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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  April 12, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we have reports from berlin, kiev, jerusalem, the white house, and from the uk. this is "early start" this monday morning. i'm christine romans. >> great to have you back. i'm laura jarrett. it's monday, april 12th. we begin with the big breaking news overnight. 10 miles from where former officer derek chauvin is on trial, police shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop in brooklyn center. that's north of minneapolis. authorities say officers were attempting to take 20-year-old
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dontae wright into custody over an outstanding warrant. police say wright got back into his car and then an officer fired his gun. wright was able to drive several blocks before crashing into another car and he died at the scene. his mother says she spoke to her son right before police opened fire. >> that he was getting pulled over by the police. i said why did you get pulled over? he said they pulled him over because he had air fresheners hanging from the mirror. i called and his girlfriend answered, which was the passenger, and said he had been shot. >> by sunday evening, a large crowd grew and marched toward brooklyn center police headquarters. protesters threw rocks and other objects and reports of shots fired in the area. at least 20 businesses were broken into and the city's mayor declared a curfew until 6:00 a.m. local time. the minnesota national guard is being deployed at brooklyn center schools are closed today out of an abundance of caution.
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sunday's shooting in brooklyn center likely to add tension in minneapolis as week three begins in the trial of former officer derek chauvin. for the murder just miles away of george floyd. today a doctor whose testimony was postponed friday will take the stand and we'll likely hear from a member of george floyd's family who talked about his love for his family and especially his children. the prosecution is expected to rest its case and derek chauvin's defense can begin. new overnight, a virginia police officer fired for pepper spraying a black army lieutenant during a traffic stop last december. a windsor police officer and another officer pointed guns at lieutenant that czar row for what they thought was a missing license plate on the new suv. >> that czar row suing over the incident. cnn hasn't been able to reach either police officer. it's unclear whether they have legal presentation.
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we have the report and it's difficult to watch . >> reporter: 6:30 p.m., december 5th, 2020. the lieutenant saw flashing lights. he wasn't sure why he was being pulled over. according to his lawsuit, he slowed down and put his blinker indicating his intention to pull over but didn't do so for another minute and 40 seconds. he later explained it was in order to find a well lit area. >> roll the window down. put your hands out the window. turn the vehicle off and put your hands out the window. >> hearing different commands while sitting in his car, he began recording from his own cell phone and put his hands out the window as ordered. turns out, officer daniel had not seen the temporary license plate taped to the back window of the brand new chevrolet tahoe and seeing tinted windows and a driver not stopping right away. he decided it was a high risk
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he decided it was a high risk traffic stop. but this was never explained to the lieutenant who several minutes continued to ask why he was pulled over. >> what is going on? >> how many occupants are in your vehicle? >> it's only myself. why are your weapons drawn? what is going on? >> get out of the car now. >> i'm serving this country and this is how i'm treated? >> i'm a veteran, too. i obey. get out of the car. >> reporter: body footage shows the officer gun drawn, unfastening the velcro around what may be his taser. >> what is going on? >> reporter: the lawsuit said he thought ride the lightning meant he could be killed. >> i'm honestly afraid to get out. >> you should be. get out now. >> i have not committed any crimes. >> you're under arrest. you're being detained. okay. you're being detained. >> a driving violence i don't have to get out of the vehicle. you haven't even told me why i'm being stopped. >> reporter: about two to three minutes in, the officer tried to open his driver's door.
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he wrote when i attempted to unlock and open the driver's door, the driver assaulted myself by striking my hand away and pulled away from officer gutierrez's grip. in his body camera footage, he's not seen striking anyone. crocker's report said at this point, gutierrez, quote, gave several more commands to comply with orders or he would be sprayed with his oc spray but no such warnings could be heard. gutierrez sprayed nazario without either officer having told nazario what exactly he was pulled over for. get on the ground. >> take your seat belt off and get out of the car. you made this way more difficult than it needed to be. >> can you please tell me what is going on. please tell me what is going on. why am i being detained? >> get on the ground.
