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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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out front next, the city bracing for a fourth night of unrest as the officer and shooting death of daunte wright is charged. the wright's family attorney is out front. the trial of the officer killing george floyd calls a new witness. he hesitancy among evangelicals. good evening, i am erin burnett. the city is bracing for a fourth
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night of unrest. protesters taken to the streets tonight after the shooting death of daunte wright. kim potter was arrested and charged of second -degree murde of the shooting death of wright. a $20,000 fine if convicted. >> barricades are in place around potter's home. potter of course is a 26-year police veteran. she's charged of shooting and killing daunte wright during a traffic stop on sunday. potter mistook her gun for her t t taser according to the police chief. potter shot wright with the pollster on her right side.
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i want to play it for a moem when you see what happens here. this video is hard to watch. >> taser, taser, taser. >> [ bleep ], i just shot him. >> daunte wright's attorney, be benjamin ben crump. >> it boggles the mind she would pull him over in the first place or were you really being targeted while driving black. she's the training officer. she's training the young officer of what to do in these situations? was that a lesson of deesc
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deescalation. ben crump will be my guest in a mo m moment. the mayor is urging calm tonight under a third night of running. >> i share our community's anger and sadness. my message to all who are demanding justice for him and for his family is this, your voices had been heard. now the eyes o the world are watching brooklyn center. i urge you to protest peacefully and without violence. >> right now more than 3,000 minnesota national guard members have been activated in the twins city to handle these protest and the near by chauvin's trial, the officer charged with killing a black man, george floyd.
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we have seen looting and unrest amid the protests. more than 100 rioters been arrested so far. adrian, what's the latest on the ground where you are. i see people again gathered protesters. >> reporter: those protesters are still here, erin, demanding justice, they say the second man slaughter charge is not enough. they want to see a murder charge. it rained today and snow today. it is not enough to silence folks behind me. they'll be here. that curfew at brooklyn center extended from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. they are protesting right outside the police station where the former officer, kim potter, built her career. tonight she's eight miles away in jail. >> reporter: roles reversed for kim potter, she was arrested and booked into jail, charged with
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second degree man slaughter in connection of the killing of daunte wright. police body cam video shows the moment potter shot wright during a traffic stop on sunday. police official said it was accidental and potter thought she was using her taser. potter could face up to 10 years in prison or a $20,000 fine. cnn has reached out to her attorney. the charges come a day after potter submitted her resignation, mabut the mayor sa he has not accepted it. >> they just charged the policewoman with second-degree man slaughter. we continue to fight.
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>> reporter: ben crump reacting to hearing news of the charge but still believes more needs to be done to protect black communities. >> and so it boggles the mind why she will pull him over in the first place or is it the rules are set aside when you really being targeted for dridr driving while black. >> reporter: the initial stop was for expired tags and possibly for hanging air fr freshener. >> when you look at what this officer did, she over police from every point. >> reporter: the third straight night, protests turning vaiviol. >> those decided to come out and throw bricks and a light here and alcohol bottles and cans,
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and other items at law enforcement officers. >> police used pepper spray and flash bombs to disperse the crowd. more than 60 people were arrested. we heard from prosecutors, potter pulled her 9 millimeters handgun with her right hand and pointed at wright and firing one round. wright is heard on the people saying ah, she shot me. an investigator examined the duty belt that held potter's handgun and her taser, the handgun was holstered on the right side and the taser was on the left. the yellow taser with a black grip is in a straight down position, requiring potter to pull it from its holster from
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her left hand. on that day potter was assigned to a rookie officer. folks are still here demanding justice tonight. this crowd is different from any crowd we have seen out here over the past three days, much younger andless diverse. >> very interesting especially when you know you consider coming into the fourth night. thank you adrienne, we'll see what happens here. we'll be joined by ben crump, the attorney representing daunte wright's family and of course also involve inside the derek chauvin's case. this site is only 10 miles away from where the derek chauvin's cases coming close to wrapping. today a medical examiner testifying george floyd died from drug use and heart disease and not from chauvin's knee on
