pm
can see as the storms bubble up -- not as the storms but the volcano bubbles up, and that's the volcanic ash that spread from st. vincent over to barbados and it causes scenes like this, a real mess. another situation we are tracking is where does the ash go. they are able to track these kinds of things. here's the forecast they put out today showing where that carbon -- that sulphur dioxide will go, it will head over towards northern africa in the next couple of days and head over to nigeria and libya possibly, and that's something to watch out for and that's based on a current eruption we have had and if there are other eruptions we will have to update that forecast. in australia a rare thing happened, a lakefront of an
11:40 pm
intense tropical cyclone and had maximum winds at landfall of 130 kilometers per hour, and we had a mile-long pier destroyed. the rainfall was not a big deal, and it's all fizzling out right now. robin, this story we can just about put to bed although we are still waiting to see some damage pictures from the area, and we will still be tracking the volcano because that could be going on for a while, there could be eruptions for days and even weeks. >> thank you so much. we'll check back in with you. rescue workers are trying to free 21 trapped coal miners in china, and eight others were rescued after the mine flooded on sunday. emergency workers are pumping water out of the mine and still trying to make contact with those inside. thank you for watching cnn.
11:41 pm
for our international viewers, "world sport" is next, if you are joining us here in the u.s. and canada, i'll be right back with more. ♪ ♪ we know it's going to take many forms of energy to meet the world's needs while creating a cleaner future for all. at chevron, we're lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations,
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be entering the third week of testimony in the murder trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. the prosecution is set to call a member of george floyd's family to stand before resting their case likely later this week. >> we know a medical doctor slated to take the stand on friday will testify today, but first a member of george floyd's family will also take a stand, and they have the ability to
11:46 pm
remind the jury george floyd was a brother, a son, and to floyd's family he was so much more than a case. the family member will be able to speak intimately of the love for floyd's little girl, and we hear floyd call out, tell my children i love them. the testimony over the last two weeks which included hearing from top brass with the minneapolis police department and other medical experts including the medical examiner here in hennepin county was painful for the floyd family to hear, but that pain was necessary, they say, and as we enter the third week of the trial the family is preparing to hear more painful testimony, this time from witnesses the
11:47 pm
defense calls as the defense will argue floyd died from a drug overdose and underlying medical conditions. in minneapolis, cnn. a police officer in virginia has been fired after he and another officer pointed guns, pepper sprayed and pushed a black u.s. army lieutenant to the ground. the incident happened during a traffic stop next december and the officers did not follow department policy. the active duty officer is suing the two other officers. he was pulled over after police mistakenly thought he was driving without a license plate. the traffic stop was captured on two body cameras and the lieutenant's personal cell phone. cnn has not been able to reach either officer at this time, and we are reaching out to both officers and the police union
11:48 pm
for comment. some of what you are about to see is disturbing. 6:30 p.m. december 5th, 2020, the sergeant driving in his army fatigues when he saw flashing lights in his rear view mirror, and according to his lawsuit he slowed down and put his blinker on indicating his intention to pull over but didn't do so for another minute and 40 seconds which he explains was in order to find a well-lit area. >> put your hands out of the window! turn the vehicle off and put your hands out the window. >> hearing the different commands while sitting in his car with his seat belt on, he began recording with his own cell phone and put his hands out the window as ordered. the officer had not seen the temporary license plate taped to the back windows, and the
11:49 pm
officer decided it was a high risk traffic stop but this was never explained to the man. >> how many occupants are in your vehicle? >> it's only myself. why are your weapons drawn? what is going on? >> get out of the car. >> i am serving the country, and this is how i am treated? >> i am a veteran, too, and i know how to obey. get out of the car. >> unfastening the velcro of what may be the taser -- >> what is going on, you're fixing the ride the lightning, son. >> he thought ride the lightning meant he could be killed. >> i am honestly afraid to get out. >> get out now! >> i have not committed any crimes. >> you are being detained, okay? >> you have not told me why i am being stopped.