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>> get on the ground. right now or you're going get tased. >> the officers handcuffed nazario. he told them his dog was in the backseat and choking from the pepper spray. minutes later emts arrived. the conversation mellowed. >> what could have been a two minute traffic stop turned into this. he explained why he didn't immediately pull over. >> i was pulling over to the well lit area. for my safety and yours. i have respect for law enforcement. >> reporter: but gutierrez said it wasn't the problem. [ inaudible ] >> i get it, okay. like i told you, as far as not stopping -- -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: while the officers couldn't understand why tnazari didn't get out of the car as instructed, nazario said he didn't know why he was being
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stopped. >> i've never looked out the window and saw a gun shown immediately. >> he eventually told him he had a conversation with the chief of police and was giving him the option to let this all go. >> if you want to -- >> the officer said his life wouldn't be changed whether nazaroi was charged or not. with the video of the incident widely shared, all three lives are undoubtedly changed. politicians are weighing in, including virginia governor who on sunday directed virginia state police to conduct an independent investigation. natasa chen, cnn, atlanta. >> thank you for that. covid caution. the state of michigan grappling with a surge in coronavirus cases. will a surge in vaccines follow? . but never for bladder leaks.
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important new evidence that is not the time to let your guard down about covid. the state of michigan, case in point, now facing an alarming surge in covid cases. governor gretchen whitmer begging residents to take a voluntary two-week pause on indoor dining and youth sports. a reality check not just in michigan but all americans returning to old habilitates prematurely. even as the pace of vaccinations pick up, 15% of covid tests in michigan have been coming back positive. the rate hasn't been that high in a year. nearly two dozen michigan hospitals are 90% of capacity and officials in michigan want the biden administration to surge vaccines to the state but lansing and the white house aren't exactly in sync. >> we are seeing a surge because of these variants. that's precisely why we're
2:13 am
encouraging them to think about surging vaccines into the state of michigan. >> vaccine doses administers how we're going to get through this. it means responding differently. and right now the most need is in the state of michigan. >> we have to do this in a fair an equitable way. we're in the middle of this process. we have -- we still are in the middle of it. we have a lot more people to vaccinate and so we're offering personnel help. you mentioned the federal help that we're bringing down to michigan to help with, to be vaccinators. >> nationally covid deaths continue to fall. last week the case numbers and hospitalizations are leading indicators those -- president biden's deadline to make all adults eligible for vaccine is one week away but distribution of j&j will fall 84% this week. with some of the manufacturing problems they face, it's unclear when the supply will pick up
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again. the white house ramping up the push for the $2 trillion infrastructure plan today. president biden will hold a heating in the oval office aimed at selling the plan to both sides of the aisle and both houses of congress. cnn's jasmine wright is live at the white house with more. good morning. we see some lawmakers signaling they think the price tag is too high. what does the president hope to achieve today? >> reporter: well, the president hopes to have a conversation. his meeting with those eight lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will be the first the white house has had now that congress is back. since the plan has been rolled out. so he is looking to have the conversations. see where people are at. because the white house is really defining infrastructure broadly and they're not backing down. they're saying that infrastructure is not just railroads, bridges, potholes. they're saying infrastructure is making sure you can afford have your children taken care of, if you go to work, have your elderly parents taken care of, if you have to go to work, make
2:15 am
sure you can access broadband at your own home. high speed internet. we can tell they're not backing down from the broad definition. infrastructure plus, we can call it. the other things that are in part stopping republicans from signing off on the bill but also making the bill so high. but yesterday transportation secretary pete buttigieg doubled down on that broad definition on cnn's state of the union. take a listen. >> this package both in terms of the individual parts and as a whole is enjoying enormous support from the american people, including republicans. so here in washington, folks are getting into the semantics debate. i believe that all of these things are infrastructure because infrastructure is the foundation that allows us to go about our lives. >> so in terms of that semantic debate, we heard from republican senator who will be at the white house today said that
2:16 am
republicans are interested in the infrastructure bill but not interested in paying trillions of dollars. paying for the infrastructure plus that pete buttigieg and others are talking about. all the things that don't fall into the traditional infrastructure things question think of. on the other side, senator joe manchin continued to rail against the 28% proposed corporate tax hike to pay for this. he said other democrats are with him but, again, energy secretary kind of called him out on that said that west virginia needs broadband. this bill would be really good for west virginia. so, listen, the administration has been upfront in saying that president biden wants a su comprise. he's not going to wait forever. buttigieg set a deadline for mmd. we'll see the conversations unfold over the next few months but the white house wants to see movement bottom line.
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laura? >> all right. we'll see what comes out of today's meeting. thank you. what could slow that economic recovery? here from the fed chief next.