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his neck. >> you got the drugs on board in most circumstances and jurisdiction and drug intoxication. he's got significant natural disease, certainly the heart and you put all of those together is difficult to say which of those is the most accurate. i would fall back undetermined. >> of course that does go against what we heard from many experts in the case, the goal of the defense is to create reasonable doubt in one juror's mind and that's what they tried to do. sara sidner you see her. she's been covering this case in minneapolis the entire time. this medical examiner did disagree with what five other medical witnesses said. defense only need one person to make a strong case to one juror. >> yeah, if that one juror or
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two or you know three or four will be a hung jury if it does happen. the prosecution put on an extremely strong case. there were 38 witnesses that they brought forward, each one of them and some of them medical experts and some of them use of force expert, all of them are going against what you are hearing from the defense. we should talk about former chief medical examiner from maryland. he blamed everything but chauvin's knee on george floyd's neck for george floyd's death. he talked about him having a sl slightly large heart and the small amount of methamphetamine. he talked about something that raised a lot of eye brows, the potential of the exhaust from the tail pipe of the squad car
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in which floyd was down on his stop i can in the prone position, breathing in that exhaust, carbon dioxide, when cros cr cros cross-examined, he could not prove if there was carbon dioxide in george floyd's system. he was asked by the prosecution if indeed he died of a cardiac arrest that he was having a medical issue, he was questioned to whether or not the officers on the scene and those around should have given him immediate medical care. here is his answer. >> are you suggesting that though mr. floyd may have cardiac arrest, there was a time he may have been revived because he was not dead yet. >> immediate medical attention for a person who's gone into
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cardiac arrest may well reverse that process, yes. >> do you feel mr. floyd should have been given to try to reverse the cardiac arrest? >> as a physician, i would agree. >> reporter: he agreed with the prosecution he should have been given immediate medical attention. i want to say one more thing that the defense before the jury came in asked the judge to hear a motion to acquit and the judge denied that motion and the case is going forward. >> sara, thank you. i want to go to ben crump. it is good to talk to you again. things have changed so dramatically the past week. i want to start with daunte wright. officer potter charged with second-degree man slaughter in his death.
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are you and the family satisfied with that charge? >> well, that's a difficult question, what the family really wants is daunte back so they'll never get justice or they can pray for now is accountability and they want her to be held to the full extent of the law you know when you compare the case of the white woman, who was killed by an officer of african decent, ethiopia, he was charged with third-degree murder and convicted third-degree murder and what many believed less convinced in circumstances than these here in a dark alley at
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night. >> erin, what we really strive for is equal justice under the law no matter and that's what his family wants. they want him to be given forward justice. >> let me play again. this is the moment the shooting occurred. i remind everyone the video is disturbing but it is so important to understand what happened and what accountability means. here is that moment again. >> i will tase, yeah. >> tas, er, taser, taser, oh, [ bleep ], i just shot him. >> you said in a statement that a 26-year veteran of the force knows the difference between a taser and the firearm. when you watch that video and
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you hear her screaming and the expletive, how are you sure this was not a tragic mistake. >> there was an intent to use what i believe is excessive force in the situation. why even pull your taser if that was your intent. we need deescalation, i mean for god's sake, you got the derek trial going on of the killing of george floyd, literally if there is ever a time in america for police to use strengths and deescalation, she's a training officers and hopefully she will train those officers to use deescalation. that follows a pattern in
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america peeshl when you consider what happened to the men in vir virginia. police are doing the most in every situation. when you think about george floyd, this allegation of a counterfeit $20 bill. >> there was no need to arrest george floyd. you see the over policing and doing the most and we think daunte right is another example of deadly consequences of how police treating black people in america. >> i want to ask you of the chauvin's trial. a former officer potter posted bail, she's no longer listed on the roster for the county jail.