11:50 pm
>> about two to three minutes in, the officer tried to open the driver's door. he said when i atestimpted unlo the driver's door, he struck me. but in his own body camera footage, he is not seen striking anybody. his report also says that at this point gutierrez, quote, gave several more commands to comply with orders or he would be sprayed, but no such warnings could be heard. gutierrez just sprayed him without either officer telling him what he was pulled over for. >> that's [ bleep ] up. >> take your seat belt off and get out of the car. you made this way more difficult than it had to be. >> can you please talk to me about what is going on. can you please talk to me about what is going on? why am i being treated like this.
11:51 pm
>> because you are not cooperating. >> lie down or you will get tased. >> he told him his dog was in the backseat choking from the pepper spray. medics arrives and the conversation mellowed. he explained why he didn't immediately pull over. >> i was pulling over to a well-lit area for my safety and yours. i have respected for the law enforcement. >> but gutierrez said that was not the problem. >> what the media is spewing with the race relations, i get it, okay, so like i told you, as far as you not stopping because you wanted a well-lit spot, it happens to me a lot. 80% of the time it's a minority. >> why officers could not understand why he did not get out of the car as instructed, he said he didn't know why he was being stopped. >> i never looked out the window
11:52 pm
and saw a gun immediately. he had a conversation with the chief of police and was giving him the option to let this all go. >> however, if you want to -- i don't mean this disrespectful, you have the right as a citizen if that's what you want, we will charge you and it doesn't change my life either way. >> the officer said his life would not be changed whether being charged or not, and now politicians are weighing in, including virginia governor ralph northam who instructed there be an independent investigation. >> a former senior official tell cnn officers need more training based on real-life scenarios. here's former interim
11:53 pm
commissioner. >> in baltimore we set up a training program where we would take incidents from current events and then plug them into our academy and then we would call officers in and we would go to the street, go to the same blocks that they patrol and put them through these scenarios. you can't tell me that it costs a whole bunch of money to run cops through scenarios that we are seeing on social media. there should be a chauvin training type of model, a training scenario for cops right now. this stop in virginia, there should be a training scenario based on this stop right now, these governors and mayors, you don't have to wait. you tell those police chiefs we're holding you accountable to fix this training in these departments and get it done or you are gone.
11:54 pm
now across japan, sports fans, sportscasters and even the prime minister are celebrating the country's newest hero. golfer hideki matsuyama is this year's masters champion. company has more from augusta. >> hideki matsuyama just made history becoming the first man from japan to win a major let alone the masters, the most prestigious of them all. he will be a inspiration for many decades to come. he ended up winning by one shot in the end. the 29-year-old snaps a winless streak that dated back in 20 st2017. he said it's allowed him to relax more and he feels less pressure and he was enjoying this week more.
11:55 pm
he told me that the first masters he ever watched was at five years old in japan when tiger woods won his first in 1997. that moment helped inspired him to play here one day and now he will forever return to the iconic venue as a masters champion. >> translator: it's thrilling to think there are a lot of youngsters in japan watching today. hopefully in five, ten years, when they get a little older and hopefully some of them will be competing on the world stage. i still have a lot of years left, so they will have to compete against me still, but i am happy for them because hopefully they will be able to follow in my footsteps. >> this victory comes three months ahead of the summer olympics in tokyo, and can you imagine if he were there to walk out during the opening ceremony representing his nation wearing the green jacket. incredible to think about. company wire, cnn, augusta, georgia. filmmaker became the first
11:56 pm
woman of color to win the directors guild of america for her film "nomad land." with the award ultimately going to her. >> what they are doing is not that different than what the pioneers did. >> you have to make the hole bigger. >> i think it's part of an american tradition. >> the film took home four awards, most of the evening including best film, best leading actress and best sicine d dog raw fee.
11:57 pm
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