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the economy already looking past the pandemic. the vaccines, reopening, strong fiscal support, and warmer weather have the economy at an inflection point. that's the wording from federal reserve chairman jerome powell on sunday. >> we feel like we're at a place where the economy is about to start growing much more quickly and job creation coming in much
2:22 am
more quickly. so the principle risk to our economy right now really is that the disease would spread again. you know, it's going to be smart if people can continue to socially distance and wear masks. >> we're almost there. the virus will dictate this recovery and how well it holds. almost 1 million jobs were added back in march. a great number but the economy is still down some 8.4 million jobs in the pandemic. trying to crawl out of a deep hole here. the recovery, yes, but don't expect the fed to raise interest rates any time soon. >> i'm in a position to guarantee that the fed will do everything we can to support the economy for as long as it takes to complete the recovery. >> there are hopes for more improvement ahead with wide spread vaccination and the boost from the latest round of emergency relief from congress. it's pretty rare to hear from jay powell like this. he doesn't usually give a sit down interview to anyone.
2:23 am
i think that, obviously, 60 minutes is a different platform. are you surprised? >> i think the inflection point verb age is clear. you have a economy that looks like it's going to be strong. the strongest since the reagan administration, if all the forecasts hold. he's also promising there is fragility in that big economic recovery. that's the path of the virus. i thought it was a sage and cautious bit of optimism, really. >> all right. speaking of the path of the virus, england begins rolling back its coronavirus restrictions today. nonessential shops, beauty sals and more can open. the prime minister warning brits to behave responsibly. the uk is outpacing europe with much of the vaccinations. germany is considering a major step to step up. what is the plan, fred pleitgen?
2:24 am
what will they do in terms of vaccines? >> reporter: hi. it's a dire situation here in germany. i was looking at the number of new infections for this monday. it's about 5,000 higher than it was last monday. you can see things are going in a wrong direction here in germany. angela merkel said she wants to tougher lockdown measures. one of the things we could see over the next couple of days is even a nighttime curfew here in germany. but the contact restrictions between people could be tightened up as germany is having problem trying to get out of the of the pan dem i t-- pandemic. one of the silver linings you have is vaccinations have been picking up somewhat. last wednesday, friday, and thursday. so record number of people here in germany get vaccinated and the big key to that, frankly, was doctors practices. general practitioners joining in the fight to vaccinate. that lifted up the numbers. never the less, the icu capacity here in this country remains a dire problem.
2:25 am
one of the things we saw last week is that icu occupancy, people in icu because of the pandemic jumped by 5% in a single day. clearly some really dire numbers here for the germans. right now, angela merkel is saying, look within at the moment, the vaccinations aren't fast enough to keep up with this. we're looking at stronger lockdown measures, at least in the interim, probably for another couple of weeks. >> thank you so much for that update. we're continuing to follow breaking news overnight in minnesota. the national guard deployed there after protests over the police killing of a black man in brooklyn center. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life. including personal branding, resume building, and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at
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good morning everyone. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> nice to see you. 30 minutes past the hour on this monday morning. i'm christine romans. breaking overnight another deadly police shooting. app black man in minnesota, this time north of minneapolis. by sunday evening, a large crowd grew and marched toward the down of brooklyn center police headquarters. it happened 10 miles north of where derek chauvin is on trial. officers were attempting to take 20-year-old dontae wright into custody over an outstanding warrant but police say he got back into his car. >> one officer fired a weapon striking a driver. the vehicle continued and eventually crashed and medical resources were deployed to the scene to aid the people in both
2:31 am
the vehicle crashed into and the original. >> dontae wright died at the scene. police say a body camera and dash board camera was activated during the shooting. wright's mother said she spoke to her son before it unfolded. >> that he was getting pulled over by the police and i said, well, why did you get pulled over? they said they pulled him over because he had air fresheners hanging from the rear-view mirror. a moment later i called and his passenger, his girlfriend, answered saying he had been shotted. >> police have reports of shots fired in the area and at least 20 businesses were broken into and the city's mayor declared curfew until 6:00 a.m. and brooklyn center schools are closed. remember how hard it was to find a covid vaccine appointment
2:32 am