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she's now out on bail. the bail had been listed at $100,000. what's your reaction to that? >> as every citizen, she has the wright of any protection and that's she's proven until proven guilty. we want people to have a reasonable bail to have their day in court. we want to look at everything in the logic context. there are many people in our community where we also have the rights and guiven the presumption. officer potter deserves every right to that constitutional protection. >> i want to ask you about george floyd's case today. i don't know if you were hearing the sound byte that we heard a moment ago. >> and, he said that george
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floyd died from a sudden heart problem while police were restraining him. it was not of the knee on the neck. what do you say to that? >> erin burnett, i would say that he's been bought to that courtroom for a specific purpose, hired by the defense to be able to distract us and not focus in on the evidence. i pray the jury won't be swayed and the video is very clear. the only thing that george floyd died from was overdose of excessive force, overdosed as his brother philonise says "knee on the neck." >> how, stephanie
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rawlings-blake. >> you heard ben crump reacting to the medical examiner today where the testimony had so many factors that should have been listed as quote, undet"undeterm" >> do you think they have done enough to raise the doubt. did they do that or not? >> only true. they only need to raise that reasonable doubt with one juror. >> it will be hard to do it with the witnesses they put on today a and we have the defense who put on june that's really shaky and could not answer straight when asked if chauvin is given more
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floyd's medical attention. he did not measure up whernn it comes to credibility. >> for the first time in the trial, we heard a lot of they thinks come up, right? where does the knee and when did the knee move? cause of death. one thing we have not heard today was a witness carbon dioxide, the defense spending 25 minutes questioning dr. fowler on this theory. it boils down to this. >> he's facing towards the rear of the vehicle. >> is carbon dioxide toxic? >> it is extremely toxic, yes.
4:21 pm
>> floyd's blood was not tested for carbon dioxide. it is kind of hard to know where it came from. given that, is that something should be considered or not in your opinion. >> i find it lewd ludicrous. the fact the medical examiner center never thought ordering hello -- it is absolutely unbelievable. >> his testimony about the fentanyl and heart incomes obviously is also quite in come
4:22 pm
pre come presence i believe. >> he did not have a heart attack and there is no evidence of him complaining or no findings at autopsy. they did site this microscopically. >> nothing to ind kad. and regards to set fentanyl. >> is does not need sbog acting verbal bable. and fentanyl represents calmness. third for him to say that fentanyl was involved here not at all because the behavior hall pad tern and the overall scenario contrasts to that which will be suspected from someone dying from a dug overdose like fentanyl.
4:23 pm
>> let me ask you mayor rawlings. i want to ask you a question about the other case of the child charges we now have against former officer 3 potter. these charges are second degree man slaughter, they could have done with third degree murder, you heard bank crump making the case and. they went from second degree man man slaughter. why did you think they went for this charge instead of something for severe? >> we are not recruited from springing additional charges. making sure the community knew and they were not sweeping this under the rug. that charges would be brought against the officer. it means a lot to the family and the community and i think the
4:24 pm
work that needs to be done to bring real reform in this community and that is right when they know there will be accountability. >> mayor rawlings-blake, thank you both very much. live picture right outside the police department. you see protesters gathering. out front next. sex fuel party attended to matt gaetz, according to the people who were there are and women who were there. did the congressman do something that involves sex trafficking with a minor? >> some of the biggest vaccine s skeptics are evangelicals. >> one governor asked his people to avoid the vaccine. #
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. tonight ecstasy and cocaine and money in exchange for sex. no cell phones allowed. that's what took place of house parties, attended by matt gaetz and his associate joel greenberg. gaetz continues to deny any allegations of wrong doing including sex trafficking or having sex with an under age
4:29 pm
gr girl. paula reed is out front. he was spotted back on the hill for the first time since news of a federal investigation. cnn are learning more of use dug and payments to women for sex. two women attended these parties. these party were held in a a ga ga ga ga gated suburbans. people mingle and shared drugs including cocaine and sexy. she saw congressman saw congressman took the drugs. some of the people at the party also had sex.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: cnn has learned money was exchanged after some of these parties. this comes as a source familiar with the matter, tells gaetz's friend, joel greenberg is seeking a plea deal. the former texas collector faces 33 federal charges. his lawyer offered a signal last week, his client may be sharing information about the congressman. >> i am sure matt gaetz is not feeling comfortable today. >> good evening berg told investigators how he and gates would pay women for sex with cash and gifts. >> viceulation of prostitution and trafficking laws. >> trgaetz is trying the deflec and denied all the allegations.
4:31 pm
>> they're coming for you. >> this send 100s of dollars for sot least one woman that attended party. >> and include at least one indicated in its labor that it was to complicate for travel. another woman says she received money from good evening berg after some of the parties but never received a payment from gaetz. they never saw anyone at the party who appears to be under age. >> a spokesperson declined the comment on the substance of our reporting. gaetz denied he did not pay for sex. >> which began during the pump administration as a result of political bias. >> let's go to david, let me ask
4:32 pm
you, dave, i have been talking to you throughout this. you got women now and these parri parties are talking. the question is what matt gaetz is held otable for. >> one person tells cnn she receivered some of these money and including money for sex. she did not say who she splept with and he did not receive money kpefrom gaetz. >> good evening, erin. >> for federal prosecutors, i don't think it is going to move the needle unless it involves an under age girl. the big whopper is sex
4:33 pm
trafficking. if there is not an under aged girl there, you would need four coe coercion. if it is just a prostitution case, the statue limitation for that is two years. >> if somebody is across state line then it is the man's act. you have to be the one vofr ds in the transportation and you have to show a direct quid quo. when you are talking of sugar daddy precipitation, that's a lot harder to prove a direct kid quo. it is a gray areas because prosecutors head hay area. >> there were state lines involving back to some of these issues. >> the most disturbing against
4:34 pm
gaetz is he may have had sex with the two teenage girls. gaetz denies this. he denies paying for sex or having sex with an under age girls. >> whether it is true or not, we'll find out. >> even if those two claims from gaetz are true, he could be in major league trouble. explain why? >> sex trafficking is so broad, even if you didn't pay for sex, you could be charged and convicted of child sex trafficking. if you are apart of the venture joel greenberg. snoors if you picked her up at the airport and drove her to the hotel, if you paid for the he
4:35 pm
tell or recruised or intize her to have sex with groejoel green. many of these lesser charges would get you a decade. >> the man act for transportation of prosecution purposes, gives you up to 10 years. this shows you how tough the child actual trafficking is. that's why i call it a big whopper and federal prosecutors are focusing on that. >> thank you for explaining all of this. live back to minnesota, you heard our adrienne bought us on the found tonight. protests and you know we are early until the night here oechl. she's seeing thift crowds of gathering. police officers are charged with man slaughter and posted bails and is out of jail at this
4:36 pm
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breaking news, protesters gathering in minnesota for a fourth night after the shooting death of daunte wright. kim potter released from jail after posting bail. potter was arrested with second degree man slaughter. her first court appearance is scheduled tomorrow. adrienne, you broke the news of kim potter being broken from jail. the mayor called for calm. you have been there for the past few nights. it started out calm and there's
4:41 pm
been looting and violence as the night progress. tell me what you are seeing and who's there? >> reporter: the crowd feels different. the crowd bloehind me is much younger andless diverse. i spoke with some of the protesters here a short time ago and i asked the young lady in the crowd, why are you here? are you planning to stay here past curfew? the curfew was extended from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. she's here because she wants to hear from the officers. that young woman, a 24-y 24-years-old, from brooklyn sc center, she's a white woman. she was leading this group of protesters in a chant saying "no justice, no peace," they were saying daunte wright's name. she broke out a chant that says "make it make sense." she started that chant after i asked her why she's here in the
4:42 pm
snow and rain. i can tell you after living in the twins city for seven years, i have not seen any of the community leaders that i know or any of the community leaders tonight, they have been in conversation with the mayor and they are not here right now. we heard from the mayor pleaded with protesters saying to them your voice has been heard, you demanded justice and today charges were filed against the officer who spent a great deal of time building her career here at this police department. the mayor also noted that members of law enforcement are working to identify what he calls agitators and we all know it. i saw it with my own eyes following the death of george floyd. >> adrienne, thank you very much. you can see our areal here of
4:43 pm
the police raid in front of the brooklyn center. we'll continue to watch this tonight given her reporting that it is different than what she's seen in the past few nights. we'll see what it means. "out front" next, covid vaccine resistance coming from evangelical churches across america. why are they refusing the v vaccine. officials telling the president not to get out of afghanistan but biden is going his own way. why? and if she counts on the advanced hydration of pedialyte when it matters most... do we. hydrate like our heroes.