for months? a former fda commissioner said the supply of vaccine in the u.s. will soon exceed the demand. >> it will be a shame to look back and realize we should have put more vaccine into some of the hot spots to snuff them out earlier. >> that's a clear reference to michigan denied extra doses to slow the wave. 46% of american adults had at least one doze of the vaccine but 22% of the total population is fully vaccinated. most people need two shots. kids are not eligible for any covid vaccines and they can spread the virus as well as people unwilling to get the shot. data shows vaccines are safe and adverse reactions to the vaccines are extremely rare. you're better protected with a vaccine than without. cnn has the pandemic covered coast to coast. the stay of michigan authorities continue to plead with the biden administration to
2:33 am
increase the number of covid 19 vaccinations it's sending here to the wolverine state. the state remains a covid hot spot. the biden administration annoucing over the weekend they'll be sending about 160 fema personnel supposed to assist in administering vaccinations but at this point has no plan to increase michigan's vaccine allotment. . major step forward in the push to get more people vaccinated. pfizer announcing it applied to the fda to allow for use of the covid vaccine among 12 to 15-year-olds after the company released data showing the vac vaccine is 100% effective in that vaccine group. . >> reporter: atlanta public
2:34 am
schools are temporarily returning to zwron line learning. last week was spring break and the district anticipates many students and staff may have traveled during that time. georgia's largest school system has instructed only students and staff who traveled internationally to not return in person the week after spring break. it comes at a time when covid-19 variants are rising among young people. afterschool activities are creating clust wrers coronavirus can spread among children. duke university is the latest institution of higher learning to require all students prove they've been fully vaccinated before they can return to classes on campus this fall. duke joins a list of at least 15 other schools, including major schools like boston university and notre dame requiring some kind of vaccine proof before
2:35 am
students can return. that list is expected to grow. >> yeah. some of the universities already have, you know, vaccine reporting portals, laura. because they already require vaccinations for so many kids. it's not as if they're, you know, making this -- they know how to do this. >> they know how to do this. they already the vaccinations. this is a new one required. >> to keep everyone safe. >> absolutely. absolutely. today president biden will host members of both parties and both houses of congress to push his infrastructure plan. it's time for three questions in three minutes this monday morning. and today we have cnn white house correspondent john harwood. nice to see you this morning, john. you know, the white house is really trying to push this big infrastructure plan and trying to define this. not just as roads and bridges and pipes, but infrastructure for your life. money to care for kids and parents, money to make the internet work and your phone work faster, cybersecurity. how does the white house won vince detractors that all of these is infrastructure like
2:36 am
roads and bridges? >> reporter: well, they probably won't, christine. they'll try to make that case and the president is having republicans as well as democrats in. the challenge is that republicans in the congress have an objection both to the size of the package, all though they support some of the elements of physical infrastructure to the breadth of the package, including some of those the care giving elements with, the human capital elements. they object to having a plan to pay for it through raising corporate taxes. now i think of all of those elements, the white house is most prepared to comprise on pay for it with the corporate taxes. they can come down in that area and borrow more of the money but republicans might have problems that, too. big challenge for the president in trying to get bipartisan support. he's defining bipartisan as, of course, as proposals that have support among republicans out in
2:37 am
the country, if not in the congress. not much expectations he's going to get it in the congress but they've got to play out the conversation and that process begins today. >> so, john, you have a piece up on cnn this morning about how the president has been sort of quietly reinforcing the foundations of another issue that matters to all americans. that's health care. you talked about how president biden reopens sign ups for obamacare and the american rescue plan provides bigger subsidizes for health care. you write that president biden creating his own legacy is also strengthening the legacy of his former boss obamacare has been em battled for years now. talk about this. >> reporter: well, he's been very strategic in how he's used the early weeks of his presidency to try to shore up obamacare, which, of course, republicans try repeatedly over the years to repeal and then to weaken by effectively eliminating the individual mandate, legal challenges, of
2:38 am