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tonight the cdc committee is holding a meeting on the johnson & johnson vaccine pause. this is concerns grow whether the pause could fuel more vaccine hesitancy. this is the context around new
4:47 pm
poll conducted before the johnson & johnson announcement that shows one and five americans, 20% say they'll never get vaccinated. that could put you right at that lean of herd immunity. you are all right there. that's a big slice of that group are skeptics happens to be evangelicals. you got to see this. >> antivaccine and antigovernment that i am proud to be. >> reporter: resistance remaining strong with the white evangelicals. a quarter of americans are evangelicals. >> you do not give me my rights. >> i would rather die free than
4:48 pm
i had live on my knees. >> you are battling against your convictions. >> reporter: he live streamed himself for refusing to close his church during lockdown. while a survey of evangelical leaders most to get the vaccine, spell is against it. >> reporter: if you break your arms or something, would you go to the doctor? >> sure, i will go to the doctor. >> reporter: at some level you trust a doctor. >> yes? >> reporter: so can you explain where the line is? >> number one the virus has been a scam from the beginning. it is always been politically motivated from mail-in and ballots and voter id. that's what has got a new administration in the white house today. >> reporter: white evangelicals
4:49 pm
believe in certain conspiracy theories like trump won the 2020 election or the qanon theory. conspiracies of the covid-19 vaccine can affect everyone else. public health experts told us around 70% of the people needs to get the vaccine to reach herd immunity. 28% of white evangelicals say they won't get it and another 6% say they would get it if forced. >> why do you want somebody to c contaminate your bloodstream for something that may or may not hurt you. >> i think it reenforces this idea of an us verses them. the problem is the people who are feeding that fear have an incentive to keep stoking that fear because people keep clicking and listening. >> reporter: is the appeal of
4:50 pm
your service that the pandemic is scary and the virus is scary so you are telling scary people you don't have to worry about any of that stuff like come to my church and make sure you don't get this virus. >> yes, i promoted that. >> reporter: why are you giving them false hope? >> >> several people told us they started coming here after they saw him on the news for keeping his church open and liked his message. >> i was worried about not going to church and going to alcohol and drugs. >> we're the radical right. we don't believe in gay marriage. we don't believe in abortion, all that. >> are you going to get the vaccine? >> no, it's detrimental to your health. conspiracy theory. it's bill gates and them trying to kill us. >> i know it works medically but when you put something in you to help you stop from getting it,
4:51 pm
that doesn't work for me. i never liked the idea of that. >> donald trump, i love him to death. we'd vote for him again. but when he was talking about getting the shot, i said you can have it all you want, i don't want it. >> are you going to get the vaccine? >> i did it already. >> you did? >> this is my first one. i got to go back and do the second one. yeah, i got the vaccine. >> cool. >> apologize for being americans. >> he preaches conservative politics but his congregation is unusually diverse in part because he buses in people from all over down. >> one reason why i think it interesting these two positions you have, the importance of desegregation and your opposition to the vaccine is that the people you minister to, which is admirable are poor people of color. >> yes. >> those people tend to be most at risk for covid so why not encourage them to take the medicine that will protect them? >> not only do i not encourage
4:52 pm
it, i discourage. i don't know anybody in my church, black, brown, el salvador, honduras, mexican that had the virus. thousands and thousands -- >> your father and mother told me they had the virus. >> that's all right. maybe we had it and maybe we got it. >> you also said your grandfather got the vaccine. >> and i'm opposed to that. i did not promote that. i think it was foolish for taking the vaccine. >> christian leaders on the right, people like tony spell have bought into this idea, if i continue to service the narrative where people feel victimized and fearful and angry, i can continue to build my audience. i build my own credibility in this group of people that says yeah, everybody else is untrustworthy but you. >> i just don't understand why you can't say, like, the church was essential. it's so important for so many people. >> the church -- the church is essential. >> what a miracle that we have these vaccines that would allow people to celebrate more safely.
4:53 pm
>> never will say that. there is no backing up. >> it feels like you're taking a political position. >> it not poll lpolitical at al. i'm not a politician. i'm a profit. >> just an incredible report right there. it's not political at all, i'm not a politician, i'm a profit. you know, ellie, the conversation you had with him is just so incredible to watch, and you were able to have a conversation, right? and we saw, you know, clips of it. you're trying to reason with him. i'm sure you felt you didn't want to hear what he had to say but obviously, you were trying to breakthrough and obviously, he met you with incredible resistance. what were all those conversations like being in the room with pastor spell? >> he was very nice to me and so were the members of his church and the more i talked to them, the more i realized that it's not about reason, logic,
4:54 pm
statistics. it about asking them to trust an authority and they haven't trusted that authority, the government for decades. so we're up against decades and decades of filter. the kids, the members of the church were very afraid we would say they were stupid and they're not stupid. they just have bad information and the leader they do trust is not doing anything to change that. >> so what was your feeling about him? right? i mean, you know, what was your feeling about him? >> well, to be honest, mixed. we watched him drive in buses and buses of people who obviously were down on their luck who didn't have a lot of money. people talked to us about coming from houston to go to this church. it is clear it provide as real service to people who really need it but at the same time, he's putting them at a huge amount of risk. >> ellie, incredible report.
4:55 pm
thank you very much and thank you for enabling all of us to see that and experience that with you. thank you. >> thanks. next, the president pulling troops out of afghanistan but he's going against advice of some of his most senior himility leaders so what is behind biden's decision? everyone. everywhere. where everyone is included. where everyone has access to information, education, opportunity. ♪ ♪ ♪ when everyone and everything is connected. that's really beautiful. anything is possible. good morning. cisco. the bridge to possible.
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tonight, president biden going against advice of pentagon officials announcing the complete withdraw of troops in afghanistan by september 11th, running america's longest running war. biden said he'll not leave this matter to another president. >> i'm now the fourth united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan, two republicans, two democrats. i will not pass this responsibility on to a fifth. it's time for american troops to come home. >> kaitlan collins is "outfront" and biden going ahead with this controversial decision against advice of national security officials and the chairman of the joint chiefs. they don't think this is the right thing to do. he's doing it anyway. what more are you learning about why? >> the way he's doing it with
4:59 pm
push back that you saw happening or we heard about happening behind the scenes in recent months as president biden was trying to decide what to do because he's facing a may 1 deadline set by former president trump. he talked about it today and didn't like the deal negotiated but didn't want to walk away from agreement. as these discussions were going on, there were members of his national security team voicing concern about a full draw down of troops by september 11th, which of course is what he committed to today. that was from general mark milli, another is central command general frank mckenzie. they were not in favor in addition to others in a full draw down that does not have any strings attached to the political conditions on the ground. that's what you've seen trip up other past presidents and something president biden talked about today. he did not want to pass it to a faith as you heard him say there but he felt like every president
5:00 pm
wanted to get out of afghanistan, none wanted to stay there forever but they said now is not the right time. we should note he said today he called former president bush today to let him know of his decision and we found out he called president obama as well, erin. >> thank you very much and thanks to all of you. anderson starts now. good evening, protesters are out again tonight on the streets of brooklyn center, minnesota, a city under curfew starting three hours from now. demonstrations come after another fast-moving day in the wake of doaunte wright's callin by police. the police chief resigned and the officer. the former officer kim potter was arrested and charged with second degree manslaughter and booked into the hennepin county jail but her prosecution is in washington county to avoid confli