course. we all remember joe biden as vice president this is a bfd and it was. through the covid relief bill, he expanded subsidies and making it easier for people to afford obamacare and extended the amount of sign up time you can have due to the pandemic. he also increased the marketing for obamacare. what we're seeing on these exchanges is potentially by the end of the year, you could have more people signed up for those obama marketplace policies than we saw in the peak period of the obama presidency. he's also trying to get states, the 12 states that declined to expand medicaid under obamacare, which is a big source of additional coverage, try to provide incentives to do so. they haven't taken the incentives yet but the next phase of the infrastructure plan may include a mechanism through a public option for some of
2:39 am
those potential medicaid recipients to get them covered, even if red states don't want to do that. >> i feel it was one of the more impactive pieces of the rescue plan but it flew under the radar. >> there's so much in there. it's a reminder of how big it is and all the rescues underway in the economy. john, i want to switch quickly to this remarkable zoom call this weekend. 100 corporate executives getting together over zoom to talk about their responsibility to fight these controversial voting restrictions bills or bills seen as restricting voting. mitch mcconnell said a corporation should stay out of politics except if they're giving him money, i guess, to candidates. the companies are facing head winds here. should the ceos be taking a stand? how remarkable the ceos are taking a stand on voting rights? >> reporter: well, christine, this reflects the underlying shift in the american -- the basis of the american economy
2:40 am
and has political ramifications. these big companies are globally connected. they draw from a highly educated and globally connective workplace. those people are more progressive than people in other parts of the country more of the red states of-- mining and mine really as and that sort of thing. you get the big companies getting pressure from their employees, customer base, and some of their shareholders. they're not going to restrain themselves from speaking up. they still want the tax cuts that republicans provide and you don't see a lot of those companies lining up to say yes raise our taxes to pay for the biden infrastructure plan, but on these cultural issues, they are going to speak out whether or not republican leaders want them to or not. >> yeah. a lot of pressure from customers and employees who want to know where their companies stand on the issues and, you know, 25 years ago, they would say it's about returning value to
2:41 am
shareholders. now it's where they live and what kind of business environment they're working in. it's stability. it has been an interesting sea change. john harwood, thank you. all right. 40 minutes past the hour. the u.s. considering sending warships to the black sea as tensions between ukraine and russia escalade. there are 50,000 additional russian troops in crimea. this is more troops than any time since 2014 when the peninsula of crimea was annexed. matthew chen is live with us. you went along with ukraine's president as he toured the front line with cnn. bring us some of that, please. >> reporter: extraordinary access, actually. ukrainian forces are facing off against russian-backed rebels. it's an incredible scene. trenches that have been dug out of the flat landscape there. ankle deep in mud.
2:42 am
it's very tense. the there's a lot of sniper activity. at one point, the president and i had to make a dash for it together across open ground because it was so dangerous. because the threat of sniper attack is so real. 20 ukrainian soldiers gunned down by snipers from the other side so far this year. and there are concerns, of course, about that situation escalading. particularly with the build up of russian forces across the border in western russia. across the border in russia and crimea, as well. 50,000 additional forces is what ukrainian ministry officials are telling me. they're estimating a build up by the russians. the russians say that is merely part of a military exercise. it doesn't threaten anyone but, of course, the concern at the white house, the concern across the european alliances, the concern in ukraine is the real reason is much more ominous. take a listen to what the zelensky had to say to me.
2:43 am
>> reporter: is there a chance that the russians could be planning an invasion? >> of course. of course. we know it. beginning from 2014, we know it can be anywhere. each day it can be. we are also ready. >> reporter: the ukrainians saying they're potentially ready and dug in for any push by russian forces or russian-backed forces. with the help of the united states and other allies, as well, providing weaponry and training. but what the ukrainian president wants more from president biden. more weapons to help the country defend itself against the russian threat, more money to pay for the soldiers and the expensive campaign in the eastern part of the country, and more support from washington.
2:44 am
for ukraine to move closer toward nato, the western military alliance. that's risky because if that were to happen, the russians may react badly. on friday, the russian foreign ministry said in a statement that if there were to be a closer movement, that could have, listen to this, irreversible consequences. >> thank you so much for taking us there with you behind the scenes. to the world of sports, victory unlike any other. stop f. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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from intra-cellular therapies.
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this morning heightened tensions between israel and iran as defense secretary gloria austin arrives in israel, the highest level trip there by the biden white house. the trip is complicated by a blackout at the underground
2:49 am
nuclear facility. now details are thin here, but iran's nuclear chief calls it terrorism and the foreign minister is vowing revenge. this injecting more uncertainty into efforts to savage the iranian nuclear deal. the israeli army chief appears to be hinting at a possible role on this. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, the iranians are pointing the finger directly at israel. we haven't had a official comment from the israelis. however, israeli media is citing unnamed sources saying that it was israeli involved in this incident. the israeli army chief seemed to hint at some involvement yesterday hours after the incident. he said israel's operations throughout the middle east are not hidden from the eyes of the enemy. in fact, prime minister netanyahu also yesterday said in regards to iran the situation that exists today will not be the situation that exists tomorrow. this is happening during the
2:50 am
interesting timing as the u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin is in israel as we speak meeting with the defense minister. he'll be meeting with the prime minister in a few hours. he was actually asked about this incident just a few hours ago by reporters that were traveling with him. he didn't necessarily engage directly with him but he said that in terms of their efforts to engage diplomatically with iran on the iranian nuclear deal, he said the efforts would continue. he was asked if the incident will be an impediment to the process and he said they'll continue to focus on what president biden wishes it achieve. president biden wishes to achieve some sort of iranian nuclear deal known as the jcopa. israel is against the return to the deal saying that doing so will only give iran a green light to a nuclear weapon. we are expecting lloyd austin to be speaking alongside prime minister netanyahu in a few hours. i think the tone of the meeting will be important to watch. >> yes. very revealing, for sure.
2:51 am
thank you so much. it's that time on a monday morning. let's get a check on cnn business this monday. looking at markets to start a new trading week. looks like a mixed performance so far in global markets on wall street. u.s. stock index futures are pointing down a little bit after a record week for the dow and the s&p ending last week with record highs. the s&p 500, in fact, posted records four out of the last five trading days last week. look at that. it's up 10% year to date. it is up 48% over the past 52 weeks. how much are your purchases harming the environment? mastercard created a carbon calculator so customers can see how much their spending habits contribute to carbon emissions and global warming. this tool calculates based on categories using average numbers for industries like food and clothing. in january mastercard joined a growing list of major companies promising to reach net zero emissions by 2050. golfer hideki matsuyma making history for japan with
2:52 am
his victory at the masters. coy wire has this morning's "bleacher report." what a win! >> reporter: a new era of golf has dawned in the land of the rising sun thanks to hideki matsuyma. no japanese man had won a major. he started the day with a commanding four shot lead. i was less than 10 feet away from him at the first tee. i can't imagine he wasn't thinking about how massive of a win it would be. he continued to distance himself from the chasing pack. in the end he held on to win by one shot. 10 years ago, he finished as the leading amateur at augusta national. now he'll forever return as a masters champ. i asked him after wards what it means to be an inspiration to kids across japan and beyond. to think there are a lot of
2:53 am
youngsters in japan watching today. hopefully in 5 and 10 years they get older and hopefully some will be competing on the world stage. i have a lot of years left. they have to compete against me still. but i'm happy for them! hopefully they'll be able to follow in my footsteps. >> reporter: now with the postponed olympics in tokyo, they're about three months away and japan's prime minister said matsuyma's win, quote, "moved our hearts and gave us courage." tiger woods echoing that statement. he tweeted making japan proud, hideki. congratulations on such a huge accomplishment for you and your country. the historic masters win will impact the entire golf world. and six-time masters champ jack nicklaus posting, quote, "i want to send my heart felt congratulations to matsuyma for his masters tournament victory and being the japanese male golfer to win a major championship.
2:54 am
i'm happy and pleased for hideki and the whole golfing world of japan." there weren't huge groups of japanese media following matsuyma's every move due to covid and travel restrictions. that allowed him to be a bit more relaxed. he wasn't as nervous. and the significance of the achievement isn't lost on his fellow golfers. >> talk about how much pressure is on him. look at the media that follows him. look at what he's done in his career. he's a top-ranked player with a ton of pressure on him. that's the hardest way to play. >> i think it's good for the game of golf globally. he's a great young player who, inevitably, was going to win major championships, in my opinion. >> 2013 masters champ adam scott put this into perspective. he said that hideki is already to japan what tiger is to the rest of the world. now we have the olympics coming up, imagine if he were to walk out in the opening ceremony waerg the iconic green jacket.
2:55 am
>> how lucky for you to be there and cover it, coy! what a great weekend. >> i love he said kids will get used to seeing me. i'm going to be here awhile. >> yeah. >> coy, wire, thank you. thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter. into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation take it on by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... ...which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day. restasis® helps increase your eye's natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye.
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. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's monday, april 12th, 6:00 in new york. i'm john berman. my friend poppy harlow with me all week. great to have you here. we begin with breaking news. a fatal shooting in minneapolis ten miles from where derek chauvin is on trial for the death of george flied. this happened ten miles from downtown minneapolis.


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